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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 26, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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man to the hospital. catching a nearby hillside onfi. the reason the situation could have gotten much worse. plus -- >> our job now is to that strong democratic platform implemented. >> a call for unity from bernie sanders as he's met with boos from his own supporters. a look back at day one of the day one to dnc, a look ahead to what to expect tonight. plus, a hostage situation in a french church where a deadly turn occurs as a priest is killed. new information that we've just learned about the attackers. "today in the bay" starts right now. >> a very good tuesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. as we're about to get to. bernie sanders calls for unity. today we are calling for air conditioning. potentially reach triple digits. >> it would be rough today without air conditioning.
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if you know someone who has no air conditioning, check on them, bring them over to your house. let them hang out for a little while. it will be a very uncomfortable today. 52 in the north bay. already 63 degrees in the south bay and that's where the highs will be hitting the upper 90s. even up to 102 degrees today in the tri-valley. so it continues to sizzle as we go through the week. details on that coming up. mike has reports of a muni bus hit in san francisco. >> right, kari. that sounds dramatic. it's not quite tra dramatic. we'll talk about how that affects your bay bridge drive. right now, doing well over here in the east bay. slowing for hayward. just a start for that east bay slow down approaching the san mateo bridge and getting off the bay bridge you do have westbound 80. reports of a crash. sounds like it's affecting the off-ramp. a muni bus was rear-ended by a smaller vehicle. no injuries reported. we don't know if passengers were onboard the muni vehicle but because it was hit by a smaller one, we think the bus should be
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okay. still waiting on word on whether the lanes are blocked. see the slowing for the distraction. over in berkeley we see the volume of traffic heading toward the bay bridge. the emmiville camera, westbound 80 with all the lights. getting on the east shore freeway in your commute direction this morning, the metering lights have been on now. they are sickling from red and dpreen. this is making hopefully traffic flow better. we see it flowing well here in the bay bridge toll plaza. back to you. >> thanks, mike. at 6:02. new this morning a man is in the hospital after a truck caught fire and the flames spread to a nearby hillside in cupertino. it happened not far from the stevens creek reservoir. "today in the bay's" chuck coppola is live in san jose this morning where that victim is believed to be recovering from some pretty bad injuries. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, laura and sam. this medical center behind me is the nearest one to the fire that broke out in a hills above cupertino. no word on the condition of the man taken by ambulance from the fire. no name nor age has been
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released either. but three witnesses say that they saw that they were on stevens canyon road near stevens creek reservoir late last night and they say they saw the man on the truck and the truck's gas tank was on fire. they pulled him to safety before the ambulance took him away for treatment. it all happened around 11:30 late last night and as it caught the hillside on fire. >> how the vehicle fire started is still suspect. unknown if it was accidental, intentional or a mechanical failure. but not appear to be involved in an accident. >> look around the bay area today. the brown hills are very, very dry. firefighters say the hills are so steep around stevens canyon road that they had to lean their ladders against the hillside to reach the flames. luckily the fire was limited to only about 40 square feet. no homes were threatened. but now arson investigators want
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to find out how that truck fire started. reporting live in san jose, chuck coppola, "today in the bay." some politics now and decision 2016. democratic national convention resumes tonight. delegates are going to be choosing their presidential nomin nominee. it's going to follow what at times was a very rough start last night as bernie sanders supporters created a rouk cause atmosphere. they often booed and chanted sanders name when they were talking about hillary clinton. this comes after wikileaks released hacked e-mails from the democratic party showing favoritism to hillary clinton. bernie sanders was last night's key note speaker and he urged his supporters once again to be. >> by these measures, any objectionable juror will conclude that based on her and her leadership, hillary clinton must become the next
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president of the united states. >> while last night's speakers included prominent democrats like cory booker and elizabeth warren it was michelle obama's speech who many say stole the show. >> and because of hillary clinton, my daughters and all our sons and daughters now take for granted that a woman can be president of the united states. >> the first lady urged fellow democrats to not sit out this election and to rally behind hillary. former president bill clinton is going to be among tonight's highlighted speakers. now bernie sanders makes the case for a vote for hillary clinton but some of the bay area say they're still feeling the bern. sanders supporters in san francisco watched the vermont senator last night. sanders told his supportive crowd he will do all that he can to make sure clinton is the next president, telling democrats everything from civil liberties to immigration reform are at stake. not everybody is onboard.
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>> i believe him when he says that he will work to get her elected, yes. will i vote for her? no way. >> she has to do a lot of work to bridge that because she doesn't really galvanize young people like he does. i think she has an uphill battle. >> some voters tell us they plan to where i in sanders name in november. our coverage of the dnc continues rate later in this newscast. live report in philadelphia at 6:30 this morning and the "today" show also there live throughout the week as well. laura, we can breaking news out of europe at this hour where two attackers storm the french church taking hostages and murdering a priest. now within the hour france's president suggested the islamic state was behind the attack, or isis. police killed the attackers armed the knives. the suspect apparently entered the church during morning mass. a second hostage, a none was seriously injured. the identities of the suspects and their motives so far have not been released.
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new details now, sam, on a knife attack in japan that killed 19 people around injured dodds sevens more at a home for the disabled. it happened in sagamihara west of tokyo. 26-year-old man who was a former employee at the facility carried out the attack. police say many victims were asleep when they were stabbed. the suspect later turned himself in to police. the motive remains unclear but there are no immediate links to terrorism. to the latest developments on two raging wild fires in california. looking at the latest video coming out of the soberanes fire on the left and the sand fire on the right. the soberanes fire destroyed 20 homes and a thousand more homes are still in the pathway of the fire and considered to be in danger. some 16,000 acres have been burned and thousand of firefighters are still on the front lines. many of the fire's evacuees packed a meeting at the elementary school.
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many are wondering when they can return to their homes. we spoke to one woman who lost everything in the flames. >> just trying to pick up the pieces of my life. so thankful that we were able to get our cat. i'm still mourning for my neighbors not able to get their pets. there was nothing that could be done. >> just a very tragic situation there. more than 50 bulldozers were brought in yesterday to help dig up the soil and provide a barrier between homes and fire p. so far there's no word on when the evacuations are going to be lifted. it is 6:08. north of los angeles this morning the giant sand fire continues to rage. fire crews say it has burned more than 35,000 acres and still only about 10% contained. shifting winds have fanned those flames, destroying at least 18 homes. and threatening more than 1500 others. at least 10,000 homes have been evacuate and several roads remain closed leaving many people stranded. >> breathtaking. you can't breathe.
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you can't see. and the soot gets in your eyes. so it's just horrible. the fire is intense. depending on the wind factors and what have you, it takes its toll on many lives. >> the fire started last friday. investigators say one death has been confirmed as a result of the fire. some 3,000 firefighters have battling the flames right now. after weeks of testimony closing arguments are expected to begin today in the pg&e criminal trial in san francisco. pg&e's lawyers wrapped up their case on friday. the you theity is facing 12 counts of violating safety laws and obstructing the investigation following the 2010 pipeline explosion. pg around e argued their employees live near the gas line which is why the utility would not deliberately ignore hazards. if convicted the utility faces a fine of up to $560 million. it is 6:09. we've been talk about what a hot day it's going to be. especially inland.
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let's check the forecast with kari. >> we start out with the temperatures now that are feeling nice and cool. in the mid 50s along the coastline. 51 in napa. concord as well as livermore, down to san jose, we have low 60s as you head out the door. now we will see the highs reaching into the upper 80s and even some 90s for the inner bay. while the tri-valley and south bay will be topping out near 100 degrees. also the smoke that will be drifting in, we can see it from satellite imagery. yesterday it was coming in. drifting off towards the east. today it may move more into the bay area. so that could cause some problems. i'll detail that coming up in the microclimate forecast coming up in less than ten minutes. now mike is checking on a crash in san jose. >> we did mention a car fire in livermore that has not been a problem. it might not have been a fire. maybe smoke from under a hood. tracking the rest of your commute and we see a smooth flow. just a build over through hayward southbound 880. that's good for tuesday. over here in san jose, we have
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two crashes reported. the one that was a lot of activity north 280 at 7th street. a second one reported at highway 87. this stretch might have been the same crash because the details were similar. we haven't seen any slowing through that entire stretch either. 101 builds typical spot. holding up and easing by the time you pass alum rock. look at the golden gate bridge. you have -- try to look at the golden gate bridge. we have fog on the north side and that will be a factor across span and alock the coast. i'll make a special note for drivers. back to you. >> thanks, mike. up next on "today in the bay," flying into the history books. historic flight towered only by the sun finally comes full circle. plus, up in flames and now under arrest. we'll tell you who is in custody in connection with this fire that ripped through a community center on the peninsula. and tesla in a giga hurry to get factory open this week. we'll take a look coming up. two peninsula teenagers are in
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custody-- accused of causing a massive fire that tore . this morning two peninsula teenagers are in custody accused of causing a massive fire that tore through a community center in millbrae. investigators saying they are facing arson charges, social media and tips from the public helped to identify them. sheriff's deputies say the suspects who are not being identified because they're minors told investigators they didn't intend to burn down that popular gathering spot. >> right now there's information that suggests that this incident was due to negligence and it was
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not intentional. . but the investigation is ongoing. >> firefighters say the damage is estimated at $2 million for that community center. right now the city of millbrae is struggling to find alternate sites for various community events. today federal leaders are launching the first national program designed to keep drones out of wildfire areas. the interior department developed this system along with drone and mapping companies. when ever there's a fire a smartphone alert is going to warn drone operators to avoid that area. violates will be arrested and prosecuted. a warning to apple users this morning. experts are urging you to manually upgrade the operating system on your iphones and macs after apple issued a patch for a new security exploit that could allow a hacker to take over your device where w. a single image. the code inside any kind of melicious photo may allow hackers to access your apple device via an internet, e-mail, or text message. all the hackers would need is
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your phone number. to make sure your system is up to date just head to your setting, general, then software update and tap download and install. the solar impulse 2 successfully completed the first fuel free site after 16 months solar power planed returned to abu dhabi in the middle east where it began last march. >> 24,500 miles for those tracking. a lot of airline miles around the globe and nearly 500 hours of flying. swiss explorers and solar impulse founders and pilots took turns piloting the aircraft. >> nobody has done it before. when there is no benchmark, you never know if you will succeed. but what is beautiful in a team like solar impulse is that everybody tried to make it a success. >> and they did make a success. during its historic trip solar impulse made a stop right here in the bay area. landing and resting at moffett field in mountain view. >> very cool.
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cloudy skies could be ahead for wap apple and twitter. >> good morning. let's start with apple. apple reports its profits after the closing bell. we don't expect any growth. the latest iphones failed to inspire sales in the last quarter. iphones are a vast majority of apple's profits. if the schedule holds there will be an iphone 7 come september. and then you've got -- one apple analyst recommending investors sales saying when we ask ourselves do we see apple gaining or losing its next $100 billion of value? the answer is losing. and then you have twitter. twitter also reports after the bell we care less about the money, more about the users. recent numbers have shown no growth in twitter users though it's logical to think the election may have driven some users to twitter to find out what all the fuss is about. is so-called gig ax fktry op factory opens this week. this is video of e monday mulon
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the start. the it's the largest building in the world. and several reports say it's not quite done yet. the factory will make batteries for the tesla model three. poshsh is worsche is workin own electric car. they are hiring 1300 workers to build it. may use panasonic batteries will be built at the giga factory. remember, electric cars are crazy, crazy fast. >> yeah. >> porsche had a problem in that department. >> yeah. >> pretty sweet looking. >> it's gorgeous. we are speeding ahead, thank you, scott, to rio. it goes through or rackoracle a, that road does. kevin durant as pep. tonight is durant's first game on his new home court. along with klay thompson and draymond green.
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the trio is making up a good chunk of team usa as the team takes on china in an exhibition game ahead of the upcoming olympics. tipoff is set for 7:00 p.m. >> to see them all play, cool. certainly not cool when it comes to the forecast. hot one. turning up the heat today. >> it's going to be really hot. and we're bringing it up in some spots ten degrees or more. so we will have a major change as we get ready to head into this tuesday as well as the rest of the week. but we do still have the low clouds and fog. in san francisco you mix that in with some smoke. we have some very unhealthy breathing conditions out there that will stick around all day. and we will have a lot of motor sunshine as we get a live look outside. also as you head out the door, with some temperatures, that will be warming up into the mid 70s. here's what to expect in the city today. once again, we have the smog and cool temperatures. until that wildfire near monterrey is put out, it may take several days.
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this weekend it will be much cooler and breezy with highs in the 60s. but that's only for san francisco and along the coast. not the same story for our inland areas. and it will be, as you head out now, 60 degrees in concord. palo alto is at 53 degrees and 52 in napa and santa rosa. and we once again have been talking about the smoke, the ozone levels and the high heat making it unhealthy in the east bay as well as the south bay. so that means limit your time outdoors for sensitive groups if you have asthma, breathing problems, well, you don't want to spend a lot of time outside today. and we are also tracking the smoke drifting up from farther to the south. and as we look at all levels of the atmosphere from 5,000 feet, the winds are coming in from the southwest. so that could also increase the amount of smoke. when you look at the surface, we have them coming in from a. different direction. more of a northwesterly direction. so it still does increase the smoke levels, especially higher
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up in the atmosphere. and into the day in san francisco, reaching into the mid 70s after the morning low clouds clear out. it will be bright and sunny and reaching up to 99 today in gilroy. palo alto, 88 degrees and 76 degrees on the embarcadero. mid 90s for parts of the north bay. oakland, 82. over 100 degrees for most of the tri-valley. san francisco will be one of the places to go to cool off. as we reach into the mid 70s today it will be in the mid 60sthis weekend. and it will be up to 102 today for the inland areas. for tomorrow as well as that smoke drifts in. but this weekend will bring it back to the mid to upper 80s. heading over to mike now, he's got two crashes for two bridges. >> watching your bridges. we love them all the same but look at dumbarton bridge and the san mateo bridge. a little buildoff of 880. th nothing dramatic. still watching this crash. that muni bus on the fremont
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off-ramp westbound 80. that's your bay bridge approach in towards san francisco. sounds like one lane is locked there by the activity. 25 people reported offen that muni bus but no injuries and looks like they will be able to get alternate transportation quickly. getting off this richmond/san rafael bridge, a crash in the san francisco boulevard off-ramp. that has an overturned box truck affecting the off-ramp. a big distraction. traffic slows just a bit but not backed up on the span. that's a treat. now we'll look back to the san mateo bridge we talked about that builtoff of 880 and the live look over from our san mateo hayward side, traffic starting to slow a bit on the flat section. nothing surprising again. but that volume now playing a factor, peninsula still clear. back to you. coming up next, a not so free trial. >> the free trial that costs 95 bucks. i'm consumer investigatorer k s chris chmura.
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6:25. nbc bay area responds to a viewer who believes google over charged her. >> not for web searches though. consumer investigator chris chmura explains how we stepped? >> good morning. dottie silverburg signed up to try google express, delivers everyday essentials like groceries to your doorstep. dottie says she enrolled in a free 90-day trial but immediately charged $95
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membership fee. we verified the google express website advertises free three-month trial, in fact it's good until january. so we reached out to google express on dottie's behalf. quickly she was told she was refunded her $95 and given $200 bonus to spend. we wanted to know what went wrong so we asked. but google would only say the issue has been resolved. do you need help solving a c consumer problem? tell us about it online at tomorrow at 6:20 a five-figure windfall that the bank won't cash. it's a football leinancial less everyone. have a great day. coming up next on "today in the bay," tires slashed at an east bay b.a.r.t. station. the details just in to our newsroom, next. it's up to bill clinton tonight. i'm tracie potts at the democratic national convention in philadelphia. coming up, the roll call vote happens today after bernie
6:27 am
sanders threw his full support behind hillary clinton. and as i zi skies from the south bay where we are this morning all the way to san francisco because of that soberanes fire. i'll show you how it's impacting the air quality today.
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i'm laura garcia cannon. a very good tuesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. as we start out our tuesday we've been tracking multiple
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fires in the straight of california. it's impacting air quality. >> it will today. especially as you head out as those temperatures heat up, we'll have a lot of sunshine. and that heat will be trapped in the valleys. also that smoke. so as we get a live look outside now, 52 degrees in the north bay. 56 degrees in the peninsula with highs reaching 87 there. up to 102 degrees in the tri-valley and san francisco, 76 degrees. we will see whatever clouds you're seeing now clearing out. i'm talk about that. the heat and what else to expect. that's coming up in a few minutes. mike says there's a new crash there for sunol. >> as we're seeing the build all around the bay but specifically in the tri-valley. over here in hayward for 880, the nimitz freeway. watch 680 southbound a crash reported around sheridan. the activity happened. we'll watch for slowing. heading down towards the sunol grade. you see the traffic coming in
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off 680 and the dublin interchange. berkeley, smooth flow. commute direction under university avenue. theramp into the metering lights cycling red and green. you might be held up a couple extra minutes. it seems to be. back to you. hillary clinton will make an outstanding president. >> it is not what bernie sanders wanted to hear, as the vermont senator made a call for unity within the democratic party. once again, throwing his support behind hillary clinton. a live look right now at the wel wells fargo center in philadelphia. awaiting a press conference this morning where clinton is expected to officially get the democratic nomination tonight. tracie potts is live there this morning with more on what we can expect tonight and yesterday, tracie, it started out buffmpy d the tone seemed to change. good morning.
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>> sure. well, it did because what we saw earlier in the day, the whole mix-up about the dnc chair stepping down the boos that were coming to bernie sanders when he spoke to supporters about hillary clinton, that did seem to change over last night when he addressed the delegates here and we saw a very different reaction. >> we produce by far the most progressive platform in the history of the democratic party. >> reporter: with wild applause bernie sanders takes one last victory lap. then says what his supporters did not want to hear. >> hillary clinton must become the next president of the united states. >> reporter: that's former president bill clinton looking on. he speaks tonight. sanders ended a tense day. the party chair replaced. dozens of sanders supporters detained outside and defiant inside. donald trump took a double hit
6:33 am
from senator elizabeth warren. >> we are not going to be donald trump's hate-filled america. not now. not ever. >> reporter: and first lady michelle obama. >> don't let anyone ever tell you that this country isn't great, that somehow we need to make it great again because this right now is the greatest country on earth. >> reporter: today's roll call vote for the nomination could bring more drama from sanders delegates. >> we are all democrats and we need to act like it. >> reporter: as democrats try to figure out if these anti-clinton delegates are a real threat or just a very loud minority. >> that was tracie pots live from philadelphia. back now to a major topic from last night. three former stanford athletes were among the speakers. one of those athletes is now a u.s. politician and senator, cory booker who showed why he's a rising star in a democratic
6:34 am
party. >> we will be a free people, free from fear and intimidation. let us declare again that we are a nation of interdependence and in america, love always trumps hate. >> in the meantime, former stanford and nba basketball players jason and jarron collins spoke out about the topic of inclusion. >> i came up privately to the clinton family. i have known their family for almost 20 years. i knew that they would accept me for who i was. >> jason collins is first openly gay person to play in the nba. his twin brother is currently a warriors assistant coach chlktsz gop nominee donald trump wasted no time taking to twitter following the first night of the dnc. during sanders speech trump tweeted, quote, bernie sanders totally sold out to crooked hillary clinton. all of that work, energy, and money and nothing to show for it. waste of time. trump will campaign today in the
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battle grounds states. he starts in charlotte at a veterans of foreign wars national convention and tampa for a fund-raiser. new this morning, someone slashing car tires at an oakland b.a.r.t. station. six vehicles were damaged yesterday. those cars were all parked inside a lot at a lock ridge station below the oakland hills. b.a.r.t. police is investigati g investigating. to the very latest developments out of the monterrey county where at least 20 homes are now gone as firefighters continue to try and gain ground over the soberanes fire. 1,000 homes are threatened at this hour. some 16,000 acres have been burned by that fire and thousands of firefighters are on the front lines trying to battle it. more than 50 bulldozers were brought in to help dig up the soil and provide a barrier between the homes and fire. so far there's no word on when evacuations are set to be lifted. all that smoke from monterrey county is making its way right here to the bay area.
6:36 am
hovering over much of the south bay. it's making for some hazy skies and poor hair quality. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live in san jose where another "spare the air" day is in effect. you can really see it, kris. >> reporter: you can. the sad thing is that it does make for beautiful sun rises but the air quality is so bad that people who have sensitive systems are going to have a hard time today, maybe even want to stay inside. it's no wonder that this fire was visible, take a look at this picture we found from nasa. it is the monterrey county fire that's putting up so much smoke you can see it from that satellite. the plume there in the mid is the smoke drifting up from the soberanes fire. you didn't have to have a satellite yesterday. it was clinging to the san jose skyline. to the north, polluting the views of the bay bridge. the golden gate bridge and other landmarking. cal fire experts predict that 16,000 acre fire will continue to grow.
6:37 am
they don't expect to contain it until august 575th. today is a "spare the air" day. it is second one in a row and the tenth of this year. the wildfire smoke is combining with vehicle ek hawess. that's part of the problem. the other part of the problem is the heat and light winds meaning the smog is not moving out. the air -- bay area air quality management district is urging people to limit outdoor activities and adjust your commute tif you can. carpool and mass transit instead of driving solo. the weather is going to be a big factor in that firefight and then also in the air quality picture. if we continue to have this pattern that squishes the smog down, closer to the ground, kari hall is checking that part of the story this morning. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> we'll check in with kari in just a bit. 6:37. a former san mateo police officer has been officially charged in connection with rape, assault, and kidnapping. noah winchester was in court
6:38 am
yesterday. authorities say in in addition to raping a woman he sexually assault four other women including a 17-year-old girl. the assaults when he was a police officer in the sacramento area. winchester worked for san mateo pd for ten months last year. he is expected to enter a plea next week. the search continues for the man who shot at an open police sergeant over the weekend. the officer was trapped inside her patrol car after a crash when someone walked right up to the car, fired, and missed. the gunman was not connected to that crash. now oakland police says it's looking at other ways to keep officers safe. >> i think this is a very cowardly attack by someone who took advantage of a situation where an officer was essentially trapped in her vehicle to take a -- literally take a potshot at a police officer. >> i just got shot at. i was in the car.
6:39 am
i can't get out of the car. >> a frightening episode there and also national contacts so important as well. after the recent ambush necessary dallas and baton rouge. organizati opd started requiring officers to ride with a partner but the sergeant was alone because she's a supervisor. opd is now considering supervisors having partners as well. a follow up on two deaths that launched the investigation into a second scandal at the oakland police department. when accusations broke that several oakland police officers were having on and off duty relations with a sex trafficked teenager, mayor libby promised a full investigation. the da's office is now confirmed the deaths last year of officer brendan o'brien and his wife were, in fact, suicides. it was o'brien's suicide note that launched the investigation into sexual misconduct in the police department and two other agencies. if you are looking for a place to stay cool today, san
6:40 am
francisco's probably your best bet. everything else is a big question mark. >> that or the coastline. i was listening, kari. >> that's right. and sam and laura, we will have some cooler air near the coast and offshore winds. it will be even be slightly warmer there than recently making it into the 70s. sunol, one of the places we will be watching where the highs will be soaring into the air. 90s and even over 100 degrees. a look at the highs will be up to 101 in fairfield. c concord, 91. oakland, high of 82. 95 in santa rosa. low 90s also for san jose. and morgan hill up to 98 degrees. this heat continues the build as you go through the rest of the week. i'll detail that and talk about where you can cool off, the air quality and much more coming up in less than ten minutes. heading over to mike now looking at the south bay build-up now. >> not as much as the temperatures. pleasant flow of traffic. ly talk about the south bay. want to mention here first, we
6:41 am
do see the colors changing 37no. westbound, that's your commute direction for most of the trend for the bay area. over here southbound 680, good volume for pleasanton now shows slowing towards sunol. and that crash may be playing a factor. not just the on-ramp. waiting for updates from chp. here's the south bay, northbound 85, 280, 101, starting to show the build. it's not so bad but i'll show you the camera at 101 just north of 680. you see that good volume of traffic. this is why i watch and marvel every morning. folks trying to get out of the roadway. they cut across the point and get into this lane and merge right back here. >> really? >> sometimes they also pass one car. >> you're not supposed to cross that point. >> it's illegal and dangerous. >> one goes right there. >> yeah. >> mike inouye is watching you. >> thank you, mike chlkt. coming up, ald don smith
6:42 am
responds to the controversy video lighting up social media fshlth. flames shooting up southern california. a live report from the fire lines as folks are forced to evacuate prepare to see if their home is still standing. the fbi is going to investigate the hack into the znc. a look at the markets as well. live out to the big board. dow industrials gaining ten points. it's not like i put aldon
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smith."@:03 =sam/vo continues= a follow up to that video making t they don't know it's me.
6:45 am
aldon smith. >> lots of follow-up of video of aldon smith making the rounds of social media appearing to show the 49ers and current raider smoking something. the nfl is investigating whether smith violated the terms of his one-year suspension for substance abuse. yesterday on smith's twitter account the linebacker denied any connection to the video saying good try. not me. smith can apply for reinstatement in september. 6:45. pacifica post office is reopening today. it's been closed for ten mobtsz after a customer accidentally drove into it. the post office on west manor drive have been undergoing repairs. the lobby was badly damage. no one was injured and the driver was not arrested >> brand new santa clara courthouse is about to open but court clerks might be walking off the job. 330 clerks are poised to go on strike after talks over wangs and staffing ended without any resolution. the latest round of negotiations
6:46 am
broke down late yesterday. clerks say they haven't had a raise in eight years and no contract for the past two. they claim the stalemate has throwed hundreds of workers leaving which is now creating backups throughout the court system. >> we noticed that people get frustrated when they do come to the court because there's long lines. not enough staff to help them. >> some clerks argue the county is more focused on the $200 million new courthouse rather than hiring. it was all the talk heading into the democratic national convention. now the fbi is investigating the latest hack of the committee. >> scott mcgrew, some question how secure any of that data was to begin with. >> some big questions. as you well know, thousands of e-mails were given to wikileaks. some e-mails showing the party was working against the campaign of bernie sanders. there are some who suspect the russians. but it may not have taken advanced hackers. an older e-mail from a dnc staffer that surfaced says i cannot looking into the party's media relations account with
6:47 am
either of the passwords i have on file. obama-biden. 2012 and obamain08. it's disturbing to think the obama/biden ticket in 2012 used obama-bid obama-biden-2012 as the password. michelle obama said the -- twitter reports profits to investors today. we care less about the money and more how about people are using twit per not only did twitter not add people it swrank. some measurements showing that. shrinking is death in high tech. it's possible the election will attract new users. to find out what all the fuss is about. apple out with the quarterly report. the latest iphones failed to inspire sales. it's the latest esst majority. this tl should be a iphone 7 in
6:48 am
september. apple will probably announce they sold their billionth iphone. incredible important line to apple but we're not seeing a lot of growth. >> where do you go next? what else do you create? >> how are those apple watches doing? >> not well. it's not a number that becomes important when we talk about apple. >> scott, thank you very much. it is 6:48. new developments out of southern california as we're getting a closer look at some of the damage left behind by the so-called sand fire. right now some 20,000 people in the santa clarita area are slowly returning home as evacuations were lifted. many families don't have a lot to go back to. "today in the bay's" gabby schwartz is live in santa clarita. crews making some progress? >> yeah. there's a lot of progress being made this morning. in fact, earlier this morning we saw these hillsides here covered in flames. now you see they're basically blacked out. there's a lot of smoke out there.
6:49 am
that's a really good thing out here. fires that were intentionally set by firefighters. they were trying to setback burns so they can create a buffer zone. there are homes down the canyon. they are trying to create an area where the fire is already burned through. the fire is burning in the middle of wilderness area right now. so those plumes of smoke that are going up, that's mostly confined to those areas. in the heat of the day a lot of times those make runs. it's places like that that really give those containment numbers a shoring up. in fact, we just heard that if containment numbers have gone up. it was about 10%. now it is at 20%. there are 3,000 firefighters here along the fire line trying to make sure that this fire doesn't get close to any homes. coming up on the "today" show, in fact, we're going to talk to a few firefighters, their families who have lost everything. they were fighting this fire while their homes burned. so you're doing to hear their story in our live report. back to you. >> all right, they must be so exhausted in so many ways.
6:50 am
thank you, gadi. >> you shutter to think about the fact that temperatures are elevated again going into this week. the fire dangers that come along with that, kari. >> yeah. and the winds will be picking up, too. you will have this high heat in southern california and also these gusts that go up to 40 miles an hour. we know that wildfires kind of make their own atmosphere and make things even worse. here's the look at the satellite imagery. you can see the smoke drifting off 100 miles or so away from where the wildfire actually was. and the drought is very high there. once again, the winds up to 40 miles an hour today. very low humidity and temperatures over 100 degrees. for us we're also tracking the wildfire a little bit closer to home. in monterrey county, and the upper level wind speeds are coming in very light and variable. but moving it into the parts of the south bay all of our valleys when you have high pressure just traps that air in the valleys. so smoke also a concern for us today and it's drifting more from -- more easterly direction
6:51 am
and then we will see the surface winds coming in from the northwest. it's very variable from all levels of the atmosphere. and as we get a look at what it looked like yesterday on the satellite imagery you can see that wind drifting, that smoke farther off towards the east. we will also see that moving into parts of the bay area. here's a live look now from the north bay towards san francisco. you can see the low clouds shrouding most of the bay, over towards the golden gate bridge. and that mixing in with some smoke makes poor air quality. luckily we won't see that smoke and fog staying around for very long. also mostly clear sky as we head through the rest of the week. but still some poor air quality until that wildfire gets put out in monterrey county. this weekend it will be much cooler and breezy but that's om for san francisco and along the coastline. east bay, south bay, very unhealthy air quality conditions today. a "spare the air" day. you want to make sure you catch some public transportation if
6:52 am
you can. highs today will be reaching into the mid to upper 90s there. and in the north bay up to 95 degrees in santa rosa. 98 in napa. concord, 98. and over 100 degrees today for the tri-valley. looking at san francisco's forecast. it will be well above average for the next couple of days. but still nice and comfortable with mostly sunny skies. highs reaching into the 70s. once again it comes down into the 60s in time for the weekend while it will still be very hot for the inland areas after hitting 99 today. 102 tomorrow. 99 again on thursday. it will be a little bit of a stretch to see this heat. we'll have to deal with for the inland areas until it comes down into the 80s later on this weekend. now as we head over to mike, he has more info on that crash in sunol. >> we just found out that instead of the on-ramp to 680 we have it affecting the hot lane or toll lane. opposite side of the roadway. 680. give you a second to look at the
6:53 am
rest of your bay. south bay. there's your east bay drive there. southbound 680, really gumming up from sunol boulevard just shy of sheridan road. the crash. it sounds like the h.o.t. lane, toll lane on your left is blocked and folks are having to get out of that lane and get by. the distraction, the slowing as to sunol and pleasanton drive heading down to fremont. we also have the build heading down to fremont to 880 and nimitz. the speeds are looking good. that may be buzz we have the metering lights for folks getting on to the westbound. on-ramps and a weight for them. but it makes the flow easier through berkeley and out of richmond. tracking that. we're also tracking this crash. much more backup getting off the richmo richmond san rafael bridge. overturned box truck. westbound 92. traffic almost stopped for a couple of minutes. starting to move better. may have been a disabled
6:54 am
vehicle. i say might because i don't have confirmation from the bridge crew or chp but suffice it to say that traffic is moving better than a few minutes ago on the san mateo bridge. >> that's always a good thing. coming up next, a truck sgoes goes up in frames, catching a nearby hillside on fire in the south bay. what this situation could have been much worse if it were not for someone in the right place at the right time. but first, happening now, we're staying on top of the california fires raging near los angeles and closer to home in monterrey county. nbc bay area have an interactive map. thousands of avid music followers will flock to golden gate park next weekend. head to our facebook page to see what to expect. [hip hop beat]
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here are the top stories on nbc 6:57. welcome back. before you head out the door here are the top stories on nbc bay area. >> a man is in the hospital after burn injuries after a truck he was driving caught fire. chuck coppola is live. witnesses say they helped rescue that victim, could have saved his life. >> reporter: that's right. they are very lucky there were three young men around to help this fella. i want to tell you one other thing. take a good look around the bay area today. the hills are so brown and so dry, all it takes the a passing truck to spark a hillside fire.
6:58 am
that's what happened a late last night requiring an ambulance to take a man to the hospital for treatment for burns. his name and age have not yet been released. three witnesses say that the man was driving a pickup truck on stevens canyon road in the hills above cupertino with a gas tank that was on fire. the young man looked up and saw the grass starting to catch. the three men helped pull the man to safety. >> we noticed there was a bigger fire over here. we sprinted over and tried to -- the car was completely up in names. the hill started to catch on fire and we tried to talk to him. and this guy helped him out a little bit and got him away from the fire. >> reporter: the high side fire was on is open firefighters had to lean ladders against the hillside to reach the flames. about 40 square feet of brush was burned. that's a small amount. no homes were threatened. the fire at 11:30 late last night underscores sparks can i guess night brush any time anywan anywhere day or night.
6:59 am
arson investigators are checking into this case trying to determine now how the truck caught fire. reporting live in san jose, i'm chuck coppola, "today in the bay." >> the fires have been burning and the heat, too. >> you need to have to be really careful not only with burning things but also just being outside for any period of time when you have the smoke drifting through the air. we will have highs reaching 102 degrees in the tri-valley. north bay and south bay in the upper 90s. san francisco up to 76 degrees today. >> all right. a check of the roads. thank you, kari. mike, by and large, things are looking good. >> looking at a crash in san rafael. >> problem off that san rafael bridge. show you on the map. sam, pretty good. nothing really unexpected ♪ south bay. just shows the build at 280, and 17. this is the crash we're talking about. overturned box truck happened an hour ago. now we're seeing the slow down, traffic m gentlemjamming up. before you get to highway 101, a problem from the east bay.
7:00 am
getting down the east shore freeway. lights are metering this morning. >> there you go. that's what's happening "today in the bay." >> that's tuesday flew by. see you tomorrow. good morning. did he deliver? >> hillary clinton must become the next president of the united states. >> bernie sanders takes on the task of calming unhappy democrats still itching for a fight on the floor of the convention. is the party finally united as the first lady gets emotional and takes on donald trump. >> don't let anyone ever tell you that this country isn't great, that somehow we need to make it great again because this right now is the greatest country on earth. >> delegates set to formally make hillary clinton their party's nominee today with bill clinton getting his turn at the podium tonight. stabbing rampage.


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