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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 2, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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questions this midday are swirlng right now at 11:00, a tour bus nearly sheered in half and five people are dead. questions are swirling about how this crash happened. thank you for joining us this morning. >> we have been talking to you about this all morning since early this morning. here is the latest that we know at this hour. five people are dead, 30 others hurt. six of the injured including the bus driver flown to area hospitals after the crash. that is about 65 miles northwest of fresno. >> according to the chp, the bus hit the pole and it sheered through the center of the gus.
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the driver is identified at mario de la vasquez. he is suffering major injuries. >> some of the passengers are still on scene. the officers are having them sit and rest in our vehicles. some of them were transported to local area hospitals. we have a estimate amount of resources out. >> we have a look at the route that the bus was taking. it originated in mexico, we did some checking according to the federal motorcade carrier association.
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fresno has a satisfactory service record. that is above the national average of 20%. we have a crew in the country and we'll have more coverage for you throughout the day including into the night. >> and an under ground explosion rattles nerves and cuts off power overnight. a story we brought you all morning long. >> witnesses say smoke and flames were shooting out of manhol manholes. what is going on under ground? >> that is exactly right. crews left this morning and this is what they're working on. one of the workers tell me that usually it doesn't look like this. it's all blackened and charred. neighbors say they're still
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nervous even though pg and e says they're safe and repairs are being made. >> under ground equipment failed around midnight and caused a power outage. the fire department responded. >> he heard of past under ground electrical problems, but this one in 2005 where the explosion badly injured a woman in downtown san francisco. the manhole cover flew 25 feet. >> there was a incident like this in the middle of the day. a manhole like in the middle of the street, and it just went -- and luckily no one was injured. >> pg&e says this was a
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individual outage. drivers had to carefully proceed through the intersection. they hope work is being done to keep this from happening again. >> we know it takes time, but they need to hurry up. at some time we will not be so welcomy, someone will be in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> and pg&e says they workday and night to keep people safe. reporting live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, today lawyers for the man accused of kidnapping and killing a teenager will press to suppress some of the information in the case the day after they asked more time. steve lamar said they have waited long enough. he sat just a few feet away in
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court from this man, this is video of torres in prior hearings. they argue that evidence from the cell phone found from days after the disappearance were miss leading. . >> we, you know, exercise so much patience after four years of waiting for this and we're anxious for the court to get this going. >> that four-year wait began on march 16th in 2012. 12 days later torres was named the suspect, but he was not arrested until may when the victim's dna was found in his car. in september of this year, jury selection is set to begin if the judge denies a change of venue.
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her body has not been found. >> the wild fire that has been burning for a month may continue to burn for another month. we are live at one of the stanging are staging areas in carmel. >> nearly two dozen san francisco firefighters are going back to the city. large ones, at that. and national guardsman will be arriving at staging areas like this one. they will be, the reason for this, because this fire is still just 18% contained. and they hope to have them on the fire line fighting this fire on foot. large fire engines used to protect homes and businesses in
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cities are going home. any further evacuations are unlikely. >> we are pretty comfortable in that area. we're putting some good line in. we have a lot of good engine mus in that area. >> the firefighters leaving will be replaced by others who drive smaller trucks that have four wheel drive. and they will join 1600 others. overnight, the fire burned 2,000 acres raising the total to more than 43,000 acres blackened. an area larger than the city of fr san francisco. now the fire is heading into wilderness, sparsely populated. they will continue to drop fire
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retardant from sun up to sun down. >> and a combination of homes threatened, 2,000 at one point, and a lull in fire danger statewide. that means if they need air support, they will get it. thank you, chuck. thanks. >> hopefully they will get some relief in terms of the weather. >> it has been cooler, and that will be the trend in the next couple days. for the inland spot it's will be worming up. the skies are clearing and it is 65 degrees there.
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spots like concord out to livemore. and it will be fairly light. it will help clear the air and blow the smoke from that wild fire away from the wild fire. so looking at the air quality, it has improved. for the east bay and the north bay, we may see a couple shifts coming up. the man that once was with the new york city police department could be resigning for a corporate job in september sources tell nbc in new york.
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he will return to serve as commissioner of the nypd. he has been there off and on for the past 30 years, and he is known for using neighborhood policing to help turn the lapd around. >> president barack obama lashing out at nominee donald trump awhile ago. >> i think the republican nominee is unfit to serve as president. i said to last week. he keeps on proving it. this is a daily gaffe. weekly, where they are distancing themselves from statements he is making. there has to be a point at much you say this is not somebody i can support for president of the united states. >> today he travels to another
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battleground state. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton was in omaha with warren buffett. >> good morning, dont trump now has a new nickname for hillary clinton, he is calling her the devil as he tries to change the focus and shake off a rough couple days. . >> you have not won the state of pennsylvania in 28 years. it's going to change. >> they have been going back and
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forth with jump. mike pence vifted the debate even more, focusing on her judgment in benghazi. >> it is just so important to remember her record on foreign affairs. warren buffett blasted the nominee. >> he challenged him to an exchange of tax returns. >> i'll bring mine, he can bring his, buffett says he is under an audit, too. trump wants to cat taxes to the super reach. >> hillary clinton increased her lead over donald trump by eight points. if you add in other parties, that leadstrings to just four
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points. >> thank you, all of the theaters in hayward are trying to figure out how this prius smashed through a house. it happened just before 6:00 this morning. police are investigating what led up to that crash. >> the alleged kidnapping of a nurse there was a hoax. >> it may no be the leaning tower of piza, but what we know about the sinking of millennium tower.
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no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast scott elizabeth holmes - the head of the controversial blood testing welcome back, that is the
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famo famo famous german team there. elizabeth holmes presented in front of a scientific conference in philadelphia on monday. many people, maybe everybody, expected her to use scientific data to defend her company and it's technology, but she didn't. instead of defending the blood testing machines, she announced a new blood testing machine. once again, we don't know anything about. take a look at what scientists from washington said. they said it is a bait and switch. we were told we would hear about the science. this is a new speculative prototype. she has been defending her company for quite some time. the government bars her from her
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own lap. they told doctors they can't guarantee they would pass lab tests. >> and 23 and me says they have made a breakthrough in the markers in dna from depression. people give 23 and me their dna by mailing in a saliva sample to find out things about their herita heritage. investigators are trying to determine what caused the death of a san francisco man at a popular southern california music festival. derek lee died early sunday morning after being taken to the hospital. he was at the summer music festival in fontana.
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now authorities are investigating all of the cases. >> and the response from police last year to a kidnapping that was initially dismissed as a hoax. they initially doubted the account and grew more skeptical in the days after she reappears. police are accused of damaging her reputation. it will be america's night out against crime. more than 37 million people are expected to take part in the night's festivities. the goal is to get people out of their homes to meet with their neighbors and interact positively with people. we'll post a full list of the events on our website.
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>> if you're going to be outside tonight, it will be a nice way to do it? >> yeah, we will have a lot of sunshine. we have even the clouds throughout the morning. as we get a live look outside, the sun is bright and temperatures are slowly warming up. it is now 71 degrees. highs up to 80. it will be another warm dun. and the morning clouds once again quickly got out of here. it will be warm and turning breezy. the warmest day will be today and tomorrow temperatures heading back down to average. and dealing with high heat, we will have some cooler weather this weekend.
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and now 71 in concord if and li livermore. we will be at 74 degrees as you head out now with a high up to 91 degrees. lows tonight dropping back into the 50s once again. i think 89 degrees is a welcome sight. heading up to napa, 81 degrees there. just to the south of us, and it moves to the east in the next few days.
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that will bring a change in our pattern. bringing in some cooler temperatures and a stronger onshore flow. our temperatures will be backing off into the 70s and 80s, and that's how we get our relief from the high heat that has been with us since this time last week. looking at san francisco today. overall a nice day coming in from the west and northwest. saturday, a high of 63 degrees into the interior parts of the area. we may have once again the hottest day of the week for some of the valleys tomorrow, and it will even out about 87.
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and then we see the temperatures climbing up toward the end of the week, and looking beyond that. some of the heat may return, so you may want to enjoy this while it lasts. >> a high-rise tower is now s k sinking downtown san francisco. >> the homeowners ocean in that power is promising to go after whoever is responsible. >> the people that live in the millennium towers include joe montana and hunter pence. and the condos are sinking sixth inches since built, and leaning two inches off center. >> are you worried about the values going down? >> we are. >> experts and engineers say it is not a safety issue, even in
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an earthquake. but a fix could be very expensive. >> parties may include the developer, the contractors, and the transbay authority. and the buildings owner issued a statement saying 301 mission settled more than originally anticipated because it was affected by subsequent actions by others. mil lep yum's foundational peers are not sunk into bed rook. the owner of the 181 freemont said he was aware of problem there and called for peers that
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went into the bed rom. >> when we know more, i think then we will be, if we will be concerned, we will be concerned later on. >> that was mark matthews reporting. those closest to the issue are not going to talk about it and fixing it will get very expensive and messy. >> as the summer sizzles, a new battle to save a swimming pool. >> coming up next, a cash crunch that could lead to it's demise. >> and involving a deadly crash of a tour bus in the central valley. we're going through inspection reports on the bus and looking to find more about it's owner as well. we will continue to tweet up dates throughout the day as well. we'll be back. the release of new data showing
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californians conserved less water in june as the state put conservation programs back into the hands of happening today, the release of in did in a. the state put conservation programs back into the hands of local agencies. californians conserved 24% of water which is close to the 25%
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target. >> the pool where a number of bay area olympians learned to become fast vipers may have to close. but the money will only pay for a family pool and the 25 meter pool. they don't have enough funds to rebuild the olympic size pool. >> the olympians will not want to swim here, they will want to go to a olympic pool. >> i feel sad. i want to be on a swim team like this one day. >> the pool is the only 50 meter pool in walnut creek. swimmers say they started to try
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and raise the money, but add nit will be difficult. >> i just ask donald trump to consider what it would be like to lose any one of his children. >> a mom with choice words for the man now vying to be president and his comments about a u.s. soldier that lost his life in combat. presidential candidate "if you look at his wife she was standing there.. e d nothing to say, ybe she was not allowed to have anything to say. you tell me." runs :06
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==scott/contvo== donald trump's words - igniting a new controversy in she was standing there, she hat nothing to say, maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. >> donald trump taking on the
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family that lost their son what was a soldier. for some, the pain of trump's words are cutting deep. >> full body armor. >> karen treasures pictures of her son preponderate 27-year-old soldier was killed in iraq in 2014. >> she knows the pain they carried on stage. >> he was killed a week after. so we're in the same row at arlington. >> he spoke about losing his son and criticized donald trump's
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comments. >> she is sending trump a letter with a growing number of family signatures demanding that apoll zi. >> i ask him to consider what it would be like to lose any one of his children. >> this mom says she is standing up for her family. >> he was so proud of being a soldier and so proud of his guys and being a stanker that i know he would never want someone to disrespect that. >>. a police officer accused of rain and sexual assault is being arraigned today. investigators say all of the assaults happened while he was on duty as a plump in the sac men sew year.
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he worked for san ma day owe last year. >> could your weight affect your response to the flu vak teen? apparently it does in mice. a new study's children's hospital found versions of vaccines formulated for high rift patients did not protect obese mice from severe flu. it helps, but the big mice were till susceptible. experts say further studies are needed. >> now to new cases of zika. a travel warning for north yam as crews do whatever they can to keep that from spreading. >> and one square mile, it could pred. >> this morning the streets of
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this popular miami neighborhood stilled with clouds of insecticide. the enmy is mosquitos carrying the sica high rus. >> to be sar, we're saying that pregnant women should not travel there, and they should do everything possible to prevent mosquito bights. an emergency response team from the cdc. cases of the local mosquitos tripled. >> my primary concern is the apparent connection. >> an obgyn is not far from the affected area and many of his
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patients are scared. >> now that it hit home, we're extremely concerned about the zika virus. >> while officials worry that zika may pred, word about the virus has not. >> are you concerned now that you hear that? >> no. >> right now i'm already here. so i'm not leaving. >> health officials are expecting to update the number of home grown zika cases again saying that will not be surprised if that number goes higher. >> we're close now to the road to rio, just three days away. and as athletes flock to brazil, they're being met with a very
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strong security presence. authorities are working with other countries including the u.s. and france to state terror tlots. navy poets are patrolling the waters. meanwhile, here at home, a return to past glory. >> an event yesterday marking the return of the school's track program. we spoke with two legendary athletes that had advice for those in rio. >> to bring back it's track and field program, san jose state celebrated it's history with olympic medalist john carlos.
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but they looked ahead for advice for current athletes. >> if grow to compete, that's what you go to do. not to think about the langers of health. >> suggesting that today's listens have a chance to teach and compete. >> anything you do proactively, there will be repercussions for it. >> you have the spotlight on you, and you have the opportunity to speak for those that cannot speak for themselves. >> witching them success with responsibility. >> this is a movement. an extension of where we were 38 years ago. >> of course we will have all things olympic jessica is in rio right this minute. she tweeted this one on one
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interviews with our bay area olympian. >> she a veteran. she has done it all and seen it all. up next at 11:00, bay area outrage, why some say the police went too far. and a few have pacifica. we see the skies are starting to clear along the beach. we will talk about that and warmer temperatures in the area coming up in the micro climate forecast. a suspect?
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they say no, and say there's new information that seems to did bart police officers use too much force while arresting someone? they say no and there seems to be evidence of that claim they were arresting 22-year-old michael smith last friday. bart police say the suspect knocked one officer over, kicked him in the head and throughout, bit an officer, pit on another. police also launched an internal investigation as to plornt they uses excessive force. >> a new vote in the state
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capital yesterday will repeal the law that makes it illegal for you to post a picture of ourself and a ballot. critics say the whole idea violates the president of a secret ballot. >> we just take ours outside with the "i voted" sticker. >> we have a look of the forecast here, it is nice and cool outside. >> yes, we are seeing the sun coming out. that might help warm you out a little bit. a beautiful day. not much more to go from here. the early clouds will continue to clear out for a nice day. we will get a strong ocean breeze this weekend, it will be near average with no major
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changes on the way. we have low 70s as you go toward the inner bay and for the valleys at this point, but it will continue to warm up, up to 88 in concord and morgan hill and livermore today a high of 91 and 92. it will be very toasty in spots, but we'll have some places you can go get relief. a high expected up to 79 degrees. it will be in the mid 70s for a couple hours, and then we see it going back into the 60s with mostly clear skies tonight. a great night for a dip in the pool. wear some sunscreen and enjoy the afternoon. for san francisco, the walk the dog photograph, it will be sunny and comfortable.
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>> we had the same weather pattern for the past several days even though more recently we have been able to take a break from the intense heat and the triple digit temperatures. it looks like it will be a better weekend than last. so the next seven days in san francisco, 64 tomorrow, we'll bring it back closer to average for august. ies reaching 65 on sunday. still warm tomorrow, and then we start to see it dropping by at least five degrees on thursday. nice and dry with highs only into the low 80s for most spots, and then we see the heat ramping back up again by sunday into mont. so we'll be continuing to see the temperatures going up and
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down over the next several days. overall looking good. air quality improving as well as we have had a shift in the winds. that is also some great news here in the weather forecast. >> thanks. a lot of people in the bay area do great work in helping vim ticks of domestic violence. one group is working to help people in need with a boutique. >>. >> so it was created in 2015 in september. >> this is why anyone can purchase affordable and high quality apair from south asia. the boutique is run by macy's who provides advocacy and
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support. >> once a victim decides it's time to move away from the abuser, macy's says they have to start from the beginning, especially if they have not had a job in awhile. >> the work it takes, every day to wake up and they have not been doing that, to wake up, take public transportation is required, and come to a workplace, show up in time. >> they also help with affordable housing. they help with english and driver's license classes. >> we show them that no, you can make it.
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>> in india, macy means friendship. and that is what they have been providing getting them through the roughest time in their lives. in sunnyvale, damion trujillo. >> something that matt damon probably never saw coming. to officially "fire up" in less
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than a half hour. at noon cal tranwi attention i-80 drivers. today you may be getting a peek of new traffic technology. at noon, caltrans will turn on ramp meters.
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it is part of a corridor problem. >> pop star kesha may be dropping her sexual abuse claim, but the battle is not over. they're dropping the california legal case against dr. luke, blue focus on other smaller claims in a separate case against him in new york. the legal battle has been going on for about two years. . the california case accused him of criminal charges that he has denied. >> matt damon is in theaters right now for the new "bourn"
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movie. by "the great wall" is getting -- our heros don't look like matt damon. "the great wall" is one of the most expensive movies ever made in china. and he plays a merconary. he said this is an english-language film. a hollywood monster movie, but wu is saying that money is the lamest execution. mickey rooney was a chinese
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landlord in "breakfast at tiffanys." they come after no actors of color were nominated at the oscars this year. >> putting the pressure on hollywood to flip the script. nbc news, los angeles. >> and iphone is updating it's iphone operating system. we have some olympic sports as you can see, and the rainbow flag has been added, and a squirt gun to replace the pistol. >> i like the swimmer. we'll be right back. ==scott/2box==
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now to the latest on that breaking story we've been bringing you since early this morning on today in the bay... this horiffic crash in the central valley... after a tour s now to the latest on the breaking story that we started with since early this morning. a horrific crash. what we know at this hour is that five people died in the crash, 30 others were hurt and six others had to be flown to the la hospital. one of those undivided parts of that highway, about 65 miles north of fresno. >> we're going through all of the paper work and all of the
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travel documents, etc., tracking this on nbc bay area. let's get a last check of your weather as well. >> it is a very nice day with a lot of sunshine. temperatures now warming up. we're in the mid 70s for the south bay peninsula. in san francisco, we are warming up into the upper 80s for the north bay as well as the south bay. expect the peninsula to top out. hot again tomorrow and it cools off in time for the weekend. >> thank you so much for joining us. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. >> we'll see you tomorrow.
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