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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 25, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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a crowded nightclub in florida. new developments just coming into our news room as the hunt for suspects continuing this morning. i'm kris sanchez in san mateo county where firefighters are deploying to the fire in monterr monterrey. i have an update. and breaking business news. sunniville based yahoo! is officially sold. what it means for silicon valley. "today in the bay" starts right now. all right. wipe the slate clean. it's monday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. it was a hot one if you were inland. >> oh, wow. it was really hot. and you know what makes it worse is is knowing it will continue all week long. we catch a little bit of a break today. we'll talk about that. let's gate live look outside all of our microclimate showing our temperatures are starting out now at 55 with coastal fog.
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that will help out along the bay and for a few of the inland areas. then we're still looking at upper 80s to lower 90s in the tryh valley as well as the north bay and south bay. 82 in the peninsula. so once again those temperatures ramping back up this week. i'll detail that coming up. heading over to mike now tracking work in the tryh valley. >> yeah. it's not unexpected. the rest of the bay speeds really good. but all lanes are cleared by the airport there. westbound 84 there was slowing it is starting to clear. they had the westbound closure. the road crew looks like they're just finishing up. we have that commute direction 580 coming out the pass. breaking news overnight. it happened yet again.
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two people have died, up to 16 injured outside a florida nightclub. this time in fort myers. at least two people are dead and more than a dozen others are the shooting left people in shock. >> we're in shock. it doesn't matter you hear it and there's going to be shock. >> police say officers have detained three people in connection with to the shooting. they're not saying what might have lead up to the violence, but authorities this morning tell nbc news the shooting does not appear to be terror related. police say injury is ranging from minor to life threatening. some dangerous conditions going into the weekend did, in fact, lead to dangerous wild fires. the fast-moving flames burning out of control in monterrey county. it consumed six homes and 11,000 acres near caramel. at this point it's 5% contained.
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"today in the bay" kris sanchez is live with how local firefighters are helping out on the front lines, kris. >> reporter: it's not a fire that is going to be put out quickly. it's erratic, it has extreme fire behavior, the temperatures are high, as kari has been talking about, now we have local crews heading to help in the fire fight. we can tell you that san mateo county did send fire equipment and personnel. redwood city fire sent firefighters and personnel. they'll be working hard trying to protect more than 1600 structures that are still at risk right now. as you mentioned, six homes are already gone. as you mentioned, 11,000 acres are burned. the fire is only 5% contained. on saturday afternoon, evacuation orders were issued south of carmel for folks that live there. they're not supposed to be out of their homes.
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several neighborhoods are being told to be ready to go at a moment's notice. red cross is helping with shelter. the crews left san mateo county and redwood are among the firefighters on the front lines. there are nearly 1400. this is not the only fire burning in the state. cal fire reported it is extreme fire behavior making lots of runs. as the fire is making the runs, it's creating spot fires along the way. but definitely this is going to be a long fire fight. in redwood city kris sanchez today in the bay. >> thank you so much. firefighters struggling to contain a raging wild fire in southern california that destroyed at least 18 homes. it's burning through rugged terrain. it's burned more than 33,000 acres since friday. nearly doubled in size yesterday. mandatory evacuations are in place for about 1500 residents. one death has been reported, all though it's not certain yet if
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it's related to the fire. many on the front lines call this one of the toughest fights they've ever experienced. >> we have to back a long way to compare a fire to this. >> most of the structures that burned are located in the angeles national forest. the wild fire is about 10% contained. we'll be staying on top of the latest. head to for updates. a community holding out hope now they'll get a loved one back. friends and family will come together to pray for a kidnapped teenager. 15-year-old pearl pincent disappeared in late may. pearl was abducted as she was walking to catch a bus. the suspected kidnapper shot and killed by police. there's no sign of the teen. there's going to be a prayer vigil from where she was last seen that starts at 7:30 tonight. radio dispatch paints a
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frightening picture of a shooting in oakland that targeted a police officer. >> caller: i just got shot at. i was in a car at -- [ inaudible ] oh, i can't get out of the car! >> that is a radio call from the female officer shot as she sat in her car on saturday night. she was not hit by the gunfire. the officer had been involved in a crash on 73rd avenue that left her injured. a man approached the car and opened fire. the shooting comes with police everywhere on edge. >> we're on high alert across the country. we're aware and vigilant everyday we come out here to the job. san jose police are investigating another homicide of what has been a violent year for the city. police are searching for a killer after a man was stabbed to death early sunday morning.
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crews say they arrived about 2:00 in the morning and found the man with at least one stab wound. witnesses say that man was in his 20s. he later died at a nearby hospital. this is san jose's 28th homicide of the year. people living in the area are shaken up. >> across the street from where i sleep somebody was stabbed. i'm right now just finding it out. i'm getting chills. >> we mentioned that the homicide rate is up this year, this marx san jose's 28 homicide of the year. more than double the number of homicide at the exact same point last year. a bicyclist accused of hitting a car with a u log during a protest is expected to be sentenced today. youtube video shows 39-year-old
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ian hogfeld attacking a car. it happened during a critical mass protest. he pleaded guilty to assault and vandalism charges. if you didn't put on suntan lotion over the weekend, you ended up with a darker shade of red. >> probably so. you want to make sure you stay in the air-conditioning. many spots inland, like san jose, will catch a little bit of a break. we're up to 84 degrees, which is actually slightly cooler than average. our stays will clear throughout the day. tomorrow temperatures ramp up by about 8 to 10 degrees. we'll still have the inland heat sticking around with us all week lock with highs in the upper 90s and some spots hitting over 100 degrees. i'll talk about that in less than ten minutes. mike has an update. it looks all clear. >> yeah. the speeds were not a problem but the crash was registering 101 northbound on the san bruno avenue offramp. that cleared.
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now we're on the clear on either side of the bay. no slowing yet on the upper freeway. no problems for the north bay. and a quick look from emoriville across san francisco. the issue is not the ban itself for the bay bridge. it's the tops of the towers. you can see the roads you can across just fine. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up next. changing leadership ahead of the democratic national convention. the reason the head of the party is stepping down. >> it's official. yahoo! has been sold. verizon is buying it. we'll take a look at the deal. a live look inside wells fargo
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center-- just hours ahead of decision 2016. a live look now inside of a mostly empty wells fargo center just hours ahead of the start of the democratic national convention in philadelphia. and already we're seeing thousands more demonstrators than the republicans saw all week in cleveland at their convention. most of the demonstrators are bernie sanders supporters. "today in the bay" tracie potts joining us with reaction. right now there's obviously a lot of anger from sanders supporters about what they're learning to be impartiality ruined from the democratic national party. >> reporter: and the key here is they are not giving up. they are loud, they are in the streets, and they're insisting that bernie sanders can still get the nomination. it's possible that the ruckus we saw on the republican floor in cleveland may be very similar to what we see here when it gets underway this afternoon. [ chanting ]
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>> reporter: nearly 3,000 people are marching in philadelphia before the convention begins. people are not happy. they want bernie sanders tonight. >> do you think there's any chance of unity this week? >> not after -- >> the vp pick virginia senator tim kaine. his home state delegates tell us that could be -- >> reporter: cain and hillary clinton in their first joint interview on 60 minutes react to donald trump's name calling. >> it's ridiculous. it's ridiculous. >> i'm not going to engage in that kind of insult fest that he seems to thrive on. >> reporter: democrats promise a more positive message than last week, but they're starting with controversy. chair debbie wasserman shultz is stepping down after leaked party
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e-mails favoring clinton over sanders. >> what we've got to focus on as democrats is the beating of perhaps the worst republican candidate i've seen in my lifetime. >> reporter: tonight sanders takes center stage, perhaps, as the one person that can reign in his frustrated supporters and unify the party. and they may get help from elizabeli. the first lady will be on the stage tonight. american families and trying to make sure that the economy is working for them. a lot of positive messages on a day that the democrats are opening in disarray. sam? >> thank you very much. in the meantime, republican presidential nominee donald trump along with his running mate governor mike pence will be campaigning in north carolina today. first, the pair will hold a town hall this afternoon in roanoke, virginia. then they'll hold a large rally in north carolina tonight. hillary clinton will also be in
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north carolina speaking at a veteran's event. what kind of rally will see see on the markets after this. it's official yahoo! has been sold. >> one of the internet's first megacompanies is now part of verizon. scott, as you said it would. >> verizon was the biggest and best bidder. it doesn't come as a huge surprise. the news worthiness today is simply that yahoo! is soon-to-be no more as an independent company. the deal announced will still face will story scrutiny. we don't see any problems ahead. the deal is for $4.8 billion. we'll round it up to 5. at the height of the dot com boom yahoo! had a market cap of $125 million. what happens to marissa meyer? the deal could take around six months to close. if you're a yahoo! closer, yahoo! mail nothing changes in the immediate future. we'll continue to track it all morning. let's check the other news
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before the bell. landon dowdy is live. good morning. >> hi, scott. good morning. over on wall street we could start the week off on a muted note. futures are relatively flat. the markets are coming off their fourth straight week of gains on the back of a host economic earnings and data. look for data on housing, the consumer, and gdp. the fed begins a two-day policy meeting this week. it's the busiest week of earnings season with the likes of apple, facebook, boeing, and coca-cola. the nasdaq up 26 to 5100. >> we learned over the weekend the karl case died. a name might not mean anything to you. case was an economics professor. spent his time thinking about real estate prices. in is video shot by the college of his last lecture.
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he created the case-shiller index. i mention it once a month as we track prices in san francisco. there are a lot of house prices. still l zillow does one. this is the only one you'll hear me report on. he's not a local guy but i think his passing is worth mentioning. he did so much. he didn't win an nobel prize be shiller did. and the next time i report on that is tomorrow. new details on a multimillion dollar house well known in the bay area for the unique architecture. so the-called flinstones house. you see it on the hill off 280 is having some trouble selling. it went on the market last september for a little more than $4 million. but the price has been slashed by about a million dollars. it's a famous site.
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you can't miss it from 280 but it's very unique. >> one of the things you never see it then we talk about it and the next thing you're driving up 280 you'll spot it. then you can't miss it. >> exactly. >> or point out to your friends or family when you're in town. >> i just did that on saturday. >> now it can be yours. the flinstone house. >> and it is going to be a great day for driving up the peninsula. those are the spots along the coastline it will be a lot cooler. the inland areas catching a bit of a break today. let's get a look outside. all of those temperatures and our sky cam as we get a look at the golden gate bridge. we start out this morning with low clouds and fog. you can't tell yet as you head across the golden gate bridge it's looking good and 56 in san francisco. 55 in palo alto. and upper 50s for livermore and san jose. today's highs will bring it up to 93 degrees in fair field.
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one of the hot spots. livermore 92, the same in concord, and morgan hill 88 degrees. we're coming down from a few 100 degree readings that we had yesterday. looking at the wild fire danger and what we're seeing in monterrey county, of course, this fire is still it hasn't been contained. and the wind pattern it will bring some of that smoke into the south bay, at least some of the upper level winds. then as we get a look at the surface winds kind of blowing from north to south. so that will bring some of the surface smoke away from us. you'll see it up high in the atmosphere as you head across the south bay today. and temperatures reaching into the mid to upper 80s and low 90s. 76 degrees in redwood city, and 87 in santa rosa. 72 in oakland, and 92 today in livermore. there will be a slight sea breeze today to give us morning clouds, patchy drizzle, but still in the 80s to 90s in the valleys and by tomorrow that heat builds once again.
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looking at san francisco the temperatures in the upper 60s today. low 70s for the rest of the week. for the most part, and we'll be up to 100 degrees for the inland areas on wednesday. so get ready for that. heading over to mike now. a great start to the monday morning commute. >> great. dry around most of the bay. we have a slower drive westbound 580. not a surprise. toward the dublin interchange let's get a look at the camera. we have it facing toward the commute. you see the flashing lights. we'll see it from time to time early morning. those are larger loads that the trucks are carrying. it might be a trailer which is usual lay construction trailer on the back of it. a little bit wider load. a smooth flow of traffic. rook toward the bay bridge another starting to form on the cash lanes to the right. cash lanes to the left seeing a little back up.
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i think one is closed this morning. in surprise. the clouds hoover around the roadways. >> thank you very much. coming up jumping in to save a man's life. a daring rescue that happened on the peninsula over the weekend.
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all i saw was some of the ra
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rafters from the house fell. and my television fell over. >> wings fell off a plane into this man's home. the homeowner was spared but the pilot is seriously injured. it appears the plane had some sort of mechanical issue sohorty after taking off from a nearby airport in new haven, connecticut. four people died after a dallas cowboys bus crashed into a van. all the fatalities involve passengers in the van. no one in the bus was seriously injured. the cause of the crash is under an investigation. the cowboys were heading to an with the mascots. no players were on board. a roll over crash lead to a danger situation for emergency responders. it sheared off a power pole. say there were live wires on the ground when officers arrived. the crash happened 3:00 sunday
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morning in morgan hill on old monterrey road north of oak. police say the driver, the only person in the car, died on the scene. no one else was injured. police believe speed play aderol in the crash. drugs and alcohol still being investigated possible factors. a deadly hit and run in the east bay. police say early sunday morning a person was hit by one or more cars on southbound highway 242 in concord. it happened near the concord avenue offramp. investigators are looking for damaged cars to find a suspect. the victim hasn't been identified. a peninsula man has a stranger to thank for giving him a second chance at life. >> a car crashed in redwood city leaving a pedestrian pinned underneath an suv. the victim was walking across the street when it happened. that's when a good samaritan came and used a carjack to lift the suv off the man that was pinned underneath. >> to run out and try to help the guy. i saw him under the car.
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>> the good samaritan just moved to the bay area about a week ago from washington, d.c. the victim was taken to a nearby hospital with serious injuries. police say he is expected to be okay. coming up 5:26 multiple developing scenes out of florida this morning as investigators try to track down the suspect yet another mass shooting. this time leaving more than a dozen people injured and two dead. we're tracking the latest out of fort myers next. and raging wild fires up-and-down the california coast. the fight to contain the flames in both monterrey and los angeles counties. a bay area police sergeant crashes her patrol car and man walks up. it's not to help her. good morning. i'm chuck. a chilling 9-1-1 call that reveals what happened next. that story coming up. for joining us.
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i'm laura garcia-cannon. =sam/4shot= a very good monday morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. i i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm and i'm sam brock. >> it'll be closer to average -- >> like 75. >> it's all relative. >> it's all relative. when you see the temperatures in the forecast you'll sea, yeay, this is a break. a live look outside now. the microclimate showing a little bit of light in the sky and the tri-valley. it's 50 in the north babies and 70 degrees in the south bay. highs reaching in the low 90s in
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the tri-valley. san francisco stays at 68 degrees with a few clouds. once again, we'll talk about the heat coming up in a few minutes. heading over to mike now. there's a car stuck the highway. >> yeah. there's not a lot else happening. i'm concerned because the concern comes in highway 24. and westbound 24 in oakland south of berkeley. reports of a car blocking the slow lane. the person the car is the person that called it in. stay over to the shoulder, folks, where it's safer. so far no other problems. chp should be there shortly. back to you guys. >> mike, thank you very much. breaking news overnight two people died up to 17 are injured after a shooting outside of a florida nightclub. >> it happened a little after midnight at a police called club blu in fort myers. these are live pictures from the
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scene going to bring you. the club happened to be holding an event for minors. witnesses say people as young as 13 were in attendance. the shooting left people in shock. >> we're in shock. it doesn't matter you hear it and there's going to be shock. >> police say officers have detained three people in connection with to the shooting. they're not saying what might have lead up to the violence, but authorities this morning tell nbc news the shooting does not appear to be terror related. police say injury is ranging from minor to life threatening. as this story develops throughout the morning you can head to our website as well, for updates. developing news out of monterrey county. vicious flames have levelled six homes and 11,000 acres. so far this fire is nowhere near containment. today in the bay kris sanchez joining us life from redwood city where local firefighters are joining the fight as are more than a thousand down there.
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>> reporter: right. sam, so the fire only started on friday and already there are several bay area crews that are either on their way or already there on the ground near the front line of the fire. san mateo county fire said several strike teams, two, in fact, which includes two redwood city fire trucks. solano county sent two strike teams, and al me draft sent three teams. they are protecting structures that are at risk as we speak. six homes are already gone. two out buildings are burned. the fire is nowhere near contained. it's 11,000 acres now. it's burning. folks who live in carmel highlands are supposed to be out of their homes. several of their neighborhoods nearby they are also being told to be ready to go at the moment's notice. the red cross is assisting with
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temporary shelter at carmel middle school. and crews are among the nearly 1400 firefighters working the fire. cal fire is reporting extreme fire behavior. as kari mentioned, the forecasted temperatures are very high. and marine layer is not coming in which is usually helpful when you have wild fires along the coastal areas. the fire is erratic. it's running up steep unclines. as it's going, it's sending off spot fires so crews will have their hands full. >> thank you. it's not the only place in california where screw crews have their hands full now. we go to southern california. specifically a fire that origined origin -- originated in santa clarita. we'll have an update on the sand fire coming up in the next ten minutes. three bay area based police officers today among the many
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mourngers attending services for one of the three baton rouge officers killed in an ambush. >> the three south san francisco police officers departed last night to attend montrell jackson's funeral. the officers are going to show support nationwide for populations. >> i've been a police officer nearly almost 18 1/2 years. i've been around to see the rise and falls of law enforcement and it is definitely one of the tougher times right now. however, the outpouring of support we've gotten locally is really what truly keeps us going. >> montrell jackson was a 10 year veteran of the force and a new father. police say a superman shield will be pinned to jackson's casket. here at home very scary moments unravelled for a bay area police officer and a chilling call into dispatch. oakland police are looking for a suspect who allegedly shot at
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one of the officers saturday night. >> "today in the bay" live at the oakland police headquarters this morning. we're just hearing the newly released audio. it's very traumatic ordeal and quite a bit of audio to hear, chuck. >> reporter: absolutely right. good morning to both of you. saturday night is when it went down. an oakland police sergeant was responding to a car but crashed her patrol car near 73rd and well street. as she sat in her patrol car injured from the crash, police say a man came up and instead of helping her fired a gun toward the sergeant. the gunshot missed but soon other police arrived and set up a 10 block perimeter looking for the gunman. here is the 9-1-1 call the sergeant made moments after that shooting. >> caller: i just got shot at. i was in a car at -- [ inaudible ] oh, i can't get out of the car!
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>> police have not yet released a description of the gunman but members of the community have been helpful. the sergeant was treated for her injuries sustained in the crash and released from high land hospital yesterday afternoon. since fatal shootings directed at police in dallas began july 9 t9th killing five and injuring nine others. oakland police officers have been doubling but sergeants continue to patrol solo. >> thank you, chuck. moving on to decision 2016. taking to the city of brotherly love. live pictures this morning. it's the democrat's turn. the democratic national convention kicks off in philadelphia later today. right now there are thousands of protesters in philly. more than what we saw at the national republican convention last week. the demonstrators are angry after leaked e-mails show the democratic party favored hillary
5:37 am
clinton over bernie sanders during the primaries. 20,000 e-mails were leaked by we can -- wikileaks. as a result debbie wasserman shultz is stepping down. >> we have to focus on is the beating of perhaps the worse republican candidate i've seen in my lifetime. >> sanders is speaking tonight. hillary clinton and her vice presidential pick, virginia senator tim kaine, are focussing on donald trump and the name calling. >> it's ridiculous. it's ridiculous. >> i'm not going to engage in that kind of insult fest that he seems to thrive on. >> despite the controversy, democrats are promising a more positive message compared to the republican national convention last week, which many political pundits say was dark. as thousands of delegates and protesters converge in
5:38 am
philly, they're under the watchful eyes of a massive security operation. the city is on high alert for terrorism. including the possibility of a lone wolf attack like the shootings in dallas against the police officers. they are prepared to handle the crowds, especially the protesters. >> a lot more patient with the protesters and demonstrators but some of the planning didn't change that significantly but the world changed. >> the city updated the security plan adding more barricades following the recent attack in nice, france. back out live from wells fargo center. we're going to stay on top of the convention as it continues. nbc news will have crews there all week. voboating, fishing, and wat skiing are no longer eer allowe
5:39 am
lake coyote. santa clara is tapping the lake for the drinking water supply. >> lingering drought issues in the delta near sacramento forcing santa clara county to look elsewhere. the switch to coyote lake was made last month. the county is pulling water from anderson reservoir near morgan hill. the reservoir will soon be off limits as well. . a live look at downtown san jose as the sun comes up. a reminder for today try to car pool or take public transit. it's another spare the air day. combination of hot weather and smoke from the fire in monterrey county will make it hard for people to breathe and have respiratory problems. the conditions expected to last throughout the day. take vta or car pool. >> i want to check the forecast with kari. >> we're looking a little bit better today with temperatures coming down a few degrees from yesterday. we'll be up to 84 degrees today in san jose and 90 in gill roy. in redwood city 76 degrees. and san francisco reaching the upper 60s. in sandra fe
5:40 am
in sandra foakland up to 72 tod. and pleasanton a high of 90 degree. heading over to mike now. sudden flowing through the tri-valley. >> yeah showed up on the live camera. chp got a report. we go toward the tri-valley we have the build out of the altamont pass. a crash blocking one of the right lanes. westbound coming toward the offramp but the crash is blocking toward the dublin interchange as folks make their change for 680. we'll let you know achp arrives. major slowing. a minor crash. >> thank you very much. up next new controversy for
5:41 am
raiders alton smith. the video that could have the football player in more hot water. breing business news. yahoo! has been sold. we'll take a look at the details coming up. plus 18 homes destroyed with more in the path. the wild fire burning out of control in southern california right now.
5:42 am
i am extremely proud of jackie, gaby and stephanie. we worked with pg&e to save energy because we wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california.
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surrounding raiders aldon smith. a social mia yes, another problem surrounding raiders alton smith. social media video appears to show smith smoking something. you can't see his face, you can hear his voice as he holds a hand rolled cigarette. it's not clear what is inside of the cigarette papers. raiders say they are looking into the matter right now. smith is already serving a one-year suspension for violating the nfl's substance abuse policy. uber now saying a driver accused of sexually assaulting a female passenger will never work for them again. it happened after the driver picked up a woman in downtown palo alto on friday night. the victim told investigators the 59-year-old driver requested she sit in the front of the car. he allegedly locked her inside, touched her leg several times, and kissed her even though she demanded he stopped. police suspect there might be
5:45 am
more victims. breaking news this morning in the business world. verizon officially bought yahoo! >> the deal worth nearly $5 billion. scott mcgrew a fraction of what it was once worth? >> yeah. yahoo! was once worth $125 million. they made the news official a short time ago. verizon is buyi ining yahoo!'s services. yahoo! will be folded into aol. verizon owns that, too. and it will be run by aol ceo tim armstrong. the deal is mostly a defeat for ceo marissa meyer brought in to turn yahoo! around. she was one of a long string of ceos. by my count seven. four in the last ten years. meyer, of course, from google. the next question is what happens to her. in a letter to employees, we just obtained, she said she's going to stay at yahoo!. she said, quote, i love yahoo!
5:46 am
and i believe in all of you. it's important for me to sia hoo into the next chapter. the deal should take around six months to close. now the markets look they'll be fairly flat. the yahoo! deal isn't going to affect anything. it's been a long time coming. the fed starts the interest rate meeting tomorrow. cnbc is reporting the tesla solarcity deal is going through. tesla wants to buy solarcity. and very few people other than elon think it's a good yes. musk is ceo of the tesla and chairman at solarcity. they're green companies but i don't see the connection. if tesla were building cars on time, had built according to demand, and everything were going incredibly smoothly, maybe it would be okay to take on a side project. i'm not sure this is the one they want to have. >> area they're struggling enough operationally, you're saying.
5:47 am
scott mcgrew, thank you very much. the latest development on a raging wild fire burning in southern california. right now an army of firefighters struggling to contain the flames that have scorched 18 homes and 51 square miles. this morning more evacuations are underway. >> our nbc los angeles affiliate live on the front lines for the uphill battle that firefighters are facing with this one. it's a tough one. >> reporter: certainly a tough one. i would like to say good morning but judging by the view behind me it's not a good morning. it's going to be a tragic day for a lot of families. 18 homes destroyed. this is one of them. you can see flames burning in the front entry way of the home and beyond that as we show you, i mean, you can see the morning sky because the rest of this home has just burned down to the frame. . this is a two-story house, for the most part, the second floor has completely collapsed. and this house, we understand, caught fire yesterday morning.
5:48 am
that was on day three of the sand fire. we want to show you the rest of the property. it's quite a sight to see. you know this home burned quickly and the fire was instructiv -- destructive. you can see through the windows and how the walls collapsed in on themselves. this fire has burned 33,000 plus acres. there are more than 1600 fire fighting personnel out here assigned to this fire. and the hillside around us, the sun is coming up, we can see they are scorched. and this fire, of course, burning quickly. our other crews on the scene were talking to firefighters who say this has burned unlike any other wild fire that they've seen in their careers. you guys know this -- the entire state has been in a drought for years. this is the aftermath. this is what we're facing. and a lot of homes look like this. there are more evacuation orders in place coming up to the area.
5:49 am
this morning we were seeing nobody out here. so a lot of people are pay attention to these evacuation orders. there are assessment teams looking to see whether more homes burned overnight. we're waiting on that information as well. so certainly some tragic news for a lot of people and hopefully the firefighters can continue their work and contain this fire sometime soon. for now reporting live in southern california, santa clarita. >> thank you very much. rick mentions the drought and the fact that area is one of the worst hit parts of the state. >> yes. the heat isn't helping fight the fires. >> it is not. in fact, in southern california it will be hotter than here in the bay area. but is a look at the drought monitor. it shows the most critical area is where the fire is burning now north of l.a. and then we also do have the fire that is in monterey county. that is a little bit -- doing a little bit better as far as the drought monitor and temperatures there will be slightly cooler but still dangerous. s as we get a look at what to expect today as far as the wind
5:50 am
pattern in that area. the upper level winds at 10,000 feet will be blowing in from the west. as we go down a little bit more in the atmosphere, the winds get a little bit stronger and also blowing in from the southwest. at the surface, we have a very strong we recally wind. so that could create more of a dangerous situation as the winds continue to pick up. here at home we're starting out this morning in san jose at 61 degrees with a high today of 84. it will be a little bit cooler today. not as hot. temperatures will be ramping up tomorrow by another 7 to 10 degrees. and that will make it well above average. as we go through the week, the heat sticks around. we'll be in the upper 90s finor the inland areas. reaching into the 60s along the coast. san francisco 68 degrees. by 93 in fair field, concord, and livermore. a high of 72 in oakland.
5:51 am
throughout the day in san francisco we start out at 53 at 8:00. low cloud and patchy fog. there will be clearing as we go into the afternoon with highs in the upper 60s. once again we talked about a nice on shore flow today to bring our temperatures slightly cooler along the coast. 80s and 90s inland. high pressure builds and it causes increased fire danger. highs in san francisco reaching 58 once again. 70 tomorrow and our temperatures continue to ramp up once again in the valleys. from 88 to 96 tomorrow and 100 on wednesday. very dangerous head t is headin our way. heading over to mike focussing on a crash in dublin. >> that's right. peninsula no problem for the bay. i have one issue for the south bay. i jump over to the tri-valley. 580 slow where the crash reported chp got on scene.
5:52 am
they said a fender bender. no major injuries. they're having trouble moving one of the cars from the right lane. and it's a problems as you approach the 580 interchange. 84 might see more folks cutting through the area. that might be more of an issue. in the south bay eastbound 237 away from 85 toward 101. we have debris reported. trash bags floating around the area. maybe a traffic break. and westbound 84 the dunbar bridge a stall a as you get to the high-rise be careful. we're going to end with this shot. a smooth drive here. no problem on the span and no surprise at the bay bridge toll bridge has the meter light on. this, on the other hand, is a rare sight in the sierra. a wolverine is caught on camera.
5:53 am
take a look at the video from the california department of fish and wildlife. the little guy scaling a tree, chewing on bait there. biologies believe the wolverine is the same one they captured photos of eight years ago. now, at that time, it was the first documented sighting in that area since the 1920s. scientists believe the wolverine my -- migrated from idaho. look at these little guys in the bay area. more than 3500 pets were adopted! more than 45,000 pets have brand new homes! up next we're inching closer to the olympics. the reason the russian athletes might be able to play after all. happening now following bre breaking news in southwest
5:54 am
florida. the scene of a shooting rampage overnight. two people were killed and more than a dozen others have been hurt. nbc news has a crew on the scene. we'll tweet out more information as soon as it comes in. a local marine severely injured in afghanistan receives an adapted home. see the story on we're back in two minutes. investigators in southern
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
germany are probing a suicide bombing that left the attacker dead and at least 10 investigators in southern germany are probing a suicide bombing that left the attacker dead and at least ten people injured. spokesperson for the german interior ministry said the man who detonated the bomb near the music festival received two deportation notices. a 27-year-old syrian man told he would be deported to bull -- bulgaria. munich is already on edge after a shooting and a knife attack that. both of those events happened last week. some are complaining the
5:58 am
housing is unlivable in rio. the australian olympics team announced it will not stay in the assigned housing in the olympics village. the team said, quote, the rooms are disgusting. citing problems of leaking pipes, plugged toilets, and exposed wires. olympians from other countries say they have no issues. >> it's fantastic. everything has been good. we're happy to be here. it's a wonderful place. people have been super friendly. i think it's going to be a fantastic olympics games. >> rio 2016 organizers did not respond to requests for comments about the housing issues. one official said they are aware of the problem and working to resolve them. when it dcomes to being in lim limbo. russian olympian athletes arrived not sure if they'll be able to compete.
5:59 am
the ioc said they are leaving up to global sports federations to decide which russian athletes to accept in their sports. the decision follows new allegations of a government-backed doping program the archery team will be allowed to play. for baseball fans this weekend was pretty cool. a pair of legends were enshrined in the halls of the baseball hall of fames in cooperstown this weekend. we're talking about mike piazza and ken griffy junior. the 12-time all-star is one of the greatesters to ever play the game. he's the second new york met inducted into the hall of fame. as for junior, the first satteae mariner enshrined in
6:00 am
cooperstown. he's sixth all time on the home run list with 630 bombs. check it out. take a close look. griffey looked at the pinstripes. hall of fame class of 2016. the gold tie is outline of himself and recognizable swing. look at that! >> artistry. we are tracking several breaking news stories this morning. first, a car losing control crashing through the front of a north bay senior center. the driver now facing charges. >> plus, new violence erupting in florida as gunfire breaks out at a nightclub filled with teens. an update from the scene next. and breaking business deal. yahoo! has a new owner this


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