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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 2, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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mateo police department for ten months last year before submitting his resignation. right now at 6:00, we are tracking breaking news out of central valley where several people we've learned have died after a tour bus crashes. we're just getting our first images from the scene. terrifying moments for any family as car comes crashing through their home just a few hours ago. the latest from police, next. also developing right now, recurring problem in san francisco that pops up once again overnight. you see the manhole kor covers knocked off of their places and high into the air. local mayor now demanding action from the state. "today in the bay" continues right now. it's 6:00 tuesday morning. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. a week ago we saw the heat jump, now it's like a slow crime. for more on that, kari hall with the forecast. >> i know you welcome the slow
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climb in temperatures rather than just spiking up to 100 degrees. that's what we have to deal with last week. this week we're talking about some 90s for the inland areas after a nice cool morning start. we'll be at 90 in the tri-valley. the peninsula at 79 degrees and upper 80s for the north bay and south bay. meantime, san francisco we'll see a high of 67 degrees. it will be slightly warmer than average the next couple days. we'll talk about that. let's head over to mike now. he's tracking that san jose crash. >> that's right, kari. tracking the first one we talked about and may have a second one. i'm sorting out the details. the commute direction. got you jammed up now coming off of the split for highway 85. might send more traffic over to monterrey. keep that in mind as folks travel there. that's it for the south bay. east bay looks standard.
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bay bridge toll plaza has your backup and look at the metering lights at the toll plaza. don't look at the metering lights, look at the effect of the metering lights here. the overcrossing also off the berkeley curve. back to you. we're following breaking news of the of the central value plip within the last few minutes there are at least five people who have died after a tour bus crashed in merced kreent. here's our first picture in from the scene. we also just received information from chp the tour bus involved was coming from southern california and headed to sacramento. we're told at least 30 passengers were onboard when the bus hit a pole highway 99 in the atwater area just after 3:00 this morning. so far there's no word on the number of injured passengers. we are working with our affiliates with kcra out of sacramento. we're going to continue to provide you updates as soon as we have them throughout the morning. developing story out of san francisco where pg and, crews are investigating an underground explosions that witnesses say
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sent manhole covers shooting into the air. "today in the bay's" sharon katsuda is live where it all happened. sharon, any word yet what might have caused all this? >> reporter: laura, about an hour ago at least power was restored to about 350 customers in the area. pg&e spokesperson says they're still making repairs in the area and we'll tell you a little bit about the cause later. let's take a look at video that we shot around midnight. one neighbor told me this morning he heard an explosion and then power went out about an hour later. the pg&e spokesperson told me he cannot confirm whether the manhole top blew off but he can confirm smoke was coming from the manholes. he said the fire department responded because there were flames and a manhole but the fire went out on its own. now, pg&e says the source is an underground equipment failure near geary and hyde streets. the spokesperson says he cannot germ whether this is a system wide problem. there have been similar underground explosions as you know in past years tied to
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electrical vaults and prompts the fire department to work with pg&e to respond to these incidents. another explosion ten years ago injured a woman in downtown san francisco and shattered windows in that neighborhood. the spokesperson says pg&e is still investigating and crews are on scene right now working on more repairs. so back here live. fortunately there were no injuries in this incident and, again, power has been restored to the customers in the neighborhood. reporting live in san francisco, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> sharon, thank you very much. new this morning you want to talk about an early morning wake-up call. just getting this video in from hayward where a home has quite a good deal of damage not to mention a car lodged in the side of its wall. after that car crashed through the wall early this morning. emergency crews were called just before 3:00 to the home in 2400 block of north street. when theyer arrived they found the toyota prius plunged more than halfway into the home. nobody inside the car or house amazie iningly was injured.
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hayward police is i vest gating the events that led up to the crash. authorities in the east bay investigating a freeway shoot that left one man seriously injured. the latest in a string of shootings since november. this latest shooting happened about 2:30 yesterday morning. someone shot a man in the head on eastbound interstate 80 in emeryville. police are not saying if the victim was targeted or if it was a random act. there have now been three dozen freeway and highway shootings in the east bay in less than a year. local leaders are banning together to find a solution. >> cities are requesting high resolution shots, high resolution cameras, shot spotters and license plate readers. and i keep on asking when are we going to have that? >> the contra costa county district attorney is working to get those high resolution cameras he just mentioned to be placed from richmond all of the way east into places like antioch and brentwood. local leaders say the cost of such a system would be around $1.5 million.
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now to the soberanes fire that is continuing to burn virtually unchecked through monterrey county right by big sur. later today san francisco firefighters who have been working on the front lines for days are finally returning home. as a result, crews are with more training are going to be brought in. cal fire says more than 40,000 acres so far have burned since the start of the fire which is only on july 22nd. 57 homes have been destroyed. at this point fire is about 18% contained. fire crews are making slight progress they're reporting using backfire strategies. >> what we do is light a small fire along the road or along a natural barrier and that fire will suck into the main fire so we don't have this big raging fire coming down at us. >> firefighters are now predicting it's going to take at least until the end of the month to be able to contain the soberanes fire. 6:06. san francisco's supervisor scheduled to hold the final vote on measures that would boost fire safety for renters.
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city leaders crafted strict new requirements in the wake of a string of fires. several which occurred in the mission district. this in fact is video from a five alarm fire that destroyed six buildings on 29th and mission streets in june. the new codes will require tenants to make sure alarms are being tested yearly and provide tenants with written notice of smoke alarm requirements. plus, owners have to provide the county annually with a statement that shows fire alarm testing. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the death of a san francisco man at a popular southern california music festival. 22-year-old derrek lee died earl i d ly sunday morning after being taken to the hospital. he was at the hard summer music festival in fontana before he was sent to the hospital for care. two others also died after attend that rave. authorities right now are investigating all three cases. for nearly two months protesters have been calling for the removal of santa clara supervisor your court judge aaron persky.
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latest push came on a flash drive. yesterday dozens of protesters delivered 1.2 million signatures from an online petition to the courts. they are also asking the state assembly to begin impeachment hearings against the judge. back in march a jury found former brock turner guilty of three felony accounts of sexual assault. he could have been sentenced to ten years but instead judge persky sentenced turner to six months in jail. he's expected to serve three months and be out in september. that has proes thors outraged. >> basically what we're focusing on is his bias. he has given lenient sentences to specific classes of people and then when face with other classes of people he's given much harsher sentences. >> legal experts say though protester' efforts will have little impact because turner's sentence was still within legal guidelines and judge persky has not committed an impeachable
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offense. a kidnapping that was initially dismissed as just a hoax. vallejo attorneys filed it last month in response to a lawsuit filed by a victim denise huskins. the report indicates people doubted the account from huskins' boyfriend and only grew more skeptical in the days after she reappeared. the lawsuit accuses police of damaging hos kins' reputation. the anticipation is mounting. we're now just three days away from the opening ceremony in rio. as athletes and tourists flock to brazil being met with beautiful sites and strong security. brazilian authorities are working with other countries including the u.s. and france to face potential terrorist threats and security. world famous beaches are filled with heavy police presence and may be patrolling the waters. in the meantime at the olympic village, a bei have of armed shoulders are standing guard. stay with nbc bay area for
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all things olympics. jessica aguirre as you see right there is on the ground. she's ready to go. she's found the olympic rings. yesterday jess tweeted this picture from the cope baacabana beach. she will have the scoop on all the competitions as well as plenty of one-on-one interviews with the many bay area olympians down there competing. >> not all of us can go to copacabana beach but we have our own local beaches. is that the place to head, kari? >> i think so. but it won be as nearly as warm. 60s along the coastline today. i thinkle side is 62 degrees. and you see that we will have some low clouds to start out the day. and then starting to see those clouds moving out as we go into this afternoon. highs today reaching 92 degrees in fairfield. livermore, 91 degrees. great pool weather. 75 degrees in oakland, san francisco. up to 67 degrees. so we'll take a look at what to expect over the next couple days and look ahead to the weekend
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coming up. heading over to mike, let's see what's happening with that crash in san jose. >> you are going to get on the roadway because i want to warn folks through san jose, look, most of the rest of the bay moving well but we had two crashes. one in san jose is the problem, folks. prepare for the slowdown. just as the commute is building north 101 just north of the 85 split with 101. bay shore freeway jams up. only the slow lane is blocked. better news i heard about two crashes there. the same crash. only one crash blocking one lane. look at the backup. capital expressway may see more traffic heading there. folks trying to head through city streets. prepare for that. so far the morning commute has had a chance to sort itself out. the hayward, second of the crashes i'm talking about, southbound 880. that will be an issue. but everything is moved to the right shoulder. distraction as the build happens. that will affect that area. the tri-valley not a problem. smooth drive over toward the bay bridge. back to you. >> thank you, mike. up next on "today in the
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bay," the sinking tower of san francisco. the alarming movement of one of the city's most luxurious high rises far away from italy. and the finger points that is coming along with it. a appearance from theed this of therons. a high-rise tower - for san
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francisco's rich and famous, is sinking - literally. a high rise tower for
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largely catering to san francisco's rich and famous is sinking, quite literally. the millennium tower on mission street is home to stars like joe montana and hunter pence. since its completion in 2008 the 58-story building has sunk 16 inches and at this timing 2 inches to the northwest. builders have predicted it could sink six inches over the lifespan. while seismic egxperts say it's not a safety issue. the association is hiring an independent consultant and possible fix will be quite costly. the building's owner blames the movement on the construction of the trans bay transit project happening right next door. but a spokesperson for that project says the millennium tower is sinking because builders didn't drill deep enough into the bedrock there. elizabeth holmes, the head of the controversial blood testing company theranos made a rare appearance in philadelphia monday. >> a lot of people wanted to know about the bed rock of her science, scott mcgrew.
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scientists there waiting to hear what she was going to say. >> scientist, science, we have been waiting for this, sam. people say theranos' science is off and she's the head of theranos. talking to scientists at a science conference. we thought we were going to see elizabeth holmes bring the science, except critics say she didn't. instead of defending the blood testing machine theranos has been using she announced a new blood testing machine. instead of showing us how the machines that everybody doubts actually work, she showed us a new machine that once again we don't know anything about. look at what scientists jeffrey baird from the university of washington said. he told bloomberg, it's a bait and switch. we were told we were going to hear about the science of theranos. this is a new speculative prototype idea they have. holmes has been defending her company for quite some time. here we see her making the case on the "today" show. the government has barred her from her own lab. the company has told doctors it
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can't guarantee past lab results so you see why we're disappointed about what we did not hear. speaking of medicine and tech though. a different company, 23 and me, says it's made a breakthrough as it looks for the jennetgenetics depression. can you find markers in the genes of people that suffer from depression? the answer seems to be yes. people give 23 and me their dna by mailing them a saliva sample. 23 and me can tell you your heritage, whether you're italian or whatever. but you can also find out and fill out a fairly comp preensive medical history. scientists use that nameless data, the dna to see if there are patterns. because they have so many samples hundreds of thousand, they're finally getting the sample sizes big enough they're saying, yes, we can detect a marker for depression. now, what they do with that we don't yet know. but it's a huge step forward. >> very much so. could maybe help a lot of people as well. thanks a lot, scott.
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6:17 right now. can you determine who is an athlete? a member of bay area olympians develop their skills at the very same east bay pool. that pool is actually going to be closing unless it gets $3 million in funding. talking about the clark memorial pool in walnut creek. the city is spending $6 million to revitalize the older that sillity. it will include a family recreational pool and 25 meter pool but not the funds to rebuild the 50 meter pool and some fear that would push serious swimmers away. >> you're not going to get the olympians because year not going to want to swim here. they're going to go to a facility where you have a 50-meter pool. >> i feel very, very sad. i really want to be on a swim team like this one day. >> a little fish there. and as of now, the pool is the only 50 meter one in walnut creek. swimmers plan to start raising to raise the $3 million but it will been uphill climb or a big
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swim in the bathtub there. >> a big swim. we are paddling right along here on your -- >> dog paddling. >> not quite at olympic like speeds. people with pools have been popular because we've had a lot of heat. manageable temperatures today. kari hall is looking at your microclimate forecast. >> yes, you will want to find that neighbor with a pool, especially if you live in the valley today. and we will have a nice start in mt. hamilton. looking at mostly clear skies now. thin deck of clouds moving in to the south bay. it's now 57 in livermore and concord. and san jose at 59 degrees. 53 in santa rosa. as we go through the day planner in san jose we start out in the low 60s be by lunchtime we're at 76 degrees. very nice and comfortable reaching into the low to mid 80s. and then the wind starts to pick up. we will be up to 89 degrees in los gatos and palo alto, 79 degrees. the mission district, 67. while we will have 92 in
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fairfield, walnut creek and pleasanton, a high of 90 degrees. high pressure kept it hot, still slow to move. as it slides away it will xwif us relief in the form of the area of low pressure well to the north of us giving us a stronger onshore flow and temperatures back off in the 70s and 80s. as we look at the seven-day planner for san francisco, expect it to be in the upper 60s today and low 60s and mid 60s for the rest of the week. for the valleys, up to 90 degrees for today. 87 tomorrow. still slightly above average. and then we'll bring it closer to average and even slightly below in spots with lower atitys for saturday. but a little bit warmer as we head into sunday. let's head over to mike now to see what's happening as you go across the bay shore freeway. >> highway 101 in san jose. that's where we see the most traffic building anyway. but get the map and you pick out
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your commute. we'll focus in on the south bay. 101 now, all lanes reported clear. crash still has activity on the shoulder. still a distraction. that will show you a bit. recovery now and you see the capital, starts to pick up the speeds above 20 miles per hour. that's what it means when you're in the red zone on your map. continues to build in through hayward and letting up approaching the road. that pattern shows the lanes are clear. distraction minor will be clearing overtime as you pass the san mateo bridge. the rest of the bay looks like a nice drive. bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on of course. we've seen that. let's look at the san mateo bridge. tracking some flashing lights coming towards it on the eastbound direction. cleared over the last few minutes. no detail for chp and no problems. all of the way to the peninsula where the volume will continue to build. bay bridge toll plaza. it is there at a backup. see the east shore freeway. clouds on the move around the bay.
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prepare. back to you. >> thanks, mike. up next, vanished almost 30 years ago but now san jose state is bringing back one of its most famed sports programs. plus -- >> what are our rights when someone calls and demands money to cover a debt? i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. just 17 years order, cal's own missy franklin took the world by storm taking home four gold medals in london. now she heads to rio. she said her head is swimming with memories but one stands above the rest. >> missy franklin, raking the wall in lane five, first individual medal, yes! >> i think my favorite moment from london was after i won my 100 meter backstroke with by first individual gold medal i got out and was doing my first interview. on the little tv screen it was
6:23 am
showing mimi and my dad that were in the stands. they were both crying. i hadn't been emotional until that point. as soon as i saw them crying, i lost it. and being able to see my family and how happy and proud they were after all the sacrifices that they've made for me, that was my most joyous moment at the olympics.
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m. nbc bay area responds to a
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south bay woman who received an alarming phone call. >> chris chmura helped her avoid a $500 trap. >> good morning. virtually anyone can get the calamariia ysabel received. someone claiming she owed them money. she says she put $500 down on a $1,000 vacation package three years ago knowing the remainder was due when she booked. she never took that trip but recently she got a call from someone claiming to be a debt collector saying she owed the $500 balance. she couldn't understand why so she asked us for help. we called the travel company and explained that maria had never traveled so she shouldn't owe anything. it told us no one from its office had called her in three years. and confirmed that maria owes nothing unless she books the trip. we called the number that came up on maria's caller id and got a voice mail. maria was smart. she didn't just pay the mystery caller. she wanted more information before she paid. that's your right. con up financial protection
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bureau says all debt collectors are required to tell you their name, the amount you owe, and how you can either dispute or verify that debt. demand proof in writing. if you have a consumer problem we'll try to help. call 888-996-tips or visit have a great day. >> thanks. 6:27. coming up on "today in the bay," outrage over an arrest caught on camera. the reason b.a.r.t. police say this video doesn't tell the whole story. plus -- >> more name calling by donald trump and hillary clinton continues to put on the pressure. i'm edward lawrence in washington. details coming up. and kris sanchez in san jose where a judge says no to a delay in the trial of garcia accuse of kidnapping and killing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar but his lawyers are not done making their requests just yet.
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thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. right now at tuesday forecast fit for a swim. meteorologist kari hall joining us right now with a look at your rest of your day. good morning. >> good especially if you live in one of those spots where it will be heating up back into the upper 80s and 90s today. not so much along the coastline. we start out ates in the tri-valley. 57 degrees in san francisco. highs there reaching 67 degrees.
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while 90 in the tri-valley. some upper 80s for the north and south bay and peninsula will be up to 79 degrees. into the next few days. very warm and cooling down in time for the weekend. i'll detail all of that coming up in the microclimate forecast. let's head over to mike, still a note for the san jose drivers. >> if you haven't been paying attention or you just joined us, a slower drive for north 101 through san jose. look at your map. overall no big drama. hayward, watch out as well. north 101, the earlier crash in lanes at tully. that cleared to the shoulder. distraction. we're slowing north from capital to the scene. chp might have just arrived. a tow truck, seeing more slowing there but a better drive north of blossom hill. now we see more traffic as we talked about cutting across capital expressway and kertner. a little bit of a ripple effect in san jose. here we just have the slower drive south 880 down from 238 from hayward and whipple.
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earlier crash out of the lanes. a little distraction. standard flow as well as building across the san mateo bridge and the peninsula. bay bridge toll plaza has your back up. the left cash lanes are easy, fastrak and right approach heavier flow of traffic. out of the maze and over towards san francisco it's not quite as bad as we could see on a tuesday. back to you. >> thank you very much. at 6:32. we bring you breaking news of the of the central valley we've been following all morning long. a bus crash at 3:35 this morning. now, this is what we've learned at this point. five people have died as a result of a tour bus crashing in merced county. this is new video coming into our newsroom that we received information from chp that the tour bus involved was coming from southern california and headed to sacramento. we're told at least 30 passengers were onboard when that bus struck a pole on highway 99 in the atwater area just again after 3:30 this morning. five people were airlifted to
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local hospitals. a news conference just took place a couple minutes ago. here's what investigators are saying about this crash. >> some of the passengers are still on scene. they are -- our officer tagged them fit and rest in our vehicle. again, some of them were transported by rigs. two local area hospitals. we we did have a substantial amount of local resources responded out a a witness collision. >> right now we are working with our nbc affiliates and we're going to continue to provide updates throughout the morning as soon as we have more information. all right. back now to the bay area. it has been four years since morgan hill teenager sierra lamar vanished after walking to a bus stop. the case against the man accuse of kidnapping her and killing her is moving forward. kris sanchez is live from the courthouse in san jose this morning. the family is eager finally for justice. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam.
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yeah, the defense attorneys did ask for more time, they said they wanted to start the trial in october instead of more recently. but the judge said no. and so now the attorneys will spent the next couple days trying to get the judge to suppress some of the evidence that will be heard in the trial if it's not suppressed p. lamar's family told us and the judge that they have waited long enough. he talked with us as he left the courthouse where the father sat just a few feet from the man accuse of kidnapping and killing his daughter. garcia torres in a prior hearing and video you see her, his lawyers are arguing that they need more time to prepare for what is a death penalty trial. they want more time to review the evidence from see air louisiana mar's cellphone found just days after her disappearance. evidence which they say is misleading. now, another attorney just wrapped up another trial and asked a judge for a two-week break before beginning garcia torres' murder trial. >> you know, exercise so much patience after four years of
6:35 am
waiting for this. we're anxious for the court to get this going. >> reporter: now here's what's happened in that four-year wait. march 16th of 2012 was when sierra lamar's family reported her missing. 12 days later garcia torres became the suspect because his dna was found on her clothing. then a few months later in may of 2012 torres was arrested after lamar's dna was found in his car. february february 2014, nearly two years later garcia torres finally entered a plea. it was not guilty. and now the trial is set to begin in september of this year with jury selection if the judge denies a change of venue because of pre-trial publicity which is what torres' lawyers are asking for. now, sierra lamar's body has never been found so going to trial offers the family some level of closure, they say. in san jose, kris sanchez,
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"today in the bay." >> thank you very much, kris. 6:35. a suspected child pornography scheme busted in bacaville for secretly filming girls in a dressing room. they recorded girls while they changed their clothing. donald wade jr. and thomas mcpike. they worked on the technical crew. investigators say the pair recorded more than 40 videos. police say the recording dates back a few years but no videos were uploaded on line. 6:36. dit b.a.r.t. police officers use too muches for while arresting a suspect? they say no. they say there's new information that seems to support their claim. now, two different videos of this arrest from last friday quickly went viral. the video shows officers arrested 22-year-old michael smith at san francisco's embarcadero b.a.r.t. station last friday. b.a.r.t. police officers say they kicked hip in the head and throat, bit another, and spit on a third. the suspect remains in jail and
6:37 am
is charged with five counts of battery of police officer and also for resisting arrest. b.a.r.t. police have launched an internal investigation into whether those officers used excessive force. moving on to decision 2016 this morning. criticism continues. donald trump and his campaign still not offering an apology for offering pointed words to the family of a fallen american soldier. >> this issue is not subsiding for donald trump who is now traveling to another battleground state to campaign for swing voters. >> edward law we understand is following the campaign trail. he joins us live from washington, d.c. with what to expect. good morning. >> good morning, sam and laura. yeah, this is a case that's not going away. we've been talk about it for four days. donald trump now has a new nickname though for hillary clinton. he's calling her the devil as he tries to change the focus and get over this rough patch that he's seen over the past couple
6:38 am
days. ♪ donald trump attempts to shift the debate to campaign issues versus his gold star family controversy in. . >> your jobs are all gone. you haven't won the state of pennsylvania in 28 years. >> reporter: trump didn't mention the khans whose son was killed in iraq while serving in the u.s. military. since the khans spoke at the democratic national convention, they have been going back and forth with trump. vice presidential candidate mike pence attempted to shift the debate even more, focusing on hillary clinton's judgment in benghazi. >> this is so important to remember hillary clinton's record on foreign affairs. >> reporter: the feud played a big role in thnebraska. >> i asked donald trump have you no sense of decency, sir? >> reporter: then challenged him to an exchange of tax returns. >> i'll bring my tax return, he can bring his tax return. >> reporter: because buffett
6:39 am
says he's under an audit, too. >> while warren is standing up for a fairer tax code, trump wants to cut taxes for the super rich. >> a new nbc news survey monkey poll came out this morning and shows hillary clinton is increasing her lead now eight points above donald trump, 50 to 42% for donald trump. that's among voters nationwide. however, if you add in other voter -- the of this we candidates, libertarian and the green party, that number drops to four points in front of donald trump. reporting live in washington, edward lawrence. back to you. >> thanks so much. it will be interesting to see where it goes from here. >> three months to go and clearly the campaign is heating up you might say. i knew you were going there with that. let's check in with kari. >> a couple degrees warmer today, sam and laura, especially for the inland areas as we start out now though we're seeing a pretty even spread of some upper 50s to lower 60s. we'll be up to 92 degrees today
6:40 am
in fairfield. in concord, 88 degrees. san jose, 85. 79 for palo alto. feeling nice in spots and definitely summer like. nice and cool along the coastline and in san francisco with some 60s there. into the next couple days, a little bit of spike in temperatures. then it goes back down for the weekend. i'll detail all of that coming up in less than ten minutes. as we head over to mike now, new crash reported on the san mateo bridge. >> that's right, kari. i'm going to give a couple seconds for the bridge crew and the traffic to react to see the affects of that crash. see the slowing sensors that build is on there. meanwhile in the south bay as you look at the rest of the bay, no problems. 101 we had a crash at tully, now sorting itself out. we have a little bit of slowing in capitol expressway but 87 sorted itself out. now we're seeing 85 with more traffic. not not an unusual pattern but we might see a little shift because of that early crash that sometimes happens for silicon valley. approaching the bay bridge, smooth flow of traffic. shows a little slowing there.
6:41 am
typical slowing for 880 south from hayward down in toward fremont and passing the san mateo bridge where now we'll look westbound. yet we do have the slower drive. reports of a crash somewhere approaching the high rise. no details on lane information because the bridge crew is yet to a arrive on scene. the dumbarton bridge is clear, back to you. coming up next, the soberanes fire continuing to build out of control. so why are bay area crews returning home? this is a live look right now from just north of big sur where that fire continues to draw tons of resources from the bay area. we're going to have more on this story next. san francisco supervisors decide no new taxes for tech companies. we'll talk about that and take a live look at the big board. dow industrials losing 41 points after nearly setting a report yesterday. and we're counting down the days to rio as the opening ceremony is now just three days away.
6:42 am
opening ceremonies is really unlike anything else. there's so much pride there. i love seeing people from all different countries and. different sports. and it's just a time where you get to kind of take in the moment. >> it takes your breath away. you mow when you step into that stadium you see how many people from around the world who are competing for their country and how many people from around the world are really watching you in that stadium, it's exciting. >> when they announce the united states is walking in, all of a sudden you can see all the people stand up. >> united states of america! >> i mean rg it's sending chills up my spine right now. it was the most incredible thing. >> that's when i knew what it was because the minute we walked in and the place erupted, you cac actu actually felt it within your goid. >> the first tomb i got goose bumps is when i wasn't racing. during the stadium, you walked
6:43 am
in there and the experience i'll take with me for the rest of my life. the clock is ticking -
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==sam/vo== but if you still want to head to rio for the olympic games... as we have been telling you the clock is ticking until the start of the olympic games. three days away but if you still want to head to rio for the olympics it's not too late in terms of the housing situation. plenty of places to stay. why not? air br an b says it's taking. the shortage of hotel rooms airbnb is the official supplier of alternative housing accommodations. the company says the. a guest is staying six nights and paying about $130 per
6:46 am
night. >> we're going to be right here giving you the best olympics coverage. >> rio from the newsroom. san francisco cans with not going to get a chance to vote on new payroll tax in the city. the board of supervisors took that idea off the tail last night. >> the tax could have raised 348s. >> it could have but could have also given away a lot of tech company, laura. san francisco got rid of its payroll tax and attracted the twitters and the sales forces and all the high tech companies that crowds the market. last night the board decided not to put a payroll tack on the november ballot. san francisco could dwrus money. the city has a $10 billion budget. now in 2005 roughly ten years ago san francisco had pretty much the same population but budget of $5 billion. we still had one city but we're paying for 2. taking a look at the markets, all the indices are mildly lower. that i am told is a very famous
6:47 am
german soccer player. twitter down ever so slightly was off line this morning for just a little bit. in the interesting downgrade this morning for wendy's and their stock. the fast food chain. analysts worries that wendy's is selling fewer burgers. i bring it up because you probably noticed there is a newburnew burger joint on every corner. burgers are a frozen yogurt of a couple of years ago. smash burgers and five guys. wendy's is 3 1/2% on the downgrade. the number of exotic burger joints i think it's wonderful because i love myself a cheeseburger. >> i love myself good yogurt or ice cream. >> healthy alternative but, scott, to your point, gourmet burger places everywhere. we are sinking our teeth into that for good reason. thank you. group of bay area firefighter tons front likes of the devastating soberanes fire near big sur. they are on their way back home. >> but that does not mean the
6:48 am
massive wildfire is getting near containment. "today in the bay's" chuck coppola is along the staging area with an update and why, chuck, some san francisco firefighters has resources are deplete rd retud right now are g to the front lines. >> reporter: good morning. largely because this fire is moving towards backcountry and fewer around -- near fewer buildings that need defending. we're at toro park six miles from downtown salinas. the soberanes fire has been moving as i mentioned, south and east toward fairly inaccessible backcount backcountry, away from a lot of home '. so fire engines like these behind me here from lum mass and other towns in the sierra hills are going to be moving out. good news for the sflans, nearly two dozen firefighters, they and their fire engines will be headed home today. cal fire has been reassuring homeowners the community meeting just last night that further evacuations in carmel valley not
6:49 am
likely. now that four fire breaks have been cut with another one to be added today, protecting homes in the carmel valley. also fire crews have set a number of backfires. these are smaller set fires to burn all of the fuel in the wildfires' path. >> what we do is light a small fire, along the road or along a natural barrier and that fire will suck into the main fire so we don't have this big raging fire coming down at us. >> so far about 41,000 acres has been burned in the last week and a half. if you were to overlay that, say, on to a map it would cover -- more than cover, in fact, the city of san francisco. the area very large. now, the fire is moving south and east. it's east of highway one. and about as far south as point sure. if you were to draw a loo infrom the coast. two communities however that are worth watching and monitoring this situation very closely,
6:50 am
white rock and rancho san carlos. country that is very steep, very steep canyons. cal fire estimating it may take a month or so before this fire is out. they are largely fighting this across ridgetops now. reporting live along highway 68, chuck coppola, "today in the bay." we've seen the smoke obviously coming all the way to the bay area and, kari, you said air quality has improved a little bit. >> it has improved because the winds have shifted in taking that away from the bay area. a lot of that wildfire smoke. looking now at temperatures in san francisco at 57 degrees. low clouds and also some fog that will maybe obstruct your visibility for a little while. moving in parts of the bay area. mean meantime, the south bay, a few clouds but also sunshine peeking through. it's 59 -- 509 degrees with a high today expected up to 85. this is what to expect as the clouds clear we will get some sunshine and it will be warm and turning breezy as we go through
6:51 am
the day. the rest of the week will be a bit warmer through today and tomorrow. with highs near 90 degrees. then it gets cooler in time for the weekend. so it looks like a nice weekend ahead. looking at that wind speed and direction. once again, take that wildfire smoke away from the bay area. the air quality has improved and moving in from the north and west. it turns more westerly as we go into the day tomorrow. and also quite breezy for parts of the east bay. where we see the winds will be picking up at about 10 to 15 miles an hour. our once again air quality has improved up to moderate coming down from unhealthy and the rest of the bay area will have some good air quality. we'll see the highs today still very warm for the south bay. up to 89 for hlos gatos. low 90s possible for the tri-valley today. walnut creek, 90 degrees. and 92 today in fairfield. high pressure still in control but we catch a break this weekend. as an area of low pressure moves in and brings us a stronger
6:52 am
onshore flow. san francisco some low 60s expected. coming down from 90 today into the lower 80s by friday and saturday. and then a little bit warmer for the end of the weekend into next week. now as we head over to mike he is tracking the drive across the san mateo bridge. >> that's right, kari, we have that volume building and we have that incident reported about mid span. we see the lower sensors. i want to show you the south bay, northbound 101. chp says it's clear now. we do see a good recovery. more traffic now heading up and there you see the slowing by hjc. the airport, builds the volume. some peep might ople might be a stretch. dumbarton bridge bridge picks up a little volume, 84. here's 92 across the water. slower drive we talked about. disabled vehicle. we'll check on the live camera and see the westbound does slow. the volume expect that to slow
6:53 am
down. it was a lot slower 20 minutes ago. a steady move across the bay. that disabled vehicle still reporting similar shy of the high rise. here's the east shore freeway through berkeley. university avenue. metering getting on the westbound direction and morning commute. we've been telling you that eastbound, that will start this afternoon. the metering lights will be in full use. back to you. >> thanks, mike. it is 6:53. after being gone for nearly 30 years san jose state university is bringing back men's track and field program. >> on hand for yesterday's big announcement some pretty famous alums and olympians. john carlos and tommy smith. both of whom gained fame during the 1968 olympics in mexico city for that iconic statement for civil rights. when they raised a black gloved fist while receiving gold and bronze medals. >> when they disband the track program i could never tell you the hole that went into our hearts, you know, it was almost like there's a shame of who we
6:54 am
were in mexico city at that particular time. and just goes to show you that they were wrong and i think san jose state has grown to the point now where they realize their misgivings. >> in addition to reinstating the program which is going to resume in october of 2018, san jose state is also planning to build a brand new $5 million track and field facility on campus. coming up, we continue to track the breaking news we're following out of the central valley where at least five people are dead. several more had to be airlifted from the scene of a tour bus crash just hours ago. and an update right after the break. first, happening right now. vice president joe biden wearing a different hat. that of an officiant as he officiates the same-sex wedding. it's the first marriage the vice president has ever officiated. read all about it right now on our facebook page. er loves george bush aeveryb gate park and turns out so does
6:55 am
adele. we will be back in two minutes. breaking news out of the central
6:56 am
6:57 am
valley-- ==sam/rail map== where emergency crews are at the we do have breaking news out of the central valley this morning where emergency crews are still at the scene of a tour bus crash that killed at least five people. this happened just a few hours ago in merced county. the chp says the tour bus involved was coming from southern california and headed to sacramento.
6:58 am
we're told at least 30 passengers were onboard that bus when it hit a pole on highway 99 in the atwater area. just after 3:30 this morning. five other people were airlifted to local hospitals. chp is not saying what their conditions are right now at this time. we're going to continue to follow this breaking news and bring you updates throughout the "today" show and also on it is 6:58. now to a developing story out of san francisco. "today in the bay's" sharon at sued da is live where crews are investigating an underground explosion. this has happened before, sharon. >> reporter: that's right, laura. pg&e says most of the power has been restored to customers you can see the straigeetlights are still out here. be careful if you're heading out here to gary and hyde street. you can see that is a manhole where they were working all morning. you can see it still around the manhole, the soot. this has caused pg&e to say power is still out at this
6:59 am
intersection. they say this was caused by an underground equipment failure. and it says that it's not quite sure if it's part of a system wide problem because of past problems, they say they need to further investigate. but they say that they will get back to us on that. basically as of right now there was a fire in the manhole. that went out by itself. and no injuries were reported here. reporting live in san francisco, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> something we'll look into later today. looking right now into our tuesday forecast. kari hall is standing by with a look. good morning. >> it's nice and cool this morning. heading into the 90s in the tri-valley. and in san francisco expect a high of 67. let's head over to mike for a look at the morning commute. >> kari, overall we have a nice smooth flow of traffic. watching the san mateo bridge for some slowing, residual from an earlier stall. south bay, i want to show you continuing shifting. slowing by the airport for 101. it's moving around.
7:00 am
87 and 280, a slower drive. new crash might complicate things in sunnyvale. update you on twitter and here. back to you. >> back in half an hour with local news update. right now, so long. good morning. hell hath no fury. >> she's the devil. she made a deal with the devil. it's true. >> donald trump launches a new attack against hillary clinton and says he's concerned the election is going to be rigged against him. while our new poll out this morning shows trump falling eight points behind his democratic rival. unprecedented. the cdc telling pregnant women to avoid travel to a miami named where ten more people have contracted zika. leap of faith. he made history by jumping out of a plane without a parachute at 25,000 feet landing safely in


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