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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 4, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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y right now at 11:00, we're following breaking news. a dangerous morning commute on the south bay road. several crashes on highways. one of them involving a chp officer. and this midday, those collisions continue to cripple the commute. >> first, we want to tell you more about the crash involving a chp officer on a motorcycle. the accident happened just before 9:00 on northbound 280 at winchester. we'll show you the video just in to the nbc bay area newsroom showing that motorcycle. the officer was headed to another crash on 280, driving 60 miles an hour, when he smashed into a car in front of him that was going about 5 miles an hour.
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all of this according to the california highway patrol. we are told that the officer suffered minor injuries, and the passenger in the car was not hurt. we are also following a major crash on highway 101. let's bring in mike with the problems on 101. mike? >> yeah, scott and chris, we'll show you the map behind us here. we have video also of what exactly happened over there on the freeway. we had a deadly crash involving a motorcycle. there you go, coming down to the bottom of the screen at this orientation, you see the traffic squeezing by op the shoulder. this is a deadlyrash involving a motorcycle there. that scene is still blocking the majority of the lanes traveling northbound. folks are getting off of the freeway. if you get back on and off, just take 280 as your alternate. you see all the backup. if we can get you back to the peninsula side, northbound, you're jammed up from the expressway. it starts way back here at 237. off of 237 as well.
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that's a good five miles of backup. a huge slowdown. you can take 280, which will keep you well clear. even coming through central, the two options heading up to the peninsula. that is a tougher drive. you talked about the two tough crashes here on 280. that traffic has recovered. but 101, we're hearing possibly 2:30 before they can get the lanes open. this could affect the afternoon commute as well. i'll get you the updates i get throughout the show. fire crews continue to battle a growing wildfire at this hour. 4,700 acres, 15% containment. >> there's good news for those folks who were evacuated on tuesday. nbc bay area's pete joins us now. good news for them? >> reporter: very good news, guys. that evacuation order for golden bear estates was lifted this morning. i spoke to a woman as she was heading in to her home.
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she said she really wasn't sure what to expect. jody walked into her home holding her pets. just days after being evacuated, due to the coal fire. she says this is the third straight summer of wildfires in the area. describing tuesday as more of the same. >> i saw smoke plumes. it was very dark, and it was getting worse and worse. >> reporter: the retardant drops will be key in fighting the fire. according to cal fire, the southerly winds and steep terrain could pose issues once again for firefighters. those winds leading to some spot fires just last night. >> when you get into this type of terrain where we have deep, rugged, nasty terrain, those winds can get pushed around in different directions. that's definitely a potential concern of ours. >> reporter: outside of ashes on patios, jodie appears to be in the clear as far as damage goes. not to mention her small chicken farm which looks to be okay.
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but she understands there's always next year. >> relief. very relieved. our neighbors are all okay. everybody else's animals are fine. you just kind of breathe a sigh of relief, you come home and you start feeling a little bit more relaxed. >> reporter: now, we're still here along highway 128 near pleasant valley road. that will remain closed at this time. evacuation order is still in place, and up to 800 firefighters are here to battle the coal fire today. live in winters, nbc bay area news. we can definitely say it was much cooler in the south bay today. you've been watching the forecast. >> around the winters area, still going to be hot, pushing near 90 degrees today. that makes it tough there. as we're catching a little bit of a break from the south bay, mount hamilton, not as much smoke. it's just to the east of lake
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b bariesta. winds coming in from the southwest about 10 to 15 miles per hour. it will be warm and windy with very low humidity as we go into the day. so it will be very unfavorable for those firefighters. we'll be keeping an eye on that. we'll take a look at a cooldown in our weekend forecast coming up in just a few minutes. we're also talking about the massive fire burning near big sur in monterey county. cal fire this morning updated the burn area they say is now 51,000 acres in square mileage. about the size of the city of fremont. the fire is about 25% contains. authorities continue to look for the people responsible for illegal camp fires believed to have sparked the fire on july 22nd. if charges are ever filed, it could include the death of a bulldozer operator. he died while working to assist fire crews. a standoff between a man and
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police in san francisco is approaching the 24-hour mark. >> this is a story we first brought to you this morning as breaking news on "today in the bay." what is the progress to get the suspect out of the house? what have you learned about this man? >> reporter: well, good morning to you, chris and scott. sfpd is trying to get this man to surrender peacefully. their crisis negotiators have been communicating with him. he has barricaded himself on the third floor of that apartment building. the front right -- excuse me, the back right unit there, an apartment complex on miramar and ocean. he's been holed up there since 1:30 yesterday afternoon. s.w.a.t. is here to keep the building surrounded and the man contained. he has opened up the window, sometimes yelled out, whatever he's been saying has been incomprehensible to us. police says he does have some sort of mental health issue. they base that assessment op
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conversations they've had with the man's family. police believe the man who is in his late 20s is in the unit by himself. they don't know what weapon, if any, he might have. yesterday he allegedly robbed someone on a nearby street. and he took an electronic device. the victim along with the witnesses led the officers to the address where they're trying to get the man to surrender peacefully. >> we have time. so we're going to use the time that we have available. you don't want to rush in there. because if you rush in there, things can go back pretty fast. and again, our negotiators have been working with him since yesterday, in the afternoon. they continue to work with him. and we're doing -- using every resource we possibly can so he can surrender himself peacefully. >> reporter: after police resolve the standoff, they say they do want to get this man evaluated and help with his
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mental health issue. he will also most likely face a robbery charge. reporting live here in san francisco, bob redell, nbc bay area news. we're waiting to hear a possible steps for one-time gang leader. his hearing began about an hour ago. in january a jury convicted him on 162 criminal counts, including murder in the aid of racketeering. that conviction was tied to the 2006 murder of two rival gang members, and that alone carries a mandatory life sentence. the search is over for the man authorities say shot and killed a bay area woman who was on vacation in texas. u.s. marshals arrested mccray in atlanta. investigators say he had been on the run since he allegedly opened fire at a popular entertainment district in austin over the weekend. the victim was a school bus driver from san carlos. she was visiting her fiance's
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family in texas. three other people were hurt in that shooting. an american woman is dead, the victim of a deadly stabbing rampage in london. five other people are ms injured. >> the attack comes in wake of a new announcement from british police that officers are going to be better armed. here's the update on the attack. >> reporter: the u.s. embassy has confirmed that the woman who was killed here in russell square last night was in fact an american citizen. but they're not releasing any additional information about that, or her identity. we do know from scotland yard today that the attacker, the perpetrator was indeed a norwegian national of sa malsom descent. there were five other victims that were wounded. three of them have since been released from the hospital. and some of the other new information we're getting is we talked to witnesses who happened to see the event that took place around 10:30 last night right
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here in the heart of central london. >> more police arrived. it was really intense. >> there is a lot more anxiety running through london right now. >> reporter: the u.s. embassy has not released any additional information about her. a lot of the jitters are speculation that this may have had some sort of terrorism tie in it. just today scotland yard said there's no indication that the perpetrator was radicalized in any way. they're saying there was no ideological motivation behind this attack. matt bradley, nbc news, london. a court clerk strike complicating legal issues in the south bay, is in its second day. clerks walked off the job yesterday. we saw more picketing outside the santa clara county courthouse today. video in from a short time ago. clerks demanding a pay raise. the county said it can't afford
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it. a majority of the cases are now being delayed to a later date. if you have been summoned for jury duty, though, you must continue to check on whether or not to report. at this point, no new talks are scheduled between the court and the employees union. the story over a smartphone passed through as a burrito to somebody in custody. what authorities in san francisco are investigating one of their own in that kind of plot. silicon valley claims to have reached a milestone when it comes to equal pay.
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. apple gave us the data on divert welcome back to you on this thursday. this is an ipo coming out of texas. the markets are fairly quiet today because of the big jobs numbers tomorrow. nobody taking much action until that happens. apple did give us the data on
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the diversity in its company. it says it's made low progress, increasing the number of women and minorities in the company. and the progress is coming from the hiring process itself. apple is hiring women and minorities at a higher rate than the general population. apple says women earn $1 for every $1 male employees earn as well. tesla did just as it said it would, it says it's losing money and making fewer cars than it promised to make. 14,402 cars were delivered. the company lost $293 million in the previous quarter. on the phone with reporters and analysts, they said, quote, what we have under development is going to blow people's minds. it blows my mind. we know one of those developments is a new model beyond this, the model 3. they plan to make a small suv
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that is tentatively called the model y. chris, you probably have trouble crawling that intel makes a fitness watch. i didn't know they made a fitness watch. intel said stop using your fitness watch right now. apparently it gets so hot, it can cause burns. intel said it will give everybody a full refund. >> people are going, where did i put that? happening now, a missing man who vanished while he was backpacking in oregon. crews are scouring parts of the willamette national forest for 21-year-old riley. he was supposed to be in seattle by friday but never showed up. nichols goes to lewis and clark college in portland. his classmates are now joining those search efforts. they say thhe is a very experienced backpacker but only has food for a couple of days
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and this is much longer than they expected him to be gone. a follow-up on investigators searching for a man accused of sexually assaulting a teenager at a swimming pool. this shows the attacker before he snuck into the gate of the pool at walnut country crossings clubhouse. if you look closely, you can see the faint image of a 16-year-old lifeguard walking to a shed. then a man gets up and follows her in there. police say the man started to touch that girl, and she told him to stop. cameras show her running away. another lifeguard rushed in to help. >> he was really short. african-american. short hair. skinny. >> when individuals come into an area like this and do that, that is extremely, extremy upsetting. >> a 13-year-old girl said the same man targeted her inside the tennis courts nearby. a san francisco sheriff's deputy is now under
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investigation today accused of trying to deliver a cell phone to a murder suspect in jail. it's possible he had no clue what was going on. the phone was almost smuggled into the hall of justice, inside a burrito. >> reporter: the alleged handoff happened outside the san francisco hall of justice. a cell phone stuffed inside a burrito carried in a bag. law enforcement sources tell nbc bay area the deputy in question bypassed metal detectors at the entrance on his way to delivering the bag to murder suspect michael green who was locked up on the seventh floor. green is on trial accused of killing a woman and injuring another at a nightclub shooting back in november of 2013. >> this is a huge red flag. >> reporter: public defender calls the smuggling allegations, quote, extremely troubling. >> clearly if this is a violation committed by a deputy, what other things are being smuggled in there.
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>> reporter: the sheriff's department will only say law enforcement was able to interset the phone before it got to green, adding no staff members were arrested in connection with the alleged smuggling. vicky hennessey released the following statement. the introduction of any contraband into the jails is a matter of great concern. cell phones in particular can be used to intimidate witnesses, and perpetrate crimes. our investigation is ongoing. the sheriff's department also confirmed its office, the fimplt and d.a.'s office are all conducting investigations. she said that won't be enough. there must also be a review of security procedures for the deputies going in and out of jail. >> it raises the question what procedures are being followed. and are they good enough. >> reporter: stephanie trong, nbc bay area news. if you love a good lightning storm, this will be your lucky night. look at that. endless array of strikes in the sky above the las vegas strip. it branched out across the skyline. some of the flashes were so
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bright, it turned las vegas valley into day if only for a couple fleeting instances. but that is a storm. >> i'll bet somebody said, i wonder which casino put that show on. so many sparkley things in nature. >> mother nature put that one on, most definitely. and it's been a while since we've seen anything like that here in the bay area. we are staying with the dry weather, even though we see some clouds and some drizzle along the coastline. a live look at the south bay as the clouds we had earlier this morning getting out of here. so we will have a bright and sunny afternoon. right now it's 66 degrees there, with a high expected of 78 degrees. compare that to the warm weather that we had a couple days ago. we are going to have some clearing, and some near normal temperatures for the next couple of days. even turning cooler than average, with some breezy winds. into the weekend, it will be very mild with highs in the 80s for the inland areas. and some 60s along the
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coastline. here's the way it looks like right now. half moon bay, misty, cloudy, 58 degrees. it's 61, we've also had some drizzle there. then you head over to livermore and concord. the upper 60s. and morgan hill now at 59 degrees. the highs will be topping out at 79 degrees for the south counties, and 78 degrees for san jose. in oakland, 78 degrees, as well as 78 for santa rosa. oakland at 68. we'll have low 80s for fairfield over toward the tri-valley. we're still keeping an eye on what's happening with the wildfire in monterey county. and how that affects our air quality. so far, our air quality has improved. here's a look at the atmosphere at 5,000 feet. it's blowing away from us. that will be the trend as we go also to the surface level. we're expecting more of the same for tomorrow as well as the weekend. so here's what to expect in san francisco the rest of the day,
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into the afternoon at 3:00, it will be mostly cloudy and into the low 60s. we still see the clouds cool and breezy at 7:00. and it will be 59 degrees. mid-50s, with the mist and drizzle staying with us. highs there reaching 63 degrees in the mission district. mid-70s for redwood city. and morgan hill, a high of 79 degrees. also some upper 70s for santa rosa, fairfield 80 degrees. just keep in mind that yesterday you were hitting the low 90s, so this is a significant cooldown. in hayward today, up to 72. pleasanton, 87 degrees. high pressure still in control. but it is weakening. it's moving away. we're already starting to see the effects of that as it continues to be less of an influence on our weather. this area of low pressure dropping into the pacific northwest will allow our temperatures to back off. looking at highs in the 70s and 80s into the weekend. meantime in san francisco, we'll be in the 60s.
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even up to 61 degrees tomorrow with more clouds. for the inland valleys, up to 84 degrees. today 82, and tomorrow and saturday. then you'll start to see the temperatures go back up. we'll be in the low 90s early next week. so this break with the cooler temperatures, not usual, and we'll be back into the 90s next week. >> all right, thank you. president obama, coming up next, celebrations for the commander in chief. but first, happening now, we're following breaking news, as we mentioned off the top of the newscast, our affiliate kcra that anthony silva is locked up after he was arrested at his kids' camp on several charges. it is reported that he was taken into custody for eavesdropping, and providing alcohol to a minor, among other charges. we're working to post more details of this story now on
11:23 am for other breaking news, as soon as it comes in, follow our twitter feed, and receive immediate alerts. we're back in a minute.
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streisand performs tonight in san jose. her concert at the s-a-p ceer legendary singer barbra streisand performs in san jose. the concert is part of a nine-stop tour that celebrates her musical achievements over the decades. streisand made history last year by becoming the only artist with
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a number one album in each of six decades. tonight's concert will feature hits from all of those decades, along with songs from her upcoming album. by the way, tickets are still available. speaking of blasts from the past, a former bash brother tries to make a second splash in baseball after more than a decade away. conseco is returning to play in the east bay. he agreed to terms with the pittsburgh diamonds. the diamonds played for the independent pacific association of baseball club. the team majority owner said conseco has incredible knowledge of baseball that will help their players. conseco last played for the chicago white sox back in 2001. everybody, settle down. settle down. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday to --
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>> hey! >> how cute. the cameras popped up once people started singing. it is president obama's birthday. last night he was serenaded, albeit a little early by guests at the young african leaders summit in washington, d.c. the 44th president today turns 55. a south bay man simply playing pokemon go lands if the hospital with an injury. the misunderstanding on his phone that possibly could lead to a disfiguring injury.
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the victim says he believes a misunderstanding led to stabbed while playing pokemon go in san jose. the victim says he believes the misunderstanding led to violence. chris said he was playing
11:30 am
pokemon go on san carlos street last week. >> a couple appeared to be living on the streets saw him with his phone up, told him to stop recording them, and as he explained, he was playing a game. the situation turned violent. >> some of the images you're about to see are kind of graphic. here's more about what happened. >> reporter: chris drew pokemon characters in the hospital last week while he waited for a doctor to stitch up his knife wound on his face. >> external stitches on this was 15 stitches. they also did sub epidermal stitches which are on the inside. >> reporter: a man and woman attacked him last week on san carl oh street near second around 3:00 in the afternoon while he played pokemon go. he said the attack started with yelling. >> then i realize they said,
11:31 am
they thought i was recording them. i was like, no, i'm playing a game on my phone. that's all. i kept walking. >> reporter: before he could walk away, he said the man came at him with a knife. >> he came at my throat. so i tucked my chin. he was actually holding a knife. i didn't realize it until later. he got me in the chin. i turned and cut my face open. >> reporter: he said other pokemon go players called police and helped him put pressure on his wound. the suspects took off. the attack isn't scaring this fan away from getting out to play. police warned players to be aware of their surrounds. he doesn't believe it's fair to blame the game. >> it's the problem we have with the people accumulating in downtown. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. as soon as today, we could learn whether seven men charged in the murder of a bay area mother will stand trial.
11:32 am
she was killed trying to protect her children from gunfire in west oakland. at the time police said she was caught in the cross fire of a gang shootout. police arrested the seven men now charged after working with neighbors to find those shooters. today's preliminary hearing will determine whether there is enough evidence to move that case to a full trial. an update now on tuesday's deadly tour bus crash in merced county. four people died in that crash. and now details are emerging about the bus driver whose name is mario vasquez. family members said he was distraught over the recent death of his wife and had not been sleeping well. however, they insist he would not have driven if he was tired. vasquez survived that crash. investigators plan to interview him when he's ready. transgender bathroom use issues have local lgbt people concerned. there is a temporary ruling.
11:33 am
the supreme court handed it down. the school district the student attends requested the supreme court make that ruling while the district appeals a lower court ruling. that lower court ruling allowed the student to use the boys' bathroom. the lgbt community is concerned the supreme court ruling is a step back. >> if we lose this election, then we're going to be seeing ruling after ruling like this. it's not just going to be a temporary hold. it's going to be a situation where our rights are gradually chipped away from us and we're no longer able to function as a full citizen of the country. >> supporters of yesterday's ruling said it protects the basic expectations of privacy for high school students. the high court will take up the issue later again this year. now let's take a live look at rio where the world's best athletes have gathered ahead of tomorrow's opening ceremony. it looks like a clear, beautiful day. of course, closer to the water
11:34 am
it's a different story. we have a very special honor for one man who calls rio de janeiro home. olympic organizers chose david to carry the olympic torch through copacabana tomorrow. he is a well-known resident. ahe slt owner of a popular bar. it attracts tourists from all around the world. >> the opening ceremony is less than 36 hours away. is rio ready. >> that's what we were talking about. team usa has made the trip. so has our own jay gray. we'll take a look at the last-minute preparations after the arrival of the olympic torch. >> reporter: rio is, for the most part, ready. crews are putting a few finishing touches on the menu. while the olympic celebration is already starting in the city. team usa is on the ground in
11:35 am
rio. and getting settled into the athletes village. joining 18,000 competitors from around the globe. >> i think overall the team is so strong right now, it's incredible to be part of this team. >> reporter: even before the opening ceremony in pregame workouts, the american athletes can feel the intensity of the olympics. >> the energy almost purges you in the face. everybody's getting after it working hard. >> reporter: all working toward the same gold. olympic gold. jay gray, nbc news, rio. >> team usa will walk into the opening ceremony equipped with high-tech gear, including an olympic jacket that lights up. >> before michael phelps puts it on, we got our hands on it. and one silicon valley connection is there. the story you'll only see on nbc bay area. he tries it on and lights up. >> reporter: when michael phelps leads team usa into the opening ceremo ceremony, he'll be wearing the
11:36 am
brightest ralph lauren jacket you've ever seen. it lights up powered by silicon valley. wearable, not for your wrist, but stepping out. >> think about lighting panels. this is both a very powerful lightweight, efficient mobile powered system, but these electroluminescent lighting panels, we innovated on the technology so it could be adapted to a fashion for luxury applications, for the consumer. >> reporter: feels good, too. and the world will see its ambient glow, which, when it happens, will make some silicon valley techies very proud. >> for me, flashing back now that it's michael phelps, wearing a jacket and that we were part of the technology that made that happen, it's kind of cool. >> reporter: scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> i want a hand-me-down. the only competition taking place today is men's soccer. but the team usa failed to qualify for that event.
11:37 am
we still have plenty of olympic coverage right here on nbc bay area. tonight at 8:00, bob costas gives us an introduction to the host city. he brings us the sights and sounds of brazil, while also showing us the challenges that rio de janeiro has faced to get ready for the games. it could be a giant evening. a mission to the moon. the skies are clearing. temperatures today much cooler. that's the trend we'll see into the weekend. i'll have details coming up in the microclimate forecast. a follow up to yesterday's crash
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11:40 am
landing of a jetliner in the middle east. this is video ur a follow-up to yesterday's crash landing of a jetliner in the middle east. we have video of the terminal at dubai international. one firefighter died here while rescuing people from that burning plane. the jet was flying in from southern india, as it landed it skidded across the runway. passengers scrambled out and fire engulfed the plane. all 300 passengers and crew made it out safely before the plane exploded. the airport is still experiencing delays, flight cancellations, as a result of the crash because only one runway is in use. >> that's amazing they all made it out. workers at a hotel and casino once opened by donald trump learned the hotel will soon close its doors for good. trump's taj mahal in atlantic city in 1990, it is now owned by investor carl icahn.
11:41 am
the casino announced it will close later this year. the company, tropicana entertainment, said the taj mahal is losing millions of dollars because of a massive worker's strike. it survived bankruptcy back in 2014, but this will be the fifth atlantic city casino now to close since 2014. 3,000 jobs will be lost. >> they're going to have a photo opportunity when the trump sign comes down. from mountain view to the moon, the first private company to get the green light from the federal government. >> so when could they go? and what do they plan to do there? nbc bay area's ian cole. >> reporter: the startup is leading before anything launches. the faa announced it gave moon express clearance to conduct the first private lunar mission. >> silicon valley, we even call it something as possible as a moonshot. >> reporter: they want to send packages, scientific instruments inside a robot like this one,
11:42 am
using a rocket built by a startup out of l.a. >> the very first mission, our goal is really just to land on the moon softly, and do what only superpowers have done before. we'll be going back again and eventually bringing samples back. >> reporter: it puts it a giant leap ahead of its competition. $20 million to the first team to land on the moon. travel 500 meters. and send back photos and video. richard said they'll use about $10 million just to get there. the real prize, he said, is when they start to mine the moon. >> vast resources, trillions worth of resources as we expand the species into space and beyond. >> reporter: richards said they're still light years from sending people to the moonl. before this mission, the faa will have to inspect the aircraft and give final clearance. they're scheduled to lift off next fall, meaning the countdown has become.
11:43 am
ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> very cool. in a few moments we have warriors team members. first we want to check in on the forecast. >> you don't want to see this. we're going to have great weather as we head into the day. and a lot of sunshine, and we're not seeing much of that yet. in san francisco, you still see the low clouds, misting, drizzling, and you haven't had the best start to the day. now it's 61 degrees. we are going to see those temperatures going from the 60s to the upper 60s as you head over toward livermore. concord 66 degrees. napa now is at 60 degrees. so still feels nice and comfortable in spots. and then when you factor in the wind, we've had the low clouds. we'll see that returning again tonight. and the winds picking up coming in onshore, bringing back our natural air conditioning, with the winds at about 15, maybe even 20 miles an hour. you'll notice that the winds will be a lot more breezy for the next couple of days as our
11:44 am
temperatures do come down. looking at oakland, and what else to expect, 61 degrees now with a high today of 68 degrees. so definitely feels cooler than yesterday. and as we go into the rest of the afternoon, mix of sun and clouds. you will get the sun coming out for a couple of hours during the afternoon, and then the clouds moving back in later on tonight. look at all the microclimates. morgan hill up to 79 degrees. palo alto will see a high of 76 in the mission district. 63 degrees, upper 70s for santa rosa. while hayward is up to 72. and livermore a high of 86 degrees. that's still warm in spots. especially in the tri-valley. but the high pressure that brought us that hot weather continues to move away from us. and into the weekend, we'll see that replaced by low pressure farther to the north. that brings in more clouds, and the winds around that gives us our onshore flow. the temperatures will back off into the 70s and 80s. a look at the seven-day forecast. for san francisco, we stay in
11:45 am
the 60s with morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. it starts to get a little bit warmer early next weekend. that will be also what you see for the inland areas. into the low 90s. we take a break and drop it back into the 80s into the weekend. and it looks very nice. as we get ready for the opening ceremony in rio, it will be nice for today. 79 degrees. look how warm it gets toward the end of the weekend. we factor in the humidity. probably won't be all that comfortable, but we will have some rain in the forecast for the start of next week. and we'll be watching those showers off and on, maybe even close to the beach. so something to watch as rio gets under way. >> sure. thanks. a strange sight in the sierra. new signs of death among all the beauty. >> stoking fire fears, what's killing millions of trees.
11:46 am
>> reporter: we have a lot of oak trees. gray pines and knob cone pines. for nature lovers, mount diablo state park is a welcome escape from cars and freeways. >> it's 20,000 acres of wilderness right in the middle of the populated bay area. >> reporter: but amid this oasis of greenery, another color has crept in. >> a couple years ago we noticed a band of dying trees. the first most obvious evidence is the trees turning brown. we investigated. and discovered that it was due to a beetle outbreak. >> reporter: amid the state's gripping drought, bark beetle has been in the pines. >> needles on the pine trees turning brown. the pine trees eventually dying. we have evidence of the beetles boring in here. >> reporter: over the last several years of the drought, the beetles have killed hundreds of the park's pine trees leaving rust-colored needles as a
11:47 am
calling card. >> the adult beetles attack and they lay eggs. they just eat away at the trees and cut off the food supply. >> reporter: but the park's band of death is minuscule compared to the tree deaths across the sier yeah, enabled by the drought. they're leaving green mountain tops with rust colored caps. >> the brown trees. >> reporter: for visitors taking in the vistas of the yosemite, the sight of dying trees is part of the dying trees. >> millions of trees have succumbed to the bark beetle. >> reporter: they estimated it had killed 29 million trees in california. but just last month, it announced the number has grown to an astounding 66 million trees. crews across the state are racing to remove massive numbers of dead trees which become dangerous fuel for fires. >> it can be hard to see all these trees dying. >> reporter: some believe like
11:48 am
forest fires, the death of the trees is nature's way of making room for new growth. >> what may appear catastrophic to us, may be nature taking its course. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. if you like basketball, the olympics don't get any better than right now. if you're warriors fans -- >> they have three star players on team usa's basketball team. two warriors dancing members here helping to cheer them on. we'll talk about it coming up. three dapper golden state
11:49 am
11:50 am
warriors - dressed in their all dressed up and ready to win gold. golden state warriors dressed up in their team usa attire. this is, of course, kevin durant, draymond agree and clay thompson. you will see them when team usa takes on the world at the olympics. i like them. >> in the meantime, we couldn't get them, but look who we got
11:51 am
instead. kayla from the warriors dance team here to tell us more about how the warriors get so excited about the olympics. i understand that there are three of them. >> yes. >> proving what a great team we have. and they've got special jerseys. we collect jerseys. as fans, right? is this something the fans can get their hands on? >> absolutely. we actually have one for you. we have three. thank you. we have kevin durant, clay thompson and draymond green. you can get them at the team store in san francisco. >> the team has had such success over the last few years. and then to be involved in the olympics as well. i assume there's going to be some sort of private warriors party where you're going to watch the competition, right? >> i'm sure there will be warrior parties everywhere. that's what we're hoping.
11:52 am
>> we're really excited, ready to cheer on our team. and watch them play great basketball. >> folks see you in a lot of different places. you do a lot of charity work, as members of the warriors dance. >> we do. our biggest one is our warriors foundation. we do all sorts of community events with our players and our office as well. >> fantastic. there are tryouts coming out. coming soon. tell me what somebody needs to do. i'm going to guess, first of all, be a woman. secondly, what sort of qualifications do you need to become a warriors dance team member? >> we're just looking for to have girls with great energy, with great personality, and just be there to be an intelligent woman and be ready to be an ambassador to the warriors organization. >> what sort of tips might you give? for somebody thinking about,
11:53 am
yeah, i'll try out. obviously you got through the tryouts just fine. so how did you get through the tryouts? >> we had a great opportunity. you can see them on, for days and times. it's just a really great experience to be one-on-one with current members, and the dance team director sabrina. you can ask any type of questions. >> you can watch ahead of time some of the things that are going to happen. >> yes. >> woo-hoo! i know what we'll be trying later. i don't know if i'll try out, but i'll learn the dance. >> learn our words, dance style, and ask questions. just be prepared and be focused and ready to are audition. >> not a small time commitment. you have the games, of course, and all the charity work. >> exactly. >> look at the usa jersey, that's fantastic. kevin durant there. ladies, thank you. >> thank you for having us. >> back in a moment.
11:54 am
i'm serious, i have little girls and they'll be learning that dance later on. the slam dunk broadcast as we move closer to the weekend. we'll have a final look at your weather right after this.
11:55 am
11:56 am
wsh. let's get a final check of your weather. >> it's still cloudy, still misty and drizzly in san francisco. right now, it's 61 degrees
11:57 am
there. and starting to warm up in the north bay. 71 for the south bay with highs reaching into the 80s. we're coming out of the 90s. it will feel so much more comfortable with the breezy wind. mostly sunny skies. the winds picking up along the peninsula. next few days pretty much looks like this, no major changes. if you made plans to get out there, but if you're heading to the beach, maybe some long sleeves, possibly a jacket because it will be really cool for august along the coastline. >> not your olympic durant jersey. >> maybe a jacket over it, you know, for a little while. >> thanks so much for joining us. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. have a great day. >> bye-bye.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
stay by, everyone. we're live in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. welcome to "access hollywood live" on this thursday. we have a couple stories that nicole brown -- when you were here last week when i was on vacation. >> i had to come back and play with you. i literally just scrambled into this chair. something is crazy. i just got in here. >> settling here. >> and yesterday a big day, because you went back to work. >> yes. >> what is that like? i don't work on a set like that. is it like back to school? >> like back to school, you goat in and get your dressing room together, which is like your locker, and then we had the cast


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