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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  August 2, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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awards. fallon tweeted i'm really looking forward to spending time with hollywood foreign press before donald trump has them all supported. see you at 6:00. bye, folks.
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and mitt romney and john mccain were wrong on certain policy issues, but i never thought that they couldn't do the job. >> reporter: calling on republican leaders to take back their support for trump. >> if you are repeatedly having to say in very strong terms that what he has said is unacceptable, why are you still endorsing him? there has to be a point in which you say, this is not somebody i can support for president of the united states. there has to come a report in which you say enough. >> reporter: these blistering comments come as the president tries to preserve his legacy and help elect hillary clinton, as obama has to console grieving military families, especially enraged by trump's comments. >> this seems to be above and beyond the usual kinds of presidential campaign combat. so i think the president was very viscerally moved to make large statements about what mr. trump said. >> reporter: the president may also be emboldened by his increasing popularity. his favorable ratings up three points in our online poll.
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wles lester? as donald trump faces controversies on several different fronts, he also faces a daunting electoral map. with the election in less than 100 days and dragging down his poll numbers, he has a deep split with women voters. can he turn things around? nbc's katie tur takes a look. >> reporter: trump teasing a mom about a crying baby in ashburn, virginia today. >> don't worry about that baby, i love babies. i love babies. actually i was only kidding, you can get the baby out of here. >> reporter: trump is fighting for the female vote and so far losing. a new nbc news/survey monkey online poll taken after the conventions shows his already daunting gap with women voters is widening. >> i'd rather have the women like me. >> trump's not doing himself any favors. asked by "usa today" how he would feel if daughter ivanka was sexually harassed at work the way gretchen carlson and others say fox news executive news roger ailes harassed them.
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trump said, i would like to think she would find another career or another company if that's the case. son eric following up. >> what he's saying is ivanka is a strong, powerful woman. she wouldn't allow herself to be subjected to it. >> reporter: sigh, tweeted megyn kelly. trust me, i'm strong, added carlson. for her part ivanka wrote in her book, she concealed her femininity and dressed ultra conservatively to avoid being harassed. >> i think that donald trump really is such a throwback to a caveman era that he doesn't even realize that he has a woman problem. >> reporter: in virginia, underscoring how nasty the campaign season has gotten, a young boy yelling, "take that bitch down," about clinton. >> his mother says the boy was entitled to his opinion. >> reporter: and women are women. a voting block that is continuing to grow.
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another big story we continue to follow, florida health announced another case of locally acquired zika in the miami area today for a total of 15 cases so far. it comes after the cdc issued an unprecedented advisory to women who are pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant to avoid a popular miami neighborhood. there's growing concern that the zika outbreak can't be contained in that area. >> reporter: authorities tell nbc news they are still investigating where this new case was acquired. they do know the patient lives outside of that one square mile area north of downtown miami. federal officials say the insecticides used to kill mosquitos are not as effective as they had hoped. >> just checking for mosquitoes. >> reporter: every day now in winwood, the ground war begins anew, hitting sewers with biological agents to kill mosquito larvae, sweeping away standing water after last night's rains, because that's where mosquitoes breed, especially on those
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flat roofs. but experts say zika mosquitoes may be in other parts of miami or beyond. >> we have a steep learning curve around this virus so we're still trying to get our arms around how extensive this outbreak could be. >> reporter: infectious disease experts say anyone bitten in the mosquito zone could be an unwitting carrier. once bitten and infected that person traveling from the zika zone elsewhere could be bitten by another mosquito, that mosquito bites someone else, spreading the disease. that's how it could travel beyond winwood, even to other states. a single mosquito with zika could lay more than 100 eggs and it is a voracious biter. >> it will bite four or five, six individuals before she settles down to lay her eggs. >> reporter: mothers-to-be more anxious by the day. >> i'm absolutely terrified, just completely terrified, and the scariest part is that our political leaders have really seemed to have failed
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us at this point. >> reporter: folks headed to this area in the rain and the heat are now being encouraged to not only use repellent but to wear long sleeves. health officials say one of the problems is that zika is an invisible infection. six of the 15 people infected didn't even show symptoms. lester? >> all right, kerry sanders, thank you. a horrific crash on a california highway has left five people dead. many more were injured including the driver when a charter bus veered off the road and slammed into a sign post, slicing much of the bus in two. it was traveling from mexico to washington state. the cause is under investigation. now to some exclusive reporting from our nbc news investigative team about the expansion of isis around the world. tonight for the first time, we're seeing a map from the obama administration and obtained by nbc news that paints a detailed portrait of a terror group's global reach. our senior investigative correspondent cynthia mcfadden has details.
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>> reporter: today the u.s. launched more air strikes against isis targets in libya, representing an expansion of u.s. military operations beyond iraq and syria. also today, an nbc news exclusive, this map, part of the monthly classified briefing received by the white house, dated august 2016, from the national counter terrorism center. it shows the worldwide expansion of the islamic state. a stunning three-fold increase since the u.s. and its allies began their military campaign against isis two years ago. >> that map could probably be a lot bigger if they were to show all the aspirational regions where isis wants to operate. >> reporter: in 2014, there were seven countries in which isis was operating. in 2015, that number was nearly doubled to 13. today's briefing map, there's 18 countries where the islamic state is fully operational.
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and a new category, aspiring isis branches of which there are six countries including bangladesh where last month isis took credit for killing 24 people, in a year which politicians are vigorously debating the war against terror, the battleground is clearly expanding. cynthia mcfadden, nbc news, new york. we are now just three days away from the start of the rio olympics. the anticipation hitting a fever pitch as the stars from team usa arrive on the scene, despite fears that the city may not be ready, american athletes certainly are for their shot at gold. stephanie gosk is at the olympic village in rio with more. >> reporter: rio's ganabara bay was supposed to be cleaned up by now, but the contamination did not keep the team off the water today. the team leader is confident this part of the bay is safe. >> we have been training here since
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2013 and part of that training and preparation was doing our own water testing. >> reporter: three days from opening ceremony, the teams are moving into the village. >> we're ready, you know, we're so fired up. >> reporter: athletes of all shapes and sizes. that's u.s. gymnast simone biles alongside volleyballer david lee. >> reporter: when the games begin there will be athletes, staff and coaches. some of those delegations have already been leer for over a week, and it got off to kind of a rocky start. multiple teams criticized the apartments but the u.s. athletes we bumped into today were unfazed. >> i have had really good luck with everything. >> reporter: one of the big questions still looming over the games is the fate of the russian team. more than 100 russian athletes have been banned in the wake of the massive doping scandal. a three-person olympic panel will make its final decision on who can compete before opening ceremony. but that means some russian athletes already here could be told to go home. stephanie gosk, nbc news, rio. and a program note, we're shortly on
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the move, our live "nightly news" coverage from rio starts on thursday night. still ahead tonight, caught on camera, a shocking incident on an airplane when a passenger has a meltdown. see what happens when the pilot decides to take matters into his own hands. also has your dentist been wrong about something that so many people do every day?
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back now with a disturbing scene aboard an airplane that was all caught on camera, a passenger
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getting hostile with the flight crew, as others looked on in shock, but when he got physical with one of the flight attendants, that's when the pilot had enough, nbc's blake mccoy shows us what happened next. >> take a seat. i said take a seat, sir. >> i don't want to take a seat. >> reporter: an american airlines flight crew tries to reason with this unruly passenger. >> do you mind sitting down? >> reporter: the passenger then shoves a flight attendant to the ground in his attempt to escape. a pilot tackles him to the ground. >> you don't put your hands on my flight attendant. >> i'm honestly stunned, i don't know what to do. i figured if i stepped into the situation, it would just get worse. >> reporter: michael kerr is now facing multiple charges, including interference with the flight crew, the complaint against him says he consumed three jack daniels during the one-hour flight from lexington to new jersey last
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week. even threatened to break a flight attendant's jaw. >> in this situation, the plane was parked, the pilots were able to get the passenger on the ground and contain the problem. otherwise the flight attendants would have been dealing with it by themselves. >> reporter: since 2010, the faa reports 895 instances of unruly passengers caught on tape, prompting flight attendants to demand self-defense training. >> it's going on facebook and you're a [ bleep ] complete loser. >> reporter: now the videos, part of the criminal case against him. blake mccoy, nbc news, chicago. we are back in a moment with new questions being raised about whether flossing your teeth is actually worth it.
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back now with what might be the most controversial news of the day. it has people divided on social media, some saying i told you so, others saying that's gross. it's a report that
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says despite what we've been told for decades, flossing your teeth might not even work. and the evidence for it is weak and unreliable. here's tammy leitner. >> flossing cleans out the plaque between your teeth. >> flossing, of course. >> reporter: for decades, we have been told flossing is essential. >> slight it back and forth. >> reporter: but a new report suggests that may not be the case. >> brushing and flossing. >> reporter: something that's difficult for lifelong flossers to accept. >> i would rather rely on my mom's wisdom than the latest study to come out of wherever. >> reporter: since the '70s, the government has told people to floss daily, until this year when it removed the recommendation from their guidelines and acknowledged to the associated press they had not researched it's effectiveness as required. the ap took a closer look at 25 studies on flossing and found little to no evidence
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that it works, some probably not too disappointed by the news. a recent poll shows one-third of people prefer washing dirty dishes, waiting in a long checkout line or even cleaning the toilet. >> can this decay be caused by not flossing? >> sure. >> try telling that to dr. don dauch. >> i tell all my patients to floss. >> reporter: the american dental association still recommends flossing to prevent plaque, gum disease and tooth decay. even without proof it works, experts say -- >> you want to keep your teeth, brush and floss them. it's that simple, i mean if dentists do it, we're doing it because it's the right thing. >> tammy leitner, nbc news, washington. when we come back, a story suggested by one of our viewers, a restaurant owner helping veterans fulfill a wish one plate at a time. next at 6: on the lookout for a
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man who sexually assaulted an east bay teen. ===terry/vo=== why security measures failed to keep her safe. ===janelle/vo=== and, in doubt about a debt? nbc bay area responds with three things you should ask before paying up. ===janelle/next close=== the news is next. finally tonight, one of our viewers suggested we visit a restaurant where the customers don't just leave with full bellies, they leave with full hearts as well, and it's the kind of satisfaction that lasts long after the meal is over. nbc's kevin tibbles has more on a business that's inspiring america. >> reporter: in this busy little kitchen, they're cooking up miracles. >> you come in to eat, but you come in to feed. >> reporter: your soul? >> your soul. >> reporter: sure folks visit the red
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barn for the seafood, it is tucked away, after all, here in augusta, maine. >> i'm not selling any best sellers. i don't got any ph.d.s. >> reporter: today she's helping raise funds for local vets to take an honor flight to visit the world war ii memorial in washington. ♪ don't sit under the apple tree ♪ >> reporter: just one of the thousands of fun raisers e's held at the red barn over the years. people flock for a heaping helping of laura's compassion. >> it happens all the time. >> her drive is very inspiring, it's very addictive. >> it doesn't matter what kind of problems you have, she's right there for everybody. >> reporter: perhaps because laura's been there. >> i couldn't pay my bills for 3 1/2 decades. >> addiction, abuse, bankruptcy, rock bottom. >> i had to dig myself out. >> reporter: the way out? she connected with the community by hosting fund-raisers where all the food was free.
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soon the generosity was flowing in and so were the customers. >> my business was up 40%, 50%, 100%. the more business i do, the more money i give back. >> reporter: more than $1.7 million raised for causes and concerns or just for ordinary folks in need. >> i believe in miracles, there's a start. >> no one leaves the red barn without a smile, and for laura, that's the best tip of all. kevin tibbles, nbc news, augusta, maine. if you have a story about an organization or a community that's inspiring america through their work, tell us about it on our facebook page. that's going to do it for us on a tuesday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thanks for watching and good night. breaking news in the north bay.
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a fire has burned 200 acres so far. this is in yolo county, east of we're following news in the north bay. a fire has burned 200 acres so far. this is in yolo county right where napa and solano counties come together. it is east of lake berryessa. you can see the smoke there, chopper on the way to the scene. the canyon creek resort has been evacuated. the fire began a little bit before 5:00. crews as far away as davis see a big plume of smoke and you can see it from quite aways away. it is from 128 between winters and lake berryessa.
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we'll continue to follow this breaking story as soon as we get it. thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm janelle wang. danger at the pool. police are searching for a suspect accused of sexually assaulting a teen at a neighborhood swimming pool. elise kirchner, this is scary for the people there. >> very scary. cameras surround the pool and they're going through the footage hoping to identify the suspect. police here are also stepping up patrols. >> reporter: sunday night around 5:00 at the community pool inside walnut country crossings clubhouse in concord. >> that is the life approximately guard. >> reporter: a 16-year-old life guard was closing up for the night. >> came in this gate, went out one gate. >> reporter: pat mcgee is with the home o's


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