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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  July 21, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> for sure. >> that will do it for us. "nightly news" is next, and we will see you tonight coming up at 6:00. >> hope to see you then. tonight, behind the chaos. donald trump's big night after ted cruz is booed off the stage for refusing to endorse him. a wild convention scene like never before. tonight, the inside story. how it all went down. shock waves as one of the most powerful men in the history of television and politics is ousted. roger ailes out at fox news in the wake of a sexual harassment bombshell. caught on camera. a caretaker trying to calm a man with autism in the street shot by police even though he was unarmed with his hands in the air. heat dome bearing down on 119 million people. already deadly and moving east. and star power. she's been called donald trump's secret weapon. tonight can ivanka
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trump help her father bridge a glaring deficit among women? "nightly news" begins right now. the republican national convention. this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt reporting tonight from cleveland. good evening. on donald trump's big night, his chance to sell his vision to america when he stands from the podium just across from us to deliver a primetime address later this evening. it will also be a chance for republicans to finish this convention on a high note after a week in which controversies have overshadowed the planned message including the one they're still buzzing over in this hall this evening. the stunning moment that saw former trump rival senator ted cruz literally booed off the stage after he sidestepped a chance to endorse trump. today cruz is explaining himself as the trump/pence ticket prepares its launch from cleveland. let's start with nbc's hallie jackson. >> reporter: in a
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packed hotel ballroom, new fallout from ted cruz's refusal to endorse donald trump. >> are you going to vote for trump? >> reporter: some texas delegates defending their home state senator. others supportive of trump pushing cruz. >> what he's doing is creating that division just because he's mad at trump because of those personal attacks. he'd rather kill the party and divide our votes because of his personal anger because trump said bad things about his family. >> reporter: trump's primary attacks against cruz's wife and father, falsely implying he was involved in jfk's assassination, clearly still raw for cruz who in the primaries signed a pledge to support the gop nominee. >> the party has spoken. you signed a pledge. >> that pledge was not a blanket commitment that if you go and slander and attack heidi, that i'm going to nonetheless come like a servile puppy dog.
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>> reporter: cruz insisted he's committed to unity. some of your party are blaming you for that speech last night for sewing more division in the gop. is that your fault? that peach? >> discussing what we should stand for, what we should be standing for freedom and defending the constitution is a message of unity. >> reporter: cruz now clearing out of cleveland less than 24 hours after he stole the show here on night three. >> and vote your conscience. >> reporter: with those words, an eruption. >> i just think it was an awful performance by someone who showed himself tonight to not be a man of his word. >> his choice was either to be a hero of the convention and to endorse or to commit political suicide. >> reporter: the trump campaign knew cruz wouldn't endorse and still let him take the stage. >> it used to be said that revenge is a dish best served cold. last night ted cruz amended that. revenge is a dish best served bold, capital b-o-l-d, in front of 40 million people. >> reporter: that was
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a remarkable moment. what did you think? >> loved it. >> reporter: trump now brushing off the drama. his task tonight, show the party can get past it and come together. a primetime pitch from the nominee no one saw coming after a week few will forget. and tonight, when donald trump takes this stage to address the delegates here, a senior adviser tells me to expect some kind of dramatic entrance fitting for this convention and this campaign. lester? >> hallie jackson on the convention floor. as the drama continues to play out, donald trump preparing to give that speech of his life accepting the gop nomination today and making his most important case yet against hillary clinton. all of it happening as trump set off alarm bells around the world with what he said in a new interview about coming to the aid of our nato allies. nbc's katy tur has those details. >> reporter: donald trump trying to wrestle back the narrative. >> i like that. >> you like it thinner? >> just make sure nothing goes wrong. >> reporter:
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officially accepting the nomination tonight with an address expected to lay out a trump presidency. one theme, americanism over globalism. the campaign saying the speech will be run through plagiarism software hoping to avoid another embarrassment after team trump admitted a portion of melania's speech was plagiarized. just one moment in what has been an unruly and raucous convention. >> out of order. >> reporter: melania absent since the speech gaffe expected to be back in the family vip box watching as ivanka introduces trump. >> i'm terrified. i'm terrified. i've never spoken in a stadium like this. but really, i just want to make sure i do a great job for him. >> reporter: the ongoing drama between trump and ted cruz drowning out comments the candidate gave to "the new york times" saying he considered not backing nato allies who don't pay their fair share. i would be absolutely prepared to tell those countries, congratulations, you
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will be defending yourself, trump said. that drawing a sharp rebuke from nato secretary-general jens stoltenberg. solidarity among allies is a key value for nato. this is good for european security and good for u.s. security, he said. we defend one another. breaking the decades-old treaty seen as a firewall against russia could invite more hostilities in the region. republicans denounced the comments. representative peter king argued trump will evolve. when you start national security briefings, are you confident that he might change some of his tone on this? >> i think every presidential nominee, once they start getting those briefings, it's been a wake-up call. >> reporter: though trump is now officially the nominee, he'll have to wait until hillary clinton gets the nomination before both will start to get their national security briefings. lester? >> all right, katy. while most others have been using the podium behind you have used it to attack hillary
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clinton, the job of telling the donald trump story, the personal story, has largely been left to his kids. i spoke to two of his sons, donald jr. and eric, earlier today. eric was the next speaker up after ted cruz was booed from the stage. and he described to me what that moment was like as he waited in the wings. >> well, i was probably 12 feet away from him. it was amazing. the whole auditorium halfway through his speech starts chanting, trump, trump. i mean, the place was electric. almost like a hockey game. it was amazing. a couple minutes later people are waiting for the buildup, waiting for the buildup, waiting for that endorsement. he doesn't do it. he literally got booed off the stage. >> did you enjoy the moment of him being booed off stage? was there a certain satisfaction there? >> i was shocked that he did what he did. he comes to a convention. he doesn't really support the candidate. right? the republican party has one goal and that's to beat hillary clinton. i was kind of surprised by him not doing that. >> the trump siblings have been intimately involved in campaign strategy.
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i asked oldest son don jr. if he had offered advice for his dad's primetime speech. so you're his son. dad, tonight you need to do -- >> making sure we're talking about party unity, conservative values, freedoms that conservatives hold so dearly and that he's going to be talking about those. >> you and your siblings have been effective this week trying to paint a picture of your dad, the dad that you know. at the same time, when you think about a president, strength is obviously important, but we also sometimes look for our leaders to be compassionate, to console us during national tragedy. we saw president obama in dallas a week or so ago. we haven't seen that donald trump. is this a man that can cry? can he emote? >> very much so. >> can he wrap his arms around the country in times of crisis? >> and those who know him best, ourself, his kids, his grandkids, very close friends, you hear about it last night. that's the guy he is. we can talk to that to some extent. you'll hear it from ivanka tonight. >> i think we want to see it. >> well, listen, we
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do. there actually comes a time, lester, when you actually have to lay the hammer down. you can't talk about everything with white fluffy pillows and everything is beautiful. that's not the world that we live in. my father understands how serious the situation is. so there's a time and a place for all of that. he can do it better than anyone. >> have you ever seen him cry? >> i have. i have. i've seen him be very emotional. i've seen him be very compassionate. and not just to family because that's family, but to employees that he's taken care of and have worked for him and given him so many years of dedicated service. >> part of my conversations with donald jr. and eric trump this afternoon. i want to bring in chuck todd and savannah guthrie. let's go back to the ted cruz moment. before that he was getting a rousing reception from this crowd and a speech that when you saw it, you said it's ted cruz 2.0. >> yeah, it was ted cruz 2.0 and also i said 2020, perhaps an audition for the election in 2020. this wasn't the ted cruz we saw on the stump during the primary. this was a ted cruz talking about broadening the appeal of the republican party. he said the bill of rights protects gay
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and straight. he invoked lincoln signing the emancipation proclamation and the passage of the civil rights act. it was clear that he had this speech that he thought would really position him well. what is also clear in light of what happened is that he badly miscalculated this room. >> things went a little sideways. chuck, let me turn to you. the speech tonight. two audiences the one behind us and the one in the living room. >> it's interesting. donald trump is never really worried about the audience in the living room very much when he's done these rallies because he feeds off of energy in these halls that he gives. and they're tremendous events when you're in them. they're very electric. boy, this convention because really of the cruz moment has suddenly gotten electric. you can tell that trump's going to feed off of it. that's his challenge tonight. don't get too caught up inside here and still talk to the audience abroad and try to broaden your appeal. and i think that's going to -- look, this is a big challenge for him. the other thing he doesn't want to do is be too untrump-like either. so i think this is a very tough challenge for him. >> chuck and savannah see you both at 10:00 eastern for our primetime convention
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coverage. there's breaking news in the worlds of media and politics. now official. roger ailes, a giant figure behind the scenes in television and the gop has been ousted from his job as the head of fox news channel in the wake of a sexual harassment lawsuit by a former fox news anchor. and tonight, rupert murdoch himself is stepping in. nbc's anne thompson reports of the shock waves being felt right now. >> reporter: roger ailes, one of the most powerful men in news and politics, is out. the former fox news chairman and ceo toppled following accusations of sexual harassment. first made in a lawsuit brought by former anchor gretchen carlson. then this week reports that fox star megyn kelly told investigators ailes harassed her when she was a young correspondent in washington. the 76-year-old ailes denied the charges. today in his resignation letter to rupert murdoch, head of parent company 21st century fox, ailes made no apologies and
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congratulated himself, writing he takes particular pride in the role that i have played advancing the careers of the many women i have promoted. >> i think we certainly will see a profound transition in what fox news is, what it represents and its relationship with its audience. >> reporter: murdoch, who now takes over fox news, left corporate headquarters this evening without saying a word. in a statement gretchen carlson's attorney said, we hope reputable companies will no longer shield those who abuse women. on the night of his downfall, the party ailes spent much of his life promoting struggles to unify behind its most bombastic candidate, donald trump. in ailes, like trump, media, power and politics intersected. the former republican consultant created fox news from nothing, building it into an influential and multibillion dollar juggernaut. a man who once set the rules today found the rules have changed. anne thompson, nbc news, new york.
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tonight, people across a huge part of the country are taking cover inside as a dangerous and oppressive heat wave bears down on over 100 million people. it's already been deadly and it's now moving east. nbc's blake mccoy is in the hot zone. >> reporter: as hot, muggy conditions continue to bake a huge swath of the country, the heat in chicago has murial caras sizzling. >> pretty hot, humid, not comfortable. sticky. >> reporter: her air conditioning repairman is handling triple the calls. a so-called heat dome now sits over 119 million americans prompting alerts in 26 states. in minnesota on the dome's northern edge, severe storms popped up overnight killing a 13-year-old boy scout and adult volunteer. a tree fell on their tents during a camping trip. more storms out east where residents in hilton head had to watch out for dangerous water spouts. they'll soon have to
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worry about high temperatures, too, as the heat wave expands. >> really the combination of the humidity along with these extremely dangerous temperatures that's going to make it feel like it's well above 100 degrees through the weekend. >> reporter: runners in central park are already sweating. new york city trainer josh margolis is telling clients to rehydrate with milk as well as water. >> specifically chocolate milk has gotten a lot of traction recently because of the proteins and the sugars and the carbohydrates that's in it. >> reporter: a useful tip as people all over the country look for ways to beat the heat. blake mccoy, nbc news, chicago. there's a lot more to tell you about here tonight. caught on camera, a man lying in the street with hands up before he was shot by police. he says he was only trying to help a man with autism in his care. the twist police reveal in the case late today. we'll have it for you. donald trump's big problem with female voters. can the trump women help win them over?
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back now with a new video reigniting national outrage over the use of police force. it shows what happened before and after north miami police shot an unarmed man trying to help a patient who strayed from a group home. late today it was revealed the victim wasn't even their target. now it's got the justice department's attention. nbc's kerry sanders has details. >> reporter: cell video shows charles kinsey, a behavior
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specialist, on his back, hands in the air. by his side, a 23-year-old autistic man he was trying to help. >> i see a white male down on the ground with a gray shirt with a black male in a green shirt, shorts. >> reporter: police say they were responding to a man threatening suicide with a gun, but kinsey yelled there was no gun. it's unknown if the actual shooting was recorded on video. a different video shows kinsey after being shot in the leg. the police department tonight says the officer is a 30-year-old white hispanic. kinsey spoke to miami station wsvn. >> because i got my hands up, they're not going to shoot me. this is what i'm thinking. they're not going to shoot me. wow, was i wrong. >> reporter: the miami police chief says the state will investigate. >> i personally have questions. i assure you we will get all the answers. >> reporter: the
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police union says the officer thought kinsey was in danger with the autistic man at his side and shot to save him, but the officer missed his target. >> i'm in shock. >> reporter: u.s. representative fredricka wilson. >> we say to our boys and our men, if you're ever stopped by the police, freeze. what could have saved him from being shot? >> reporter: tonight charles kinsey, a father of five, remains in the hospital. through his attorney -- >> i want everyone to be peaceful. >> reporter: kinsey is calling for calm. kerry sanders, nbc news, miami. we're back in a moment with a plane plummeting out of the sky on to a suburban neighborhood below.
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a pilot was killed today when a small plane crashed in a chicago suburb. investigators say it hit the street and set a nearby home on fire. a woman and her dog were home at the time but no injuries were
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reported on the ground. it's unclear if anyone else was inside the plane. the crash is under investigation. with the rio olympics just 15 days away, russia's track and field team has lost the appeal to overturn its ban from the games. this comes as the international olympic committee weighs a ban on all russian athletes over state-sponsored doping allegations. meanwhile, in the olympic host city, anxiety builds as brazilian police say they've arrested ten people suspected of plotting a terror attack. there's late word tonight from the nba and new fallout from the firestorm in north carolina over that state's law that limits anti-discrimination protections for lesbian, gay and transgender people. months after the heated protests and boycott, the league says it's moving the 2017 all-star game out of charlotte. a new location will be announced soon. when we come back, the women in donald trump's life and why his presidential hopes may hang on them. nbbayreaespds.ti toeepourtufsat.
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as the evening session of the convention here about to begin, finally tonight, there are the women who know donald trump best, his wife and two daughters. by the end of the night all three will have made a case to
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the rnc for him to be the next president, but can they sway the many other women polls show are reluctant to vote for him? our cynthia mcfadden takes a look. >> reporter: donald trump has a problem with women. women voters, that is. hillary clinton is killing him there by 15%. so the question tonight as his daughter ivanka is poised to introduce him at the convention, will she, half-sister tiffany and step-mother melania, help him bridge the gender gap? >> there does seem to be this real concerted effort to get the trump women out in the front to say, my dad is a good person. you know, kind of trust me, i'm a woman. >> reporter: with a stay-at-home wife and a high-flying professional daughter, the trump women check both boxes, though with trump's three marriages, family values will be a sticky point for some republican voters. on the other hand, his kids have been a public credit to him, as mike pence said last night. >> you can't fake good
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kids. >> donald trump has never done anything halfway, least of all as a parent. >> reporter: the hope in camp trump is surely that the youthful dynamic trump children will help with younger female voters, 71% of whom have a negative opinion of him. look for ivanka trump's speech tonight to stress importance to working women. they're putting lots of their chips on ivanka, one of her father's closest advisers, both in business and on the trail. >> he's been an unbelievable parent to me. he's been a great mentor to me personally. >> reporter: she talked to nbc's savannah guthrie. >> what are you going to tell yourself when you walk out on that stage thursday night? >> don't trip. >> reporter: her father hopes she won't either. cynthia mcfadden, nbc news. that will do it for us for now on this thursday night. i'm lester holt. i'll see you at 10:00
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p.m. eastern 7:00 pacific for primetime coverage of the republican convention. thank you for watching and good night from cleveland. is rht at 's inghata i think that's what they need to hear. i think it's right he is doing that. i think it's great he has a prime time slot. >> a silicon valley tycoon on the big stage. mixed reaction to the first openly gay person to speak at the republican national convention in 16 years. nbc bay area news starts right now. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm jennifer wang in for roj mathai. the night belongs to donald trump. we begin tonight with 2016. the prep work has been done. it's almost show time for donald
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trump. earlier today the republican presidential nominee did a walk through in cleveland. in roughly an hour his daughter ivanka will introduce him and he'll give the most porn speech of his campaign so far. trump says his speech will focus on the neglected, ignored and abandoned, end quote. he'll promise tax relief, more jobs and better schools. he spent part of his date on twitter firing back at ted cruz after cruz failed tone doors him. he says cruz talks about the constitution but doesn't say that if the dems win the presidency, the new justices appointed will destroy us all. a new look at the convention floor in cleveland. anticipation is building as delegates await their nominee. >> before ivanka and the presidential nominee take stage, an openly gay


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