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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 27, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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look at the jam. speeds below 20 miles pen hour. basically crawling anywhere north of marina boulevard and davis street where the off-ramp is crolosed. earlier fire. looking at 98 which is one of your alternate it is you want to pass the exit and get off at 98th and take san leandro street or boulevard. we did have a stalled vehicle as well. that just cleared from 98 but things were getting complicated in the area. looks like this will be closed for most of the day. but let's get a look at our live camera pra from oakland coliseum. turn it south. southbound traffic going around the bend. and i believe those flashing lights are the activity over there at davis street where our own pete is there. he got on the scene early there. pete, what's going on? what's the latest? >> reporter: yes, guys, yes, that area is still blocked off here at 880 northbound on davis street. i want to show you what we have here. the flashing light lights, alameda county fire petting out that fire earlier that happened when they're saying this big rig hit an imbankment and then tipped over in this field area right there. right now you have chp handling
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their investigation. we're still trying to get more information what happens what led to this crash. we do know that it's fatal. and as you mentioned with this traffic, you have three lanes shut down but one lane still open. but we're showing you some of that video. that is the fiery crash. big rig engulfed in flames as it made that turn on the embankment. just walking down there you can see that big rig may have made a tight turn. then tipped over. but like i said, still trying to get snfinformation on exactly w led to this crash. i'm going to touch base with chp momentarily to firm up the details. guy, live in san leandro, pete suratos for "today in the bay." i can't believe we just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet. >> she said it was with a smile. historian dramatic night of the democratic convention as hillary clinton becomes the first woman to ever represent a major political party in a presidential election. regardless of who you're voting
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for we're witnessing american witness. democrats got what they wanted, a strong pivotal night for the second day of the democratic national convention. hillary clinton addressed to crowd and the nation after receive that historic nomination. >> and if there are any little girls out there who stayed up late to watch, let me just say i may become the first woman president but one of you is next. >> the dnc continues tonight at the wells fargo center. live look now inside. preparations get under way. president obama and vice presidents are on the deck tonight. we're going to tell you what they're expected to say in a live report. we'll have full coverage throughout the week. later this morning the "today" show will also air from philadelphia. coverage begins at 7:00 a.m. a san jose man accuse of killing his parents is going to be back in court today. a preliminary hearing date is expected to be set today for hasib. 22-year-old is accuse of
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stabbing his parents to death in their evergreen home back in april. his younger brother was also arrested for the murders but the 17-year-old was eventually cleared and released. a san francisco police officer has been arrested for possession of an illegal assault rifle. fspd said thomas abramham sent was charge with manufacturing his own assault rifle and other accessories. both are felonies in california. 18-year veteran has been put on unpaid administrative leave. authorities in the east bay are investigating the death of a convicted felon who died in police custody after a car chase. police in pittsburg say yesterday afternoon officers were pursuing the man on hill view drive knew buchanan park. he then ran into a nearby home where police say he bit one of the officers during a struggle. officers used a tazer to try to subdue him but he later lost consciousness and died at the hospital. police say the man was wanted on
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a felony warrant for drug charges. to a developing story now and the fight the intensifying as we've been watching all week in monterrey county. this is a soberanes fire continues to strapread. at least 20 homes are destroyed. a state of emergency is now in effect. we're also learning about a rescue too close for comfort for one group of eight hikers. look at this video in the south side of the fire showing members of a group of eight hikers emerging from the smoke, drinking, trying to come to grips with what they had just seen. they said they were strander to five days and that they ran out of food and water. once back to safety the hikers applauded the rescuers. >> air tank did locate them initially. once we found that we gave a global positioning unit and got a latitude and longitude and sent the dozer operators in to find them. >> the soberanes fire had burned more than 23 now acres just
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north of big sur. 2,000 homes are threatened. the containment is still likely at least a week ago. to give you an idea, check out the time-lapse we put together showing the flames over the course of one day along one section of hillside. as families evacuate some pets are being left behind but specifically and specially trained workers are going behind the fire lines to rescue pore nan more than 30 animals. they are waiting at a shelter while the owners wait for word about their homes. the third "spare the air" day in a row. live look at our beautiful bay bridge now. it's hope that more people are carpooling or actually taking public transit. hot summer weather and smoke from the soberanes fire is making poor air quality. you can see it and smell it as you head out the door. kari hall tracking the conditions for us this morning. kari, more hot days ahead for us as well. >> yes, at least the next couple of days. and as you start out this
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morning, it is much warmer than normal. look at san jose, at 65 degrees. livermore, 68 degrees. we do have some mid 50s along the coastline. the winds coming in from the south will bring in more of that smoke farther to the south of monterrey county. so it will be a very poor visibility as well as air quality. we will see the same thing again tomorrow. not much of a wind it picks up to 10 to 15 miles an hour. as we go through the day. and a look at those high temperatures this afternoon in santa rosa, up to 99 degrees. record heat expected in many spots. livermore up to 107 degrees in fairfield. the hottest at 111 degrees. we do have to suffer with this heat for a couple more days before it cools off. i'll talk more about that coming up in about ten my it's. let's head over to mike now with an update on 8980. >> that's right, kari. that's the big issue for the morning. the rest of the bay is light as you would expect at this time in the morning. there was a crash and scott mcgrew pointed this out to me. 87 and 280.
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involving a dump truck to scott but no injuries reported and the traffic flowing well. this is right by downtown san jose. but the biggest issue over here is what kari mentioned, 880, slow down from marina boulevard and san leandro up to davis street where there is that crash that pete reported. hold on one second with this map because davis street, the off-ramp is closed because of this crash. deadly crash involving the big rig. marina boulevard would be the best option if you head over toward the b.a.r.t. station because it's just off of davis street. that will be an issue likely all morning long. perhaps into the evening if they have to do the repairs and clean-up. 98th avenue is an option as well if you have to get off just past that crash. pete on scene. there's the trailer that they have. pulled by the big rig and there is we'll run the big rig. the cab itself caught on fire. the person presumably drive that truck has sdid as a result of this crash and a fire investigation and you see traffic flowing by. three lanes are open. one lane is closed. again, that davis street off-ramp is closed. this is bogging down a short
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portion of the nimitz but this is going to grow. north of there, the bay bridge moves very well. light traffic flow just starting to build a bit as you would expect. b back to you guys. >> thank you very much, mike. more work is being done in the east bay to make interstate 80 a smarter freeway. you heard a lo lot about that. that means more road closures in the short term. the ramp from westbound 80 to ashby avenue is going to close from 11:00 this morning to 1:00 in the afternoon. caltrans is adding metering lights and electronic overhead signs to control the traffic flow. speeds on a portion of 880 are going to be adjusted depending on the levels of con jest shges coming up, dnc continues. what's on the agenda for tonight. plus, the emotional moment with senator sanders that brought a crowd to its feet. first woman to ever represent a
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major political party in a at 5:11, hillary clinton shatters the glass ceiling becoming the first woman to ever represent a major political party in a presidential election. tonight president obama speaks of the democratic convention. tracie potts live at the wells fargo arena this morning where the delegates will hear two presidents back to back. >> that's right, laura. the president tells nbc this morning he wants to keep his message positive. he, vice president biden, vice presidential nom nominee tim kaine will talk about being commander in chief.
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it was more laid back with bill clinton talking about her life story. and that, after the crowd had already been energized by bernie sanders showing up unexpectedly at a critical moment. >> i move that hillary clinton be selected as the nominee of the democratic party for president of the united states. >> reporter: bernie sanders makes a last-minute decision to nominate hillary clinton himself. >> the ayes have it! >> reporter: former president bill clinton in his folksy style -- >> in the spring of 1971, i met a girl. >> reporter: compares her 40 years in public service to donald trump. >> a real i think change maker represents a real threat. good for you because earlier today you nominated the real one. ♪ >> i can't believe we just put
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the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet. >> reporter: speaking tonight, vice president biden, vp nominee tim kaine and president obama. >> i think the president obama can just stand up and share how powerful the secretary of state hillary was. >> where are my bernie people at? >> this is what democracy looks like. >> reporter: dozens of sanders supporters walked out. >> there are many, many of them who not support hillary. >> reporter: democrats slowly uniting, with two days left. now, with two days left they've got some issues that they want to deal with today. so on stage tonight we're i don't guess the hear people talking about climate change, about the flint michigan water crisis, and about gun violence include that shooting in orlando. some of the family members and victims expected to speak here. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much, tracie. it's 5:13. donald trump was active on twitter before mr. clinton spoke. trump tweeted, no matter what
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bill clinton says r says and no matter how he says it, the phony media will exclaim it to believe incredible. highly overrated. james comey expected to give the address at the international conference on cyber supreme court i. today is the third and final day of the conference in new york city. the three days so far featured lectures and panels with cyber security experts from around the world. comey said that cyber security is a national security issue. more and more evidence seems to show that russia was the culprit behind the latest hack of the democratic national committee. >> scott mcgrew, not the first time russia has been accused of interfering with american politics. >> that's right. they're suspecting in a hack a couple months ago where they exposed the democrats' opposition files on donald trump. now several intelligence agencies tell "the new york times" evidence points to the kremlin as the actor behind the e-mail hack showing the dnc treated bernie sanders unfairly. what's confusing here of course is what the strategy is.
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if you're exposing embarrassing things about donald trump you must be on the side of democrats, right? but then the same hackers apparently embarrassed the democrats which helps donald trump. savannah guthrie asked president obama what he thought, he said, quote, anything is possible. pointed out vladimir putin has shown affection for donald trump. other news. tesla unveiled gigafactory in nevada. the technically it's not near done being built. when it is finished it will be 10 million square feet. roughly 262 football fields. making one of the largest buildings in the world. tesla says it's on track to start making batteries cells by the end of the year. let's check the rest of the news before the bell. landon dowdy is live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, landon. >> hi, scott, good wednesday morning. wall street could rebound after a mixed session on toouts. futures are higher this morning. dow falling for a second straight day as investors had several earnings including disappointing results from mcdonald's.
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demand for durable goods, impending home sales. earnings from boeing, coca-cola, comcast, and facebook. the fed wraps up meeting this afternoon but not expected to hike interest rates. dow dropping to 18473. the nasdaq edging un12 to 5110. scott, back over to you. apple and twitter reported their profit last night. apple's tim cook was asked about the success of pokemon go. what apple thought about it and he said it was interesting though i should point out he pronounces it poke-e-man. nintendo says this bracelet called the pokemon go plus will not be ready any time soon. it was supposed to be out soon. it won't be available until september. >> what does it do? >> apparently relerts you that pikachu is near. it was going to be -- remember, nintendo does not own the pokemon go developer but they were going to add it in to make money. it's not ready yet. you have to hope that the game is going to be hot.
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>> just in time for christmas. >> entire cottage industry being crafted over poke-e-man go. >> that sounds like a new cartoon on saturday morning. live look at or rack oracle last night. kevin durant and team usa were in oakland to take on team china. kd and crew put on quite a show after signing the autographs. come dominating their opponents. durant scored 13 points. carmelo anthony netted 20 and demarcus cousins led with 21 points and 11 rebounds. red, white, and blue with gold in their sights. >> it was cool, man. it was different. obviously it's going to be different. vibes are great. everybody showed me major love. showed the team major love. it was fun. >> it's going to be a fun year. we have this journey we've got to endure first. but it's -- easy to say, it's exciting, man. i was so happy first possession he touched it, just let it fly. that got the crowd going.
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>> let's do a quick reality check here. faps were not showing durant love across the country when he announced he was going to be joining the golden state warrer yous that said you're a trader, forming a super team, idea da, idea da, idea da. >> now give me his jersey. kevin durant's warrior jersey the best selling in 30. different states this month. normally that honor goes to steph curry but he's been bumped by kd. say you hate, don't hate the playa, hate the game. hate the morning commute in some areas. breaking news this morning. a big rig crashes this morning. engulfed in flames, killing the driver, we understand. mike has the details for us. >> that's right. look at this dramatic video. it happened about 4:00 a.m. on the side of 880 northbound in san leandro. look at this fire crew. right there, there's what the big rig was pulling. looks like it was a tanker truck. thought it was a fuel tanker but it's not. the person driving the rig died
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as a result of this crash. someone in the rig. we presume it was the driver because one else reported in this scene. this is the scene as we get to your map we will give you a reference. it's northbound 880. the rest of the freeway moves smoothly. right here in san leandro you jam down because you lost one lane and davis street off-ramp. we're looking at most of the morning if not into the afternoon because there's a hazmat situation as a result as well. of course, the investigation as to what that crash was. perhaps the cause and have to do repair work in the area. a lot to be done. alternate for you, marina boulevard. 98 just past the scene. once you're past there you can still get off there and states are using davis. to avoid the backup use washington boulevard. a star weaver on twitter said washington will get you over towards san leandro boulevard. these are options. if you have to get over toward the b.a.r.t. station, san leandro b.a.r.t. station, a concern as well. follow this impact to your commute as well as your personal impact with the deadly crash
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that happened there. north of there, okay toward the bay bridge. no major problems in the backup, typical at the bay bridge itself. smooth flow of traffic around the rest of the bay. as we look to the south bay, only that minor crash north 280 at 87. not causing any slowing, kari. better news for the south bay. but it has been outside. >> it has been hot. the heat continues today. live look at the golden gate bridge. low clouds and fog moving in there. misting and drizzling and at least that will keep that area cool for a little while. right now it's 57 degrees in san francisco with a high today of expected of 76. and it will be mostly clear later on today. a mild one in the city but the next few days are warm temperatures continue with some sunshine. great beach weather. and this weekend it will be cooler and breezy with that fog continuing with the highs in the 60s coming back. a look at san jose though. compare that to san francisco. and we're up to 96 degrees today in the middle of the afternoon. so getting very hot. we also have a concern of the
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poor air quality because of that smoke drifting in from the south. with that wildfire in monterrey county. in the east bay, the air quality will be unhealthy. high levels of ozone and also the smoke drifting through the air. it is a "spare the air" alert d day again. it's best advice that you do take public transportation, the bus or trains to try to get where you're going to reduce the amount of ozone as we see a lot of people getting out there hading to work. and we will have highs today back into the mid to upper 90s. and the south bay redwood city though will be at 89 degrees. 76 on the i'm bembarcadero. wall nut creek. as we head out for the giants day, it will be warm. midday game. mid 70s reaching 78 degrees today. and the weekend is looking very nice in san francisco. while it does cool down for the inland areas as well. we'll back in the 80s after
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seeing highs today reaching over 100 degrees. back to you, laura and sam. >> another hot one. thanks so much. coming up next, tell you about a new pilot program in one east bay town that could reduce the backlog of misdeener cases in court. program to help ensure people
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make their court dates. contra costa county is launching a text messaging program to help ensure people make their court dates. the public defender's office plans to start sending low-level
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misdemeanor texts to remind them of their court appointments. they're working the antioch police. officers have started handing out public defender business cards hoping to link people with attorneys. court workers have hit the picket line. they walked off the job yesterday. 330 members of the superior court professional employees association which is authorized to strike after contract talks broke down. workers which include clerks so they have not gotten a raise in years and that there are reports experienced clerks make about $55,000 a year. that is not enough money to live in one of the most expensive counties in the country. >> i putting my home in jeopardy. i putting my ability to eat, survive in jeopardy. >> as for the court, it's facing a $5 million deficit this year but it's offering clerks a 4% raise in the first year of a two-year long contract. some clerks tell us that is
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simply not enough for the amount of work that they do. 5:25. santa clara sheriff lori smith is facing yet another controversy. her office is accuse of not paying federal taxes on certain jobs and slapped with a lawsuit. the sheriff over sees the program in which her deputies are contracted out for private events. employees union alleges the department does not pass along certain fees and taxes collected from those jobs to the federal government. the union claims as a result employees do not get credit under social security. the sheriff calls the lawsuit a political stunt. a measure on a november ballot in san francisco mayhem the city take back responsibility of trees on city streets. supporters say san francisco is the only major u.s. city that requires homeowners to care for those trees even if they didn't plant them. homeowners also have to repair sidewalks damaged by their trees. if voters approve the measure san francisco will have to cover
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the cost through general fund. a fire burns in sell lywher homes are burned. meantime, a big rig fire on the sight of the freeway. breaking news we're following this morning. closing an off-ramp of interstate 880. we have the detail tons backup and the work around coming up.
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and good morning on a busy start to your wednesday. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get to the breaking news we've been following since our newscast started this morning at 4:30. big backup on 880. >> that's right, laura. as you can see how the rest of the bay issing looking good. 880 up here in san leandro, that is the big concern for the morning because of a deadly crash and the closure. for me i'll cover the closure and slowing. one lane at northbound is closed at davis street and off-ramp. folks who want to use marina boulevard back at washington. get over towards san leandro boulevard. one of the key areas you might be heading that might be a destination is the station at san leandro. that will be affected by davis street off-ramp as well. now we're going to look at our oakland camera at the coliseum. turn it to the south. you see traffic heading southbound. a good amount of that traffic building. the northbound side is the one that's jamming up in san leandro and right there you see the flashing lights in the distance, that's around the bend. right there at davis street.
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pete is live, what's going on? what's the latest on this? >> reporter: i just spoke with chp and a couple of things. they're confirming this is fatal with a driver of that truck. heading 880 northbound on davis street. they're telling me that this driver lost control of the car, heading northbound when the driver hit the embankment and then the truck is tipped over there. and that's what you see is the damage in the aftermath. go to some of that video we've been showing you all morning when this truck catches on fire. here's what krrchp is telling m. they're treating this as a hazmat situation. they don't know exactly what was in the tanker but chp tells me the investigators on the ground that it may have been mineral oil. for the time being traffic is effected. they're going to continue this investigation. treating up as a crime scene but going to give us much detail on that but still being investigated and still affecting traffic behind me.
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live in san leandro. pete suratos. to the latest developments on this raging wildfire that's burning in monterrey county. dozens of homes are gone. thousands more in its pat. now learning at the dramatic rescue of a group of hikers that were surrounded by the flames. "today in the bay" sharon katsuda live with the people there. good morning, sharon. >> reporter: good morning, laura. we're seeing a lot of activity out here at the command post coming in and out. firefighters walking this way and back. pretty much getting ready for a debriefing at 7:00 this morning. we're told in about half an hour we're going to see most all of the crewseading out in this area this morning, in about half an hour. firefighters were extremely busy yesterday. they rescued eight hikers out of the smoke and flames. the south side of the soberanes fire. they said they were stranded for five days and ran out of food an
5:33 am
water. >> air tank did locate them initially. once we found that we gave used a global positioning unit and got a latitude and longitude and sent the dozer operator in to find them. >> the fire is active during the fight. it didn't really die down like usual at night. humidities were very low, high altitude down and almost the single digits which allowed the fire to continue to burn and be aggressive and grow. >> and cal fire tells me this morn that the fire is making a good run up the hilton southeast corner still of the fire so they expect a 23,500 arkers burn estimate to go up at the next debriefing at 7:00 this morning. and back here live fortunately there have been no major injuries. minor injuries reported by some firefighters but no major injuries. 20 homes have been destroyed. reporting live in salinas, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." that is one of two situations, two major fires in california demanding state resources. firefighters near los angeles are still trying to get the
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upper hand on the sand fire. so far 37,000 acres have been scorched and 18 homes have been destroyed as a result of that fire. there is some progress being made. here's the upside. thousands of evacuees have now been allowed to return to their homes. but some found nothing but ashes when they did. >> it's so sad. i don't know what's going to happen from here. >> just a couple, my son michael had made that we had held on to. >> just trying to come to terms to the fact that they have lost, some people, everything. one man was found dead in the fire area. his body was discovered in a burnt car. that fire is now 25% contained. firefighters ba s battling vegetation fire along 113 and hastings road. the fire started yesterday afternoon and quickly praspread 100 acres.
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fire activity died down overnight but crews feared the flames could start spreading again as the temperatures heat up. authorities in martinez have arrested two minors accuse of using illegal fireworks to spark the fire. a fire started yesterday afternoon in a canyon near holly view drive. flames briefly raised towards homes but quick response from firefighters brought the fire under control before it could do any damage. police say someone in the south bay walked away with a pretty pricey camera that belonged to a tourist. but another camera may actually help net the culprit. here's surveillance images of the man police bloo believe stole that camera sunday in morgan hill. valued at $6,000 and accidentally left by a tourist at a chevron on cochran road. call morgan hill police if you recognize this man. the fbi right now is doubling its reward for information leading to the arrest of a man they've dubbed the dreaded bandit. we've been showing you security images for more than a month. the fbi says he's robbed at
5:36 am
least four bay area banks just since april. the agency is now offering a $10,000 reward for more information. the fbi warns he is especially dangerous because he carries a gun and twice so far has committed takeover style robberies. authorities are looking for vandals who slash tires on several cars parked at the rock ridge b.a.r.t. station. someone slash eed tires on seve cars monday. b.a.r.t. police are stepping up their patrols. they're also reviewing footage from surveillance cameras. b.a.r.t. riders who use the parking lot are worried. >> not nice to come home late at night and find your car with a problem like that. >> you expect to come home and your car to be intact the way you left it, the way you would leave other people's property alone. >> b.a.r.t. officials insists tire slashing at the parking lots is very unusual and saying in general overall, crime at b.a.r.t. is down 10% from last
5:37 am
year. on your wednesday morning, it was a peaceful n fuful endin very tense 17-hour standoff between san francisco police officers and a 13-year-old with autism. this happened monday night at a home near deloris park. the teenager had an argument with his family and then proceeded to barricade himself in the garage with a knife. more than 20 police officers stayed up all night trying to help that boy. finally a robot was sent in. then the boy came out but refused to drop his knife. a bean bag gun was used twice on that boy to bring the ordeal to an end. neighbors we spoke with say they are just glad this whole situation ended peacefully. >> the reason we're all here is nobody wants to get hurt. nobody wants to die. all of us here in the neighborhood, our well wishes with with them all. >> that teenager was taken to the hospital as a precaution. if there are any little girls out there who stayed up late to watch, let me just say,
5:38 am
i may become the first woman president but one of you is next. >> shatter that glass ceiling. whether you support her or not last night was a historic moment for women and all americans. hillary clinton now the first woman to ever be the presidential nominee for a major political party in this country. you can certainly see all the emotion, feel them inside philly's wells fargo arena throughout the entire night. delegates knew they were part of something very special. a lot of tears, especially from women. >> we saw a lot of video of people crying. the bay area is reacting to hillary clinton's historic nomination. here's "today in the bay's" sheryl herd with what people here are saying. >> it's an awesome time to be alive. >> reporter: steve watching bill clinton address delegates at the dnc in philadelphia. he says he's excited to witness history. >> gender is no longer an issue anymore. >> reporter: that statement will be debated and debate nbc area's political analyst larry gerston
5:39 am
has been stu i dg for years. >> it's just one more time that areas, historically, thought of as not appropriate for a woman, no longer the case. >> and i move that hillary clinton be selected as the nominee of the democratic party for president of the united states. >> now that hillary clinton's nomination is in the history books, derek johnson says he's hoping she will make it to the white house. he met the secretary of state a month and a half ago while making a campaign stop at his restaurant in jack london square. he believes eight years of an african-american president and the possibility of a woman president will help the struggling middle class. >> i think that they are more in tune with the real needs of the. a everyday working person. at least from our conversation, she seemed very sincere about that. >> sheryl herd, nbc bay area news. >> all right, lots of folks very much choked up there.
5:40 am
pretty cool to see that happen last night. >> pretty cool to see this behind us. we've been having lovely sun rises, sunset, all that smoke though in the air coming over from monterrey county. hot one today. >> it will be a hot one. as we start sought this morning you're walking out the door, feels nice and comfortable. especially closer to the coastline and the bay. feeling very warm in livermore. 68 degrees with highs today that will be reaching 107 degrees today. in concord, 102. you can see the highs well over 100. possibly setting some new records today. in oakland, up to 86 and 76 in san francisco. 99 in santa rosa. coming up in less than ten minutes we'll talk about the air quality and how long this heat continues. that will be coming up in a fuel minutes. but now as we head over to mike, an update on where you may be slowing down. >> for sure we'll be slowing down through san leano. the rest of the bay, not so much. this continues the crash cleanup from a crash and fire.
5:41 am
the cleanup is because of a hazmat situation. there's some fluids and fuel that remains in this truck from what pete suratos said. there's mineral oil possibly in the truck. not fuel oil but still a lot of cleanup to do here. only three lanes, not four, are open northbound 880. let me show you on the maps how this plays out for your morning commute. this is a slower drive. only for san leandro. the rest of the day moves as you would expect jams up just starting before the marina boulevard. slammed down to davis street which is off-ramp closed. look at this, widen out the map. here's your off-ramp. washington boulevard will get you over toward the b.a.r.t. station and past that scene as well. jumping back on at 98 should be a nice easy drive. the rest of the bay moves well. quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza because the metering lights are on. that's the metering lights effect. back to you. >> is that an official term? thank you. >> reporter: shuc. aledged behavior a former employee is suing over.
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we have new information about that tesla crash, plus we will check your money coming up in business and tech. criminal investigations---
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accountable? that questi who is holding a police department plagued by criminal investigations accountable? that question was on the agenda last night at oakland city hall. the council weighed whether to form a police commission to oversee the police department in a midst of a sex scandal. during a night filled with emotional testimony members voted last night to approve a
5:45 am
charter amendment voters will decide on in the november election. seven-member commission would review and change police policy. they could also weigh in on officer discipline and would have the power to fire the chief of police. members of the community would be appointed to the commission but there was disagreement over who would do the appointing, the community or politicians. >> until we get a citizens police commission that has oversight to bring about justice, there will be no quietness, there will be no peace in this city as long as we have command staff who will cover up corruption. >> there's been serious misconduct both recently and in years past and we all know we are still under our federal oversight and it's been over 13 years. so we have work to do. >> the council sid consider an amendment put on the table to make appointment powers away from the mayor but the effort failed. open is not the only city
5:46 am
looking to make changes. san francisco supervisors are considering two measures to ensure police accountability. supervisors plan on voting on the measures during a special session tomorrow. that decision was made during yesterday's regular meeting. the first measure would rename the office of citizen complaints to the department of police accountability and expand its role. the second measure would create the office of the public advocate which would investigate issues surrounding law enforcement agencies. a uniquely oakland business is facing serious accusations this morning. former employee of a popular t-shirt shop oaklandish says she was sexually harassed repeatedly. she says she worked for the downtown oakland company last summer. filed a lawsuit claiming harassment, retaliation, and negligence. she self identified as queer and they constantly used homophobic slurs. >> i was very anxious about coming in to work. it was really hard for me to get
5:47 am
out of the bed in the morning and motivate myself to enter into that environment. >> she says she reported the harassment to her boss several times who she claims later encouraged the so-called ring leader to apologize privately. she quit soon after and now she's hoping her case will help other employees. we reached out to oak landish for comment and still waiting for a response. the ntsb has new details about that deadly tesla crash in florida. the car was speeding. >> scott mcgrew, what else do we know? >> not much, laura. generally speaking the ntsb is not going to give us that full report until a year after this preliminary report. so we may not have a lot of detail until july of 2017. but we do know this morning the tesla which was on so-called autopilot at the time was traveling 74 miles an hour faster than the 65-mile-an-hour speed limit. we learned through football filings that tesla is ending its relationship with one of the sensor manufacturers it uses. tesla opened up so-called gig ba
5:48 am
factory to the public for the first time on tuesday. this is where the company will make the batteries for its model three. mixed news from apple, the company once again sold fewer iphones. the company made less money as well but, and this is key, more money than analysts expected. that should help the stock today. for what it's worth tim cook is about to mark five years as ceo of apple. that anniversary will come in august. during his rein apple hit a stock -- hit an all-time high. apple's cash on hand hit an all-time high and the company started paying a dividend. there are still challenges ahead. twitter turned in financials. largely miserable. but as we were saying tuesday, what really counts is growth. it was growth. 3 million people signed up for twitter in the past three months. not a lot by social media standards but it is grout. twitter may be as big and mature as it's ever going to be. another company hitting a mid-life crisis, gopro. reports profits this afternoon. we had a hard time finding nice things to say about that
5:49 am
company's future as well. let's not forget facebook. we're in the middle of profits reporting season. you can hear lots of data coming out of me. speaking of data, the fed ends a two-day interest rate meeting today. we don't expect anything there. we will be watching facebook numbers there. >> earnings report time. >> so far not very happy. >> okay. >> looking to turn things up. one story you've been following a lot, scott, the pokemon go game which seems to be popping up, the pokemons anyway, where they have no business being like in nuclear power plants in japan. operators there say that the monsters from the popular pokemon go game are starting to appear on their compounds. that includes the fukushima daichi plant. japan is working with the game maker to delete the monsters from dangerous locations. back to breaking news we're following this morning. big rig crashes on 880, drivers
5:50 am
actually killed. mike's got detail tons traffic backup. >> look at this video. this is from early this morning. just after 4:00 when this happened on 880 northbound. this fire resulting after a big rig crashed into the side of the road there. you see that crews are on scene quickly taking care of the fire. i want to point out this tanker. pete was on scene. he says this tanker was carrying mineral oil, not fuel oil. look at the damage from this crash. that person did not survive as a result of this crash. this investigation will continue. let me show you how it plays out from the traffic impact. the human impact is clear. we'll look at the maps and the slow down in san leandro. the rest of the bay is what you would expect. unusually heavy slow down. from washington avenue, best alternate to get out of the area and take it up to davis street perhaps. problems getting on at davis streets and looking at to avoidance of any backup along the area. now, we have the san leandro b.a.r.t. station here as well.
5:51 am
some folks using davis street would head there. again, you're going to have this jam southbound starting to slow down for the distraction as well because the crew is on scene. again, that investigation and the clean up over the hazmat situation will also continue likely for much of the morning. the slowdown add another 10 to 15 minutes and agony to your morning commute because we're all stressed about getting to work. 580 is a good option. bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on. no problems of the maze. san jose and get out of your shot here. northbound 101 jamming up a little extra because just north of this shot at oakland road, crash is blocking your slow lane. at least the skies are nice in the south bay and it's a little cooler than it's going to be later on. >> yeah. it starts out nice but then it does heat up very quickly as we go through the day. here's a live look outside. over san francisco from san bruno mountains. you can see the fog rolling across and a beautiful start to this day as sun rises. it's now 57 degrees there heading up to 78 degrees. and it will become mostly clear
5:52 am
with some mild temperatures today. the next few days it will be warm with some sunshine. some great beach weather. especially when you do have the 70s there along the coastline. but this weekend it turns cooler and breezy and the fog returns with those highs reaching into the mid 60s. and elsewhere we do have some poor air quality due to high ozone levels. and also that smoke drifting in from the wildfire near monterrey county or in monterrey county. and east bay it will be unhealthy as well as the south bay as that air moves in. so a "spare the air" alert has been issued. we'll be up to 102 degrees today in gilroy. and pacifica, 74 degrees and 78 degrees in the castro. up to 94 napa. 105 in walnut creek. and livermore today, a high of 107 degrees. so we are looking at the possibility of setting some new records. in concord today, the high we're expecting it to get up to 102 but the record is 99. you can look at what the today
5:53 am
forecast is. for napa, 94 once again. the record is 89 degrees. so some record-setting heat today. possibly again tomorrow as high pressure continues to bring in a more southerly wind and once again with that we have the poor air quality and the smoke drifting in. some changes ahead for the weekend. it won't be as hot with some 60s along the coast and some 80s inland. back to you, laura and sam. >> another warm one. thanks so much. from the heat to epic feat for one of the most decorated gymnasts of all time. the news, that changed shannon miller's life forever. and happening now, we're following breaking news in the east bay. a fiery fatal crash on 880 in san leandro, northbound lanes. we've got a crew on the scene collecting more information. mike inouye sending out twitter updates. also for realtime traffic information download our nbc bay area app. you can get information sent directly to your phone.
5:54 am
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. the olympics in rio just over a week away but right now let's take a look at one of the most decorated olympic gymnasts of all time. >> shannon miller was a critical part of the mag any sent seven but five years ago she received news that changed her life forever. nbc doran gensler has her story. >> reporter: this is shannon miller at the 1996 olympics in
5:57 am
atlanta at the top of her game with seven medals, the most decorated gymnast in u.s. history. but is a years after her olympic victories she received some shattering news. >> my doctor found a baseball size cyst on my left ovary and that snowballed into any test that might be available to figure out what was going on. >> reporter: married with a young son, shannon was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. >> everything stopped. just my whole world stopped. >> reporter: doctors removed a mass in her pelvis along with one ovary and a fallopian tube. >> i was very, very lucky that they caught it so early. that is not the case with most ovarian cancers. >> reporter: oh vary kansaser is ranks fifth in cancer deaths among women and the american cancer society estimates that about 22,000 cases will be diagnosed this year. >> there are simple little ovarian cancer and most women even at early stages have symptoms. they're just nonspecific.
5:58 am
>> reporter: the top four symptoms of ovarian cancer are bloating, pelvic or abdominal pain, weight loss, changes in bathroom habits. shannon was able to give birth to another child after surgery and chemotherapy. and earlier this month she reached a key milestone, five years cancer free. she lives in florida with her husband and two children and has made it her mission to spread the word to women about making their health a priority. >> certainly as ovarian cancer survivor i want to speak up and speak out about it because we need to understand the signs and symptoms and know that it isn't just, quote, an old person's disease and this is a disease that is absolutely horrific. and the earlier that you can detect it, the more options you have. >> she's spreading the word. american cancer society says about 14,000 women die from the disease every year. this currently no test for ovarian cancer. the road to rio leads us to
5:59 am
this colorful set of world famous steps. it's one of rio de janiero's most popular landmarks p the steps were created in the 1990 business a chilean born artist as tribute to the city and brazilian people. the staircase is covered in 2,000 pieces of colorful tiles. for the artist took it over the steps were just ordinary brown and dilapidated. nbc bay area is your home for olympic games. jessica aguirre will be reporting daily. the opening ceremony is august 58th. breaking news we've been following all morning long. dramatic video we will show you coming out of the east bay this morning. pete is on the scene gathering information where a big rig crashed on northbound 880. >> that fatal fiery -- big rig crash that we're talking about we just spoke to chp and they're telling us that this car lost
6:00 am
control as it was heading 880 northbound and tipped over and that's what led to this big fiery crash. at this time they're treating this as a hazmat situation. investigators on the ground are speculating this may be mineral oil, it is a fatal crash. as far as traffic goes the 880 northbound on-ramp to davis street is shut down as they conduct this investigation. right now we're going to toss it to mike for more information on the morning commute. >> good morning, folks. take you out to what pete is talking about. the rest of the bay. talking a the south bay in one second. pete is talking about here san leandro and the northbound off-ramp at davis is closed because of that deadly crash. and the investigation. the coroner just arrived on scene. that means the investigation is continuing but there's almost the issue of the fuel and the possible mineral oil and whatever was being carried by that tanker truck. that's all possibly a hazmat situation as well. likely all morning. look at the backup s


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