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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 21, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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trump. earlier today the republican presidential nominee did a walk through in cleveland. in roughly an hour his daughter ivanka will introduce him and he'll give the most porn speech of his campaign so far. trump says his speech will focus on the neglected, ignored and abandoned, end quote. he'll promise tax relief, more jobs and better schools. he spent part of his date on twitter firing back at ted cruz after cruz failed tone doors him. he says cruz talks about the constitution but doesn't say that if the dems win the presidency, the new justices appointed will destroy us all. a new look at the convention floor in cleveland. anticipation is building as delegates await their nominee. >> before ivanka and the presidential nominee take stage, an openly gay silicon pee near
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will take the stage. theel says he's proud to be gay and is urging the party to drop its opposition to lgbt rights. mark that muse has more. it's fascinating to watch but not likely to change anything since the gop just reaffirmed its opposition to gay marriage. >> reporter: yeah, they did. the last time an openly gay man stood on the rnc stage, the texas contingent was so taken ak back they took their hats off and prayed in protest. tonight, peter thiel is expected to tell the delegates it's sometime to get over it. it's an iconoclast, ultra libertarian who has advocated for an ought ton moss island. tonight he is breaking with the great majority of silicon valley in supporting donald trump.
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silicon valley republican mason harrison is at the convention and spoke with me via skype. >> so few of them have any sort of direct line of communication with the trump campaign at all. >> reporter: trump's position on immigration and his call for a boycott of apple alienated many in the tech world. stanford political analyst says thiel isn't risking much by going against the grain. >> he's a billionaire, doesn't need anybody else in the silicon valley, always gone his own way. >> reporter: those who have seen the speech, say he'll say he's proud to be gay. the non-profit could not take sides in a political story. whatever their reaction to his message, it was undercut this week when donald trump named a very vocal gay marriage opponent to be his running mate. that explains the skeptical reaction we heard today on the
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street. >> i think it's great he's speaking out to the rnc. i wonder how effective the message will be and how receptive they'll be to receiving that message. >> republicaning are not backing gays and i don't see how it will do any good. >> it will be interesting to see what the reaction is, of course. it couldn't get worse than yesterday. >> it's been an unusual convention thus far. i heard from the president of the silicon valley chapter of the log cabin republicans. he says his group is excited that theel has a prime time slot for his message. mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> donald trump expected to give a law and order type speech. but we'll also be watching to see if trump talks about nato. he's caused controversy by suggesting that the u.s. support for nato allies could be conditional. we're watching what happens on the convention floor in cleveland. we will be back with coverage of the rnc in the next half hour
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and have a live report from the quicken arena. breaking news on a family traj day in vallejo. the man accused of setting a fire that killed his young son, faces another murder charge. we're told the child's mother severely burned in the fire back in may has died. he turned himself in to police days after that fire. he's been in custody ever since. a massive fire on the peninsula destroyed a community center that's home to dozens of after school and summer programs. fire investigators are now calling the cause of this fire suspicious. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is live from millbrae where the community center is a complete loss tonight. michelle? >> reporter: devastating to see for so many people who depend on this community center. take a look at the scene behind me. the roof caved in. there's debris everywhere. because of where this fire started in the back of the
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building, investigators believe it was set on purpose. just before 4:00 a.m., firefighters were called to a popular community center in millbrae as flames ripped through the building. the fire department used a drone to get a better look at the fast moving fire. this is what they saw moments after the roof collapsed. >> this is the acoustic ceiling tire we were contending with. >> reporter: the fire chief says the blaze was extremely difficult to contain. between the roof and these accuse till tile -- >> reporter: the atf is being called in to investigate the fire that's been called suspicious. the chief says there's been reports of small fires being set in the same neighborhood. >> we're going to go layer by layer to determine what was there originally. >> reporter: dozens of kids who attend a summer camp at the center were relocated to a nearby school. >> it's devastating. displacement is never fun. >> reporter: while the city works to find a new home for
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dozens of programs. >> this is very upsetting. >> reporter: parents in the area of hopeful investigators will be able to find out who was responsible for starting the fire. >> in the neighborhood we've been dealing with a lot of robberies. so this seems just like another layer of concern. >> reporter: the city is meeting right now to try to figure out the next step to rebuild. live in millbrae, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. disturbing allegations tonight against a former bay area police officer. a woman has now come forward claiming he raped her while he was on duty. nbc bay area's elyce kirchner has more. this allegation could be the beginning of more to come. >> reporter: that's right, jess. he was arrested at his home in stockton this morning. authorities started investigating the officer named
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noah winchester in the fall after a local woman came forward saying that he had raped her while he was on duty. now, the district attorney's office believes there are more vict victims. this is noah winchester's mugshot. the former san mateo police officer is facing 22 counts of felony charges, including rape, kidnapping and sexual battery. >> you expect more from someone like that. it is disappointing. >> reporter: a far cry from this photo that the san mateo police department tweeted out nearly a year ago, showing winchester posing with kids at parkside aquatic park. san mateo police chief susan mannheimer says the 31-year-old was on the force for ten months and passed extensive background checks. >> they involve psychological screening, polygraph, background screening. >> reporter: last october a san mateo woman came forward saying
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winchester raped her while on duty. >> that uncovered, not only other victims, but in other areas. >> reporter: authorities say since 2013 winchester has sexually assaulted at least four other women including a 17-year-old girl. it allegedly happened while he was also on the job when he was a police officer at the loss rios community college district. the former cop posed with kids last summer and residents are in disbelief. >> they're supposed to be people here to protect us. >> reporter: tonight noah winchester is being held at the san joaquin county jail on a $3.1 million bail. he's expected to be transported back here to san mateo county sometime next week to face charges. reporting live from san mateo tonight, elyce kirchner, nbc bay area news. the nba taking a hard stand tonight. it will not allow the city of charlotte to host next year's all-star game.
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the nba decided to move the game because of its objection to north carolina's so-called bathroom law. that law eliminated anti discrimination protections against the lgbt community. warriors star steph curry who is from charlotte says he's disappointed for his hometown but understands the decision. >> if silver makes a decision like that, we support him. as a guy from charlotte, i really wanted this for the people there. >> reporter: the league says it hopes to reschedule the game to charlotte in 2019. there's no official word on where next year's game will be moved to. new orleans is the rumored first choice. tramon green will be playing in spite of his assault case. today his lawyer attended a pretrial hearing. green is facing assault charges for allegedly slapping a michigan state football player earlier this month. the possibility of a plea was discussed but no solution
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reached. the next hearing will likely be after he returns from the olympic games. you are looking at a hazardous materials cleanup crew looking into an alarming find near the lake curry dam in napa county owned and maintained by the city of vallejo. jodi hernandez has more on what was found and what it could mean. >> reporter: the city says they made the alarming discovery last thursday. now a full-scale response is under way. >> it is hazardous and it can make people sick. >> reporter: that's why the city of vallejo says it's not messing around after discovering a dangerous mercury skill in napa county. specially trained hazmat teams working to contain the toxic substance and remove it. >> we're cleaning it up. we've hired a contractor that is licensed and certified and we're following all the regulations
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and guidelines. >> reporter: a contractor doing routine pipeline maintenance near lake curry dam found the leak. the city says as much as a quarter gallon of mercury had seeped out of a 92-year-old non-functioning flow meter and onto the ground. the assistant public works director says lake curry dam hasn't been used as a source of drinking water since 1989 and people aren't in danger. while the levels aren't harmful to humans, mercury is present in the nearby creek, and the impact to wildlife is not yet known. >> it is a silent killer. >> reporter: environmentalists and folks who live along the creek are worried. the city stopped the creek's water flow while they work on the problem, but residents are upset. >> in this day and age, you don't just leave mercury laying around. >> reporter: the city say it is cleanup operation will take seven days. they say the u.s. environmental protection agency will be at the site next monday.
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in vallejo, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. computer glitch solved. bay area airports dealing with backups as southwest recovers from its computer issues. sfpd is dealing with yet another death threat. we'll have the latest on this developing story coming up. good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri, sunny skies across san jose. 71 degrees. we're tracking near 100 degrees. i'll have details in my forecast in a few minutes. poce fit ce aeatthrt agnsthe p
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a new threat against the san francisco police department. first came a death threat against the department's acting chief and now another one. pete suratos has more. >> reporter: sfpd is looking for the anonymous caller making death threats towards officers. in light of recent events, they're not taking this lightly. a community event today at the presidio bowl gave officers with sfpd a great opportunity to hear from the community. >> people have a little distrust of the police right now. we're able and willing to build that relationship. that's what we're trying to do with young people. >> reporter: as officers continue to knock downey stereotypes, there's still issues, the latest at the ingleside station of sfpd, an anonymous caller phoning in to the station last night offering a $15,000 cash reward for anyone
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that kills a police officer. it's just two days after a suspect was arrested for making a racist threat on twitter targeting sfpd chief toney chaplin. >> it's getting more attention and something we always take very seriously and look into it. >> i think it would be ignorant and negligent to ignore these kinds of threats. >> jim did sli a retired sfpd deputy and lecturer at san francisco state. he says in light of recent events around the country, the current climate calls on officers to show more situational awareness, something he believes sfpd is already doing. >> if there are deaths against police officers, you better believe that's being discussed at role call meetings, the beginning of shifts, the beginning of watches. >> reporter: no arrests have been made and we still don't have a description of the suspect. if you have any information, contact sfpd.
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>> thank you, pete. frustration for southwest custome customers, a day after computer glitch plagued the company, hundreds of flights still canceled and delayed nationwide. southwest told passengers to arrive extra early and prepare for long lines. the airports are trying to recover from yesterday's glitch which caused the cancellation of nearly 700 flights nationwide. >> i've heard so many different rumors, i'm just not sure what's happening. all i know is the lines out here, i've never seen this before at an airport. >> over 200 southwest flights were canceled across the country and 500 delays. a pair of giant water tunnels are a step closer to being built in the saun joaquin delta. governor brown proposed the tunnel plan as an alternative to the aging delta levies.
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state leaders say compensation is only required if the property owners suffer damage or interference. a beautiful day outside today, made only more beautiful inside nbc bay area. our family is back together. janelle is back with us after maternity leave. >> now i've got a baby. >> oh, my gosh. >> so cute. >> thank you. good to be back. >> you seem cool as a cucumber. >> yes, but it's hot outside. >> it is hot and will get uncomfortable for us. our micro climate weather is show in san francisco, towards soma, 64 degrees. fog at the coastline. humidity at 65%. the moisture sprepresent near t coast with the fog in place. back towards the hotter interior valleys after a high of 86 in concord. right now at 82 notice the humidity at 26%. certainly a much drier air keeping our fire danger up.
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as we get a look right now into tomorrow morning's forecast, we'll start here with some low to mid 50s across the bay area. not a bad start on friday, typical areas of fog in san francisco. sun down here for the south bay and sun towards the north bay to begin your friday morning. as we head through the day tomorrow, you will see a noticeable rise in temperatures, also here down to the south bay, check it out. up to 88 for your average. not too bad for the peninsula with 78. it starts to get uncomfortably warm in the east bay with 90 degrees throughout contra costa and alameda counties, from walnut creek to dub bin. for san francisco, 79 and the north bay at 92. in terms of daytime temperatures and how things will trend out, we'll take one of our hottest here, concord. you'll start at 6. not bad at 9:00 a.m. by the noon hour up to 80. once we hit 3:00 p.m., 90 degrees. by the bay it's going to be a
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lot better. you'll begin with 61, areas of fog. early afternoon temperatures in the low 70s. we're tracking much hotter weather for the weekend. another update in about 25 minutes. stopping alleged terrorists before it is too late. the foiled plot and arrests in rio just weeks before the summer games. tob
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happening now, getting shared on facebook, concord biotech company cirrus sent
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technology to a blood bank in rio. the stanford marching band what's donald trump to stop playing a song because building a wall doesn't do that. more news in one minute. aossle ymp teor tacunver byrazi.
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a possible olympic terror attack uncovered by brazilian police. police took ten people into custody for planning an attack during the rio games. brazilian authorities say they were isis sympathizers. the biggest tip-off is when a suspect e-mailed a store in pair guy. he wanted to buy an ak-47. the road to rio looks to be a dead-end for the russian track and field team, this after russia lots its appeal against an olympic ban today. that decision adds pressure on the international olympic
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committee to ban russia entirely from next month's games. the court of arbitration rejected the appeal following allegations of state-sponsored doping and coverups. the ruling doesn't settle the matter for good because the decision is not binding on the ioc. the ioc is expected to make a final decision in the next couple days. facebook live is going big time. usa basketball will stream its exhibition games on facebook leading up to the olympic games. men's and women's games will still be broadcast on nba tv. this is the first time they'll also a simulcast on facebook live. that will include the game played here at the oracle arena where the usa basketball team will play next tuesday, next week, in an exhibition game against china, and a game you'll see on nba tv and facebook live. 15 days and counting from the opening ceremony. that's when the olympic games
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begin. in just a few days, i'll be heading the rio ahead of the games to make sure i'm ready to go for the start of the games to bring you live reports every single day. we'll turn our attention back to decision 2016 live to cleveland where silicon valley venture capitalist peter thiel is on the stage right now. let's listen in. >> i don't pre tend to agree with every 34r57bing in our party's platform, but state culture wars only distract us from our economic decline, and nobody in this race is being honest about it except donald trump.
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while it's fitting to talk about who we are, today it's more important to remember where we came from. for me that is cleveland and the bright future it promised. when donald trump asked us to make america great again, he's not suggesting a return to the past. he's running to lead us back to that bright future. tonight i urge all of my fellow americans to stand up and vote for donald trump. thank you very much. >> peter thiel co-founder of paypal speaking at the republican national convention. he's the first openly gay speaker at the convention in more than a decade. we will be right back with more news.
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud?
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never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast back to decision 2016. we want to show you some video. there he is, donald trump, arriving at the quicken loans arena with his wife melania just a few moments ago. trump giving a thumbs up as he walks in. this moments after he was endorsed by paypal co-founder from the bay area peter thiel. in less than an hour donald trump will take the stage and deliver the most important speech of his campaign to date. donald trump is stirring more
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controversy. he says he might not defend u.s. allies if they're attacked by russia. >> that raises the stakes for trump's much anticipated acceptance speech tonight. pete handelsman is in cleveland with more details. >> reporter: daughter and daughter came to cleveland this afternoon. >> the police are doing an incredible job. thank you very much. >> reporter: checking out the view, the mics, the teleprompter. >> i don't know if the guy feels pressure, but this is big. i think the american electorate has already decided that hillary clinton is not honest or trustworthy. every poll shows that, over 50%, well over 50%. they just want to know the other guy isn't an irresponsible pick. >> reporter: after last night convention chaos, ted cruz booed when he did not endorse trump. the nominee getting kudos. >> what donald trump did last
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night by having cruise on there was saying, i'm not afraid of any opinion or idea. >> he's still sore after trump went after heidi and rafael cruz. >> i'm not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and my father. >> reporter: trump raised eyebrows saying as commander in chief he might not keep the u.s. commitment to defend nato allies against any russian aggression. look at the cops shot in dallas, he said, we've got to fix our own mess as he tries to convince voters tonight that he's the leader who can do that. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, at the rnc in cleveland. >> while trump spent the day preparing for his speech, anti-trump protesters took to the streets in cleveland. some of the people chanted mf love trump, hate" and one said "ban all trumps, not muslims."
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police were on standby to make sure things were peaceful. peter thiel, paypal co-founder, the first openly gay republican speaker at the convention in a very long time speaking there before the convention site asking to unify the party behind donald trump and endorsing him. donald trump will take the stage a little bit later this evening. before he takes the stage, his daughter ivanka will be delivering her own remarks. that will happen in about an hour from now. in other news tonight a black therapist says laying on the ground with his arms in the air didn't work, police still shot him. when police pulled up to an intersection on monday, they found a man with autism sitting in the street with a toy truck. cell phone video shows his caregiver laying on his back arms raised. he had been trying to cokes the man back home. witnesses say police then shot
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the therapist in the leg. >> my client asked why did you shoot me? the officer said to my client, i don't know. that was his words verbatim. >> activists protested the shooting today. the state of florida is investigating. crime in one of the bay area's most peaceful communities. early in 2011 eric elliot was sleeping in kensington park when attackers beat him to death. family members say they're grateful that police aren't letting this cold case go. >> i've known eric for about five years. it was tough for me to get a call to that location not knowing who it was and finding his body here. police say these cars may be the key to cracking the case. they're particularly interested in the dark colored four-door honda civic or dodge neon with white racing stripes. pack your patience.
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post offices across the bay area are seeing long lines for passports. many turned away because the clerks can only handled so many applicants on any given day. damian trujillo is at the post office on meridian in san jose which gets the most south bay traffic. >> reporter: 50 to 70 people per day is about the limit here at the meridian post office. today was actually the exception, and many people are finding out you can't wait until the last minute to get your passport. >> 94. >> reporter: a rare day at the passport office on meridian avenue. almost 100 people made it through the line. >> my wife just got her citizenship, so we're here to get her passport. >> reporter: there have been times when the office has to turn people away at the end of the day. they even line up at 7:00 a.m. on saturdays waiting for the doors to open at 10:00.
6:35 pm
then there's a wait inside. >> i need a passport. i just wait. >> you have to. if you want to travel, that's what you've got to do. >> reporter: an increasing number of new citizens and the summer travel season are booting the demand with people sometimes not realizing they may need to wait six weeks before their passports arrive. >> we're being inundated with a lot of people waiting with only a week or two thinking they'll be okay. >> reporter: even making appointments takes time. >> i have to do last-minute international travel and i lost my passport. >> reporter: to avoid more delays, download the application an fill it out before your appointment. the passport office also says both parents need to be present if the applicant is a child with birth certificate in hand and don't forget your patience. in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. usually officers are
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supposed to take suspects to jail. one decided to do the work for them. this dash cam video shows chp chasing an alleged drunk driver last night starting on 101 and ending up in city streets. the driver ditched a car and jumped a fence, he jumped into the correctional department parking lot. when you think about adopting a pen, a lot of older animals are often overlooked. as nbc area's bir bay area's sh >> reporter: lion is as gentle as a lamb. the 9-year-old german shepherd was living at the berkeley humane society. >> the stars aligned. i had the lull at work. i turn mine computer and there was lion, and that was it.
6:37 pm
>> reporter: the idea of adopting an old are dog came from the i don't know ones in her family. >> my kids thought about older dogs being harder to adopted and not getting a home and worried about, you know, dogs get euthanized and stuff like that, move from shelter to shelter and things like that. >> reporter: while puppies get the most attention, dogs with a little experience have unique gifts to offer. >> potty trained, he's very sweet and just full of love. you don't have to go for 59 walks a day. puppies are cute, you can train and shape them the way they are. older dogs are eager to please you. they just want to please. they just love you. >> reporter: kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> if you would like to welcome some unconditional love into your home, saturday will be a great and perfect day to do it during clear the shelters 2016. you can adopt a pet virtually free of charge. bay area humane societies will be waving your adoption fees.
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if you want a list of locations, logon to our website, checked bags, missing items, a common complaint we're getting from air travelers. what you can do to protect your valuables in the air. nbc bay area responds next. plus the rnc not the only big convention going on. we'll show you what's big at this week's comic-con. onlbigonvtio unrwath we.==a keo==the a
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the republican convention is not the only big convention under way this week. there are crazy getups and passionate devotion to storytelling. comic-con in san diego will draw more than 100,000 fans with science fiction and comics. >> no matter who you are, you get happiness and strength from
6:41 pm
your favorite superheroes or comic book characters. >> comic-con began 46 years ago as a gathering of 300 comic book collectors. these days it's a retail bonanza and a chance for fans to hear about up in shows, movies and games. remember the mcdonald's gilroy garlic fries? the companies were tested in fry, mcdonald's is selling them at all bare area locations. mcdonald's is selling bratwurst in wisconsin and kale in southern california. i think with the garlic fries, we got a better end of the deal. >> we used to get soft serve at any mcdonald's. we need that here because it's hot. >> maybe dip the fries in the soft serve. some folks like to do that. >> savory and sweet combination. >> ice cream looking good weekend. let's get a look at our sky
6:42 pm
camera network. clear skies after a high of 71 at the airport. down to 71 as we head throughout tonight. temperatures dropping into the low 60s. more on a hotter weekend in a few minutes. the airline delivers your suitcase on time, but not everything inside. i'm consumer investigator chris chim chmura. toevel tvels w ha onproem coon 2
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nbc bay area responds to several travellers who have o onione thing in common. >> our consumer investigative center has fielded several theft complaints, air travellers tucking valuables in their checked bags yet learning the hard way those items can be stolen. there's little chance your airline will do anything about it. >> an empty tag heuer box.
6:45 pm
that's all he has to show for his new, never worn, luxury brand watch. the watch was a wedding gift from his in-laws. i just went and hugged them. it was more about the sentiment of this gift more than anything. >> after his wedding in florida, he packed his new watch in a carry-on bag and boarded an american airlines flight to sfo. because the overhead bins were full, he had to check his bag last minute. she said you can receive your bag in san francisco. i said all right. i was hesitant, but i didn't have a choice. >> he let the airline take his suitcase. he says he never again saw his watch. >> when i started unpacking and took the box out, realized it was really light, then i opened it and i saw that i had been robbed. >> reporter: he filed a claim with american airlines, but it was denied. the airline pointed to its passenger contract which says it
6:46 pm
does not assume liability for many valuables including jewelry. >> my heart dropped. >> reporter: candice figueroa packed her laptop in detroit and checked her bag. when her southwest airlines flight arrived in san jose, the bag was lighter. i'm like, where is my laptop? i asked my husband, did you grab it out, did you take it out. i said, i think somebody took it. >> reporter: candace couldn't locate her computer, but she did find frustration on page 29 of southwest's passenger contract. it also states it assumes no responsibility for valuables like computers. >> it was very frustrating. >> candice and erfan aren't alone. we wondered how many. it turns out the airlines don't disclose their record, but the tsa does. last year 3600 travelers told the tsa about missing items like electronics, jewelry and purses.
6:47 pm
nearly a third of those claims were approved or settled with tsa paying out 134,000 dollars. still those odds aren't great. where else can travelers turn for help. some credit card companies offer protection. look for it in your card member agreement. also check your homeowners or renter's policy. sometimes that coverage extends to luggage. travel insurance might help, too, but you need to read the fine print before buying. >> i wouldn't lose view or sight of my bag. >> if something is stolen from your luggage, you can file a claim with the airline, the tsa or both. with airlines, you need to file the claim right away, usually within about 24 hours. with the tsa you have a full two years to do so. after contacting southwest, it gave candace $350 in travel vouchers, pointing out this was a rare exception and more a gesture of good will.
6:48 pm
american airlines says it works with law enforcement to investigate allegations of alleged theft. nonetheless a somewhat happy ending for him, his wife bought him a new watch. both airlines suggest traeflers pack valuable in a carry on, one that you won't have to check when the bins are full. if you have a consumer complaint, we'd love to hear from you. call us at 888-996-tips or submit your area at i hate checking bags. >> nice his wife got him a watch, but that's no resolution. >> the baggage handler or tsa person who stole it, that's the one who should be giving him the watch. >> good information to keep in our minds, especially with travel over the summer. conserving water just not enough, years of drought have stanford researchers doing some math. the conclusion is that
6:49 pm
californians can't just conserve water, they have to manage it. experts say the solution is for cities and counties to store more of it underground. >> we have to drink lots of water right now, got to hydrate, jeff. it's warm outside. >> great advice for this upcoming weekend. that heat can catch up on you fast as we get a look at the micro climate weather forecast. a look outside. there's oracle arena, looking good. mostly clear skies after a high in oakland, 71 downtown. currently 67. as we trend through tonight, we'll drop to 60 degrees by 10:00 p.m. as we push ahead towards tomorrow morning's forecast across the bay area, 55 to start in the south bay and mostly clear sky. a little fog coming back to the peninsula and also for san francisco with 51. the north bay starts out good with a mix of sun and a few clouds and 53 degrees. on your micro climate forecast for friday, temperatures go up three to five degrees.
6:50 pm
i think it will be noticeable especially in the south bay. this is where morgan hill goes up to 90 over towards san jose, 87. half moon bay, 65. over to palo alto 81. san francisco, you can notice the warmup beginning here in downtown, expecting 70 degrees, but back towards the marina, still a nice cool 66. for the north bay, east bay and the tri-valley, we start to feel the heat right across danville, pleasanton. oakland 76. over towards walnut creek t car thermometer will jump up, 91 degrees. north bay, hottest temperature in the forecast tomorrow will be napa a at 93 degrees. all the heat kicked off by this hot area of high pressure. it's not just moving close to california, the center of high pressure, the axis of this ridge
6:51 pm
is moving right on top of the bay area. that's what's going to produce the 90s to near 100 saturday and sunday inland. how do we escape the heat? two options for you. both of them at the coastline. one will be warmer than the other. let's get you into beach weather for this saturday and also sunday. santa druz you can see on saturday is going to tread up into the low 70s through 1:00, 2:00, 3:00. that's a warmer beach option. if you want something cooler, half moon bay may be your bet. 56 and fog in the morning on saturday and sunday in the afternoon with low to mid 60s. as we round out the forecast, san francisco and downtown up to the low 70s this weekend. 60s and 70s through next week. interior valleys, again, the heat-up. 89 for an average on friday. up to 97 on sunday. we stay with 90s through thursday of next week. janelle and jess, as we talked about earlier, hydrate this upcoming weekend. it will be important. >> good advice, thanks, jeff.
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up next, he's a master player at the ball park, but he's not on the field. we'll bring the organist who helps bring every giants' game to life. sods en u gto basallga.
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the organ is one of the unmistakable sounds when you go to a baseball game. >> especially when it comes time to sing "take me out to the ball game." collin rush joins us to tell us about it. >> reporter: visually fans flog to att park for the product on the field, the people watching on the stands and the great views. culinarily the food is
6:55 pm
fantastic. have you ever thought about the audible ambiance? that's where organist steve hogan comes in. not ♪ >> i started in 2010. i worked with a guy in my day job who had been a deejay in a club for ten years actually. one day i was playing "take me out to the ball game." he heard me play that and it triggered something and said, you know, maybe we can get you into the ball park some time. >> it was extremely nerve-racking. i've never done anything like that, or hadn't at that point. even playing chop sticks felt like a big deal to me. i have a full-time job with a company in oakland, pandora internet radio.
6:56 pm
i manage a team of musicians there. in one sense they're music related. i work with a whole team of musicians. my mind is always on music, analyzing songs and learning songs. >> in san francisco, colin resch, nbc bay area. before we go, i'll take you outside to cleveland where the republican national convention will wrap up tonight. donald trump now the gop nominee is expected to take the stage in just a few moments. nbc news will bring you live coverage of the rnc. that's happening right here, and that will happen next. >> it's going to be getting hotter as we've been talking about as we take a look at the interior valleys, 9 for tomorrow, by saturday 95. hottest of the weekend is on sunday with 97. it looks like this could be the hottest stretch of summer we've seen so far with mid to upper 90s lasting through next thursday. >> thanks so much, jeff. full coverage of the republican national convention coming up right now and then again at 11:00.
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tonight, it's show time in cleveland. donald trump delivers the biggest speech of his life. can the man behind the art of the deal sell himself to the nation, and the woman who's being called his secret weapon, his daughter, ivanka, can she help win over women? the final night of the republican national convention, our primetime coverage, begins right now. good evening, everyone, from the quicken loans arena. virtually every usable seat here filled tonight as we await donald trump to take the stage on this last night of the republican national convention. this building is saturated with camerasos


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