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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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a peninsula woman gunned down while on vacation. tonight, her family talks about her life... and the major right now at 6:00, a peninsula woman gunned down while in vacation. the major change in her life she planned to make this year. the news at 6:00 starts right now. thank you for joining us. >> i'm peggy bunker. she was a fiance and a beloved sister. today she was mourned while shot dead in a seemingly random shooting while on vacation. she had local ties here. >> reporter: that is right, i spoke with her brother who said she is from san carlos tonight. he says his sister and her
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fiance went to texas to visit the fiance's family. it is his sister, who was the person who was killed when someone open fired in downtown austin. four other people were injured, they said they don't know the other victims. we're told they were tone for the evening, wrapping up the night coming out of a donut shosho shop. >> she was a great person. she was a school bus driver for sequoia school district. she loved her job, she loved kids, she was a super star basketball player. >> he says the last time he had
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contacted her was the thursday before she left for texas and they both said i love you. the shooter is still at large, and planrd to get married in october. >> tragedy at lands end. we now know the name of the man who fell down the embankment. rescuers were able to get to him, but not in time to save him. the cause of death is under investigation. there was a woman with him at the time of the accident. she also had a be rescued but
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was not seriously injured. >> hook at this smoke here bill lowing from a car lot on commercial street. san jose firefighters say they put it out not before they received a backup much of calls before asking where all of the smoke was coming from. now to another fire that has a san jose family in mourning. they're mourning the loss of their pets. it happened near oak grove high school. marianne, i'm sure this family is so grateful to be okay, but pets are also family plebs. >> yes, it certainly is bitter twe sweet. the firefighters were able to go
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into the burning building and rescue a pit bull and one other let. they found him hiding under furniture. he was shaken, but fine and was wagging his tail. >> it is a good feeling to go in there and bring an additional pet out. >> when firefighters first arrived at the home, they found the family's other dog in the kitchen and rescued him. sadly two other dogs, a maltese and a terrier died in the fire. they were able to contain the flames. the family was not home when the fire broke out. they had no idea it was coming from their house until they returned home. they're very sad they lost two dogs, but they're grateful firefighters went into the home to rescue two of their four
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dogs. right now crews are building up the windows here and the family says they will be spending the night with relatives. reive live in san jose. >> the monterey sheriff's county says firefighters are having to deal with steep, rugged, and inaccessible terrain. containment not expected for another month. one man died when his bulldozer overturned. you can see it up there, rob, there is some relief on the way this week. >> yeah, going through the next few days, there should be a change in the wind been going west to east there is a cooling
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trend that we have seen in the last few days. a lot of that smoke right into the bay area. one of the computer models we look at we see where the smoke could be going next. showing you some of the hazy skies. looking at where the smoke is today, you see the coverage across the south. many of the same locations into santa cruz county seeing some of that smoke and possibly some of it increasing during the day as the wind speeds start to pick up right around midday. so air quality, again tomorrow, suffering if you're in the east bay and south bay especially. areas of smoke and pollution will start the workweek. it will lead to a big change in our temperatures across your seven-day forecast. we'll have that coming up in your full micro climate forecast. and the fires are impacting a popular vacation spot.
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take a look at oyosemite, the half dome there, still a beautiful shot. >> investigators are working to determine what happened for this grass fire. it caused quite a square for homeowners. it broke out yesterday at the foothills. neighbors say every since the parking lot was built, more teens have been using it. >> a dangerous situation in pacifica after a car crashes and comes to rest on the gas meter of a home. this is near highway one. police say the car left the roadway, right down a hillside, and stopped on the gas meter, they acted quickly, and they
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feared the car could blow up. the driver was okay but she was later arrested for dui. no major damage was done to the home. a scary seen in the redwood hills neighborhood. a hillside road happened just about midnight. luckily the driver only had minor injuries. the owner of the home described the moment of that crash. >> i heard a couple people yelling at each other, and saying is he all right, and that is when i kind of ran out of the house and i saw a couple people outside and a car flipped over behind me. >> tensions are running high in rio just five days before the start of the olympic games. bomb disposal experts rushed to
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check something suspicious in the arena. security a big issue in rio right now. just ask team australia. they had to e vag wait their hoal on friday because of a fire. thieves made their way inside and stole two laptops and team shirts. >> members of team usa arrived in brazil today. a lot of ath lets streaming through the international arrivals area. the ceremony taking place on friday, the athletes we spoke to said they're ready for rio. >> we know that brazil is an amazing country for volleyball. we're excited to be here and experience it with them and hopefully with the fans too, and the people of brazil. we worked really hard to be here
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so we're excited to compete. >> bacteria filled water, construction delays, and the terrifying outbreak of zika. jessica geary has also arrived in rio, we will talk to her about it at 11:00 tonight. >> it is interesting as we go become about sochi had similar concerns. >> but it rio ready for jessica? next at 6:00, draymond has done it again, a revealing selfie. >> an intense flood, damage caught on camera by residents.
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>> a big temperature chance in livermore. right now 79 degrees. give your ac the might off. we'll have a look at a warm up later in the week when we come back. bart riders in san francisco.
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the transit agency is shutting down the tracks this weekend between daly city and glen park. it's for planned mnt day two things seem to be going better. this is all for planned
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maintenance work and bart says that one goal is to make your trains quieter. they will be back up and running on a normal schedule tomorrow. and it is the worst hot air balloon incident in u.s. history. authorities confirmed that 16 pe people were killed in yesterday's fiery crash. investigators are on the scene to investigate what they think may have happened. the crash sight was near a eight mile row of high power lines. >> we're here to find out what happened so we can keep it from happening again. >> two of the victims, matt and sunday rowan were a young couple from san antonio. they got married just about a year ago. sunday posted a picture of her
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and matt on social media right before the crash. in maryland, two people are dead from flash flooding caused by a series of powerful thunderstorms. six inches of rain fell in about two hours. that is what town normally gets in a month. both of the victims were killed in separate incidents. there is a video of people forming a human chain and pulling a woman safely from her car. >> amazing. >> coming up next, draymond sends a snap chat he wishes he department. >> and a south bay convenience store sees a boom sales. and a boom in the marine layer right now. the fog across fran, ocean
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air-conditioning for now, but a warm up is also in your seven-day forecast. a look at that when we come back. a mad rush to this liquor store
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in sunnyvale... where someone bought a powerball ticket that matched five of six numbers for last night's jackpot. they're calling it the lucky liquor store. workers say there has been a boom in business ever since word got out about the winning ticket. the winner has not come forward yet, but the store gets $700,000, the real grand winner, their payday is $478 million. >> extra traffic in san francisco this morning, but this was a different sort of
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commuters. still characteristic, you see the bay bridge in the background. a record 27,000 runners registered to do that. they may their way through the city. on the men's side, a 30-year-old of san francisco, on the women ease side, a 28-year-old. i love when the winners are from around here. >> i don't know if i could make it through a marathon, i done know if you could, but i know who could, our meteorologist -- >> that is a lot of running, but the weather was nice if you're a super elite athlete today. low clouds over san francisco. a high of only 65.
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very pleasant. and the tri-valley right now, the biggest change as we wrap up the weekend. current temperature 79 degrees. a high of 87. if you go back in the last three days, 102 on friday, 97 yesterday, and a ten degree drop today. so a strong wind, sea breeze is out there for right now. about the same tomorrow, and this will bring in a lot of low clouds for the morning. marine layer depth is now close to 120 feet. that will come in for the morning commute. may find drizzle and mist at times, and we will get hazy afternoon sunshine inland. lots of low clouds out near the coast. dress in layers as we go through the day, upper 50s closer to the south bay and drizzle around san francisco. low 80s around san jose.
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north bay temperatures in the 70s and low 80s. we may see a few spots trying to warm up into the 90s tomorrow. i do think we will see a short-term warm up if changes thursday into friday, big changes in the wind direction i think by the second half of the week that will take more of the smoke out of the bay area, but dropping temperatures considerab considerably. here is the bigger change. inland locations, a slow warm up, and then temperatures running below average, including rivermore. the northwest winds, we hope, will improve air quality in the bay area as we approach next week. >> coming up, fallon smith.
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>> they finally won two games in a row. headlines and reaction ahead, but draymond green's controversial summer continues.
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today they got offensive help for guys that normally do their damage on the hill. it came through five quality innings. off of the right-field wall, and jeff samarja, and he scores on an error. the giants base the nationals and split the four-game series. >> they knew our situation and that we needed him available and both of them want to be in the game. >> and the oakland trying to a voi a three-game sweep. the bottom three. mike napoli adds to it, see you later.
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a 2-1 blast. his 1,000th career hit. the a's get shut out 8-0. >> draymond green is once again in the headlines for the wrong reasons. he posted an inappropriate picture of himself on social media. he says it was supposed to be a private message and he hit the wrong button. the football open competition between blaine gabbert and colin kaepernick. chip kelly says it is a good problem to have. >> we're confident on both of those guys. it is good to have two.
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we have had to play two quarterbacks every year. >> you have to make the most of the opportunity. this is my first quarterback competition i have been in, and i have to make the most of it, just go out there and have fun. >> everything they told me it will be an even competition. i'm here ready to compete. >> and the pga championship in new jersey. jimmy walker started with the lead, chips in for birdie, that gave ham tim a two-shot cushion. but jason day, a huge putt to get within one stroke. now on 18, with him looking on, he has to make a putt to win.
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jimmy walker wins his first major championship victory. a special moment right there with him and his family. we're less than 24 hours away from the mlb trade deadline, we'll keep you upto date on what happens with the giants and the a's. >> looking forward to that. >> and we love jimmy walker's son. >> we'll be right back. the foggy sky across the bay this weekend didn't stop kite
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the foggy sky across the bay this weekend didn't stop kite fans from flocking to the east bay... for the annual berkeley kite festival. today wa take a look at this, a great day to fly a kite. it was the annual berkeley kite festival. about 35,000 people were all there just to fly their kites. there was some pretty high-tech ones there, too. it is a long tradition. this is the 31st year. >> a lovely place to come together, be in nature, and enjoy the wind, and fly a kite. >> the founder of the festival says that 3,000 kits are donated by sponsors, and a fan favorite is the candy drop. they drop more than 500 pounds of candy from the kites. >> our photographer would have shot that, but he was too busy running around collecting the candy. >> thank you for joining us, see
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you back here tonight at 11:00.
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doug mcconnell: hello, i'm doug mcconnell, and we've got some great discoveries for you along the open road. doug: saddle up, then move 'em out, and ride the rage with us towards yesteryear and tomorrow in an iconic california landscape. be inspired by the beauty and ecological innovation, the redwood forrest and the santa cruz mountains and discover a potentially new source of water there, for nature and for us. find out how young people are getting a chance to have wilderness adventures for the very first time. and, the wonders of california's wildflowers caught on camera. [music]


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