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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  July 30, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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thanks, rob. "nbc nightly news" is next. more local news here at 6:00. >> see you then. on this saturday night, no survivors. a hot air balloon catches fire and crashes in texas. all 16 people on board feared dead. one of the worst accidents ever involving a hot air balloon. battleground blitz. hillary clinton explaining her jobs plan in a republican stronghold as some supporters say it may be too complicated. while donald trump responds to the father of a fallen soldier who said trump sacrificed nothing. fighting depression. how meditation and running can be a winning combination in the battle against the illness. and he's back. harry potter returns after so many years. he's changed along with the way books are sold. "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly
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news," reporting tonight kristen welker. >> we begin tonight with tragedy in texas. a hot air balloon carrying at least 16 people caught fire and crashed in central texas. it's believed to be the largest loss of life in history due to a hot air balloon accident. federal investigators are on the scene. it's all unfolding about 30 miles south of austin in an area popular for ballooning and sky diving. tonight the governor is asking for prayers. charles hadlock has our report. >> reporter: the charred remains of the hot air balloon are all that's left after an early morning ride through the sky turned tragic. the balloon was carrying at least 16 people. there are no survivors. the crash site is near high power lines. margaret wylie lives nearby. >> it wasn't like an explosion. it just went up. >> reporter: wylie says she sees balloons in the area all the time, but never
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imagined something like this. >> the way it went up nobody stood a chance. >> reporter: it was owned the heart of texas air balloon rides. facebook says it offers breath taking hot air balloon flights. the national transportation safety board will collect the evidence to find an exact cause of the crash. >> victim specialists, weather experts, all who will be arriving tonight who begin a significant investigation into this tragedy. >> reporter: the last deadly hot air balloon crash in the u.s. was in 2014 when three people were killed when their balloon caught fire. a local balloon pilot in austin tells nbc news he believes power lines may have also been a factor in today's crash. investigators say they are treating the accident like a crime scene as they search for answers. federal safety investigators recommended two years ago that balloon tour operators be subject to faa safety
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oversight, but the faa rejected those recommendations. turning to politics now with both conventions in the rearview mirror, hillary clinton and tim kaine are hitting the road. it's day two of a three-day bus trip through the critical battleground states of pennsylvania and ohio. the democrats trying to sell their jobs plan to working class voters who could be key to winning the election. andrea mitchell is traveling with the clinton campaign and has our report tonight. >> reporter: rolling through rural western pennsylvania 100 days from the election, hillary clinton and tim kaine going to the heart of a republican stronghold. here in almost all white cambria county, there is only one issue. jobs. >> we're going to create jobs in pennsylvania and across america. >> reporter: in the rustbelt, donald trump is targeting working class voters angry and frustrated that the recovery has not caught up with them. >> we need help this in community.
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in this area, we need help. >> reporter: clinton has detailed plans on every aspect of the economy on her website and in her speeches. >> we'll make companies pay for what are called inversions under the tax code. >> reporter: but everyone with those details, she is trailing donald trump in pennsylvania and ohio among white non-college educated voters, struggling to compete with trump's much simpler message. >> we're going to bring back our jobs and people are going to have great jobs again. >> i actually have plans. some people make fun of me for having plans. >> voters need to look beneath the surface and see what it is the candidates would like to deliver and is there anything in their history that suggests they can make good on those promises. >> reporter: it's the economy, stupid. bill clinton not usually campaigning with her at her side for the last two days. but it's also an early
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road test for her running mate tim kaine. >> do you want a "you're hired" president or a "you're fired" president? >> reporter: bill clinton wore a shirt made in redding, pennsylvania. there's new fallout from one of the most talked about moments from the democratic national convention. today donald trump responded to the father of a fallen american soldier who sparked a public debate over religion and sacrifice. >> reporter: donald trump on defense tonight after parents of a fallen soldier proclaimed to a national audience that trump has sacrificed nothing and no one. >> i think i've made a lot of sacrifices. i work very, very hard. i've created thousands and thousands of jobs, tens of thousands of jobs. >> those are
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sacrifices? >> oh, sure. i think they're sacrifices. i think when i can employ thousands and thousands of people, take care of their education -- >> reporter: trump pointing his wife's silence on stage. >> if you look at his wife, she had nothing to say. maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. >> reporter: not true. >> i was very nervous because i cannot see my son's picture and i cannot even come in the room where his pictures are. that's why when i saw the picture on my back i couldn't take it, and i controlled myself at that time. so it is very hard. >> reporter: trump would rather focus on what's wrong with the country. american home ownership in the lowest it's been in 51 years. long-term unemployment the worst in 70 years.
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but the family is center stage. his rhetoric disqualifying they say, as they spoke directly to republican leadership in washington. >> to repudiate trump, this is model imperative for both leaders to say to him enough. >> reporter: in a statement not mentioning trump by name, hillary clinton says in part, this is a time to honor the sacrifice of captain khan and all the fallen. they represent the best of america and no surprise that republican leaders are being asked to respond as well as spokesperson speaker paul ryan. he rejects this idea and has talked himself about how muslim americans have made the ultimate sacrifice for this country. >> it is heating up. with 100 days to go until
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the election, chuck todd will be speaking to paul manafort tomorrow on "meet the press." it may air at a different time due to sports coverage so be sure to check your local listings. now to washington state where a house party full of young people turned deadly last night a seattle suburb. a gunman arrived and opened fire killing three people and injuring another. the mayor says her community is shaken to its core. steve patterson is there and has our report tonight. >> reporter: police in full pursuit, acting on a tip the suspect in a terrifying triple killing was fleeing by car. >> southbound i-5 mile post 80 behind a suspect in a triple homicide. >> reporter: officers arrested the suspect allen ivanov, reportedly 19 years old. all at a house party filled with teens and young adults.
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>> it was a gathering. 15 to 20 subjects. >> reporter: eyewitnesses at the party say the gunman shot two of the victims at a fire pit in back of the property and then moved to the roof where more people were gathered. >> when you hear shooters are on the run still, you instantly lock up your doors and everything. >> reporter: she says her granddaughter was there. and hid in a closet, listen to go agony as her friends were shot. >> my granddaughter called us about 20 minutes after midnight and said she was hiding, that there'd been a shooting and two of her friends was shot and she was shot at. >> reporter: she said the suspect knew the people at the party and may have broken up last week with one of the victims. >> we grieve with the families of those lost in this horrible event. there's no words that can measure the pain that they're feeling. >> reporter: tonight a community mourning the young lives taken in a moment of senseless violence. he's been charged with three counts of murder in
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this case. he faces arraignment on monday. meanwhile, officials have yet to release the identities of the victims. >> just tragic. in california now, a week old wildfire is growing even bigger tonight. it has destroyed more than 60 homes and burn said 50 square miles through the rugged big sur area. the fire is only 15% contained and is threatening 2,000 homes. several communities remain under emergency mandatory evacuation orders. now to south florida with the first homegrown cases of the zika virus in the u.s. are putting officials on high alert. it could disrupt local economies at a crucial time. >> reporter: as worries about zika grow in miami, so does demand for mosquito control services. >> about how many homes a day are you doing? >> about 40 to 50. >> this is up from last year? >> about double. >> reporter: homeowners increasingly concerned about the long-term
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effects of the virus. >> you never really think that it might come to your backyard, but now that it's here we're going to do everything we can to try to protect our family. >> reporter: after officials this week announced four cases of locally transmitted zika in an area north of downtown miami. today health department officials distributed kits to pregnant and expectant mothers. >> we're hoping to protect the health of our public. >> reporter: zika has been linked to cases of microencephay. in miami, women and their doctors are taking precautions. >> my concerns were making sure i'm fully clothed, understanding the virus. >> reporter: a trendy arts district is in the area of transmission. businesses worry the news that zika is here will keep visitors away. if fewer people come,
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the worse it will be. health and economic worries heightened as homegrown zika takes hold in miami. now officials at this point are not advising that people stay away from this area, but instead take precautions. the risk they say of contracting zika is low. the consequences, however, potentially severe. kristen, back to you. one of the leading advocates for people with autism has died. susan wright a co-founder of autism speaks. she started the organization in 2005 with her husband bob wright. it was a year after their grandson was diagnosed with autism. a public service symbolized by the organization's blue cutout logo. susan wright died of pancreatic cancer at her home in connecticut. she was 69 years old.
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still ahead on this saturday night, the new steps some churches are take to go protect parishioners. why some say they are going too far. and the world of harry potter returns to a world far different than the world we last saw him.
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recent mass shootings in this country have church leaders recently concerned. some say that's going too far. we get more on this tonight. >> reporter: every sunday the family heads into church. once settled in the pews, vince kisses his wife then goes on armed patrol. he is part of a church security team at the rock church in colorado. the men watching over the service have badges and guns. >> it makes me feel so much safer in the times that we live now. >> we can really -- >> reporter: they are part of a team created in response to church attacks like the recent execution of a catholic priest in france, the new life church shootings in colorado springs, or the emanuel church massacre in charleston last year. they regularly train in an active shooter
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training response center run by a former navy seal, jimmy graham. the same training used by police and military. >> they came in shoulder to shoulder like a s.w.a.t. team. >> that other guy has to be able to fire his gun. >> reporter: more businesses and churches are calling concerned about a rise in mass shootings. >> now these threats are showing up and we need to be better at taking care of each other. >> reporter: some say teaching people how to shoot back could open up liability concerns. and more guns are not the solution. sandy phillips' daughter was killed in the aurora theater massacre. >> are we going to have everyone carrying around an ar-15? do you know how quickly that would descend into absolute chaos? >> vince says he understands why people
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balk. >> if nothing ever happens, great. but what if it does? are you ready? >> reporter: his congregation praying for peace while guarded by those trained for the worst. >> a sign of the times. coming up, a powerful combination. how meditation and running used together can help fight depression. an emotional scene
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in london today as the world's longest yacht race came to an end. after 11 months and 40,000 miles at sea, 12 teams of amateur sailors arrived. two sailors died at sea. marking the first deaths in the race's history. there's news tonight about an illness affecting millions of americans of all ages from all walks of life. we're talking about depression. there's a way to fight it without a doctor or medicine. morgan radford has the details. >> reporter: new research is suggesting practicing meditation and then running could be a winning combination to fight depression. more powerful than doing either of those activities alone. >> up until recently
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no one had really combined those two in one intervention. >> reporter: a psychologist studied a small group of men and women. they practiced both activities for 30 minutes each. after doing it twice a week for eight weeks, those with depression had a 40% decrease in symptoms and felt happier and more social. and less likely to dwell on the past. >> this is a map of the whole brain. >> reporter: she says it works because of those activities help boost the brain's hippocampus. shore says it can also be preventive, which is why she leads a study for college students who are at higher risk for developing mental illness. >> really easy to get wrapped up in your gpa and staying on top of your social life. and your sleep and your eating habits. it can get very stressful.
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>> reporter: after six weeks, a sophomore says she's already noticed a change. >> i wake up feeling less groggy. >> reporter: shore says the best part you don't need fancy equipment and the doesn't require a lot of money. >> once you learn how to do it, you can do it anywhere. >> reporter: decreasing depression one step at a time. morgan radford, nbc news, new brunswick, new jersey. after months without a winner, tonight's powerball jackpot has soared to $478 million. that's the eight largest lottery prize in u.s. history. the odds of buying a winning ticket are 1 in 292 million. if nobody wins tonight, the jackpot will roll over to $570 million. the magical world of harry potter back again with major changes. finally tonight,
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it's the story so many have grown up with. back now after nine long years, it's building excitement not only for wizards and muggles, but for book sellers. >> reporter: 20 years after readers first fell for harry potter -- >> i can say i read them probably 10 or 15 times. >> reporter: he's back and all grown up. >> i'm really excited to see what harry is going to be like 19 years after he has
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defeated lord voldimort. >> reporter: the first seven potter books sold over 550 million copies worldwide. it's been translated into 79 different languages. spawning eight blockbuster movies, midnight book release parties, and legions of devoted followers. and for those young wizards and witches wondering if the magic is still there, this book does not follow the formula that lured so many kids to read again. instead it was written as a play in two parts which premiered today in london's west end. >> people will be able to read the play. they won't know everything because there are lots of surprises on stage, but they'll know the story. >> reporter: a story many have grown up with. >> we have the fans who have grown up with harry potter introducing it to their younger kids.
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>> reporter: this is the biggest preorder for barnes and noble and amazon since the last harry potter came out in 2007. scholastic is printing 4.5 million copies in north america hoping "the cursed child" will fulfill their magic fix. >> it is an incredible, incredible story. >> reporter: we did try to get a sneak peek at one of those books, but they are being kept here under lock and key. not even the employees have seen them. they will be locked until midnight. kristen? >> wizards and muggles and everyone else looking forward to that report. that is "nbc nightly news" for this saturday. i'm kristen welker in new york. for all of us here at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night.
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the news at 6 starts now. good evening, and thanks for joining us. i'm peggy bunker.. ==terry/2-shot== anm the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm peggy bunker. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. we start with breaking news. a water rescue ends in tragedy. firefighters say a man dropped between 50 and 100 feet from a cliff in san francisco. it's not clear if he jumped or fell. happened just a short time ago.
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the man was swept into the ocean. coast guard crews brought him to shore, but he was pronounced dead. a woman was also found at the bottom of the cliffs, not in the water. firefighters say she was not injured. firefighters say the surf was very strong. it's being classified as a very high-risk rescue mission. going to update you with more information as it comes in. >> a lot of activity in san francisco. it was very slow going. two separate issues have made it a tough ride across the bay area. there were already planned delays and then a fire at the walnut creek station. nbc bay area's christie smith is there tonight. riders were expecting some delays but then this. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, but i have to tell you the walnut creek b.a.r.t. station is back open but still expect delays at this hour. that's because they are using a single track to move trains in both directions after a small electrical fire broke out on the tracks here. now, the train started r


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