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tv   Today  NBC  July 29, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. congratulations. it's july 29th. that is who, hoda? >> katy perry singing "rise." let's listen for one second. >> crank that baby. ♪ you're out of time ♪ but still, i rise >> my daughter saw her live and has never seen something like it. never seen beyonce. >> true. this is a perfect song for the olympics which, by the way, we are one week away from the
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opening ceremony in rio. this song is a great one to get you pumped up. look at the goodies we have. >> lots of good stuff. >> we have a ball. we've got some hats. and we've got some mugs. >> wow. >> rio, baby. >> yup, yup. >> all right. >> all right. also a sweet day, too. >> yeah. >> do you know what today is? >> what? >> national sweets day. >> what? >> yes. i think it's something called like that. isn't it? in honor of national cheesecake day this weekend. >> this is a famous, famous restaurant in new york. called junior's. they make mini cheesecakes. we have these on the table. i can't try these because of reasons that i can't reveal. >> that are painful. >> okay. >> hard to say no to cheesecake. >> is that one of the things you miss? >> i miss it a lot. these cheesecakes are half price
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at junior's. from union fair bakery in new york, we have something i've nev never heard of. the birthday cake croissant. >> you can have this. it's filled with birthday cake. >> can you see it? >> not over the rio bowl. >> can you see it? >> yeah. >> i wasn't sure. >> oh, it's going to -- it's going to get all squiggly in your mouth. >> that tastes like birthday cake. >> we've lost hoda for half an hour. all right. today is national lipstick day. actually, this weekend, too, i think. maybe it's today. we lose track, everybody. after eating, you need lipstick. today is national lipstick day. >> what? check out the lips designed by a sydney-based makeup artist. she has almost 1 million followers on instagram. this is "finding dory." >> to a picture of "the wizard
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of oz." >> next up, "the little mermaid." >> also, she does glittery lips. >> new york city skyline. >> these are truly works of art. our own bobbie thomas tried it. what happened? >> wait, close your mouth. >> you have to pucker. >> little hitlerish. >> it's a panda. >> i'm sorry. am i right? >> yeah. >> when she was doing this on me, i couldn't stop laughing. she's like, go like this. i was just happening at her. >> it's a little panda? >> yeah. >> you have to tell somebody what it is. >> you can see it if you look close. >> look at us. >> people online are photoshopping away. it's a little panda. >> want to kiss it? >> she's in love with love me kitty. >> hello kitty. i am 5, yes.
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>> she can do lobsters, pandas. >> so talented. >> isn't it great i had a boy? going to be dressing in hello kitty and puckering up. >> oh, my. >> i think this type of art looks better on instagram, not as much in person. >> and it's really great for halloween. >> you guys, thank you so much for all you do. here's a question for you at home. >> never stops, these questions. >> do you ever think it is not okay to go sleeveless? >> wall street journal did an article. >> sometimes when you go to the workplace with bare arms, it can be a controversial decision. >> that's right. >> even when we started working together and we both just -- >> we didn't care. >> people were writing and saying, what are you doing? >> a lot of it was, for me, it was a matter of age. why is a woman your age? it's not age appropriate. for you and i, it was because we
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were going sleeveless in the wintertime. >> we're in the studio. >> climate control. we don't go around the street that way. if you're comfortable in your own skin, you should wear sleeveless. go to the beach and see people very, very much out of shape but they're wearing their bikinis and having a wonderful time. it's their business. >> some people say sleeveless in a work environment is unprofessional. they want women to wear blazers. i think the more women get in charge of things, we won't have such ridiculous, crazy -- >> i went to a business meeting the other day. >> what did you wear? your thong? >> if i had a thong. no, i dressed the way i like, and it went swimmingly. >> you're right. if you feel comfortable. sometimes people get in fashioned that don't suit them. doesn't feel like you but you wear it anyway. you know deep down -- >> hoda and i decided we call
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these people tisk tisk people. >> we're over them. >> totally. >> yeah. just wear what you want. >> yes. >> when you clickity clack on google, what do you search for? google revealed the craziest questions people typed into the search bar. these are the top four questions. number four. >> you do it, hoda. >> does farting burn calories. >> that was unnecessary, the sound effect. with that, there are almost 50,000 monthly searches for that, by the way. >> it doesn't, sadly. >> it's sad. >> some people are really thin, could eat all the cheesecake they want and be fine. >> oh, okay. >> i just wrote a song about it. >> about that?
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>> yes. i'm doing a musical with my friend about the story of david and goliath. there's a lot of sheep in the story. >> they -- >> all over the place. it's terrible. >> you cannot go wrong. >> baa. anyway. >> number three in the google search bar is, are aliens real. 49,500 monthly searches. >> for the next one, too. >> why is that? >> it's fixed. >> how do i get home? 49,500 searches. >> wait a minute, who is googling how do i get home? put it in wayz. punch your address in and start walking. >> this one frightens me. this is the number one. >> am -- >> -- i -- >> -- pregnant? >> 90,500 searches. >> some people don't know. >> i hope they're not pregnant. if they're asking google, they should not be bringing children
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into the world, okay? >> you know what it's time for, thankfully? friday funnies. >> you like that. a science teacher was getting ready to kick off teaching genetics to third grade students. she explained children get physical traits passed down from their parents, like blue eyes, freckles and such. when the class was bored to death, she decided to make it personal. she walked toward one of the boys in the front and asked, what trait do you think i gave my kid, pointing to her dimples on her face. the boy thought about it and said, oh, i know, wrinkles. >> oh, that was close, baby. hold your wine. hold the wine. >> save the wine! >> save the wine. >> we told you about tickets to barbra streisand. come to the plaza next wednesday
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for a chance to compete and snag a pair of -- >> barbra streisand concert tickets. they could be yours if you come. ♪ >> should i do it? >> probably. there's a reason for tradition. ♪ >> who are you? who are you? >> you know what's funny? >> what? who are you? >> people are tweeting me saying, boy, are you singing great these days. they think it's me. it's not me. >> are you looking for a fun summer project? >> we'll show you to design on a dime to upgrade your space. before you go to the ballpark -- >> hear what from manners says about summer etiquette. he is a sweetheart. >> movies. crazy kids.
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do you stand at concerts and dance like crazy? >> i think the answer might be yes. >> uh-huh. >> do you change the radio station when someone else is driving? >> i turn it off. >> okay. >> who wants to know? >> mr. manners. he's here to solve all your summer etiquette dilemmas. hello. >> good morning. >> first, you're at a summer concert and having a blast, enjoying it. there's some girl in the front
10:14 am
who is dancing like she don't care. >> obnoxiously. >> you can't see. what should you do? >> if these guys stand up, the people behind them. >> then we can't see. >> yeah. >> so you've got to put it in context. what concert is this? do you have a reasonable expectation that there's going to be no dancing? >> right. >> hoda, i know you're up and dancing. >> uh-huh. >> yo-yo ma, you're sitting. >> yeah. >> we're cultured, right? >> i know. >> if this is going on and it's not appropriate, not a dance song or concert, speak up. the person may -- you're probably not aware, i'm trying to enjoy the concert and i can't see it. >> she's not taking it. she's into it. >> what if you have seats in the back and they're not great. you look in front and say, i see two empty seats. maybe the people have left. >> right. >> is it okay to do what these crazies are doing and sit up front? oh, my gosh.
10:15 am
>> one big happy family. partying together. >> yes. >> here's the thing, changing seats, fine, as long as you're not disrupting others and you're sure the other people who have the tickets are not still arriving. >> nothing worse than getting busted. i did that once before. >> walk of shame. >> embarrassing. let's go play baseball. >> let's do it. >> what if you're at a crazy game and somebody is shouting obscenities? that happens at games. don't mouth it because we can read your lips, okay? what should you do? >> this can be an issue, particularly if you're there with children. if you don't want your children hearing the language, good chance they're inebriated. don't engage with them. speak with the usher. indicate what is going on. also speak with your child and say, you may hear language here today we don't use at home. don't let it bother you. doesn't mean it's okay to speak that way. >> this is a living example of everything i don't want you to do. don't be that guy. >> don't be that guy. what if you see someone doing something like littering,
10:16 am
dropping things. they eat like a piece of popcorn and drop one. what should you do? >> this is a pet peeve of mine also. >> oh, my gosh. >> unless they're throwing food at you or spilling food on you, the expectation for cleanliness at a baseball game is low. i wouldn't worry about that. >> nice talking to you. you're number one. all right. >> car rides. kathie lee, take a seat in the front. hoda, right here. >> oh, no. alex. >> did alex volunteer to drive? >> he does have a license, he tells me. we're okay. >> allegedly. >> what if you're all a bunch of friends like we are on a road trip? how do you compensate for the one guy that's driving who has the car? >> with ez-pass, it's easy for us to forget that people are paying tolls. simply because nobody is stopping at a toll plaza, don't
10:17 am
not offer. >> i'll take the money. >> good. >> what about the radio? what is alex hogs the radio or the ac. things you control in the car. >> here as a host, you want to be looking out for guests. >> freezing. she's cold. >> in an automobile, it's all about the comfort of the driver. >> she hung her head out the window like a dog. >> get fresh air. >> are we there yet? >> it comes down to the comfort of the driver. alex as a driver, if it's too stuffy for him, he'll get drowsy. if it's chilly and he's disturbed, it affects the safety of us. it should be on the driver to be comfortable. the passengers in the car secondary. >> by the way, this is so much fun. thank you for all you do. >> thank you, alex, for the ride. >> thank you, alex, for all you do. want to clean your siding? we'll ask lou about that and more. >> before he heads off to rio, the number one fencer in the
10:18 am
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we're just one week away from the opening ceremony. >> yes! >> whoo hoo! >> before we ship hoda woman off to brazil, we wanted to give her a taste of what to expect during the games. >> one of the most exciting events to watch happens to be fencing. >> here to show us how he duals
10:22 am
it out is olympic epee fencer ranked number one in the country, jason pryor. >> first time in the olympics, right? >> very first time. >> how do you feel as it gets closer? >> excitement piata, with confetti and dance moves. >> never heard it explained like that. >> you have dance moves, i take it? >> i have a few. >> how old were you when you started? not every kid goes into fencing. how did that happen? >> i was 11 years old. i'm from a small suburb near clevelan ohio. i quit soccer. not my thing. i was chubby so my parents said, any sport you want. i heard about fencing. they said, smart guy. they looked up the club and took it to me that saturday. >> did you take to it quickly? did you know -- >> i did not. >> -- you had the talent? >> super untalented. mediocre. teenage years were spent getting
10:23 am
smacked around. college, got a lot better. after i graduated, i was recruited to go to the olympic training center in 2010. >> what did your family say when they heard you were going to be an olympic athlete? >> you made it to the olympics? >> screaming, tears. when i called my dad, we have a don't call unless there is an emergency. like you get -- who knows. i call my dad and he's like, what's going on? i said, i qualified for the games. he goes, nice. he drove back and told me mom. >> are they all going to rio? >> yes. >> exciting. we're not going to make it to the olympics for this, but what is epee? >> what does ens and gua guarde. point in an l and bend your knees. use your hips. hips, you get a lot of the power. don't get the butt too far out or too far forward. sit straight down. >> holding my butt?
10:24 am
>> uh-huh. >> first thing, extension. you want to relax the shoulders. then you just want to extend the arms like so. relax the hand and then extend into my chest. >> be careful. >> extend the arm, not the body. >> okay. i don't want to hurt you. >> i'm not. >> do you have a pad there? >> i mean, there's some muscles there and what not. >> we don't want to harm the olympian. by the way, we wish you great luck at the olympic games. bring home a medal for us. >> there's something we're not rooting for. you can hurt him if you want to. alex, here you go, baby. >> don't harm the olympian. be careful. >> catch jason competing at the olympics on august 9th. designer on diy? see if you can tell the difference. >> after your local news. >> alex! >> and it's over.
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to have dry, therelifeless hair. with l'oréal extraordinary oil. a shampoo system with lightweight oils. eliminates dry hair in just one wash. 93% of women were satisfied. l'oréal extraordinary oil. expert care for demanding hair. happening now, a man was shot and killed not too far from downtown san jose last night. the city's 29th homicide of the year. officers said they found that victim suffering from at least one gunshot wound. the man died at the scene. they're updating the investigation and we're updating
10:27 am
our home page. plus, our investigative unit special series forces major security changes at 34 bay area schools. watch the stories that made a difference there on our nbc bay area app. hillary clinton delivered the most crucial speech of her political career. you can read the speech. the transcript, we tweeted it out and also on our facebook page. we'll look at weather and traffic coming up after this.
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as we go through the day, hot in linwood but at&t park, nice this evening. temperatures in the upper 60s. dropping back to 64 degrees by the end of the game and more clouds moving in. a look at the seven-day forecast for san francisco. up to 11 today. 66 tomorrow and 60s continuing to the forecast for next week and upper 90s for the inland valleys today. we will stay hot even after going to the weekend and next weekend high, still staying in the 90s. how's it looking on the roads there, mike? >> a lot better on this friday. we started out with light volume anyway but have slowing through the view. it's not the south bay but this crash. northbound just north of san antonio road, we're looking at a crash. should be cleared in the lanes and see the pattern ease a little bit. just on shoreline, along there and easier drive now that the truck has cleared in treasure island and 101 and eastbound 80
10:30 am
and got that there. but that's what we know. >> okay. all right. hey, join us at 11:00. we'll see you then. if you've been thinking about redoing your bedroom to create a serine space, don't spend a lot of money. >> we'll show you a designer deal to your digs. we have our lifestyle expert. >> hello. >> good morning. >> how all right? >> great. this is great if you want a little summer project, all right? >> okay. >> we'll put 30 seconds on the clock. >> this is a game? >> this is a game. >> we're ready. >> and you have diy or designer. you're going to go through this bedroom and put on there what you think is diy. >> meaning do it yourself. you make this. >> you make it for yourself. >> designer, which you buy in the store. >> which you buy, yes. >> okay. >> expensive versus our budget
10:31 am
conscio conscious. >> okay. ladies, 30 seconds. >> well, one of you is wrong right out of the gate. >> not very nice. >> oh, my. we have a difference of opinion. this is great. >> i don't know how to put it there. >> great. don't forget the lamps. someone has to do the rug still. >> i don't know. i only have one diy. >> the flowers. >> okay. all right. so now we're going to walk over here and i'm going to show you -- >> who was right? >> this is a hodgepodge. i'm going to go with -- >> are you going to reveal the diys over here? >> i'll go with orange. >> that's me. >> come on. >> in other words, we're not sure. >> i'm going to show you really
10:32 am
quickly how to. >> that was a diy, the curtains? >> yes. this is a store bought drapery, right? to give it a really custom look, i love adding some trim. >> right. >> here's three different trim options. we did fringe over there. it's going to be sewn on or use a fabric rod. i love this with a solid color. custom look. you can also do it on a euro sham to tie it in. so inexpensive. under $10 a yard. >> so great. >> do not tell me the picture was diy. >> it was. i'll show you. >> how? i said it was designer. >> it looks really nice. i love this. this is just a scarf we framed. >> so smart. >> if you're traveling or you want a piece that has a lot of memories. >> memory, yeah. >> inexpensive way to put art on your wall. also if you're traveling, you don't have to bring the piece back. put the scarf in your bag. >> in other words, you're not
10:33 am
going to take up space? >> put it around your neck. >> right. >> go to a craft store and get a mat board. up to you if you want it custom framed or go to the framing section at your craft store. pick up the size and matt board th -- mat board. >> do not tell me the lamp -- >> how did you do that? >> made a lamp? >> i used to make lots of stuff, until recently famous. >> i love you. >> then you helped me. >> hoda does it, too. >> so this is under a yard of fabric. 1/3 yard of fabric. go to a fabric store. you can customize it. >> you can get inexpensive remnants. >> what are remnants? >> when a bolt is almost finished but they have extra. they'll give it to you cheaply.
10:34 am
>> i'm interested. >> great way to go. >> remnant of the tribe of israel but it's not to be confused. >> have you seen "anchorman"? >> no. >> the guy says, "i like lamps." remember that line? >> i must not -- >> okay. >> here we go. i've had this forever. the shade needed to be here. i take this and this is simple spray adhesive. repositionable. >> we believe you. >> thank you. >> these aren't your grandma's. >> this is the hottest new trend. want to get your deck back into shape? >> ask lou. that's what we do, right after this. don't bring that mess around here, evan! whoo! don't do it. don't you dare.
10:35 am
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all those pesky problems around the house you wish you could fix yourself if you knew how. >> you don't. that's why he's here. cleaning your siding our restoring your deck, you need smart tips from "today" contributor, lou. ♪ he's got a name that rime rh with paninis ♪ >> i love paninis. we used to do it every thursday at my house. >> ellen writes this to you, lou. could you recommend a few products to clean vinyl siding?
10:40 am
we have a picture of her house. >> dirty vinyl siding. there's different products. you can see a lot of moss and algae growing on the side of a house. the problem is it is, more than likely, it's on the north side so it doesn't get a lot of sun. it's a problem. you wash it and it comes back. a bunch of different products out there. this is by a company that you put on the end of the hose. spray it on and there is residual value. it eats away at the mildew and mold. you don't scrub. crud cutter. blast it off. the trick is you need to spray the stuff on and let it sit. >> don't wash it. >> this is a product called wet and forget. they now have a pre-mixed bottle. you take this and spray it. all ready to go. this comes out longer. it works great outdoors on any exterior surface. >> all right. debbie k. from chicago asks,
10:41 am
show me how to replace a toilet trip lever. >> currently has a metal -- >> let's do it again. >> buy a new plastic one. >> the plastic one is not worth it. cheap and nasty. it'll just bend. it won't break but it'll bend. it sits in the water and gets soft. i definitely want you to do a metal one. remember that the threads go the opposite way on a toilet lever. when you're trying to unscrew it the way righty tighty and lefty loosey, lefty looseyes a and it comes off. >> righty tighty. >> how much would this cost? >> $5. >> the other thing here, i have wax rings. this is another problem. you get water leaking out from underneath. wax rings literally are wax. sticky. if you have a heated floor, the floor is hot, these ooze away
10:42 am
and leak. this is a synthetic -- >> feels good. >> i know. >> okay. you two can have a moment, and i'll move on. >> i'll give it to hoda. >> when these came out, i thought it was a gimmick. it really works. you put this understand and it won't melt. it's more forgiving. won't leak. >> all right. we've got jim from wisconsin. he was unhappy with the product to restore his deck. >> bunch of products. deck resurfacers. if your wood deck is old, in bad shape, the wood looks okay. this goes over the top. this is what i noticed. people are not applying them correctly. >> are they in a hurry? >> it's exactly right. no one is following the instructions entirely. wash the deck and sand it. >> power wash it?
10:43 am
>> correct. >> sand it. you use this on old wood. what happens to old wood after 10, 15 years. it gets this thing called a wood shine on it. it sits in the sun all day. when's the best time to put moisturizer on your face? >> in the morning. >> out of the shower. when the pores are open. >> yeah. >> at night. moisturize, moisturize. with the wood, take a sander. a little just to open up the pores. >> oh. >> then i don't want you applying this when it's over 80 degrees and in direct sunlight. >> right. >> there's a little that goes into this. this particular product here, this is the product that is like molasses when you put it on. who is looking at me? there we go. see the little line, go slowly. it's really going in there. >> depending on the deck, it could take you a while, correct? >> we're saving tons of money here. if i hire somebody to do this, you'll spend thousands of dollars. buy a couple of 5 gallons of
10:44 am
buckets at $100 and take your time. with the resurfacers, this is not a forever solution. it'll buy you three, four, five years before you have to go replace the deck. >> which is a long time. >> it looks great. perfect around pools. >> thank you, lou man. >> we love you. >> if you have a question, go to klg and lilliana will have you looking lovely in lace. >> lux for less trend is next. ♪ ♪ that's life. you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help lowering your blood sugar... ...this is jardiance. along with diet and exercise... jardiance works around the clock to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. this can help you lower blood sugar and a1c.
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10:49 am
white lace. >> it is. >> we love that. >> never goes out of style. >> funny name. doily dresses, which is kind of an awkward name for a really pretty dress. >> right.
10:50 am
>> lace dresses have been a huge trend in fashion. >> so feminine. >> so feminine. perfect for the summer. so many celebrities have been wearing these. lea michele and rooney mara wore a gorgeous one. >> royal, too. >> that's right. and rachel mcadams, also, all on the red carpet. >> wow. >> we'll show you how to do it for under $50. this trend was good and affordable that i had to get in on it. >> this is the cutest in the world. >> this one is under $50. it's gorgeous. here is what i learned while i was doing research. >> okay. >> there's lace and then there is this fabric. technically, it's not lace. the reason is it is a fabric which is a fancy french word. it means this fabric isn't connected by net or mesh. it's connected by tiny bars. when you see this, it's not lace. >> all right. >> under $50. >> you need a nude underpinning. >> usually, it comes with it.
10:51 am
if not, nude bra. this is ashley. this is my favorite silhouette. drop waist. >> beautiful. >> the one thing i learned about this trend is it comes in different silhouettes. you can find one that flatters your body type and style. this is available at misguided, one of my new favorite websites. almost everything on the site is under $100. this is under $50. this has a drop waist, a little '70s. an all white look, i like a pop of color on the shoe. it's cool, modern and she looks adorable. >> perfect for summer. >> thank you so much. who is next? >> next up, we have jackie. she is showing us a 3/4 sleeve. you can find this company on this is a flattering silhouette for many women because it's an a-line. we added a black belt to define the waist. >> that's added? >> it's added.
10:52 am
it grounds the look. it's flirty and feminine. the black touch gives it an edge. this is under $50, as well. >> i can't believe you can find a dress under $50 that's so pretty. >> that's what i love about the trend. if you prefer a maxi style lace dress, these are beautiful. >> love that. >> gorgeous. >> cute. >> bohemian. this is from forever 21. >> my daughter loves that company. >> under $40. >> under $40? >> $40. >> i'm going to break the bank and buy this for you, baby. that is so pretty. >> isn't that beautiful? i love the shape on her. it feels romantic and princess like. >> gorgeous. >> this is lace. this is a traditional lace. it has a little mess back to it. what's so cool about this, it's under $40 and fully lined. often times when you spend so little on a dress, it's not great quality. this one comes with a full lining. >> i picture kolbcolbie calilato we had on yesterday, wearing
10:53 am
that. >> yeah. >> there are different silhouettes, all under $50. so many types of lace out there right now. obviously, of course english lace, french lace, italian lace. >> all beautiful. >> so expensive. i'm happy we found these. >> almost like a wedding gown. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, everybody. we'll be back with more in a moment. >> first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
coming up next week, andy grammer performs for us. and an actor from "entourage." guys are telling all when it comes to dating and relationships. >> elvis duran is back with his artist of the moment. plus, a bunch of prizes. >> have an awesome weekend, everybody. safe travels to rio de janeiro. >> copacabana.
10:57 am
♪ the hottest spot north of havana ♪ >> say good-bye to hoda. >> bye.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
standoff underway right now in san diego for suspects to the shooting of two police officers overnight. one of them, died. good morning, and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. i'm chris mcgrew. this is the site near the shooting last night that left one police officer dead. this is video just into the newsroom. police had a home there surrounded for several hours. they won't tell us if it is tied to the case, but i think you can guess it is. police have detonated several loud devices. the standoff began very early this morning. one suspects


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