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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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republicans in the bay area --breaking ranks tonight ... and throws s >> right now at 11:00, one of the most well known republicans in the area breaks ranks tonight and throws her support behind hillary clinton. news at 11:00 starts rye now. thank you for joining us. good evening. >> we'll get to the stories in a moment, but first, a new wildfire growing stronger in yo lrgs o county right now. 1700 acres burning east of the lake, and tonight, there are ev evacuations at canyon creek and
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golden bear. it started near highway 128. it's close to cold springs canyon. no word on how close planflames to the homes in the area, but tonight, more than a hundred firefighters are working to bring the flames under control. 0% contained. major developments with a wildfire burning, investigators know the cause of the fire saying it started with an illegal campfire left unattended in the state park, and they hope the public finds those responsible for the campfire. the fire was started back on july 22 and charred more than 44,000 acres, 5% contained right now, and they destroy the 57 homes and killed a bulldozer operator helping to fight the fire. >> changes coming to the open unified school district after
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the way a special needs student was treated in class. the student was held down by educators more than 90 times in less than a year. the u.s. department of education says that visit violates his rights issue and we are live in concord now with changes on the way. >> reporter: that oakland student was attending this education center called anova, which his mother complained to the unified school district about the use of con straigstra and then the civil rights group stepped in. >> they were pressing down hard. >> disability rights california shared this video of the student explaining what it's like to have adults in concord doing what's called a restraint, and they placed the 9-year-old in 2013 because he had autism and special behavioral needs. >> this means that it's the child that's put face down
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usually on the ground with two or three adults holding him down, so, you know, adults holding an arm, the legs. >> reporter: date rights california attorney sue lee filed a civil rights complaint about the school when she learned the mother complained about the treatment and lack of education. the u.s. department of education found anova staff constrain him 92 times over 11 months. the longest one was 93 minutes of continuous restraint. >> reporter: they say they violated his right to a free appropriate public education by subjecting him to restraint followed by seclusion, now requiring determining contracts to providers that use restraint and develop an educational plan for the student that addresses the lasting effects of that treatment. his attorney says the now 12-year-old boy is at a new school. the open unified school district tonight says they are committed
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to making a safe learning environment for all students. we reached out to the staff here, they are on summer break, and we have yet to hear back. live in concord, nbc bay area use. >> thank you. new at 11:00. friends and family gathered to remember a 15-year-old girl who died in a crash in the south bay last friday. she was a passenger in a truck along with her coworkers in santa clara. the truck crashed on the way back from a catering event. tonight's vigil held at the crash site near lafaette street. a high school teacher aide behind bars charged with having sex with a student. they arrested rodriguez after an anonymous tip steer sent a graphic video of rodriguez and the student to the school's vice princip principal. we are live from the high school, and, laura, what do we know about the teacher's aide? >> reporter: police say the
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teacher's aide worked part-time here at the high school for the past two years saying he approached the 15-year-old boy and the two began a relationship last spring. >> gross. >> disgusting. >> reporter: that's how the students described the allegations against this man, 22-year-old rodriguez. a teacher's aide at sequoia high school in redwood city having sex with a 15-year-old male student not once but four times at the aide's nearby home. >> that's extremely inappropriate. >> reporter: the district attorney admits the way the relationship was exposed is unusual. >> if there was an e-mail sent to the vice principal over at the school and in the e-mail there was a video showing the conduct that was being engaged in. >> reporter: he says the video taken without the 15-year-old's knowledge shows the age shading the hair on his private parts. the tip steer is anonymous, and
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the relationship was consense. >> the victim was never forced into it, but it is a crime to engage with a minor. >> reporter: the school district released a statement that reads in part school officials were shocked and concerned on friday when they received a disturbing video through e-mail. our staff effectively executed the district's student safety protocols in the situation and have been working closely with law enforcement. parents say what happened is not right. >> rage goes through your first. especially if it's your child. >> reporter: rodriguez remains in jail on $300,000 bail. police do not expect anymore victims to come forward. reporting live from redwood city, nbc bay area news. turning to decision 2016. a surprise endorsement for hillary clinton tonight from a high profile silicon valley
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republican. the hp ceo says she's going to vote for clinton and donate to her campaign and raise money for her too. clinton is worth about $2 billion. calling the gop candidate dishonest, and ran for governor of california in 2010 losing to jerry brown and was ceo for e bay from 1998 to 2008. president obama makes headlines about remarks about donald trump. >> i think the republican nominee is unfit to serve as president. i said so last week, and he keeps on proving it. >> the president's remarks made in the giant news conference with singapore's president, and the president did not stop there, comparing trump to the past republican rivals. >> mitt romney and mccain were wrong on policy issues, but i never thought that they couldn't do the job. >> donald trump making headlines today saying he's not supporting house speaker paul ryan or
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senator john mccain in the upcoming primary election battles. the republican nominee received a generous gift in a rally. a retired army lieutenant colonel gave trump his purposing heart medal to show his support. this is a state that's critical to win the general election. a charter bus nearly split in half after the crash. five people killed, more than two dozen injured. most of theme critically. tonight, new details how it happened and about the safety record of the company in charge of the bus. here's nbc bay area. >> reporter: devastating images, a bus hits a pole on highway 99, slices down the middle, and debris is scattered all the road. >> the right hit the post, taken on the right side not there. >> reporter: of 30 on board, five killed, six others in critical condition taken to a
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hospital in modesto. conditions today improved from serious to fair. >> making rounds this afternoon, there's been tremendous progress. >> the overnight bus riding from mexico to central washington crashed around 3:30 this morning. 12-year-old jennifer rivera was on the bus with her aunt and uncle. she said she was scraped up after climbing out through a hole in the bus following the crash. the driver has been identified as 57-year-old mario, and he had major injuries, unable to talk. and today his granddaughter spoke to reporters in l.a. as they expected him home tonight. >> he never left my side. >> reporter: more details are emerging, and the safety administration flagged it for having a high rate of vehicles with maintenance violation and 23 maintenance inspections since
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2014, eight ended up pulled from the roadway. one of the violations was for, quote, no or effective brake warning device. right now, it's unclear what caused the crash. bracing for a chaotic bay at south bay courthouses. tomorrow, union court employees plan to walk off the jobs over wages and staffing issues. the nbc bay area broke the news of a date yesterday and today we learned court management committed 24 names into a seat to force back on the job, and unions relented on five. they tell us it's for the sake of public safety. national night out takes on new meaning for police officers here in union city. i'll tell you how coming up. then a family of bears caught bathing in the lake just hanging out not far from the swimmers. cay i don't careers right there. more on that coming up. good evening, i'm your metr
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changes in the forecast. details in minutes. police, fighterfighters and
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neighbors all in one place. tonight -- block paries, cookouts and even parades police, firefighters, and neighbors all in one place. nothing wrong. tonight's block party cookouts and parades in the bay area as part of national night out. they put the spotlight on an old tradition. nbc bay area spent the night in union city where national night out has a special meaning. >> reporter: well, it's a part of union city history that these police officers would like to forget. 42 years ago, the sitting police chief shot dead by a sthinipper bullet. it was a long time ago, but it was the basis of community building in this city. down the walk the hall to look at a picture of the chief that represents a turbulent part of
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union city history. >> although it was 42 years ago, one of the only cities in america where a sitting police chief was assassinated as a result of police community tension. >> reporter: tension between the hispanic community and police. that's one of the reasons why national night out is special for current police chief. >> we pledged to serve when hired, and we're still doing that, but it's very difficult to do that when you're in an environment of doubt. >> reporter: that doubt turned deadly for police officers in dallas and louisiana. he traveled to washington, d.c. to discuss ways to help police departments build up police community trust. trust he has been working on for the past three years inupon city. >> not all law enforcement officers are struggling with the challenges of fearing the folks that live in their community. they actually serve their community.
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they are a part of the community. >> if trust is what we're after to turn this narrative around, then it makes sense that we know the people we're seeking the trust from and that they know us. >> reporter: in union city, bay area news. we mentioned more than 5,000 firefighters continue to battle the fire in monterey county, but today, a few returned home after a week straight on the fire line. san francisco firefighters returned to station 7 on fulton street this afternoon. they were gone for 11 days. the team focused on neighborhoods and protecting people's homes. at times, they were surrounded by walls of fire. >> the fire was coming, you know, adrenaline kicks in, and you just dig deep, and you just do the job you got to do to get it done. >> reporter: the firefighters said the terrain was exceptionally difficult, straight uphill, full of brush, poison oak, and falling trees. neighbors in one east bay
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city are told to stay alert after five robberies in two hours all in plain sight. they say the spree began last night. two men robbed a couple walking on dwight way and p irgsiedmon avenue. three said they were threatened with a gun. students and staff at two community colleges mourn the loss of a popular professor gunned down on the street. he was shot and killed while chasing someone who robbed him. it happened thursday in downtown san jose. he's a father of two young girls and taught economics at evergreen college in san jose and foothill college in los a o alt altos. police are still looking for suspect or suspects. trying to track down a bank robber, here's a picture of the woman they are looking f ining . the woman waited in line and demanded cash with a note and left with the money.
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he's another look at her. if you know when she is, call the police. we are less than three days from the opening ceremony at the rio olympics, and athletes are checking into the olympic village. more than 10,000 athletes will stay in that village made up of 31 apartment buildings. u.s. gymnast is having a great time there, she is on the right, biles, posted this on twitter, standing back to back with a u.s. volleyball player, david lee. biles is 4'8", and lee is 6'8", and they are both representing the u.s. >> great pictures. jessica posting great pictures as she prepares for the olympics reporting on the games, that includes a trip to the redeemer statue and trip to the world famous beach. follow along by checking out her online journal at don't forget, we are your home for the olympics.
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she'll start live reports on thursday. lake tahoe a great place to relax with the family as i did last week. >> it was nice. >> i didn't see this. >> i know. apparently all tiypes of familis like to relax there. this is from a viewer. a family of bears playing in the water at lake tahoe's pop beach. people just kayaking nearby, wading nearby. not afraid. mama bear, still protecting the cubs, but having a good time. >> do the kayakers notice? >> they must, but can't believe it. adorable. >> last week it was 80s up there. gorgeous. i wanted to see a bear. i didn't. >> man, it looks super cute, but you got to remember they are bears, right? keep my distance. >> with her cubs too. >> remarkable. currently outside, 57 degrees after a high of 64. humanity at 83% as fog builds at
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the coastline. humidity keeping fire danger down throughout the peninsula, but where fire danger remains high is where we brought you video from the fire that developed this afternoon. right now on the fire lines, 80 degrees, and humidity of 35%. this fire, again, developed west of winters, and you can see temperatures will be in the 70s all the way through 5:00 in the morning. now, there is at least 500 personnel already on scene helping to fight the fire, and they are going to have a tough time tomorrow with the temperature of 97 degrees. winds not super gusty coming from the south at 15 miles per hour. as we head into our forecast here across the bay area. 53, patchy fog in san francisco. the peninsula, 55 degrees, and in the south bay, starting at 58. microclimate forecast throughout wednesday, doesn't have too many big changes, san jose at 86 in the peninsula, 62 in half moon bay, and sunny skies in palo alto, commissisan francisco, mi
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and sunny skies by 2:00 and 3:00. try-valley, low humidity and warm and slightly above average temperatures in livermore with 92 degrees. east bay and oakland at. in the north bay from napa over to the fire, near winters, temperatures in the 80s and 90s. changes on the way, talking about this, cooler weather coming in as we hilt thursday. the jet stream dips to the south to drop temperatures, and we see not one, not two, but three systems out here in the pacific northwest. that will be good enough to give us four to seven degree drops in our forecast. let's look what it means here for the south bay. this is where you are going to notice it. in north san jose, also through santa clara, maybe just daytime highs in the mid-70s for thursday. that's refreshing. refreshing, the san francisco forecast, if you want big-time
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relief, we go from 66 tomorrow down to 61 on thursday, very chilly. the interior valleys, the drop from 90 wednesday all the way down to 83 thursday, and we stay with these 80s right think next monday. more of the forecast any time at >> jeff, thank you so much. a sink hole that looks like a swimming pool. the odd cause of the backyard disaster. and we have jimmy. >> guys, jonah hill is here tonight! we take an art class and draw a nude model and we have jaden smith and music from lipa. it's a good one. updates on the fire in yolo county, 1700 acres are burned. more than 500 firefighters are battling the blaze. we have constant updates on twitter. on our home page, a new york based company moves to l.a., and
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how work is being welcomed. new video tonight: call it an
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accidental swimming pool. this giant sinkhole, filled with water, opened up in the bky new video tonight, call it an accidental swimming pool. this sink hole filled with water opened up in the backyard of a home in australia. >> nice and perfectly round. >> i don't think they want it. >> no. >> the homeowners noticed the hole this morning. it was a lot smaller, and then by the end of the day, it grew to 25 feet wide. the sing hole could be the result of an old mine shaft nearby. delivery drones are one step closer to your front door. today, the white house announced an initiative to work with google's parent company, alphabet, to create safety policies for commercial pack caption deliveries by air.
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the project wing test program conducts experiments with one of the six sanction the faa zones in the u.s. information will be gathered and shared to help regulators come up with a way to safety share air space with other aircraft. a copy cat in the silicon valley? a new instagram feature looks like it was based from snapchat. it is because it is. instagram's ceo credits snapchat for the stories feature. says when companies adapt to the best formats, it's innovation. we tried it, i don't know if it worked, but we'll see. >> well, the battle beat the 49ers. we'll go to the practice field next.
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. (whispering) what are you doing up?
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(whispering) mom said i could have a midnight snack. well, i say it's late, and you need to go to bed. why? because i am the boss. you're not the boss, mom's the boss. well, technically, we are co-bosses. technically, mom's the boss. mmmm. shhh. the family favorite. yoplait. this before at a baseball game. me neither. okay, folks, raise your hand if you saw this before at a baseball game. that's the umpire. what's he doing? he is throwing a fan out of the game. the giants game in philadelphia. umpire said the fan was heckling him, went too far, and i don't know what that means, but the fan ordered to be removed for disturbing the peace, and it was a bad night for the giants losing to the phillies. >> don't mess with the empires.
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not a smart move. >> you got to take it, i don't know what he was saying, though. >> 49ers begin the 2016 season against the rams and monday night football, but there's a decision between now and then. >> who's the starting quarterback? we have more from niner training camp. >> reporter: the 49ers' first full practice in pads in the books, and all eyes right now on the quarterback battle. wide receiver smith offering thoughts. >> both guys are doing well. still so early, you know, i think they have to continue to make plays, and our defensive backs are doing a great job challenging everything, so it's going to be a long and great battle, but i think both guys are going to work. >> through three days of camp, neither separated from the other. chip kelly giving both guys an equal opportunity to win the job. >> trying to be right down the middle with the reps, whoever starts, the next it time up,
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someone else starts that rep. so who starts the first one is not the most important thing, but just get quality reps for both, doing a good job taking advantage of that. >> reporter: the separation, he says, won't come in practice. >> really, the big determination of the guys is the games, that's huge. >> reporter: huge for the wide receivers they throw to. smith is entrench as a starter, and the nine-year veteran is stating a case early on in camp. >> one of the guys who runs all day. he's really versatile in what we're doing right now, and it's a guy to watch as we move. if he makes plays like that, it's a nice advantage to add have speed on the outside like that. >> reporter: niner's first game is less than two weeks away, sunday the 14th at home against houston. in santa clara, nbc bay area. >> okay, thank you. up next, prepare for a trip that's out of the world. stay tuned. virgin galactic is back up and
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testing its space tourism rocket. the f-a-a has re-issued an operating license to the virgin ga lat tick is back up testing rockets.
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they reissued the license after a mishap in 2014. they are aiming to be the spacecraft that takes civilians into outer space and beyond. flight go for $250,000 a pop. i think that's down. a new round of testing already begun at the mojave air and space port. >> let's check the atmosphere in our neck of the woods. >> a lot cheaper tomorrow morning, yeah, for this forecast. going to be free. all right. 53 in san francisco, fog, and more on >> thank you. >> have a good night. >> good night. >> bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jonah hill, jaden smith,


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