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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 28, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is in modesta which is chandra levy's hometown and you've been in touch with this family for years. what are they saying tonight? >> reporter: well, chandra levy's mother is very upset. as you've mentioned, i've been covering this case since chandra levy disappeared 15 years ago when this street here was lined with yellow ribbons, and this is about as upset as i have ever seen susan levy. she says she's physically and emotionally not doing well after today's developments. >> i have to say i'm in a state of shock. >> chiefee's mother says she's stunned after learning the man suspected of murdering her daughter will no longer be tried for the killing. federal prosecutors have announced they are dropping all charges against salvadoran immigrant ingmar guandique citing recent unforeseen developments that were investigate over the past week. >> it's kind of like puts you back to the level of grief that you originally have. >> reporter: the washington
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intern's 2001 disappearance got national attention after she was romantically linked to then modesta congressman gary condit. condit insists that he had nothing to do with the 24-year-old's disappearance during an exclusive interview with me in 2001. he was later ruled out as a suspect. but despite an earlier conviction guandiquey, the man once believed to be responsible, will not be retried. instead he'll be turned over to immigration officials. >> i only wish that we can get the right person in whoever did what happened to my doubt sneer levy says she thinks of her daughter constantly and won't stop seeking justice. >> i'll always want justice, but even if i get justice doesn't bring calm back to the family that's been fractured by a horrendous crime like this.
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>> reporter: now gary condit's attorney released a statement today saying mr. condit is extremely disappointed by today's decision, by today's developments, and in a statement he said the failure to bring former -- formal closure to this tragedy after 15 years is very disappointing but in no way alters the fact that mr. condit was long ago completely exonerated by authorities in connection with miss levy's death. reporting live from modesta, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> turning now to decision 2016, a live look inside the democratic national convention in philadelphia. tonight hillary clinton will take the stage and address the nation and nbc will be carrying that live. it's a big night for the democratic party and women across the country. >> reporter: our local political leaders have also been active this evening. house minority leader nancy pelosi was on the stage talking about the glass ceiling that's been shattered.
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>> this moment is about the landmark progress president hillary clinton will achieve for families everywhere yearning for a better life, a better chance and a better america. >> leader pelosi also pushed for increased gun control krooigt the recent sit-in by lemtic lawmakers held at the capitol earlier this year. >> pelosi made history as the first speaker of the house and now history made again. hillary clinton is the first female presidential nominee of a major party and tonight she will make her case to voters. nbc's bay area mark matthews is at a watch party in san francisco and how is the turnout right now, and what do these democrats want to hear? >> reporter: well, we've got about two dozen people here at verge in the 3100 block of mission. they are hear to hear hillary clinton's speech tonight, of course, and i think what they want to hear from her is her vision of the future. those in the know tell me it is
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going to be a challenge for the first woman nominee. it will be tough for hillary clinton to top last night's speech from president barack obama who gave one of the best convention speeches ever. >> i'm asking you to join me, to reject cynicism and reject fear and to summon what is best in us. >> reporter: when it's her turn tonight, clinton must walk a line between promising to finish what president obama started and being a change-maker, willing to shake things up. >> giving the big speech has always been a challenge for hill hi. you can't look back at previous conventions and say a-ha, that hillary clinton speech, that was memorable. it's just never been a strength of hers, so it's an extra challenge tonight. >> reporter: california delegates who support bernie sanders are reportedly passing out t-shirts and planning a silent demonstration. >> i did hear about t-shirts going out. i didn't hear about turning their backs. they did the other night during one of the speeches, turned their backs on the speaker. >> reporter: the co-leader of contra costa for hillary said
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michelle obama's speech and bill clinton's speech and the president's speech last night all helped but it was probably bernie sanders who did the most to convince his supporters to go for hillary. >> i met with a friend of mine today who is a bernie person and talked to her about what's going to happen after the convention, and she felt that it was important to get our democratic candidate hillary elected and is willing to work with us from now on. >> i spoke with a bernie supporter at the conshengs today, a fellow from amador city, the mayor from amador city tim knox, and asked him if he's heard anything in the past few days that's changed his view? no, it has not and he's waiting to see what she has to say and i'm waiting for her to earn my trust. mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> a lot of people waiting to hear what hillary clinton says tonight. back live now to the convex.
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you can see it there. it's a packed house and a packed schedule. katy perry will be performing this evening soon after chelsea clinton will introduce her mother. the democrats hoping this night will provide a big boost as we head towards november. >> happening right now in san francisco, police have started making arrests after protesters blocked market street in the city. the demonstrators are members of the union that represents hundreds of san francisco janitors. now we're told these protesters intended to get arrested and have been blocking intersections near the foot of market for roughly the past hour. they are demanding the city and several companies give them a fair contract. their demonstration is part of a so-called week of rage organized by the union sciu. lock your doors. that is a message from the san mateo county's sheriff's department after an uptick of home burglaries along the peninsula. michelle roberts is at a meeting tonight in millbrae after
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organizers voiced their concern. michelle >> reporter: mayor said after the last city council meeting there was so much concern about these burglaries they decided to have a special town hall meeting. it just george bush. it's a packed house inside, and the mayor and city officials are hoping that they can come together and work against these criminals. >> i heard about the burglaries. >> reporter: charlie has lived in millbrae for more than 30 years. he says so long as his dog is in the house he's safe. >> anybody comes near the house he barks. >> reporter: not everyone feels so secure. the san 345i9io police department which took over police patrol in 2012 says there's been an uptick in burglaries. >> the crimes in millbrae are slightly higher but not significantly higher compared to our neighboring cities. >> reporter: today the sheriff's department wouldn't say how many burglaries there have been this year compared to last, saying the information hadn't been compiled yet, but according to crime reports on the department's website since april there have been roughly 25 home burglaries in the city.
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>> secure your doors and secure your windows and your side gates, your garages, maybe sure they are locked. >> reporter: public information officer says tonight's meetings deputies will offer safety tips and listen to secure neighbors like veronika lopez who would like to see more patrols. >> it would be nice if we felt that we had the protection, you know, because there's -- that doesn't exist here. i mean, it's very limited. a lot of people are going to say that tonight. >> reporter: the city recently increased public safety funds and the mayor says that could increase again. reporting live in mill break, i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> michelle, thank. let's take you outside now. you can see dublin, the bay bridge and downtown san jose from our various live cameras across the bay area. we have a lot of heat in the tri-valley especially and sploek in the south bay. in fact, on your far right there. you see some hazy skies. the smoke coming into san jose from parent yeah county, the fire down there. also on our fourth consecutive
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spare the air day. let's bring in our meteorologist rob mayeda who is with us. rocks the smoke and heat causing a lot of problems and especially breathability. >> air quality warnings now off to the east. 80 degrees in san jose and what gets the attention is all the smoke over the hills there. looking to the south as the sobranes fire thickens. pushing smoke to ground levels in mont-year bay and points east. we're actually seeing out towards tracy an stanislas county air quality warning through the day and into tonight we'll be seeing warnings due to the dense smoke drifting north and east away from the fire. the other story obviously is another spare the air day for tomorrow. east bay locations, interior valleys and healthy for sensitive groups and moderate air quality in the south bay and, yes, the heat goes on. upper 90s around concord and when relief from both poor air quality and heat will arrive coming up in your seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> okay, thank you.
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developing news on the sobranes fire. our nbc helicopter captured pictures of the flames charging through dry trees and brush. the fire broke out on friday north of big sur. firefighters say the fire has burned more than 27,000 acres. the number of homes destroyed grew to 34. cal fire identified the bulldozer operator who died fighting the fire as robert reagan from fresno county. right now the fire is only 10% contained. >> and a violent and disturbing attack in the east bay. i'm elyce kirchner live in san leandro. ahead how a 23-year-old woman on her way to work was targeted. >> i'm scott budman. hundreds of these are going to rio. coming up a tech startup trying to ease the worries of athletes. >> plus, what was it? it wasn't a meteor. we now know what caused this light show last night. kidnapped.
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police say an east bay woman's walk to work turned into a fight for life. but she was . it's quite a story. maced and nearly kidnap. police say an east bay woman's walk to work turned into a fight for her life burks she was saved by a good samaritan. it happened just before 8:00 this morning in san leandro on washington avenue near the 880-230 interchange. nbc bay areas eelyce kirchner joins us from the san leandro police department with the
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story. >> reporter: a good samaritan was able to fight off the suspect but he got away and tonight authorities are hoping they track down the suspect before he tries again. >> we were right there, and we saw everything. >> reporter: in the midst of the morning rush. >> on the roof getting ready to paint. >> reporter: on busy washington avenue in san leandro. >> it's crazy. broad daylight in the morning. >> reporter: around 7:45 this morning, painter bruce burns was working on the roof of this apartment building when he saw two men fighting across the street. >> there was a girl, too. >> reporter: burns didn't know it at the time, but he was witnessing an attempted abduction. >> we don't know why she was targeted which is really disturbing. this is just a random attack on the female. >> reporter: police say this man targeted a 23-year-old asian woman on her way to work. described as a well-dressed black man in a collared shirt calmly parallel parked his car, jumped out and maced the woman. >> because she was incapacitated by the mace. she wasn't in a position to be able to fight back.
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she actually felt her feet enter the car. >> reporter: that's when a man in his 20s driving by stopped and fought off the suspect. he then drove off. authorities say if it wasn't for the good samaritan, things would have ended differently. >> she could have ended up the next body dump somewhere else. no way to know. >> reporter: whatever his motivation, authorities hospital suspect is caught soon before he strikes again. >> kidnapping is pretty scary. >> reporter: and authorities say the good samaritan and the woman were treated on scene for chemical exposure due to the suspect spraying them with mace. detectives are urging anyone with information to contact them. we've set up information on our website and giving you details on how you can do that. go to our website, nbc live in san leandro, elyce kirchner, nbc bay-year news. >> thanks, elyce. a troubling new twist regarding the zika virus tonight. researchers say the virus could
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be more prevalent in california because of the mosquito which carries the virus, so far zika has been spread by two species of the mosquito nate i have to brazil and other latin american countries. experts say a common variety of california mosquito might have the potential to transmit the virus. now, there's some hopeful news that california mosquito is the same type that carries west nile virus which bite birds more than humans and counties already have programs in place to eradicate those mosquitos. zika is also on the minds of many olympians tonight as they arrive in rio and a bay area company wants to help. >> it's using a piece of technology that most us already have to try to track and better track symptoms of this virus. our business and tech reporter scott budman joins us with what's being called the smart thermometer. >> this is the thermometer made by a san francisco startup to work with your smartphone to better alert you, your doctor and in this case your teammates about any symptoms.
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>> as the athletes arrive in rio, they come with more than skill and hopes of gold medals. many come with concerns about zika. will they get it, and how will they know if they are at risk? >> anybody who is part of that group would have an early morning system. >> the early warning system is this, what san francisco-based kinza called its smart thermometer, a thermometer that hooks up to your smartphone to store, remember and network your symptoms as they change. think of it as a social network for your health, instantly telling doctors or teammates if you're coming down with something. >> a few simple taps can you add in symptoms, medication reminders, notes about your illness in addition to the fever history that you have. >> reporter: the thermometer quickly caught on with athletes, so much so kinsa is offering its product for free to any athlete or family member heading to rio. >> yeah, we have. i believe it's now six teams who
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have contacted us, individual athletes as well translator: they are hoping for positive results when they compete. they will be happy with negative results when they check their phones. now, the thermometer travels lightly since it charges when plugged into your phone. it doesn't have a battery so it's smaller than most other thermometers. this one cost $20. the app is a free download. back to you. >> okay. thank, scott. >> you bet. >> did you see it last night, the mystery light streaking across the sky? around 9:30 p.m. our phone lines lit up here in the newsroom and people across several states thought they saw a meteor but it wasn't a meteor. today the u.s. military announced it's actually the body of a chinese rocket breaking up during re-entry. that rocket had taken off on monday from china with parts for the country's new space station. actually not uncommon for space junk to fall back to earth. you can get predictions or objects re-entering the earth's atmosphere for free online. the link is on our website,
6:19 pm pretty cool. >> people capturing spectacular shots, and it was a great night to see it. clear skies. >> yeah. from california to utah last night. >> yeah. >> we saw twitter shut down for a while. >> we broke the internet last night. >> we did. >> and right now maybe breaking a few records well inland again today. pretty close. as you can see, still 90 degrees out towards concord and 49 at liver more. san francisco and half moon barracks only nearly 60 degrees. good strong ocean air conditioning keeping things cool and at this hour we've got winds onshore at 10 to 20 miles per hour, and extremely temperature sensitive maybe you notice it's about six degrees cooler than yesterday at this time around san jose and, again, when you're in the mid-90s doesn't feel cooler and technically it's four degrees cooler. and in the sierra big-time thunderstorms and 100 lightning strikes in the last two hours there. head together high country, areas south of lake tahoe, we'll
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see showers decreation and then we'll be watching for clouds to spill locally across the bay and heading towards tomorrow morning and our temperatures to start things off in the 50s and 60s outside and then for the afternoon, again tomorrow, upper 90s to near 100 degrees and out towards tri-vale and lots of 80s around the south bay so this is the pattern that's going to come as we head into the start of the weekend. that will finally take an edge off the heat. area of low pressure moving in towards our north that will allow temperatures to finally cool down. what it means for your weekend forecast coming up in our next half hour. back for you. >> okay, ron. see you shortly. up next, more than 170 members of team usa have bay area ties so is it something in our water? we're going to hear from nbc olympics host bob costas about the bay area olympians. protest going on in san
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francisco. police have started arresting demonstrators thaha hamming now on twitter. updating the janitor protest going on in san francisco. police have begun to arrest demonstrators who have shut down parts of market street and details on the website protests that will take place tonight when hillary clinton gives her acceptance speech tonight. supporters of bernie sanders have passed out t-shirts and will apparently turn their backs on her when she delivers her speech. been a breeding ground for
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olympians. the numbers are you might know this. for decades the bay-year has been a breeding ground for
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olympia olympians. the numbers are staggering. more than 550 members of team usa are now heading down to rio. 11% of them have bay area ties this. got attention of nbc olympics host bob costas. >> reporter: as the olympic torch travels to rio more than 60 athletes with bay-area ties will also make their way donning the red, white and blue and this doesn't include the 20 other athletes with local ties competing with other countries. >> reporter: if i were to guess i would think part of it was at least two prestigious universities, stanford and cal. >> legendry sportscaster bob costas has been front man for nbc for the last ten olympics and say bay area universities pride themselves on non-mark key sports. >> they often win championships in the sports that don't get as much national attention. >> cal has produced the likes of nathan adrian, dana vollmer,
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anthony irvin, missy franklin and many more. across the bay, stanford boasts diver christian ipson, beach volleyball star kerri walsh jennings and the first female olympics skiff scaler helena scott, and not to be forgotten san jose state with judokas marty maloy and colton brown. costas says there isn't anything in the water, but there is something in our sky. >> does it get chill sometimes in the bay area? >> yeah, it does. >> with you still you've got weather conditions that will allow athletes to compete with different sports. >> one day we might be hosting the olympics in the bay area. keep traffic the bay area olympics in rio have the full list on our website. it's a great list and it's right there on our front page. >> and we're only eight days away from the opening ceremony. our own jessica aguirre is on her way to ryo right now and she's our link to the olympics, and we'll start live reports in
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a few days. the reason police say the suspect may have targeted >> coming up here at 6:00, a new arrest after an oakland police officer was shot at. the reason police say the suspect may have targeted the sergeant. >> plus, a historical night. hillary clinton about to accept the presidential nomination. a live report from philadelphia coming up.
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>> okay. it's almost 9:30 east coast
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time. a live shot into the democratic national convention in philadelphia. we're less than an hour away from hillary clinton taking the stage at the dnc. now, can she build off the momentum from last night when president obama gave her a passionate endorsement? >> now it's hillary clinton's turn to convince the nation why she should be president. nbc's steve handelsman has been covering the convention all week and is live in philadelphia with more on this much anticipated night. steve? snoop hi, janell and raj. pretty good energy tonight, at least as much before barack obama last night. a lot of cheering. the room's packed with democrats all across the country, including barbara boxer, including nancy pelosi, northern california, big-name democratic women speaking up for hillary clinton. they are cheering now the a general who is attempting donald trump. they are amped up here. hillary clinton who said many times she's not a very good public speaker or campaigner,
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and these folks know that, but the pressure is on her to perform. her people say that she will contrast her approach to donald trump, trump notably saying as he closed off his convention that he alone can help america. hillary clinton says she's going to reach out all americans to help her. it could be tough for hillary clinton to top last night, an emotional president obama passing her the baton to lead the party and they hope the nation in the opposite way, he said, than donald trump would. >> i'm asking you to join me to reject cynicism and reject fear and to summon what is best in us to elect hillary clinton as the next president of the united states. >> when it's her turn tonight, how can clinton promise to finish what he started and also to shake things up? >> has to hit the sweet spot on being able to say, yes, i support most president obama's policies. i want to continue his agenda
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and improve on it and also meet americans who actually do want some change. >> reporter: as katy perry today checked out the stage and acoustics, three women delegates were already staked out in the second row to see the speech by the first woman to head a major party ticket. >> this woman has done something that no one has been able to do until now, and we should celebrate it and be totally enthusiastic. >> reporter: and you think she's going to celebrate it tonight? >> absolutely. that's why i'm here. >> reporter: another clinton focus tonight is donald trump who claimed today he was being sarcastic when he asked russia for help to find clinton e-mails. hillary clinton tonight is in the spotlight herself hoping americans find her trustworthy. polls show they do not like donald trump. hillary clinton comes into her acceptance speech, this time in the residentic convention with polls showing most u.s. voters
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do not approve of her. live from philadelphia, steve handelsman, nbc bay area news. >> steve, thank you. it is a big night indeed. one of california's delegates at this convention is san jose's mayor sim lick yardo and he shares with us what he hopes to hear from mrs. clinton to be the. >> simply she needs to be herself. those of us who have met her and talked to her individually know how very charming she is, how charismatic she is and i hope we see more and more of that on a larger stage. >> mayor liccardo will attend the speech tonight. >> when ground zero responders became sick, she demanded answers from the bush administration. i saw her do it. she fought to make sure that they got the health care they need. >> senator boxer was among 12
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women senators who praised clinton's time in the u.s. senate and her ability to reach across the aisle and work with republicans. last night it was clinton's running mate in the spotlight, senator tim kaine of virginia, introduce doed himself to america. in tonight's reality check sam brock looks at claims made by kaine and california governor jerry brown. >> senator tim kaine. >> reporter: tim kaine strode across the floor at the democratic convention but it wasn't his first time in the national spotlight. >> it was clearly indications that he was troubled and that he needed assistance. >> reporter: kaine governed virginia during one. darkest chapters in american history, the virginia tech massacre. in philadelphia he talked about changes that he championed following it. >> and we shed tears and held each other up, but afterwards we roumd our sleeves and we mixed the loophole in the background record checks system so that we
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could make our commonwealth safer, and we've got do that in the nation. >> here are the facts. kahne did pass an executive order prohibiting anyone found to be mentally ill from getting their hands on a weapon. kahne also accepted federal money to overhaul the state's background check reporting system after the virginia tech shooter was deemed mentally ill by a judge, but that information slipped through the cracks. we reached out to the d.c.-based coalition to stop gun violence. their legislative director, christian hane, told us kahne made virginia, quote, a national point contact for the revamped database and the state went from being one of the worst in the country at reporting mental health information to arguably the best. kaine claim is true. next up, california governor jerry brown on a crusade for climate change. >> trump says global warming is a hoax. i say trump is a fraud.
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brown correctly points out that donald trump did not mention climate change in his speech at the republican convention, but does he think it's a hoax? the reality is trump's words and actions here differ. there are plenty of tweets like this one from 2014 showing donald trump calling global warming, quote, an expensive hoax, but a recent report from politico uncovered that trump international golf links has applied to build a sea wall on its grounds in ireland citing the effects of global warming. for reality check, i'm sam brock. >> we'll take you back out live to the dnc. this is actress chloe grace moritz speaking right now at the convention, and in about 90 minutes we'll hear from hillary clinton. she's scheduled to speak around 7:30 and 8:00. stay with nbc bay area for
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special coverage. dnc that will get under way in about 25 minutes from now. more headlines here at home. a man's body found on the side of the road was like lit victim of a hit and run. investigators have identified him as frank fernandez from bay point. they believe he was walking on the side of willow pass road near the concord naval weapons station when he was hit by a car early yesterday morning. his body was found later in the day by someone passing by. so far no suspects have been named. >> well, it took a 70-mile manhunt and a standoff and tonight observing land police arrested the man they believe shot at one of their officers. the shooting happened over the weekend. here's nbc's bay area christie smith. >> reporter: nbc police say the suspect opened fire on a sergeant like a coward who had been involved in a collision and anti-police sentiment maybe the reason for it. oakland police say the suspect
6:37 pm
barricaded himself in a home. they believe he came across sergeant nadia clark who was in a collision in her patrol suv, and he took aim. >> and she was kind of dazed and helpless and at that moment she was attacked and the suspect fires upon her. >> reporter: she was not shot, but she was injured in the crash. here's your frantic emergency call to dispatch. >> i just got shot at. i was in a car at [ inaudible ] oh, i can't get out of the car. >> reporter: police say the motive sun clear though the suspect made statements that this could be in line with anti-police sentiments. >> the overhaul narrative that's going on nationally. >> reporter: there have been protests following police shootings of black men. the oakland incident follows fatal ambush shootings of officers in dallas and baton rouge. >> even though in our trying times with strained relationships with community and law enforcement throughout the country the citizens of oakland have stepped up. >> reporter:
6:38 pm
police say they have received help and they say the suspect is around 30 with oakland addresses. police say a search warrant for the home in stockton did uncover a gun consistent with the one used the night of the shooting. in oakland, christ eye smith, nbc bay area news. >> a troubling reminder on this world hepatitis day. san francisco has the highest rate of newly reported chronic hep "c" cases in all of california. san francisco city hall today several groups gathered to get the word out and talk about wayed to prevent the vise. hepatitis is an inflammation. liver usually caused by a virus. today health officials also said san francisco's increase in hep "c" cases is twice that of the entire state. >> both of these viruses can cause liver cancer, and we are trying to encourage people to think about the link between these two viruses and liver cancer. >> reporter: >> a vaccine can protect against hep "b" and screenings and
6:39 pm
diagnosis and treatment can cure hep "c." officials say you need to know your risk but many san franciscans don't even realized they have been exposed. >> oracle jumping into the cloud and what some say this means for the future of computers. >> plus, an honor for harvey milk. the way the navy is paying tribute to the gay rights activist. a great day for google's parent
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
company "alphabet". =vo= profits are up, and that sent stocks soaring. alphabet say a great day for google's parent company alphabet. profits run, and that sent the stock soaring. alphabet says more people than ever will clicking on their ads. revenue is up 21%. alphabet stock will likely open tomorrow an at all-time high. tech company oracle made a big purchase today. the redwood insurance company
6:42 pm
offered to buy netsuite for $9 billion. they were the first company to use digital cloud technology. the technology of the two companies will complement each other and the buyout will boost oracle's standing against other cloud xugt rivals. the u.s. navy is honoring a local ledge whoend has made a national impact. late san francisco supervisor harvey milk is getting a ship named after him. milk was assassinate shortly after becoming the first openly gay politician here in california. his dealt in 1978 came shortly after his election to the san francisco board of supervisors. here's the ship. take the look. it's an oiler which provides support for other navy shipments at sea. there's been a push from political leaders in california to name a ship after milk since the repeal of the military's don't ask don't tell policy a few years ago. milk came from a navy family. he himself was commissioned in 1951 and served as an officer on a submarine rescue ship during  the korean war. he rose to lieutenant before his
6:43 pm
honorable discharge. >> well deserved. okay. a check of the forecast. feel like it was a few degrees cooler. >> just a little bit, around the peninsula and the bay and livermore cooled off. but still 102 degrees. clouds are making a comeback and when will significantly cooler temperatures arrive? a look at our forecast when we come back. a brand new tv begins to break down just as the warranty is about to end. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next. nbc bay area responds to a south
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
bay woman whose new tv went bad. =raj/2-shot= consumer investigator chris chmura explains the problm nbc bay-year responds to a woman whose new tv went back. >> consumer investigator chris chumpa explains the problem and the resolution. >> yeah. this case is all about timing.
6:46 pm
nancy from milpedas says her new 55-inch tv started giving her trouble just before costco's two-year warranty came out. she called for service and wasn't getting anywhere. where, in the middle of trying warranty ran out so she contacted us. costco quickly agreed to a full refund. mrs. yao received $689 to buy a new tv. in a statement costco told us we do what is right by our member and considering the time of year and that she might have been kag the wrong number during the holidays we're giving her the benefit of the doubt. only a few years past the two-year mark when she made contact. if you have a consumer complaint let us know about it. call out as 888-996-tips or upload story to our website one last bit about warranties and tvs. we noticed a trend that some tvs come with an extended warranty and have you to register the tv. the little piece of paper. >> fill that card out and send
6:47 pm
it back. >> people throw that away. might get an extra year or two on the warranty. >> that's a good tip less. >> especially around christmas time. >> and hopefully nancy is watching us clearly tonight. >> hopefully we were good, right? >> thanks, chris. >> let's go to hawaii and a spectacular site on the big island. glowing stream of hot lava from the kilauea volcano making its way to the pacific ocean. it's not a threat to nearby communities but authorities warn that lava hitting the sea can be explosive. kilauea has been active since 1983, but this is first time in three years the lava has reached the ocean. >> that is cool. >> i've seen it reach the ocean before, like maybe eight years ago. it's really spectacular. >> i was there around five or six years ago as well. really cool to hike up there. >> really beautiful. >> rob mayeda is here. >> we're $3 million. >> going to give a lava forecast for us. >> frankly we don't but it feels
6:48 pm
quite hot in the tri-valley. show some. temperatures. hot temperatures as you can see from concord over towards livermore. another day of 100 degrees in livermore up to 102 and notice san francisco and only 36 degrees. 88 in napa and oakland 71. that's not too bad and right now we have our temperatures still in the 90s and 86 around downtown san jose and now only 58 degrees in san francisco as the sea breeze picks up. it is helped by the fact that our ocean temperatures are obviously quite cool. mid to upper 50s out on the sea shore there so that ocean air conditioning being felt in san francisco and oakland. 26 and closer to downtown and as we show you oakland. low clouds off to the west at 67 degrees and now we'll show you some. warmer spots. san jose, notice some of the smoke to the south as you have our temperatures close to 880 out near the airport but over towards pleasanton now, look at the smoke drifting from south to north next to the east bay and you see 94 degrees and humidity
6:49 pm
only down to about 15%, so very dry and hot temperatures again. notice the numbers around pleasant pleasanton tonight. unfortunately for areas like the tri-valley and pleasanton tomorrow, worst air quality will be in the eastern portions of the east bay and another spare the air alert for friday and for the morning we'll see some just some smoke but probably low clouds being pushed across the bay for your morning commute from 6:00 am to san jose and staying out on the coasts as we go through the afternoon. the all-day sea breeze keeping places from half moon bay down towards santa cruz and highs tomorrow close to 70 during the afternoon, but interior locations as we go over highway 17 into the santa clara valley and you're back around san jose and 97 degrees in morgan hill with haze skies and temperatures closer to the 60s near san francisco and highs in the upper 60s around mission and palo alto about 86 degrees.
6:50 pm
for the north bay, numbers in the upper 80s to low 90s and there you see the host temperatures from walnut creek over towards concord. pleasanton soaring to 100 and concord not as hot as today. mid-afternoon numbers waltzing through the low to mid-90s by 2:00 and 3:00. yes, the heat going on for another day. friday out towards sacramento, temperatures close to 105 degrees and midway through the weekend finally some relief. this area of low pressure moving into the north will begin to weeken that area of high pressure in the desert southwest and the forecast showing subtle signs of cooling for san francisco. that will be extra drizzle and low clouds come sunday and check out our interior temperatures for the tri-vale and rest of the valley. cooling five degrees in saturday and five more into sunday and monday so i think a five to ten degree drop by the beginning of next week will finally wring a little heat relief and better air quality into the end of next week and temperatures for the
6:51 pm
most part staying mild through the end of the seven-day forecast and one more hot day to go and cooling mid threw through the upcoming weekend. >> haven't heard the word mild in days. >> i like to. >> with the 90. >> yeah. >> thanks, rob. >> thanks, robbie. up next, what's the buzz at levi stadium today? >> stanford, cal and san jose state all represented at today's local college football media day but only one has their starting quarterback position settled. what that means for the other two. that's next. patty.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
=vo= you may remember -- the company e . will it work? chipotle is turning over a new leaf or in this case a new
6:54 pm
patty. the company ran into a little bit of trouble when an e. coli outbreak happened. chipotle is now planning its comeback with a burger restaurant. it's called tasty made. the first location will open in ohio this fall. on the menu, as you can imagine, burgers, milk shakes and fries. >> usual menu for a burger shack. >> usual burger joint. okay. are you ready for some football? raiders and 49ers are about to kick off training camp and so are the logeal college teams. >> in the middle of the summer break they all showed up at levi stadium. >> reporter: levi stadium, where both cal and stanford hope to be playing on december 2nd which means one of them advanced to the pac-12 championship game, but to get there they both need to settle on a quarterback, something they haven't had to worry about for years. >> yes, we have a quarterback controversial, but you've got a fast guy, put the ball in his hands. >> reporter: of course, stanford head coach david shaw is referring to heisman trophy return up christian mccaffrey
6:55 pm
and he's back but other players are gone like kevin burns and guys are battling to replace hogan. >> we've got guys whoever place quarterback to make their lives's yes, and i always go back to the steve young quote. a quarterback's job is deliver the ball. how fast can i get the ball out of my hands and into somebody else's hands? >> reporter: a similar situation in berkeley. jarred goff was the number one pick in the nfl draft and the cal coach has to pick his replacement from a group of four guys vying for the job. >> we'll have an open quarterback position and the very moment someone separates themselves we'll name a starter and we're hoping that happens the first practice. >> reporter: san jose state has their quarterback. kenny porter returns, but it's on defense where the spartans may show drastic improvement led by senior linebacker christian toggle who has lofty expectations. >> a bowl game and going to the championship. right now, like i said, my first
6:56 pm
sight is on tulsa and i'm kind of the mentality of a championship or bustier. >> san jose opens at tulsa and kansas hosts cal state and stanford heads to hawaii. >> still to come, nearly three dozen bay area schools will make a significant ghank how school police are used, that after an nbc bay area investigation. we'll explain where the changes are happening and how they might impact your child. that investigation tonight at 11:00 after "dateline." >> rob mayeda says the temperatures are coming down into the 90s. >> that's cool compared to where we've been. >> another day tomorrow close to 100 degrees and we'll see cooling into the weekend and more so across the interior locations there. eats 90 raj talked about cooling midway through the weekend >> you good with that? >> i'm grade with that. >> thanks for joining us at 6:00. lester holt is next with live
6:57 pm
coverage from the dnc. >> good night, folks.
6:58 pm
7:00 pm
live from philadelphia, the final night of the democratic national convention. reintroducing hillary. on this historic evening, hillary clinton hopes for a second chance to make a first impression on american voters. almost 100 years after the first american woman cast a vote, she has just over 100 days to find her way to the white house. in just a few minutes from now, the biggest speech of her life. our coverage of the democratic national convention starts right now. >> announcer: from nbc news, the democratic national convention. live from philadelphia, here's lester holt. ♪


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