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tv   Today  NBC  August 6, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning. revelry in rio. the 2016 olympic games now under way. after a stunning opening ceremony in true brazilian style. the wild colors. the pageantry. the world's most famous supermodel gisele bundchen. and the team of nations. as michael phelps walks in his first ever leading the strong u.s. delegation. all leading up to the moment everyone was waiting for. the olympic cauldron is lit and the athletes can now officially begin their quest for gold.
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today, saturday, august 6th, 2016. >> team usa has won back-to-back gold medals. >> another strong finish by phelps. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today at the olympic games." >> welcome to a special split edition of "today" on this saturday morning. a look at the olympic cauldron burning bright in downtown rio. i'm craig melvin in rio. stephanie ruhle and sheinelle jones and dylan dreyer holding down the fort in new york. >> we are all smiling at the intro and we are not even there. >> i am under the weather, craig. i have olympic fever. >> you were at the opening ceremony last night. how was it? >> it was flat out amazing.
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one thing i discovered about the brazilian people over the past nine days or so, they know how to throw a party. and last night, they threw one heck of a party. they were dancing in the aisles. there was singing. it was a fantastic show. the highlight probably seeing team usa, 550 members strong, with michael phelps coming in. the crowd went wild. we'll have lots more of the highlights in a bit. >> i'm pretty sure partying is their national past time. craig, you have important guests joining you this morning. >> we do. we will talk to secretary of state john kerry in a moment. we will talk to one of the most decorated athletes in olympic history. gold medal winning swimmer mark spitz. let's start with the opening ceremony we were talking about. a special night. rio had the budget 1/10 of the
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london games. you would not know it. brazil can throw a party to kickoff the olympic games and they did it in style. maracana stadium with color and music as the friday night open ceremonies showcasing the culture at times looked more like a cirque du soleil show. there were fireworks, 3d projections and lots of samba. every opening ceremony has its memorable moments. and in beijing, it was the drums. in london, the queen. in rio, it just may have been a bombshell who stole the show. brazil's beloved gisele bundchen in the longest catwalk of her career to the tune of "the girl from ipanema." she joined thousands of revelers on stage to dance like no one
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was watching. with 3 billion eyes on rio and the celebration of the world, the spotlight then turned to protecting it. climate change taking center stage. that theme continued throughout the night. bicycles with children carrying small trees as they led the delegation as they entered the children. brazil will plant a tree, one for every athlete in the games. over 550 strong, the united states, the largest delegation in the olympics, was led by the most decorated olympian of all time. michael phelps. and an emotional first for the olympics. when a team of refugee athletes entered the stadium to a standing ovation. just moments before team brazil closed the parade of nations. and the most anticipated moment of the night. former marathon runner vanderlei
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de lima had the honor of lighting the olympic cauldron. the symbol that the games of the xxxi olympiad are under way. secretary of state john kerry attended the opening ceremony. his first in person. he is leading the u.s. delegation at the games. joined by gold medalist mark spitz. thank you gentlemen for getting up early or staying up late. >> this is a tough location. >> i could get used to this. the opening ceremonies, i know you were sitting next to french president hollande. >> it was beautiful. extraordinary. the only thing, the first time i have been to one of them. i missed some of the comments explaining this is what this is. it was beautiful and unbelievably well done. it was thrilling to be there. the u.s. delegation stretched
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the entire length. >> coming into the games, there was a lot of talk of security and safety. the political unrest in the country as well. the thousands of americans for the next two weeks or so. are they safe? >> nobody can make predictions in today's world, but i have never seen as much security and coordinated effort. we have been working with them. we are tightly even entwined with them. we live in a complicated place. >> i know you are an avid cyclist. i know you will go there. >> i will be at the start of the cycling. i will pile in with beach volleyball and gymnastics. >> let's talk about the swim team, mark. katie ledecky and micha
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phelps, two of the best ever to get in the pool for team usa. what can we expect from that team going into the games? >> well, katie, as you mentioned, will lead off the women in a positive way. she is predicted to win the 200 free and 400 free and 800 free. she has the best times going into the olympic games. of course, michael phelps swimming in three events. his times are second in the world in two events. he wasn't rested for the olympic trials. i would never bet against him. this is his swansong. i expect he will surprise us or maybe not surprise us or come away with several more medals and probably gold. >> mr. secretary, on a more serious note. you and president obama hold firm that the $400 million payment to iran was not in exchange for those detainees. can you appreciate -- can you
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see why so many people around the world and especially in the country see it differently? >> i can see why somebody would ask a question, but when the facts are known, it should be ended immediately of any controversy. the fact is we went to great pains to have a completely separate track of negotiation. we know the negotiation was go on. we are paying interest. american taxpayers were paying potentially billions of dollars of interest. what we did was take advantage of the moment that came with a completely separate career team, no politics, nobody influenced. they negotiated this separately. it is a legal proceeding under international law. we're being sued for money that belonged to the iranians. what the iranians got back was their money plus interest and this was actually a principle payment. we got a huge savings for the
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american taxpayer. it was completely unrelated to the transfer of the people which we negotiated. i personally negotiated our team with the state department. >> why cash? why not wire transfer? >> we have no banking relationship with the iranians because of our sanctions. so the very measures congress put if place in order to bring about a negotiation are what created a situation where you have to transfer cash. this is politics. this is a political season. we understand that. the facts make it absolutely clear. we don't pay ransom. we will not pay ransom. >> team usa. you spoke to them yesterday. what did you say to them? >> they are all champions already for being here. the excitement and level of confidence. these kids are absolutely extraordinary. we're very, very proud of all of
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them. the stories among them are incredible. a refugee who came over. kids who are kids who are competing, but working at the same time with our embassies. to work with children in other countries who don't have the same opportunities. it is an extraordinary team. i have great expectations. i think all americans do. we're very proud of them. >> mr. secretary, thank you. mark, good to see you. thank you for your time. the networks of nbc are the only place to watch the olympic games. don't miss our coverage tonight right here on nbc starting at 8:00 eastern, 7:00 central. sheinelle, back to you. >> great interview. thank you, craig. we will check in with you in a bit. we have to get to the other news headlines of the day. beginning with the latest in the race for the white house. donald trump is trying to recover from one of the worst weeks of the campaign. he extended an olive branch to republicans athe a rally on friday night in wisconsin, endorsing paul ryan and senator john mccain. nbc's jacob rascon is in
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new hampshire this morning where mr. trump will be campaigning later today. good morning, jacob. >> reporter: good morning. the republican nominee for president endorsing the republican house leader is not supposed to be news, but it seems mr. trump is listening to advisers, and voters, who hope he'll unite the party and get back on message before it's too late. a rare about-face for donald trump from not quite there yet to a full endorsement in record time. >> i support and endorse our speaker of the house paul ryan. >> reporter: damage control after arguably the worst week of the campaign. the days long battle with the gold star family, condemned by republican leaders, retaliating his poll numbers nationally and swing states plummeting. even losing with men. finally back on message. >> she's a monster. >> reporter: even some true
6:12 am
believers say it is about time. >> if he doesn't change, he may not win. >> reporter: trump blames the media. the perfect example he says, a crying baby at hisva rally. >> you can get the baby out of here. the press came out with headlines "trump throws baby out of arena." so dishonest. >> reporter: hillary clinton, meanwhile, speaking to a convention of minority journalists, doubling down on debunked claims on the e-mail controversy. >> director comey said my answers in my fbi interview were truthful. >> reporter: almost apologizing. >> i may have short circuited and for that i will try to clarify. >> reporter: before repeating another statement at odds with the fbi director. >> i never sent or received anything that was marked classified. >> reporter: the career politician struggling to regain trust. the underdog outsider desperate for a reset button. and hillary clinton is off this
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weekend. back campaigning on monday in florida. donald trump will be behind me at this high school tonight in new hampshire and he is back on monday campaigning in michigan. all three states where trump is now behind in the polls. stephanie. >> big saturday night for you. in new hampshire, jacob. protests are already planned in chicago today. a day after the police department released videos showing the fatal shooting of the unarmed black teenager last month. >> the officers opened fire as the suspected car thief paul o'neil raced through a stop sign. and hit several police cars. the teen took off on foot after the car crashed. an officers fired more shots during the pursuit, hitting him in the back. the fatal shot was not caught on camera but the police superintendent says the video suggests policy was violated, and promises individuals will be held responsible. three officers have already been relieved of police powers on the
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case one officer can be heard accusing o'neil of shooting at them with another officer saying, quote, they shot at us, too, right? o'neil's family has filed a civil rights lawsuit against the officers and while their lawyer praised the police for the quick release of the tapes, just eight days after the shooting, he is calling for a special prosecutor in the case. a big scare last night at a concert in new jersey. the crowd was watching snoop dawg and wiz khalifa perform when the railing on a stand collapsed. it sent row after row of fans toppling on the concrete below. 40 people were injured with several taken to area hospitals. we have to get to the olympics. released a video on the official white house twitter page on friday wishing the u.s. team good luck. take a look. >> oh, babe, you should leave it up to the pros. >> come on, i can still knock down the corner three. >> hmm. to all our athletes in rio, you make us so proud, we can't wait
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to see you take on the world. >> bring home the gold for the red, white and blue. >> okay. >> they love the comedy. >> i love her clothes. >> i know. i was looking at her dress the whole time. >> very beautiful. >> yours, to, dylan. >> thank you very much. we have the purple thing going on. we are watching the east coast and gulf coast. a cold front draped across the northeast. this will start to trigger thunderstorms as we start around noon across western pennsylvania and moving into the evening and overnight hours across the east coast itself. this is the area down through florida where we are seeing the area of low pressure that is not going to move all that quickly. it is associated with the stationary front. we will see days and days of moisture streaming off the gulf of mexico and produce several inches of rain across florida. especially northern florida. florida can handle the rain, but when you get about 10 to 12 inches of rain over the course of today, sunday, monday and tuesday, this could lead to some
6:16 am
isolated flooding. that will be the concern. over the next several days. out in the southwest, we have flash flood watches, especially through colorado. because we still have that monsoonal moisture. the moisture streams in from the south. it produces pockets of heavy rain. parts of arizona with 4 inches of rain. we could see an additional one to two inches through this weekend. things will quiet down next week. that's a look at the weather e.s low 80s in the east bay. we have a lot more.
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>> while you and i, all of us, were glued to our television sets last night watching the opening ceremony, our man craig melvin was sitting right there in the stands, so close to gisele. >> we're going to check back in with him in just a moment. but first, this is "today" on nbc. looking good, craig. s is "today nbc.
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mmmm. shhh. the family favorite. yoplait. we are back with more olympic fever. craig melvin in rio. craig, what is it like there? >> you know, nine days i've been here. and every day it has been just fantastic. first of all, the weather here is just perfect. we started last week in ipanema. i would say it is three miles behind me. we're on copacabana. ipanema is three miles down the road. i think we have a picture of ipanema. i'm not a big selfie guy, but i
6:20 am
have been taking 100 pictures a day. >> i'm living through you with instagram. this is the picture i saw. the christ the redeemer statue. pretty cool, huh? >> sheinelle, you and i know that is probably as close as i will ever get. we spent time yesterday with team usa's basketball team. carmelo anthony is the face of the team. we are seeing the gymnasts members come in to watch the basketball team. that all pales in comparison to what we saw last night. >> the opening ceremony was extraordinary. >> we will talk about it in a bit. more to come from rio and a conversation with the men's conversation with the men's gymnastics
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good morning. you have 27, a live look at the olympic flame in rio, the games have begun. i'm michelle with anthony slaugter. the weather is chilly out there? >> we have fog here this morning. we have clouds. that's indicative of a cool start to the day. we are finishing warm, but not as warm as it has been. the temperatures will climb over the next couple days, but look at the blanket of clouds across every single microclimate this morning. into the afternoon hours, we'll get rid of the clouds and fog and we'll have a nice day. temperatures inland top out in the low 80s. those are the low spots in the coastline, 60s and 70s for us
6:28 am
taeds. enjoy the sun. we won't have to deal with smoke from the fire burning south. winds northwest keeping the smoke south of the bay area. air quality improving as well. >> thanks. olympic games have begun. there was a parting in san francisco for those heading to rio and retired olympians who shared magic of the opening ceremony that was incredible. they gathered around the tv at the players sports grill at pier 39 sharing memories and enjoying each other, and some pulled out their old team usa gear they wore when walking in the opening ceremonies. some described that feeling of walking into the stadium as a gold medal moment. >> you can envision yourself competing, envision yourself going against an opponent, winning the medal, but never envision yourself walking out with the best athletes in the country in a large stadium. >> last night kicked off two weeks of global competition and unity which goes through august
6:29 am
21st. coming up this morning on "today in the bay", if you missed the opening ceremony last night, we have you covered with a live report from rio at 7:00. right now, back to the "today" show.
6:30 am
we're back on this saturday morning, august 6th. another great moment from the ceremony. the refugee team entering maracana stadium. a thunderous applause from the stadium. what a moment before the cauldron was lit. that is the cauldron right there. welcome back to the split edition of "today." we are at studio 1a and craig melvin reporting from rio this morning. >> we will check in with him and get more from the opening ceremony in a moment. here is a look at other headlines today. donald trump has done an
6:31 am
about face. now endorsing house speaker paul ryan, senator john mccain and senator kelly ayotte. mr. trump campaigned in wisconsin last night. neither ryan or walker attended. police are warning people to be vigilant after a ninth shooting. several people have been killed since the spree started in march. police are widening the search area and increased the reward to find the killer to $50,000. scary moments after a mid air collision with two planes in alaska. officials are still trying to figure out exactly what went wrong, but say the crash likely happened when one plane was taking off and the other coming in for a landing despite substantial damage, amazingly, no injuries. now it is time for "the download." the recap of the biggest headlines of the week. >> another week of controversy
6:32 am
for trump and the republican party and zika raged on and a plane crash in dubai. those are some of the stories that caught our attention. >> president obama during his annual summer news conference tearing into donald trump. >> i don't really know where to start. >> responding to these kmentcom. >> i'm afraid the election will be rigged. >> this after a tough week for the republican nominee. >> you have sacrificed nothing. >> in the wake of the khan family fallout, trump lashing out. >> she's the devil. >> and putting fellow republicans on edge. >> supporters like rudy giuliani are hoping for a possible intervention. >> but trump is still feeling confident. >> the campaign is doing really well. it has never been so well uniunite united. >> a big scare at the airport in
6:33 am
dubai. a crash land in flames. the flames gutting the cockpit to tail. all 300 passengers and crew, including six americans got out alive. alarm bells in florida with the increase in zika cases from local mosquitoes. >> the streets of the popular miami neighborhood filled with clouds of insecticide. >> we are very active in making sure we do everything we can to control the spread of zika. >> experts now encouraging repellent with deet for everyone. >> we never faced a situation like this. and despite concerns of zika, rio and the rest of the world celebrated the countdown to the 2016 olympics. >> for the u.s. women's soccer team, too good. >> off to a winning start. >> michael phelps learned he
6:34 am
will be team usa's flag bearer. >> a huge honor. >> and what is a road trip without a sing along? the basketball team let loose with a classic jam. ♪ i need you ♪ ♪ i miss you ♪ and now i wonder >> then, the camera pans over to carmelo anthony. he's not having it. >> and finally, the biggest stars in rio could take a cue from dustin hoffman when dealing with the paparazzi. >> he is playing with the camera. if you can't see me, i can't see you. >> i love it. the attitude i love was kyrie irving singing on the plane. would you think if the u.s. basketball team, would you think it was that song? >> that is why it is so great. >> we said this before. social media has changed the
6:35 am
game. we get an inside look of what they are doing. >> i like it. >> you know how excited i was to watch. >> i missed the united states coming out because i forgot it is portuguese names. in the "e" i missed it. i was in the kitchen. >> let's go to dylan with a check of the forecast on the plaza. good morning. >> good morning, guys. we are celebrating birthdays of all kinds. we have 40, 50, 30 and then these beautiful ladies here who traveled halfway around the world from vietnam. was it worth the trip? >> yes. a great trip to new york. >>re you having fun? >> yes. >> sisters. i see the relationship. let's take a look at the weather for the olympics. we have a lot starting today with the opening ceremonies last night. let's start with the soccer stadium. usa and france at 4:00.
6:36 am
temperature is 75 and sunny. heading to copacabana beach. we have beach volleyball. men's volleyball today. usa and qatar. 84 degrees. tomorrow, women's volleyball. u.s. and poland. 79 degrees and lots of sunshine. elsewhere across our country. we have a cold front and humid in the northeast. we will see thunderstorms continuing to develop as we go into the afternoon. very unsettled across northern florida and the gulf coast. we could see up to 10 to 12 inches of rain. still dealing with the monsoon season in the southwest. we could see more heavy rain. 1 to 2 inches possible. on sunday, we stay in the upper 80s and low 90s and unsettled good saturday morning to you. we have fog and clouds this morning. that's going to make for a cooler start to the day and a lot of us are not going to see
6:37 am
clearing until 11:00 this morning. going to be a a nice, comfortable start. once again, the afternoon, temperatures warm up, 60s for the most part and temperatures warm as clouds break up. 80 is where we're headed today in san jose. 72 in oakland, 64 in san francisco and 80s in the midland valley. r latest forecast. sheinelle and steph. >> dylan, thank you. just ahead, pokemon comes to rio. wait until you hear how a gymnast racked up $5,000 playing it. another epic showdown on "the tonight although just 4 foot 8, simone biles is packed with power.
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shall we dance? >> let's do it. let's trend. >> we talked about the opening ceremony and while all eyes were on gisele's final catwalk, someone else may have stolen the show. one person wrote, finding flights to #tonga. and the kids asked where are we going for spring break? i said tonga. and this is what happened to them when tonga's flag bearer walked in. >> he was oiled up. >> body oil. >> what was funny about that, that was the point in the ceremony where folks started to tune out a bit. teams are close to the end. all of a sudden, you would have thought, again, michael phelps had come back out for another run or something. they screamed, they clapped,
6:42 am
they cheered. >> is there a purpose? >> he is tuned up right there. the purpose was to win. that's what he did. we will move on. guess who did not win? the pokemon go phenomenon made its way to brazil for the olympic games. for one japanese olympic gymnast, pokemon go cost him $5,000 in roaming fees. the six-time world champion told the local japanese newspaper he downloaded the app in brazil and quickly became addicted, but had no idea he did not have a flat rate for overseas data. lucky for him, he is an olympic star and the phone company spared him the bill. >> the rest of us? $5,000. >> you think he will not fare well with gymnastics if he is
6:43 am
spending that much on pokemon. and so now we want to play a quick game. is this an actual olympic sport taking place in rio? >> great title. >> no creativity here in rio. first off, rugby. >> yes. >> let's see. you guys all got that one. i spent time with the team in california. i saw them yesterday. they should medal. we have a great squad. how about bmx biking? olympic sport? >> yes. >> yes. >> no. >> dylan, you should not have done that. it is yes. bmx biking is a sport. what about lacrosse? is lacrosse a sport? >> no. >> no for lacrosse? all of you? how about that. you all got it right. it is not an olympic sport. a lot of people argue it should be. how about trampolining? is that an olympic sport? >> i think it is.
6:44 am
>> i feel like i have seen it before. >> it is. definitely. >> you are right. it is actually a sport. we have a team. >> what do we win? >> oh, i will bring you a t-shirt. how about pop start? that's what i win. the chance to do pop start. first up is one of our favorite moments on "the tonight show." when jimmy performs the lip sync battles. he took on seth rogen. the boys did not disappoint. ♪ ♪ jam, big boys make noise ♪ ♪ ever since i left the city >> that earned him bragging
6:45 am
rights of the battle. that was a toss-up. >> when that first came out, i said i love this song. >> come on. >> i love it. moving on. one of the summer's biggest blockbusters, "suicide squad." fans are blocking, but it is getting lackluster reviews. everyone is talking about the rendition of the joker. you may have heard that the rumors he stayed in character during filming. that is true. listen to what viola davis said in the interview. >> what was the first interaction? >> i met him at carnegie hall and he was passing by and not looking at me. i said jared, it's me. he said viola. he still had his red hair. he said, oh, viola, nice to meet you.
6:46 am
we stood there and he said bye. i said bye. >> and by the way, according to early estimates, it is expected to bring in $140 million this weekend. up next, the men's gymnastics team opens up about the poor showing in 2012 and how they expect these olympic games they expect these olympic games to be so they expect these olympic games to be so hi! hey! i've made plans for later in case this date doesn't go well. likewise! but, funny story. on top of that? my mom is my best friend. uh oh. yeah. oop! there's the rescue text from my roommate saying she needs me. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back: the citi double cash card. in shoes and shoe boxes. impeccable taste; so they choose new meow mix bistro recipes, made with real chicken to make mealtime taste
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but we're going to send it down to rio where craig is. >> ladies. the competition now under way. we will see so many athletes trying to prove they have what it takes to get the gold. among them, the men of the u.s. gymnastics team. after a rocky showing at the 2012 london games, but as they tell natalie morales, they are back and proving they have what it takes to get back to the podium. >> flipping and twisting and soaring through the air at the men's gymnastics team put on a show at trials. but now it is game time and these guys are ready to put up a fight of the lifetime to get on the podium. the team led by first time olympian chris brooks. >> chris, you are the team captain. to see this team, perhaps, get to some sort of medal contention for a team medal, what does this
6:50 am
team need to do? >> we just need to keep doing what we have been doing. we talk about hitting routines. i think this team has the talent and depth to go out and we have a decent day and hit sets. we will be in medal contention. >> consistency is key. that's been a problem with the team. >> yes, absolutely. the team in london, they showed chances of brilliance in winning prelims and in finals, it wasn't their day. we are as prepared as we can be and go out and hit our sets. >> four-time champion miklaszewssam mikulak is looking to score his first u.s. medal. >> for me, if we can live up to our expectations of what a good performance is and at the end of the day, we'll have absolutely no regret because we put on the show we thought was necessary and we're capable. that will be success. >> 2012 olympic bronze medalist
6:51 am
was an alternate for the olympic team. after john orozco was injured in training camp, he has been called up to once again represent his country. >> your story of how you are here this time around, it must be somewhat bittersweet. >> it absolutely is bittersweet. for that to happen to john was devastating. to see that happen. he has been through a lot. for him to make the olympic team was amazing. i'm honored to be considered for the competitive team. i'm ready to go. >> veteran jake dalton and first time alex naddour show me how close these guys really are. >> we have grown up together since we were 6 years old. sam was with me in a meet. jake was in my wedding. we are brothers. for us, i know each and every one of these guys. we are on a roll. if we put pressure on, we can
6:52 am
shock the world. >> brothers trying to take the podium starting tonight, guys. >> i'm excited for that. >> everything. i love the olympics started. >> you can watch it here. all of the men's gymnastics teams and qualifiers and swimming events tonight on nbc at 8:00. >> we are back i n a moment, but first this is "today" on nbc.
6:53 am
6:54 am
that's beautiful. >> you know, we are all olympics. craig, what is the number one thing you want to see? >> basketball. i spent time yesterday with melo and coach k, by the way, he said if there is ever a time the country needs the olympics, that time is now. i'm looking forward to the men's basketball. >> women's gymnastics. >> i'm with you on that. >> i think so, too. >> the fierce five. we're all about it. craig, it looks absolutely beautiful where you are this morning.
6:55 am
>> a tough assignment. i'll have that story next saturday with melo. >> all right. tomorrow on "today" willie talks to the oldest to youngest members of the u.s. track and field team. >> have a great day, everyone. >> bye-bye. le thing. when you notice dry skin, try johnson's new extra moisturizing wash and cream. a rich nourishing bath routine. with ten times more moisturizer. so you can notice other things mom, like how much i love you.
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6:57 am
bay .... live the olympics games in rio are are kicking into higge. we'll give you a look at the opening ceremony -- and let you know which bay area athletes to look for in today's events. vo also: why one bay area neighborhood is on high alert this morning -- after what police found inside a neighbor's house live plus: a cool start to your weekend -- but anthony slaughter says it won't last long.
6:58 am
6:59 am
(whispering) what are you doing up? (whispering) mom said i could have a midnight snack. well, i say it's late, and you need to go to bed.
7:00 am
why? because i am the boss. you're not the boss, mom's the boss. well, technically, we are co-bosses. technically, mom's the boss. mmmm. shhh. the family favorite. yoplait. good saturday morning, it's 7:00 on this saturday, a live look out at communications hill in san jose. a little bit foggy even in the south bay, some cool temperatures out there. good morning, and thank you for joining us. i'm michelle roberts with anthony slaughter. is it warming up today? >> it is slightly today and more tomorrow as well. we are looking at that marine layer that pushed inland as you can see from san jose. here's a shot at san francisco and clouds


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