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tv   Today  NBC  July 26, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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getting down the east shore freeway. lights are metering this morning. >> there you go. that's what's happening "today in the bay." >> that's tuesday flew by. see you tomorrow. good morning. did he deliver? >> hillary clinton must become the next president of the united states. >> bernie sanders takes on the task of calming unhappy democrats still itching for a fight on the floor of the convention. is the party finally united as the first lady gets emotional and takes on donald trump. >> don't let anyone ever tell you that this country isn't great, that somehow we need to make it great again because this right now is the greatest country on earth. >> delegates set to formally make hillary clinton their party's nominee today with bill clinton getting his turn at the podium tonight. stabbing rampage. a young man attacks patients at
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a health care facility in japan. at least 19 people killed. 25 others injured. this morning what the suspect says drove him to commit that country's worst mass killing in decades. and hammered. intense storms tear across the northeast while that wildfire near los angeles goes from bad to worse. crews struggling to get the upper hand today, tuesday, july 26th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today" at the democratic national convention with matt lauer live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza and savannah guthrie live from philadelphia. >> good morning, everybody. welcome to "today" on a special tuesday morning. day two of the democratic national convention. i'm here in philadelphia with a few of my closest friends. matt, i know you're back in the studio.
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we said it last week at the republican convention. let's say it again. who said conventions are boring and scripted? >> day one's theme was united together but from the sound of things at certain times last night despite the speeches of bernie sanders and michelle obama, it felt like someone forgot to tell a couple thousand people on the floor of that arena. >> there is work to do to unite the party. we'll see if they can get it done. coming up, we'll get house minority leader nancy pelosi's take on the drama we are seeing here in philly. let's get to andrea mitchell inside the wells fargo center. the room where it happened last night. andrea, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. it was everything hillary clinton could have wanted. an unqualified endorsement from bernie sanders. the two former rivals even cooperating trying to stop an all-out rebellion on the convention floor. passion and purpose at the democratic national convention. the night's main speaker, bernie sanders, getting an emotional prolonged ovation.
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>> thank you. >> reporter: moving some of his followers to tears. >> let me thank the 13 million americans who voted for the political revolution. >> reporter: after a ruckus start, the most exciting moment of opening night, bernie sanders at the democratic convention, only the second one he's ever attended. >> based on her ideas and her leadership, hillary clinton must become the next president of the united states. >> reporter: backing his former rival and counting concessions she made on the party platform. >> we produced by far the most progressive platform in the history of the democratic party. >> reporter: and while sanders closed the night throwing support to his former adversary, it was michelle obama who stole the show, taking shots at donald
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trump without mentioning his name. >> it's not black and white. >> reporter: an emotional appeal to voters. >> because of hillary clinton, my daughters and all our sons and daughters now take for granted that a woman can be president of the united states. >> reporter: other democratic stars including senators elizabeth warren and cory booker pushed for party unity. throughout the day sanders supporters outraged over leaked e-mails. showing party officials during the primary. taking out their frustration. >> settle down. >> reporter: party chair debbie wasserman-schultz who agreed to resign at the end of the week because of the scandal booed off the stage at a breakfast. by afternoon pressure to give up the convention gavel immediately. that honor going to baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake even though she forgot to officially bang the gavel. hours before his big speech,
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sanders texted his supporters urging calm. i ask you as a personal courtesy to me to not engage in my protests on the floor. many did. then sarah silverman, a sanders supporter, add lipped her own message. >> can i say to bernie or bust people, you're being ridiculous. >> donald trump live tweeting the democrats. slamming sanders for giving up his revolution. sanders tweeting back, never tweet. savannah? >> andrea mitchell, thank you. earlier, we spoke to the campaign manager and i asked if bernie sanders did enough to unite the party last night. >> he absolutely did. you heard a resounding endorsement for hillary clinton from senator sanders. i think the other important fact here is that unlike ted cruz at donald trump's convention,
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senator sanders actually endorsed secretary clinton weeks before. he repeated that endorsement. he called on delegates to work as hard as they could to elect secretary clinton. i think it stands in broader contrast to the republican convention, where the ohio governor wouldn't even show up. definitely had the governor of pennsylvania there last night. and all of senator sanders elected endorsers as well. keith ellison, people like that were all on board, as well. >> you have vocal opponents there. it's a bit of karma, isn't it? last week democrats were gleeful at what they saw as chaos on the floor of the convention of the republicans. you had some boos, you had some shouting. i mean, there was booing during the opening prayer yesterday. >> it was boisterous on the floor. i will definitely give you that. yesterday was the day of business, voting on a number of important procedural items. in contrast to the republican convention where there were
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minority reports and struggling to pull votes off the floor and so on, our platform passed by acclimation. no minority reports. the rules passed by acclimation. no minority reports. >> there's a roll call vote today where delegates get to announce their votes and those who voted for bernie sanders in the primaries and caucuses. do you expect more fireworks today? >> no. there is going to be a roll call vote. all 57 states and territories are going to cast their vote. all the delegates are going to have their voices heard. you'll see secretary clinton win the nomination. >> obviously this has been exacerbated by the leak of these e-mails from the democratic national committee. you have suggested and people have noticed that the russians were not only behind it but that perhaps they timed the leak in order to damage hillary clinton and interfere with our election. donald trump last night said that is a conspiracy theory. >> well, it's a theory that's being put forward now by cnn, by
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"the washington post," by "the new york times." these are the experts speaking out on this. >> have any government experts told you that? >> cnn reported that the fbi is investigating. >> to you, the clinton campaign. >> they've not communicated that to us. i'm simply going what reporting is telling us. if the reporting is accurate, this is something troubling. the idea that a foreign state could be trying to influence our electoral process, influencing who will be the next president of the united states. that's a very serious situation. >> evidently there's more material out there. do you expect more embarrassing leaks? >> obviously we don't know what's going to happen. clearly the people that are doing this are not interested in helping our cause. we'll just have to see. >> do you believe they have additional e-mails and material? >> i don't know. we don't know when material is posted if it's been doctored, how accurate it is. this is a troubling situation. i also found it troubling last week when donald trump said that
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he didn't necessarily believe that nato should intervene to protect our eastern european allies from russian aggression. that's very trouble. -- troubling. >> you think he's pro-putin? >> he said that he praised putin a number of times. i think that alone is something voters need to pay attention to. these larger inferences that are being made by the experts make this situation particularly troubling. >> campaign manager for hillary clinton, thank you for your time this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> our conversation a bit earlier. let's turn to steve kornacki and mark halperin. good morning to you. is the worst over for this lack of unity within the party or do you expect more action today on the floor? >> the morning was one of the worst mornings i've seen for the start of any convention. the chair is ridden out of town on a rail. bernie sanders booed by his own supporters. but the evening was a success. i think tonight after the roll call, a lot of sanders
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supporters in the hall said they want the roll call. they want their chance to have their vote and i think they'll be more unified after tonight. >> it's been interesting. walking around philadelphia, i feel like i see more external signs of bernie support. first person i saw checking in at the hotel with a bernie button. are the bernie supporters, the hard core supporters, ready to move on? bernie seems like he's ready to move on. >> he is. i don't think all of them are. i don't think the idea that hillary clinton is going to get 100% of the bernie sanders supporters, i don't think she's going to. i think they have to resign themselves to that reality. you saw bernie sanders in that speech last night go as far as bernie sanders, a self-described revolutionary, is capable of going in the name of compromise. you heard jeers and heckling. i think if there's good news for democrats is you had michelle obama up there and it wasn't about a fractured party or
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appealing to the sanders' voters but about a more unifying message that casual voters might have tuned into. >> earlier in the day donald trump was making a concerted effort to get sanders' voters. then he turned a page last night during the sanders' speech and said sanders is a sellout. he packed up, got tired and went home. does that mean he isn't going for the voters? >> he's trying to drive a wedge between bernie sanders who led the revolution and those that aren't ready to lay down their arms. bernie sanders is ready to make common cause with hillary clinton. some of the white working class voters in the state like pennsylvania, western part of the state, i think he still thinks on trade in particular, even though hillary clinton moved to the left on trade, he can peel some of those people off. in a close election, maybe enough. >> yesterday we talked about a poll where trump got a bounce and poll later that showed i guess more of a tie coming out
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of the republican convention. >> what mark was talking about, the divide behind numbers we saw yesterday is that blue collar sort of on the one side college educated voter on the other side. we haven't seen a gap like we're now seeing in these polls where donald trump is getting non-college educated white voters in numbers we never have seen. and heading into this election some people thought wasn't possible. it's why he's in the ball game. >> coming up, we'll explore the bill clinton factor in this election. you can catch more from the dnc throughout the day on msnbc live in prime time as well tonight 10:00 eastern, 7:00 pacific here on nbc. we have an exclusive interview with president obama from the white house. i'll sit down with the president and we'll have that for you tomorrow on "today." matt, saving the best for last, you're coming to philly tomorrow. >> i have my amtrak ticket. see you there tomorrow. let me take you through other news, savannah. breaking news in france overnight. two men armed with knives took hostages during morning mass at a church in normandy. one priest was killed.
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another hostage seriously wounded. the siege ended when police killed the attackers. their motives are still unclear. an anti-terrorism investigation is now underway. as you remember, this incident comes as france is under high alert after an attack in nice that killed 84 people earlier in the month. we're learning more about the man that went on a deadly stabbing rampage in japan. an attack that he reportedly warned people about months ago. nbc goes to beijing with the latest on this. eunice, good morning to you. >> matt, the world has been shaken by a series of gruesome attacks in the u.s. and europe in recent weeks. today in japan a country where such violence is almost unheard of, the people are in mourning after a bloody attack on a center for disabled people left 19 people dead and more than 20 injured. >> reporter: this mountainous suburb, an hour's drive from
7:14 am
tokyo, is normally a draw for japanese seeking refuge from the frenetic pace of the capital. today, the town of sagamihara and the entire nation are in shock, after a stabbing rampage at a center for the disabled left 19 people dead. local authorities say the attacker is 26-year-old satoshi uematsu, a former employee of the center which housed 149 mentally and physically challenged people. japanese media have been broadcasting this cctv footage, which they say shows uematsu heading to the building early in the morning. nbc news has not yet verified the video. they say he smashed a window and tied up a staff member before stabbing residents ranging in age from 19 to 70. officials say uematsu can be seen here returning to his car around the time police received a call reporting what is now japan's deadliest killing spree
7:15 am
in decades. authorities say after the attack on the facility, uematsu turned himself in presenting three bloody knives. he told them he had been fired earlier this year and held a grudge. his neighbors are surprised at the violence. >> translator: this area is a peaceful neighborhood, a neighbor says. i'm extremely shocked. along with the rest of japan this morning. according to local authorities the attacker was committed to a hospital earlier this year after threatening to kill hundreds of disabled people. he was later released after doctors concluded he was no longer a threat. matt, back to you. >> eunice yoon in beijing. thank you very much. i want to tell you about that explosive wide fire raging in the hills north of los angeles. it's burning through 10,000 acres per day with shifting winds fanning those flames even farther.
7:16 am
nbc's gadi schwartz is in soledad canyon in california with the latest on this. gadi, good morning. >> we've seen this hillside going from completely covered in flames to this smoldering black with this haze. that's a very good sign. earlier, this hillside was burning because firefighters had intentionally set it on fire so they could build a black zone, a buffer zone to protect several homes down the canyon. right now, that is boosting the containment numbers. this fire has gone from 10% contained to 25% contained. >> reporter: the fire fight is far from over. overnight, some of the 20,000 people evacuated during the enormous sand canyon fire are being allowed back home. while others have been left with nothing, including a family of firefighters who were next door neighbors. >> yes, we lost everything, but there is so this things we think about. >> reporter: hard to believe, but this is the second time a
7:17 am
chavez family home had been burned to the ground. they just rebuilt their lives after a wildfire a few years ago. >> heartbreaking at first. once they knew that all the firefighters were safe, that was the main thing in their hearts. they wanted to make sure they could see their daddies again. >> reporter: her husband still willing to go out and protect the homes of others. much of the town is trying to recover by helping those in need. >> people i didn't know, strangers showed up. >> reporter: pets and livestock of all kinds are being housed for free. >> over 400 different types of animals. it's close to 500. >> reporter: a community coming together as the threat of fire still looms above. >> firefighters are taking up a collection for those families who lost everything. meanwhile, 3,000 firefighters remain on the fire lines. matt, back to you. >> gadi schwartz in california, thanks very much. no relief in sight for the heat wave gripping a large portion of the country. last night, we had severe storms throughout the northeast. here in new york, they put on quite a show.
7:18 am
al is down in fl wiphiladelphia re on that. >> down here in philadelphia, it was no picnic. there was power lines down. the empire state building was hit last night. one of a number of buildings hit. here in the city of brotherly love in the afternoon, the skies opened up. flooding everywhere. a real mess. up and down the mid-atlantic corridor. we saw airport delays, power lines down. a real mess. we're not looking for a repeat of that today, but the heat will be back. the good news is not quite as hot, but still that heat dome taking over. big area of high pressure dominating. for today, it's going to feel like either close to 100 degrees or above, from rhode island all the way down to mobile, alabama. over the next few days, you can see, it will feel, again, way above normal, with temperatures in the 90s, into the 100s.
7:19 am
out west, unfortunately, as you get into the midsection of the country, they'll see cooler weather. temperatures into the 80s. as you make your way further west, another heat dome set up out there. not as humid. the bad news is for all the firefighters. look at the temperatures. these are air temperatures well over 100. fresno, reading, salt lake and las vegas. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have low clouds and fog in
7:20 am
san francisco. and also right along the coastline. we start out in the 50s and low 60s. and after that nice cool start, it will warm up very quickly as we go through the morning. in the tri-valley, expect a high of 102 degrees today. in san francisco, 76. and also for the south bay, north bay, in the upper 90s. peninsula today, breezy at 87. watching out also for some poor air quality. weather. matt and savannah? >> all right, al. thank you so much. coming up, new fallout over that hacking of thousands of democratic national committee e-mails as the fbi launches an investigation. was russia involved? matt? plus, the so-called bill clinton factor. can the former president rally voters around his wife? what we expect to hear from him later tonight. first on a tuesday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
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still to come, the surprising things you can clean and cook in your dishwasher. you won't believe what's on the list. plus, al visits the set of "wheel of fortune" and unlocks the secrets to winning big on that beloved game show. but first on a tuesday morning, your local news and weather. i'm ...
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==vo== one person is in the hospital .. after a truck fire that spread a very good morning to you. it is 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. one person is in the hospital after a truck fire that spread to an adjacent hillside in the south bay. this is steven canyon road in cupertino. fire crews say when they arrived heyed that to contain the fire as it ran up the steep hill. the driver of the truck suffered burns. the fire investigators tell us they are trying to fig out if the fire was accidental, intentional, or or some of the mechanical failure. it is going to be a hot day, especially inland across the bay area. here's kari. >> that's where temperatures, laura, will be hitting into the upper 90s. even though we're 100 degrees. live look from tiburon. 54. cool start to the day.
7:27 am
all of our microclimates showing 50s and 60s. we'll be at 76 degrees in san francisco. 82 in oakland. up to 103 in livermore. fairfield, 101. and in san jose, 92 degrees. now, as we go into the next few days we're weather like this pretty much continues and we will be having the concerns of some poor air quality as we go through the day. let's head over to fik mike to see what's happening on the roads. >> smooth drive around most of the bay, south bay has seen the build up over the last 20 minutes. expect the northbound route. this will continue to build. the bay bridge toll plaza. we do have a fender bender keeping the span itself moving smoothly. east shore freeway and metering lights are on accessing westbound 80. this crash just cleared over the richmond. the crash just cleared from the san rafael side. thank you for joining us. there you see, the fog is
7:28 am
started by a golden gate bridge. head inland.
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7:30 on a tuesday morning. it's the 26th day of july, 2016. we're going to go outside and say hi to those people in just a couple minutes. hoda kotb is with me here. we'll do that at our 8:00 time slot. meanwhile, savannah is in philadelphia. day two of the democratic national convention. what a nice location you have. >> it's awesome, matt. this is where the constitution was written. this is where the declaration of independence was argued about and written and now today people are crying where is matt lauer? >> i thought you were going to say what was it like covering the declaration of independence, matt? >> why didn't i think about
7:31 am
that. a better sense of where we are. we're in the middle of a piece of american history. this is independence mall. this is downtown philly. 20 minutes north of the wells fargo center. that's where the convention itself is being held. tonight the theme is a lifetime of fighting for children and families. it focuses on secretary clinton's work with families across the country. we mentioned this, the roll call. each state announces how their delegates are voting to everyone on that floor. look for fireworks there from sanders supporters. and bill clinton making his case for why voters should send his wife to the white house. nbc national correspondent peter alexander is inside the wells fargo center with more on that. peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. as a surrogate president bill clinton boasts an incomparable resume, husband, adviser and past president himself but he also brings to the table tonight some significant personal and political baggage.
7:32 am
bill clinton taking in the convention's opening night ready to reclaim the spotlight on behalf of his wife while donald trump may be a tempting target, hillary's aides will say the president will focus on the woman he's known for 45 years. >> the value is to be able to tell the american people about his wife but there's a lot about her not known. >> bill clinton has strengths and weaknesses presiding over an economic boom in the 1990s. a talented speaker delivering for president obama in 2012. >> i want to nominate a man who is cool on the outside but who burns for america on the inside. >> reporter: and a potent political force viewed favorably by a majority of americans. still, clinton occasionally veers off script ridiculing president obama. and more recently taxing into trouble. popping into loretta lynch's
7:33 am
plane. on stage, bill clinton had plenty of practice. this is his tenth dnc address speaking at every convention for the last 36 years. his remarks viewed as a disaster, biggest applause coming when he wrapped it up. in closing -- >> reporter: in '92 the man from hope's shining moment accepting his party's nomination. >> it's time for a change in america. >> reporter: eight years later basking in his accomplishments. >> are we better off today than we were eight years ago? you bet we are. >> reporter: i spoke to president clinton briefly last night. he happened to get off an elevator in front of me. good way to catch up with the source. he says he's very excited for his speech tonight. aides to secretary clinton say nobody is better suited to speak on behalf of his wife. the word they say bill clinton likes to use in describing hillary clinton is change maker. what we expect tonight. savannah? >> peter alexander, thank you.
7:34 am
let's take a turn now and get a check of the weather from al who is joining me here in philadelphia. al, good morning. >> good morning, savannah. it's steamy out here. not as bad as it was yesterday. let's show you what we've got going on in other parts of the country. down to the south, you want to talk about steamy, soggy and wet, heavy thunderstorms going on from the panhandle of florida into the central gulf coast of texas. a stationary front to the north. storms forming along that. also we're looking at more storms coming into the gulf during the day today right on into tomorrow. these storms are going to be slow moving. there's a ton of gulf moisture available. we could look at flooding especially along the new orleans, louisiana into the mississippi coast lines. we could see some areas four to six inches of rain by late tomorrow. that's what's going on around the country. here's wha we are in for some hot and dry weather today as we get a live look outside, sunol, 63
7:35 am
degrees. smoke and haze will be drifting into the valleys. los gatos and san jose, 88 degrees. embarcadero, 75 today. 97 in napa. oakland, 82. over 100 degrees in the tri-valley today. today and tomorrow, very hot days. temperatures gradually decrease into the weekend. >> all these nice folks here in philadelphia come down to see. we'll chat with them coming up in the next half hour as well. savannah, matt? >> thank you so much. coming up next, inside the fbi investigation into those hacked dnc e-mails as republican nominee donald trump weighs in. remember those ice bucket challenges. all that fun led to something extraordinary. we'll tell you about that but first, these messages. they think that it's sad. i think it's important for everyone to know that there is so much more to memory support than the stigmas you hearabout.
7:36 am
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to the total family. listerine® total care. one bottle, six benefits. power to your mouth™. clean food. words panera lives by. no artificial flavors, preservatives, sweeteners. no colors from artificial sources. 100% of our food will be clean by year's end. that's food as it should be. back live in philadelphia with the latest fallout over those leaked e-mails from dnc staffers. the fbi is now investigating the hack that some officials are blaming on state sponsored russian hackers. nbc's hallie jackson is here with more on this. good morning to you. >> all of this, the hack, the leaked e-mails has been front and center here in philadelphia at the democratic national convention and it's why you're seeing more political fallout as this develops. together on the trail for the
7:41 am
first time, the gop ticket. it's the democrats drama they're focusing on now. >> they're having massive protests over there. you have to see what's going on. it's not good. >> reporter: the fbi investigating the suspected hacking of nearly 20,000 dnc e-mails. multiple cybersecurity experts blaming russia. the nation's foreign minister reacting overnight. wikileaks posting those e-mails online. it's founder julian assange. >> we have not disclosed our source and of course this is a diversion that's being pushed by the hillary clinton campaign. >> reporter: assange insists there's no proof russia is to blame for the hack. democrats disagree. >> russian-state actors were feeding e-mails to hackers for the purpose of helping donald trump. >> reporter: so what does the former ambassador to russia think? >> i don't think it's coordinated in any way with the
7:42 am
trump campaign but are policy views of mr. trump and kremlin related and similar and are they more similar than they are to secretary clinton? the answer to that is absolutely yes. >> reporter: the e-mail leak unleashing a flood of fallout at the democratic convention. boos raining on debbie wasserman-schultz forced to give up the gavel and her role as dnc chair and trump stoking drama. >> she just got fired. they said debbie, you're fired. get out. boom. >> reporter: donald trump trying to capitalize on democratic dissatisfaction. you saw that in that video. people holding up signs that said e-mails and booing debbie wasserman-schultz. savannah, as you know, she was in attendance at the convention. our cameras caught her walking in during a vip entrance. >> happening at precisely the wrong time for democrats. still an ahead, we will have
7:43 am
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no more accidents. no more disasters. where would state farm be? here. to help with college. here. for that first car. and here. for new beginnings. because in a world where nothing went wrong, your state farm agent will still be right here. helping make life go completely right. welcome back to "today" and look who we found in philly with us. carson. >> good morning. >> you saw the soft pretzels over there. how was it? >> it was an exciting night. very, very cool. hit the convention floor. there were cheers and boos. meant to be all about hillary and served as a chance for bernie sanders supporters to
7:48 am
speak their minds. ♪ >> is it a strong vote for hillary or anti-vote for trump? >> anti-vote for trump for sure. a lot of people here feel they're going to do whatever they can to defeat trump. >> the bernie sanders fans are everywhere. what do you think about that? >> it's disappointing. we need to come together. >> now that is a jacket. feel the bern. >> we want a democrat in the white house. we need bernie sanders as our nominee. hillary has a long shot against trump unfortunately. i want to pick a candidate that inspires me. bernie has done that for me. hillary has not done that yet. ♪ >> how is your time here on the floor? >> it's ruckus. i won't let bernie supporters intimidate me. they should vote whatever they want. i won't tell anybody how to vote. i don't want anyone telling me how to vote. i know it will be best for their daughters, sisters and mothers to elect hillary clinton.
7:49 am
>> we're finally nominating and we will then elect hillary clinton as our next president to me is a joyous and important moment in our history. >> it means that my granddaughters can become president of the united states of america. >> what are you looking forward to hearing from hillary on thursday? >> how she's going to beat donald trump. >> are you worried? >> well, always worry. you always worry. until the last vote is counted, you never know. >> a lot of great hats on the convention floor. we were there and it really felt like senator sanders rally. it was before he spoke last night. it was exciting. never been to a convention like this. had the atmosphere of a political sports event. >> it's like a party. it was like that last week, too. these are true believers. >> one of the big viral moments of the night, we showed this to you earlier. it was a fed up sayrah silverma.
7:50 am
she called out to bernie or bust people, you're being ridiculous and later would post a photo among senator sanders and actress elizabeth banks tweeted that sarah silverman is a hero in philly tonight. another celebrity that didn't embrace the push for unity, susan sarandon. shaking her head. he wrote sues san sarandon is having the worst time. she added the word accurate and that's liked more than 4,300 times. >> couldn't get a soft pretzel. very upset. >> i am having a terrible time. >> shouldn't have shown up. >> carson, thanks. we'll have more from here in philly in just a moment and we'll get a taste of philly's finest foods that we've been hinting about.
7:51 am
the soft pretzels, tomato pie. af hi! hey! i've made plans for later in case this date doesn't go well. likewise! but, funny story. on top of that? my mom is my best friend. uh oh. yeah. oop! there's the rescue text from my roommate saying she needs me. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back: the citi double cash card. the wolf was huffing and puffing. like you do sometimes, grandpa? well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said... symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. symbicort helps provide significant improvement of your lung function.
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wx toss to tic good tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we start out with some low clouds and some fog in san francisco. just over the golden gate bridge. now it's 54 degrees. we're seeing clear skies elsewhere. and it will be warming up. we're already hitting the upper 60 in parts of the east bay and san jose is at 65 degrees. livermore, 67, con cord. at 66 degrees with some low 50s elsewhere. and it will be a hot day. also poor air quality with a smoke drifting up from that wildfire in monterrey. mid 70s for san francisco. 90s for the north bay and even up to 98 degrees in concord. triple digits for the tri-valley. now let's head over to mike to see what's hamming on the roadways. >> pleasant tuesday. that's a good flow of traffic in the south bay. not a big deal but northbound 17 did have a crash at hamilton. took a while to clear. that's why we have this slower drive heading up in through that area. but it has just cleared from the lane so we will have recovery and that's really nice heading
7:57 am
up to 880. crash at 92. cleared in the last few minutes. you see traffic jammed up out of bau burlingame. things have improved. the act toughity may still be on the shoulder. other than that, moving well. bay bridge. another fender bender but lanes have cleared. look how nice that is, a smooth flow across the richmond to san rafael bridge. recovery is still slow at the toll plaza itself. >> thank you very much. tracking breaking news out of the south bay this morning where fire crews are at the scene of a strip mall fire burning in san jose. it's happening on south king road not far from the 286/80 interchange. it's pink elephant shopping center. we have a crew on the way to the scene. we'll bring you updates on air and online as soon as we get more information. on our app, bernie sanders supporters react to the senator's show of support for hillary clinton last night. check out why many still say they are feeling the bern. another local news update in half an hour.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, democratic drama. bernie sanders looks to calm angry supporters calling for unity within his fractured party. >> hillary clinton must become the next president of the united states. >> as the first lady shows rare emotion as she addresses convention delegates. >> i wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves. and i watch my daughters, two beautiful, intelligent black young women, playing with their dogs on the white house lawn. >> we're live in philadelphia with a look at what's next at
8:01 am
the dnc. plus, royal regret. prince harry gets personal opening up about the loss of his mother, princess diana. >> i regret not talking about her for the first 28 years of my life. never talked about her. >> al would like to buy a vowel. mr. roker takes us behind the scenes of one of america's favorite game shows showing us the set, the search for contestants and even spilling the secrets. >> the key is to buy a vowel. buy vowels. that's what i always suggest. >> inside information from vana white. >> today, tuesday, july 26th, 2016. >> waking up with "today"! >> we're so happy "today" is in
8:02 am
philly! >> philly loves "today"! >> good morning from philly! good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today." a beautiful morning. we're in philadelphia. we have al and carson here. only one thing missing. just one thing. a cheesesteak. >> i thought you would say matt. >> exactly. matt and hoda are back on the plaza in new york. hi, guys. good morning. >> since we're talking about game shows and al is going to take us behind the scenes of "wheel of fortune." let me give you "jeopardy!." 100 degrees, what is it now? it's the temperature inside the philly fanatics uniform behind you. >> we may get a sighting of him later. also opening night of the convention featured those big
8:03 am
speeches from bernie sanders and the first lady, michelle obama, urging delegates to rally behind hillary clinton. tonight we move on as we mentioned. bill clinton takes the stage. kristen welker is about five miles to our north inside the wells fargo center. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. when bill clinton takes the stage here tonight, he's expected to speak in very personal terms about his wife's record while trying to build on the momentum that capped a ruckus first day here. all this as bernie sanders delivered for hillary clinton with a full throated call to support her. as bernie sanders stepped to the podium, he was greeted by a sea of blue bernie signs and cheers from supporters and persisting applause. for more than half an hour, he tried to quiet the revolution he started for the sake of party unity. >> this election is not about and has never been about hillary
8:04 am
clinton or donald trump or bernie sanders. >> reporter: urging supporters to get behind the clinton/kaine ticket. >> hillary clinton must become the next president of the united states. >> reporter: the sanders speech led to a tweet from donald trump. bernie sanders totally soldout to crooked hillary clinton. all of that work, energy, money and nothing to show for it. waste of time. to which sanders responded simply never tweet. absent from the night's proceedings, congresswoman debbie wasserman-schultz resigning as head of the dnc after embarrassing e-mail leaks. the dnc apologizing to sanders for seeming to tilt toward hillary. but for all of the discord in the city of brotherly love, there was also plenty of celebration. paul simon. to boys 2 men and eva longoria. it was first lady michelle obama who brought down the house
8:05 am
taking veiled shots at donald trump. >> don't let anyone ever tell you that this country isn't great because this right now is the greatest country on earth. >> reporter: reminding a divided party they were able to come together after a bruising battle eight years ago. >> there is only one person who i believe is truly qualified to be president of the united states and that is our friend, hillary clinton. >> reporter: sanders is expected to officially turn over his delegates to clinton during a roll call of all 50 states tonight. in addition to bill clinton, mothers who lost their children to gun violence are also expected to speak. they'll serve as character witnesses for clinton who still struggling to rebuild the public's trust in her. savannah? >> kristen welker at the wells fargo center. we'll have more from the convention today on msnbc and tonight on prime time 10:00 eastern, 7:00 we get started.
8:06 am
matt makes his way to philly tomorrow and we have our exclusive interview from the white house with president obama. that's wednesday on "today." for the moment, we'll head back to new york and sheinelle is holding down the fort with other top stories of the morning. good morning. >> we begin with breaking news in france overnight. one priest was killed and another person seriously wounded when two men armed with knives took hostages during a morning mass. motives are unclear. french president francois hollande believes isis is behind the attack. 19 people and dozens more were wounded. victims range in age from 19 to 70. the man surrendered and is custody. a former employee at the facility. deadliest mass killing in japan in more than 70 years. danger is far from over in
8:07 am
southern california where a wildfire is burning near los angeles. 20,000 people evacuated were allowed back into their homes. the fire has been burning about 10,000 acres a day since friday. it's destroyed at least 18 homes. some belonging to the firefighters battling to save the homes of others. a big flour recall is getting better. general mills announced the recall in june following an e. coli outbreak. the outbreak has sickened at least 46 people in 21 states. the cdc says flour produced in kansas city, missouri, is the likely source of the outbreak. prince harry is speaking out this morning opening up like never before on the death of his mother, princess diana, and the impact it has on his life. we go to kensington palace for that story.
8:08 am
>> reporter: the prince trending on social media overnight after palace released this video of the prince holding a charity event and sharing personal views on the death of his mom. forget about the princely pomp and ceremony. harry recently rolling up his sleeves for barbecue. making headlines around the world this morning for honest talk about losing his mother. >> i really regret not ever talking about her, you know. for the first 28 years of my life. never talked about her. >> reporter: prince harry was just 12 when his mother died in a car crash in paris. he's opening up now to set an example. >> the key message here is that everyone can benefit from mental health whether you're a member of the royal family, a soldier, a sports star. >> reporter: the backyard party was for the mental health charity heads together founded by harry, william and kate.
8:09 am
the new generation of royals ditching the traditional stiff upper lip to promote a long list of good causes. prince william on the cover of an lgbt magazine to raise awareness about bullying. prince harry taking an hiv test to keep one of diana's favorite causes, the fight against aids, in the spotlight and kate for child mental health. >> they are carrying on diana's legacy. they want to give people that she did a voice again. >> reporter: the world's interest in the royals is as strong as ever. the papers are still talking about prince george's third birthday. the young royal turning the attention into a positive to get people talking. >> it's okay to suffer and as long as you talk about it. it's not weakness. weakness is having a problem and not recognizing it and not solving that problem. >> reporter: prince harry getting the conversation going yet again.
8:10 am
that video was released yesterday and it's already been viewed more than 1 million times. sheinelle? >> i can only imagine. thank you. more than a year after it took off, a solar powered plane made history during the night. the solar impulse 2 landed in abu dhabi completing the first world journey without using a drop of fuel. it has a wing span bigger than a 747 and weighs about as much as a minivan. after the 25,000-mile trip, one of the pilots said "the future is clean. the future is now." >> wow. >> he practiced that. sheinelle, thank you very much. up next, an unexpected tool to make dinner. you'll be stunned at what you can cook in your dishwasher. >> all right. plus, al goes for a spin on the set of the beloved game show "wheel of fortune." savannah?
8:11 am
>> matt, i have needs. i had to replace you. i'm so sorry. philly fanatic is here. we had to make do, my friend. we'll have a lot more from philly right after this. ♪ with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, nutella adds a smile to any morning. one jar; so many delicious possibilities. nutella - spread the happy! clean food. words you don't often hear. words we at panera live by. because clean food is food as it should be. with no artificial flavors, preservatives, sweeteners, and no colors from artificial sources. we think clean food tastes better, feels better, does better.
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walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. now get 5,000 bonus points when you spend 25 dollars or more on participating beauty and personal care products. all right. we're back. we're in philly. new york has matt and hoda holding down the fort. last night's convention was exciting to say the least. a lot going on. internet tweeting the whole thing. here's a roundup of some of the best tweets about the night. first up, in response to how chaotic things were for a few moments yesterday afternoon. the floor burning. next the joke about paul simon. dnc reaches out to the youth vote. a lot of reaction to michelle obama tweeting it's like michelle obama is dropping me off at college right now and i
8:15 am
want to cry and say don't go but i can't. i have to be strong and wouldn't be complete without a beyonce comparison. here it is. on that stage like you know who, beyonce. remember a couple years ago when the ice bucket challenge was all the rage. did you do it, al? i never did. hoda did it. matt did it. to raise money and awareness for als foundation. if you wondered what happened to millions of dollars? it was put to good use. a national research team says that it has identified a new als gene. it was discovered after a large study was conducted with the help of those ice bucket donations. the discovery of the gene gives scientis scientists info for treatment. do you think scientists would get this far? you're so glad about the ice
8:16 am
bucket challenge. we are, too. it was for a good cause, matt. >> all of the people who joked about it for all those months, too bad. it really did a good thing. i'm happy about that. >> it's usawesome. >> we have all used the dishwasher before. did you know it could be used for other things than washing dishes. there's a list of dishwasher hacks. things you can do with a dishwasher people wouldn't suspect. >> wash your hair? >> your baseball hat. >> your toothbrush. >> i have no idea. >> how about this. you can wash plastic toys and silk. you can wash your flip-flops. clean tools and filters. keep food warm. cook salmon.
8:17 am
>> did people run out of ovens? >> those are some of the things -- >> would that work with other fish? >> you would poaching fish. >> how about that. >> you want to keep with the quiz theme going. we get up really early around here. we wouldn't be able to do so without tunes. spotify came up along with a psychology candidate came up with the perfect song to wake up to. >> wake me up before you go-go. >> savannah, what's yours? >>ny song from "hamilton" song track. >> i'm about sound of philadelphia. >> number three is downtown and not the one you're thinking. not the old one. number two, it's called elevate. >> never heard of that song. >> carson doesn't know it?
8:18 am
>> no. >> all right. and number one, by coldplay. that's the number one song to wake up to. >> and if you're wondering why we need best ones to wake up to, they build slowly, positive message and strong beat. >> that study was sponsored by st. lucia. >> carson is here. >> lots to get to. we'll start with michael jordan. in the past the basketball legend tied away from political and controversial dialogue but monday he broke his silence with the recent events revolving around race relations and police. i know this country is better than that. i can no longer stay silent. we need to find resolutions that ensure people of color receive fair and equal treatment and that police officers who put
8:19 am
their lives on the line every day to protect us all are respected and supported. jordan also announced he'll be donating $1 million to naacp and another organization that focuses on police/community relations. jennifer aniston made news monday after videos emerged from a film festival in italy the past weekend. she became emotional and opened up about past heartbreak during a q & a session. a fan in the audience asked aniston if she ever woke up not knowing who she was. >> yes. that moment has happened to me on -- i can't even -- there's not enough fingers and toes in this entire room to count how many times that moment has happened. at the end of the day, you kind of can hit walls and think i can go any farther or it's just too much. my heart can't take it or the pain is to great or am i good enough? can i, will i survive?
8:20 am
and you just have to sort of somehow miraculously overcome and say yes, i can. >> aniston said all actors and idols alike have experienced that feeling and beyonce at a recent concert could not be distracted by a fan whose attention was elsewhere. a woman was playing pokemon at a beyonce concert and another beyonce fan was not having it. take a look. >> playing pokemon while beyonce is singing. look at where she is. next to the stage. this is the stage. >> once the fan vented frustration, she focused her attention back to the concert where it rightfully belongs.
8:21 am
rihanna asked the audience recently to stop playing pokemon go and put their fans away. you stop playing pokemon go, too. you can find more pop culture news on "today's" facebook page. >> we want your undivided attention. let's get a check of the weather. >> the heat has been a big problem. we also have heavy showers and thunderstorms along the gulf coast. strong storms in the northern plains as well. as we look at this big heat dome here in the east, we're going to continue to see temperatures that feel like they are well over 100 degrees from providence all of the way down to jacksonville and you can see this week the real core of that heat is going to be along the mid-atlantic, southeastern atlantic coast as well. and for our friends who are here in philadelphia for the dnc, you can see temperatures stay steamy. thursday, look for more showers and thunderstorms with temperatures making their way into the mid 90s.
8:22 am
temperatures inland will be heating up today. meantime, we do start out with a nice cool 59 degrees, also low clouds and fog across the golden gate bridge while clear elsewhere. inland areas is where the heat will be on, 101 in fairfield, 103 in livermore, 98 in concord. we'll have some 80s for the inner bay, to 88 degrees in palo alto, san jose 92 degrees. san francisco along the coastline will be the 70s. >> don't forget, if you're driving, take "today" show radio on xm in your vehicle. >> i feel slender next to fanatic. whose bump is bigger? >> that wasn't right. that wasn't right. >> we better send it back to you, matt. >> i'm not sure we were technically allowed to show that
8:23 am
on tv. it's okay. >> sorry, world. >> your husband right now -- we're sorry. >> mike just texted me. ten short days away from the start of the rio. team usa's roster is in. 555 athletes will represent the united states among them 191 returning olympians. >> 68 are gold medalists including 53 reigning olympic champions and three athletes are competing in their sixth olympic game. how is that for trivia? we'll be live in rio to bring you all of the action starting with the opening ceremony next friday, august 5th. >> it will be exciting. coming up, al, game on. >> that's right, guys. we are behind the scenes of "wheel of fortune." find out what makes it one of the most popular game shows of all time. first, your local news and weather. good morning, it's 8-26...
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
i'm ... ==rail== we're tracking breaking news out of the south bay.... where fire crews rushed to the scene good tuesday morning at 8:26. we are tracking breaking news out of the south bay where fire crews rushed to the scene of a strip mall fire. san jose fire just confirmed that the fire is out. the flames broke out at a supermarket in the pink elephant shopping center. the supermarket shares a wall with other businesses and there was concern the flames might spread. one person is in the hospital after a truck fire that did spread to an adjacent hillside in cupertino. the driver of the truck suffered burns and investigators are now trying to figure out if the fire was accidental or intentional. a quick overview of our morning commute with mike.
8:27 am
>> we had a series of crashes in the south bay. across the san mateo, dunbarton, and bay bridge, no incidents. southbound 280, a slow drive, traditional slowing there. you'll have a slowing drive because of a fender bender. a crash, 101 at trimble, it's out of the roadway. fire crews are out of the scene but they may still be blocking the road. that will do it right now. back to the "today" show. see you in 30 minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ cheeseburger in paradise tuesday morning, 26th day of july, 2016. it is hot, steamy one in many cities all across the country. but it's summer. we expect. that we have a really nice crowd on the plaza. we're joined out here as well by hoda kopte and chanel jones. there sour gang down in philadelphia. we got the phanatic. you know what goes well with hot weather? >> what? >> jimmy buffett music. this friday in new york city, come on out. get ready for a great concert on the plaza. from the one and only mr. jimmy
8:31 am
buffett. >> can we also grab -- there is a young girl over here who has flowers for you. i want to get them for you real quick. thank you, sweetie. thank you so much. flowers go better in the summer. she says these were for you? for me? that's so sweet. thank you very much. savannah, i'm going to bring these to philadelphia and share them with you today. >> that's so will havellovely. we have to give a big thanks to philly phanatic. i've really gotten to know him this morning. so thank you, philly. >> thank you so much. >> don't be sad. >> i know. >> want to stay a little bit longer? >> call me. >> can you stay a little longer if you want. to he wants to stay. coming up, you can stay for. this we have a philly main stay, great food. we're going to taste some of the city's best from tomato pie to hot presidetzels and cheese sti. >> in the summer heat, hard to beat a good old ice coffee.
8:32 am
this season everyone is talking about this cold brew coffee, what exactly is it? we'll tell what you you need to know about the latest drink craze. >> we start a long series today, social star search. we had inspiring social media stars with the biggest names on youtube, instagram and vine. >> we caught up with our youtube beauty team. this morning our inspiring instagram fitness guru and her mentor stop by the plaza to show us how to stay in shape before the summer ends. you can catch up with them and all of our stars at why not share your morning workout and photos with the #socialstars. how about that? all right. back to nerve philly. >> thank you. i have a train to catch. we're going to interview the president. get your booty to philadelphia. let's get a check of the weather. >> there's a lot going on here. >> i haven't had a lot of sleep. starting to come out. >> you're allowed. >> good luck. have a gr interview with the president.
8:33 am
let's show you what we got going on as far as your weather is concerned. a lot of wet weather along the gulf. slight risk of storms in the northern plains. wet weather in the mid-atlantic states. gorgeous in the northeast. a little less humid and hot. but you can see tomorrow we got more wet weather in texas, gulf coast on into the ohio river valley. out west, the sun and the heat combine to make again a very dangerous for our fire fighting friends who are fighting all wildfires out there in california. that's what's going on around the country. please as we head through the day in san francisco, looking at some mostly sunny skies. it will be slightly warmer than average and warmer than yesterday, reaching into the mid- to upper 70 ice. we'll see a high of 73 degrees tomorrow. by thursday, a little bit nicer with highs in the upper 60s. we'll see the 60s continuing into the weekend. for the inland areas, it will be hot. the sizzling temperatures start
8:34 am
out today to 99 degrees in the tri valley, and 102 degrees with more heat into the weekend. ♪ all right. thank you very much, al. day two of our special series "game on today" giving you a look at the iconic games on television. >> i got to tell you, carson. great seeing my old pals vanna white and pat sajack. i got a taste of how tough it is to win big on "the wheel of fortune." they call it america's game. and for good reason. it's the longest running syndicated game show in the country. after more than three decades on the air, the game, the wheel, and the setup looks almost exactly the same. >> just want to say a quick hello. >> two more mainstays of "wheel
8:35 am
of fortune," pat sajack and vanna white. >> i've been fortunate enough to wander on to the set. in 1981, pat sajack won big winning the host of "wheel of fortune." >> the following year, joined by a then unknown vanna white. since then, the duo has taped 6400 episodes together, picking up some tips on how to spin and win along the way. the contestants, really, in a sense make that show. do you have a sense of who's going to be a good contestant and who snnt. >> it's a funny game. it's not knowledge based. it's a different skill set to solve a puzzle, fill in letters, to do cross words. there is so much luck involved on our show. we don't have a tournament champion because the best player doesn't always win on our show. you can be the most terrific player in the world, but if you hit a bankrupt, you're done. if it's not your turn, you're done. someone else -- i know that
8:36 am
puzzle. i can't get to do it. >> buy an a. >> buy a vowel. >> i think that is the key. that's what i always suggest. >> inside information from vanna white. buy a vowel. >> buy many vowels. as many as you can. >> buy early, buy often. >> yes. >> wheel watchers, want to take a spin at auditioning for "wheel of fortune"? >> every year the wheel mobile hits the road travels to dozens of cities. 10,000 try out but 600 get the chance to spin that wheel. >> a perfect wheel contestant is someone who can keep the game moving along, who can be fun and smart and have a great time playing the game. >> three, two, one. >> hi, everybody. >> on this dashgs 18 super fans are living a dream come true and learning how tough it is to go from couch contestant to the real wheel. are wr a hot streak can freeze over faster than you can say
8:37 am
bankrupt. >> you did all that work. >> but a few good spins and quick thinking could mean winning big. >> magazine ad. >> i knew you could do that. i had no doubt. >> you got the money coming. yeah. >> what was it like when you're there in the studio for first time? it is somewhat daunting? >> when you're there under the lights and have pressure of actually winning real tangible things and money, it's definitely a different experience. a lot more nerve wracking. >> you don't have to make it look that easy, you know. you could struggle a little more. >> people like jean and robert do make it look easy. in march, the 23-year-old won nearly every round, even solving this puzzle with only one letter. >> port and starboard. >> yeah, that's it. >> he says he's a diehard fanned who studied old shows and played practice games online to prepare for his turn at the wheel. >> your ship just came in. >> the episode posted online has
8:38 am
been viewed more than 4 1/2 million time. people get this hot streak going. i mean what is that like? >> it's like an nhl goalie who they say is in the zone. the puck looks this big and they can stop it all the time. there is some kind of confidence in them that takes over. >> thank you. >> you did it. >> when one person controls most of the game, i feel bad for the other players. because they don't have the opportunity to play as much or solve the puzzle. so i do feel bad for them. but my favorite show is when all three contestants win something. >> we'll see you next time. >> yeah. >> good-bye. >> i got to tell you guys, visiting that set never gets old. but i'll tell you, the other thing is it's not easy to spin that wheel. it is heavy. >> heavy. how about the year that letters stopped turning and vanna only had to touch them. >> that was a big deal. >> that's right. >> vanna said you still have to touch it just right. >> very cool, al.
8:39 am
tomorrow, we're going to go to the mind to the test on the test of "jeopardy." guys? >> i want to see jenna on the set of "jeopardy." >> i think i would really blow it. >> i think the same thing. >> all right. al that, was very, very cool. up next, the hottest summer drink trend. this is cold brew coffee. but first, this is "today" on nbc. when consultant josh atkins books at
8:40 am
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back now on 8:41. whether it comes to coffee smrve, some like it hot and cold. now there is the cold brew. >> hoda tells us it is the fastest growing sectors of the $120 billion specialty food business with a 300% gain in the last five years alone. jackie london is here. she is a registered dietician and nutrition director for "good house keeping." she has more on the trend. good morning. >> good morning. how are you? >> i'm wonderful. great to be here. >> what is cold brew? >> cold brew coffee is made
8:42 am
differently than the regular type of roasted coffee that we traditionally use heat for a short period of time. cold brew uses a cold temperature so it will go in the refrigerator and can steep overnight for 12 to 24 hours. >> you take hot coffee, pour it over ice, the other one you spend 24 hours. >> absolutely. >> can you taste the difference? >> you can taste the difference. the cold brew tends to be less acidic. so for people who find coffee to be a bit of an irritant for their gut, it usually is better tolerated. >> it is smoother. it does taste smoother. >> is this the cold brew? >> this is the ice coffee this is the cold brew. >> that's why you're used to it. it does have a natural sweetness, too, which we do -- which is why cold brew can be a great weight loss tool also. you don't add any sugar. >> what is this here? >> this is the top tested cold brew coffee maker. it got a 94 out of 100 from our
8:43 am
experts at "good house keeping" because of the ease of use as well as the greatest flavor potential. >> wait. do you put this whole thing in the refrigerator? >> yes, do you. you put it in and then you take -- so this is about $50. so for you, it can be a cost saving technique. you got 13 cups of cold brew coffee here. >> but if you don't want continue to vest the time and 24 hours, can you buy it. >> absolutely. you can buy it. these are the top tested winners here. this would be our favorite. we love this. they got a great reputation nationally. we love some of these. now what is really excellent about a lot of these is that they are all available to us. we can pick them up at the store. we can get them online and something like a sling shot, super versatile. >> i can just am in for a second. she didn't like that. >> the reason is, i like it with a little cream. you can mix it with cream. >> exactly. you can make a latte out of it. >> she made that hoda face.
8:44 am
>> well, you know what? the other thing you might like better would be adding some of these are great to use with cocktails. which i think is a great summer treat. >> that is like a juice almost, doesn't it? >> there is a sparkle. >> it has a little sparkle. this is more like our draft beebee beer. so these all have an excellent flavor profile. the one thing that is the most important thing to look for when you look for the health benefits of cold brew coffee is make sure you're looking for unsweetened versions. unless it is flavored, it should have zero calories, zero grams of sugar. this is our chameleon cold brew. the great part about this one is for va nil yashgs make sure that any of these has six grams of sugar or less. >> are these expensive if you want to buy them in the stores? >> they're all about $4 a bottle. this one is a little more because there is the cold brew coffee concentrate to which you add water.
8:45 am
>> sometimes you just have to be honest. i like the ice coffee better. >> i do, too. >> it's okay. >> i like this the best. i don't know why. i just do. >> some like cold brew, some don't. >> this is smooth. >> exactly. >> jackie, this is fantastic. thank you very much. >> make that hoda face. >> i can't do it. >> we'll have much more on the cold brew coffee friend on our website, >> up next, al and carson sink their teeth into the city of brotherly love's most iconic foods. >> this is today on nbc. love's most beloved foods. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
maybe almond breeze tastes so good because it's the only almondmilk made with california blue diamond almonds. but if you ask our almond growers... there's no maybe about it. almond breeze. the best almonds make the best almondmilk. proud sponsor of usa volleyball.
8:47 am
all right. welcome back to philadelphia this morning on "today food," a taste of this city's finest. >> we are talking cheesesteaks and more. here to show off awesome options
8:48 am
is brian duffy. we have philly fanatic here. savannah is on a train to the president. brian, you have been in our studio a bunch of times. congrats on the new spot. >> thank you. appreciate it. we're stoked to open. >> what is this? >> it's actually a turnover made with italian bread started in philadelphia in 1950. originally they were going to call it stuffed pizza. it's filled with different types of meats. dip it in sauce. it's awesome. different from different. unbelievable. >> that's terrific. >> we got these. the hoagy. the hoagy started way back in the 1900s over by the navy yard.
8:49 am
they have hog island. that's what it was called. guys would take italian bread and shove lettuce, tomato and meat. hot peppers, sweet peppers. pickles. all that good stuff. they would carry them over there. that was lunch. it's all about bread. we have great bread in philly. classic for what we use in philadelphia. multiple rolls. we can fight about it all day. i'm a fan of these right here. >> it's about unity. >> slow down, bud. don't you get enough at the ballpark. >> you get free ones. >> how did the soft pretzel become part of philly? >> in the early 1900s, they started to make them. they're served throughout the city. philadelphia eats 12 times more pretzels than anywhere else in the world.
8:50 am
>> that's right. >> they're very proud of that. >> that helps the beer sales a little bit, too. >> absolutely. >> good pairing. >> best way to get them, off the street when they're super hot. we're all happy. >> what's the difference between tomato pie and pizza? >> pizza typically cheese is on top. this is a thicker crust. the whole key to these pizzas is -- to the pies, is not only the dough, it's the sauce. every chef in every restaurant has their own secret recipe. it's spicy and sweet. cheese underneath the tomato layer. >> cool. >> pure carbohydrates. this is a roast pork sandwich. this is a slow roasted 12 hour
8:51 am
pulled pork. ro provolone cheese has to be sharp. welcome to philly! >> how about that. >> it's healthy because it's got broccoli. >> beautiful. >> brian, thanks. >> coming up next, my buddy usher is back in new york in studio 1a to reveal the star studded lineup for this year's citizens global festival. we'll be right back. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> announcer: this portion of "today" is brought to you by walgreens at the corner of happy and healthy. >> i just got a compliment from usher. doesn't get better than that. we're back now with an event that gets bigger and better every years bringing together the biggest names. >> a free concert put on in central park by the global citizen organization and our friends at msnbc to bring awareness to important issues. >> a great event. here to announce this year's lineup, global citizens ceo hugh evans, usher and an actress. when this started out, year one, you expect it would be a one off. you would have one great concert in central park and that would
8:54 am
be it. look at us now. >> initially when first year it was headlined by neil young with crazy horse and we were so exhausted at the end of it. we thought that's the end of the festival. we got a phone call the day after from stevie wonder who said he was going to headline year two. we said stevie, there is no year two. he said there is now. all of a sudden momentum grew and now we're so excited. 8 million members later and actions that impact the lives of 256 million people around the world. we're so happy to see the movement grow. >> you attract such people. why did you guys want to be involved in this? a lot of great causes. >> music has been the catalyst for change. the time we put in recognizing the issues ourselves around global poverty, around better education, better standards for human beings. i wanted to be part of it when asked. i actually heard the story about
8:55 am
stevie wonder, and i jumped at the opportunity to be part of it. >> what about you? >> i come from a country which has seen the ability of poverty and affluence to live together. we have forgotten about humanity. you know, we have forgotten about what the future is and the future of the world are millennials and this show reaches out to them and gives millennials and the youth of today, a generation of tomorrow, the power to say that i can be the change i want to see. >> this is a free concert. it's important to know that people have to earn their tickets. >> you can't buy the tickets. >> people have to earn 23 points by going to and earn actions. they can use points to come to global citizen festival for
8:56 am
free. >> make sure to catch the global citizen festival. by the way, lineup, who will we see? >> rihanna. kendrick lamar, selena gomez, metallica. cat stevens is coming back for the first time in over 40 years. it's going to be huge. i'm ... going to start earning ==topvo== a health warning for people in discovery ba good morning at 8:56, i'm sam brock. a health warning for people in discovery bay. contra costa county health officials are warning everyone to stay out of the delta water after preliminary testing results showed abnormal amounts of blue-green algae. exposure can be dangerous for you or your pets. >> these toxins can produce gastrointestinal problems, skin problems, also neurological
8:57 am
problems. that's why we don't want folks to go in the water right now. >> environmental officials say final tests from water samples should be available in about a week. happening now, firefighters are racing to coral flames erupting across california. for a full map of all the wildfire activity happening in the golden state, head to a rare flower occurrence this week in new york. we posted images of the infamous corpse flower on our facebook page. pokemon go has been the talk of the bay area and the country. an event gathered 9,000 fans. pokeyman enthusiasts say they want more, now they'll get their wish. we'll see you again in just 30 minutes.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," the cast of "aliens" reunited 30 years after the oscar winning film. then a live performance from one of the hottest rappers around. and there's no topping this, we're celebrating national bagel fest day coming up right now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning, july 26th, 2016. i'm hoda kotb along with jenna bush hager. al, tamron and willie have been working their you know what off in philadelphia. the democratic national convention is going on. lots of drama. we'll go to those guys in just a couple minutes. >> we're here just eating
9:01 am
bagels. >> just eating and laughing. >> do you know sturgill simpson? >> is that the guy who you -- >> -- yeah. >> so this is -- >> from the '40s? >> of nirvana in bloom. >> this song. >> let's hear. ♪ he's the one all those pretty songs ♪ ♪ and he asked to sing along and he -- ♪ this is a nirvana song. >> is he country? >> yeah, he's country. >> he's country singing nirvana? that's cool. >> i'm a child of the '90s. but when i grew -- before merle haggard passed away. >> yeah yeah. >> he said that sturnlgle simpson was the only thing in country music worth listening to. >> what a statement. how did you discover him? >> friends of mine from austin recommended him a few years ago. >> you saw him live?
9:02 am
>> we saw him live in brooklyn. >> there's something about singing a concert -- i went and saw jake owen once in new york city. i got to tell you, nothing weirder than being at a country music concert in the heart of manhattan. he's barefoot in jeans. everyone's got cowboy hats on. you're like -- >> country music is huge on the east coast. >> yeah it is. >> it's huge everywhere. i mean, i'm from texas, so it's huge there. >> with me, too. >> today is national bagel day in case you were wondering. we decided we would create our favorite bagel breakfast. >> mine is a cinnamon sugar bagel with cinnamon sugar cream cheese. >> cinnamon sugar cream cheese? >> they used to when i was growing up. >> do you hollow your bagels? some people take their fingers in and take out the middle so it has fewer calories. >> no. >> i like a toasted onion bagel. this one isn't. this one isn't because i knew i was sitting next to you with scallion tofu cream cheese.
9:03 am
i know -- look if you guys -- okay, okay before you get grossed out i just want to tell you something. it tastes like regular cream cheese. i have a dairy thing. where i can't have dairy and i love the idea -- >> i eat it every day. >> i eat it and pay for it later. put your finger in it. just put your finger in that and just taste it. see? tastes like cream cheese. >> i don't have a problem with tofu. i don't like the scallions so early in the morning. >> we have a twitter poll -- >> i mean really, your breath -- you're going to need to brush your teeth. >> i will, i will. here's the question, in the morning do you prefer sweet or savory? okay? if you prefer sweet, go put it on twitter. write "today's take" and sweet. is that what they're supposed to do. if you like savory -- we're doing a contest -- i mean a competition. a poll. >> a poll. >> i prefer sweet. >> i prefer savory. >> she prefers bad breath.
9:04 am
>> that was not a fair statement. but anyway. please hurry up and start tweeting so we can count. >> all right, so here is a big question for you. are you organized? these are the secrets to be naturally organized. >> okay. >> they came up with these secrets that they live by. first, do these people find everything in a home a place? they find a home for everything. >> oh. yeah i'm a mess. and you are, too. >> no, i'm not. these are what organized people do. they find a home for everything. >> what does that mean like you pull out a drawer -- >> yes. photos -- they're decisive. i would say we're both decisive. >> yes, i'm decisive. >> they cut the clutter. >> i don't do that. >> you could use some help with that. >> they value their time. >> i value my time. i spend so much time -- i do get frustrated with being disorganized because when i waste time looking for other thing that i lost, then i get frustrated. >> i actually am pretty organized. i know you don't believe me, but i am.
9:05 am
>> usually -- >> i'm dirty. i spill. >> she stains. >> i stain. >> and you leave things all over the place. >> it's not true. not in my own home. >> but, you're where's my phone, where's my credit card, fell on the floor. >> that's true. >> i'm very organized. >> so as we said, it's while we're here we do have the a-team in philadelphia for the democratic national convention. tamron has been driving this ship. how's it going? >> it's going. you said the a-team. i look over and al is not in this shot. because he is -- >> b.a. barakis. >> that's your favorite show? >> it's not as bad as it was yesterday. >> yesterday was excruciating heat. today -- >> we have -- >> i want to zoom in. >> my personal beyonce -- >> i got my hair blown out at 5:00 a.m. this morning. johnny left the convention -- >> the stylists are coming now. >> to rescue my hair. yesterday as i told you because
9:06 am
we have weather sensitive hair. >> yes, we do. >> by the time i left here i was in full afro. >> this is great. >> i got up at 5:00 a.m. to get my hair straightened. >> you need a pound of gel and a >> y hammer. >> you look good. >> here's the deal. in tamron's contract, she has that beyonce -- whenever she's on remote. >> it's al blowing on my hair. here comes al with something. this is in my contract. hoda, this is what you have to get. >> 1that's in your next deal. >> i'm her biggest fan. >> he's my biggest fan. >> whoa! whoa! it's not like i said something about bernie sanders. come on, people. >> let's -- >> wow. you didn't pay for any of this. >> we're actually here of course. the main event last night bernie sanders received a standing
9:07 am
ovation from the crowd at the dnc. actually bringing some of his followers to tears much like al's joke. senator sanders went onto offer a clear endorsement of his former rival, hillary clinton. >> we need leadership which brings our people together and makes us stronger. not leadership which insults latinos and mexicans, insults muslims and women, african-americans and veterans and seeks to divide us up. based on her ideas and her leadership, hillary clinton must become the next president of the united states. >> there's no doubt the night started off rough with a divided
9:08 am
room. it was a changing point when comedian and sanders supporter sarah silverman took the stage. she had a strong message for bernie or bust crowd. she said in her words, you're being ridiculous. a lot of pundits say that was the beginning of the turning point. that speech got a lot of attention. the show stopper certainly was the first lady of the united states, michelle obama delivering an emotional speech to that crowd and the people watching at home. >> i wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves. and i watch my daughters, two beautiful intelligent black young women playing with their dogs on the white house lawn.
9:09 am
and because of hillary clinton, my daughters and all our sons and daughters now take for granted that a woman can be president of the united states. >> michelle obama also talked about the fact when their motto is if someone takes the low road, you take the high. she never referenced donald trump by name but went on to say a reference about people going on 140 characters obviously clearly talking about twitter and fighting these battles. you saw the speech. >> i felt badly for elizabeth warren and bernie sanders who had to follow that because everybody was on this emotional high, i think. >> absolutely. >> wherever you stood on this or felt about anything that was going on, you watched that speech and you were blown away by it. >> even in the audience, jenna and hoda, different people including elizabeth warren, she was booed by bernie sanders
9:10 am
supporters who said that she told them out that they trusted her when michelle obama took the stage, not a boo. not a boo. respect for her position as the first lady. but also what she represents. she still remains one of the most popular people in washington, d.c. and in this country. so there was definitely a huge amount of respect given to her. tonight though, it is bill clinton's turn to make his case in his speech. he has spoken before ten dncs. however here is the difference as we all know. the very first time he spoke on behalf of his wife. the extraordinary history of this as we're on independence mall, a former president discussing his wife who is now about to be the major party's nominee. >> and could become the first gentleman. >> oh, yeah, the first gentleman. that would be the title. threw me off a bit. i don't know if there's an actual name for it. we have a beautiful location. guys, say hi to hoda and jenna? >> the crowd is getting big. the crowd was thin earlier. you and al are bringing them in.
9:11 am
>> that's it. we've got fans there. >> you have the weather. >> i do. as you imagine, the heat of course the big deal. we've got that heat dome we've been talking about the last week and a half. and it is starting to break down a bit. we're looking at the core of this heat, feels-like indexes. it will feel like 100 from d.c. all of the way down to jacksonville and the next several days it will continue to feel hot, really from the mid-atlantic states down into the southeast. the good news is it will break down as we get into the weekend. for our friends in the midwest, cooling weather starting to come in. temperatures will be in the mid to upper 70s with lower humidity. but the bad news for our friends out west where brave firefighters are fighting wildfires, heat dome not the humidity, but heat itself. look at these temperatures. century mark and higher from redding, salt lake, las vegas into fresno. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in y we will see that heat building fairly quickly today.
9:12 am
although it stays nice and mild in san francisco, we'll see the few clouds there clearing out. it will be up to 76 degrees today. 73 tomorrow and on thursday with some upper 60s leading into the weekend for the inland areas. it will be close to 100 degrees for at least the next three days and it will still be hot in time for friday, but this weekend the temperature starts to come right back down and will be in the mid-80s by sunday. >> that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you so much. we're trying to -- here's the thing. we took a poll at the beginning of the show who likes sweet and who likes savory? >> 45 like sweet. >> 55 savory. >> i don't think that's correct. >> just ahead, 30 years after the release of sci-fi classic "aliens," the cast reunite
9:13 am
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9:16 am
hard to believe it's been 30 years since "aliens" first hit theaters. >> the staff reunited over the weekend and sheinelle caught up with them. >> director james cameron and all-star cast in one place at comic con in san diego. i sat down with them to talk about how the oscar winning film is still a classic after all these years. it's a film that preyed on our darkest fears about space. what really is out there? the 1986 thriller isn't the only thing to stand the test of time. the bond between the all-star cast is unmistakable. if i were to ask you guys 30 years later how you would sum up "aliens"? >> the gift that keeps on giving. >> "aliens" is a cult classic and would prove to be just the beginning of a long list of blockbusters to follow for both director james cameron and producer. >> it was like our first studio
9:17 am
movie. back then people didn't make sequels like they do now. they thought that a sequel will cost twice as much and make half as much at the box office. this was a real roll of the dice. >> a roll of the dice that paid off. "aliens" earned seven academy award nominations including two wins, incredible rare feat for a science fiction action film. >> my favorite day is when i was holding the flamethrower. >> i love the look that she gave in that moment. she has that look of, should i do this? should i do this? screw it. >> what about you, paul? you seem like a funny guy. you played such a great jerk. >> that's sweet. that's so sweet. it was such a fantasy. you getting too to work and
9:18 am
looked like whatever your nightmare would be. it felt real. >> pulling off such a thriller wasn't easy in 1986. remember, this was pre-cgi. no fancy computer effects or green screens existed. and in fact, the infamous alien queen was a human operated puppet. >> it was all hydraulics and puppetry. two guys inside the alien queen in the body operating the arms. >> sigourney weaver reveals she tried to avoid the set when the alien queen wasn't on set. >> i thought it was better for me to deal with her completely realistic. for all we know there's a queen. >> the aliens and characters unforgettable. like fan favorite bishop. an artificial life form.
9:19 am
>> they built that in so you won't feel uncomfortable that i live forever. >> he's still in character after 30 years. he's never broken character. >> and remember newt, the darling 9 year old who was the sole survivor? turns out she was quite clever in figuring out how to keep sliding in this infamous scene. >> you said you kept flubbing the take to run down the slide again. >> i did it a couple times. >> it's all coming out. >> "aliens" would be her first and only motion picture. today she's a fourth grade teacher in california. the film and bond between the cast has stood the test of time but what's still up for debate -- >> do you think there are "aliens"? >> yes, i hope so. >> don't know. jury is out. we got to find out. >> i think so. >> i think so. >> i would assume they would
9:20 am
come to my house. >> "aliens" 30th anniversary limited edition dvd set lands on blu-ray comes september 18th. it was quite a treat. >> what an experience for you to sit with that iconic cast. >> how about that? she decided to be a teacher. when she comes to comic con or comes to conventions, she's a rock star. >> in her classroom, she's a rock star, too. >> thank you so much. still ahead, college retirement, new baby, steps you should take right now to save money for the right now to save money for the biggest ♪ is depression more than sadness? right now to save money for the biggest ♪ it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. ♪
9:21 am
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♪ raaah! when you bundle home and auto insurance through progressive, you get more than just a big discount. i'm gonna need you to leave. you get relentless protection. [ baseball bat cracks ] still ahead, who said financial planning couldn't be fun? it was hoda. we'll play a game with our money maven jean chatzky to help you plan for all of life's milestones moments. >> one of the hottest rappers to hit the music scene. over 200 million youtube views. we have grace here.
9:25 am
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the number one pharmacist recommended vitamin and supplement brand. == vo== one person is in the hospital .. after a truck fire that spread to an adjacent hillside in the south bay. this is video shot overnight - from stevens c one person is in the hospital right now after a truck fire that spread to an adjacent hillside in the south bay. this video is from overnight from stevens canyon road near the reservoir in cupertino. fire crews say when they arrived they had to launch an aggressive tack to contain the fire. the driver of the truck suffered burns. the severity of which is not known. fire investigators are trying to figure out if the fire was accidental, intentional or a mechanical failure. scientists have wrapped up a necropsy on a humpback whale found washed up on a pescadero beach. experts from the marine mammal
9:27 am
center believe it was probably struck by a ship. humpback whales have been found along the san mateo coastline. they're feeding as they swim north. and tonight team usa is taking the floor, kevin durant, klay thompson and draymond green, all warriors on the u.s. squad. this will be an exhibition game against the chinese national team which is essentially a practice run ahead of the upcoming olympics. it will be durant's first game at oracle since joining the warriors so a lot of attention on that. a very hot day, a very hazy one. we'll have a look at the weather and traffic right after this break.
9:28 am
zboegood morning, i'm meteorologist cakari hall. it fleece the 50s and 60s now, mostly 60s and 70s in the east bay. livermore 72 degrees. oakland and palo alto 66 degrees. air quality today, a major issue because not only will we have high ozone levels but we will
9:29 am
have smoke drifting in from the wildfire over monterey county so the south bay and east bay most unhealthy. if you have breathing problems, try to limit your time outdoors as those temperatures continue to rise. and we will also have a giants game later on this evening. it will be anywhere from 68 to 73 degrees and highs today reaching into the 90s. in n pacifica today 65 and the embarcadero at 76 degrees. 90s north bay and 103 degrees in livermo livermore. kari, thank you very much. that will do it for us and see you again in 30 minutes. for now, back to the "today" show.
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines. a big flour recall is getting even bigger. general mills first announced the recall in june following an e. coli outbreak. it was expanded monday because of new cases of e. coli including several varieties of gold medal and signature kitchens flour. it has sickened 36 people. flour produced in kansas city is the likely source of the outbreak. for a complete risk of recalled products, go to our website, federal health officials are updating guidelines on the zika virus. there is a risk of exposure from any type of sex with any person that's traveled to a zika affected area and doctors should
9:31 am
ask all pregnant patients about a possible zika infection at every checkup. the nfl and players association are teaming up on concussions. they agreed on a new policy stating that any team that violates the concussion protocol can be fined or lose future draft choices. the league and players union will pick a person to monitor a team's implementation of the protocol and look into potential violations. any punishment would be up to the nfl commissioner. the nfl says it has no credible evidence that peyton manning used human growth hormone or any other banned substances. the league says manning and his wife cooperated fully during its investigation that was triggered by allegations in an al jazeera documentary. manning denied those allegations. he retired at the end of last season after leading broncos to a win in the super bowl. if you're looking for tall men, go dutch. men from the netherlands are the
9:32 am
tallest. tallest men ranked 36th for men and 42nd for women. >> you are a tall intellect in my book. let's see what we have for you today. we are looking at heat to continue in the mid-atlantic and southeast. humidity level down a bit. in the southeast it's still going to be rough. out west it's just heat. danger for fire still a big problem. southwest monsoon continue. tomorrow, wet weather in the gulf coast on into the mid mississippi river valley. out west the heat continues. look at that. portland will see a high of 90 tomorrow. we've got heat continuing in the northeast, new england, mid-atlantic states and again humidity not quite as bad. we don't see any real relief until the weekend.
9:33 am
getting ready for a hot day. temperatures are already warming up fairly quickly. it's now 70 degrees downtown san jose but at least we have the sunshine and we will also have poor air quality so watch out for that. you want to lint your time outdoors. highs today reaching 76 degrees in san francisco, into the lower 70s tomorrow. there the temperatures continue to drop as we go into the weekend and the forecast for the inland area stays hot for the rest of the week, up to 102 degrees tomorrow. >> and that's your latest weather. hoda? >> announcer: make it right today is sponsored by state farm, here to help life go right. >> having baby, sending kids to college, saving for retirement, life's biggest milestones don't come by surprise but often times the cost really does. >> in our ongoing series "make it right today" we'll show you the right way to plan for life's big events with today"today's"
9:34 am
financial editor jean chatzky. you promised to make this fun. >> i'll do my best. take your position by the boards. >> what do we win? >> my enduring affection. here's what we're going to do. i'm going to name a milestone moment. you have three actions that you need to take when that milestone moment happens. i want you to put them in the right order. >> what we would do first? >> what you would do first, second and third. your cards are magnets. we're having a baby. put those milestones -- >> baby proof your budget, write a will. open a 529 plan. >> she didn't copy you but she's right. she's right. i know. >> i had two of them. i should have won.
9:35 am
>> you have to do all of these things. >> you don't actually need the will until you have the baby. if you baby proof your budget before you have the baby, you have nine months of pregnancy to bank a lot of savings. then write a will. have one that's a must for parents. it's the only document where you can name guardians for your minor kids. and then open the 529. >> milestone number two, 15 seconds on the clock. we have college bound kids. >> make a list of scholarships and grants. >> fill out financial aid forms or open a college savings account. >> i know. i do this first. >> is this right? >> we have the same one. >> you are both wrong actually. we just have to swap this with this. you want to open the college savings account while your kids are still young. you actually have to fill out the financial aid forms before you apply for scholarships and grants which is why that comes
9:36 am
third. you can make a list. as i said, do all of these things. let's do retirement while we have 15 seconds on the clock. three moves. move to a smaller home, pull money out of your retirement accounts or tap into social security. >> you move first. >> i already moved. >> then you take from retirement. >> you're copying me. >> here's what we're going to do. we're going to move after. we all know people -- >> don't you want to move just in case? >> we all know people who have moved and been really unhappy because they didn't really think about what their life was going to be like. these two are really important. when you leave money in social security and allow it to grow, it will grow by 8% a year between age 62 and 70. it's a smarter move to pull money out of your own retirement accounts first. you can downsize if you know
9:37 am
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this morning, helping victims of domestic violence. >> the statistics are staggering. one in three women and one in four men have been victims of some form of physical violence from a partner. >> one company is making it easier for victims to pack up and go. >> in january of 2016, 34-year-old angela decided to move home not to gain more space or a better view but to save her life. >> i started in a relationship with someone that i thought was wonderful and i was over the moon about and a few months into it, everything changed. there's a lot of verbal abuse and the relationship became physical to the point where he tried to kill me one night by breaking into my home.
9:42 am
>> a local women's shelter put angela in touch with a moving company that helped angela and her son move out of her home free of charge. >> they knew my situation not into details but why they were moving me and they never treated me like a different type of customer. >> they were 20 something student athletes. >> it's a very fulfilling experience being able to help someone in need. >> brothers aaron and evan were also student athletes when they started their moving business 19 years ago. they called it meathead because that's how they acted around the locker room. >> we needed to figure out a way to make ends meet. people hated moving so much they were willing to pay us well to do it. >> when we would receive a phone call from a panicked person looking to flee a situation, we would literally jump in the truck and drive straight over and as you can imagine, after
9:43 am
three or four instances of that occurring, the worst case scenario happened with the abuser coming home in the middle of that move. >> since that incident, they partnered with nine women's shelters in california. >> movers came in and made the offer to the agency, it was huge. it gives clients the ability to make this move and have a successful transition into the community. >> we've had clients come up to us after the move and said had i known you would have moved me out of there, i would have gotten out of hell years ago. >> last year they created a campaign to end domestic violence asking other companies to follow their lead. >> we have 153 pledges from businesses all over the world. the more we're talking about it and more people know that there is an army of businesses that have rallied together that are willing to embrace victims of domestic violence in their community, that takes all of the power away from the abusers.
9:44 am
>> a movement that helps women like angela know they're not alone. >> very grateful for meathead movers from stress free to people that just care. >> what a fantastic company doing such good work. so far more than 150 companies have pledged to get involved with meathead movers move to end domestic violence campaign. for more info on how you can help, head to >> d ♪ ♪ ♪ get your sneaker game on at kohl's. ♪ ♪ ♪ get your t-shirt game on at kohl's.
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>> announcer: the citi concert series on today is proudly presented to you by citi. >> hoda, do you recognize this song? >> it's britney spears' latest single "make me" which features g-eazy. >> "me, myself and i" you will sing with us in just a moment with grace who you may remember performed for us right here a few weeks ago. >> you two are connected, aren't
9:49 am
you? now you're returning the favor, huh, grace? >> i guess so. >> how did you come together? how did this duo happen? this combination? >> we met in a studio in atlanta through her producer who is a good friend of mine who i have done records with. he said there's this girl, grace. i've been working with from australia. he played me one record. enough said. anything you need. she's got it. >> britney spears? how was that. >> it was cool. you know. i was actually in australia on tour there and we found a studio in melbourne. find it. book it. after the show tonight. >> what are you going to sing to us? >> today? "me, myself and i." she'll do me a favor and stand in and help me out. >> take it away.
9:50 am
♪ hi, mom. ♪ ♪ it's just me, myself and i solo ride until i die ♪ ♪ cause i got me for life ♪ i don't need a hand to hold ♪ when the night is cold i got that fire in my soul ♪ ♪ and as far as i can see i just need privacy ♪ ♪ plus a whole lot of tree all this modesty ♪ ♪ i just need space to do me get a world that they're trying to see ♪ ♪ a stely maxwell right beside me ♪ ♪ we just make ends you follow but i'm right back to work when that break ends ♪
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♪ it's just me, myself and i ♪ solo ride until i die ♪ cause i got me for life ♪ i don't need a hand to hold ♪ when the night is cold ♪ i got that fire in my soul ♪ i don't need anything to get me through the night ♪ ♪ except the beat that's in my heart ♪ ♪ it's keeping me alive ♪ i don't need anything to make me satisfied ♪ ♪ cause the music does me good and it gets me every time ♪ ♪ and i don't like talking to strangers ♪ ♪ get off me i'm anxious ♪ everyone knows this lifestyle is dangerous ♪ ♪ but i love it the rush is amazing ♪ this is lovely and i didn't get
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lucky ♪ ♪ made it right here cause i'm sick with it snowed snowed they all take the money for granted ♪ ♪ but don't want to work for it tell me now isn't it funny ♪ ♪ it's just me, myself and i ♪ solo ride until i die ♪ cause i got me for life ♪ i don't need a hand to hold ♪ even when the night is cold ♪ i got that fire in my soul ♪ i don't need anything to get me through the night ♪ ♪ except the beat that's in my heart ♪ ♪ it's keeping me alive ♪ i don't need anything to make me satisfied ♪ ♪ cause the music does me good and it gets me every time ♪ ♪ i don't need anything to make
9:53 am
any satisfied ♪ ♪ cause the music does me good and it gets me every time ♪ ♪ music does me good and it gets me every time ♪ >> awesome. >> thanks so much. >> great job. >> this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
let's check out our twitter poll. >> we asked if you prefer sweet or savory breakfast. 58
9:56 am
as we head through the day, temperatures will warm up quickly and we're concerned about the air quality across parts of the bay area. we will see in the upper levels of the atmosphere the wind flow coming in from the west which could drift some of that smoke from the wildfire in monterey
9:57 am
county into the bay area. and then as we go a little bit lower in the atmosphere, it goes from pretty much from north -- from south to north so that could also give us some poor air quality lout the day, unhealthy ozone levels also with this high heat. so the air quality will be the worst in the east bay as well as the south bay. if you have breathing problems, please limit your time outdoors and it's not a good day to go out for a run, especially when temperatures heat up to 103 degrees in livermore today and san jose a high of 92. and san francisco along the coastline, we'll have mid to upper 70s there, mid-90s for parts of the north bay. back to you. >> kari, happening now, one person is in the hospital after a truck caught fire. the flames spread to a nearby hillside in the south bay. this happened near the stevens week reservoir in cupertino. we have that story and the video on nbc by a plus pokemon go has been the talk of the bay area but despite a
9:58 am
recent pub crawl that gathered more than 9,000 fan, pokemon enthusiasts want more. they'll get their wish. go to nbc by a to find out where to do the whole pokemon thing. more local news in a half hour. see you then. ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight.
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from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody! it is booze day tuesday, july 26th. i want to wish a happy birthday to craig, my sister's beautiful husband. >> oh, congrats! happy birthday. >> it's also spanky tuesday. >> are you sure? >> yeah. and it's green light by pit bull. >> pit bull can crank out hits like nobody's business. >> he really can. he thinks he's flo rida. great show today. we're headed to the kitchen with


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