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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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opening ceremony is, and in fact, just started a short while ago. and this is how it started. this is something you won't see in tonight's network broadcast. behind the scenes with michael phelps. he posted this video on facebook, as he led team usa, are you see everyone behind him, from the holding area, and towards the stadium. >> well, there is some disappointing news for a lot of people. legendary brazilian will not be part of tonight's ceremony. soccer legend pele says he's too sick to attend. so the question now is who will be chosen now to light the olympic caldron. our own jessica aguirre is live in rio. if it's not pele, who's going to do the honors? >> reporter: pele did say he was sorrying that he was disappointing people that he couldn't be here, that he hoped that god would bless all the spectators in the stands. if it's not pele, it is rumored that another olympian from brazil will light that caldron. they believe it might be a marathon runner, who in 2004 was on the cusp of becoming the first brazilian to win the gold
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medal in marathon when he was accosted on the track by a spectator. he then came in third, but famously forgave that spectator. so, organizers say that they want to show that kind of humanitarian spirit. that flavor from the brazilian people. they say the opening ceremony is going to be rich with culture and heritage. and it's also going to prove to the world that they know how the to throw a ruckus party here. it is quiet outside of maracana stadium today. this stadium will be transformed that sits in the shadow of rio's pavelas into a place of hope. for one night, its peoples and tourists will be united. >> we have a team tradition of the olympics and we're trying not to miss any. we like sports and we like to
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travel. >> reporter: and charles bran of tucson loves a good show. his wife, kids, and grandkids will all be at tonight's opening ceremony. and despite being warned that the three-hour-long show will not have the high-tech goods of london, they're confident it will fill them with the irrepressible spirit of rio. >> i think you have to do what your country to do. and i think it's wonderful. it will be great. no matter what. >> reporter: perez, who lives nir maracana, says he wants the 3 billion people watching tonight to see the real brazil. not the one mired by corruption tor violence, but the country that revels in laughter or joy. exactly what 12-year-old shelby is expecting. >> so excited. it's going to be so fun. >> reporter: not only is it going to be fun, it's going to be a carnival. that's how they're going to close the ceremony. and when they do, the most important words of the evening will be spoken, when they announce the opening of the olympic games and the park behind me closes and the
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competition begins. now, nathan adrian, the cal swimmer who's a three-time olympian who's back says after tonight, everything changes. that after tonight, he will only eat and sleep and swim. as will all the other athletes in their respective sports. focus then is on the game. raj and janelle? >> they are disciplined. and things will change in a few hours. thank you, jessica. we'll see you later on through the weekend. >> speaking of nathan adrian, he is one of many bay area athletes competing in rio. and they're going to get going this weekend. adrian will go for the gold already in the men's 4 x 100 freestyle relay. also, swimmer katie ledecky. ledecky took the london olympics by storm when she was only 15 years old. now a heavy favorite to win in rio, ledecky will attend stanford after the olympics. and we can't forget the warriors' all-star troy, kevin durant, klay thompson, and daynon green will play tomorrow
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against china. now, back out live to baja stadium, it is going to be going off tonight. it is 10:00 p.m. there right now. by the way, nbc bay area is your link to the games on-air and online, where we have a behind the scenes look at the opening ceremony. well, back here at home, a new building creating a lot of resentment. the ongoing strike by the santa clara county superior court workers. the picketers are now focusing on the county's new $200 million court facility. we were the first to report about this strike last week, and tonight, more information. nbc bay area's robert honda has been covering the story from the beginning and joins this evening in san jose, with the latest. robert? >> reporter: well, raj, the new court building is right across the street from the old courthouse, but it is a different world. and now striking workers say some of the money that paid for this elegance should have gone to them. the striking superior court workers shifted its picket line
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and public attention to santa clara county's brand-new court building today. the 380-member union walked out wednesday in a dispute over wages and staffing. the protests had been set up at the hall of justice. today it moved to the new building on first street, as well as the nearby old courthouse. strikers called the project extravagant. for example, they say stone blocks were hand picked from a quarry in rome. the travertine stone was brought here at a cost of over $3 million. the union says some steel was made in thailand, premiere woodwork in canada. >> the majority of us have never been to rome. that must have been some trip. >> reporter: their priorities are on things and not their employees. the glue that holds this place together. >> reporter: meanwhile, the strike went into its third day, many attorneys we talked to said the chaos inside gets worse each day. >> it's been a mess. small calendars have been taking a long time. and things are just getting
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continued or passed. it's messy and it's horrible. >> reporter: court management says the building was paid by state funds and was not a factor, though the union disputes that, saying the county court contributed about $3 million. management also pointed out the new building will provide more services and lower costs for the public. the strike action resumes monday. live in san jose, robert honda, nbc bay area news. now to a developing story. the coal fire burning near lake bare berryessa. the fire has burned a total of 4,700 acres and tonight it's 15% contained. still no word on the cause of the fire, which broke out on tuesday. well, beyond brazil and south america, zika fears continue to grow here in the bay area. late today, we learned of two more zika cases in san francisco. last night, another case in berkeley. nbc bay area's elyce kirchner found out getting a zika test may be more difficult than you
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think. elyce joins us now from walnut creek. >> reporter: yeah, raj, we spoke to a local trouble who had traveled abroad and were afraid that they had been exposed to the zika virus. and they just assumed when they came home that they would get tested here. but found that was not the case. >> i was trying to be as responsible as possible. >> reporter: david collins and his wife planned ahead. >> i bought bug spray, wore long clothes. >> reporter: but it didn't work. >> i had four or five bites. >> the 29-year-old and his wife want to start a family. meaning, they're worried about contracting zika. when they got home to walnut creek, he want to the get tested, but the contra costra county health department said no. >> i was angry. i was like, wait a minute, this doesn't make sense. >> reporter: in an e-mail to collins, the state director for infectious disease says in part, if you have or develop any symptoms consistent with zika virus disease, cdc recommends that you be tested for evidence of zika virus in your blood and urine. but collins isn't showing any
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symptoms. >> the vast majority of people with zika virus actually have no symptoms at all. tlooe at least 50%. >> reporter: dr. randy bergen specializes in infectious diseases. >> it's great to have some very easy test to test people immediately after they come off the plane. >> reporter: the doctor says even though people don't always show symptoms, you can't test for zika unless the health department gives the okay. >> you just don't simply have the resources to do that, that we don't have the test equipment available. >> it's scary. it's scary. >> reporter: and medical experts want to stress that there have been no confirmed cases of the zika virus being transmitted here. all cases have come in from outside of the country and the contra costra health department says they are just following the rules of the cdc when it comes to testing. reporting live from walnut creek tonight, i'm elyce kirchner, nbc bay area news. >> domestic violence has apparently taken life in the
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east bay. hayward police responded with a heavily armored tactical team to a 911 call from a home in the hayward hills, in the foothills there. our nbc chopper was overhead. you could see down below, about a dozen officers were seen entering the garage with their weapons drawn. now, investigators are saying very little, except that they found the body of a man who was killed, and one person has been arrested. is it a lighthearted photo or culturally insensitive. that's what some are asking about a picture that appeared in the san francisco police officer's association news letter. i'm christie smith. i'll have that story, coming up. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. another money-saving bench marc for nbc bay area responds. next. and good evening, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. the fog rolling back into san francisco. we'll have your saturday morning forecast and how quickly this fog will roll back out of here in just a few mains. ♪ everything is awesome
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tone-deaf response to racial tensions? the san fransc is it a harmless photo or a tone-deaf response to racial tensions. the san francisco police officer's association is facing criticism tonight over this ad placed in their union news letter. nbc bay area's christie smith is live in san francisco with more. christie, even the mayor is chiming in on this controversy. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. you know, and the mayor has said, there are going to be hiccups in this effort to come together on such a critical
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issue, but he also pointed to the work being done by the interim chief and the police department, as a whole. but some still question how this photo made it into the news letter. >> you are now being requested to sit back. sit back for what? >> reporter: sergeant yolanda williams this is an apology is in order for this image in the san francisco police officer's association journal. >> it was actually insensitive. it was dehumanizing. and i was appalled. >> reporter: a black labrador with a sign that reads "black labs matter," next to a yellow dog with a sign reading "all labs matter." some say it mocks the black lives matter movement. >> don't play with this. because you know, lives are being ruined, lives are being taken, and families are mourning, still. >> reporter: the picture appeared in the poa news letter with a call for all to tone down the rhetoric. >> if there's a genuine effort there, which i believe there is, by the poa to say, hey, enough rhetoric, let's try to work together, symbolisms and the
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language probably need to change as well. >> reporter: the poa declined to comment today. and again, the maple did point out the progress being made by the san francisco police department. yesterday, the poa posted online about ensuring the community that they will do their part in building bridges with the community and building understanding. a new tsa will be coming out about that. we did reach out to san francisco police force, but they referred us back to the poa. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, christie. it's been decades in the making. today, a $40 million flood protection project got underway along the peninsula. the goal is to protect thousands of homes from flooding from the san francisco creek and rising sea levels. projects will raise the current levees about 3 feet. powerful storms, if you remember, back in 1998 and 2012 caused millions of dollars of flood damage in east palo alto, palo alto, and menlo park. construction is expected to be completed in 2018.
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nbc bay area responds. we've reached another milestone that our viewers can truly take to the bank. >> consumer investigator chris chmura is here with some encouraging new numbers. >> yeah, exactly one week ago we celebrated two months since nbc bay area responds began. now our team can report that we have surpassed the $100,000 mark. as of last check today, the total amount we've returned to nbc bay area viewers is $112,489.09. there's more to come, because about 25% of the calls that have come into our new consumer investigative center are still unresolved, which means we're still working on getting your money back. the cases are piling up fast, too. by the numbers, we are opening an average of 83 new cases a week, which is about 12 new complaints per day. but there's room for more. we'll gladly open a case on your behalf and add your refund to our tote board. call us, 888-996-tips or tell us
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about your story online at >> the response has been absolutely fantastic. we're so happy to do it. but please, keep 'em coming. >> it's good to hear a lot of people are calling. we need help. >> exactly, exactly. $100,000. come on, we can break through that, easy. $200,000 next, then half a million. who knows? >> you're doing great work. thanks, chris. >> thank you, chris. okay, back out to rio. remember last night? this was the dress rehearsal there at the stadium where the opening ceremony is. though in a couple hours, we will see the real thing. the opening ceremony has begun. we will see the entire broadcast coming up later tonight here on nbc bay area. our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is also with us. do you think it's warm down there? >> it is warm, but the skies are clear? you coulsee the fireworks. it's going to be a great night r the opening ceremony. >> it should be phenomenal this evening. tomorrow, as more competition gets underway, we also have a fantastic forecast. i'll have more on that in a few minutes. let's get you outside to our bay area microclimate weather right now. and you'll be able to see one of
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the warmest locations today was right here in livermore. we got up to 82 degrees. right now dropping to 76. this was an outlier, though. most of the bay area stayed in the 70s for daytime highs. at least away from the coastline. you'll notice, by 11:00 tonight, we're already down to 60s. so an enjoyable night in the east bay, may not even need the ac. as we get you into tomorrow morning's forecast, you'll be able to see, it's not going to be a sunny start. thick fog in san francisco. areas of drizzle. 53 degrees. those clouds will spread across the rest of the bay area. and beginning with overcast skies in the east bay, pennsylvania, and also some areas of gray skies for the south bay to start and temps in the 50s. we'll get you a top-down view of the low clouds, and you'll see once again from santa rosa to san jose, we expect that to happen. but sunshine expected here for the inland valleys by 1:00 in the afternoon. however, you're heading to the beaches, the cool breeze will stay in place and also the cloud cover. so what will this mean for our temperatures? nice day shaping up on saturday.
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cupertino, 79 degrees. peninsula, we have palo alto at 73. and san francisco expecting low to mid-60s. north bay, east bay, and tri-valley, fantastic day, no matter where you're going. napa, 80 degrees. walnut creek, 81. and for the tri-valley, pleasanton at 79. san francisco stays in the 60s through the next seven days. for the inland valleys, we are looking at conditions in the mid- to upper 80s. and then you'll be able to see here across rio, we said we would get that forecast in here for you. upper 80s as we head throughout saturday and also on sunday. maybe a spotty shower by some time next week. raj and janell, back to you. >> it looks great. thank you, jeff. still to come, thousands of people flocking to golden gate park. a look at the crowds, the music, and issues at this year's outside lands music festival.
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an iconic building -- honoring the rio olympics. the empire statbu happening now on our twitter feed, an iconic building honoring the rio olympics. the empire state building is lit up in various colors tonight to honor the more than 200 nations involved in the games. we posted the pictures. and on our home page, actor bradley cooper is producing a mini series on the birth of isis. the series is currently scheduled to air on hbo. we're back in a moment. just call it a "bug bounty".
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the goal is to encourage individuals to discover bugs and discourage hackers from exploiting them or selling the information to others. okay, a big party in rio and a big party in san francisco, as we speak. it's the opening night of outside lands. thousands of people flooding golden gate park. this was the scene earlier today, when people were just coming in, a shot from our nbc chopper there. the music festival is expected to draw more than 200,000 fans this weekend. the show stretches across several stages. this year's headliners include radiohead and lionel ritchie. radiohead helped launch the first outside lands festival back in 2008. up next, we'll head back outside to the land of rio live for a preview of tonight's opening ceremony.
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but there are a lot of other amzing people taking part in unfortunately, as we mentioned earlier, no pele, but there are a lot of other amazing people taking part in this opening ceremony tonight. >> nbc bay area's jessica aguirre is live in rio. team usa and the bay area well represented down there, jessica. >> reporter: oh, that is for sure. you know, i have to tell you, there is this great sense of excitement building with the ceremony underway. and a great sense of anticipation, too, because, you know, by tomorrow, the opening, the gates will open here at the olympic park, and millions of people will -- you know, thousands of people will come in and they'll get to actually see
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their favorite athletes in person. and i have to say, it's really cool to be standing here, sometimes in the athlete's village and see these people that you think are super human, and they're actually taking pictures of each other and walking around in flip-flops. it's a little trippy to see. but tonight at 11:00, we'll talk to people, what did they think of the ceremony, was it everything they thought it would be, and what's on tap for tomorrow when the competition actually begins. raj and janell? >> they're normal people, just like us. sort of. thanks, jessica. well, up next, join us for "bay area revelations." we'll hear from local olympic legends like yam debuty. . >> we will be watching like everyone else tonight. enjoy a special night of programming. we'll see you at midnight. >> bye.
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>> you still have this thing where you're like, i know i can do it. >> proving once again nothing is impossible. next, a new documentary about the bay area athletes who brought home more gold medals than most countries.
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male: one lane down from matt biondi, but as they come now to the final 5 meters, it's matt biondi joined to the wall, and matt biondi wins gold. and matt biondi has just-- female: and all he's got to do is get to the finish line, ted. he's right there. a 25--and that's it. that's going to be the gold medal run. male: every day in training, you dream about being introduced as the olympic champion. and when it happens, it is the biggest rush of your life. [music] [music]


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