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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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the car. >> reporter: that's when a man in his 20s driving by stopped and fought off the suspect who then drove off. authorities say if it wasn't for the good samaritan, things would have ended different. >> i she could have ended up the next body dumped somewhere else. >> kidnapping is pretty scary. >> reporter: and both the woman and good samaritan were treated on scene for chemical exposure to their faces. that's bus the suspect sprayed mace in both of their faces, and detectives are very worried that the suspect may strike again. they have set up a hotline to find identity more information. on that you can go to our website nbc ba bayarea.comnbcba. any information on this incident or suspect, you're asked to contact them. reporting live from san leandro, i'm elyce kirchner, nbc bay area news. >> now to decision 2016. it all comes down to this, the fourth and final night of the dnc, and it's the most important
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one. >> what you're looking at now, a live look inside the arena there in philadelphia. tonight in primetime, might have heard already, hillary clinton will deliver perhaps the most important speech of her political career. nbc bay area steve handlesman joins us from the convention there in philadelphia. steve, what's her primary goal tonight? what does she need to convey? >> raj, she wants to get voters to see her as trustworthy and competent and the polls show that could be a pretty tough row for her to hoe, but she is the first democratic works the first woman ever, to head a major party's presidential ticket, so in the buildup which is what we're in now, norcal democratic washington women, senior democrats, nancy pelosi, the top democrat in the u.s. house of representatives, barbara boxer, california senator, have been part of a parade of democratic women who have come up to extoll the virtues of the leadership and the personality, the quality and the work ethic of hillary
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clinton. staffers here at the dnc say when hillary clinton gives her important speech tonight she will take the opposite approach that donald trump took in his now at least among democrats notorious speech to close his republican convention where he said, trump did, that he's the one, the only one basically, he alone can solve the problems that we have in america. hillary clinton tonight will ask all americans to help her do that. it could be tough for hillary clinton toe top last night, an emotional president obama passing her the baton to lead the party and they hope the nation in the opposite way, he said, than donald trump would. >> i'm asking you to join me, to reject cynicism and reject fear and to summon what is best in us to elect hillary clinton as the next president. united states. >> reporter: when it's her turn tonight, how can clinton promise to finish what he started and also to shake things up?
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>> has to hit the sweet spot on being able to say, yes, i support most of president barack obama's policies. i want to continue his agenda and improve on it but also meet americans who actually do want some change. >> reporter: as katy perry today checked out the stage and acoustics, three women delegates were already staked out in the second row to see the speech by the first woman to head a major party ticket. >> this woman has done something that no one has been able to do until now, and we should celebrate it and be totally enthusiastic. >> reporter: and you think she's going to celebrate it tonight? >> absolutely. that's why i'm here. >> reporter: another clinton focus tonight is donald trump who claimed today he was being sarcastic when he asked russia for help to find clinton e-mails. hillary clinton herself is in the spotlight tonight hoping america finds her trustworthy and likable. so now she's getting red. somewhere in this venue or
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nearby with two, maybe three hours till the biggest speech of her career, her life. i'm steve handlesman, nbc bay area news reporting live from the dnc in filly. >> okay, steve. we'll see you later on tonight. one of our local politicians got off the stage. minority leader nancy pelosi says electing mrs. clinton is more than just a history-making event. >> hillary clinton knows that this moment is not just about one woman's achievement. it's about what electing a woman president will mean for achieving the dreams and hopes and aspirations of every woman, every daughter, every son, every family. >> reporter: leader pelosi also spoke about stronger gun laws and investing in education and equal pay. back out live to philadelphia now. hillary clinton will be introduced by her daughter, stanford grad chelsea clinton. as steve was mentioned, steve
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handelsman, katy perry will also be performing in the next 90 minutes. see it all in our primetime coverage beginning at 7:00 tonight. now, to the latest on the sobranos fire. the the fire started in monterrey county north of big sur. firefighters say it's burned more than 27,000 acres, 34 homes destroyed and today cal fire identified the bulldozer operator who died fighting the fire as robert reagan from fresno county. right now the fire is only 10% contained. a live look now at san jose. smoke from the sobra ney s fire with smog prompted the fifth straight spare alert. rob mayeda is here with a look at the air quality and it could be tough for people with respiratory areas. >> reporter: in san jose the worth of air quality is right around monterrey county where
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the most dense smoke is. another spare the air day. notice, speaking of the tri-valley, temperatures in the near 90s to 100 degrees. right now livermore at 97 degrees. believe it or not, you'll stay above 70 degrees between now and all the way through midnight. not much cooling there. however, cooling is in the seven-day forecast. when it will arrive coming up in a few minutes. >> okay, rob. see you soon. a stunning reversal involving a high-profile crime. the man convicted of killing chandra levy 15 years ago has been set free. tonight we're hearing from levy's mother. prosecutors announced they are dropping all charges against the man. levy was a washington, d.c. intern who disappeared after being romantically linked to congressman gary conduit. jodi hernandez has been following this case since it
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broke in 2001 and tonight how is chandra's mother dealing with all of this. >> reporter: i've spoken to susan levy many times over the year, and this is about as upset as i've ever seen her. she says physically and emotionally she is not doing well after getting a phone call this morning that the murder trial of the man accused of killing her daughter isn't going to happen. >> i have to say i'm in a state of shock. >> reporter: that's how chandra levy's mother says how she feels after the man suspected of murdering her doubtler no longer be tried for the killing. >> it kind of like puts you back to the level of grief that you originally have. >> reporter: washington intern's 2001 disappearance got national attention after she was romantically linked to then modesta congressman gary conduit. condit insists he had nothing do with the 24-year-old's disappearance during an exclusive interview with me in 2001. he was later ruled out as a suspect, but despite an earlier
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conviction, guandique, the man once believed responsible, will not be retried. instead, he'll be turned over to immigration officials. >> i only wish that we can get the right person. >> reporter: do you think they have the right guy? do you think he was the right guy? >> i can't make comment at this time, i'm sorry. i think what i said was enough, more than enough, and i wasn't going make any comments to anyone the whole day. >> reporter: now federal prosecutors would not elaborate on exactly what those recent developments were that led to them dismissing the charges. susan levy meantime says she's still hoping for justice but says not even justice will ever make her family whole again. reporting live in modesta, i'm joade hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> what a saga this has been. a follow-up now to the suspicious death in concord. a man's body was found on the
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side of the road and is likely the victim of a hit-and-run and he's been identified as 29-year-old frank hernandez from bay point. they believe he was walking near the concord naval weapons stations when he was hit by a car early yesterday morning. his body was found later on in the day by someone passing by. so far know suspects have been named. nearly three dozen bay area schools will soon make a significant change in how school police are used, that after an nbc bay area investigation. investigative reporter is here to explain how the year long series is now impacting thousand of students. >> reporter: well, rediscovered most schools in our area don't actually have guidelines to discover when it's appropriate for schools to call police officers on their students. remember last year we have shown you how that can leave kids and teens with criminal records for what some describe as just childish misbehavior. tonight at 11:00 we'll show you how our reporting is now leading law enforcement and educators to make major changes at bay area
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schools that will pact over 60,000 children. why did you think it was important enough to make those changes? >> if we are suspending and encopyright students and putting students on the path to prison that is not keeping kids in school. >> we'll explain where the changes are happening and how they might impact your child. that investigate for you tonight at 11:00. guys, back for you. >> see you then. thanks, bigad. if you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call at 888-99 6 tips or send u an e-mail. coming up, what police say a current suspect has revealed. >> also ahead a tribute for a trailblazer. how the navy now plans to honor gay rights icon harvey milk. >> also, she's making a difference stroke by stroke. the teenager who has found a splashy way to help local kids. man they believe fired at a
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police sergeant as she sat helpless in her patrol s-u-v after a car crash. in fact, they tracked him more oakland police believe arrested a suspect who opened fire after a car crash. they tracked him more than 75 miles to make the arrest. christie smith is live in oakland with details on what the suspect is saying to police. christie? >> reporter: well, investigators haven't released specifics but say that this could be tied to general anti-police sentiment.
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they say the suspect wasn't even involved in this crash but used the opportunity to open fire. >> an arrest was made early this morning just after 4:00 a.m. in stockton. >> reporter: a man who barricaded himself in a home. police believe he took aim at oakland police sergeant nadia clark as she was dazed after a collision in her patrol suv last weekend. >> and i'm going to say this, like a coward fired upon her, firing one round at her vehicle. >> reporter: clark was not hit by the guinn fire but was injured in the crash. here is her emergency call to dispatch. >> i just got shot at. i was in a car at [ unaudible ] oh, i can't get out of car. >> reporter: oakland police say they are still not clear on a motive though the suspect made statements that could be in line with recent ant police sentiment that have been expressed in national protests. >> the overall narrative that's
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going on nationally. >> even during our trying times and strained relationships with the community and law enforcement throughout the country the citizens of oakland have stepped up. >> reporter: and police say they have received help but aren't saying much about the suspect described as 28 to 38 years old with addresses in oakland. now police also tell us that they did recover a gun consistent with the one used in the shooting. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> christie, thank you. >> the navy is honoring a local legend that has made a big impact. harvey milk was assassinate shortly after becoming the first openly gay politician in california. his murder in 1978 game shortly after his election to the san francisco board of supervisors. now here's the ship. it's called an oiler. it provides support for other navy ships at sea. there's been a push from political leaders in california to name a ship after milk since
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the repeal of the military's don't ask don't tell policies five years ago. milk came from a navy family. he himself was commissioned in 1951 and served as an overs on a submarine rescue ship during the korean war. he rose to lieutenant before his honorable discharge. >> well, we've seen 100-degree days lately, and it has many people flocking to the pools but for some it's not that easy. >> and they have never learned how to swim, simply because sometimes their families couldn't afford lessons. thanks to a young woman in the south bay that isn't an issue anymore. garvin thomas with tonight's "bay area proud." >> reporter: for a competitive swimmer diving into the deep end is not a metaphor. it's simply how you get things started. carson meyer has been doing it since she was 9 years old which is fortunate because soon after carson started her very own volunteer program the deep end is where she found herself. >> at first i was a little
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overwhelmed. >> reporter: hole endeavor started a few years ago when carson in her first year at san jose's presentation high school, volunteering on a food drive. it opened her eyes to the struggles of some in her community. carson says she felt guilty, at least at first she did. >> and then i kind of realized, like, well, i don't have to feel guilty. i can actually step up and do something about it. >> are we ready to swim today? i just decided to combine my love for volunteering and love for swim into something that i could do. >> just like that. >> reporter: carson set out this summer to offer free swim lessons to children whose families couldn't afford them. the response, lukewarm at best. >> we actually did not get a lot of signups. we learned very quickly that families didn't have things like swimsuits and goggles and they weren't able to sign up because that have. >> reporter: once carson got those things donated, well, that's when things very quickly
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got very busy. >> i think we have over 65 swimmers now. >> reporter: carson now works with kids ages 2 to 17. most have never had a swim lesson and some never even been in a pool. like one girl carson taught. >> and on the third day we got her swimming across the shallow end on her own and i moved her into the deep end and swam across the deep end on her own and once we finished our first lap she just started crying because she was so overwhelmed. >> reporter: they are probably not the last tears of joy that will end up in this pool this summer. just like this will probably not be the last time carson chooses to do good rather than feel guilty. in addition to the hurdle of not having swimsuits and googles for something like this pool time section pensive so swim south bay, presentation high school, was very generous to carson letting her use the space and the facilities to -- to help
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these kids. 65 kids. she was suddenly overwhelmed and had to reach out and get others to help her do the lessons. >> lukewarm to really hot. >> exactly, actually. >> three days a little kid was swim in the deep end. >> wish i knew about her when my kids were learning how to swim. >> thanks, garvin. >> speaking of our weather and in many areas it was scorching hot. let's bring in meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> rob mayeda. >> my apologies, ron. nice to see you. >> team coverage of the heat today. talking about hot temperatures around the bay area. cool weather certainly for the tri-vale and south bay, 97 degrees. that will make you want to look for the nearest pool where you live right now. >> 90 in san jose and look at san francisco. you don't have to head too far to find some cooler weather, you're seeing the cooler temperatures and not the case in livermore. only 16% the relative humidity in livermore.
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83 degrees as you look south. you can see the smoke there from the sobranes fire and 16 currently in san francisco as the sea breeze is helping things out around the coast and the inner barracks but you can see inland temperatures are not benefiting much from the sea breeze. unfortunately, real not enough of an onshore push of marine air to get all the bad air out of here in terms of low zone and smoke. still, unhealthy for the east bay for tomorrow. that's the reason why we'll see another spare the air alert for friday and as we move into the weekend we should finally see some changes. check this out. looking off to the east today, big-time thunderstorms over the sierra as monsoon moisture comes up south of lake tahoe. within the last half hour more than 115 lightning strikes out of those sierra thunderstorms between now and the next three hours. head to the high country tomorrow and these same areas will likely see thunderstorms during the day today. nothing like that here so the pattern continues tomorrow with areas of low clouds and coastal
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fog which means santa cruz, one spot to beat the heat. close to 70 degrees for a high and around the rest of the bay area soaring into the 90s. upper 90s again around morgan hill and 60s closer to san francisco and for the north bay numbers in the upper 80s from low to mid-90s. pleasanton and liver more soaring into the up 0s including concord starting off around 70 at 9:00 and vaulting into the mid-90s by 3:00 in the afternoon so this is the weather story, that ridge of high pressure from the desert southwest still holding its position into friday which is why the spread of temperatures inland could still climb above 100 degrees. in some areas tomorrow. the weekend we'll see changes as a sea breeze begins to pick up. san francisco turning a bit more windy as we head towards sunday and here is the relief we've been watching for. seven-day forecast, inland spots. plenty hot and saturday the numbers begin to come down and then, yes, some upper 80s to
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near 990s and ten degrees of cooling as we head towards sunday and meantime tomorrow, another spare the air day with hot temperatures to wrap up the workweek before cooling temperatures arrive by sunday. back to you. >> never thought we'd be so happy to see 90 degrees on your list there, rob. thank you. still ahead here at 5:00, a potentially live-saving warning. it involves hepatitis infections here in the bay area. >> and we're launching our annual grant challenge, 21st century solutions for nonprofit programs to earn up to $50,000. applications are due august 26th. a safety alert for a popular
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conditioner for your hair. the f-d-a is investigating reports of hair loss, balding, happenings now on our twitter page.
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a safety alert for a popular conditioner for your hair. hair loss and balding and rashes and other issues are being investigated stemming from the use of wen conditioning products and homeownership drops to its lowest level since 1965 because millenials are putting off -- he promised riches.
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but instead - some south bay investors got scammed. ==rail//reveal== he promises richards bin stead some south base investors got scammed the u.s. attorney's
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office said 58-year-old fritz kramer promised big returns on a diamond and a mine in africa. prosecutors say he targeted about 40 elderly people, many of them from santa clara county. in some cases he collected money for eight years, but they say he never paid out a single cent. crimer is now facing up to 25 years in jail and a fine. a troubling reminder on this world hepatitis day. san francisco has the highest list of newly reported hep "b" cases. they are trying to get the word out on how to prevent the virus. it's the inflammation. liver usually caused by a virus. the increase in hep "c" cases is twice as higher than the rest of the state. >> we're trying to find out the link between the viruses and
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liver cancer. >> screenings and treatments can help diagnose and cure hep "c" but at first you need to know you're at risk and many san franciscans don't know they were exposed. >> buzzing about this last night. finally know what caused last night's strange streak of light across the western united states. stay with us. another signifcant night in
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american politcs... hillary clinton will take the stage -- and make her pitch to the another significant night in american politics. hillary clinton will take the stage and make her pitch to the voters. let's take you live now inside the democratic convention in philadelphia. you can see it's a full house yet again and tonight at 6:00 we'll talk about the bay area watch party to meet california delegates who are still holding out for bernie sanders even though mrs. clinton is the democratic candidate. that's ahead on our 6:00 newscast. >> oh, my gosh. that's so cool. >> i've never seen anything like that before. it's still going. >> well, we know what it is. around 9:30 people in the u.s. thought they had captured a fallen star or meteor. today the u.s. military announced it's actually the remnants of a chinese rocket breaking up on re-entry. the rocket had taken off on monday from china.
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it took a couple of days for the leftover body of the trorocket come streaking back to earth. >> incredible. now we know the answer. >> see you at 6:00. >> good night. and high drama. a critical night as hillary clinton delivers the most important speech of her life. what will she say to convince the country? and can she top the president who brought the house down? no laughing matter. donald trump now says he was being sarcastic when he urged to hack hillary clinton, but critics say words matter. tonight, a new controversy is brewing around his wife melania. new zika alert. new cases and fears they may have been acquired here, not overseas, for first time. one major city now halting blood


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