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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 31, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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take a live look outside...... san jose - communications good sunday morning to you. it is 7:00 and we're giving you a live look outside at the sun shining through the haze in san jose from communications hill. looks like we're still suffering some of the effects from the fire. the air quality is not doing so well out there, but the sun continues to shine. we really appreciate you joining us. i want to mention we are in our newsroom this morning, but we will not be for much longer, just a temporary thing. >> yes. we're looking at poor to moderate air quality. here's a shot in san francisco. you can see the marathon runners are off. it is foggy out there.
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a little bit of drizzle across the bridge as well. fitting on the summer day. we're looking at the marine layer that has pushed way inland and caused some cloudy skies for livermore. temperatures are not going to be as hot, but still warm. 83 for san jose, 81 for morgan hill. 91 for places like livermore. temperatures in the 60s and 70s for santa cruz. >> that good spread. we have 90s here. if you don't like it, drive somewhere else and it will be 63. we want to begin by telling you about a young woman who's dead and at least three others hospitalized following two separate shootings in downtown austin, texas, early in morning. someone fired a gun into the crowd on the city's popular sixth street. a woman in her 20s was
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pronounced dead at the scene. three others were taken to the hospital with wounds. police are still searching for the gunman. shots were fired seven minutes later at a parking garage blocks away. no one was hurt in that incident and bystanders were able to tackle the shooter. police are calling both shootings unrelated. take a look at the air filled with smoke over the area of sierra and caleveras roads. there were no evacuations and the fire is now under control, but crews remained in the area overnight to ensure the fire didn't spread. they warned this hot weather makes continued fire danger a very real threat. neighbors tell us it's an unsettling feeling. >> it's a long time coming. it's awful dry up there. >> the investigation into what caused that fire continues this morning. now to the massive wildfire
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burning north of big sur where more than 5,000 firefighters are now helping to fight the fire. this is the ninth day the soberanes fire has been burning. containment is not expected until next month. one person has died, 57 homes have been destroyed and 2,000 more homes are threatened. smoke from that fire continues to lead to bad air quality in the south bay. visibility was poor in morgan hill and some people complained the smoke made them feel sick. wind patterns are causing the smoke to spread. >> obviously it's closer so they're more impacted. it's moving the smoke east and also north. that's why we're seeing the
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immateri impacts there. >> many residents we spoke with in morgan hill say yesterday's air quality was the worst yet. now to a man who fell to his de death from a cliff in point lobos around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. the victim fell 50-100 feet down the cliff into the water rescue services were able to get to him, but it was too late. his female companion was rescued from the cliff and she refused medical treatment. we're told she is okay. the national park service, the coast guard and even a crew from marin were involved in the rescue. a dangerous seen in the emerald hills neighborhood. sheriffs say this suv rolled off the road and onto the driveway of this home on hillside road just after midnight.
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the driver suffered just minor injuries. the owner of the home describes the moment of the crash. >> i just heard a loud crash and afterwards i heard a couple people yelling at each other and saying, is he all right? that's when i ran out of the house and saw a couple of people outside and the car flipped over behind me. >> officers administered a sobriety test at the scene and took the driver into custody. there were bottles of alcohol on the ground surrounding the suv. bart is now responding to allegations its officers used excessive force in making an arrest. we have video from a witness of bart officers pinning a man to the ground on friday. police say he matched a very detailed description of an armed robbery suspect. they say he then resisted arrest and assaulted two of the officers in the process. witnesses took to social media to say police used excessive
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force. bart police arrested the man on two counts of resisting arrest and five counts of battery on a law enforcement officer, but he does not face a charge related to the initial robbery. >> if there is suspicion that you have committed a crime and you are placed under arrest and you re cysist the officers, tha an extra charge. >> officers were wearing body cameras and the incident have been investigated. speaking of bart, some planned and unplanned delays for bart this weekend. a small fire ignited on tracks in the east bay. and in san francisco tracks are closed for repairs. late yesterday afternoon there were reports of smoke at the walnut creek station. the station was forced to close. bart workers powered down the third rail so firefighters could extinguish the fire. >> our crews arrived and found
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the fiber glass protective covering over the third rail was on fire. >> the station reopened within 90 minutes. the cause of that fire is under investigation. and in san francisco, the first of seven planned weekend track closures is underway. crews are repairing the track between the glenn park and daily city stations. shuttles are moving passengers. if you're headed out the door in san francisco this morning, there will be a lot of closures for the san francisco maratho marathon. a record 27,000 runners are running this morning. one of the half marathons goes across the golden gate bridge. and the other winds through golden gate park. the full marathon is sa boa bos
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marathon qualifying race. the ntsb confirm this s thi morning 16 people were killed in a hot air balloon. also, america has a new multimillionaire. we'll tell you where one ticket matched the massive powerball jackpot. it's one of the biggest in history. the family favorite. yoplait. well at least he's wearing shoes. zblooinchtsds
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(adlib) . welcome back to you. it is 7:10 on your sunday morning. the sun is shining. cloudy skies still as we look over san jose. another warm sunday in the bay area. it's not new that it is this warm in july. the ntsb says this is the deadliest crash of its kind 16 people died after a hot air balloon caught fire and crashed in texas.
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there were warnings. >> reporter: investigators worked all day at the scene of a fatal hot air balloon crash after 8:00 saturday morning in a pasture about 30 minutes from austin. >> i looked off over there. and the next thing i knew, you saw a big fire ball go up. >> reporter: the balloon caught fire and crashed landing near some power transmission lines. everyone on board is believed to be dead. >> much like a crime scene, you only get one chance at it so we want to make sure we do everything correctly. >> reporter: the balloon is o owned by the heart of texas balloon rides. investigators will be looking at many factors including weather conditions. >> earlier in the morning it was foggy but at the point in time that the balloon went down i
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didn't see that much haze. >> reporter: a local pilot says he believes power lines were a factor. >> wow. they're having fun and everything, you know? but it's so unfortunate. >> reporter: texas governor greg abbott said our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. i ask all of texas to pray for those lost. >> two years ago the ntsb warned the faa of the risk of deadly balloon crashes but nothing ever came of it. the ntsb recommended stronger rules. we have much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, he may be team usa's most dedicated bay area fan. one man's journey to be a spectator at nine olympic games. and we've got the clouds and
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fog this morning. you could see from wood side, there's the fog and we are expecting to see this lift as we go through the day. that forecast, coming up. ♪
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it is 7:15 on your sunday morning. we're looking at the sun shining over san jose from communications hill. anthony slaughter says the weather will continue to cool bit by bit. there is a millionaire overnight somewhere in this country. a ticket holder in new hampshire has claimed last night's $478 million powerball jackpot. we have the winning numbers for you. 11, 17, 21, 23 and 32. and the powerball number is 5. this is the fifth largest jackpot in the history of powerball.
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the ticket hoelder can opt for cool $330 million before taxes. just five days to go, we are now less than a week away from the opening ceremony of the rio olympics. a bay area man may be team usa's most dedicated fan. this will be his ninth summer olympics. his name is chuck jones and this year his family is joining him. >> reporter: eight olympics and counting, chuck jones went to his first games in 1984. >> i've been very fortunate. it's tied to family. so it was with my mother seeing closing ceremonies in los angeles. >> reporter: then olympic fever took hold. >> what really got me hooked was when my father was doing track and field in seoul.
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>> reporter: his father is charlie jones. he was in the booth in seoul announcing the play by play. chuck spent part of his honeymoon in korea in 1988. and then it was off to the other races. >> that was getting to see the usa original dream team play and sitting three rows away from them. sydney was the people. beijing was touring with the family and getting to see the opening ceremonies. that was outstanding. >> reporter: he thought it was time to bring his two daughters on the adventures. >> beijing was sparkling. my dad and i took a walk after some event and we went to a food market and there was fried scorpion on sticks. it was delicious. >> reporter: she skipped london. but now, 21, she's heading to
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rio for her second olympics. >> this is probably the coolest thing a dad could give his daughter. >> reporter: it will be her father's ninth. >> this time i've got my wife, two daughters and a son-in-law now. we see handball, fencing, badminton. >> reporter: it's also a way to make family memories. their home is teaming with olympic mementos. >> obsessive collecti icollecti like kentucky derby. chuck plans on passing on the torch to his daughters. >> now i appreciate it.
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>> reporter: even if it comes in the form of a hat. >> chuck says he will continue to wear his hat and go to the olympics until he physically can't any longer. but he's only doing the summer games. remember nbc bay area is your home for the olympics. going to be a little bit cooler. we saw temperatures come down yesterday a little bit. today we're going to continue to get even cooler. and we've got lots of clouds out there this morning because that marine ocean a.c. is really kicking in. from san francisco we've got fog and drizzle. across the tri valley that's the one place we actually have clear skies. move over towards the peninsula and the south bay we still have
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some patchy clouds. temperatures will be hot if our inland valuelileys but not as h. peninsula up to 80. the fog with us right now is going to peel back. look what happens tonight. it fills right back into the bay. pretty low visibility for san jose, the inner bay and up towards fairfield. our winds continue to move on shore. that's why we've been looking at the morning fog. look at the winds this evening coming out of the south especially for places like the south bay where that fire burning to our south will continue to bring in smoke.
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the winds shift a little bit on monday. you'll notice more of a westerly component there. that will push the smoke more towards the central valuley. red flag fire warnings continue to be very dangerous. heat continues to build across the desert southwest. monterey, you'll be at 70. tomorrow as we go through the day, little bit of fog, little afternoon sun. we'll continue to see that trend over the next couple of days. temperatures don't move until we hit about thursday and then we'll see temperatures come down after the 90s. if you're headed to the gilroy garlic festival today, much more comfortable than it has been. 65 today for san francisco. 83 for san jose today.
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morgan hill up to 81. livermore up to 90 degrees. high temperature krpressure cre sinking air. this is going to shift to the east and allow a trough to build. temperatures come out of the 90s and triple digits back into the 70s and 80s. i'm sure you're happy about that. warm today, cooler for tomorrow. tuesday and wednesday the heat sticks around. but by thursday that's when we'll see a big cooldown out of the triple dimgits back into th 80s. a little bit cooler at the end of next week with low 60s for daytime highs. and we have much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, for a lot of kids summer time is spent in the pool. what about those children who aren't so lucky? we'll introduce you to a local
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teen making a difference in the lives of kids who don't know how to swim and whose families can't afford it. doing up? (whispering) mom said i could have a midnight snack. well, i say it's late, and you need to go to bed. why? because i am the boss. you're not the boss, mom's the boss. well, technically, we are co-bosses. technically, mom's the boss. mmmm. shhh. the family favorite. yoplait.
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well, the heat we've been seeing has sent many people flocking to pools in the bay area. but for some, they've never learned how to swim and their families simply can't afford lessons. now thanks to one young womb that isn't an issue for dozens of kids. >> reporter: for competitive swimmer, diving into the deep end is not a metaphor. it's simply how you get things started. carson myer has been doing it since she was 9 years old, which is fortunate because soon after carson started her very own volunteer program, the deep end is where she found herself. >> at first i was a little
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overwhelmed. >> reporter: the whole endeavor started a few years ago with carson. in her first year at san jose's presentation high school volunteering on a food drive. it opened her eyes to the struggles of some in the community. she says she felt guilty, at least at first. >> then i realized, well, i don't have to feel guilty. i can step up and do something about it. i just decided to combine my love for volunteering and my love for swim into something that i could do. >> reporter: carson set out this summer to offer free swim lessons to children whose families couldn't afford them. the response? lukewarm at best. >> we actually did not get a lot of signups. we learned quickly that families didn't have things like swim suits or goggles. >> reporter: once carson got those things donated, that's when things quickly got busy. >> i think we have over 65
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swimmers now. >> reporter: carson now works with kids ages 2 to 17. most have never had a swim lesson. some never even been in a pool. like one girl carson taught. >> on the third day we got her swimming across the shallow end on her own. then she swam across the deep end on her own. she just started crying because she was so overwhelmed. >> reporter: they are probably not the last tears of joy that will end new thup in this pool summer, just like this will probably not be the last time carson choose es to do good ratr than feel guilty. coming up, donald trump facing backlash over a war of words with the muslim parents of a fallen soldier. plus, the monterey county wildfire is doing more than just damage to homes and the
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wilderness. we'll explain next. take a live look outside......
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san francisco (adlib) it is 7:30 on your sunday morning. we're taking a live look outside in san francisco. nothing new here. fog and clouds covering the bay bridge. if we were to see right below this layer of fog, we would see runners running the san francisco marathon and half marathon out there this morning. 60s at the coastline, 90 maybe for the tri valley. you have the marine layer pushed all the way to the east bay. you can see we've got some clouds there over parts of our east bay valley. temperatures in lafayette will be up to 83 degrees. 59 in oakland.
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same for san jose, palo alto, even napa at 53 degrees. we are going to see a warm day for the tri vall way, back into the 80s and 90s. comfortable along the inner bay and the coastline, 60s and 70s just like we like it. >> we really like that. thanks. first we want to tell you about a young woman who is dead and at least three others who are hospitalized following two separate shootings in downtown austin, texas, early this morning. police say someone fired a gun into a crowd along the city's popular six street. two other women and a man for ta were taken to the hospital with wounds. seven minutes after that shooting, shots for fired at a nearby parking garage.
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bystanders were able to tackle that shooter. police are calling the shootings unrelated. here in the bay area, tense night for people in san jose where a grass fire burned in the east foothills. take a look at the area filled with smoke. the vegetation fire ignited right around 5:00 yesterday evening. there weren't any evacuations. crews remained in the area overnight to ensure the fire didn't spread. they warned this hot weather makes continued fire danger a very real threat. >> it's a long time coming. it's awful dry up there. >> the investigation into what caused the fire continues this morning. now to the massive wildfire burning north of big sur where more than 5,000 firefighters are now helping that fire fight. this is the ninth day the
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soberanes fire has been burning and it's just 15% contained. full containment is not expected until the end of next month. so far it's burned an area larger than san francisco. one person has died. 57 homes have been destroyed. and 2,000 more home are threatened. the damaging fire is keeping tourists away from big sur. businesses in the big sur area have already reported as much as a 50% drop in business. crews will likely be battling the 52-square mile fire for another month. >> a scary scene in the emerald hills neighborhood. this suv rolled off the road and into the driveway of a home. the driver suffered minor injuries. the owner of the home described
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the crash. >> i just heard a loud crash. and i heard people yelling, is he all right. that's when i ran out the out and saw a couple of people outside and the car flipped over behind me. >> officers administered a sobriety test at the scene and took that driver into custody. bottles of alcohol could be seen on the ground nearcrashed. surveillance cameras captured a photo of one of the thieves seen here. this happened around 9:00 yesterday morning. two men walked into the chase bank on monterey road and threatened the employees with guns and demanded money. the robbers drove away in a blue ford focus similar to the one on your screen. they have not been caught. no one was hurt in this armed robbery. now to bart which is now responding to allegations its
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officers used excessive force in making an arrest on friday. we have video from a witness. this is a bart officer pinning a man to the ground at the emba station. police say he resisted arrest and assaulted two officers in the process. witnessed told a different story. the man does not face any charges related to the initial robbery. >> if there is somebody that's accusing you of doing something and there is reasonable suspicion that you have committed that crime and you are placed under arrest and you resist the officers that's an extra charge. that's my understanding of what happened here. >> officers were wearing body cameras and the
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investigated by internal affairs. this is all happening as tracks are being closed between the glenn park and daly city stations. crowds are expected to be exceptionally large today with the giants game and the san francisco marathon this morning. bart says they are doing their best. >> there's a seamless transition from bart to bus and back onto bart. we have a free bus that's going to take you directly from daly city to glenn park. >> this is the first of seven weekend closures for the maintenance work. bart says one goal of these repairs is to make trains more quiet when they pass through neighborhoods. turning now to decision 2016, democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton focused on the economy and the fact that
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she has actual plans during a campaign event in pennsylvania. clinton and her vice presidential running mate tim kaine spoke at a factory in johnstown. clinton addressed the everyday struggles of hard working americans. >> as we are honest about our challenges here at home and abroad, let's start from understanding that this country and our people have what it takes to get ahead and stay ahead if we have the leadership that gives us that chance. >> clinton also touted her economic plan to create more jobs and keep companies headquartered in america. he attacked donald trump noting his hats, ties, suits, home goods and other products are not made in the united states. and trump is facing backlash after criticizing the family of a fallen soldier. the mother and father of that
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fallen soldier gave an emotional speech at the democratic national convention. trump questioned why the mother didn't say anything. during that speech the soldier's father questioned the sacrifices trump made for the u.s., saying trump, quote, sacrificed nothing and no one. in an interview, trump fights those claims. >> i made a lot of sacrifices. i work very, very hard. i have created thousands and thousands of jobs, tens of thousands of jobs. >> that interview is set to air tonight. five days to go now. we are less than a week from the opening ceremony of the rio olympics. a group of unlikely olympians who will compete in just one week visited an iconic site in rio. all the olympians you see here are refugees.
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the team is the first to include refugees at the olympics and they will compete under the olympic flag instead of their individual countries. there are five athletes from sudan, two from syria, two from the democratic republic of congo and two from ethiopia. the ioc introduced the team last month to draw attention to the plight of the refugees. brazil's acting president helped kick off the new metro line. also there the head of the ioc. the new line is said to be the most important improvement project linked to the olympics. it came after repeated delays and with less than a week to go
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before the start of the games. you can catch up dates every night on all of our local athletes. and we have much more ahead. coming up, the giants are looking to rebound from a poor second half start. they get some much-needed help back in their dugout.
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the family favorite. yoplait. well at least he's wearing shoes. well done champ.
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get gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. hanging on to first place in the nl west ... are in desperate need of a pick me up. enter hunter pence ... and the newest giant ... eduardo nunez. ==take vo== it didn't look good early on. bottom of the 4th ... giants down 3 ... bases loaded for the newly- acquired nunez. ... and he comes it didn't look good early on. bottom of the fourth, giants down 3. based loaded for nunez. and he comes through to cut the lead to one. san francisco would eventually tie the game and in the seventh they took the lead for good. the giants go onto win 5-3. they look to split the four-game
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series with the nationals this afternoon. to cleveland now, the as taken on oakland. billy butler crushes this home run. game tied at 2-2. the indians hit two homers in the bottom of the inning and four total on the night. the as lose two straight games to the tribe. oakland loses 6-3. the chip kelly era has official officially begun. players reported to their facility yesterday. the guys tell us they are excited to get to work. >> always excited to have a new year ahead of us. starts with day one and how we approach everything. >> last year we worked our tails off. today a different. but me dplaglancing at the sche, it's going to be the best schedule i've ever been apart
7:44 am
of. we actually get to see daylight when we get out. and it was day two of the training camp for the raiders who are expecting big things from star receiver amar'e cooper. he knows what to expect and he says he's ready for the challenge ahead. >> you know, i know the expectation. i know the players that i'm going against better. and i just feel for comfortable. i feel like i'm more experienced. i feel like i know what to do out there. we have much more ahead. coming up, last week we put the gop convention under the microscope. now it's the democrats turn. a closer look at where each party currently stands in the race for the white house.
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last sunday we discussed the take-aways from the republican
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national convention. welcome back. last sunday we discussed the take-aways from the republican national convention. can i mention my mom watches from l.a. online and she loves you? larry is here to examine the take-aways from the democratic national convention. let's begin with the quest for unity. how well did it work with bernie and hillary? >> pretty well. although like the republican challenge at the beginning of their convention, the clinton majority at the democratic convention they had to deal with the sanders faction. they had to do that. there was a difference. and here is that difference. ted cruz and his forces never reconciled with the trump majority. bernie sanders worked hard and i mean worked hard. he met with his own folks specula separately. he worked hard to bring those supporters into the fold.
7:48 am
and with that, just about all the sanders delegates seemed to come around. one of them said, my heart is with bernie, my vote is with her. >> how about the general theme? of course it depends who you ask, but a lot of observers thought that the scene for the republican convention was dark on where america is. it's not in a great place. how do you think the democrats did with their scene? >> remarkably well. and here's what happened. let's remember that the democrats are defending the last eight years. they've been led by a democratic president. look it was unlikely that hillary clinton was going to be overly critical. so she focused on accomplishments but also on her goals, staying tethered just enough on obama. let's make things better.
7:49 am
still clinton portrayed a fairly rosy picture for america in stark contrast to trump's. here's the question. which picture is closest to the sentiments of the undecideds? >> it really depends who you ask. some say the republicans were too bleak. some say the democrats were too optimistic. we want let you go this morning without asking you about the famous convention bounce. trump received a four-point bounce after the rnc. how will things fare for hillary? >> we don't know for sure. tracking polls from thursday, friday, saturday suggest there's going to be a bounce. we're a few days away from knowing how much. later in the week we'll have our arms around it. here's what's important. a convention bounce is just that, a bounce, a bounce. it's temporary. we need to see where the two
7:50 am
candidates stand with the voters about two or three weeks from now when all the euphoria, the hoopla have all settled down. only then will we know who if anybody benefitted. then we can really tell. >> what goes up must come down. thank you for joining us this morning. still ahead on today in the bay, jumping out of a plane and landing without a parachute. and this morning waking up to clouds and fog across parts of the entire bay area. we're back to detail the numbers for you.
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honey nut cheerios ...get their delicious taste from real, honest ingredients. real oats. that's a big bowl real honey. yeah, honey. and real patience. hurry up! i like that bee.
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welcome back here on this sunday. time for your forecast. you can actually see that we're waking up to some cloud in spots. however, we're looking at clear skies in places like the tri valley. we're going to get rid of any cloud cover that we have right now and actually going to see a pretty nice day for most of us. everywhere else will be out of the 90s, back into the 80s. 60s to 70s around the inner bay. the fog is going to peel back to the coastline about 9:00, 10:00.
7:54 am
tomorrow morning expect to see areas of cloudy dskies. tomorrow we start off the day a little bit gray. but it is going to lead to a cooler day and better air quality. today we see moderate to unhealthy air. that's going to bring in the smoke from our fires to the south. by tonight we'll be looking at more of a westerly component. that's going to bring in the fog but will also push a lot of the smoke over towards the central valley. today it's going to be unhealthy. across the central valley they have air quality alert there s . we're going to be looking at 90s for the tri valley, 80s for the north bay, 70s around the inner bay and 60s at the coastline.
7:55 am
pretty much where we are today is where we're going to be all the way through wednesday. it's not until thursday that our temperatures really start to come down. here's a look at your forecast. if you're headed to the gilroy garlic festival, we're going to see 79. here's a look at your forecast across the rest of the bay area. palo alto comfortable at 79. san jose up to 83 degrees. the high pressure has been sitting right on top of us. what's going to happen over the course of the next couple of days, it shifts to the east. that allows troughs to build. a little bit cooler thursday and friday. those will be the coolest days of the next seven. inland valley you will be at 90
7:56 am
day. tomorrow temperatures come down. we shoot right back up as we head towards tuesday and wednesday. as that ridge breaks down by thursday and friday, nice 80s for daytime highs. san francisco not much change here because we've got that marine influence. each and every morning expect morning fog. it will be out by the afternoon. mid 60s all the way through the next weekend. >> it's a good balance in the bay area. cool in the morning, waiting for the warmup. a little bit of everything. >> you get the fog on the weekend. you can sleep in. >> we hope people sleep in and watch us. we want to show you a late night for harry potter fans. the first harry potter book in nine years finally hits stores. the title, harry potter and the cursed child.
7:57 am
the book went on sale at midnight. i was not awake for that. and a historic jump. oh my gosh, watch this. a daredevil became the first person to successfully leap from a plane without a parachute. luke eakins jumped from 25,000 feet after a two-minute freefall. he landed safely in net. at the last minute he was forced to wear an emergency parachute the stunt and never used it. amazing. before we go, check out this life-sized lego version of madison baumgartner. fans got the chance to take photos with the lego creation. as always, we really appreciate your making us a part
7:58 am
of your morning. we hope you have a great sunday. >> see you. the family favorite. yoplait. well at least he's wearing shoes. well done champ. get gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel.
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nbc sports, home of the 2016 rio olympics, the nhl, premier league, the nascar chase for the sprint cup play-offs, and prime time's number one show, sunday night football. only on nbc. ♪ welcome to the u.s. bank nbc sports report. >> and welcome to final round coverage of the ricoh women's british open being played this year at woburn golf club about an hour outside of london. its fourth on the lpga tour. i'm damon hack. first, a look a


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