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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 31, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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a peninsula woman's vacation... ends in tragedy after she was gunned down right in front of her partner. ==peggy/2-shot== the news at 11 starts right now. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm peggy bunker ==terry/2-shot== and i'm terry mcsweeney. the local woman planned a wedding ceremony in october. ==terry/cu== but a man with a gun... shooting at someone else... put an end to those plans. tonight... all her family can do is celebrate the life of this school bus driver... remember her kindness.. and now plan her funeral. ==gfx== nbc bay area's christie smith broke the story this afternoon. she's in redwood city with the new details. ==peggy/cu== new at 11: busted for scaling the "bay bridge."
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new at 11: busted for scaling the "bay bridge." officers arrested 2 men who climbed to the top of the
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bridge's eastern tower. ==live== here's a live look at the bridge tonight. chp tells us the men jumped a railing along the bike-pedestrian path, then went up a large suspension cable. ==vo== they ultimately reached the top of the 525-foot tower. by the time officers arrived, the pair was already headed back down. both were arrested for tresspassing. there's no word on the motivation for their illegal adventure. ==peggy/rail== five days away from the start of the rio olympics... and the countdown is filled with both excitement and concern. several venues are still not done... and there are concerns about visitors being able to access transportation to events. ==anim== nbc bay area's marianne favro is here with a look at the final preparations. ==terry/topvo==
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"team australia" knows all too well about rio's security issues.
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"team australia" knows all too well about rio's security issues. they had to evacuate their rooms in the olympic village on friday because of a fire. and while everyone was outside, thieves somehow made it into the complex and stole 2 laptops and team shirts. authorities have since assigned more guards to the entrance doors, and will have more i-d checks. ==terry/chy== stay with nbc bay area news for daily, live reports from rio. we also have extensive coverage on our digital platforms. ==terry/boxes== we have continuing coverage of the soberanes fire. more neighbors in monterey county near big sur... forced from their homes after another round of evacuations ordered. about 350 people are displaced tonight. ==take vo full== the fire has scorched 40- thousand acres in total... and it's only 18-percent contained. 57 homes have been destroyed and one person has died.
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firefighters say the steep, rugged and often inaccesble terrain is making it tough to battle the fire... and ey don't expect to get control for another month. ==terry/topvo== the soberanes fire continues to lead to poor air quality in parts of the bay area. take a look at this satellite timelapse over the bay area which shows the smoke plume moving directly into the bay area over the past three days. ==gfx== meteorologist rob mayeda is tracking the conditions. ==peggy/topvo== a plume of black smoke had people concerned in san
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a plume of black smoke had people concerned in san jose today. the smoke started billowing from a fire that broke out just after 4, at the pic 'n pull car lot on commmercial street. that's not far from the san jose municipal golf course. san jose firefighters tell us they have put out the fire...but not before they receieved several calls from people wondering where all the smoke was coming from. the cause is under investigation. ==peggy/cu== a san jose family is mourning the loss of their two beloved pets ...killed when a fire ripped through their home. ==vo+rail== this happened just after noon today on birch grove drive... near oak grove high school. the family was not inside when
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the flames broke out. but say they were out doing errands, and saw the smoke but had no idea it was coming from their house. sadly two dogs...a maltese and a terrier died in the fire. but firefighters saved two others, a pit bull and a mixed breed. ==take sot== "it's a good feeling to go in there and bring an additional pet out" runs: 04 oc: "additional pet out" ==contvo==you can see the roof y burned and areas throughout the house are damaged... but firefighters stopped the flames before they spread to nearby homes. the cause is still under investigation. ==terry/cu== tragedy on the cliffs at san francisco's lands end. tonight we know the name of the man killed after falling nearly 100 feet down the embankment. ==vo== the coroner says 28-year-old vincent hollland of merced died yesterday when he fell into the water near the sutro baths. rescuers were able to get to him... but not in time to save him. the exact cause of death is under investigation.... an autopsy and toxicology tests are scheduled for next week. holland had a woman with him at the time of the accident. she also had to be recused from
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the cliffs but was not seriously injured. ==peggy/cu== new details tonight on the man who piloted the "hot air balloon" involved in a deadly texas crash. authorities say he had a "driving while intoxicated" charge on his record. ==vo== the arrest happened in missouri more than a decade ago, before pilot "alfred nichols" moved to texas. he later pleaded guilty to misdemeanor "d-w-i." the saint louis post dispatch reports in 2008 the better business bureau warned consumers not to do business with nichols. yesterday's crash in lockhart killed 16 people, making it the worst hot air balloon accident in u-s history. federal investigators believe the balloon hit power lines before it plummeted to the ground. ==sot== "we're here to find out what happened so we can keep it from happening again and that's really oururposin life." runs=06 two of the victi -- matand sunday rowan -- were a young couple from san antonio. they married less than a year ago. sunday had posted a picture of her and matt on social media, just before the crash.
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==terry/take vo=== coming up next... draymond has done it again. the revealing selfie that his the warriors star apologizing for the second time this month. ==peggy/take vo=== then: donald trump on the defensive... as hillary clinton goes on the attack. the war of words on the campaign trail... and the connection to the parents of a fallen soldier. ==terry/take vo=== plus: the local convenience store seeing a big boost in business after last night's powerball drawing. we'll explain why. ===rob/chroma=== (rob ad lib tease)
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the warriors' star player is once again making headlines for the wrong reason. he posted a photo of his private parts for all the world to see on social media. comcast sports network's fallon smith his apology ==take pkg== oc: later in sports. runs 1:08 ==terry/cu== a dangerous situation in pacifica --
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after a car crashes -- and comes to rest on the gas meter of a home.
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==vo + rail== it happened early this morning in the area of beaumont boulevard and gordon way -- near highway one. police say the car left the roadway -- went down a hillside & stopped right by the gas meter. officers acted quickly -- removing the driver, fearing the car might catch fire from the crash. police say the driver was okay -- but she was later arrested for driving under the influence. there was no major damage to the home. ==anim== ==terry/topvo== a scary scene in the "emerald hills" neighborhood of unincorporated redwood city. san mateo county sheriffs deputies say this s-u-v rolled off the road and onto the driveway of this home on hillside road. this happened just after midnight. fortunately -- the driver suffered only minor injuries. the owner of the home described the moment of the crash. ==take sot== 4:46-4:00: this car flipped over behind me."@:14 ==vo continues== deptuies administered a sobrietd
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eventually took the driver into custody. ==peggy/rail== the war of words intensified today in the presidential campaign over comments made by and about the parents of a muslim-american soldier killed in iraq. they appeared at last week's democratic national convention. as donald trump tried to clarify what he said, hillary clinton went on the attack. nbc's andrea mitchell is with the clinton campaign in ohio and has this report. ==take pkg== oc: thank you for your sacrifice, yes. runs 2:08 ==peggy/ tag==
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that was andrea mitchell reporting. ==peggy/chy== stay with nbc bay area news for continuing coverage of the race for the white house... both on air and online. you can find the latest updates from the campaign trail across our digital platforms. just download our free app or go to nbc bay area dot com. ==2shot== rob is here with your microclimate forecast ...
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2shot thanks rob. ==terry/take vo== next at 11: two local runners celebrating tonight after
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next at 11: two local runners celebrating tonight after their early morning run.. ended with victory. we'll show you the san francisco marathon. ==peggy/vo== plus: a customer at a local convenience store strikes it rich. why the store is celebrating too.
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. >> we'll explore the culture and beauty. bay area athlete just onp twittr and on instagram. subscribe. and watch her reports every day of every night of nbc bay area
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news. a mad rush to this lucky liquor
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store in sunnyvale... where someone bought a powerball ticket that matched five of six numbers for last night's jackpot. this is the lucky store where they bought the power ball ticket. this one that was purchase here . there's been a boom in business since the highest paid ticket. the big winner has not come forward just yet. thezv prize they won, more tha p $700,000. that one was purchased in new hampshire, the payday is $78 million beforeu! taxes. extra traffic in san francisco this morning, we're talking about foot ÷útraffic.
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. sun wasn't up yet but 27,000 runners were for the marathon. record÷ú numbers they made thei way through the city. the winners on the men's side, 30-year-old max haynes styles of san francisco andzv 2:240, 28 cy =p>> nobody in e so far ahead of the pack. that's pretty amazing. congratulations. coming up in sports the giants, they got a big performance on the mound. >> so since the orange and black. highlights and reaction. what is that? oh my gosh. >> reaction coming up.
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fallon 00-10 giants 57-1:05 cain >> the giants have won back to back game since the all star break. today they got offensive help from the guy thatzv usually do their damage on the hill. giants looking to even their four game series against the nationals and that game was on sunday allowing no runs whileç striking out five and walking four, more impressive, though, no hits allowed in five innings, a 93 pitches. in the fifth because of that póvtch count, he brought in to pinch hit for kid, look what he does, he drives one to the wall, stand up double.mphrcf1 o then get this, just a marginal brought in to pitch run and later this happened. it hits the groundç and third
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throw and into the dirt. so he comes around and score but the giants have 2-0. giants go onç to win 3-1 and tt game get his 1 hundredth career wig. >> i didn't think it was that big of a deal. in three years itç feels good. you know, especially they didn't work out today and we've got to use everybody to be a part of it, it's definitely a winç tha we all needed very much. >> to football now, it's open competition quarterback, they're battling an attorney camp to start ton÷ú the center for the 49ers, it's a good problem to ha)e. . and it's a good situation to be in.
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>> that's how it goes. you have to make vh most of your opportunity. this isn't my first that i've been in. when i tell you i've made most >> everything that curtis have told me. it's going to be an even competition and i'm here ready to compete. >> two weeks a round ofç pga championship started the final round and the bunker on the par 4, chips this in for birdie. that gave himp a two-shot cushion, jason day made a late charge, got it for eagle. oh, yes, this is a go. now on 18 what they're watching on, walker must make this putt to win his first major. does he douqrit, sure does. jimmy walker wins the pga championship. it's his first major
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championship victory. special moment there with his family. the ÷úmlb trade deadline is at 1:00 p.m. tomorrow we'll keep an eye on the giant and update you. that's it for sports, this morning after the break. i'm terry mcsweeney.
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==peggy/2shot== and i'm peggy bunker. time for a look at some of our p thanks for being with us at 11:30. >> time to look at some of our top stories to want, bay area woman a victim of deadly shooting. a woman opened fire÷ú in a crowd entertainment district. the family tells us 30-year-old is a school bus driver in toccoo union high school district. they say she was in texas on vacation with her partner.
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two men are behind bars after they scaled the bay bridge. the men jumped the railing along the bike path and thenç climbe up the suspension cable to the top of the bridge's eastern power, more than # 500 feet -- more than 500 feet high. theyç arrested for trespassing. no word on the motivation for their illegal adventure. more people living in big sur have been forced from their hope. take a look, so forced 40,000 acres it's only 18% contained. 57 homes have been çburned. firefighters don't expect to gain control of the fire for another four months. new details about the worst hot air balloon disaster in u.sç history. 16 people killed when a balloon caught fire and crashed this weekend in central texas. some of the victims have now beensidentified.
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>> this is the last known photo of the hot air balloon taken by erica gonzalez. >>ç to me it seemed they couldt climb. >> moments later, the unthinkable, it bursts into flames and plunged into earth, killingç pilot skip nichols an his 15 passenger. the balloon traveled eight miles before striking a high-powered tran mission found andç invest stores may have found what's the biggest help, number of electronics. >> they were ablezv to locate 1 electronic devices including one cell phone, ipad and three tablets there was low cover about 500 feet. >> would you have problemç wita five hundred foot minimum on saturday? >> no. >> why not. >> it doesn't give you room to see things better in front of you. >> theç powerlines, 170 feet tl
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can be almost invisible from altitude. including dr. mark ofç san antonio, they were newlyweds. >> they were the cutest couple. everybody rooted for them. i mean, she was the sweetest thing and÷mat, you know, a doered her. >> schedule today play in a beach volleyball tournament. eduled a dozen times for weather and i didn't think it would happen. soon after this photo, a picture of sheer tranquility sentç 12 minutes before the act. >> that was janice shanahan reporting. well, extreme flash flooding swept away two people to their deaths in zvmaryland, more than six inches 0 f rain fell in the town just about two hours. that's the normal amount of rain
11:37 pm
that they get for an entire ÷ú month. much of the main street is ravaged with water from the flooding. have to take a look at this dramatic video here. they formedzv a human change to rescue this woman, she eventually climbed out the window and was brought here to safety. >> tonight, we know the name of the manç killed after falling 100 feet down the cliff. the 28-year-old vincent hall died yesterday when he fell into theu! water. rescuers were able to get to him but not able to save the man. the exact cause of death is under investigation. toxicologist tests are scheduled for next week.u! he had a woman with him at the time of the accident. she also had to be rescued but was not seriously injured. >> the relationship between police officers in the communitiesen they÷ú serve have struck a national conversation about race and justice. >> and here in the bay area our yearlong investigation into
11:38 pm
officers are used and now leading tozv major policy chang which will impact thousands of students. here is investigative reporter. >> our reporting revealed when students actç up in school, ther skin color or disability can play a role in whether they get to sent to the principal's office or police.a it can leave children and teens with criminal records. now, after our reporting, educating and officers are unvailing major çchanges. >> it's one of the biggest policy changes in resent years. >> he had the high school in san jose. now believes his school's overl! relied on campus police to deal with misbehavior that school staff should have happened. >> too many of our students are >> too many of our students are being indicted fora should not have been indicted for. >> they issued juvenile
11:39 pm
citation. last year our reporting found more thanç 16,000 school districts across the country, east side union ranked 14th and the number of students it referred during thes2011/2012 school year they called police on 1,745 students, that number has since dropped to 184. >> that data was÷ú alarming. >> at a school board meeting before unvailing a new district wide discipline policy that q' administrators to involve police. >> why did you think it was important enough to make those chajs zbh if we're indicting students and putting them on the keeping kids in school. >> seriously injurying someone are still reason enough to contact law enforcement. but÷ú students losing profancy d tobacco have been instructed
11:40 pm
when to call to police. >> any time he's been suspended >> any time he's been suspended ora justice system they're less likely to graduate zblp five others contract with if san jose police officer to provide officers onu! campus so the department had counted 41 schools. none of those schools have ever outlined the roles and responsibilities of those officersp+en though the national association of school resource officers recommend that as a best practice. he's now working with the san jose police department to definç what officers should and should not be doing at school. >> i think it had to do with their story. >> he helped aboutç training o 120 arthurs. >> i'm any other pierce and other instructors traveling to ap hiem to÷ú compete 40,000 of trainings. we discovered while the person
11:41 pm
of justice recommends those 40 hours for school officers, san jose believes only provide a half u!hour, how much can you really learn in 30 minutes. >> you can a lot in 30 minutes but i think that's going to be increased. >> more training is needing for school staff. his concern, they call officers too often. >> do you think school are relying too heavily on police to dis(@(line students. >> i do. >> last year we told you about your friend from the school district, administrators there call the police officer on agree yes or no crosby,ç a 13-year-o student with autism. i thought maybe someone would look at it and say, oh, look a legend, oh, look,v: a legend. that's so cool. a legend forgot this school. >> his initials washed off with water, he was still left with aú arrest on his criminal record for vandalism.
11:42 pm
in april weave had ties to the girl, the freshman did summer salts during the mood and also arrestedzv it's just 14 at the same school district. i don't think it's fair, not at all. >> we need our officers to safety and security from campus. >>ç he call td it and oversees obligation, they only used officers even though there's a written policy. >> it's just something we haven't put in writing. we make sure we understand and they support --ym they're thereo support our teens. >> do you think that message has been made clear in every school in your district. >> absolutely.ç absolutely. >> the police officer supplying those says its rule with everyone is unclear. >> when it comes to siting individuals for what typeym of
11:43 pm
crime. >> they could get sent to the principal's office but another he could get a criminal record. >> and the question is, is that fair? >> it is not fairç and that's y we're working to make it fair across every school district that we work with. >> this upcoming school year san jose police plans town vail÷ú detailed job descriptions for its campus police officers. campbell union high and east side. it will impact security for over and guys, san jose pe plans to increase training for school officers from those 30 minutes to to about three hours. >> ifç you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call. that's nbc bay we'll be right back.
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welcome back and a live loos at the bay bridge tonight. i like to watch the lights. i can watch them all night. >> yeah. >> but a producer wouldn't like that. >> almost like a welcome august. august isç 15 minutes away. for pretty crazy summer. sort of waning there. >> they're hanging on. >> but, you çknow, last week w had almost every single day for some of the vallies in 100 degree rains, the cooling was complete out forç the valley,
11:47 pm
degrees today. that's down quite a bit. 79 degrees heoatively mild 86 in morgan hill. you've got low clouds, six degrees, you'll notice as we go around, temperatures very similar, we'll see some low clouds for the çmorning, 62, b the most interesting number is  how much cooler things are in livermore. right now 60 degrees no need for the air conditioning. in fact, if you go back from th! last three days, 102 degrees friday. it was wednesday, thursday, fridayç last few days. we brought the stretch hotter than 97 degrees. we should do cooler temperatures right ÷únow. winds continue to stay on shore, meantime to the south across mont ray county, upper level winds will bring more areas of smoke intod8 parts of the tri valley, east bay and definitely
11:48 pm
to the south bay. now later this week, if the winds begin to change directions, airç quality shoul be able to improve. in the meantime more smoke, morning temperatures good enough for a jacket, maybe out to the tryç valley. low cloud to start. powered up by marine layer that's more than 2,000 feet tall. notice it's spilling through and likely in theym try valley and i've had around that morning around 9 or 10:00. the clouds will hang out and west of the golden gatep for th afternoon. temperatures similar to what we had yesterday. you'll see temperatures get in the mid-60s, hour by hour forecast going from theht upper 60s around 10:00 to low 80s by two through four tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow you can see them south from downtown.ç
11:49 pm
high close to 80 in napa. a little bit warmer for tomorrow. i think the warmest daysof the week will be wednesday. temperatures likely staying in the upper 80s as you finish off your monday afternoon, this high is going to drift to the wes ç which means some 990s coming back very briefly. looks like they'll come back south bay and temperatures begin to coolç down, san francisco y should see temperatures climbing a little bit. and then the greens picked up. eric quality, too, should have so temperatures climbing a little bit through the middle part of the week and gusty and cooler, that wind shift we're expecting for thursday and friday should begin to temperatures down. but also we hope push more of the smoke out of the bay area. if you are sensitive to smoke,
11:50 pm
issue as temperatures climb through the middle part of the week, back to you. >> thank you so much. still ahead, more than $30,000 in limbo, bignb problem at the bank for one man and how nbc area stepped in to help.
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trouble with a bank. =peggy 2-shot nbc bay area responds to a santav: rosa man having trouble with the bank. >> it will not cash a certificate of deposit. it's about 30 grand and in limbo right ÷únow. we called our consumer investigator. >> my grandmother saved everything. >> she diedzv in 1998, just recently he found something of hers, a certificate of deposit. >> so i took it out and i looked at it and i'm like, ohv: my god $32,000. >> 32,000, $308.97 to be.
11:53 pm
when he tried to cash the cd, wells fargop denied him. >> she's gone now. i have the death certificate to prove it. my name is on the check and wells fargo can't help me what happened to thep money. >> we contacted them and they said they would investigate and send them a letter. a review shows the cdc is÷ú no longer open. the next sentence reads wells fargo cannot find any record regarding the closure of the cd. perhaps grandma normaym cashed or maybe she let it roll over. either way he believes wells far grow -- fellzv fargo has not do anything and it has to be -- oh well. >> to wells fargo the piece of paper that readsu! certificate receipt, but not a cd. the fact that family eastbound
11:54 pm
may showing it had a certificate of deposit does not mean thatç the certificate of deposit is still open. >> there's got to be something, somewhere. >> wells fargo says nothing,ç it's not required to keep a paper trail because state law requires banks to keep records seven years. a spokesman told us that dormant or abandon cdzv balances are suppose to be transferred to the state. but wells fargo found no record that it shifted. therefore craig can'tym cash th cd. so where did the 32 yand go. he says the mystery of his grandmother's savings is a call for better bank records. >> it'ssthe principle that there's something written out on an official document with my name on it and my grandmother's name on it and they have no record of it.ç >> that was nbc chris reporting. if you have a consumer
11:55 pm
complaint, the number here to cool. you also can submitç your stor online at nbc bay fans from flocking to the east
11:56 pm
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bay... for t annual berkeley kite festival. today was the final day for the 2-day festival at the berkeley marina. a reported 35-thousand people gathered... just to fly kites. it's a long tradition-- this is the 31st year-- and it keeps getting bigger every year. ==take sot== runs: 5 oc: "fly a kite" ==contvo== the founder of the festival says
11:58 pm
3-thousand kits are donated to kids by sponsors... and a fan favorite is the candy drop... where 500 pounds of candy are dropped from kites. ==2-shot== thanks for joining us.
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la... quinta! yeah! to this day i can't believe she's gone. if i know then what i knew now i would have spent more timeko wi her. >> they married young and started life together in the rugged beauty of montana. >> it's kind of azv hidden nugg that not lot of people know about. >> she charmed all. >> for newlyweds, big sky country was a paradise,ç for o of them, it would also become a grave. >> i remember his stair cysteri her lifeless body found in the river.


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