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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 2, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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a recurring problem in san francisco pops up again overnight after manhole covers are knocked right off the streets. plus, burning out of control with no signs of lessening. but as the flames continue to threaten homes and the situation heightens, why are san francisco firefighters coming back from monterrey county? and a defiant trump. the republican presidential candidate continues to feud with the family of a fallen hero. "today in the bay" starts right now. a very good morning to you. and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. hey, in the flesh. happy to be here. would love to hear what the weather is going to be looking like today. let's check in with kari hall. >> it will be heating up just a couple more degrees as we go
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into the day. right now it starts out cool at 56 degrees in the tri-valley. it's 60 degrees now in the south bay with some lower 50s also for the north bay. heading up to 88 degrees there. 67 degrees in san francisco. and 90 degrees still in the tri-valley with some upper 80s for the south bay and the peninsula. 79 degrees. we'll talk about how warm it gets these next couple of days before it cools down. that's coming up in the microclimate forecast. let's head over to mike to see if there's a problem on the roadways. >> a full closure of the nimitz freeway. it was scheduled. it's been going bon in the last week. this stretch, from 23rd to 29th includes the 23rd avenue overcrossing. they're repairing and replacing the bridge. that's got the full freeway closed for another maybe half hour. reroute like i taking you to kennedy because that's where i see the slowing drive. it should be clearly marked as your alternate to southbound 680. that's the only issue. the rest of the baio oh let me
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show you the live shot. the traffic flow heading up or down from the coliseum moving smoothly. minor reroute. >> mike, thank you. we continue to follow developing news out of san francisco this morning. you see the manhole cover displaced there. something knocked manhole covers right off of the streets in san francisco. happened overnight in lower knob hill. "today in the bay's" sharon katsuda is live from the city. sharon, what are you hearing about what could have caused that explosion? >> well, sam, i just got off the phone with the pg&e spokesperson. he told me that people are safe. he cannot confirm if this is a system wide problem. right now he can only tell us that it was an underground equipment failure. let's look at video that we shot around midnight tonight. now, he says that this is a power outage that it's affecting about 350 customers. 350 customers are in the dark right now. in fact, we saw one neighbor who had an electronic key who couldn't get back into his
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apartment because the power is out in the area of gary and hyde streets. now, this first call came in at 11:40 this morning. pg&e spokesperson cannot confirm whether the manhole top blew off, although some people in the area may have seen that. he says he can't confirm that but he can confirm that there was smoke coming from the manhole. p pg and eks responded and he says they are working on it. he's calling it an underground you equipment failure. despite all of the problems that have had independent area in the past several years, he's saying, again, they need to investigate this further and cannot say whether this is a system wide problem but that the point only an underground equipment failure and they are working on it. back here live. again, he says that everyone is safe and the power outage they are working on that at this moment. they've got four crews out there. fortunately there were no injuries in this event. reporting live from san francisco, i'm sharon katsuda,
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"today in the bay." >> sharon, thank you very much. also happening today, former san mateo police officer accused of rape and sexual assault is scheduled to enter a plea. noah winchester charge with the rape, assault, and kidnapping of four women and a 17-year-old girl. investigators say all of those assaults happened while he was in on-duty police officer in the sacramento area. winchester also worked for the san mateo pd for ten months last year before submitting his resignation. 4:34. new legal documents are shedding light on the response from vallejo police last year to a kidnapping dismissed as a hoax vallejo filed the documents in response to a lawsuit filed by the victim. police initially doubted the account from her boyfriend and only grew more kepticle in the days after she reappeared. the suit says it damaged husk s huskins' reputation. a typal vote on measures
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that would boost fire safety for renters. strict new requirements in the wake of string of fires that occurred in the mission district. this is video from the five-alarm fire that destroyed six buildings in june. the new codes will require tenants to make sure alarms are being tested yearly and provide tenants with written notice of smoke alarm requirements. plus, owners have to provide the county annually with a statement that shows fire alarm testing. more than 5200 firefighters are now battling the soberanes fire this morning as it continues to burn out of control in monterrey county. 40,700 acres scorched since it first started. no total, 57 homes have been destroyed. firefighters predict it's going to take until the end of the month to contain this fire which at this point is 15% contained. fire crews report they are making some progress on the north and east sides of the flames, setting control fires to take away the fuel.
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we spoke with one man from the carmel valley area waiting for a flight at sfo when he got an evacuation order on his phone late sunday. >> we light to small fire along the road or along the natural barrier. and that fire will suck into the main fire so we don't have this big raging fire coming down at us. >> firefighters, i should say, the roads leading from staging areas up to the remote fire now filled with signs of positive messages for those firefighters thanking them for their efforts. we're told the strike team from the san francisco fire department is going to be allowed to go home later today. coming up, a look at the forecast with kari. >> get ready for some slightly warmer temperatures as we go into the next couple of days. it starts out nice and cool this morning. details on that coming up in the microclimate forecast. and we're looking live at the peninsula side of the san mateo bridge. that bridge and the peninsula move well. we do have the issue that full
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closure and open. we'll give you the update, better news. plus, fighting back. the man seen in this video being beaten by alameda county sheriff's deputies is suing. what he says the deputies did as he was lying there bleeding. next on "today in the bay." for nearly two months now -
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protesters have been calling for the va welcome back. for nearly two months protesters have been calling for the removal of santa clara supervisor your court judge
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aaron percent i can. this latest push came on a flash drive. dozen of protesters delivered 1.2 million signatures from an online petition to the courts. they're also asking the state assembly to begin impeachment hearings against judge persky. they found brock turner guilty of three accounts of sexual assault. he could have been sentenced to ten years but instead persky sentenced to six months in jail. he's expected to serve only three months and be out in september. that does have many protesters outraged. >> basically what we're focusing on is hisbiased. he has given lenient sentences to specific classes of people and then when faced with other classes of people he's given much harsher sentences. >> legal experts say that the protesters efforts will have little impact because turner's sentence was still within legal guidelines. judge persky has not committed an impeachable offense. alameda county leaders will
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vote today on a new policy for females strip searched. it comes in the wake of a legal settlement involving a suit filed by four women arrested by police in a protest. the settlement deal includes several other new jail requirements. privacy curtains used so male jail guards cannot observe changing female inmates and sanitary napkins will be provided for women and broken toilets will be fixed. as far as the settlement the women will also receive $130,000. people across the country will hit the streets tonight as part of national night out also known as america's night out against crime. >> just a great opportunity as well for communities and law enforcement to be able to talk and to know each other. more than 37 million people are expected to take part in tonight's festivities. features everything from block partying and cookouts to para s parades. the goal is to get people out of their homes to meet with their neighbors and to interact positively with the law enforcement officers who protect
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them everyday. events are happening all over the bay area and we have a full list on our website. you can find it on >> always a good night to get out. weather should cooperate as well. 4ing 42. coming up next, major moves on the diamond. one bay area team postseason run while the other traded away two of it'ses best players. both bay area baseball teams
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were very active, right up until yesterday's trade deadline... the giants acquired starting pitcher 'matt moore'
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. both bay area baseball teams were very active until yesterday's trade deadlines. the giants acquiring matt moore from the tampa bha rays to bolster what is already a very good starting rotation. that was in exchange for third baseman matt duff any. i see josh reddick there. the giants were acquiring matt moore and reliever smith. they shipped out two of nir most recognizable players and two of their best assets in return. the as received three minor league players in that deal. decision 2016 and the feud continues. donald trump and his campaign still not offering an apology for criticizing the family of a fallen american soldier. >> the issue will not seem to go away for donald trump who is traveling to another battleground state today. >> "today in the bay's" edward lawrence is joining us from the campaign trail for both donald trump and hillary clinton's latest developments today. edward? ♪ >> reporter: donald trump attempts to shift the debate to
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campaign issues versus his gold star family controversy at a rally in pennsylvania. >> your jobs are all gone. you haven't won the state of pennsylvania in 28 years. >> reporter: trump didn't mention the khans's whose son was killed in iraq. since they spoke at the democratic national convention, they have been going back and forth with trump. vice presidential candidate mike pence attempted to shift the debate even more, focusing on hillary clinton's judgment and benghazi. >> it's just so important to remember hillary clinton's record n foreign affairs. >> reporter: the feud played a big role in hillary clinton's rally in omaha, nebraska. warren buffett blasted the republican nominee while introducing clinton. >> i asked donald trump, have you no sense of decency, sir? >> reporter: then challenged him to an exchange of tax returns. >> i'll bring my tax return, he can bring his tax return.
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>> reporter: because buffet says he's under an audit, too. >> while warren is standing up for a fairer tax code, trump wants to cut taxes for the super rich. >> reporter: both vice presidential candidates are on the campaign trail. governor mike pence is in arizona and senator tim kaine is in florida. edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. 4:47. time for a look at weather and traffic together. let's start with the forecast today. we're going to turn it up again, kari? >> we'll just turn it up a little bit. not a whole lot, laura and sam. as we start out this morning we're getting a live look at the golden gate bridge. you see the zipper truck making it through there. we'll talk to mike in a minute to see if that's impacting traffic. this is what is to expect today. we will be up to 67 degrees in san francisco after an early morning start at 58. and some early clouds will move in. cool start but it will be another nice day. near normal temperatures with a strong ocean breeze can be expected for the rest of the week. and you know that means that we will see the morning clouds and the fog, afternoon sunshine, and temperatures staying near
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average. so no major changes as we go into the next several days. 60 at oakland. 55 in napa and san jose wakes up to 60 degrees with highs today up to 85 degrees there. 91 in livermore. these are the spots where we will see a little bit of a warming trend for the next couple of days. where our temperatures will go up another two or three degrees each day. and then it does come down in time for the weekend. so a look at san jose and the daily planner. we will once again start out this morning with cool temperatures and lower 60s. 76 degrees at lunchtime. and then rising into low 80s before we drop back to 71 degrees later on this evening. and we've been keeping tabs on the air quality, especially with the soberanes fire father to the south. and it will be moderate as far as the air quality for the south bay. everywhere else is looking good as our wind shifts more to the west than the northwest pushing the smoke and wildfire smoke
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away from the bay area. as this high pressure moves away we will get a cooling trend thanks to an ore of low pressure well displaced to the north. it will bring in a stronger onshore flow and our temperatures will be backing off into the 70s and low 80s for the i land spots. so we will have 60s in san francisco. into the weekend, while we will be up to 90 degrees today, for the inland valley, up to 87 tomorrow and then we'll see some lower 80s for the rest of the week. sunday though it does start to come back up a couple of more degrees. let's head over to mike now to see if there's better news for the nimitz. >> there is better news because we had that full closure. they can pick their path, you can see green all over the map here for the speed sensors including oakland. yes, southbound 880. reopened between 23rd and 29th as i was making the last report. overnight closure. road crew, clear from the scene. still fixing up the 23rd over crossing more work to do in the area. we'll get you to the peninsula where there's also an issue southbound 101 right around sierra point parkway.
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we had an earlier crash. looks like the last of the activity should have cleared from the shoulder. bay shore and oyster point, you know the stretch there. get a look over march farther east. 580 westbound. dublin area. traffic flows. typical volume. at speed for the area, dublin and livermore. over ysabel, on rach, may be a stalled vehicle at the particular on-ramp. we do have a lane open. just the activity there is a distraction. be careful. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. 4:50. urgent warning from the centers for disease control this morning. pregnant women should avoid traveling to certain areas of florida after a spike in cases of the zika virus. advisory comes after florida's governor announced ten new zika infections likely transmitted by local mosquitos. not mosquitos from overseas. it brings a total number in the state to 14. most of the cases are clustered in the same square mile neighborhood in miami-dade county. health officials are going door
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to door testing people for that virus and they say there will be more cases because symptoms are so mild. >> what we're looking at carefully is is it expanding, is there a place beyond this one-mile radius that needs to be looked at? >> the cdc is advising women who have traveled to the area to wait at least two months before trying to get pregnant. florida's health department is expected to give an update later today. in business news this morning we're watching oil prices which have been on the decline. >> plus, in happier news, that's pretty good news but mcdonald's making the happy meal happier. for that and the rest of the news we turn to landon dowdy live at cnbc's world headquarters. >> how is that possible, landon? >> hi there, sam and laura. wall street could start in the red. futures are lower this morning. stocks are getting mixed again on monday as the dow fell but the nasdaq closed just short of an all-time high. you want to look for data today on personal income and spending. a key measure of inflation.
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also we get auto sales. the dow falling 27 points to 18404. nasdaq up 22 to 5184. if your headed to the olympics there may still be plenty of places to stay. airbnb has taken 66,000 bookings in erio and reservations are rising. with the shortage of hotel rooms airbnb has been designated the official supplier of alternative accommodations. the company says that average guest is staying six nights and paying 136 bucks per night. and mcdonald's wants you to have a happier meal, the fast food giant is removing unsavory ingredients from the menu including high fructose corn syrup from hamburger buns and cutting artificial preservatives from chicken mcnuggets as it fights to win back customers. >> they always looked so natural before. 4:52. coming up, could you call it the leaning tower of san francisco? some unexpected movements at one
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of the city's lowe's luxurious high rises. opening the door for lawsuits as safety questions swirl. but first, happening right now, vice president joe biden officiating same-sex wedding. it is the first marriage the vice president has officiated at all. read about it right now on our facebook page. everybody loves golden gate park and turns out so does adel. she posted a picture about her trip after her performance last friday. you can find that story on we are back in two minutes. n
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francisco's rich and famous is sinking. literally. the millennium tower on mission street is homes to stars like
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joe man tana and hunter pence but since complete in 2008 the building has sunk 16 inches and is tilting two inches to the northwest. builder has predicted it would sink six everythinges over the life stan while seismic experts and engineers say it is not a safety issue. the homeowners association is hiring an independent consultant and possible fix will be costly. the building's owner blames the movement on construction of the transit project happening right next door. but a spokesman says builders didn't drill deep enough into the bed rock. . annis iks pags is definitely mounting up. only three days away. count them. three from the opening ceremony in rio. athletes and tourists flock to brazil not only beautiful views and iconic sights but strong security presence. >> that's right, sam. brazil authorities are working with other countries including
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the u.s. and france to face potential terror threats and boost security. cope a cabana are filled with heavy police presence and navy boats are patrolling the waters. in the meantime at the olympic village armed soldiers are standing guard. stay with nbcbayarea for all things olympics. there isuirre who is in rio. she's got her red shirt on. she's in front of the olympic rings. yesterday she tweeted this picture from the copacabana peach. he's going to be reporting live from rio on thursday. she will have tim side scoop on the competitions as well as one-on-one interviews with one of the many bay area olympians. coming up, this tuesday's edition of "today in the bay." >> we are getting ready for some slightly warmer temperatures for the inland spots today. coastal sisters still stay in the 60s. we'll talk about how warm it gets in the next couple days in the microclimate forecast. and right here, this is
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fremont, smooth, easily light drive. we're talking about that earlier closure in oakland land traffic flowing throughout that east bay. we are staying on top of a developing story out of san francisco. underground blast shuts off power to a neighborhood and removes manhole covers as you just saw in that video. a recurring problem in san
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francisco pops up again
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developing right now. recurring problem in san francisco pops up again overnight after manhole covers are knocked right off the streets. plus, burning out of control with no signs of lessening as the flames continue to threaten homes in monterrey county and that situation heightens. why are san francisco firefighters coming back? and a defiant trump. the republican presidential candidate continues to feud with the family of a fallen hero. "today in the bay" starts right now. a very good, now tuesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we're going to start right now with a check of weather with kari hall and very moderate day in store here. >> it will be a nice day. a little bit warmer in spots. as we start out though, it is also nice and cool as usual. it's 56 degrees in the tri-valley. and 60 degrees in the south bay. we are now at 52 degrees in the north bay. a look at those highs this afternoon in san frsc


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