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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 24, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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take a live look outside...... san jose - communications it is 7:00 on your sunday morning. we really appreciate you joining us as we give you this beautiful look at the sun shining over san jose. those pretty bushes and flowers, i love that view. it's like perfectly framed ahead of a very warm sunday. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. let's check our forecast with anthony slaughter. >> it's going to be hotter today. it's going to feel about the same. 90s, once you get into that range, 91, 95, 99 it all feels the same. here is cooler weather. if you are up this morning, joining us, getting outside to walk a pet awe don't you adopte
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yesterday, 57 degrees at the coast. it's going to fade away. temperatures in the 50s and 60s in the bay. look at the tri-valley, 100 degrees this afternoon. similar to yesterday. 76 for san francisco. 93 for the north bay. again, 80s and 90s for the peninsula, south bay and the rest of the inner bay. it's going to be warm. remember your water and the spf. critical once we get to 10:00 this morning. it's already going to be in the 80s for most of us. take it easy out there fur a construction worker, if you work outside on roofs, take breaks every 30 minutes or so. >> good advice. thanks. we want to begin with a developing story this morning. a female police officer is recovering after she was shot at in oakland. it happened just before 9:30 last night near the intersection of 76rd avenue and international boulevard. police are actively searching for the shooter. the officer was responding to a call and was involved in a car
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crash. after that crash, a man approached her car and fired multiple rounds. we're told the officer was not hit by gunfire but she was injured and is now in the hospital. >> we're on high alert across the country. we are aware and vigilant every day we come out here to the job. this evening, we did have an incident occur where one of our officers was shot at. we're very aggressively and actively following up with an investigation. >> many departments across the country, including the oakland police department, have given officers the choice to ride with a partner following the recent rash of police shootings. because of staffing last night, this officer had been on patrol alone. an uber driver is under arrest this morning accused of sexually assaulting a passenger. police say it happened in downtown palo alto friday night. the victim told police she had been out with friends when she called an uber pool to take her home. whether the drive e when the driver picked her up,
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he told her to sit in the front to make room for the other passengers who would be joining the car. he then called the other passengers to cancel their rides. the victim told police he drove her to her east palo alto home, locked her in the car and forced himself on her, touching her legs, kissing her, even though she demanded he stop. >> possibly other victims out there. because how many people take uber cars? how many people ride in the front seat? who knows how many other victims are out there. >> police arrested a 59-year-old man of redwood city after they were able to contact him through the uber app. police are not releasing his photo because as you heard they are hoping other victims step forward and identify him. they do say he drove a marioon colored optima. big sur is one of the most
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majestic sports. hundreds of people are out of their homes there because of a wildfire. the soberanes fire. it ignited friday night. here are the latest numbers. the fire is threatening more than 1,500 homes and structures. several neighborhoods have been evacuated. it has burned 6,500 acres. right now, it's just 5% contained. residents tell us they are relieved to hear so far no buildings have burned. they are worried about what they left behind in their homes. >> there might not be anything there when we go back. >> the first thing you think is, what's important? what should you take? what can't you ever live without? i grabbed all the pictures of the kids and that kind of thing and stuck them into a basket. >> the red cot set up a shelter at carmel middle school. take a look at this new image of the fire tweeted by cal fire last night. you can see just how much smoke
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it is emitting. bay area fire crews mobilized yesterday and headed down to monterey county to help. this is video from the i'll mee da county fire department. additional crews include teams from san francisco and santa clara counties. >> when we send our crews down there, they are for structure protection. they will go into the urban interface where we have homes that are built into the hillsides amongst trees. >> there are now nearly 800 firefighters battling this wildfire. several other wildfires are burning across california. that includes the sand fire north of los angeles. we have learned this morning at least one person has been killed. sheriff's deputies are confirming they found a man's body in a burned car which was still in an area that had been evacuated. the smoke there is so thick it has cast an orange haze over the
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l.a. basin. flames broke out friday. heat and winds pushed the fire from 11,000 acres yesterday to 20,000 in just one day. it is 10% contained this morning. >> it is scary. they've put that red stuff. they have been ever so good. >> at least 1,500 homes are threatened. the cause of that sand fire is under investigation. turning now to decision 2016. hillary clinton and tim kaine made their debut yesterday in the battleground state of florida. >> he is qualified to step into this job and lead on day one. [ speaking spanish ] >> the virginia senator and former mayor and former governor appealing to voters in miami. he learned spanish while living
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in honduras in 1980 when he took a year off from law school to work with missionaries. he is married with three children and has a son in the military. the new running mates make their debut ahead of tomorrow's national convention in philadelphia. crews continue prep work this weekend. there's a heavy police presence in downtown philadelphia. up to 50,000 protesters are expected each day. barricades are up. and inside, crews are putting the finishing touches on the stage. today, local delegates are on their way. that includes the youngest delegate from the south bay. >> a lot of why i ran was because i really would like to see more young people involved. and have a more diverse party, which the democratic party has been doing a great job of. i think we need to keep moving in that direction. >> lopez is a student at yale. he had to take his final exams
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early and fly back here to san jose to campaign. he raised about $3,600 for his flight and hotel at the dnc. donald trump took to twitter to try to undercut hillary clinton's choice of a running made. he pointed to the transpacific partnership trade deal in the tweet. he says senator tim kaine approved the agreement among 12 countries, including the u.s. and canada. trump claims the agreement is a job killer and that, quote, kaine is owned by the banks. trump didn't make any public appearances yesterday. it's 7:08. more ahead on "today in the bay." it's a hot spot for crime and now there's an effort to turn it into a party zone. we will tell you about the out of the box idea to clean up crime in one south bay neighborhood. we are clearing the shelters. the eye-opening number of pets who have new homes this morning. it's all thanks to you.
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a live look outside for you from communication hill. you can see some haziness there ahead of a very warm sunday. if you thought yesterday was warm, anthony slaughter says everyone will be a few degrees warmer today. there's an effort under way in the south bay to turn around crime ridden neighborhoods. yesterday, a so-called sketchy alley was transformed into this lively party zone. the makeover was a concerted effort by residents, police, the district attorney's office and some local non-profit organizations. >> the purpose of this was to take this space back. the back alley of business circle has been problematic. it has been a source of crime and blight in recent years. we heard from neighbors that they wanted this space to feel
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safe again. >> new trees will be planted there as well. the overhaul is almost done. organizers hope yesterday's event will inspire other neighbors to come together and turn around their neighborhoods as well. enough sewage to fill 50 swimming pools. that's how much officials say accidentally spilled into the san francisco bay. according to the mercury news, an employee accidentally turned the wrong valve at the san jose waste water plant and it send 902,000 gallons of partially treated sewage into the bay. plant officials say it will not cause any harm to the environment because most of the impurities had already been removed. at 7:12 right now, we have more ahead. coming up, the numbers continue to roll in thanks to your support. clear the shelters is a bigger success than last year. plus, a fight continues over the names of famous yosemite landmarks. is a resolution on the horizon?
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no fog on the horizon. clear skies. we will show you where the fog is and how warm our temperatures will go. you are watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back to you. we're taking a live look outside. sunny skies over san francisco. rare the bay isn't covered in fog. anthony slaughter has a warmer sunday ahead and a heat wave this coming week. the battle over historic names at yosemite might be coming to a close. you might remember two years ago the national park service cut ties with yosemite's long time concessionaire and was forced to rename the hotel, village and other famous landmarks. the company delaware north claimed it owned the copy rights to the names and prevented the national park service from using them. now a judge has stepped in and a
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mediator is being used to bring the two sides together. it is official. the 2016 u.s. olympic team is set and ready for rio. final names were announced during a ceremony in venice beach. janet evans confirmed the roster of more than 550 american athletes. it's the first time the u.s. has held that distension of having the most since back in 2004. kerry walsh-jennings was there as she seeks her fourth straight gold medal in beach volleyball. we are less than two weeks away from the olympics. nbc bay area is your headquarters for the games. it's the only place you can watch the competitions. we will be reporting live every night. thanks to you, thousands of pets in the bay area have new
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homes. bay area is teaming up to help clear the shelters. adoption fees are reduced order completely waived at shelters. 3,400 pets adopted in the bay area here alone. 45,000 pets nationwide. that's more than double the nationwide total from last year. today in the bay's pete seratos has a look at some of the new connections made. >> we wanted to get dexter a playmate. >> reporter: this woman is talking about her dog dexter. the chihuahua you see here. during the clear the shelters event at the human society, they found dexter a new playmate. a beagle named jim. >> it's very cool. he will be very happy. right now he is losing his golden retriever friend. >> reporter: for many of the pets, it's a well-deserved second chance. >> it's really important for families to think about adopting first so that we can find these animals homes. >> a dog that either went from a bad situation or had to be given
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up because the family was going through a bad situation. that's the most important thing. >> reporter: your favorite personalities fanned out across the bay area, including berkeley and san francisco to chip in. last nearly 20,000 pets found their forever homes. this year, an even larger outpouring of support and generosity as people in the bay area and acr opened their doors and their arms to some new friends. there are plenty of opportunities to adopt pets around the bay area. we have that information on our website. >> there are more than 45 shelters in the bay area either reducing or completely waiving the adoption fees this weekend. find the shelter closest to you by going to we put together this map to help you find your new pet. let's check in with anthony
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slaughter with a look at our forecast. a good time to go out, take the dog to the beach. >> your cat. it's cool to see folks walking their cat or lizard. things it you don't see every day. a duck. >> there are birds and lizards and all sorts of things for adoption. >> you saw it all. folks had birds on their shoulders. >> the bay area is very diverse. >> let's take a look outside. we are looking at clear skies. whatever your fancy is for your pet, dog, lizard, whatever it is, it's going to be a nice day. take them out and get fresh air. you can see from san francisco we are waking up to clear skies. no fog this morning. 76 is where we are heading this afternoon. over the week, temperatures are going to stay where they are at. little to no fog today. that means 70s across the coastline. the week ahead in san francisco, well, it keeps a shallow marine layer in place. we are not going to see much fog. temperatures in the 70s. by next weekend, we see the fog
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return. temperatures do cool off just a little bit. there's the fog right now at ocean beach. we have clear skies, a shallow marine later. only up to 1,000 feet. it doesn't make its way over the coastal mountains. you can seat marine layer squish down less than 2,000 feet. it got to build above 2,000 feet to move over some of the mountains. that's why we don't have fog inland today. it's isolated at the coastline. 61 in san jose. same for livermore and concord. later this afternoon, the inland valleys will sizzle. we are talking triple digit heat for fairfield, concord, even livermore. if you are headed to six flags, keep in mind, you will look at triple digit heat. remember the spf and remember the water. oakland, maybe you are headed to the zoo, 80. 76 in san francisco today. if you are headed to the beach, it's going to be nice from half moon bay to santa cruz. 92 for san jose. nice pool day there.
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the forecast for the fog does keep it at the coastline over the next couple of days. we will see a little fog inch in towards the inner bay tonight. places like oakland, down towards heyward and the tri-valley, you make wake up to fog. that's indicative of a cooler day coming our way. it's going to be in the 90s coming out of the triple digits. tuesday, the fog builds here. after that, we will get rid of it. this is how we tell where the fog will be at. when we have offshore winds, that drives warm air in place. you will notice tonight, winds shift back onshore. that's what's going to bring in a cooler day tomorrow. then seasons they cool off, tuesday night, they will shift and we will actually see offshore winds develop. monday is our only cool day. when i'm talking cool, we're talking temperatures like close to 100 today, back to 90 tomorrow. then we go right back up to 100 degrees by tuesday. over the course of the next
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seven days, it's going to be hot. i want to talk about the pacific. hawaii still dealing with a tropical storm. it's a weak one but it's going to brush through the rest of the islands as we head through the next couple of days. if you are traveling, head's up. tropical weather is on tap there. a look at the seven-day forecast. temperatures are hot in the inland valleys. cooling at the coastline. tomorrow will be a cooler day, 70 for san francisco. then back into the 60s as we next week. >> good to have the relief in the forecast. thanks. more ahead on "today in the b bay." he set out to help one child. now he is helping hundreds. a local man's local journey that will make you proud.
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enough to have close relationships with their grandparents ... it can be the source of wonderful memories. for those fortunate enough
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to have close relationships with their grandparents it's great. but for one young man it's an inspiration to help hundreds of needy folks. >> reporter: no one begins the journey to the next chapter in their life with an empty suitcase. there's always a lifetime worth of experiences already packed away. >> gotta get my warrior shirt in. >> reporter: this man heads off to medical school in washington, d.c., one experience still looms larger than all the others. the sudden death of his father from leukemia when he was just 17 months old. >> he didn't really show any sick sickness. he just kind of was diagnosed, three weeks later he is gone. >> reporter: his mother made the decision to send him to live with his grandparents in india for the next three years. to this day, he still remembers
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the lesson his grandmother in particular taught him. >> she was always involved in the community. she was always involved in especially the underserved areas. >> reporter: she was the reason why just a few years ago he decided to travel back to india. this time as a volunteer for a medical group. one child in particular touched him so much he decided to raise money for a life changing surgery. life changing it turned out to be, not just for the child but for him. >> a kid from california can have an impact in india on somebody's life. and i think that really is what drove me to continue. one of our volunteer positions -- >> reporter: he used money left over to start indo-relief. helping poor communities with whatever they say they need. in just over one year, they have
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opened clinics, shelters and most recently an orphanage for former child laborers. he says it is all due to the hard work of the indo-relief team, the inspiration though is all grandmother. >> what she did for me when i was barely 2 years old has transformed me entire life. >> reporter: the next chapter in his life will be a busy one, for sure. it is medical school, after all. but he says he will keep on with indo-relief. its work too important, he believes, not to. >> if you know of someone doing something nice for others, we would love to hear from you. go to our website and search bay area proud. we have more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, a teachcontroversy i wnba. players are fined for taking a stand. also, it's being called the work of a deeply disturbed
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individual. we have new details on the obsessions of the lone gunman behind a shooting rampage at a mall in germany.
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san jose - comm hill (adlib) welcome back to you. we appreciate you joining us. it's 7:30 sunday morning. a look at the sun shining on the flowers from communications hill. it will be warmer today than it was yesterday. we are grateful you are joining us. hopefully in a cool home right now. anthony slaughter has a look at our forecast. >> open the windows. >> get it while you can. >> later on -- by 10:00, it's going to be in the 80s. he would will warm rapidly. we are looking at temperatures in the 50s and 60s. a little cooler in the north bay. overall, sunshine, limited fog. it's going to be a warm day. look at the tri-valley, 100 degrees there.
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95 for the south bay. the cool spots will be along the coastline and inner bay. still warm, 76 for san francisco and 84 for the peninsula today. take it easy. even if you are headed to the beach today, remember that spf and drink plenty of water. eight glasses is the minimum requirement when it's not this hot. >> wow. >> keep that in mind. >> probably double that at this rate. we want to begin now with a developing story this morning. a female police officer is recovering after being shot at in oakland. it happened just before 9:30 last night near the intersection of 73rd avenue and interenationl boulevard. police are actively searching for the shooter this morning. the officer was responding to a call when she was involved in some sort of car crash. after that crash, a man approached her car and fired multiple rounds. we're told the officer wasn't hit yby the gunfire but she was
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injured. >> someone in the community took an abrasive action towards an officer, fired several shots at the officer. we know has a gun. took that action towards an officer, what will they do with one of our citizens? we are actively following up with any leads. >> many departments across the country, including the opd, have given officers the choice to ride with a partner following the recent rash of police shootings. because of staffing last night, that officer had been on patrol alone. an uber driver is under arrest this morning accused of sexually assaulting a passenger. police say it happened in downtown palo alto friday night. the victim said she had been out with friends and called for an uber pool to take her home. police say when the driver picked her up on the 200 block of university avenue, he told her to sit in the front seat to make room for the other uber pool passengers who would be joining in the back seat.
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he then called the other passengers to cancel their rides. the victim told police he then drove her to her home, locked her in the car and forced himself on her, touching her legs, kissing her, even though she demanded he stop. >> possibly other victims out there, number one, because how many people take uber cars and how many people ride in the front seat. who knows how many other victims are out there. >> police were able to arrest a 59-year-old man of redwood city after they contacted him through the uber app. police are not releasing his photo because they are hoping other victims step forward and identify him. they do say he drove a maroon 2014 optima. contact police if you have any information. san jose police called in the s.w.a.t. team to help them break up a house party that turned violent early yesterday morning. they estimate 30 people had gathered in the abandoned home in the southeast area of san
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jose. this is on mount shasta drive. when police responded, they say they got a call of a group of people fighting. they arrived to find the partiers throwing glass bottles at the officers. officers quickly realized they needed backup. s.w.a.t. team members arrived and fired flash bang grenades. they broke up the fight and sent people scattering. they were able to detain several people for questioning. now to big sur, one of the most majestic spots along the coast. this morning hundreds of people are out of their homes because of a wildfire. we have the video of the soberanes fire. it ignited friday. we have the latest numbers. it's threatening more than 1,500 homes and structures. several neighborhoods have been evacuated. the fire has burned so far 6,500 acres. right now, it's just 5% contained.
7:35 am
residents are relieved to hear no buildings have burned. but they are worried about what they left behind in their homes. >> there might not be anything there when we go back. >> the first thing you think is, what's important? what should you take? what can't you ever live without? i just grabbed all the pictures of the kids and that kind of thing and stuck them into a basket. >> the red cross set up a shelter at carmel middle school. now to disturbing new details about the lone gunman who shot and killed nine people in a rampage at a munich mall, including how he lured many of those people into a trap with a fake posting on social media. authorities say it appears he did not have ties to any terrorist group. they point instead to a young man with a troubled past. >> reporter: german police say he was carrying more than 300 rounds and fired from a handgun.
7:36 am
what they described aas a classic shooting rampage with no apparent ties to terrorism. when it was over, nine people were dead, all but two just teenagers themselves. scores more injured in a chaotic scene caught on cell phone video. mourners left flowers and notes. >> it was panic everywhere. i was freaked out myself. at first, i didn't know what was happening. >> translator: i saw a bloodbath. >> reporter: authorities say the attack began shortly before 6:00 p.m. at a mcdonald's where officials suspect the 18-year-old lured some victims with an offer of free food. after opening fire, he headed across the street to a shopping center and continued his assault. police say he shot himself in the head when they spotted him more than two hours later. people who knew him say he seemed to be alo loner.
7:37 am
>> always by himself. i can't tell if he have friends or not. >> reporter: this trauma center was calmer today. >> we received one very seriously injured victim. who has many gun shot injuries to the head. and two other minor injuries. >> reporter: the serious patient make it through the night? >> unfortunately not. >> reporter: the gunman acted alone and had been treated for depression. they are trying to trace the happened gun used, but its serial number had been filed off. now to decision 2016. it was a big day yesterday for the clinton campaign with their public introduction of the new clinton/kaine ticket. in miami, senator tim kaine delivered an enthusiastic speech with a lot of lines deliver nerd fluent spanish. there's some dissent in the democratic ranks as some former
7:38 am
bernie sanders supporters worry they have been shut out. chr >> reporter: hillary clinton and tim kaine making their debut as the democratic ticket in battleground florida. >> he is qualified to step into this job and lead on day one. >> i'm grateful to you, hillary, for the trust that you have placed in me. >> reporter: clinton hoping kaine, a will strike a chord. >> tim kaine is everything donald trump is not. >> reporter: he broke out into fluent spanish. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: a quality that could help solidify her lead among latinos. he proved he has what it takes
7:39 am
to be the attack dog. >> you want a trash talking president or a bridge building president? >> reporter: trump lashing out on twitter. that dig a reference to some democrats who argue kaine isn't a true progressive. >> tim has a backbone of steel. just ask the nra. >> here is how hillary and i are going to continue that work, with a strong, progressive agenda. >> reporter: another potential hurdle. e-mails hacked from the democratic national committee and posted has created fresh scrutiny about whether the dnc was pushing for clinton, including this one dated may 5 in which one party official seems to raise questions about sanders' faith, writing to the d fl c communications director, does he believe in a god? i think i read he is an atheist. sanders supporters speaking out. >> i'm outraged. the dnc is supposed to be a
7:40 am
neutral arbiter. >> senator sanders will deliver a speech tomorrow at the dnc in philadelphia. he is expected to reinforce his support for hillary clinton. ahead of the convention, crews are putting finishing touches up. there's a heavy police force presence. up to 50,000 protesters are expected each day. now to a controversy over t-shirts. the wnba is deciding not to fine players for wearing black lives matter shirts. players from new york, phoenix and indiana wore the shirts during pre-game warm-ups. it came after recent police shootings in minnesota and louisiana. the players were all given a $500 penalty because of wnba rules that state uniforms can no the be changed. but after a public outcry, it appears the wnba is withdrawing
7:41 am
the fines. the wnba president just made the announcement last night. she is pledging to better work with the players in the future. it's 7:41. we have more ahead on "today in the bay." the giants and a's involved in late inning thrillers. how both teams were able to barely pull out victories. [hip hop beat] ♪olympics 2016, let me get you on my level. ♪ so you never miss a moment, ♪ ♪miss a minute, miss a medal. ♪ ♪ why settle when you can have it all? ♪ ♪soccer to wrestling. track and field to basketball. ♪ fencing to cycling. diving to balance beam. ♪ ♪all you have to sa♪ ♪ is, "show me," and boom it's on the screen♪ ♪ from the bottom of the mat, ♪ ♪ to the couch where you at? ♪ ♪ show me the latest medal count♪ ♪xfinity's where it's at. ♪ welcome to it all. comcast nbcuniversal is proud to bring you coverage of the rio olympic games.
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we have some breaking olympic news for you: the international olympic we have breaking olympic news this morning. the international olympic committee has ruled there will not be a blanket ban on russian athletes in rio. instead, each athlete must appeal to individual sport federations to gain eligibility for next month's summer games. also though, any russian athlete who has previously been caught for doping is not eligible to participate. the giants were in new york looking for their first win since the all-star break. let's go to yankee stadium. new york up 1-0.
7:44 am
matt williamson hits this solo home run to tie the game. this would go into the 12th inning. williamson comes through again. a single to center scores trevor brown for the lead. the giants hold on and their six-game losing streak finally is over. they beat the yankees 2-1. now home to the oakland coliseum. the green and gold rallied for three runs in the ninth, finishing with a game-winning homer. the a's beat the rays 4-3. it has been a good run for them. coming up, the gop had their week to shine. now it's the democrats' turn. we have a takeaway from the republican national convention. we look ahead to the dnc kicking off tomorrow in philadelphia.
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republican convention. welcome back. last week we previewed the republican convention. this morning nbc bay area
7:47 am
political analyst larry gersten previews the democratic convention which begins tomorrow. we would love your final thoughts on the rnc. >> a couple of things come to mind. a good national convention builds intensity as the week goes on and culminates with the no, ma'am nie nominee's address thursday night. this doconvention did just that. ted cruz's remarks being most prominent. by thursday, donald trump had that convention in his hands. he offered a eed a very dark pi of america. he said he was the only person capable of repairing it through law and order. that said, it doesn't appear that trump received a post-convention bump in the polls which we typically expect. at least, not so far. >> interesting. now on to the democrats. what can we expect at the convention begins tomorrow?
7:48 am
>> we will look the atat the mo. the republicans became with strife. we know about that. the question is, will that divisiveness beset the democrats. the struggle between clinton and sanders went on far too long to completely close those wounds. they only made peace two weeks ago. will sanders' delegates fall into line? that's a major unknown. >> helpful he is giving a speech tomorrow night and expected to reinforce his support for clinton. let's talk about clinton's vice-presidential choice. will he help the ticket? >> you know, a lot of talk about this. the fact of the matter is, vice-presidents rarely make a key difference. they can help on the margins, let's say. two fund mamental questions. first, is this person fully qualified to be president? the toughest job in the world. second, are we on the same page
7:49 am
philosophically on most issues? that would seem to be the case with tim kaine and hillary clinton on both counts. he comes from a purple state. can't hurt. he speaks fluent spanish. translation, helpful on margins. that speech yesterday, lots of spanish to a spanish-speaking audience. you saw how he connected. >> they seemed to enjoy that. here in california, what's our role in the dnc this week? do you think we will play a major part? >> yeah. we will. it's not surprising given that the very blue nature of california and that it has the largest delegate total by far, 475, which is almost twice second place new york's total of 247. so far of the 62 speakers announced to date, ten will be californians. they include governor jerry brown, house d-- former house
7:50 am
speaker nancy pelosi, barbara boxer. these are heavy hitters. for some such as lieutenant governor gav newson and others, the convention offers exposure for their potential candidacies for the governorship in 2018. >> there's always something. they are always lining up for something. what about before we let you go final thoughts? what do the democrats need to do? the rnc gained a lot of momentum coming out of their convention. >> first, begin and end with the united front, as much as possible. second, frame donald trump as an opportunis opportunist, a callus businessman over his hold, unprepared to govern. third, end with hillary clinton clearly defining herself as the best qualified candidate to do the most difficult job in the nation and some would say in the world. it's a lot to ask for, but they, like the republicans, have been
7:51 am
preparing many months for this week. >> political analyst larry gerston, we appreciate your professional expertise. more ahead. coming up, sports and entertainment collide this weekend. we will show you what steph curry and justin timberlake tee it up together. sunshine this sunday. high pressure in control. that's going to lead to a warm day. then things get cool for tomorrow. we will talk about that forecast coming up.
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welcome back. let's look outside. we are looking at clear skies. we don't have much fog to talk about in san francisco. temperatures are mild as well. we are up to 58 right now. 76 is the expected high. really, the headlines over the next couple of days is going to be the limited amount of fog we will see. the shallow marine layer will stay out at the open sea. temperatures will warm into the 70s every day this week. next weekend, that's when we see the cooldown with temperatures in the 60s. you can see from our cam, we have fog out there. it's very shallow and it's across the open water. you can see from woodside, we have fog squished down. the marine layer is shallow. it has to get to 2,000 feet before it can make its way over coastal mountains. 57 in san francisco. 53 right now in the north bay. that's our cool spot and the rest of the inner bay, the south bay, peninsula, temperatures in
7:55 am
the 50s and 60s. mid 70s for san francisco, but 100 for places like the tri-valley. 95 tomorrow for the south bay. even the peninsula will see 84 degrees. the north bay at 93. the reason we have such warm weather is because we have high pressure aloft that creates sinking air. it drives the fog off towards the coastline. what's going to happen tonight is our winds will shift a little bit. enough to push back that marine layer. we will wake up to fog for tomorrow around the inner bay and at the coastline. then as we head towards tuesday, the wind shifts once again. that will push the fog offshore. you can see the winds. they are coming in from the northwest. then tomorrow, rather quickly, they will shift right back offshore and push that fog back to the coastline. tuesday, really going to stay the same way. we are not going to see much in terms of gusty winds, but it will be enough to pull in a lot of the summer heat that's building across the desert
7:56 am
southwest. look at our numbers. 91 in l.a. for today. bakersfield, 108. even cooling at monterey. tomorrow, temperatures cool a little bit, about five, six degrees. by tuesday, we're right back into the 102 for alamo. look at nevada, 95. the triple digit heat will continue down towards palm springs, at least through this upcoming week. it's because of high pressure. it creates the sinking air. whenever air sinks, it warms. usually, whenever it rises, it cools. that's why when you go up in the airport, you see the frost. high pressure continues. hot over the next couple of days. that's really going to lead to very hot temperatures inland. you will notice 90s through this week. the cool day will come tomorrow with the morning fog. we're going from 100 to closer to 90. san francisco will see temperatures that is more indicative of cooling.
7:57 am
70 for tomorrow. the next weekend, friday and saturday, temperatures back into the 60s here. today, perfect beach day. get outside and enjoy. lots of sunshine means lots of spf. remember the sunscreen. >> hope everyone gets to enjoy it. before we go, we want to show you a bromance. golf fans in lake tahoe were dazzled by the sight of steph curry hitting the links with justin timberlake at the american centseincenteury champ this weekend. look at that, and carlton joined them doing the carlton. that dance won't die. it is staying strong. you gotta love it. that would have been cool to combe there and see that in person. we really appreciate you making us part of your sunday morning. more local news at 4:30, 6:00 and 11:00 and all day at n
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7:59 am
(whispering) what are you doing up? (whispering) mom said i could have a midnight snack. well, i say it's late, and you need to go to bed. why? because i am the boss. you're not the boss, mom's the boss. well, technically, we are co-bosses. technically, mom's the boss. mmmm. shhh. the family favorite. yoplait.
8:00 am
this sunday, the democratic national convention gets under way here in philadelphia. after a raucous and unpredictable republican convention that ended with the nomination of donald trump. >> i am with you, i will fight for you, and i will win for you. >> this morning, my sit-down with donald trump on his convention speech. >> the only negative reviews were a little dark. >> on whether he's backing off on his muslim ban. >> i actually don't think it's appropriate. >> on hillary clinton's choice of tim kaine. >> tim kaine was a slap in the face to bernie sanders. >> plus, hillary clinton and tim kaine hit the road in florida. >> tim kaine


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