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tv   Today  NBC  August 7, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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♪ ♪ here comes team usa. i support paul ryan. stop! good morning, welcome to sunday "today." i'm willie geist. the opening ceremony was jut 36 hours ago and team usa has won gold. we'll get the health highlights and results in a moment. the youngest and oldest members of the track and field squad. a 41-year-old and a 17-year-old
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hoping for a trip to the podium. >> you've got a lot to get there. and believe in yourself that i can do it. and you're going to do it. >> and then potential olympians of the future. young kids and extreme sports. >> to the parents who say you're too young to be doing this, what would you say? plus you the olympic ideal from winning the gold one way to the british runner who wouldn't give up even after tearing a hamstring. terry smiths looks at the games. and we've got another great group assembled around our table. we'll talk politics in a moment. let's start with roundup of olympic action. team usa got its first gold right out of the gate, 19-year-old ginny thrasher making it look easy in the air rifle. this is the first u.s. gold in
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that competition since 2000. the american men's basketball team trumps china blowing them out by a score of 119-62. kevin durant leading the way with 25 points. the women's soccer team is moving on to the quarterfinals after beating france 1-nil. carli lloyd had the americans' only goal. and serena williams is already out. she lost to the belgian. the australians taking own the gold medal in the 4x100 meter in the relay. taking a look at the medal count as it stands, a three-way tie for first after one day of competition. the u.s., japan and china each starting the day with five medals. day two of olympic action getting under way in a couple hours. events to look out for include preliminaries of swimming,le women taking on senegal and more tennis action including serena
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williams, rafael nadal and andy murray all plays today. in prime time, the u.s. women's gymnastics team will take to the floor for the first time. where we could see michael phelps for the first time in rio competition in the 4x100 free style relay. you can catch it all at 7:00, 6:00 central right here on nbc. we'll have much more on the olympics and throughout the show. but for now, we turn to the race for the white house. trump at a rally in new hampshire on saturday where among other things he questioned hillary clinton's mental stability. >> hillary clinton made repeated false statements to the media. congress and the public. false statement number one it's so amazing. honestly, i don't think she's all there. >> trump and clinton off the campaign trail today. the presidential election, by the way, is three months from
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tomorrow. belgium's prime minister calling a machete attack in that country a likely act of terrorists. it happened in a city south of brussels. police say a man walked up to the police station and lunged at a policewoman yelling ali akbar. oscar pistorius is in the hospital after suffering an injury in prison. he hurt himself after falling out of bed. eriksson w pistorius was taken back after. he's been strugglingly mightily and speculation that he'll either retire or be released by the yankees. let's get to the table, we got a strong pool. kelly conway is senior adviser and pollster in the trump
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campaign. kellyann, good morning. yes moore. a rhodes scholar and best-selling author. he has not won a nobel prize yet but that undoubtedly. and nbc correspondent hallie jackson steps off the road where she's been covering the presidential campaign nonstop for a year an a half, rarely stopping even for clean clothes. >> i smell good. >> kellyann, i want to talk to you, with the obvious caveat this was the week we came out of hillary clinton's convention. i know you got internal polling that may be painting a different picture we did get a state of polls including the abc news "wall street journal" poll that shows hillary clinton up by nine points nationally. and it doesn't paint a good
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piblgtd for donald trump. florida plus 6 for hillary clinton, plus 7 for michigan, pennsylvania, plus 11, new hampshire, plus 17. how concerned are you about the numbers? >> well, we're very excited with mr. trump to get back on message. this is a competition against hillary clinton. he's taken the case directly to her. what we see in turn, we see tighter races, but i would point out there were other polls that show, for example, the reuters poll which is an online poll where donald trump is three points behind hillary clinton nationally. when you online polls as opposed to telephone polls, mr. trump tends to be better. you're issuing your votes privately. there's no question that i think the combination of hillary clinton coming out of her convention, where she had basically the stars of the
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democratic party for her, really. and the beginning of a rough week. >> well, let's talk about that shift. because at the beginning of the week, donald trump refused to endorse paul kiryan, kelly ayot, did somebody come to him and say he needs to fix a few things here? >> well, the campaign, it makes it a change election and a choice against clinton. it's a binary choice. what do you think about the first and second amendment. and hillary clinton has been a very flawed individual when it comes to politics. obviously in polls she's not been able to turn the corner on her trustworthiness and when the president and hillary clinton talk about qualifications for president, i think at the week showing exactly why hillary clinton does not face the press. because when she tried to in a
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very limited friendly forum, it did not go well for her. >> and we'll get to that in one second, but you know very well covering this campaign and some of the frustration, what kelly ann was talking about when you get bogged down in a fight with a gold star family and you get bogged down in the re-election campaign and you're not talking about hillary clinton, that's not the way to go. >> it was trufrustrating, as yo know. we could be hitting her from everything from e-mails and the press conference. instead, we're talking about the khans, paul ryan, john mccain. and i think that there has been a real direct reflection of that to donald trump himself. i'm told he's telling the advisers, listen, i get it. i know what i have to do. i know what has to be done. over the last two or three days on the road with him, he has opened all his rallies hitting hillary clinton. and talking about his campaign. i'll tell you, when you look at
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new polling, there's any awe "washington post" poll out today, if you look deep, she's up leading him by a couple of points on the issue of national security and who makes you feel more safe at home. that's somebody i would watch. as you know, donald trump has built his campaign in the foundation of i am a person to make this country safer. he's built the campaign on law and order and domestic terrorism. >> obviously, he's shifted, he knows he's got focus on hillary clinton. i think part of this is the way he's focusing on hillary clinton. let's listen to what he said about it this week. week. >> she's the devil. in one way she's a monster. in another way, she's a weak person. the queen of corruption and she's like an unbalanced person. she's really pretty close to unhinged and you've seen it. honestly, i don't think she's all there. >> i don't think she's all there. she's a little unhinged. these are as add hottacks.
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>> donald trump said famously i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot someone and not lose supporters. for the core group, that might be true but the problem is he is not going to win the general election with those numbers. the way donald trump is going and thinking about this, he's tapping into people's primal fears without hope what actually needs to be done in ordinary tore address your pains. so what we've seen right now, this type of transition, i'm not sure how this transition translates into better poll numbers and a greater understanding. >> how does he do that, kelly and grow the pie. if you look inside nbc wall street journal numbers among white voters, it's getting closer than you probably would like it to be. how does he grow from the base of support he won in the primary, how does he broaden that out in the general? >> several ways, one is to talk
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about substance and i think the voters are way ahead of the p l politicia politicians. they demand we got onto the issues that they care about. a lot of americans are struggling and the questions are do you feel safe and prosperous. those numbers in the swing states for folks struggling, i think having gone on the the road this week with governor pence you see that up close and personally in some of these cities and towns. secondly, so going substance. tomorrow donald trump will be in detroit to unveil his economic plan that substantive justice this week he started talking about hillary care and obamacare if it hasn't worked. 16 of the 23 occo-ops failed. he does well in the attributes on who is a strong leader. he does well with men and women on who is a strong leader. that's really a great question as we head into the elections
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because people are nervous, they are very -- they could be reckuating the wrong park and standing in the wrong coffee line. people are nervous. there is a certain angst that he could -- which is different than primal fears he could tap into and third, remembering this is a binary race and are you for change the waybill clinton done and barack obama did. >> you pointed this out at an event she was interviewed by kristen welker talking to chris wallace about what director comey said about her being truthful or not when discussing whether she used classified e-mail marked classified. here is her response. >> are you mischaracterizing director comey's testimony and
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is this under cutting efforts to rebuild trust. >> i may have short circuited that and for that i will try to clarify. >> what did she mean by that? does that mean she short circuited that? >> listen, i think she meant to say i didn't fully think through the answer before she said it. when you use phrasing like that, short circuited and have major issues with trustworthiness and question and response hits the very heart of that, that's a real problem for hillary clinton because it speaks to what people are concerned about with her and you are seeing this open the door for more taps from republicans. donald trump is using this in a web video to go after her. >> so wes, that gives the favorability numbers, hillary clinton at 37%. the problem is donald trump, republicans is only at 28%. >> and to your point earlier, this is not a binary election and the challenge secretary clinton has to face is fear about the campaign is this would be a mandate on hillary clinton
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and in many ways, those ties shifted where this is more about stability and the ability for donald trump to be able to sit in that seat. she is trying to make such an effort to make people understand my favorability numbers should be higher. i should have more of an opportunity to understand who the real hillary clinton is part of the democratic convention. the challenge is when things like this continue to happen and wave up the fans. >> the great disconnect and cycle is the disconnect between the way the voters see the campaign, which is a referendum on hillary clinton who they have known for awhile and who is functionally the incumbent here and the way it's being covered. it's being covered as a referendum on donald trump because he's more exciting to cover. she's more boring. many voters think she lies for a living and yet, that's a huge disconnect because i don't think it will change the way voters see this election. do you want more of the same or trust her enough? >> why doesn't he have a lead if
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that's the case? >> he will again. these will bounce back and forth. even hillary clinton's team who is smart and savvy put out a couple fundraising appeals saying look, this guy just raised $80 million you weren't expecting that and he's going to go back in the polls. they said don't get comfortable. hillary's team recognized this. the gender gap is her problem with men and in your polling, it's a chronic problem. she can't break the fever among male voters that don't want her to be commander in chief. >> this is a referendum on donald trump and i heard that from closed a visors saying this comes down to our candidate and how people perceive him and that is actually why i think they believe they have an advantage on tone. it's almost i'm rubber you're glue defense. he's turning and hitting her with and it comes down to the supreme court nominee versus who do you trust with the nuclear code. >> stick with me, guys, we'll
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talk a little bit about a limb picks and apologies to rio, our favorite athlete of the week, the 9-year-old who had a long fight to get to that moment on the mound in baltimore. and the once obscured athlete that became an international star with a little help from the peopl good sunday morning to you. anthony slaughter here. waking up to fog in some places. it's not as widespread as it was yesterday. we're getting sunshine here. there is the fog drifting through the bay. we are looking at temperatures that are cool, but the fog not as widespread. that has allowed us to fall closer to the 40s in the north bay. overall, we are going to see a rebound to temperatures 80s in the inland, 70s in the inner bay, 60s at the coast. poor foster kid
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she then found her seat in the crowd where she danced like no one was watching. even though a billion people were watching. gisele was lit perfectly as the cameras managed to find her again and again and again and no sign of tom brady, unfortunately.
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pretty solid, same press. the remaining supply of baby oil in the small nation of tonga after the opening ceremony. this is the man that stole the show during the parade of nations friday night. he's pita taufotofua who got himself good and lubed up before leading the team into the stadium. pita became a web sensation after his glistening appearance and he spent his life working with children in homeless shelters and raised the money on his own to train and qualify in rio. we have our first new star in the olympic games. >> wes has that same outfit in the green room. >> he's actually from brooklyn, that's the new scandal -- i'm just kidsiding. [ laughter ] >> can we roll that again. >> we'll get you a copy, halle. settle down. zion through out the first pitch at the orioles. when he was two years old an
6:21 am
infection cost him his hands. last hour in a 10-hour surgery zion became the first child to undergo a by lateral hand transplant. he threw out the first pitch to orioles' star adam jones. zion proved to be a good luck charm. he got it there, too. >> it's a great story for anyone still complaining about anything today. >> absolutely. >> look at this boy. big smile on his face and very inspiring story. >> we love you, zion. the next low, donald trump's opinion of the media after he was accused of throwing a baby out of a rally. he said he did not. trump was interrupted by a little bundle of joy with serious pipes. a moment trump addressed that day and throughout the week. >> actually, i was only kidding, you can get the baby out of here. believe me that i love having a baby crying while i'm speaking.
6:22 am
i don't throw babies out, believe me. i love babies. i'm going to make a deal with the parents because we can take that baby to training school and it will be the next great. >> complimenting the pipes. >> did he throw the baby out? >> no, and the baby's mom came out and said he didn't throw the baby out. i think this is a good example of every single thing donald trump says and does is scrutinized and hillary clinton had the week off. she didn't wear well. >> the mother brought the baby back in with a past fire. >> we welcome babies. the creepiness of gags the green bay clown. residents called police when they spotted a clown roaming the streets late at night carrying only a bouquet of black ballo s balloons. gags was spotted wearing horrified grease paint and a soil clown suit. a rep for the police department recognizes the creepiness and says this person is not breaking
6:23 am
the law and it's part of a horror short film. the clown was part of a viral campaign. >> nightmares for days. the final low, when someone shoots you in the neck with a flailing aero on national television. it happened on america's got talent and sometimes america has bad aim. ♪ ♪ >> probably should have rehearsed that one first. >> there should be an hour delay. [ laughter ] >> oh my goodness. kelly ann, wes, thank you-all for being here. american olympic teammates heading to rio. heading to rio. she's a 16-year-old high♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, isn't it time to let the real you shine through?
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dublin vicky/2shot good sunday morning to you. it's 6:26. we are taking a live look outside in dublin. you can see the sunrise kind of breaking through there. it's a cool morning. we appreciate you joining us. anthony slaughter has a check of our forecast. it cooled down a little yesterday, too. >> it did. you were mentioning how breezy it was this morning. we have fog up against the coastline. warmer temperatures inland. that's why we have the atmosphere mixing out a little bit. you will notice, we don't have as much fug aog and it's not as widespread. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. late they are afternoon, we will see a similar day to yesterday with a little bit of warming by the afternoon for the inland valleys.
6:27 am
that will push us into the mid 80s. mid 60s to mid 70s in the inner bay. the way we like it. temperatures do get hot tomorrow. we will talk about that at 7:00. >> tune in at 7:00. thanks. we want to tell you about a developing story in san francisco. a 9-year-old girl is in critical condition. she's one of eight people being treated in the hospital after getting sick at a birthday party. firefighters were called to a celebration at the women's building around 10:15 last night because someone was having an allergic reaction. when responders arrived, the number of patients kept going up to 14. children and adults complained of heart palpitations, swollen tongues and rashes. investigators say candy may be the cause. >> they ate a gummy ring-style candy. that is what we're looking at at this time. >> investigators are working to learn more about this gummy candy and san francisco police want to hear from anyone who may
6:28 am
know about where the candy came from. we are following another story out of san francisco last night. police put out a plea for help in finding the person who shot and killed someone at aquatic park. it is -- officers responded to a report of a shooting just before 10:00. they discovered the victim shot in the torso. that victim died at the scene. the city of los gatos is taking steps to keep beach tr t traffic out of their town. they are warning drivers the on ramp to highway 17 is closed. the idea is to discourage drivers heading to santa cruz from clogging the retail district. in addition, other avenues are blocked at highway 9. those closures will be in place from 9:00 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon on weekends. if you are driving northbound on highway 17, you will still be
6:29 am
able to exit on to south santa cruz avenue. good news for anthony slaughter who goes to the beach all the time. coming up at 7:00, ywe have you covered for the olympics. that plus all your top stories and a warming forecast, a cooling forescool ing forecast. >> i don't take that exit. >> good to know. not guilty. that's all coming up at 7:00. we hope you join us. we send you back to "today."
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watching u srsian in the 10 meter dash. a mosquito was chasing him. >> jimmy fallon getting ready for olympics. it is sydney mclaughlin's 17th birthday. she is on her way to rio, where she'll run for a gold medal in the 400 meter hurdles. when she gets home to new jersey after the olympics, the youngest member of the united states track and field team will be back with her buddies for her senior year of high school. we visited sydney at that school where we got her together with the oldest member of the team,
6:31 am
41-year-old bernard just before it was time to leave for brazil. she wasn't old enough to have a driver's license. but sydney mclaughlin's own two wheels were fast enough to get her to the olympics. where she'll be the youngest american athlete to compete in track and field since 1972. >> 16-year-old sidney mclaughlin crosses the line first. >> the teenager punched her ticket to rio when she blazed through the olympic trails last month. >> that race is whoa. the fastest race i've been in in my entire life. >> is there a sense of relief when it's over. >> crossing that line is the best feeling in the world. >> the world will get to know sydney in rio but the rising senior is already a celebrity at her union catholic high school in new jersey. >> is it cool for you to walk into the school and see pictures of you cheering you on, knowing that all the people you walk
6:32 am
through the halls with during the school year will be on your side cheering for you? >> it's exciting and kind of overwhelming. i don't think there is that much need for posters everywhere but it's nice knowing they are all there cheering for me. >> sydney's coaches call her a once in a lifetime talent. >> when she came in at age 14, it was clear that she had some gifts. >> yeah, she was definitely at a different level than anything we seen here. >> if somebody could run a 235 seconds, she could do it in 32 seconds and looked effortless. >> how does this work, sydney, in the winter when you train in the hallway? >> yeah, we have these mats that we roll out throughout each hallway and usually, you know, we warm up on it and do our drills and stuff and one at a time so we didn't kill each other. teacher wills swing the door open and someone will run by and it's crazy. >> you could forgive them for not world class printer would be coming through the hallway they
6:33 am
relief for the day. pump up song. what do you listen to when you get ready for a big race? >> jersey club music. you got to rep jersey. i mean, teenagers, that's the new thing. >> who knew that was the secret to olympic success. >> it is. >> with that jersey club music playing in her head, sydney won the 400 meter hurdles at the world youth championships in colombia and then broke two national high school records at this year's new balance national. sydney's family and coaches praise her humility but there are reminders around every corner of what she's already accomplished. so you're walking to class and your name on this board with 21 records and another year to go. >> yeah. >> sydney comes from a family of elite runners. both her father and older brother ran at the olympic trials but early on it took a
6:34 am
little bribery to get her out of the blocks. so i understand part of your early training with your father involved chocolate bars? >> my dad said if you run, i'll give you a chocolate bar and i got on the line and ran so fast and i won the race at 6, 7 years old and gave me the chocolate bar. if you keep those coming, i'll keep running. ♪ ♪ >> in the block, huge race. >> yes. >> what's the last thing that goes through your mind before the gun goes off? >> god has you. he's given me amazing talent and got me to where i am. >> do you look over at competitors and look at them. >> it's my lane. it's me and those ten hurdles. >> the youngest member of the united states track and field team got a special visit from the oldest. >> i'm excited. >> 41-year-old bernard is a five-time olympian and two-team medalist. >> the second fastest man in
6:35 am
history. >> running the 5,000 meters for team usa. >> you have to have confidence and believe in yourself you can do it. >> nothing to it, sydney. >> he first competed for his native kenya winning bronze in 2000 and silver in 2004 before coming to america for college and later becoming an american citizen. >> as a fellow 41-year-old, i'm offended about you being the old man of the olympics. >> they say the grand old man is on the field andment i want to that as an advantage. >> what do you know as a 41-year-old competitor. >> i used to analyze things, what to eat, the weather, how many hours to sleep before i go out there and compete but no a days, if i get an hour or 30 minutes, who cares. i'm ready. >> bernard lagat is going to take it. >> at the olympic trials, lag a, t proved he hasn't lost a step.
6:36 am
>> you were in sixth place in the last lap. did you know you were in a good position or worried you're too far back? >> that's exactly the position my coach told me to be in and i felt comfortable. i went for it. >> you had great emotion on your face. what was going through you at that time? >> as soon as i crossed that line, the picture in my head was nobody else, just my children. >> it's a family affair for you guys. >> it's a family affair and so much fun to be with them and for them to understand that what daddy does is we can see the results. there is also we can travel with them and we can see him competing. >> is there any chance, depending on how this goes in rio that you could continue on after this? i mean, if you can do it at 41, why can't you do it at 45? >> i know. some things have to come to a close, you know. we have to end at some point, but i'd love to contribute a lot in terms of helping the young
6:37 am
generation believe in track and field. we know track and field is a beautiful sport, that with hard work and sacrifice, you can run all the way until you're longest year years. >> my fellow 41-year-old bernard lagat runs the 500 meters on august 17th and his daughter says she's excited her father made it to rio because it means she can go watch gymnastics and hopefully she's catch dad, too. by the way, sydney says there is one very important piece of home she'll be talking with her to rio, the minions of despicable me play a part in that story. for more, check out >> coming up next here on "sunday today" if you think sydney is young, wait until you see the grade school extreme see the grade school extreme athletes getting ready for the o sell your car carmax will give you seven days to consider their offer.
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the medals you've earned are all around you. your bronze. your silver. your gold. and liberty mutual insures them all. liberty mutual is proud to insure every team usa medal won in rio, just like we protect the medals you've earned in life. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. many you've ever run or watched one of those gruels extreme obstacle races, you probably would agree it's no place for a grade schooler. we found some grade schoolers that begged to differ. joe frayer introduces us to young athletes competing and literally climbing mountains. >> reporter: the playgrounds of the 21st century seem to have no boundaries for some kids like a
6:41 am
12-year-old that scales the world's largest mountains. >> i've seen stuff not a lot of 12-year-olds have. >> reporter: a 10-year-old that excels at cross fit or a 9-year-old that tackles monster obstacle courses. >> people always call me champ. they always cheer me on. they always clap. >> reporter: these days kids are taking sports to the limits. >> the sports move faster to them and kids like to get up in the air. i know that's my own kids. >> reporter: but how extreme is too extreme? at age 9 mila was the youngest at this spartan race in pennsylvania. with her dad she tears through a course that stretches for 8 migh miles and features 25 obstacles. equally fear wills is grace avery a cross fit kid that would rather nod work out with kids.
6:42 am
>> i do the adult close. >> reporter: she weighs 80 pounds and dead lifts 125 pounds. >> when grace runs laps on a kid on the field, it's because of cross fit. >> reporter: higher up you'll find 12-year-old tyler armstrong that's been climbing mountains for half his life. when he first told you he wanted to do this, what was your e action? >> i thought he was joking. >> dad soon learned this was no joke. when you get to the bottom of a peak and look up, is that when it sets in? >> you're like wow, the awe factor. >> reporter: as tyler grew, so did the challenges conquering the world's tallest peaks. the next, mount everest. tyler trains by strapping on a backpack filled with 45 pounds of race and walking at a 45 degree angle. >> it's tough for half an hour, but it's going to help me get up everest. >> reporter: but the chinese government is not giving tyler a permit to climb because of his
6:43 am
age. >> these sports are different than going out for a run or playing soccer. the risk and potential injury is much greater. >> reporter: jordan is a sports medicine physician at the hospital for special surgery in new york. he says there is a fine line between healthy and unhealthy sports. >> i think essentially kids should be weight training but high reputation lightweight until their growth plates are closed. >> reporter: this safety advocate is passionate after her son was killed in a motorcycle crash she learned he suffered from the degenerative brain disease cte likely caused from years of football a sport considered more mainstream than extreme. >> it's risk versus reward. what's the reward really worth risking your life and once you have done your child eulogy you don't wish that on anybody. >> to the parents that say
6:44 am
you're too young to do this, what would you say? >> come climb with me and i'll beat you to the top. >> until they tell me they don't want to do it anymore, i'll back them 100%. >> tyler's money fights muscular dystrophy and mila once bullied hopes to send a message for self-esteem for her when it comes to extreme sports, this finish line is just the beginning. [ cheers ] >> joe fryer, reporting. >> next on "sunday today" harry smith on the promise of the olympic games in rio during an easy time in the world. th good sunday morning to you. waking up to clouds and fogs across san francisco. a shot from ocean beach. you can see the clouds blanketing the city. fog has made its way to the tri-valley, even the south bay. temperatures right now back into the 50s for the most part.
6:45 am
we are going to see a rebound to temperatures this afternoon with full sunshine, even for the coastline. 65 in san francisco is where we are headed today. 72 in santa cruz. 80 for san jose. poor foster kid black immigrant cancer patient small muslim the only label that matters is olympian. the things that i consume a lot of it is very acidic. the enamel on my teeth was actually weakening. the whiteness wasn't there as much. my teeth didn't look as healthy as others. my dentist said that pronamel would help fight against that erosion that foods and drinks were causing. so it was really important to start using the pronamel. it'll be one less thing you have to worry about.
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pronamel is now giving me the confidence to know that i'm doing the right thing. so it's nice to know that it's as simple as that. ♪
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every couple years the olympics give the country and
6:48 am
the world a couple of weeks to pause and watch together, even as it sometimes feels politics and our times are pulling us apart. harry smith reminds us of the power of the olympic games. ♪ >> reporter: the olympics are the best kind of reality television. there's also kinds of anticipation about what we think will happen and then there is the reality part. greg louganis was as good a diver as anyone had ever seen. but how do you come back after hitting your head? by winning a gold medal, of course. [ cheers ] >> in the 1992 games in barcelona, british runner derrick redman, one of their best, tore his ham strange in the 400 meter final. he grimaced in pain and decided
6:49 am
no bhaert he woumatter what, he the race. his father joined him on the track. we all cried. no one could script this. atlanta, 1996, women's gymnastics. with the u.s. holding a narrow lead, kerri strug needed an solid performance to clinch a landing. her landing was a disaster. a badly injured ankle left her hobbling. yet, somehow on her second vault she nailed it more tears, what guts. we all have our favorite moments from games past in sydney, the woman who lit the flame was an australian and cathy freeman was a racial barrier. the likes of which her country had never seen. she would win gold in the 400 meter race, a run of pride all australians embraced. this time around we'll be glued to our screens to watch michael phelps, no doubt. >> michael phelps is going to win gold. >> reporter: he's in a once in a lifetime athlete, no one has one more medals and we can't wait to see simone biles.
6:50 am
and the women's gymnastics team. they say no one on the planet is as good as bulls. and katy ledecky, she's 19. the force in free style, go katy. we'll watch women's basketball for sure. the u.s. women will be going for their eighth consecutive gold medal. talk about a dream team. but the stories we'll look for will be the ones that sneak up on us. remember rulon gardner, the u.s. wrestlers who beat the unbeatable russian? those things happen at an olympics. sports we rarely see. i'm definitely going to catch some archery and badminton, i love badminton. and i love to serve through the sports that rarely get air time. we watch and see people that dedicate much of their young lives to a pursuit that doesn't often end in glory or fame. competition for competition's
6:51 am
sake, an idea really, an olympic idea that goes back to the beginning of the modern games that the world would stop what it's doing, even for awhile and meet for a friendly competition. i'm hungry for these games in a way i haven't been in years. they will not solve the world's problems but maybe they can be an entity. >> and harry smith joins me, who doesn't love badminton, you're right. we have ten refugee athletes walk into the olympic stadium, one syrian refugee an 18-year-old won her heat in the 100 meter free style, incredible. >> it was its own great feat and she'll be able to swim again because she actually came in way down the list. >> right. >> but there are those things that happen in the olympics that are not scripted. we're not prepared for. you know, everybody at nbc has been preparing for this for
6:52 am
literally four years, right, but then something like this comes along, oh, my gosh, how great. >> do you have a favorite moment. i know ali in '96. >> right, that certainly was a huge one. because here was a guy especially coming after our remembrance of him and his life was not without controversy and at this moment then, the world and especially many in america say, you know what, this guy actually stood for what he believed in. but think about that. miracle on ice. lake placid. >> yeah. >> oh my gosh, these things that are not predicted to happen but sitting and watching the opening ceremony friday night and watching these young fresh faces. all of the optimism. all of the hope. all of the promise as all these folks from all these different countries. all of these different ethnicities, right?
6:53 am
saying this is our time. at least for these two weeks and i'm more than happy to see it. >> a lot of them with tears in their eyes which is coolest. harry smith, great to see you, sir. thank you. this week we highlight another life well lived, the son of cleveland steve latourette ran for congress in 1994 as a career as a public defender and county prosecutor. he won, riding into washington on the republican wave that fall. he was known for whit and mastery of congressional rules. he once enlisted dave berry to help him write a floor speech. >> as a lawyer i'm the last person to suggest that everybody in my profession is a money grubber. in fact, the actual percentage is about 73%. of course, mr. speaker, i'm just pulling your honorable leg. the vast majority of lawyers are responsible professionals are, as well as in many ways human beings. >> he was a moderate republican and vocal critic of the tea
6:54 am
party forming a super pac to fight the group's agenda. he retired after serving nine terms siting gridlock. john boehner called him one of the most honest and loyal souls i have ever had the privilege of knowing. congressman steve latourette died on wednesday of pancreatic cancer leaving behind his wife jennifer and six children. he was 62 years old. excellent. the first ingredient is chicken. (riley) man, this chicken is spectacular! (jessica) i had to start hiding the bag because he would try to put his face in it all day. yeah you love it, don't you? you love it so much! i feel like when he eats beneful, he kind turns into a puppy again. it's protein. it's vegetables. it's grains. i mean, like that sounds like a dinner i'd make for myself, right? (riley) hey it's a big bag. just have some of mine. (vo) try new beneful healthy weight with chicken. now with real chicken as the number one ingredient, healthful. flavorful. beneful. ♪ sfx: boop
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we close this morning with predictions for the week ahead. president obama and his family will spend the next two weeks at martha's vineyard. they vacationed all years but one we predict the first week
6:58 am
nice and quiet and week two gets wild when biden rolls in and crashes on the couch. assume he makes it through tomorrow. michael phelps will swim for gold on tuesday in the butterfly. it would be the 19th gold medal. we predict quite simply he's going to win and this week is elvis week in memphis where fans and inpempersonators get togeth to honor the king as we approach the 39th anniversary of his death. with all due respect, we'll be celebrating with fans and inperson nations a week honoring a different american icon. you guessed it, it's gary busey week around here. chuck todd is joined by tim kaine and you can catch the olympics, swimming, olympics and dyei diving at 7:00, 6:00 central. enjoy the olympics and the rest of your weekend. take a live look outside......
6:59 am
7:00 am
san jose - communications good sunday morning to you. it is 7:00. we're taking a live look outside at the sun shines in a glowing manner over san jose from communications hill. a cooler morning out there as we start your day. good morning. thanks for joining us. let's check your microclimate forecast with anthony slaughter. as always, we're looking at a roller coaster of temperatures. >> temperatures go up today, a little bit from where they were yesterday. then we peak monday and tuesday. then back down. we are looking at fog and clouds in san francisco. you saw earlier from the shot in san jose, we have clouds and fog that have made their way to


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