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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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right now at 11: anxious moments for homeowners as a grass fire . just off the machine top. just saw the smoke. >> receipt now at 11:00, anxious moments for homeowners as a grass fire burns near east san jose. the news at 11:00 starts now. good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. even though firefighters are gaining control over it, homeowners say it is a fire burning in the sierra road. nbc bay area pete serrano is
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live with of the latest. >> reporter: the sierra fire hags reached 124 acres, is 75% contained but still a major concern for some residents. it is a sight that no homeowner wants to see. >> 15 fire truck running up the hill. >> reporter: around 5:00 p.m. a vegetation fire start near sierra and sal elevator as road in east san jose. >> just saw the mountain top just filled with smoke. >> reporter: cal-fire says the fire is no longer spreading and doesn't pose a threat. no evacuations were made. and they say it's still too early to tell what caused the fire. mean, it is a long time coming. awful dry up there. very dry up there. >> reporter: sam isaac lived down the hill for 37 years. while this fire seems to be under control he satisfies the dry conditions and activity up there can be troubling. >> a lot of the kids go up there, now that they made that
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new parking up there, the open space, they put a brand-new parking up there. they go up there and they party. yeah, it bothers me, but what are you going to do. >> reporter: cal-fire says one or two crews will remain on site as the investigation continues. life in san jose, pete serrano, nbc bay area news. now, more than 5,000 firefighters are helping with this massive wildfire burning north of big sur. the soberanes fire is a week old. full containment is not expected for a month, we are talking august 31th. so far it has claimed one life. it has destroyed 57 homes. and 2,000 more are threatened. smoke from that fire continues to lead to poor air quality in the south bay. look at what it looked like in morgan hill just a few hours ago. visibility very bad. some people complained the smoke
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made them feel sick. win patterns are causing the smoke to spread. >> obviously, it's closer so they are more impacted. but it's moving the smoke east and also north. so that's why we're seeing the impacts there right now. >> now, even though the fire has been burning for several days a lot of people that we talked to in morgan hill said today's air quality was especially bad. >> our air pollution problems from all that smoke will be with us a good while. the reason involves the change in the forecast that also brings much needed cooling to the bay area. rob may yesterdaya joins us with a look and an explanation. >> here's a view from flight level. david lee messaged me on twitter. twig towards the bay area. asking the question, it looks like a mix of smoke and a wall of fog across monterey bay. it's exactly both of those things. on-shore winds bringing in low clouds. southerly breeze aloft pushing
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the smoke into the south bay. as the wind pgd up, saw more smoke moving into the santa clara valley. tomorrow, starting off with not whole lot of smoke around the south bay. san jose is on the map. low level smoke on the increase during the day tomorrow because the wind direction will be out of the south. looks like santa cruz county and the santa clara county itself looking at quite a bit of smoke. not much wind in the mornings. may wake up to thick smoke around san martine and morgan hill. during the day winds will pick up complicating the fire fighting efforts. and pushing the smoke off to the east in the late afternoon. sea breeze is making an impact. high temperatures dropping by five degrees. livermore and concord, cooling temperature as we finish the weekend. another crank up of the heat is on the way. a look at that in the seven-day forecast coming up. a man fell from his death
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from a cliff in opponent lobos in san francisco today. the report says he has fallen 50 to 100 feet into the water at the sutro baths. rescue crews got to him but it was too late. a female had to be rescued from the cliffs. she is said to be. new at 11:00, bart is new responding to allegations that its officers used excessive force in making an arrest. here's video we obtained from a witness showing officers taking a man intoa custody yesterday. they say he matched a detailed description of a rebound lee suspect. the suspect did resist and put other bart riders in danger. the. >> if there is somebody that's accusing you of doing something and there is reasonable suspicion you have committed that crime and you are placed under arrest, and you resist the
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officers then that's an extra charge. so that's my understanding of what happened here. >> the spokesperson says officers were wearing body cameras and the whole incident will now be investigated by internal affairs. an unexpected 38 for bart riders after a portion of the track in the east bay caught fire. the incident kim on the same day of a planned closure in and around san francisco. you add that up, a frustrating day for bart riders. christie smith is live in dailey city with more on that. >> reporter: fortunately it wasn't a bessey commute workday because there were some issues happening with bart. as you said, there was a fire, and also planned track closures on both sides of the bay. there were delays. at the walnut creek bart station late afternoon reports of smoke. passengers left the platform and firefighters were called in. >> when our crews arrived they found the fiberglass protective covering over the third rail was on fire in the station on the
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west bound track. >> reporter: no injuries, but certainly unplanned delays. the station reopened about 90 minutes later. >> from the time that we found out there was a delay to the time we got to the bart system an hour passed. >> reporter: across the bay, delays due to planned repairs. this is the first weekend tracks are shut down between dailey city and glen park. not everyone knew. >> i didn't realize i had to take a bus shuttle. i walked into bart and they are like you have got to get on the bus. >> reporter: he jumped on a free shuttle to the glen park station of it is the first of seven weekend closures. >> we are installing son dampers on the rails that's going to take the screeching sound out. >> reporter: the balboa park station is open but glen park and dailey city is open. it's just that you have to take a subtle between them. for folks heading to sfo, bart is advising folks give
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themselves an extra hour. an important warning for drivers in san francisco tomorrow. a record 27,000 runners are expected to run in the san francisco marathon. it starts at 5:30 in the morning. let's look at the route here. runners will get a view of the embarcadero's water front and a good dose of nature as they wind their way through beautiful golden gate park. coming up next at 11:00, its a never been done before, a skydiver tries to jump and land without a parachute, approximatingy. but he had to deal with a last-minute surf ball. we'll show you the amazing video. more than a dozen people dead after a crash involving a hot air balloon. a tragic morning in texas. trump faces a backlash over a war of words with the parents of a fallen soldier. right now we are seeing fog moving across the golden gate bridge. 57 degrees. off to a drizzly start in san francisco. you may be surprised how far the
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low clouds start off for your sunday. we'll talk about that and a warming trend in your seven-day forecast we'll be right back.
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crash of its kind. sixteen people are dead after a hot air balloon caught fire and it appears to be the deadliest crash of its kind. 16 people are dead after a hot air balloon caught fire and crashed in texas. but there were warnings about a tragedy like this. nbc reporter chris clone is on the story. >> reporter: investigators worked all day at the scene of a fatal hot air balloon fire and crash. it happened before 8:00 saturday morning in pasteur near lockhart texas 30 mice from austin. margaret wiley was one of the first people to call 911. >> i looked off over there, and the next thing i knew i saw a fireball go up. >> reporter: the balloon carrying 16 people caught fire and crashed landing near high
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capacity power transmission lines. everyone on board is believed to be dead. investigators are investigating the crash. >> much like a crime scene you only get one chance at it. we want to make sure we do everything correctly. >> reporter: the balloon is owned by heart of texas balloon rides of san marcos, texas. investigators will be looking at many factors, including weather conditions to see if they factored into the crash. >> earlier in the morning it was foggy. but at the point in time that the balloon went down i isn't really see that much haze. >> reporter: a local balloon pilot tells nbc news he believes power lines were involved in this accident. people who live nearby are stunned. >> you think wow they are having fun. it's unfortunate. >> reporter: the texas governor said in a statement, our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. i ask all of texas to join us in
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praying for those lost. two years ago, the national transportation safety board warned the faa of the risk of deadly balloon crashes. but nothing ever came of it. they recommended stronger regulations on balloon companies but the faa declared they were not needed. >> reporter: trump on the defensive. the republican presidential nominee facing backlash after criticizing the family of a fallen soldier. the another and father of that fallen soldier gave an emotional speech at the democratic national convention. but trump questioned why the mother didn't say anything during that speech. then he speculated whether or not the couple's islamic faith prevented the woman from speaking. during the speech the father questioned the sacrifices that touch has made for the united states saying that trump quote sacrificed nothing and no one. >> i made a lot of sacrifices.
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i work very, very hard. i created thousands and thousands of jobs. tens of thousands of jobs. >> that interview is set to air tomorrow evening. russia is appealing a decision to ban all eight of the country's wrestlers from the olympics for doping. the entire russian team has been under investigation for alleged doping violations but ioc stopped short of an outright ban on russia. instead it's going on a case by case basis. the ioc today announced a three-person panel to make final rulings on which individual russian athletes will be allowed to compete. just in time for the ois,rio today celebrated the completion of a $3 billion subway expansion. the new line is said to be the most important improvement project linked to the olympics. it came after repeated delays. and they finished it up with less than a week to go before the start of the games. which is really good news for our own jessica aguirre, who is
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on her way to rio. now she can got around once she gets there. she shared this photo on instagram. >> she has been so excited to go. as we as many athletes. we are looking forward to open thing ceremonies. a military overnight. a winner in the $478 million power ball jackpot. 11, 17, 21, 23, 32. the ticket holder can opt for a $330 million lump sum before taxes. one ticket in sunnyvale matched five tickets not including the power ball number. it was sold at the liquor and food store on oaks avenue. that's a good thing. congratulations to them. not here. >> liquor and food and more. >> did you go out during dinner and pick up the ticket. >> the guy who got five,
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$750,000. >> that's good. that would be nice to have. >> i can give you ocean air-conditioning. >> i'll take it. >> maybe it's not worth $700,000 but we did get cooling around the bay area today. how about your first rio seven-day forecast. what's to expect as we head towards the end of the week thousand. 70s and 80s, showers on wednesday. all the action getting started on friday. yes, we will be watching the weather forecast in rio as the olympic games begin late next week. around the bay area cooling trend today. livermore was cooler by fivist degrees. here's the problem. it was 102 for the last three days. we managed to cool off to 97 in livermore. 97 in concord. and san francisco, staying in the sakts. 69 in oakland. right now in livermore, 69. mainly clear skies. lib of haze from the fire burning into monterey county.
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san jose right now. 63 degrees. haze skies and fog across the golden gate bridge. misty skies likely to start off the san francisco marathon early tomorrow. 57 right now. sea breeze getting extra punch as marine depth, marine air has jumped up to 1700 feet. the combination of the clouds and low wind, filling far inland. as far as sacramento and maybe stockton tomorrow morning. through the trivalley, past san jose. and in mid morning, clearing skies, still smoke. and clouds for the golden gate in the afternoon. win speed and direction throughout the day tomorrow will be strongly on shore. this looks to be the coolest that we'll see for maybe the first half of the week. sea breeze at its strongest tomorrow into monday. on-shore winds too we think is going to push more smoke in parts of the south bay for the morning. win speeds out of the south, 10
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to 20 miles per hour. winds pushing the smoke from the fire into santa cruz county, santa clara county and santa clari clarita. 80s around san jose. upper 80s closer to gilmore hill. gilmore garlic festival this weekend. temperatures not bad. .er 80s around gilroy. san francisco seeing numbers in the 60s. 70s for the peninsula. upper 80s to low 90s for livermore. a much more pleasant temperature trend here, not zeroing in on 100 degrees. how about closer to 90 tomorrow? that trend should hold up probably through monday as this high pressure weakens slightly. area of low pressure passing by to the north. that is why temperatures should trend cooler through monday. high temperatures around san
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francisco holding steady. low 60s. tuesday, wednesday, the numbers begin to jump up. that is the next part of or weather story. high pressure trying to make a comeback, tuesday, wednesday. which means we could see mid 90s in the forecast as we head towards the milled part of the week. and cooler as we head towards next weekend. it would be nice to get a wind shift, out of the rgt no, push smoke out of the air. as long as the winds stay on-shore we will be dealing with the smoke from the fire until they put it out. >> amazing how heavy it is. like a blanket there in san jose. coming up next at 11:00, jumping out of a plane and landing without a parachute. it happened tonight. we'll show you. a daredevil today became the
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first person to successfully leap from a plane without a a historic jump. a daredevil today became the first person to successfully leap from a plane without a parachute. luke aikens jumped from 25,000
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feet after a two minute free fall he landed safely in a massive net. you can't see it from where he is right no. so it wasn't that massive. he was completely without protection -- he was not without protection. he had to wear an emergency pair shutd for the stunt in the event something went wrong. nothing went wrong. he never used the emergency chute, never used any chute. he made it. he's alive. now let's go to sport. >> fallon smith in the studios. help has finally arrived for the giants who were barely hanging on to first place in the nl west. after missing 48 games, hunter pepsz was finally back in the lineup but it was the newest giant who give san francisco a huge lift today. to the highlights. game three of a four game set with the nationals. bases loaded for newly acquired eduardo nunez, and he comes through. two run double into the gap. and just like that makes ate one-run game. bottom 7, tied at three.
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bases loaded for joe panik. were thatter comes with it deep in rit field but it was enough to score the go ahead run. giants take the lead, and go on to win 5-3. >> napoli takes hendricks deep and gone. two run homer to center. that put the game away fl cleveland went on to win, 6-3. to football. tough news for the 49ers. nose tackle ian williams has been placed on the reserve non-football injury list and will miss the entire 2016 season after suffering a left ankle injury during the off season n. a corresponding move right tackle anthony davis was officially added to the 49ers 90-man roster. davis was looking to win a roster spot after sitting out the entire 2015 season due to health concerns. all right. that's going to do it for sports. more news after the break. along:
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tomorrow morning's meet the press will air earlier than usual. it begins at 6:00 am -- an hou a quick programming note to pass along. tomorrow morning's meet the press will air earlier than usual. it's going to begin at 6:00 a.m., one hour before our newscast here on nbc bay area. finally tonight it is a late night for harry potter fans. the first book in nine years about to hit store shelves. the owners of a bookstore in san francisco turned their store into a scene to go along with the harry potter book release. thank you for joining us on the nbc bay area news.
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