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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 2, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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developing right now. recurring problem in san francisco pops up again overnight after manhole covers are knocked right off the streets. plus, burning out of control with no signs of lessening as the flames continue to threaten homes in monterrey county and that situation heightens. why are san francisco firefighters coming back? and a defiant trump. the republican presidential candidate continues to feud with the family of a fallen hero. "today in the bay" starts right now. a very good, now tuesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we're going to start right now with a check of weather with kari hall and very moderate day in store here. >> it will be a nice day. a little bit warmer in spots. as we start out though, it is also nice and cool as usual. it's 56 degrees in the tri-valley. and 60 degrees in the south bay. we are now at 52 degrees in the north bay. a look at those highs this afternoon in san francisco.
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about like yesterday. clouds will roll in and clear out for the afternoon. we are up to 88 degrees in the north bay as well as the south bay. as the peninsula seeing a high of 79 degrees. we'll talk about some warmer temperatures inland spots for today and tomorrow. that's coming up. heading over to mike now, looks calmer through the east bay. >> it is. calmer because we had a full closure of the him it's in. that has some folks scrambling through the oakland area between 23rd and 29th. tonight will be the last night of the scheduled overnight closure and then intermittent work. meanwhile, crossing throughout the bay. just fine. it g a typical slowing for west. disabled vehicle on the shoulder of the on-ramp. keep that in mind if that's where you enter the freeway. looking acrossover there, looking at a live shot as well. cross the bay. there's the bay bridge. smooth flow from oakland to san francisco and no backup at the bay bridge toll plaza yet. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. developing story. we are following out of san
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francisco this morning. you see manhole covers that were removed. there's a powerful explosion underground that did knock those covers right off the streets. this happened overnight in a lower knob hill. sharon katsuda is live. sharon, this is strong enough to knock out powers to hundreds of pg&e customers. >> reporter: that's right. the pg&e spokesperson tells me 350 customers are out of power this morning. that the pg&e spokesperson tells me the crews are working on that power outage right now and that people around that area are safe. let's take a look at the video that was shot around midnight. one neighbor told me this morning he heard a loud explosion and then power went out about an hour later. the pg&e spokesperson says he cannot confirm whether the manhole top blew off but he can confirm that smoke was coming from the manholes. he says the fire department responded because there were flames in the manhole but the fire went out on its own. pg&e says the cause underground
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equipment failure near geary and hyde streets. he says he can't say whether this is a system wide problem. there has been, as you know, similar underground explosions in past years tied to electrical vaumt vaults, prompting the fire department to work with pg&e to respond to the incidents. so far the spokesperson again says it needs to continue investigating and crews are working on restoring power right now to about 350 customers. back here live. fortunately there were no injuries in this incident. reporting live in san francisco, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> thachings for the latest. new this morning. talk about an early morning wake-up call. we're just getting this video in from hayward where a home has a lot of damage. look at that. a car crashed through its walls early this morning. emergency crews were called just before 3:00 to the home. 24,000 block of mirror street. when they arrived they found a toyota prius plunged more than halfway into the home. luckily no one inside the car or the house were hurt.
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hayward police are investigating what led up to the crash. former san mateo police officer accuse of rape and sexual assault is scheduled to  enter a plea today. noah winchester charge with rape, assault, and kidnapping op at least four people and 17-year-old girl. investigators say all of those assaults happened while he was an on-duty police officer in the sacramento area. winchester worked for the san mateo police department as well for ten months last year before submitting his resignation. new legal documents shedding light on the response from vallejo police in a kidnapping initially dismissed as a hoax. they found the documents in response to a lawsuit by the victim denise huskins. police initially doubted the account from huskins' boyfriend and only grew more skeptical in the days after she reappeared. the suit accuses police of damaging huskins' reputation. investigators right now are trying to figure out what caused a death of a san francisco man at a popular southern california
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music festival. 22-year-old derrek lee died early sunday morning after receiving care at a hospital. lee reportedly was at the hard summer music festival in fontana before he was sent to the hospital. two others also died after attending that festival. it was 5:05 on your tuesday morning. for almost two months protesters have been calling for the removal of santa clara county supervisor your court judge aaron persky. the latest comes in the form of a flash drive. dozens of protesters delivered 1.2 million signatures from an online petition directly to the courts on that flash drive. also asking the state os assembly to begin impeachment hearing it is. back in march the jury found brock turner guilty of three felony accounts of sexual assault. turner could have been sentenced for up to ten years but instead persky sentenced him to six months and he will serve three
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months and be out in september. that has protesters outraged. >> basically what we're focusing on is his biased. he has given lenient sentences to specific classes of people and then when face with other classes of people he's given much harsher sentences. >> legal experts say the protesters and their efforts are going to have little impact because turner's sentencing was well within legal guidelines. judge persky has not committed an impeachable offense. did b.a.r.t. police officers use too much force while arresting a suspect in they say no and say there's no information that seems to support their claim. two different videos of this arrest from last year quickly went viral. the video showing officers arrested 22 yaermd michael smith at the embarcadero b.a.r.t. station last friday. b.a.r.t. police say the suspect kicked one officer in the head and throat, bit another, and spit on a third. the suspect remains in jail and is charged with five counts of battery on a police officer and
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resisting arrest. b.a.r.t. police have launched an internal investigation into whether officers used excessives for. rnlthsz city leaders crafted new requirements in the wake of a string of fires several of which occurred in the mission district. this is video from the five-alarm fire that destroyed six buildings on 29th and mission streets in june. the new codes will require tenants to make sure alarms are being tested yearly and provide them with a smoke alarm requirements. owners have to provide the county with a statement that shows fire alarm testing. update to the soberanes fire still burning through monterrey county near big sur. more than 5200 firefighters are out there on the front lines. cal fire says more than 40,000 acres burned. this just since the start of the fire on july 22nd. 57 homes have been destroyed. as far as containment the fire is still only at 18%.
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fire crews report making slight progress using backfire strategies. >> we light a fall fire along the road or along a natural barrier. and that fire will suck into the main fire so we don't have this big raging fire coming down at us. >> firefighters are now predicting it's going to take at least until the end of the month to contain and, lawyer racks as we mentioned earlier the san francisco firefighters out there helpington front lines are finally getting a breather. >> exactly. they're going to come back here because you know it's tough rugged terrain they're dealing with there. and we see all the smoke that's been pouring into the south bay as well. what we need is a good stiff wind to blow it out. let's check in with kari with the forecast. >> that has been happening. we've seen much more of a wind that carries it away from the bay area. but still those strong winds making it hard to get that wildfire in containment. right now it's 58 degrees as you head out in concord. it's 59 in oakland. and palo alto is at 56 degrees.
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so mostly some 50ss out there today. but we will see the temperatures spreading out as we go into this afternoon. some 60s along the coastline. north bay up to 86 degrees in santa rosa. 92 degrees in fairfield. and some low 90s also in the tri-valley. our temperatures will be warm for the inland valleys for today and tomorrow. i'll detail that coming up in less than ten minutes. now as we head over to mike, looks like there's slowing at the bay bridge. >> that's what the sensor read is. that's the only slowing we see. this just popped up making me a liar. coming up toward woodside. nothing reported there. i'll check that and make sure nothing unusual going on there. we'll zoom over here toward the rest of the bay. upper east shore moves well. report of a small brush fire, bush on fire just off the roadw roadway. now a brush fire but it is in val vallejo. that may or may not be an issue. so far no slowing shows up. slow down did show up on our sensors near the toll plaza.
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i'll show you the camera and it doesn't really in much activity as far as car flow or inactivity either. we'll continue to track the reason for the slowing. mikely sensorsadjusting. back to you. right around the corner, business and tech news. scott mcgrew will join us. >> sam, we had elizabeth holmes, the head of show up to a science conference but where was the science? we'll take a look coming up in business and tech. look forward to that. and how about this? the defiant trump. he is not backing down and not apologizing for the feuding with the family of a fallen hero. up next, more on that feud coming up in a live frort from washington, d.c. you're watching "today in the bay."
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kh . decision 2016 and criticisms continue. trump and his campaign still not offering an apology for the offering pointed words to the family of a fall men american soldier. this issue is not subsiding for donald trump who is traveling to another battleground state. >> edward lawrence is following the campaign trail for trump and hillary clinton today. good morning, edward. >> good morning, sam and laura. this is fourth day we're talking about this. donald trump now has a new nickname for hillary clinton, the devil. as he's trying to change the focus and recover from a rough few days. ♪
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donald trump attempts to shift the debate to campaign issues versus his gold star family controversy at a rally in pennsylvania. >> your jobs are all gone. you haven't won the state of pennsylvania in 28 years. >> reporter: trump didn't mention the khans whose son was killed in iraq while serving in the u.s. military. since the khans spoke at the democratic national convention, they have been going back and forth with trump. vice presidential county mike pence a attempted to shift the debate even more focusing on hillary clinton's judgment in benghazi. >> it's just so important to remember hillary clinton -- >> reporter: the feud played a big role in hillary clinton's rally in omaha, nebraska. warren buffett blasted the republican nominee while introducing clinton. >> i asked donald trump m you no sense of decency, sir. >> reporter: then challenged him to aen exchange of tax returns. >> i'll bring my tax return. he can bring his tax return.
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>> reporter: because buffett says he's under an audit, too. >> because while warren is standing up for a fairer tax code, trump wants to cut taxes for the super rich. >> now the new,in bc news survey monkey poll shows hillary clinton is increased her lead. she's now leading by eight points among voters nationally. 50 to 42%. however, when you add in the other candidates, libertarian and green party, that lead shrinks to four points. reporting live in washington, back to you, sam and laura. >> thanks, edward. >> thank you. a lot of people watching elizabeth holmes yesterday, the head of the controversial blood testing company who made a rare appearance. >> she was there addressing scientists. >> we've been waiting for this. many people saying science is off. she's the head of throenos talking to scientists at a science conference. we're going to see elizabeth holmes bring the science, right? except she didn't. instead of defending the blood
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testing machines that they have been using she announced a new blood testing machine. instead of showing us how the machines everybody doubts actually works she showed us a new machine that once again we don't know fig about. take a look at what scientists jeffy baird from the university of washington said me told bloomberg, it's a bait and switch. we were told we were going to hear about the science of theranos. this is a new speculative prototype idea they have. holmes have been defending her company for quite some time. here we see her making her case on the "today" show. the government has barred her from her own lab. the company told doctors it can't guaranteed past lab results. the news before the bell. landon dowdy is live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, landon. >> hi, scott. good morning. wall street could start off in the red. stocks are mixed again on monday as the dow fell but the nasdaq was just short of an all-time high. look for data today on personal income and spending.
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that's a key measure of inflation. we also get auto sales. the dow falling 27 points to 18404. the nasdaq up 22. scott, back over to you. >> sam and laura, apple is updating the new iphone operating system. along with it come new emojis. olympic sports. you see the rainbow flag and then a squirt gun. the squirt gun will apparently replace the pistol in these new modern times. so there you go. >> plus, we have the power lift emoji. >> with weights and everything. >> i haven't updated just yet. >> thank you, scott. it's going to be here and gone in just a flash. the week ahead is going to give you many chances to see the international space station happen. last week people in northern california saw what they thought was an ufo. turned out the bright lights of the iss. projections show you you can catch a sight of it three more times this week. it already flashed by last night. expected to make some more appearances on thursday,
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saturday, and sunday night. all around 11:00 p.m. for just one to two minutes at a time. so watch very carefully. >> another reason to look to the skies. also for a look at our frat, kari hall. >> whether or not you can see anything, as we get aive live look outside now in the south bay. it is starting out with mostly clear skies. we will start to see some clouds moving in within the next couple h hours. right now, 60 degrees. how to top out at 85. clouds will be clearing out once again quickly and lit be turning warm and breezy. and it will be a bit warmer through today and tomorrow with highs near 90 for the valleys. and this weekend it comes back to below average temperatures. looks like it will be a nice weekend ahead. 59 degrees in oakland. napa, 55. livermore starts out the morning at 56 degrees. our winds have shifted in more from the north and northwest. that will carry the smoke from the wildfires to our south away
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from the bay area. also a little bit more breezy, especially for the east bay. and in two spots, the north bay. and into the day tomorrow we're looking at more of the same so this onshore flow will also help bring us cool mornings but warming up during the afternoons. the air quality today will be moderate for the south bay and still looking good for the north bay as well as the peninsula and proving good for the east bay today. and highs today reaching 89 degrees in los gatos. redwood city, 77 degrees. mission district, 67 today. 92 in fairfield. walnut creek, 90 degrees. starting to see more 90s today and that will be the case also tomorrow for spots like the tri-valley. and high pressure still keeping us very warm and dry. it will be moving off towards the east over the next couple of days. and this low dropping in to the pacific northwest will give us a stronger onshore flow and temperatures will be backing off. so looking at san francisco, it
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stays in the 60s. pretty much all week long into the weekend. and it will be going down as well for the inland valleys into the lower 80s by saturday. let's check in now with mike to see what's happening on the roadways. >> kari, we saw slower sensories at the bay bridge. we'll check on that. also, this was 280. saw the slower sensories there traveling north. nothing officially scheduled as far as closure. might be a slower road crew because traffic is so light on 280. chalk it up to that for now. may have been a similar situation. the bay bridge, started to come back up to speed. live look over there at the toll plaza shows you a clear flow of traffic. show you our view from emo emeryville as well looking at the span. nice drive over there from oakland with the taillights in toward treasure island. you can see the lights, great for the roadway. work above the roadway, can't see atop of the tower here. low clouds hovering. at the golden gate bridge you can tell that because even though it looks like a nice
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clearview here you can't see the tops of the towers. watch, there may be fog developing through the area. so far no problems for drivers. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up next, major moves offen the baseball diamond. one bay area team stockpiling talent for a postseason run. the other just traded away two of its best players. a tale of two teams, next. a shining moment - for some of
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a nice story now. a shining moment for some of the youngest community members in the east bay. now officially u.s. citizens.
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20 newly minted americans received their certificates at the children's fairy land theme park in oakland yesterday after what was no doubt the realization of a dream. after the parents received their documentation it was the children's turn. she says it was a perfect opportunity to show how the city of oakland embraces difference. >> oaklanders are so proud of their diversity so it's important that we not just welcome new citizens to our country but into our city and that we do this special welcome for our youngest citizens. >> and she does mean youngest. look at that hat. some of the children receiving documentation were as young as three years old p. >> look at that hat. look at the face. >> after being gone nor 30 years san mateo state university bringing back the man's track and field program. john carlos and tommy smith. both famed during the 1968 olympics in mexico city when they raised the black love fist
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while receiving gold and bronze medals. >> when they disbanned the track program i can never tell you the hole that went into our hearts. it was almost like they were ashamed of who we were in mexico city at this particular time. it just goes to show you that they were wrong and i think san jose state has grown to the point now where you realize their misgivings. >> in addition to reinstating the program which will resume in october 2018, the school is planning to build a brand new $5 million track and field facility on campus. off to the baseball diamond we go now. both bay area teams made some major moves before the trade deadline yesterday. the giants acquiring starting mitcher matt moore from the tampa bay rays in exchange for matt duffy and minor leaguers. giants also got relief for their pen. they required will smith from milwaukee. in the meantime, the as shipped out outfielder josh reddick, one of the most recognizable players
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as well as starting pitcher ridge hill. they went to the dodgers for three minor leaguers. time to get out of the house. national night out also known as america's night out against crime. >> get out of the house. get to know the people who keep your community safe. features everything from block parties and cookouts to parades. the goal is to get people as laura said outside of their homes to meet face to face with their neighbors and also to interact positively with the police officers who are protecting them. there are events happening all over the bay area and we're going to post a full list on our website at up next, a man beaten by alameda county sheriffs during an arrest is suing the beating was wul caught on tape. we're going to tell you what the suspect says the deputies did as he was lying there bleeding. plus -- >> the soberanes fire in monterrey county is moving south and homeowners have been
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reassured that it will likely not force further evacuations. i'm chuck with the latest on the wildfire burning for more than a week and a half. for joining us.
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i'm sam brock. =laura/2shot= and i'm laga good morning. good tuesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. how are we looking, kari? >> looks good, as we start out we have some chilly temperatures in some parts of the bay area. 52 in the north bay. it is 60 degrees in the south bay. here's a look at those highs
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this afternoon. up to 67 degrees in san francisco. 90 in the tri-valley. it will still be warm in spots like the north and the south bay into the tri-valley. the peninsula today up to 79 degrees. it will be very warm for those areas for today as well as tomorrow so we'll look at the numbers coming up. as we head over to mike now, he found a reason for slowing on the peninsula. >> we've been tracking this sentsory northbound 280. that was for a good space through woodside and in towards san mateo county. we do have word of a crash right here at millbrae avenue or just shy of there. that would be the reason for the short section of slowing. everything is out of the lanes. into the guardrail. no major injuries. we'll track that. 101, much more traffic no amount of concern right now. bay bridge toll plaza sees traffic as well. that's backed up because the metering lights turned on a minute ago. we have already full traffic flow heading in toward the toll plaza with the left approach the last to fill in. back to you. >> thank you, mike.
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at 5:30 we are following breaking news just come into our newsroom out of the central valley. a deadly crash involving a tour bus. our affiliate in fresno reports two people are confirmed dead. crashed on highway 89. >> in total, 50 passengers on that bus when it hit a sign pole we're told just after 3:00 this morning. there are reports the bus was heading northbound. we're working right now with our affiliates. we'll continue to update you on this morning throughout the morning as we get more details. in the meantime, following a developing story out of san francisco. there's been an underground blast in the tenderloin. neighbors we talked to said some manhole covers were knocked off of the street in the area of hyde and geary. we just spoke with pg&e. nobody was injured. the utility did have to cut off power to the neighborhood. several hundred people have lost their power. they're working as you see right there, the crews are on this problem trying to restore it. several crews are at the scene
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work underground. we're going to bring you a live report. sharon katsuda is on the scene. talking about an early morning wake-up call. just getting this video in from hayward where a home has a lot of damage. look at that. a car crashed through the walls early this morning. emergency crews were called out just before 3:00 to the home in the 24,000 block. when they arrived they found that toyota my us plupged more than halfway into the home. no one inside the car or the house were hurt. hayward police are investigating what led up to the crash. c.r. lamar case will move forward. the trial for the man accused of killing her will not be delayed as lawyers had hoped, his lawyers. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live in san jose this morning. today the hearing continues to pass some evidence. >> reporter: yes, indeed, laura. and sierra lamar's family says that she disappeared four years ago and going to trial would bring them some level of comfort
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as small as that might be. sierra lamar's father talked with us as he left the courtroom where he sat just a few feet behind the man accuse of kidnapping and killing his 15-year-old daughter. this is video of torres during prior hearing. his lawyers argue that they need more time to prepare to review evidence from sierra lamar's cellphone found just a day after her disappearance. as you mentioned, the evidence on there is suspect, to the defense. another attorney just wrapped up another trial and asked for a two-week break before beginning the murder trial. sierra lamar's body has never been found. for the family this is one level of closure. >> exercised so much patience after four years of waiting for this. and we're anxious for the court to get this behind us. >> now, here's a brief timeline of that four-year wait.
5:34 am
on march 16th of 2012 sierra lamar's family rrted her missing. 12 days later garcia torres becomes a suspect because his dna was found on her clothing. in may of 2012 torres was or reed of lamar's dna was found in his car. after two years torres pleads not guilty. jury selection the set to begin in september of this year. that is a four-year wait for the family. the judge may deny a change of venue. if that happens it will go for fwhard september. but the defense says that they still may ask for another delay. more time to prepare. more time to review that evidence from her cellphone which they say was misleading at best. so this still could be delayed all over though the judge indicated yesterday that would not be the case. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> kris, thank youer have much.
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authorities in the east bay are investigating a freeway shooting that left one man seriously injured. this is the latest in a string of shootings that have all happened since move. this latest shooting happened about 2:30 yesterday morning. someone shot a man in the head on eastbound interstate 80 in emeryville. police are not saying if the victim was targeted or if this was a random act of violence. this now makes at least three dozen freeway and highway shootings in the east bay in less than a year. local leaders are banding together to try and find a solution. >> five cities that are requesting high resolution cameras, shot spotters, and license plate readers. and i keep on asking, when are we going to have that? >> the contra costa county district attorney is working to get high resolution cameras to be placed from richmond east into antioch and brentwood. local leaders say the cost of that system would be about $1.5 million. the man accuse of shooting
5:36 am
in an oakland police sergeant involved in a car crash faced a judge for the first time yesterday. marcus moss was arraigned on an attempted murder charge. he's a cued of firing several rounds at police sergeant when her suv crashed. it happened as she responded to a call near 73rd of and international boulevard. the sergeant was not struck by the gunfire. moss is scheduled to enter a plea next month. alameda county leaders plan on voting today on approving a new policy for women who are strip searched. this comes in the wake of a legal settlement involving a lawsuit filed by four women arrested in a police protest. the settlement deal includes several other new jail requirements, privacy curtains can be used so male guards cannot observe when women are changing. and sanitary napkins will be provided for women and broken toilets will be fixed. this is part of the settlement and they're also receiving 1 $130,000.
5:37 am
a man who claims a alameda county stole his gold chain during an arrest is filing a civil suit. deputies chanced pet trov into san francisco and during his arrest last november. petrov claims they took his money along with the gold chain that deputies gave to a witness. the suit claims one of the deputies used a cellphone to snap a photo of the bruised and beaten suspect. the deputies may plead not guilty to assault charges rchl suspected child pornography scheme busted as police arrest two men for secretly filming women, girls, in a theater dressing room. these are the two men arrested for recording girls while they were changing clothes. donald way jr. and thomas mcpike worked on the technical crew of the vacaville performing arts center. the recording dates back all of the way a few years. but no videos were actually uploaded online.
5:38 am
a fight now on the front lines for fire that is drawing resources from all over the bay area. some hopeful news for a group of bay area firefighters of that devastating soberanes fire near big sur are on they wear home. >> it doesn't mean the wildfire is getting near containment. "today in the bay" is in carmel this morning with an update and why some san francisco firefighters are returning home from the front lines. good umorning, chuck. >> good morning, laura and sam. you can see firefighters and fire rigs from penrn and foothills of northern california. they're getting ready to head out. good news for san francisco firefighters. two dozen will be headed home today after their equipment, their firefighters equipment is checked to make sure it all works properly. they will be returning to the city sometime today. the large equipment they use more suitable for protecting buildings than fighting fires in wild and backcountry. the fire has moved south towards
5:39 am
largely uninhabited backcountry and fire that began a week and a half ago has burned 41,000 acres. that's an area larger than the city of san francisco. recently as recently as last night carmel valley residents were reassured the fire is not likely to spread further into the caramel valley. still, the latest evacuations there were sunday. >> the situation escalating so i decided to come back. got up there and got my donkeys and got my trailer and god a few belongings. >> reporter: fire crews cut four fire breaks and cutting another one today. that means even if the winds shift, the fire would have to jump five fire breaks to reach the floor of carmel valley. the temperatures have been relatively cool. that has helped. humidity low just 5%. that has not helped so much. but the fire now reaching largely inaccessible backcountry
5:40 am
for the south and east. the battle has been mostly kept to ridgetops. two communities to watch. white walk and rancho san carlos. so far no further evacuations orders have been issued. live in toro park on highway 68, i'm chuck coppola, "today in the bay." high rise tower for san francisco's rich and famous is sinking. literally. the millennium tower on mission street is home to the stars like joe montana and hunter pence. since the completion in 2008 the 58 story building has sunk 16 inches and is now tilting two inches to the northwest. builders had predicted it would sink six inches over the lifespan while seismic engineers and experts and engineers i should say say it's not a safety issue. the homeowners association is hiring an independent consultant and a possible fix will be costly. the building's owner blames the movement on construction of the transit project happening right
5:41 am
next door. a spokesperson for that project says the millennium tower is sinking because builders didn't drill deep enough into the bed rock. 880 driver are going the get new technology starting later today. caltrans is turning on-ramp meters at noon. so if you're on 880 and alameda and contra costa county we're going to see the new meters at work. it's part of so-called smart corridor project. caltrans says it's going to include traffic flow and safety with technology that moderates smarter driving. the full project will be online in september. we'll keep an eye on that. morning commute in moments with mike, but first, let's get to that forecast with kari. >> our weather looks good as we head out this morning. feeling nice and cool. it's 57 degrees in soma and san francisco. and we also are tracking some low clouds moving in. that will be here for a little while throughout the morning around clears up for a high of 67 degrees. and in santa rosa, 86 degrees. 88 degrees in concord today as well as morgan hill.
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reaching into the low 90s for spots like fairfield and in to the tri-valley. so it will be hot for the inland valleys. expect more of the same tomorrow. details on that and we'll look ahead to the weekend coming up in less than ten minutes. mike is now tracking some slowing for san jose. talking about the smart corridor, same thing that went on for westbound, the morning commute. folks getting on that east shore freeway metering last week. the eastbound direction is getting away from the bay bridge for the evening commute. that starts this afternoon. prepare for that. 101, slowing at 680 and a little bit starting at capital expressway. going over toward the tri-valley. smooth flow of traffic. that's where that deadly bus crash sam and laura told you about. tracking that. meanwhile over here closer to home for our commute the bay
5:43 am
bridge shows a smooth flow of traffic across the span. metering lights are on. low clouds coming down towards the span. back to you. >> thank you, mike. tech news coming up next. scott mcgrew, we talked about taxes, san francisco might be getting a break here. >> yeah. read my lips, no new tech taxes, sam. coming up in business and tech. taking a look at this guy. 17 years old. cal's own missy franklin took the world by storm taking on four gold medals in london. now as she heeds to rio she says her head is swimming with memories. the one stands above the rest. >> missy franklin raking the wall in lane 5. yes! >> i think my favorite moment from london was after i won my 100 meter backstroke in my first individual gold medal i got out doing my first interview and it showed my mom and dad in the
5:44 am
stands and they were both crying. i hadn't been emotional in that point. as soon as i saw them crying i lost it. and being able to see my family and how happy and proud they were after all the sacrifices that they've made for me, that was my most joyous moment at the olympics. ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store.
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our mission at clover is to highest quality dairy products. clover has relationships with 27 different family farms. the environment is who clover is. without it, we're nothing. pg&e's been a great partner. they're the energy experts, we're the milk guys. pg&e worked with clover on a number of energy efficiency projects to save energy every month. if you're part of the fabric of the community, you've got to ensure that you do things right, environment included. learn how you can save at together, we're building a better california.
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pop star keisha may be dropping her sexual abuse claim against her long time producer but look luks we her legal bat
5:47 am
is far from over. keisha's attorney says they're dropping the california legal case against dr. luke but instead going to focus on another lower claims in a separate case against him filed in a new york court system. that legal battle has also been going on for roughly two years. the california case accused dr. luke of charges that he vehemently denies. trying to attract the attention and votes of swing voters in the republican presidential nominee is calling his challenger, quote, the devil. >> some see that charge that hillary clinton is a devil is a way to shift the focus away from the recent controversy. trump yesterday ignored the talk about himself criticizing the gold star couple whose son died fighting in iraq. >> your jobs are all gone. you haven't won the state of pennsylvania in 28 years.
5:48 am
>> trump did not mention the khans yesterday and he is campaigning in virginia today. gold star mom from the bay area is taking on trump. her son was killed in iraq in 2004. she's demanding an apology for his treatment of the khans. meredith says she knows the pain the khans carried on the stage at the convention when mr. khan spoke of sacrifice and criticized trump's views on islam. her son buried near khan's son at arlington national cemetery. she says trump's comments suggesting mrs. khan did not speak because she was not allowed to because he's muslim are beyond insensitive. >> would ask donald trump to consider what it would be like to lose any one of his children. >> she says she's standing up for families who made the ultimate sacrifice and for the troops who are still on the
5:49 am
battlefield. trump's comments are generating backlash even within his own party. you see prominent republicans like john mccain, the senator from arizona, and some veterans groups saying that his criticism of a family whose son was killed in iraq is, quote, out of line. trump's own running mate mike pence also defended a military's mom's right to criticize trump at a rally yesterday. pence said at another stop that both he and trump have said that captain khan is an american hero. campaigning in nebraska hillary clinton. . she says in the area, special appearance if she less the president. >> proving that you're doing your civil duties. . fight for so-called ballot selfies just became easier. you vote at the state capital yesterday, made it illegal to
5:50 am
fost a photo of yourself and your completed ballot. supporters say the bill would legalize something that many others do plrd. celebrity, for example, posted the ballots during the primarying. krit si krit sakes say it violates the principle. san franciscoians are not going to get a chance to vote on payroll tax the board of supervisors took that idea off the table last night. >> could have also driven away a lot of tech companies. ten years ago san francisco had pretty much the same population but a budget of $5 million.
5:51 am
think about that. we still have one city that these days we're paying for two. well, looks like tesla and solar city are tying the knot. announced monday but it still has to get approval for shareholders. tesla is paying far less for solar city than it first proposed. elon musk is the ceo of tesla and the chairman of solar city. many critics say tesla cannot afford to be distracted by another company when it needs to be building cars. tesla reports profits wednesday. we hope to get an update on how fast the cars are coming. the dow came close to a new record on monday. the s&p 500 hit a new intraday record before the markets backed down. new oil prices were lower. 40 bucks a barrel. and the faa has cleared virgin galactic to launch the space ship 2. the center of the lifting airplane. this after that fatal crash in the mojave desert. the new space ship is called
5:52 am
unity. the company is accepting passengers, real passengers. virgin galactic guys have been working on this special operators license for years. the crash didn't -- it wasn't because of the crash they didn't get the their license up until now but now they can at least move forward. >> pretty cool. it's 4:52 right now. >> forecast is out of this world, compared to what we have seen as far as in the last few weeks. let's check in right now with kari hall and your microclimate forecast. >> sam and laura, much better today. start out with low clouds as we look at san francisco. and you see the flag kind of waving there. not much of a wind just yet. do expect the winds to pick up later on this afternoon. 58 degrees there. low clouds and the high will be up to 67 degrees. and you will see some sunny skies after a cool start and nice day and near normal temperatures. for the rest of the week with the strong ocean breeze and this weekend we won't see any major
5:53 am
changes as we will stay in the 60s there at least for san francisco and along the coastline. we'll talk about those inland spots a little bit more of a variation there. it will be starting out in that 57 degrees in livermore as you head out the door. in napa, 55 degrees in palo alto. 56 degrees as we go hour by hour and looking at the day planner for oakland. it will be in the upper 50s at 8:00. and then 72 degrees at lunchtime. so a nice lunchtime temperature. a breezy one that makes it feel nice all day long. our winds have shifted now coming in north from the northwest. and pushing from the south away from the bay area. and see the winds picking up, especially to the east bay at 10 to 15 miles an hour. a little bit more breezy, also, along the coastline. expect more of the same tomorrow. our air quality has improved effort south bay. and the east bay as well. it's good there. in the south bay. still moderate but there may be some areas of smoke drifting in for the next couple of days.
5:54 am
and our high today los gatos will reach up to 89 degrees. redwood city, 77. ocean beach today up to 62 degrees. 92 in fairfield. hayward, 84 degrees. and in pleasant on the today, expect a high of 90. so with high pressure that's giving us the dry weather and the warm temperatures, we'll slowly move away giving us a little bit of a break in time for the weekend with cooler air moving in. actually dropping back below average for this time of year. let's head over to mike now to see what's happening as we head out for this morning's commute. what's happening in san jose. >> kari, common but we do have extra slow and cue that. we saw that on capital expressway. north 101, there is a crash blocking the slow lane. no major injuries. getting more details there. i'll have that for you coming up. i want to show you the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on. standard flow throughout the east bay. low clouds hover above the deck. back to you. thanks so much. coming up, could you call it the leaning tower of san francisco?
5:55 am
some unexpecting movement in one of the city's most luxurious high rises opens the doors for lawsuits. a safety question. first happening right now, breaking news out of the central valley. just confirmed five people have died after a tour bus crash in the atwater area. we're working with our affiliates there. they are telling us at least 30 people onboard that bus. tweeting out new information as soon as it comes in. from the centers for disease
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:58 am
control: welcome back. 5:58. new and urgent warning from the centers for disease control. women should avoid traveling to certain areas in florida after a spike in cases of the zika virus. advisory comes after florida's governor found ten new zika viruses submit fred mosquitos not mosquitos from overseas. that brings the total in the state to 14. most of the cases are clustered in the same square mile neighborhood in miami-dade county. health officialses are going door to door to test people and they say there will be more cases because symptoms are so mild. >> is it expanding. is there a case beyond this one mile radius that needs to be looked at? >> the cdc is advising women traveling to the area to wait at
5:59 am
least two months before trying to get pregnant. florida's health department is expected to give an update later today. alameda county leaders are planning on voting today on approving new policies for women who are strip searched. all this coming in the wake of a legal settlement involving a lawsuit filed by four women arrested in a police protest. that settlement deal includes civil other new jail requirements. pray vas privacy curtains so the other male cannot see them changing. and sanitary napkins will be provided and broken toilets will be fix and they will receive $130,000. a former san mateo police officer accuse of rape and sexual assault is scheduled to enter a play. rape, assault, and kidnapping of four women and a 17-year-old girl. investigators say all the assaults happened while he was on duty as a police officer in the sacramento area. winchester worked for the san
6:00 am
mateo police department for ten months last year before submitting his resignation. right now at 6:00, we are tracking breaking news out of central valley where several people we've learned have died after a tour bus crashes. we're just getting our first images from the scene. terrifying moments for any family as car comes crashing through their home just a few hours ago. the latest from police, next. also developing right now, recurring problem in san francisco that pops up once again overnight. you see the manhole kor covers knocked off of their places and high into the air. local mayor now demanding action from the state. "today in the bay" continues right now. it's 6:00 tuesday morning. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. a week ago we saw the heat jump, now it's like a slow crime. for more on that, kari hall with the forecast. i


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