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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  August 7, 2016 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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of the glasses. >> another little message on the left hand, you've got a little joy tonight. >> good overhead look at the olympic stadium. it's been a long day of volleyball. started at 10:00 a.m. and here we are, still going at 1:00 p.m. local time. and the americans are going to take time out. >> kerri and april, after jumping out to a big lead, they hit a lull. and give credit to the australians. >> we have mentioned that kerri walsh jennings, one of a select crew that have three olympic golds. of course kiralley.
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misty and kerri. karch is the head coach of the u.s. women's national team, very powerful, a chance for a medal there. he labeled the project the quest for gold. the u.s. women's team had never won a gold medal. >> 10-8, the united states, after putting away the australians in the first set. struggling a bit here as ross puts it away. >> really nice adjustment here from april ross. that was a play, up the middle the last couple of plays. kerri walsh jennings had a little bit of trouble that time. the shoulder looking the best we've seen all year long. >> both april and kerri of course outstanding indoor players. kerri at stanford, april ross at
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usc. now laird. and laird puts it away. >> interesting decision. they had so much success against artacho. >> even when laird doesn't quite hit it through, she just has different angles to work with. >> good serve, ross has it. and ross puts it away. so it's a technical time out. >> we talk about the evolution of women. look at the vision, she's watching the ball, seeing where the location is. then she turns that vision to the hitter. early in her career she would center up. she would go straight up and down. now you're starting to see more complex moves. you're seeing a lot more because
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of that, a lot of blocks. >> kerri walsh had four in the first set. very widely considered the best blocker in the world. >> these two, both have "a" personalities, talking about walsh jennings and ross. sometimes that can be good. >> april ross, trotting back to her defensive position. >> kerri and april heavy favorites in their pool. hopped up. pushed over. artacho has it. and it's popped up by ross. april right to artacho. she guessed right. coming in and she bopped it out. united states dropping at the right time.
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another similarity that april and misty have. this is amazing. they both went to newport harbor, both played for danny glenn. he said their similarities, they were able to make their teammates better. he said since then they're willing to give back whenever i ask. >> a long rally going to the united states. it's 13-9. and that's on the line. nice play by laird. >> so the united states in their group, the united states, china, then the swiss, and australia. so not a killer pool, but certainly a competitive one that will test the americans. they'll try to hold their seed. as ross goes crosscourt.
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>> i think the story line is to attack kerri walsh jennings. you get the impression she wants them to have that challenge. >> and another block. that's six for walsh jennings. >> the sport of beach volleyball is interesting in that the other team gets to pick their point. it's a little bit like red rover. now teams are going after her. >> couldn't figure that out, for ten years teams served misty may trainor and all they did was win. now kerri on the right, and a little two-step. we'll see if they count that as another block. yes, seven. here in this match, artacho is doing a good job.
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she's running left and right. it's got to be so frustrating, because even when kerri is late, the reach makes the right spot. >> watch the hitter. hold your feet, hold your hands. get over the net as far as you can. now artacho trying again, and she spins it down the line. >> the australians have really responded with how they looked nervous early in this match. you're seeing some of that spunk, a lot of success. the team that will have a lot of success moving forward. >> nicole laird. serving kerri. and kerri off the hands, into the court. another point. so 17-11. kerri has 11 kills, seven blocks. ross, ten kills, nine digs. a good balance for the new version of the golden girls, perhaps. kerri lets it fly down the line.
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laird, kerri. off speed. try it again. kerri on the left. her own position. and she puts it away. a very long wait for tonight for kerri walsh jennings. >> just watching that play, you could hear in the stadium with this loud crowd, april ross directing traffic. hit it short, hit it deep, hit it line. kerri walsh jennings finishes the play with exactly that line shot. >> communication between the two has really improved in the last year. early on, they had trouble communicating. and kerri on two, wraps it all. >> 19-11. the united states leading by 8.
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here is set number two. artacho flies it through. artacho grew up as a beach volleyball prodigy. not so much for laird. >> first tournament together, though, wins in the olympic teams from russia and the czech republic. >> potential there. ross and walsh jennings are there right now. april scores point number 20. and the first match point is coming up. the crowd stands. final match of the night. april ross will serve for the win. down the line she goes. artacho. she squeezes it inside. kerri was mad. she didn't block that one.
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>> that reaction will tell you everything about kerri walsh jennings. it's not about the win. it's about being in the moment. >> every contact, and the americans have done that tonight. now second match point. united states trying to wrap it up. kerri for the win. not yet. artacho with the dig. april ross. hammers it home. and that will do it. an impressive start to the united states squad of kerri walsh jennings and april ross. 21-14, 21-13. they are 1-0 in the pool. aussies drop to 0-1. right now, back to the studio and bob costas. >> all right, chris. coming up on 1:10 a.m., and we are done for now. but tomorrow or later today, if you wish to be technical, big stars will abound in prime time. simone biles, katy ledecky, michael phelps. they'll all be in action. that does it for us.
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up next, your late local news followed by the late night olympic show with ryan seacrest. for now, so long from brazil. ==terry/cont vo==
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medals handed out.. and lifelong dreams achieved. as expected australia is going to win gold again. >> medals handed out and lifelong dreams an cleaved. break news in san francisco. more than a dozen children are sick after a celebration goes wrong in san francisco.
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i'm terry mcsweeney. a changing situation in the mission district. one of those children is in critical condition. >> let's get to christie smith live at the scene right now. what do we know? >> 14 people made sick at akin sin eyre ra celebration here. that's what san francisco firefighters are at thing us. we're standing at 18th and valencia at the women's building, sort of a women focused community center. what they're telling us is that it appears what everyone had in common who was made sick is that they ingested some sort of candy likely a watermelon-flavored guppy candy. they're still looking into that. firefighters say that the youngest is just 9 years old and. critical condition. about 10:15 an emergency call came in about possible allergic reactions happening this get
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together. they say the number of patients kept going up. as units arrived, people complained of heart palpitations, rashes and other symptoms. several ambulances responded. seven of those patients are described as children, minors. investigators are trying to learn more about this candy. >> preliminarily, it appears this was a candy substance but that has to be vetted and varified by the department of public health and the san francisco police department. >> they're also asking anyone who knows anything about what occurred here to contact them or if anyone has stops, you want to seek medical attention. i spoke with one woman leaving this celebration who says that people suddenly got sick out of nowhere and had what she described as bubbles forring near their mouth. she was very upset, understandably as she left. christie smith, nbc bay area
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news. and now to our olympics coverage it on the. a very strong showing by the americans early on. let's take you live to the famous copa cabana beach where we just saw kerri walsh jennings begin her quest to win a fourth gold medal perhaps. how are the americans doing overall? >> here's the current medal count. united states tied for the most medals but trailing australia and hungary when it comes to gold medals. >> live team coverage for you tonight. marianne favro has a look how our local athletes fared. >> let's begin with jessica aguirre in rio. she says it's not just the athletes. >> the real winner in this are organizers. despite all the speculation the games wouldn't be ready, they started on time and getting rave reviews. >> usa, usa. usa. >> the first night of competition scored bigging with olympic fans who say rio pulled
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off a win. >> my god, the game was great. the crowd was sensational. it was really fun to see. >> it's almost unfair to the other teams that are playing but it's fantastic into the park is huge. it's on par with china and also london. >> even if it was a nail biter till the end. i think that anyone coming here probably had anxiety and as we've been joking around, the only mosquito we've seen was one of the floats in the opening day parade. >> robert is impressed by the park and moved by last night's opening ceremony especially by parade of athletes. >> i saw the flag. it was amazing. >> sunnyvale's amanda and kevin came to watch fencing. > it was really cool. these buildings are all awesome. >> but have fallen in love with the brazilian landscape and the promise made good bit locals to do more with less.
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>> it's bigger than i expected honestly. it's pretty cool. the stadiums are gorgeous and i'm looking forward to seeing more different areas. >> reporter: competition could is tomorrow. the big headline will be coming out of gymnastics. we'll see the ladies on the mat. it's going to be super exciting. for us in the bay area, we'll see alex mass see al less, a san francisco native competing in the men's individual foil. ing that be exciting to watch. i'm going to still be here and reporting live from rio tomorrow, as well. see you then. >> she's talking about sanford right now. several threes competing in primetime in rio. all three of them ties to stanford. mary and favro with what they accomplished in the first day of competition. >> a loot. two of the bay area swimmers will be bringing home silver medals and a south bay native is one step closer to winning her
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fourth gold medal. >> bay area olympians already making it to the medal stand in rio. today maya dirado won a silver in the 400 individual medley. the 23 reerld was elated. >> i feel like i was able to enjoy being in an olympic final and racing. and that was just an unbelievable experience. >> another stanford grad kerri walsh jennings played her first match with her new partner april ross beating australia. while she graduated from archbishop high school in san jose, this is the fourth olympics for the 37-year-old mother of three. so how did she pick her new partner? minutes after defeating ross and winning gold during the 2012 olympics in london, she whispered in ross's ear, it's go get gold in rio. and incoming pressure man at stanford, katie led deck can i
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and her teammates took home a silver medal in the 4 x 100-meter relay, an event she had never competed in at the international level. >> it's so much fun and it was great having that experience and we're going to be proud getting that silver medal tonight. >> she anchored the relay. despite her incredibly fast split, it was not enough to catch up with the australian team. she'll go for her first individual medal of the games tomorrow. >> for many people, this was a highlight. the men's basketball team led by three warriors stars pummeled china today by a score of 119-62. new warrior forward kevin durant exploded on the court for team usa leading the way with 25 points. klay thompson also started for team usa. draymond green got into the action, as well. the women's u.s. soccer team off to a winning start.
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team usa beat france today, the score 1-nil. there was a lot of the excitement at santa clara university. the school's own women's soccer team was riveted watching the team move onto the semifinals. >> watching them move onto the olympics and world cup you learn so much. and seeing them play with so much passion, it really inspires me out during practice and games. >> julie johnston who graduated from santa clara had to sit out this game with a groin injury. this team taking on colombia in game three on tuesday. >> organizers are apologizing to spectators to endured long lines getting into the olympic park. the olympic park was a busy, busy place. the backup was due mostly to long waits for bag checks. there were problems when it came to transportation as well as
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fans trying to make sure they got on the correct buss or trains. security around the equestrian center is beefed up after a stray bullet flew through the media tent there. the scare came during a lunch break at an event. officials say the at the present time was not targeted. our coverage just getting started. jessica aguirre reporting in rio throughout the games. you can follow her on twitter and coming up later in the newscast, the unlikely american who won the first gold medal of the games. >> we are following another breaking story out of san francisco tonight. within the last hour, police put out a plea for help and looking for the person who shot and killed someone at aquatic park across from ghiradelli square. all investigators can tell us is that officers responded to the shoot report of a shooting when they discovered the victim shot in the torso. the victim died at the scene. nine people are out of their homes after an apartment fire in
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petaluma. you can see how severe this was at the wood creek town homes near the corner of g and 6th streets. the flames broke out about 5:00 this evening destroying one unite completely. connecting apartments were also damaged. damage here about $150,000. a couple and two children who live in one of the apartments say it is a total loss. what should have been a thrilling experience turned into a horrifying tragedy for two young men today killed when their parachute failed to open near lodi. the bodies of the instructor and his 1-year-old customer were discovered in a vineyard. the sky divers continue to drop from plains over the course of the day. the instructor was an independent contractor but very experienced. >> the parachute failed to function properly. we have no explanation why. the only thing is looks like
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something may have gone out of sequence ha may have caused the problem. the two were using the same parachute. the faa is investigating. the lodi drop zone has seen over a dozen deaths since opening back in the '80s. i don't know why anybody would want the. >> we are learning flu details about a loophole we exposed that allows san francisco restauranted to wipe away their old inspection records. we'll expose those dirt can i secrets coming up. o the bay area today. how long cot cool temperatures last for the rest of your weekend. a look at that when we come right back. ♪ everything is awesome
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restaurant apps may not be well, foodies beware the health scores on your favorite restaurant aps may not tell you the story. >> new information about why san francisco is keeping customers in the dark about potentially dangerous and disgusting violations. >> here is our investigator reporter. >> we discovered awe loophole that essentially allows restaurant owners to wipe their dirty records clean. when we first brought our findings to san francisco's department of health back in may, it told us state laws actually prevent the city from doing anything about it. now we're finding out that's just not true. >> seven hills. this is alex. >> london native alex opened the seven hills restaurant in san francisco nearly six years ago.
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and while he's proud of his italian menu, he's even prouder of his restaurant's near perfect health inspection record. >> we have people's lives in our hands. >> you take it that serious. >> yeah, it's absolutely that serious. >> which is why he was upset to learn about a loophole that allows restaurant owners in san francisco to wipe away their old inspection records and health code scores from the city's website. >> there's no reason anybody should hide their health inspection score or want to wipe it clean unless there's something they're trying to hide into popular web sites like yelp take inspection scores directly from the city's database and post them for easy access. but the city deletes the online records anytime a restaurant pays nearly $600 in fees to file a change of ownership. we discovered restaurants that apply for the change are still allowed to have the same owners. so long as they change their
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corporation name and even when new people do take over, the restaurant can still be owned by the same corporation. take this dim sum spot in the diamond heights neighborhood. the sign says all season restaurant but it's officially known as harbor villa and has a history of unsanitary conditions including cockroach infestations. inspectors found dead cockroaches on top of what were supposed to be clean utensils and plates. those where is wiped clean as the restaurant listed new owners working for the same corporation. do you have any idea how many other restaurants may be taking advantage of this loophole? >> many do. >> stephanie curbing heads san francisco's department of developmental health which oversees inspections for roughly 7400 permitted restaurants and caterers in san francisco. in may, we asked her why the city allows certain restaurants to get a clean slate in cases
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where the city knows the same owners are still running the place. >> does that make sense to you? >> it's not for me to make sense of it. it is what the law requires us to do. >> reporter: what is essentially tying your hands? is it city code or is it state in. >> it's both. >> reporter: but we checked with california's department of health and found out there are absolutely no state laws or regulations forcing cities to remove a restaurant's old health records from its website. pat is california's food safety manager. >> the law doesn't specify whether a historical record associated with a prior owner goes with a new company or doesn't. the law is silent on the issue. >> reporter: about ten years ago, san francisco made the decision to stop including a restaurant's previous ownership records online. a spokeswoman for the city's department of public health told us consumers only wanted to see the most current score and says posting that information online now would make it very difficult
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for people who navigate. >> do you buy that in. >> saying that a san francisco diners are not you know, savvy enough to digest that information i think is incorrect. >> reporter: in nearby santa clara county, changes in restaurant ownership are posted directly on the county's website. customers can even check a restaurant's old health records under previous own ares. >> it's so important for us to be clean. >> he wonders why sfraent isn't doing the same. >> just to think somebody can change their name and get any blemishes quashed is scary. it is. >> since we broke the story, a san francisco lawmaker asked account city's attorney's office to research a legislative fix to close the loophole. there's another way consumers can get hold of the deleted inspection reports. file a request to get the last five years of held records of any restaurant. that process can take days.
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back to you into if you have a tip or our investigative unit, give us a call 888-996-tips. you can send an e-mail to the unit >> in tribute to the olympics, it's only appropriate we do a forecast for rio. >> we can't be there but we can try to transport you right there in terms of the weather. coming up at 4:30 in the morning, it's now 72 degrees. check out the high in the forecast tomorrow. 88 with high humidity. the weather could have an impact on the outdoor events. hot and humid around rio. 59 in san jose. cool towards livermore. a high of 82. the average high is 8837 since thursday, 70s and low 80s. we'll get another one on the way for tomorrow with the strong gusty on shore winds bringing in fog for the afternoon. 70s around


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