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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  August 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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on this sunday night, winners and losers, the entire russian olympic team is kicked out of the olympic competition after doping. wild weather spoils events as team usa is among the medal leaders. the must see event ahead. he's out. cheerful alex rodriguez announces his retirement from the new york yankees, walking away with millions. in the lead, hillary clinton. how trump's campaign is planning to gather. the place where hundreds of kids can be kids. hitting the beach. we get to the bottom
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of the question. why are they so addi addictaddic addicted to beach volleyball in rio? "nightly news" right now. good evening. athletes from around the world play for gold and national pride in these olympic games. humiliating defeat suffered by russia's paraolympic team before their turn to take the field. the team baned from competing here in rio. the latest in the doping scandal that rocked their olympic program and tarnished the athletes weeks before the start of the paraolympic game. miguel almaguer has the details from the olympic park. >> reporter: the russian flag was hoisted in olympic village under a clouded controversy. it will not fly here
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next month when the paraolympic games start in rio. today, the international paraolympic committee did what the olympic committee would not, banning the entire russian nation after the allegations of doping. all 267 athletes cannot compete in september. >> i believe the russian government c catastrophically failed. it disgusts me. >> reporter: some are calling the decision overreached. >> it violates everybody's sense of justice to paint every single person in russia, every single person on the paraolympic team with a broad brush. >> reporter: unlike the olympics where sports are governed by federation, the international paraolympic committee has more control and oversees it force. russian fans already in brazil, calling it
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a pretty cal move. tonight in rio, the russians have already taken the podium. but the paraolympic team will not have the same chance. tonight the russian paraolympic delegation trying to get to rio says they will up heal the decision, a unanimous decision. russian officials say it is unfair, unjust and is eat back for human rights. lester? >> miguel almaguer, thank you. a big day and night coming up for team usa with an olympic swimming record broken today. u.s. athletes win an impressive med also far. there was something else that no one anticipated. stephanie gosk is following it for us. >> for some of it, athletes, their toughest competition came from the weather. the wind caused problems across the city causing delays and cancellations.
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howling gusts as strong as 35 miles an hour forced the venues and ripped off banners including a must recall at the aquatic center. high winds forced them to close an olympic store and athlete cafeteria for safety reasons. the new slalom delays and rowing canceled. williams won her match even though serving was tough. >> probably see a lot of that. a very blustery day. >> reporter: rain may have contributed to this crash. a dutch cyclist in the lead slipped off the road. she suffered a concussion and fractures to her spine. the best place to be was inside where katy ledecky got a medal. >> just setting myself up. i feel like i have a good handle on it.
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>> reporter: saturday night, fellow swimmer chase won silver in the 400 i.m. it's tough. how do you feel in the final lap? >> it hurts. it hurts a lot. >> it used to belong to phelps and lochtke. >> they have been my idols. they succeeded in my best event. i wanted to be like them. >> gymnasticed started today. they are vying far spot in the team competition. a french gymnast who broke his leg in preliminaries posted a message from the hospital. proudly showing off his country's colors. on the beach saturday, gold hopefuls kerry walsh jennings and april ross pulled out their first match. >> i love we started this way. we set a tone. we have to keep it up. a slightly overdressed secretary of state, john kerry joined in on the beach fun earlier in the
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day. no word on who won that match. a bit more seriously, an update on the security situation. there have been two incidents, one was a detonation of a suspicious package that turned out to be nothing. two australian coaches were robbed at knife point. overall, officials say things, so far, are going smoothly. >> thank you very much. rio is not the only place where sports headlines are being made tonight. in the u.s., alex rodriguez, a. rod, announced hisry tirmt from the yankees after a controversial career. ron mott with that story tonight. >> reporter: tonight, after a long run of big hits and even bigger strikes -- >> this is a tough day. i love this game and i love this team. today, i'm saying good-bye to both. >> reporter: alex rodriguez is finally out for good. the yankees, under pressure to let him
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loose. >> i never thought i could play for 22 years. at 18 i just wanted to make the team. >> reporter: fighting through tears the 41-year-old said his last game is friday. >> he's a good player, but it's his time. >> reporter: nicknamed a-rod, he has been a lightning rod for headlines. great fanfare in the early years, losing what was the biggest contract of the sports history. >> for the record, have you ever used steroids, human growth hormone or any other performance enhancing substance? >> no. >> reporter: before steroid denials, then admissioned season suspension turned the hall of famer into one of the most divisive figures. in between it all, all the trappings of celebrity, including cameron diaz and madonna. >> he will be looked at as a polarizing figure. because he was suspended from the game, he will always be tainted and always be looked upon as one
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of the great sluggers of all time. >> reporter: rodriguez and the yankees have had an off again on again love affair. sparring in public. now a divorce of sorts. he's off the field but will stay on as an advising to players. >> i'm going to be, hopefully, remembered for someone who tripped and fell a lot, but someone who kept getting up. >> reporter: a career with a storybook ending coming to a disappointing end. ron mott, nbc news. to politics now, a new national poll providing fresh evidence of how the most recent controversies involving donald trump do not sit well with many voters and have put him further behind hillary clinton. halle jackson reports on how the trump campaign plans to control the damage. >> reporter: a trump slump solidified tonight. new numbers show hillary clinton up 8 points nationally with just under two-thirds of voters saying she has the right temperament and personality to be president. two-thirds think donald trump does not.
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fresh evidence of fallout from one of his worst weeks yet. >> i think he's gotten the messages. >> he's focused. he know what is he needs to do. i'm confident he's going to start doing it. >> reporter: trump allies say he'll get on script even after days attacking a gold star family, something 3 of 4 americans say they disapprove of, including most republicans. the candidate consistent in his ability to court controversy. >> he needs to talk about what republicans want to see him talk about. jobs, the economy, strong foreign policy. if he can do more of that and less of picking fights with with people, he can get back in the game without becoming a new man. >> reporter: trump insidesers say he will also focus on clinton this weekend, taking aim at her response on how she's answered questions on the e-mail controversy. >> i may have short circuited and will try to clarify. >> she used a term.
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short circuit. she took a little short circuit in the brain and she's got problems. >> 60% of voters say clinton's not honest and trustworthy with senator tim kaine forced to defend her e-mails again. >> she said it's a mistake. i know this is something she's learned from and we're going to be real transparent, absolutely. >> reporter: clinton will be in battleground florida tomorrow as trump heads to michigan hoping to flip it red. that's an uphill climb. his economic speech there part of his campaign's reset as his team hopes to kick start a rebound. lester? >> halle jackson, thank you. there are still many unanswered questions in chicago tonight, two days after police released a series of videos showing officers shooting at and apprehending a suspect who was killed. the police superintendent responded this weekend and so did people in
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the community. >> reporter: scattered peaceful protests and demonstrations across chicago this weekend. >> we do not need white officers policing the black community. >> reporter: outrage sparked by the fatal shooting of unarmed paul o'neal who was fleeing police in a stolen vehicle. >> a lot of people are upset by what they saw and quite honestly they have a right to be upset. >> reporter: chicago police superintendent johnson speaking out for the first time. >> i was concerned by some of the things that i saw in the videos and that's why we took such swift action. >> reporter: unprecedented swift action from a police department under fire and under federal investigation for prior shootings. while the department acted quickly in releasing the video, several officers appear to fire in the direction of each other and a police suv while shooting at o'neill. the moments before the shooting and after caught on video. but not the shooting itself. a police source says
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the officer who fired that fatal shot turned on his camera after he fired. police say what happened to that camera is being investigated. >> i don't believe that story. i think we need to investigate more. >> reporter: activists and protesters unsatisfied. the three officers involved in the shooting were immediately stripped of their powers pending an investigation. as you can see, there's a small protest that started bemind me about 30 minutes ago. about 100 people. it's been peaceful so far. lester? >> all right, thank you. in the middle east tonight, there are reports that rebel groups in syria have made progress in their counter offensive in the city of aleppo where hundreds of thousands have been cut off by a long and deadly government siege. as you can imagine, this has been especially harrowing for the children of aleppo. but a place that gives them a welcome break. >> reporter: singing,
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laughing, blowing balloons, playing, what kids do best. i'm with friends and we have fun together this 8-year-old says. it may look like any other place kids play, but this is aleppo where war has raged for more than five years. more than a third of the victims are children. daily life punctuated by deadly air strikes. buildings and streets gutted. nowhere safe for kids to play. until parents and activists came up with an underground play area in a building basement far from the impact of bombs and gunfire. more than 250 boys and girls come here to gather and play for four hours a day, six days a week. i like coming here, this 10-year-old says. the center also teaches reading, writing and computer skills, a huge help for many who can't go to school. across syria, schools are targets. save the children estimates that 1 in 4
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have been attacked. >> education has taken such a huge hit for the syrian children. in aleppo, at the moment, it's basically impossible. >> reporter: behind the happy faces, there is also sadness. this 6-year-old says her older sister was killed in the fighting. they buried here, she says. i won't forget her. i still have her picture. this house was hit by an airstrike. i'm happy here, she says. the fighting has intensified in the past week, yet organizers say they will do everything to keep the center open so these children can keep smiling. nbc news, london. still ahead, we're going to meet the fencer making history by staying true to her beliefs. and in the u.s., a a million and a half people under flood watch with days of heavy rain on the way.
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we're back from rio looking at the olympic cauldron burning at mare ka that. a promising young american who tomorrow will compete in her event wearing the traditional covering worn by some muslim women. beyond competing herself, she's become a coach and an inspiration. morgan ratford has her story tonight. >> reporter: with lightning fast moves,
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she's a superstar with a saber and a fresh face at this summer's games. ibtihaj muhammad is the first american athlete to ever compete in the olympics wearing a hijab. >> it's a part of who i am. my faith comes first. >> reporter: she grew up in new jersey, the daughter of eugene and denise mohammed. at age 13, she caught a glimpse of her future from her mom's car window. >> i see these kids with these masks on. i said i don't know what they're doing, but i want you to try it. >> reporter: fencing was one of the only sport she could stay completely covered. she trained at a fencing club in new york city. it's where she coaches today. >> she is an absolute role model for the children, for our organization, for islamic people, for all americans all over the world. >> if she can do it, maybe i can. >> this is our fencing mask. this is a saber here. >> reporter: and it's harder than it looks. >> i make one step
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forward, another step forward and then i lunge. now you do the same. >> i go one, two, lunge. >> perfect. >> reporter: while she suits up for the red, white and blue, she's faced with the painful reminder that some don't think the stars and stripes belong to her. >> i was walking from practice and this man followed me and made me feel very uncomfortable. said that i look suspicious and that he was going to call the police. he asked me if i was going to blow something up. >> reporter: while her religion requires her to be fully covered, she does it with style running a clothing line where modesty meets fashion. >> i still get overwhelmed when i think about the magnitude of what she's accomplished. >> to me, she's already a gold medal winner. >> reporter: now the world has taken notice. >> i told her to bring home the gold. >> reporter: ready to represent team usa. >> people say things like go back to your country. you're not welcome here.
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where would we go back to? >> reporter: this is her home, she says. her country and most importantly her time. morgan ratford, nbc news, new york. up next, what sent former olympic runner, oscar miss tore yus to the hospital.
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almost a million and a half people in florida are under a flood watch tonight. people there are being told to prepare for several days of rain that could be heavy at times. the area from tampa to pensacola is expected to see the worst of it with up to a foot or more of rain predicted in some places. some residents have started sandbagging. forecasters say the wet weather could last through thursday. in southern
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europe, historic floods hit the capital of macedonia leaving at least 21 people dead and dozens injured. some of the victims drown in their cars and homes as parts of the city were swept away. authorities have declared a state of emergency. and in south africa former olympic runner oscar pistorius was taken to a hospital for treatment of minor wrist injuries. the double amputee who made history running in the london games is serving six years in prison for killing girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. he hurt himself falling out of bed. when we come back, i had to see why they are so in love with beach volleyball here in rio. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. it's a place where one olympic sport in particular feels very much at home. beach volleyball. they put up a stadium about a five minute walk from here or you can play it yourself at one of the many nets set up along this beach. you won't win a gold medal, but you may make some new friends. not since sydney in 2000 has olympic beach volleyball been played on a real beach. long before this temporary stadium was erected here on copacabana, it was the place for beach volleyball. quite literally the place, who plays with friends here every weekend. >> we used to play just -- but it's a big arena. when it's over, we'll move back there. >> beach volleyball, though started on the beaches of hawaii and california, was
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adopted by rio as its own and is now firmly woven into the fabric of this sports-obsessed nation. >> it's really a sport. my father used to play beach volleyball at the '60s and i learned to play with him. >> brazil has combined one more olympic medals in both volleyball disciplines than any other nation. >> what's it like to look over there and see the olympic beach volleyball right here on copacabana. >> it's great. we have always wanted to see the olympic games near us because it's always very far from here. >> reporter: while the competition is fierce inside this stadium, just a few hundred yards away, it's welcoming and even playful. >> we like to come to the beach and meet our friends. >> this beach's most famous past time now one of the most natural and fitting venues.
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nice, daniella. and everyone on the beach is invited to dig in and celebrate. >> yes! >> all right. i'd like to tell you all the shots were that good, but unfortunately, there's video tape. that's going to do it for us on a sunday night. i'm lester holt. nbc primetime olympic coverage starts at 7:00, 6:00 central. women's gymnastics and swimming. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night from rio. a historic day for a san
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francisco olympian. we'll have his emotional inter.. right now it's 6:30, an an historic day for a san francisco olympian. plus a promising young baseball player gunned down while playing pokemon go. first, details on a celebration in san francisco gone terribly wrong. witnesses describing the moment more than a dozen people became violently ill. the news at 6:30 starts right now. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm peggy bunker. 19 people b


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