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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 1, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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part of the complete breakfast bay area's most anticipated criminal trials. attorneys push for more time .. to defend the man accused right now at 11:00, delaying in one of the most anticipated criminal trials. attorneys push for more time to defend the man accused of murderinging sierra lamar. good morning, everyone. attorneys are asking for a few more months before jurors hear the case against torrez. the problem is that trial was scheduled to start today. >> sharon is outside the courthouse, and sharon, the judge made a ruling just a few minutes ago. >> reporter: the judge said she does not find good cause to postpone the college.
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after right steve when mar, see year lamar's father spoke and said that the family exercised so much pashsens that she asked the judge to proceed as soon as possible. i talked to the family. media is outside waiting for the family to come outside and they said they would make statement after the judge makes a decision so they should be out shortly. defense attorneys for torrez requested dna evidence which would possibly postpone the trial until october 10 m. the motion to postpone the trial was again denied. four years ago morgan hill teen sierra lamar disappeared while walk together bus stop on her way to school. a grand jury indicted garcia torrez in the case. police presume lamar is dead but her body hasn't been found. defense attorneys today argue that they need more time to look over cds and a cell phone that they found in discovery but
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again the judge just a few minutes ago said she will not grant the postponement of the trial and she said she will hear a motion starting august 31st. reporting live in san jose, i'm sharon katsuda, nbc bay area news. >> florida governor rick scott announced florida's health department has identified ten additional people who likely contracted the zika virus locally through mosquito bites. that brings the total known number of people with the virus in florida to 14. the governor is calling on the cdc to enact the response team. the cdc issued a notice to women who are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant not avoid unnecessarily travel to the impacted area just north of downtown miami. >> new this morning, more than a hundred people are hoping to atrkt the condition of judges that could help their working conditions and also their pay. >> they are doing it with
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pickett time. chuck cope la is outside. >> reporter: they call is a hail mary pass. if it didn't work a strike may follow. we counted 120 superior court employees who work in santa clara county picketing in front of san jose's hayes mansion. people say clerks could stall on avert a strike. they were turned away from the california supreme court chief justice conference. they will try doing so by mail. they rejected a 4.5% raise saying it leaves them with no raise at all for the second year of a two-year contract. that's despite living through eight years without a raise. >> i'm not surprised. the court management hasn't listened to our employees for
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quite sometime. all of the other court classifications have gotten raises. >> what difference would it make to have the support of the judges? >> it would make a big difference. just for anybody to hear us. >> they are the ones that have the last word as to what happens with their employees. >> the superior court professional employees association represents clerks researchers and meet immediate ators in domestications and they say walk-out could happen as early as sometime this week. now, santa clara county superior court system is funded by state taxpayers. spokesman for the court administrator here in santa clara county said that the court is putting together a contingency plan it minimize disruption. reporting live in san jose, i'm chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. >> chuck, thanks. one person is mt hospital after an early morning fire. this started around 3:00 in the
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morning. san jose firefighters not telling us how badly that person was hurt. not clear how much damage there is to the business either. but arson investigators will try to figure out the cause of that fire. >> a fire near big sur is forcing 350 more evacuation orders. ten day needs fire fight and fire is still raging and about 40,000 acres of monterey county are now charred. 57 homes are destroyed. some 2,000 more homes and other buildings are still threatened. a forest worker died as a result of fire when a bulldozer toppled over. california department of forestry lists that fire as now 18% contained and it's been hard fought because of rugged terrain and ample fuel for fire. smoke from that fire is still contributing to poor air quality across parts of the bay area. satellites video shows that plume moving directly across the bay area over the past few days.
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the smoeg triggered several spare the air alerts over the last week but the good news is there is no alert today. >> well, let's check your weather with kari. i know the high pressure system held that smoke in. will we get any better? >> looks like it should get better but we can see over mount hamilton there is a clear inversion layer where you can see there may be smoke trapped under there. so we don't have a spare the air alert day but still smoke drifting into parts of the bay area. especially south and east bay. as we head to the north bay, it is clearing with sunshine at 66 degrees and once again we have been talking about the spare the air week. we reduced it from unhealthy to moderate today in the east bay and south bay. we should get a little bit more of that air moving but may not be the case as we head into the next couple of days. right now 60s and 70s but it'll be heating up inland. i'll talk about that and a little bit warm-up for the next couple of days coming up in the micro climate forecast. >> we have some new video in
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after a san jose man narrowly escaped injury. 200-year oak tree came crashing down on his house. city arborists say the tree got heavy after soaking up moisture in the soil. homeowner dave uhlsaid ted was his bedroom when he heard what sounded like a plane crash. he ran out of bedroom, and got emotional thinking about the close call. >> a lot of history. a lot of talk, a lot of conversation with the neighbors, a lot of maintenance trying to keep the backyard looking good. >> he said the tree on fullerton drive will definitely have to come down. other limbs are hanging over his neighbor's home. >> thieves targeted a san francisco jewelry store in a smash-and-grab heist. the the owner on jackson near columbus said a burglar stole $a,000 worth of items.
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some pieces date back to the 18th and 19th century. the shop does have cameras inside and now police are looking through the footage to see if they can identify the suspect. >> bay area family mourning the death of a woman from the peninsula as she was shot and killed while on vacation in texas. >> a school bus driver whose bright future suddenly came to an end. as christie smith reports, the victim was in the process of planning her wedding celebration. >> we got a phone call, i believe around 4:00 this morning. >> matt chilton is devastated. his cousin was shot and killed on a trip to austin, texas. a gunman opened fire wounding several others. >> surreal is not even the right word. still don't really believe it. i just saw her a few days ago. and yeah, just like, it's just unbelievable. still.
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>> she was 30. part aftof a happy couple. those who know them say they already had a privateer is mooen but were planning a familied withing in october. >> they were just two years apart and like the same people. and it feels like a part of me is gone now. and i just haven't grasped hold of it yet. >> he said the day was supposed to be fun. rafting in an evening out. leaving a doughnut shot when shots rang out. he believes they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. he said his sister was a school bus driver in the sequoia union high school district. passionate about family and friends. >> she loved her job. loved kids. she was a superstar basketball player in high school. she loved basketball and softball. she loved her family. she was just a great person. >> that was christie smith
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reporting. police have identified a person of interest. the victim's family members here in the bay area say they are not familiar with that man who authorities identified as they are just hoping there will be an arrest soon. >> a new memorial on austin university of texas campus honors victims of the nation's first mass shooting which happened a years ago today. the school's clock tower stopped at 11:58 and will stay that way for 24 hours. in 1966 charles whitman turned the tower into a sniper perch and skilled 14 people, injuring 32 more before authorities shot and killed him. closer to home, one east bay university is taking steps to make sure what happened at the university of texas does not happen here. cal state east bay hosting an active shooter training program on campus today and tomorrow and this drill will take place at the school's library. organizer plan to conduct practice scenarios and go over safety protocol. they are focus owned ensuring
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public safety officials are prepared, in particular the school's police department. >> up next, a blockbuster brought to you by tesla, the car maker snaps up a major solar company in its latest effort. >> heart-stopping video out of maryland from deadly flash flooding. literally hanging on for their lives. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t.
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==scott/cu== a blockbuster deal today in silicon valley: the nasdaq mildly higher as we see the open from this morning's nyse and the bell and the drill. s&p 500 hit a record this morning. blockbuster deal in silicon valley palo alto based tesla motors is buying solar city for $2.6 billion in stock. certain lay controversial decision. elan musk is the founder of both companies and serves as solar city ceo and chairman of the
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board. his cousin runs the company. he said they are natural fit because they both deal with green energy and could save in car machining are not similar enough to put under the same label. a rare defeat for uber this morning. san francisco ride sharing company is giving up in china and instead will sell itself and make a major investment in its chinese competitor, dd. they will become dd's biggest investor. today ceo elizabeth holmes will give a presentation in philadelphia before the american association of clinical chemistry. this is news because many people question whether her controversial blood testing company in the bay area is telling the truth about its technology, that she is going to show scientific information today to scientists would go a long way in convincing people her ideas are real. >> federal investigators are back in central texas in a corn
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field today where 16 people died this weekend in what is the nation's worst ever hot air balloon accident. investigators know the balloon was too low and apparently flew directly into high powered electric lines. as kari sanders reports, the unanswered question is why. >> this morning as investigators work to find the cause of the tragedy, friends and family remember the 16 lives that were taken when the balloon sit those power lines. dr. matt and sunday rowen, married less than a year. the balloon ride was a birthday gift. matt snapped this picture and texted it to his brother just 12 minutes before the crash. >> even down to the last minutes, there were still pictures of them smiling, laughing. >> the family of larilee and her daughter, paige, posted this memorial video on youtube. paige recently giving birth to
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her first child. this balloon ride a mother's day gift. they were flying due south in a gentle 5 mile per hour breeze. 8 miles from where they launched the balloon still hadn't gained the 170 feet it needed to and drifted into the wires. erica gonzalez snapped this photo 24 minutes before the crash. her husband thought the balloon looked unusually close to tree tops. >> were they climbing? >> no, they weren't. like it wasn't going anywhere. >> recovered in the debris field, 14 electronic devices. all sent to the ntsb lab in washington hoping to extract clues. >> two years ago, the ntsb urged stronger regulations for commercial air balloon ride companies. but those recommendations were turned down by the faa. >> ntsb, full board, classified their response as an unacceptable response. >> that is kari sanders reporting now.
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overnight the texas hot air balloon company said it will suspend operations. >> on a much lighter note, not quite a fairy tale, but the american dream is about to come true for some children. u.s. immigration services will grant citizenship to 20 children of immigrants. the ceremony will be held at children's fairy land in oakland at noon. during the ceremony, the children will receive certificates as prove of their new american citizenship. >> i wonder if that's the first time they had it at fairy land. that's sweet. >> that's cool. >> very cool. meteorologist kari hall is out and about. will kids need sunscreen and watter? >> definitely will. it won't be as hot today so we're not dealing with the intense heat that we had last week. as we get a live look at san jose, we start out with temperatures at 69 degrees up to 83 degrees today and here is what to expect over the next several days especially for spots like san jose and inland areas. there should be improving air quality at least for today.
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and mere average temperatures. for the week ahead we will have a slight boost in temperatures for tomorrow as well as wednesday. this weekend it is pleasant. lots of shines and air is slightly cooler. and where we always find cool air in san francisco looking beautiful out there now. and it is 67 degrees there as well. so we will see a slightly warmer temperatures reaching into the upper 60s. 61 degrees at half moon bay. mostly 60s and 70s for now. and liver more now 72 degrees as you step out the door. winds coming in on shore, we will have the winds very light starting out today. and then picking up to about 10 to 15 miles an hour for many of the inland spots heading towards concorde and liver more before the most part a nice breezy wind is helping improve air quality but once again we may see things changing as we go into the middle of the week as high pressure becomes more intense. and san jose with a hive 83
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redwood city up to 79. low 80s no san rafael. still warm in some spots. and as high pressure continues to move across the region it is giving us once again that wind that blows onshore giving us natural air conditioning and a few major changes into the week with some low pressure moving into the north, in between it does heat up a few degrees and backs off in time for the weekend with some 70s and 80s widespread for the inland spots. as far as san francisco, we will be in upper 60s for today and then a little bit cooler for tomorrow. each day looks like we start out with morning clouds and fog and afternoon sunshine. and then some lower 60s in time for the weekend. for inland spots and for the valleys today, slightly above average for the next couple of days. and into the low 90s for tomorrow as well as wednesday and wednesday will be the warmest day of the week. and then we see temperatures
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dropping off quite a bit. once again that onshore floor kicks in and hopefully once again that will improve the air quality but we are also going to be watching how the winds impact that wildfire that is further south and into the weekend and nice and pleasant with highs in the low to mid 80s. we will have another look at the micro climate forecast coming up later. >> kari, thanks. >> a maryland town main street resembles a river after a terrible storm caused flooding killing at least two people and causing widespread damage. >> flash flood is the worst the area has seen in a half century. there are dramatic moments. lives were saved, nbc's tammy lightener has more. >>. >> reporter: people desperately clinging to their cars means flash floodwaters through the center of town catching many by surprise. residents watching helplessly as their town gets destroyed. >> get inside!
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get inside! >> reporter: two people reported dead. rushed way by rushing water. over 100 rescues. this video showing residents creating a human chain to save a woman trapped in her car. the floodwaters rereceded quickly. cars stacked on top of one another. streets ripped apart. >> looks like a set from a disaster movie. >> businesses on main street completely destroyed. >> with some of the businesses totally gone, totally gone. like i don't even know where to start. >> governor is declaring a state of emergency. >> i just want to come and help people and let them know that we're all going to be with them and help them get back to normal. >> that was tammy lightener reporting. the river which runs through the area rose 13 feet over the weekend. according to the national weather service.
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>> making headlines once again for all the wrong reasons. coming up next, you might recall draymond green's personal foul. green goes into damage control now after his private parts wined up on social media. >> first now, 120-mile long car chase in southern california is over. not without a few damaged cars and torn up lawns. you can see the video on our facebook page. now one of the most valuable countries in the company, you can see all of the silicone companies on our page. we now know the name of the man
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who died over the weekend in a tragic fall at san francisco's lands end. ==vo/rail== th we now know the name of the man who died in a tragic fall at san francisco's lands' end. the coroner says 28-year-old vincent holland of mer said died yesterday when he fell nearly 100 feet down the embankment into the water. the exact cause of death is under investigation. autopsy and toxicology tests are scheduled for next week. he was there with a woman who rescuers saved from the cliffs above the water. she was not seriously injured. >> a san diego family is mourning the loss of their two pets killed when a fire ripped through their home. this happened on birch grove drive near oak grove high school. the family was not home when the flames broke out. they say they were out running errands, saw the smoke, had no idea it was coming from their house.
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sadly two dogs, a maltise and a terrier died but firefighters were able to save two other dogs. >> it is a good feeling to go in there and bring an additional pet out. >> you can see the roof was badly damaged. there are also areas you can't see throughout the house that were damaged. firefighters were able to stop flames before they spread in nearby homes. and the cause of that fire is still under investigation. >> a nice little thank you right in the face. >> draymond green exposed the warriors and team usa once again making headlines for all the wrong reasons. yesterday green posted a photo of his private parts for all the world to see on social media. when he realized what he had done green removed the post and tweeted that his account was hacked but then he later back tracked and admitted that he was in fact to blame. he told report ters was meant to be a private message and that he hit the wrong button saying quote, like i said, it was meant to be private.
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but we're all one click away from placing something in the wrong place, and i suffered from that. it has already been a tough summer for green. he was suspended for game five of the nba finals and was recently arrested in michigan for an altercation at a bar. >> well, the race for president has taken another strange turn. no one can remember a presidential candidate taking on the parents of a u.s. veteran killed in combat. the new war of words donald trump sparks on the campaign trail. >> coming up after nbc bay area news at 11:00, access hollywood live, fold by days of our lives. ==scott-2shot==
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as donald trump and hillary clinton hit the campaign trail hard this morning .. a war of words is brewing. ==kris-2shot== decision 2016. donald trump and hillary clinton are on the campaign trail this morning in a war of words is definitely brewing. >> donald trump is making a lot of headlines for his comments about the family of the u.s. soldier who died in a suicide
11:30 am
bombing. correspondent edward lauren has the story. >> reporter: good morning. just 98 days exactly until the election in november. candidates on both sides are trying to step up the pressure. during his first campaign stop today since the democratic national convention donald trump made further defend comments. he made about a family of a muslim soldier who died while serving in iraq. the family smoke during the democratic convention criticizing trump's stance on muslims. >> if you look at his wife she was standing there and had nothing to say. she probably maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. you tell me. >> on the today show this morning they say it isn't true. >> it doesn't have to do anything with my religion. my religion doesn't prohibit me to do whatever i want to do. >> reporter: under statement trump calleding captain khan a hero. but tweeting that mr. khan
11:31 am
viciously attacked him at the dnc and is now doing so on tv. >> this candidate amazes me. his ignorance he can get up and ma line the entire nation. >> reporter: hillary clinton didn't let up hoping to ensure trust in her versus her gop rival. >> i don't want folks to be misled. to listen to the rhetoric and the demagoguery. >> reporter: warren buffett will introduce hillary clinton at her event in nebraska. donald trump will be in the battle ground states of ohio then pennsylvania. >> cbs news poll out showing hillary clinton got a four-point bump at the democratic convention. she now leads donald trump among voters nationally 46% to 39%. edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. >> among the best athletes in the world are competing in rio. two olympians are in the south bay celebrating a huge announcement. just 30 minutes ago. san diego state university announced it is reinstating its
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track and field program. the program produced two olympic athletes known for social justity work as well. tommy smith and john carlos raised their hands in a black power salute during the medal ceremony at 1968 games. the track and field program will start back up in 2018. >> 150 mountaineers hung out yesterday in brazil as a nod to the olympic games. hanging on ropes from a bridge in the west part of the city. they made a human. image of the olympic green. setting the world record for the largest ever of that kind of formation. rings we mained in place for about 40 minutes. cars beneath honking horns. people taking selfies, cheering crowd gathering nearby. and a lot of security as well. >> and that is really cool. we are now just four days away from the start of the rio olympics and countdown is filled with not only excitement but plenty of concern as well. >> as athletes arrive, several
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venues are not done and there are worries about visitors not able to access transportation to certain events. marion faf row has a look at the final preparations. >> reporter: security was tight at the airport in rio as hundreds of athletes and reporters arrived including our own jessica aguirre. >> there was a very high number of brazilian military officers at the airport with machine guns. you know, completely in uniform and that is something you also notice at the airport as well. >> reporter: american athletes and others stream through the arrivals area, highest number of arrivals so far. >> by know brazil is an amazing country for volley ball. we are excited to experience it with them and hopefully with the fans too and people of brazil and we worked hard to be here. so we're excited to be. >> reporter: international olympic committee saying rio will deliver successful games and spotted delays in
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preparation, budget troubles and political and economic turmoil in brazil. with less than a week to go, crews put the finishing touches on the venues and worked on transportation issues. >> went right past the main metro system to move people through the city and through venues and while the system is complete, a lot of the walkways for visitors to go up and down, those are either under construction or not finished at all. >> olympic organizers are also dealing with problems with some of the athletes accommodations. members of the u.s. equestrian team said they had no complaints. >> the accommodations have been great. and team usa, you know, they've got a lot of people on the ground that are taking care of everything. but so far everything has been excellent. >> reporter: marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> the result of the water quality in rio, commissioned by the associated press has been released.
11:35 am
and i bet can you get. according to the 16-month long study, the waterways of rio de janeiro are as filthy as they've ever been. contaminated with raw human sewage. teaming with dangerous virus answers bacteria. not only are 1400 athletes at risk of getting violently ill in watter competitions, tourist face health risks on the beaches. they are saying if you go to brazil, do not get in the water. >> it is so hard to see because from afar it looks so beautiful. >> beautiful. but up close. there is a lot of yucky stuff. >> no kidding. any athlete will tell that you making it all the way to the olympics takes passion, perseverance and support as well. >> and many cases starts out as a dream eventually becomes a parent's dream as well. some main players tell us in their own words. >> watching carly paterson in the all around and i remember her going on beam. i said, oh, my god, i don't know her, i'm so nervous, her mom
11:36 am
must be a wreck. thank goodness this isn't something i would have to do. she is 10 and she did yell at me. and she said, i can't believe, i'm go together olympics, what is wrong with you, why would you think that? >> moms are normally -- >> usually i am always right. but you know what? i was wrong. >> yeah. >> the united states wins the gold! >> off the line. i knew where my mom was sitting. i remember going over there and giving my mom a hug. and thinking that all the things that she did in her life so that mine could turn out the way it did. my biggest was to get that gold medal for her. >> my dad would drive me 30 minutes to and from the track four and five times a week. would he get home from work and go straight to the track. >> my parents would walkie-talkie, my sister had
11:37 am
similar time schedules of games. >> we today search competitions. he would spend his week ends driving me to california or arizona or utah. >> one parent would go to one game and one parent would go to the other game. if they could, they would switch at halftime. >> my dad supported me with all of the equipment i needed and just be ready to be at my best. >> it was hysterical. i think all of the other parents would laugh. but that was us. >> mom, thanks for giving me my lungs and my legs and for being so loving and supportive. >> from the first moment when she walked out of the tun aelt the prelimb and we saw her with the 8 will 0,000 people in the background, it was one of the highlights of my life. >> i knew you would -- i knew you would get teared up. >> i can't help it. >> she always says, i'll read this part. >> the rio opening games did can be seen this friday at 7:30 p.m.
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on nbc bay area. as we reported our own jessica aguirre is in rio, she will have live reports starting this week. >> i actually need a nap. i might have a bigger problem. coming up, a liquor store may be the place where you want to get your next lottery ticket. tear-free. someone struck it rich in saturday's big drawing. >> as we take a live look outside at outer sunset, still clouds here but clearing inland and we will talk about the spread in temperatures and what else to expect. it's coming up in the micro climate forecast. the weekend bart commute
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certainly seemed busier for travelers headed to sfo. that was due to a track closure between daly city and glen the weekend b.a.r.t. commute se certainly seemed harder. it is closed with several similar weekend closures that will impact travel via b.a.r.t. to sfo. b.a.r.t. is giving service but travellers are advised to take extra time. next closure is two week ends from now. august 13th and 14th. san francisco's balanced budget is ready to be signed. mayor ed lee will put his signature on the nearly $10 billion budget this afternoon at city hall. it caused controversy between the born of supervisors last month and saying that hinges on sales tax increase that hasn't been approved yet. voters have to sign off on the measure this november. the mayor's budget is counting
11:42 am
on a $150 million windfall from that increase. >> someone bought a powerball matching five of six numbers for saturday night's jackpot. that prize worth more than $700,000. workers say there has been a boom in business ever since word got out about that ticket. one ticket was purchased in new hampshire that payday was a little bit more, $487 million. >> before taxes. yeah. let's check in with terry. at least we won in the weather. >> we, we have. we will have near average temperatures. beautiful views this morning and we are right at about 60 degrees. 63 degrees there in san francisco still some cloud covering over the golden gate bridge but can you see bricks and clouds and it is starting to clear out a lot of people just streaming out across this walking out across the bridge and we will have some great
11:43 am
weather for that. and now at 68 degrees we are going to top out at 68. so right at our high temperature, a few spots may get a couple of degrees warmer with patchy fog as we go through the day clearing out and it will make for a breezy day. into the rest of the week, breezy fog and highs in the 60s there with temperatures staying near average as we go into the weekend. we've been talking about wildfires south of us and how that is impacting air quality. we had smoke drifting in and high levels of ozone. now our air quality has come down to moderate which is a step up from unhealthy which is still not as good as the bay and the peninsula. we also don't have the intense heat. we have winds coming in through the rest of the day from west and more westerly into tonight
11:44 am
but not a very strong wind. it does become more breezy in east bay but still the same wind direction tomorrow and still the clouds along the coastline. right now as you head out, it is 73 degrees in concorde. 72 in liver more and morgan hill at 68 degrees. with low 60s, along the coast. and still will be pretty warm for the inland spots like fairfield up to 92 degrees. 86 degrees in concorde. san francisco in upper 6 os. oakland at 70 degrees. closer look at liver more, right now at 72 degrees heading up to 90 and we see temperatures really spike as we go into the next couple of hours and then as of sunset it comes back down into mid 60s with a mostly clear night. a look at all the micro climates expect a high of 87 today in palo alto 87. the district at 67 degrees. 87 in walnut creek and santa rosa 82. and upper 80s for pleasanton
11:45 am
which is right about the average for the first of august. high pressure continues and will give us more intense temperatures for tomorrow as well as wednesday. before it moves off and high pressure slides in and low pressure slides in from the north and that will give us the strong onshore flow for the weekend. heat the break and we will have 70s and 80s all across the bay area. looking at san francisco, some upper 60s for the next couple of days. slightly above average but then we bring it back down in time for the weekend once again. low 60s there inland valleys up to 90. still have 90s for tomorrow as well as wednesday. wednesday will be the warmest day of the week. and then we will have a nice breeze and some beautiful weather in time for the weekend. so can you go ahead, make plans to get outside. we won't have the sweltering heat once again we had to deal with last week. back to you. >> kari, thanks. now, you do get outside,
11:46 am
protect your children during summer months with applying and reapplying sunscreen. which is pain, honestly. but it doesn't have to be. >> we see how to make the effort of uv protection seem a little less both for you and for the little ones and hailly hernandez shows us. >> hot, sunny and kids have to be outside. but don't forget the sunscreen. you need to apply spf of 30 or higher every 80 minutes. and when it comes to the kiddos, it doesn't have to be a fight. >> i find that kids love putting it on themselves. if can you find a product that children apply themselves you are winning half the battle. >> like applying spray answers sticks so much they do it themselves and they aren't responsible for much. much of their upper body is protected with their clothing with uv protection built right in. >> this is a cute sun outfit from gymboree. if you can get them to wear a
11:47 am
sun shirt you won't have to apply it in their upper body. you want to stack the cards in your favor. we like sunscreen of course because they are physical sunscreens. they have the same components built into the fabric. they ensure their product is water resistant, sun resistant, chlorine resistant for the life of the product. >> which means the uv rating will stay the same as long as you sweat or swim in it. >> for men who play golf, women who play tennis, you can put these on, wear a t-shirt or shirt while you play golf but put these on your arms to protect them. >> all right. let's get sunscreen. are you familiar with the song "free-falling"? i'm pretty sure tom petty didn't have this in mind. >> try going thousands of feet without a parachute and walk weigh without a scratch. you have to see it.
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud?
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never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
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of a plane with no parachute? look at this. the guy jumping out of the plane in green. he doesn't have a parachute. how do you land? you aim for a really big net. the only person to survive a dive with no parachute. there's the net. 25,000 feet in southern california. flips over on his back. into the net at the very last second and 100 by 100 foot net making history in the process. and his wife is glad to see him alive. how in the world he thought that was a good idea to start with, i have no idea. >> if i make history, it is not like that. >> no. >> so word this morning after surge of zika cases reported in florida. the overall number of confirmed case says now more than a dozen.
11:51 am
>> with increased urgency to fight the disease, the mosquitos that transmit the virus, one technology company developed a new method to fight back from the skies. nbc's jolene kent has the story. >> health alarm over zika after three men and a woman were diagnosed with zika from local mosquitos. first cases of documented transmission in the u.s. houston, another prime breeding ground is launching this secret weapon, fight against zika. the drones are part of project premonition, a partnership between microsoft and harris county. >> we will pick up a trap. >> microsoft researchers ethan jackson sets up smart mosquito traps if backyards. at parks. and in the woods. the traps will track and prevent zika before it becomes an epidemic. >> we built a mosquito catching robot. this one is smart because it can, in realtime, tell what is
11:52 am
flying around it and tell the species apart. >> with artificial intelligence they detect the vibration of the mosquito wings and capture them to be studied. in the next state, microsoft will deploy automated drones equipped with mapping technology in tandem with the smart traps to scan the area and identify mosquito hot spots. the data is turned around almost immediately to show what time of day mosquitos are the most active. >> that's a huge spike. >> it is. this is the time of day you probably don't want to be out in yard. >> for britney parker kerrigan, zika is a concern. she is eight months pregnant with a baby boy. >> it makes me nervous to know this species of mosquito is in the area and i'm doing everything can i to stay safe. >> we say this is a game-changer
11:53 am
for puss for us. >> harris county said local funding is running low. >> one way of staying it, it this is between a rock and hard place. this is about impact on human beings. >> pushing houston to bet on teches to take on the crisis. jolene kent, nbc news, houston. >> a sky across the bay area in weekend have kite fans flocking to the area. sunday is the final day for the two-day festival at berkeley marina. reporting 35,000 people gathered just to fly kites, maybe to watch them. founder of the festival says 3,000 kites are donated and the favorite is also the candy drop where 500 pounds of candy are dropped from kites. >> looks like good windy day. >> looks good. >> we'll be back in a minute.
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we want to leave you on this fine monday morning with a look at weather and kari. good morning. >> good morning pg we've had great weather starting yesterday and continues into today. we are coming down from the hot temperatures from over the past week and now at 67 degrees in san francisco, 77 degrees with sunshine in the tri-valley and 74 degrees in the south bay highs reaching 90s so we will still be very warm in spots compared to the 68 degrees we
11:57 am
will have in san francisco. vee nice and comfortable and 78 degrees in the peninsula. the air quality is improving. great news there. no spare the air alert for today but we will have to watch over the next couple of days to see if that comes back into effect. we will have some highs slightly above average in san francisco. reaching into the upper 60s for the next three days. morning clouds and fog and then we will be in lower 60s by the end of the week into the weekend. the inland spots up to 90 degrees today with warm temperatures and some lower 90s for both tomorrow as well as wednesday. but it will feel much more comfortable by the end of the week. so we will have a little bit of a rough start for the valleys over the next couple of days. scott and chris? >> thanks. >> thanks for joining us. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. >> can you get the latest information all day at we will see you tomorrow. have a great day.
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♪ welcome back to "access hollywood" live. i am so glad to be back. >> we missed you, kit. >> i had my vacation, i knew you were here. >> you were gone having a great vacation. was it all fun or -- >> family vacation was great. get that off in my bikini. >> check out those abs. you had three babies. >> you're too kind. >> take it off now. what was great, i go on this


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