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tv   Today  NBC  August 8, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> that's what's happening "today in the bay." we're back at 7:25 with a live look at the update. >> join us for bay news at 11:00. hope you have a great day! good morning. americans rule the pool. >> going to give them a significant lead. >> a big night for michael phelps and katie ledecky. phelps adding a 19th gold medal to his record olympic haul in the 4 by 100 meter freestyle relay, while kie ledecky shatters her own world record in her own free, leaving her competition way behind. >> ledecky is on the way to history in these games. the u.s. gymnastics team dominant as they begin their quest for gold. >> beautifully executed. >> but a stunner in tennis. three-time doubles champ serena and venus williams out in the first round. "today," monday, august 8th, 2016.
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>> all by herself down the stretch. >> you are seeing the greatest of all time. >> that's going to give them a significant lead. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today" at the olympic games with matt lauer live from rio de janeiro, brazil, and savannah guthrie live from rockefeller plaza. ♪ ♪ >> it is a party on the beach in rio. good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. take a look and listen to some of the performers from the third oldest samba school in rio.
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we're happy to have them here with us this morning. as if hoda needed another excuse to dance. >> wait a minute. i want to point something out. there's something for you. and then there's something for the girls. do you remember on opening ceremony night the guy who kind of stole it? oiled up and beautiful man from conga. >> that was friday night. >> that was friday night. >> and this is monday morning. >> hello! >> wait. we thought it was a dream. come here, mr. tonga. >> come to mama. >> how about this guy, right? >> that's pita. >> wow. >> we knew there was a lot of oil on there. he looks beautiful. beautiful. >> wait a second, give me your hand. you know you wanted to do that. >> wow. >> oh my. >> he like exploded into a sensation. everybody was talking about this guy.
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we would interview him but there's really nowhere to put the mike so we'll talk to him later. >> congratulations. >> is that canola oil with high heat? >> lot to get to in rio including a number of athletes who won medals. they will be joining us here live and savannah is back in new york, and i know you have a busy morning with a huge travel story. >> we do. we don't have an oiled up guy from conga but we'll try to survive. a big travel nightmare. delta system crashed overnight so coming up we'll tell you what you need to know if you have a delta flight booked today. back to the party in rio for now. okay? >> thanks. we miss you here. let's begin with a very big night in rio. for some of the biggest names on tammy -- team usa. natalie has all of the action. good morning to you. >> sorry i'm not the conga guy myself. huge night for the u.s. olympic swim team. michael phelps returning to the olympic stage and katie ledecky proving why she's the most
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dominant female swimmer in the world. >> no one loves the relays more than michael phelps and in the water he goes. >> for tammy -- for team usa, it was a night of stunning moments. michael phelps made his rio debut in spectacular finish swimming second leg of the relay phelps burst past the french team, after an incredible turn off the wall giving his team the lead and the gold. his mother, fiancee, and newborn son, boomer, cheering from the stands. >> they are unable to contain their emotions during the medal ceremony. on the women's side, superstar katie ledecky made it look easy smashing her own record and it
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wasn't even close, finishing almost five seconds ahead of the competition. >> katie ledecky smashes her own world record. >> her world record just one of many sunday night. and sweden's sword databaset -- strom breaking the record for 100 meter butterfly defeating the previous champion who came in third. >> to be at the olympics again is amazing and all i wanted was to get a medal. i'm extremely happy with that. >> and earlier in the day it was the end of an era on the court. >> for the first time in their olympic doubles career, the williams sisters lose. >> venus and serena williams losing their first ever olympic match as a duo. the three-time gold medal winners falling in the opening round to the czech republic. >> there's a little bit of moisture starting to appear on the camera lens. >> this morning one olympian is recovering after suffering severe injuries flipping over her handle bars in a terrifying accident. >> she's down. >> the 33-year-old dutch cyclist losing control during the women's road race leading at the
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time. the wet pavement a possible cause of her horrific crash tweeting from her hospital bed, she says "i'm now in the hospital with injuries and fractures but will be fine. most of all super disappointed after best race of my career" and this week all eyes are on the u.s. women's gymnastics team led by simone biles who even has a move named after her. she'll be competing along with aly raisman in the overall finals later this week. >> taking a look at the medal count. team usa leading by a lot followed by china, italy and japan. right now a lot of olympic action. we're just getting started. >> that is awesome. we like that beginning. michael phelps and katie ledecky entered the games with huge expectations and so far so good. jenna bush hager had a chance to talk to them.
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>> so how awesome was that with your team? >> the young bucks brought tears to our eyes. i was saying to nathan, i was trying to hold back as much as i could. he started shedding tears and then ryan started shedding tears and that's one of the coolest races to be part of. being part of the 400 free relay was a dream of mine and i've been on the good side and bad side of it. i'm happy we were able to win that relay as a team. >> and the united states will win gold in the 400 relay again. >> your son was in the audience. how awesome was that? >> i was trying to find him during the awards ceremony. i couldn't find him. i finally found him. he was asleep for the race. hopefully he was awake for the race. if not, i'll replay it when he's old enough. >> does it make this that much sweeter? >> a lot more emotional, yes. thinking of him constantly and pictures every day. it's an inspiration to have him here. >> you have a lot more races. are you ready for them?
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>> see you tomorrow. >> katie ledecky smashes her own world record. >> how does this medal feel? >> feels good. it's great to be up there on the podium and singing the national anthem. >> when you're out there beating your own world record and racing against yourself, what does that feel like? >> i don't know. i just focus on how i'm feeling personally and let the race play out as it will. i just focus on what i want to accomplish. >> congratulations. >> thank you. thanks so much. >> doesn't that make you feel so good? both phelps and ledecky will be back in the pool today. >> let us bring in ryan. >> yes! >> he got gold in the 400 meter freestyle relay. congratulations. >> thank you. thank you, matt. >> you were just saying to me first international competition, first race, you got a gold. >> yeah. 100%. swimming gold internationally. so, you know, on my head, you
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know, i should just quit now. >> you swam the third leg of this, right? >> yes. >> when you were standing there watching your teammate tap that wall and you watch number one pop up, tell us what went through you at that moment. >> initial moment was i was just exhausted. my legs were killing me. my body was in so much pain but the split second afterwards, it was just euphoria. like, yes, gold medal. we finally won. we brought gold medal back to team usa. i finally won a medal. >> a little refrench. the french won this event in the last two olympic games. team usa really wanted this. then i want to take you to the medal ceremony, ryan. okay. they start to play the national anthem and the flag goes up and for all of the right reasons, you lost it. >> yeah.
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just -- the -- i don't know. i've heard the national anthem plenty of times before and i've received awards before as they played the national anthem but it's something this was different. the emotions, kind of mof manifested. >> how did it feel knowing not only were you doing something amazing for this relay team, for michael phelps, too, he got 19 thanks to a group effort. how did that make you feel? >> phenomenal. michael, he is a great lead e a great athlete. he kind of gives like a sense of confidence to the other swimmers. when i'm around him i stand a little taller. feel a little more confident. can we go back to that medal ceremony and the control room. people ask us all the time, ryan, why do we love covering the olympics? can i tell you, your face, that's why we love covering the olympics.
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that emotion of an athlete competing for his or her country and being able to let out that, it's so great. congratulations. >> we love you, honey. can i touch this. >> careful, she has grease all over from the conga guy. >> congratulations. that was a awesome. >> springfield, illinois. >> hi to the folks in springfield. >> hey, springfield. >> we're joined by the host of nbc's day time coverage. that's what it's about. >> i bring no oiled body but i'm glad to be here. >> that's right, when he points out that moment, that does crystallize everything. i was getting emotional watching it a second and third time. >> guinea thrasher won the first gold medal in shooting her shooting career started five
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years ago when she went on a hunting trip with her grandfather. she is the gold medalist. that's what the essence of the olympics is all about. >> we talked to ryan, we know what phelps did, what katie ledecky did this weekend so it's looking very good for the u.s. swim team. >> last night was big. we are used to seeing the swim team bring home medals. to see phelps and ledecky it gets everyone in that mode of going for it. what ledecky did, take a step back. she won by five seconds, shattered the world record and that's the start of -- >> her world record. >> the start of what people think. >> talk gymnastics. if the you look at the beginning portion, the u.s. is so far out in front, 10-point spread with china, how do you see this playing out? >> well, the great thing is interm competition. they have the best, simone biles, incredible. that competition forces everyone to perform at the moment.
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when you watch them in the qualification on the team yesterday, you saw that. everyone encouraging each other, pushing each other. they could have a massive win coming up, not just tonight, tomorrow night but the next several days. >> by the way, i get why there is so much attention on the women's team. let's give the men credit as well. they had a strong weekend. >> right. they have a legitimate chance to medal in tonight. they put themselves in great position with the qualifying. >> can we talk venus and serena williams. what happened? they didn't have a great night or the other team was dominant? >> a little of both. venus lost her singles match. serena struggled. those two embrace the olympics. venus kept going in tennis. she wanted to be here. got here, disappointing for them. but novak djokovic also lost. it's a tight tournament. a lot of quality. >> thanks, mike.
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>> by the way, we have the body oil back stage. >> a closer look at the impressive debut for the women's gymnastics team. and you can catch nbc's prime time coverage all in action tonight. that's 7:00, 6 central here on nbc. let's go back to savannah in new york. >> guys, thank you. now this breaking news that's going to cause problems at airports all day. delta is dealing with a computer outage that forced the airline to ground flights world right. right to gabe gutierrez at hartsfield international in atlanta. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. delta's ground stop has been lifted and there are limited departures. still the airline is warning of large scale cancellations throughout the day. the line behind me has thinned out quite a bit from the overnight hours. the boards are back up and running and so are many of the check-in kiosk.
7:15 am
but this started around 2:30 this the morning. a power outage in the atlanta area from storms overnight. that caused major issues worldwide for delta. there were problems as far as rome, london, lax, also had to deal with issues, also in dallas. delta is offering travel waivers for customers august 8-12. in case you have to make changes. there have wen reports of ripple effects throughout much of the country, and delta is warning all of its customers to get to the airport early and check on their status of their flight. we have spoken to several travelers that say their flights are delayed several hours. so savannah, major travel issues expected today. >> takes a long time to work that out of the system. gabe, thank you. politics now. the presidential race, a national poll showing that y for donald trump's campaign has put him further
7:16 am
behind hillary clinton. hallie jackson at mat manhattan for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. the new numbers confirming the controversies over the last week have hurt donald trump as he looks to change the subject. he will head from new york to detroit for a speech on the economy, what a senior campaign source tells me something that will stitch together trump's vision on taxes and the economy as trump looks to change the subject and turn the page. in the motor city today, donald trump hoping to rev up his stalled campaign, now getting new backing from a member of a presidential family that's so far stayed side lined. jeb bush's son telling texas republicans time to rally around the nominee. though stopping short of endosment. >> from team bsh, you get back up and you help the man that won and you make sure that we stop hillary clinton. >> reporter: new polls show a trump slump solidifying, two
7:17 am
thirds of voters saying he doesn't have the temperament and personality to be president. trump focusing on different numbers today. >> i employed tens of thousands of people. >> reporter: the business man talking jobs and the economy unwhat a top adviser describes to nbc news as a vision speech, outlining his plan for taxes, trade, energy, and regulatory reform. expected to offer parents a deduction on child care expenses and plan to cut the corporate tax rate to 15%, trump trying for a reset hoping to rebound after fresh fallout from a week of controversy, hitting hillary clinton now with a new line of attack. >> honestly i don't think she's all there. >> reporter: his democratic rival still knocked off message over e-mails and fact checkers how she responded to questions about the controversy. >> i may have short circuited it and for that i you know will try to clarify. >> the people of this country
7:18 am
don't want somebody that's going to short circuit up here. >> reporter: trump's top aide promising a pivot so far hasn't materialized. >> i'm confident he is going to start doing it and the media will start having to cover it. >> reporter: part of that message not just to focus on jobs but national security, something that has been a cornerstone of trump's campaign, but the new poll numbers show potentially signs of concern. trump now trailing clinton by a few points on the topic of who would make america safer. >> hallie jackson, thank you. we'll send it back to you in rio. al, if you are shirtless and oiled up i'm not even looking. not looking. >> no, it's okay. no danger there. >> back to you. >> america breathes a sigh of relief. >> that's a work in progress. thanks. mr. roker does have a first check of the weather. >> sad news out of mexico.
7:19 am
this remnants of hurricane earl causing massive mudslides destroying a school, a real mess. lots injured. a real mess and another system that is going to push in causing more misery there. let's look in the southeast and then to the gulf coast, getting dumped on. we told you this was going to start setting up, we told you on friday. and look at all of the heavy rain pushing in, it continues again for today. abundant moisture repeating rounds of storms, over the next several day this is is right into friday, look at the rainfall totals. some areas may be talking about 15 inches of rain or more between 10 inches between cedar key and pensacola. that will be a mess. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. seconds.
7:20 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have low clouds near the coastline and sunny for the inland areas. we'll see the clouds moving in for awhile. temperatures now in the mid to upper 50s. heading up to 88 in the tri-valley as well as the north bay. the south bay will be in the upper 80s. san francisco 68 degrees. and in the peninsula today expect somes in the upper 70s. over the next few days we'll see our temperatures going up-and-down but overall a hot week ahead. coming up in the next half hour, we resurrect al's olympic
7:21 am
school. >> all right. thanks. coming up, could it be gold for both the u.s. women's and men's gymnastics team? we'll talk about their chances after very strong starts over the weekend. >> we're going to have much more from the most dominant olympian ever, michael phelps, and the personal challenges he's overcome on this road to rio. first, on a monday morning, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ ♪ [engine revving] want to know what makes us, us? by the time other people start doing what we've been doing,
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just ahead. has leo an unprecedented natural outburst seems to have taken over the country. we'll bring you more as soon as new updates come in. this house was literally invaded minutes after the mom came back from a grocery run. hi , i'm stuck in an elevator with a cow. a what ? we have a situation. everything alright in there ? witnesses say this is where it all started,
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=topvo= we begin with breaking news in oakland-- where a killer is ont good morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a killer is on the run after a double homicide earl this morning. it happened a little before 2:00 a.m. not far from the oak land airport. a third person is in the hospital. when officers arrive they'd saw the car fully engulfed in flames. more news out of oakland. two oakland police departments recovering after their cruiser crashed into another car. it happened early this morning in the area of 14th and foothill boulevard. the other car involved smashed into a nearby building. the driver of that car was also hurt. police tell us none of the injuries are life threatening. let's check our forecast
7:27 am
with kari. >> we have warmer temperatures even though we start out with low clouds and fog. the visibility is nice clear under the golden gate bridge. temperatures in the upper 40s for morgan hill and santa rosa to upper 50s in oakland and highs reaching the upper 80s in the south bay and upper 60s for san francisco. low 90s for fairfield. very warm temperatures inland. nice and cool along the coast. how is it looking on the roads? >> much better. all though it doesn't look great for 680 southbound. slow out of pleasanton. much better because the two crashes through the stretch all the way toward fremont have been cleared for the last half hour. they're slowing for the tri-valley more than you like for 680. 880 typical slowing. no big surprise. in oakland south at 880 has cleared. a smooth drive toward the bay bridge toll plaza and the east shore freeway. the metering lights are on. >> thank you very much. we'll be back with another local
7:28 am
news update in about a half hour. see you then. have a great morning!
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7:30 on a m 7:30on now on a monday morning. it is the 8th day of august, 2016. from the helicopter flying above cope paco bana beach here in rio where we've got a great crowd on this monday morning. they have been building all week long and now they have seemed to figure out where we are. >> they certainly do. they are chanting, i like the red, white, and blue. >> let's get to the olympic headlines this morning. it is 19 career gold medals and counting for michael phelps. dazzling time in his leg of the race.
7:31 am
>> and katie ledecky smashed her own record finishing five seconds ahead of the silver medalist. it was ledecky's second medal so far. she won silver in women's 4x100 free relay on saturday. >> and there was a huge upset in tennis. three-time doubles champ venus and serena williams out in the first round. lost to the czech republic. first loss ever, ever at the olympics. wow. >> a big story. there's another big highlight from last night. the remarkable start for the u.s. women's gymnastics team. that on the heels of saturday night's great debut from the u.s. men. nbc's keir simmons keeping an eye on that competition. good morning to you. >> good morning. if you had any indication that the women would have been nervous as they waited in the
7:32 am
arena, as they got out there, they showed the same strength, as they put the world on notice. team usa twisting, tumbling and vaulting to the finals. with the prelimb rounds down, both the u.s. men's and women's gymnastics teams now have gold within their grasp. aly raisman tweeting "we killed it." video of her parents going viral, barely keeping it together in the stands during the uneven bars. simone biles snapchating pictures of the team. her phenomenal floor routine and gabby douglas soaring as only she knows how. the women's team the overall leaders heading into tomorrow's team finals. their excitement and incredible confidence evident during their routine. >> go usa! hours earlier -- >> we're ready to go. >> reporter: and with hoda last week. saturday their male teammates stormed out of the gate
7:33 am
finishing the qualifying round in an impressive second place trailing only china. teammates sam mikulak and jacob dalton topping the leaderboard in floor exercise. today they face the all-around finals, a medal, they told natalie, well within their reach. >> we just do exactly what we know we can, we'll be on that podium. >> reporter: team usa riding a wave of hope and support. a record five gold medals predicted for simone biles. her mom tweeting encouragement. embrace the experience and have fun. i love you. mom. and men's all-around finalist the women's later in the week. in case, if there was any confusion with the accent, matt, i think the jacket would speak for itself there. >> strong statement. your friends at home are going to love you. no question. thanks very much. here to size up the gymnastics competition and what you can expect over the next few days,
7:34 am
shannon miller, who also happens to be the most decorated gymnast in u.s. history. shannon, good morning. good to see you. >> good morning. thank you. >> the women's team has a ten-point lead. put that in perspective. if this were a basketball game, is that a 30-point lead at halftime? what is it? >> 30 points or more at halftime. this is unheard of. we've never seen this in gymnastics as a sport. they are the most dominant team we've ever seen in the history of gymnastics. >> can we say that simone biles is on fire? she is really killing it. what do you see ahead for her? >> i see five gold medals ahead for her. i mean, she is absolutely amazing, and i think what she brings to the table isn't just difficulty or artistry or power or talent. she just brings this unheard of thing. she's kind of this spontaneous little girl that just brings it every time out and she's so solid and so consistent. >> the team is so deep, shannon.
7:35 am
you have aly raisman performing at the top of her game. >> i love aly. think back to 2012. she was the sleeper. she was the under dog that snuck into that all-around final. she did it again here. it was all about simone and gabby, and even laura hernandez, and aly is in there again. >> i talked to their coach about how she keeps them calm. she tells them make sure you perform every day like it's every day in practice. don't do anything special during the olympics. seems like they're listening because they seem very cool throughout, right? >> they are. talk about this team that could come in relaxed and pull their punches and they could go in and basically walk through and win a gold medal. they didn't do that. they kept every ounce of difficulty in those routines because that's how they train. >> not to short change the men, but do you think they have a chance to get on the podium? >> i think they have a possibility of getting on the podium. i'm so excited for this team. they just finished off the podium in 2012. this team has heart. they have leadership. i know that they can do it.
7:36 am
>> shannon, thanks. fun having you here. thank you so much. >> see you a lot over the next couple days. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> it's a little cool here today. we are talking heat back through parts of the midwest and into the south. we are looking at a heat wave for 11 million folks under advisories. triple digit temperatures in dallas this week from southern texas. the heat and humidity continues to build. look at these feels-like temperatures. they just continue to -- >> you want me to take over, al. even in denver in the mountains, 96. look you said in friday that someone was running around rio pretending to be al roker. i'm filling the bill. >> tirico. my nemesis. >> nice outfit though. matchy, matchy. did we plan this? >> no, it was completely spontaneous. by the way, this doesn't just happen surface level. we both grew up in queens. we both got our start at wtvh in syracuse, new york. >> same tv station.
7:37 am
maybe we are connected, al. >> good morning. expect temperatures to start to climb and eventually get up to 68 degrees in san francisco. some mid 60s throughout the week there. and it will be warmer for the inland valleys. reaching 88 today. 90 tomorrow. a couple of degrees of a dip in temperatures by midweek. we'll be heating up by the end of the week into the weekend with some 90s expected. it will be a hot weekend with mostly sunny skies reaching 93 on saturday and 90 degrees on sunday. >> might as well do that one too. >> you can find your forecast on the weather channel any time. >> tirico. >> all right, guys, thank you very much. up next, michael phelps and his emotional journey to these games as the most decorated olympian of all time strikes even more
7:38 am
gold here in rio. >> on trending, leaving with every flip and twist. what it's like for a parent to watch their child compete on the olympic stage. first, these messages.
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>> we're back now. it's 7:42. we're having "today's" olympic start this morning. the most decorated athlete in olympic history, michael phelps, strikes again. >> phelps for olympic gold medal number 19. >> the greatest olympian of all time is back and michael phelps made his return in typical fashion. >> we wanted to bring that relay back to american soil. >> now, 31, phelps is in rio competing in a record fifth olympic games. >> another strong finish by phelps. >> following a performance in london that did not live up to his high expectations, phelps is now showing the world what he's really made of. >> phelps is going to win it. he's going to get his fifth olympic berth. >> beginning at olympic trials. >> he did it. he does! >> phelps was the top qualifier in all three of his individual events. but the road to rio was bumpy.
7:44 am
after leaving a casino in september 2014, phelps was pulled over and arrested for dui. let's go back to september 29th. that's the night you were arrested. dui. not your first run-in with that subject. what led up to that? >> i set myself down a downward spiral. i think it was more of a sign than anything else that i had to get something under control, whatever it was. i look back at that night and everything happened for a reason. >> so this was a cry for help? >> i believe so, yeah. i really do. >> honestly, sort of, at one point, i felt like i didn't want to see another day. i felt like it should be over. >> with mounting pressure from family and friends, phelps would eventually check himself into a rehab clinic in arizona. you checked yourself into the meadows for 45 days. you've said you don't know if you're an alcoholic. maybe you have a binch problem -- binge problem. did you check yourself into
7:45 am
treatment because you had a drinking problem or a public relations problem? >> i checked myself in because i think i was at a point in my life where something needed to change, and i needed to figure those things out. >> phelps says he figured those things out and now it's back to the pool. how is training going now? what's the difference? >> i want to be here. that's the difference. i had no desire to go to workout before. i want to retire how i want to retire. and i have a great opportunity to do that. i haven't trained like this in decades. >> and the results are speaking for themselves. >> phelps now has the lead for the americans. >> looking again like the most dominant swimmer in olympic history as his mother, fiancee, and son, boomer, cheer him on. and like the rest of us, waiting to see the limits of michael phelps' incredible greatness.
7:46 am
♪ ♪ so we know what he's done so far. let's take a look at the rest of his program for this week. here's what happens. he'll be back at the pool today for the preliminaries of the 200-meter butterfly. the finals for that are tomorrow night. on thursday, the duel in the pool as phelps faces off against ryan in the 200 meter individual medley, and friday, he swims in the 100 meter butterfly, and on saturday he'll swim the butterfly leg of the 4x100 meter medley relay. a lot coming up. up next, what's with those round bruises we're seeing on phelps and other olympic athletes? billy bush on the cupping craze right after this. relax, billy. it's rio. . . i had a wonderful time tonight. me too! call me tomorrow? i'm gonna send a vague text in a couple of days, that leaves you confused about my level of interest.
7:47 am
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welcome back. carson has duties on "the voice" to deal with so he couldn't make it to rio. look who happens to be here in our orange room on the road to rio. billy bush. billy? >> i feel like a lion in a cage. i'm only 20 feet away from you. all eyes were on michael phelps as he made his rio debut last night taking home a record 19th gold medal was not enough to distract people from mysterious spots on his back. one tweet reads michael phelps just fell asleep with his medals. i like that one. i don't know whether phelps cuddles his his medals at night but the bruises are from the therapy cupping. we got a look at it in the recent ad. suction cups pull the skin back to relieve tension on the
7:52 am
muscles and increase blood flow. you might need to get used to seeing spotted phelps and other athletes. dear physical therapist, prepare for a surge in demand for cupping. #thenewbadgeofhonor. >> you came a long way from rio to get to that. >> i'm wear be leeches right now. >> old school version of it. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
7:53 am
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7:56 am
. good monday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we get a view from san francisco now. you see the low clouds. it's 57 degrees there. we're feeling upper 50s for most of us. and now 61 degrees in concord as well as san jose. 59 in oakland. high temperatures reaching into the upper 80s to low 90s for many inland spots. oakland 74. san francisco 68. let's head over to mike to see what is happening on the roads. >> things calmed down quite a bit after a craziness on 680. southbound on pleasanton. it's the best we've seen it all morning. earlier crashes tied things up there. northbound 680 treated an earlier crash it was an overturned box truck. nothing unusual shows up on the
7:57 am
speed sensors. the southbound side completely cleared after an earlier crash cleared from around 16th no problem. at 7:57 happening now on twitter we're updating the delays and also reposting our viewers' tweets this morning as they're going through the major delays at all airports in the bay area. actually, across the globe. delta airlines with the second largest fleet in the world. computers are going back online after a huge power outage in atlanta crippled all the systems. they've had a problem with that. now they're hoping to get things back to normal. on our website this morning check it out. we list the bay area olympians bringing back medals from rio. shows you the top five things to know every day. we have great background stories on so of our bay area olympians.
7:58 am
take part in part in celebrating in commenting on posts. another update in a half hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, gold rush. >> phelps with olympic gold medal number 19. >> michael phelps does it again taking home gold and adding to the record books with an emotional win for team usa. katie ledecky breaks a world record of her own while on the tennis court a shocking outcome for venus and serena williams as the three-time gold medal champs are out of the competition in its opening round. ♪ plus the walk seen around the world. supermodel gisele bundchen opens up to natalie about what it was like to be part of rio's opening ceremony. >> i just kept thinking to myself i can't cry. i can't cry.
8:01 am
i just wanted to make the brazilians proud because they chose me to represent them. ♪ ant girl from ipamema. meet the girl behind the lyrics as hoda sits down with the woman who inspired brazil's most popular song. >> 1962 is happy. i want to know who is the girl from ipanema. >> "today," monday, august 8th, 2016. ♪ i got that sunshine in my pocket ♪ ♪ got that good song in my feet ♪ >> hello to my friends and family in boston, massachusetts. i'm in rio. >> big shout out to usa women's volleyball and our baby, kimberly hill! ♪ dance dance dance ♪ just dance dance dance
8:02 am
>> shout out to charlottesville, virginia. >> good morning to our family in portland, oregon, washington, d.c., hartford, connecticut. >> my brother and my dad. >> hey, chicago! ♪ just dance dance dance come on ♪ welcome back, everyone, to a special split edition of "today" on a monday morning, the 8th day of august 2016. 9:00 in the morning here in rio. 8:00 back on the east coast of the united states. we've got a big crowd gathered on copacabana beach. i'm here with hoda and al and billy bush while savannah is back home holding down the fort. savannah, we truly miss you >> we miss you. >> miss you guys too. >> i've got a present for everybody including you, savannah. here's a pair of glasses for you. look at these. usa. savannah, i have a pair for you.
8:03 am
i have a pair for natalie. look how cool they are. >> right. >> they're nice. >> you like? >> i feel like i'm looking through a screened door. >> we are assembling a goody bag of swag for you. >> yes, we are. >> to bring home to you. >> thanks, guys. appreciate it. >> all right. coming up -- i had to put my glasses back on. we're going to talk to some of the team usa swimmers who are taking home the hardware from rio. can't wait. >> most recognizable faces and legends. nice to have them here. we'll talk to them in just a little while. let's begin with the olympic action. swimming, gymnastics and more from nbc's peter alexander at olympic park this morning. peter, good morning. nice to see you. >> good morning to you. the olympic park already beginning to fill up on this monday morning. it is the americans still celebrating today.
8:04 am
a spectacular start for team usa in the pool with katie ledecky delivering another dominant performance and michael phelps part of that team of relay experts as it were on a tear in their 2016 olympic debut. >> michael phelps rockets out ahead. >> reporter: michael phelps grabbing his first gold at these games, adding to his record-setting olympic haul. >> phelps with olympic gold medal number 19. >> reporter: his 23rd medal and 19th gold helping to crush the competition in the men's 4x100 freestyle relay. >> it's one the coolest races to be part of. to be a part of the 400 free relay was a dream of mine. >> reporter: a gold rush at the aquatic center. >> as expected, ledecky is on her way to history at these rio games. >> reporter: katie ledecky shattering her own world record in the women's 400 meter free. >> the goal is 3:56. really happy.
8:05 am
>> >> cody miller has a shot at a medal. >> reporter: cody miller trailing but good enough to secure bronze in the men's 100 meter breaststroke. and huge upsets on the tennis courts. >> a stunner in rio. >> reporter: the top seeded williams sisters knocked out on their opening round match. their first olympics doubles loss after taking home gold in their last three games. while argentina's juan martin del potro won over djokovic. >> the golden slam will have to wait. djokovic sent packing. >> reporter: team usa women's basketball trouncing senegal. 121-56 the final. the team's highest point total ever. the first gold of these games safely in the hands of ginny thrasher, the 19-year-old right on target in the air rifle competition. i imagine you get star struck
8:06 am
when you see other athletes. >> no, no, no, they're star struck by me. >> reporter: the college sophomore ready to return to class at west virginia university. >> talk about a life shift in a hurry. when you get back, what happens then? >> i get back the day before school starts and i'll drive to west virginia and then the next morning i'll be in class. >> reporter: what class? >> physics at 8:30. >> reporter: on the janice dickinson . >> reporter: on the judo mat with emotion delivering the first ever olympic medal gold in its first games. and in fencing, alexander massialas winning silver. >> plenty of joy and tears to go around here at the olympic park on the medals stand, ryan held, he's part of the u.s. womenmen'
8:07 am
relay team. his first international competition, breaking down in tears, his first gold. here's where the medal count stands today. team usa already way out in front ahead of china, italy and japan. and there's a lot more on tap today. 14 more golds up for grabs. that includes men's gymnastics, their team final as well as swimming, the men's 200 meter freestyle mens and womens and the women's 100 meter brea breaststroke. phelps, missy franklin and katie ledecky all swimming in semifinals again tonight. matt, back to you. >> thank you very much. we'll throw back to savannah. savannah, i want to tell you one thing about ryan held. we talked to him earlier. emotional on the medals stand. that's it. he came. one event. he raced. he won gold. he's done. >> he gets to enjoy. >> he won gold and he won so many hearts here in the u.s. on that medal stand. >> sure did. >> big time.
8:08 am
let he had give you the news. delta airlines blaming an overnight power problem in atlanta for the massive computer outage that grounded flights around the world this morning. the airline tweeted overnight that flights awaiting departure were delayed everywhere. large scale cancellations are expected today. the kiosks were down so delta employees had to manually check in all passengers. people took to social media as you might expect to complain about long lines at airports from london to san francisco. a popular kansas city water park is closed today while officials investigate the death of a 10-year-old boy there. witnesses say kaleb schwab went airborne somehow on sunday while riding a raft on a 16-story water slide. kaleb was the son of a kansas state lawmaker scott schwab. a park official said they honestly don't know what happened. she said that slide is inspected every day.
8:09 am
evacuations have been ordered in southern california after what started as a 30 acre wildfire in the san bernardino mountains on sunday spread to 1,500 acres by nightfall. additional crews are being sent now to help the 400 firefighters already on that scene. they've made little headway because flames keep racing up and down the hillsides which are covered in dry brush. in a rare televised address to his nation this morning, japan's emperor akihito said he's worried his age and health might make it difficult for him to fully carry out his duties. he's 82 years old. he stopped short of saying that he wanted to abdicate but he hinted that he's looking to put an orderly succession process in place. and a new statue of legendary comedian lucille ball. it was unveiled this weekend in her hometown of celeron, new york. it replaces the sculpture that many called scary lucy because they didn't think it looked
8:10 am
anything like her. the new version on the right is made of bronze. it weighs 750 pounds and so far, no one is calling it scary lucy. she looks great. you're all caught up at 8:09. back to matt and hoda and al down in rio, guys. >> three thumbs up on the new statue. we like that one a lot better. >> we do. all right. before we go, can we say hello to this gentleman. >> i know this guy. >> you know him? >> he knows me. >> how many olympics? >> every one since '96. >> awesome. >> and i get a hug from meredith, katie couric, they all give me a hug. >> okay. >> okay, you can let go now, sir. >> can i tell you, he uses that same trick every olympic games. >> that's right. he did it with me. coming up next, supermodel gisele bundchen on her opening role in the opening ceremonies
8:11 am
and what it means to have her native brazil hosting these games. and you think you get nervous watching the olympics, wait until you see what it's like when your child is actually competing. and he won an oscar so is leo dicaprio going for gold in leo? we'll explain after this. and i was worried about joint damage. my doctor said joint pain from ra... can be a sign of existing joint damage... that could only get worse. he prescribed enbrel to help relieve pain and help stop further damage. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. tell your doctor if you've been someplace where fungal infections are common or if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for...
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8:15 am
we're back now. welcome to rio. the 2016 olympic games kicked off on friday night with that incredible opening ceremony. supermodel gisele bundchen played an important role in those festivities. >> yes, she did. natalie had a chance to sit down with her at a high point in her already unparalleled career. it must have been fun. >> the olympics the most viewed event on the planet and each opening ceremony seeks to showcase and highlight the culture of the host nation. for brazil, no song captures essence more than the girl from
8:16 am
ipanema and no woman embodies it more than a supermodel by the name of gisele bundchen. it was the walk seen around the world literally. for a full minute and 20 seconds the eyes of 3 billion plus was on brazil's gisele bundchen. shimmering in gold as she and her legendary catwalk strut took over the opening ceremonies. even for a woman used to being the center of attention, this was big. >> were you nervous? >> are you kidding me, was nervous. i kept thinking, i can't cry. i just wanted to make the brazilians proud because they chose me to represent them. i didn't want to disappoint. >> reporter: she didn't. for just over 400 feet she walked the walk, sparkling in an alexander herkovic dress. >> it takes two to bring it out.
8:17 am
>> it's heavy. >> it has a long tail. whatever happens, please, tail, stay behind me. it was a beautiful mermaid moment. >> they chose you to be the girl from ipanema. >> imagine? the girl from ipanema. i feel humbled and honored. i couldn't have been happier. >> reporter: she wasn't the only one. her husband, tom brady accustomed to being on the world stage himself sent social media love to his wife after. >> he said, gisele, words can't describe how proud i was to watch you represent your country. i love you. tom brady. >> he's so sweet. he's my husband, of course. thank you. thank you. love you. thank you. >> reporter: the opening ceremony was also a big first step for those who questioned brazil's readiness for these olympic games. >> everyone was saying brazil cannot make it. it's going to be terrible. the olympics in brazil will be a disaster. i feel like it was the opposite.
8:18 am
i feel like not because i'm brazilian but i felt like it was the most beautiful show. so much heart and so much authenticity and so much of brazil is all about. >> reporter: and that authenticity, something gisele has been showing from maracana stadi stadium. >> i'm so in love with brazil. always been. i miss it so much. i love that i was able to be here for this special, special moment for my country. i'm so happy i was able to go part of it. >> reporter: every bit the girl from ipanema. ♪ ♪ >> yes! gisele! >> wow! >> she's not only gorgeous, she can also sing. >> let's explain the
8:19 am
pronunciation difference. >> ipanema. >> we say ipanema. >> natalie, thank you. let's talk about what's "trending." a rio edition of "what's trending." there's a lot of action in the stands as well. proud family members putting on a show of their own as their children compete. no one does this better. look at this. these are parents of gymnast aly raisman. emotions on full display. aly was on the uneven bars. that was such a hard event. it was her parents who seem to feel the most uneasy. they were shifting their weight. they were moving back and forth in their seats. the agony written all over their faces. one website saying give aly raisman's parents the gold medal for parenting. >> do you remember in london, she was the one that goes stick it, stick it, stick it! >> and dad, he gets a beatdown from her.
8:20 am
in the sport,aly's parents are getting some fierce competition from the husband of a swimmer. there is the 400 medley. she took home her very first gold medal, shredding the world record. you can understand why her husband, shane, who is also her coach, couldn't keep calm. he was in the stands proving to be her biggest cheerleader. one tweet saying, find someone who loves you the way shane loves his wife. >> so sweet. >> that's how he gets those guns. >> he's ripped, that guy. your an olympic athlete, you have a big game coming up in a couple hours and then you get stuck in an elevator. that what happened to juan martin del potro. he sat there in the dark in the olympic village. he sat there without a cell
8:21 am
phone for 40 minutes. remember he has a match coming up. the argentinean handball team came to his rescue. he had a big match later in the day. who was his opponent? none other than the number one ranked player in the world, novak djokovic. it was an intense match. guess what? >> what? >> del potro, ranked 141 in the world, beat him. >> what? >> he won. after getting stuck in an elevator, he beats novak djokovic. after the game, they shared an emotional hug. >> i think he was meditating in the elevator. >> every game, every match he'll be in an elevator if he's superstitious. >> over here i got stuck on an escalator for 30 minutes. >> you have "pop start"? i hear. >> i do. >> leslie jones. if you want a trip to rio, take a lesson from her. big star of "snl" and "ghostbusters" live tweeting the
8:22 am
olympics cheering on team usa like only she can. >> usa in the house! go rimt, go rio! go, go, go, go usa! if i did this, i'd be like oh, with oh, aaah. >> her play by play for swimming -- >> look at the outfit. >> oh, yes. >> her play by play for swimming i don't think we can put a sound up on this. her enthusiasm paid off. her friend, writer mike shoemaker, suggests she gets an invite to rio. nbc olympic executive producer big jim bell tweeted, leslie, you're officially invited to rio. want to come? leslie's response, hmmmm, don't play cause y'all need me. stay tuned. leslie jones. >> we have to get her down here.
8:23 am
>> is rio ready for leslie jones? >> i think so. >> by the way, next leonardo dicaprio. has he suddenly taken up archery? is leo here? that archer looks like leo. it's not. it's 27-year-old brady ellison. he won silver. on twitter the talk is about his resemblance to leo. one is leo and one is an olympic archer. don't know which is which. he's nor of a "revernance" deal. >> let's get you started and show you what we have for your weather and you'll see that we are looking at wet stuff through the gulf. it's just going to dump anywhere from 5 to 10 inches of rain right along the nature's coast there. and we're also looking at hurricane javier down in mexico.
8:24 am
what could become hajavier. the moisture from this streaming up into the southwest causing massive flooding for parts of the southwest over the next five days could be 2 to 5 inches of rain before it's all over. we're going to be watching that as well very closely over the next several days. and as far as the olympics are concerned, over the next several days we're going to have some clouds today. we also look like for women's volleyball later this afternoon we're going to have partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. temperature about 74 degrees. that's what's going on around the country. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. whatever clouds we see now will clear out for a nice afternoon. but it will be warming up a little warmer than it was yesterday. we're going to see a high of 88 in the trivalley and the north bay. 87 for the south bay. and 78 degrees for the peninsula. san francisco reaching 68 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds. and over the next couple of days we will see temperatures rising.
8:25 am
more 90s for the inland areas. and the coastline, will keep it nice and cool. >> and that's your latest weather. >> we'll need a bigger love seat, no question. >> or bunk beds. >> you snore really loudly. >> and you're on top. >> okay. just ahead, we'll introduce you to the woman who inspired the girl from -- natalie? >> ipanema. >> and the hippie market is a blast, as you'll see, after your local news. ==gfx==
8:26 am
i'm ... =topvo= developing news out of oakland-- where there is still a good morning at 8:26 on monday. i'm sam brock. we're following developing news out of oakland, still a killer on the run after a double homicide early this morning. it happened a little before 2:00 a.m. on 98th street, not too far from the oakland airport. a third person was also injured and is now in the hospital receiving treatment. officers arrived, they said they saw a car fully engulfed in flames, see some of the smoke there. right now police are trying to determine if that car is connected with the crime. investigators are also trying to figure out if the two people who died had been shot or if they perished in the car fire. we'll bring you the latest as soon as we have it. mike with an eye on the nimitz. >> problems for 680, cleared for
8:27 am
all lanes. we have slowing for the trivalley, into the area. residual. 880 southbound past 92, a crash on the shoulder. and reports of a car fire, just smoking brakes, but that's over at southbound 880 out of oakland and to hayward. northbound, a little slowing to downtown. live look past the coliseum, high street, the buildup forming from high street back to 66. looks like something is going on. can't pick it up. back to you. >> thank you very much. that's going to do it for us now. we'll see you in 30 minutes with more news.
8:28 am
california's clean air laws are working. we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits.
8:29 am
♪ "you can only be great if you're full of goodness."
8:30 am
chobani. available at safeway. back now. 8:30 on a monday morning the 8th of august, 2016. the crowd is loud and proud helping with the festive atmosphere. we have the third oldest zumba school in rio. ♪ >> we'll see them in a little while. there they are right there. first, can we also mention, jenna bush hager joins us. >> hi, guys.
8:31 am
how are you? >> and can we say hi to medal winning swimmers on team usa. >> cody miller took the bronze in 100 meters breaststroke. congratulations. way to go. >> you keep adding to the collection. how does it feel? >> amazing. i had two golds. i thought i would add a silver and bronze. >> it's different now. you're a mom. training harder. you have to kind of compartmentalize more. >> time management is definitely key. i get up super early in the morning. fit my training in and then still have a full day with my son. >> cody, very first olympics. you got a nice medal hanging around your neck. how does this experience feel for you here? >> it's really cool. >> who is watching you when you got your win?
8:32 am
>> my fiance was there. my mom. my sister and my two club swimmers from when i was younger. the whole crew. >> how awesome. >> your event looked so hard. it looked so hard. eight laps, four different strokes. >> yes. >> how do you feel with that silver medal around your neck? >> it makes the pain of that go away. it's a tough race. it's just an honor to represent the u.s. and this amazing country. an awesome experience. >> this is it. you won your medal. no more competition. what do you do for the rest of your time here? >> i got to go front row and cheer everyone on. that was awesome. hopefully i'll lose my voice today with all of the screaming. it's awesome. >> what other events do you want to get to besides swimming? >> just mix it up with maybe some individuals with a butterfly or maybe a relay here and there. we'll see. >> how about the rest of you? what do you want to do? >> i get five days off to prepare for medley relay on the
8:33 am
last day. that's one of my favorite events in london. the girls are ready and excited to swim that. >> did you facetime with your son? >> i've been able to facetime and holds the phone. mama, mama. it's amazing. >> cody, what are you going to do? >> i have five days to prepare for another relay. hang out and have fun. >> come back and see us. >> will do. i'll take you up on that. >> all right. are we ready to learn portuguese? i'm going to defer to natalie. we like to teach people some phrases. natalie, how do we say good morning? all right. how are you? >> and you reply by saying --
8:34 am
and then good-bye is ciao. very nice. there we go. let's show you what's going on as far as weather is concerned. weekend outlook. the weekday outlook wet weather through the southeast early part of the week. out west some rain in the pacific northwest. precipitation in the midweek period. eastern half of the country looking soggy. as we get toward rain from rockies all of the way into the east. stronger storms down through the gulf coast. temperaturewise stays warm in the northeast into new england area. out west it stays on the cool side and we get into latter part of the week temperatures start warming up from the great lakes all of the way down to the gulf coast. that's what's we have seen some clouds across parts of the bay area this morning, but it all clears out for a sunny afternoon.
8:35 am
warmer in the south bay. morgan hill, 89 degrees. palo alto 82, mission district, high of 64 degrees. some 80s for the north bay. santa rosa 87 degrees. walnut creek 88 degrees. and 86 degrees in pleasanton. a little warmer as we go through the week, we'll see more widespread 90s in the forecast and upper 80s for the inland areas. the coastal areas do stay cool. >> one of the most talked about moments from friday's opening ceremony. conga's representative carrying the flag. peter, so the crowd erupts when you walk in. how did that feel? >> it was crazy.
8:36 am
20 years worth of work to get me there. sort of surreal. i can't describe it. crazy feeling. >> are you ready -- were you ready for all of the attention you received? >> the amount of attention has been crazy. pretty hard to -- >> wow. >> hoda is drifting over. >> all of the ladies are drifting over. i hear you're having a lot of fun and have problems with the females in the olympic village. >> do you have oil for ladies to put on you. >> you hold that. >> protecting him from sunburn. >> peter, while they oil you down, you've had a lot of setbacks. a lot of injuries and stuff happened. you even had trouble getting here. >> yes. it took me 20 years. >> we're listening. >> we are. >> it took me 20 years. >> there are children watching. thank you so much. we'll talk to you more in our
8:37 am
next hour. good luck when you compete next on friday. >> congratulations. >> matt? >> announcer: "today's olympic mome moment" sponsored by walmart. this year we have everything you need to get ready for back to school all at our every day low prices. >> you guys are going to have a lot of questions to answer when you get home. now, let's talk about "today's" olympic moment that comes from women's gymnastics featuring the oldest olympic female gymnast in history. take a look. at 5 feet tall she doesn't look very different from her competition. but when she won her first gold medal at the 1992 games in barcelona, most of her current competitors weren't even born. in a sport where athletes usually dominate in their teens and often retire in their 20s,
8:38 am
the 41-year-old gymnast is making history. >> she's not a legend. an icon in the sport of women's gymnastics. >> she's competed in every summer olympics since her first 24 years ago. and this year in rio she's setting the record for gymnasts with number seven. >> that makes it official. seven olympic games. her record. >> her expertise is in the vault and she has the medals to show for it. she planned to retire after the lo london games but it wasn't long before she was back in the gym training for rio and now on the world stage once again she's proven you're never too old to be a champion. >> almost three times older than the youngest gymnast. >> you have a bee on your shirt. sorry. >> maybe he's attracted to all of the oil on your hands. maybe that's what happened. anyway, she's not officially ruling out tokyo in 2020.
8:39 am
she would be 45. >> wow. n >> now to that famous song we've been talking about. the girl from ipanema was first released more than a half century ago and, hoda, you caught up with the woman that inspired it. >> it was fun. she told me that the song gave her fame. above all else, she's never known as the 17-year-old girl with the very well known features. take a look. it's been more than a half century since one of the most recorded songs in history was penned right here where the shores of the atlantic meet the sandy beaches of brazil's southeast coast. what i love is we're sitting at this table. the very table where you used to walk by in your bikini. did you know someone was sitting at this table watching you? >> i didn't know anything.
8:40 am
>> what did you think? >> i don't believe. you are crazy. i don't believe it. why? i'm so shy. and i don't believe. in 1962 this happened. after three years in 1965, blow up. i want to know who is the girl from ipanema. >> the song, the girl from ipanema. she was 17 years old and a recognize fixture on the beaches of ipanema where they would write the classic. today there are estimated 150 versions. you like to hear frank sinatra sing it?
8:41 am
do you like to hear amy winehouse sing it? madonna? who is your favorite version? >> frank sinatra. >> of course. it has to be frank. ♪ when she passes i smile but she doesn't see ♪ >> what did this song give you? >> fame. >> how does it feel sitting here at this table underneath these famous notes and words that describe you. >> i think it's big emotion. this makes history. >> do you just sometimes sit in your house, turn on the music and go --
8:42 am
♪ >> sometimes, yeah. >> by the way, she's still such a star. when we left the restaurant, all these people were lining up to take pictures with her. there was a newsstand nearby. she's on the front cover of it and her entire family on the inside. gorgeous family. and she just was one of those great, great people to meet. >> 71 and still so hot. >> beautiful. >> she walked up to every member of our crew and, hello, talked to them and hugging them like she had known them. i liked had her so much. >> coming up, elessandra and
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
we're talking about a group of athletes that inspired a lot of people. they are ten athletes from all around the world and they are called the refugee athletes because there is so much difficulty in their home countries that they had to flee. take a look at what happened. from adversity to admiration, their struggles earning them a standing ovation at the opening ceremony. >> yusra mardini. >> mardini wins her heat. >> and their talents already achieving victories. it's history in the form of hope. ten athletes with ten incredible stories of survival making an olympic first. they are the refugee olympic team. >> when i'm in the water, i forget about everything. i feel like it's my home. >> among the world's best in
8:46 am
running, swimming and judo, they've overcome odds and obstacles to realize their olympic dream. this athlete lives in the largest refugee camp in the world, with about the same population as salt lake city, utah. it's been home to her for over 13 years since she was just 9 years old. >> and we ran away from my country. >> she'll be running in the 800 meters, an event she trained for without the money to afford shoes. >> we compete among the refugees. some of us without shoes, like me i was running barefoot. >> reporter: others like 18-year-old yusra mardini is
8:47 am
from war-torn syria. when her family's boat lost power while fleeing to the haven of greece, they jumped in the water and spent three hours pushing it to shore. >> i was thinking me and my sister that it would be really shame for us because we are swimmers and in the end we all die in the sea. it was my biggest fear. yeah, i swim this whole life and then i will drown here? >> reporter: the historic first by the ioc comes at a critical time when backlash against refugees has sparked fears in europe and here in the united states. >> if i win, they're going back. they're going back. i'm telling you. they're going back. >> reporter: and when the government of kenya decided to close several of its refugee camps, including kikuma, later this year, against the protests of many humanitarian groups. in the middle of such uncertainty, the ten athletes hope to bring inspiration to those like them without a flag to call their own.
8:48 am
>> i might be the face of the refugees, so a lot of people hoping that they will come out from what they have. they'll find hope from the war or from why they came here. i think all of them have dreams like i do. >> so nice when we were doing the opening ceremony on friday night and we stopped before they marched in and the roar from that crowd was just incredible. >> i think they were second to brazil. it was spontaneous standing o. the whole place got up. >> really nice. >> it was beautiful. up next, we have a taste of brazil from two of the country's most famous faces, alessandra ambrosio and adriana wateral geyser alpine spring from here to there ♪ to you
8:49 am
crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source.
8:50 am
crystal geyser alpine spring water to you from us crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source.
8:51 am
we're back with "today food." varies region to region and reflects the country's different cultures. >> we have experts to tell us about their favorite dishes. you probably recognize these beautiful supermodels. adriana lima and alessandra ambrosio from the victoria secret fashion shows. feel good to be home? >> wonderful. >> what are you making up for us today? >> we have traditional cheese bread. that's one. do you want to try? >> cheese baked into it? >> yes. it's very delicious. >> usually we by the ready one. >> 20 minutes in and out. >> i do it in l.a. all the time for my kids. >> delicious. delicious. very good.
8:52 am
>> everybody loves meat here. we've been eating meat like crazy. >> this is a kind of meat. this is lamb. we barbecue only with salt and pepper. >> sometimes they dip it in other sauces at the table. the preparation is very simple. >> very simple. >> can we try that? do you want a fork? >> smells amazing. >> what do you guys like to eat? what's your favorite dish here? >> this is our favorite dish. >> how good is that? can i ask a question? what is this? >> flour. so you mix it up with meat. it's not a dressing. >> makes it crunchy. >> what do we call this?
8:53 am
>> this is shrimp and they cook with cilantro and a powder. >> we should try that. >> we're not going to get to dessert. we want to thank people that brought us this food. >> delicious. >> we got restaurant recommendations from rio's mayor last week. i have a feeling these two can hook us up better. >> thank you so much. >> we'll be back on a monday morning from copacabana beach in rio. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> so good. >> we stopped before we got to chocolate. that's like chocolate mousse in a ball. >> very easy to make. >> delicious. >> before we go anywhere, we'll show you some highlights of our first few days in rio before your local news. it is a party on the beach. good morning, everyone. welcome to "today." >> wins gold in the 400 relay. >> can i just touch the gold.
8:56 am
>> careful she has grease on her hand from the conga guy. >> we're listening. >> we are. ==developing gfx== i'm ... ==topvo== with a developing story: the strike at santa clara county courts is now into its good monday morning. with a developing story right now, the strike at santa clara county courts is now in its fourth day. some updated information for you. this time picketers are at the hall of justice on west heading street san jose. this video is from last week, where the union workers marched at the new $220 million santa clara county courthouse. clerks walked off the job on
8:57 am
wednesday. on friday they were picketing outside of that new facility on first street. the union believes money that could have gone to a better deal for clerks went instead to the new building. the county counters that state money was used to cover those costs. happening now on twitter, we update the delays and repost our viewers tweets as they go through major issues in all airports in the bay area this morning. delta airlines probably heard was the second largest fleet in the world now says its computers are going back online after a power outage in atlanta crippled its systems. they have gotten them back online within the last couple of hours. now on our website, we also list the bay area olympians bringing back the medals from rio when they fly back., the top five things you need to know every day. check it out. we'll see you in 30 minutes with more local news updates. you're full of goodness." "you ca
8:58 am
chobani. available at safeway.
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9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today's take" live from the olympic games in rio de janeiro, brazil. ♪ >> my gosh. >> we're stuck in traffic. learn to samba, billy. learn to samba.
9:01 am
little baby steps. ♪ >> this is how you make an entrance, guys. >> how are we doing? >> yes. >> i don't know about you but my head hurts from this. this is really heavy. >> welcome to "today" on this monday morning, august 8th, 2016. i'm billy bush. nba. n-b-a. here we are. beautiful rio. al just got in yesterday. you're the last one to arrive. >> that's right. >> already hit the hippy market. you've been going out. you buy these here? >> i did not buy these. natalie bought some other stuff for you. >> we'll have that for you
9:02 am
though. that's coming tomorrow. >> what are you talking about? >> something good. nobody hits brazil better than billy bush. you've been making yourself well known here already. >> natalie came in on wednesday. i came in on thursday. right away both of us did the same thing. we went for a run. >> that's what you do. >> perhaps at home you have heard of zika here and whatever else. the water. i got to tell you, right off the bat, i go for a run. i took a bug right to the mouth. i was panting away. i swallowed a bug and then the next day i go for a swim, the undertoe is vicious. i get knocked over and basically drank a glass of water and i'm totally fine. by the way, this guy here has an attitude. he has a ship on his shoulder. right over there. it's a visual joke. >> you have to be able to see it. >> nat and i went to opening ceremony.
9:03 am
we had the best time. >> we were seated right next to each other in the middle of these brazilians so you really felt -- this is you. i shot this of billy bush. he was stealing the moment. like i said, everybody around us on their feet. this is the way it was the entire time, right? >> it was. we loved it inside. you watched it on television. >> i did not. i did sort of watch it on television. deborah and i were honored to be invited to president obama's 55th birthday. >> i saw your pictures on instagram. >> so you had to missed opening ceremonies to have a birthday party with the president. >> not a bad deal. >> how was the hippy market? >> hippy market was great. a little surprise for you. but it's a really cool place. i think you can pretty much find a little bit of everything for anyone there. >> it's like a craft fair. >> this has been here forever.
9:04 am
>> i saw that bathing suit being held up there. that's not what you got me? >> not spoiling surprises. >> i see coconut oil. >> that can only mean one thing. >> this is what i'm a little interested in. a waxing. >> some ladies call it the brazilian. >> it's known as the brazilian here. i got talked into a brazilian. >> so where is the hair removed from? >> certain -- i was told -- you have three daughters. this is what they go through. you have a wife. >> not necessarily. >> not all women do that.
9:05 am
>> i was told that it is sweeping the nation down here and making its way to america. >> i don't think so. it's going to stop in new york city. >> where do you live? >> that's where i'm putting a wall up. >> describe the level of pain when the hot wax -- >> tremendous amounts of pain. >> by the way, whatever hair you have removed has to grow back. that's going to be itchy. r hairu have removed has to grow back. that's going to be itchy. >> that's going to be uncomfortable. >> it started as a joke i got to tell you. now it's a life changer. i used to run 8:30 mile. i'm down to an 8:00. i'm moving like you wouldn't believe. i thought this would be something fun for the two of us. i made you an appointment for later on. >> you can go back and have anything grown back taken off again. >> i made the appoint. let it marinate and see what
9:06 am
happens. >> there you few givens in life. that's one of them. it's not going to happen. >> alessandra what a short she is. >> i couldn't partake in the cooking segment. >> alessandra ambrosio must think gisele gets to walk the walkway at the olympics and she gets to see that. >> speaking of gisele, what an incredible moment at the opening ceremony. she walks out. girl from ipanema which is such an honor here. it's the most iconic song from brazil. and so i was able to sit down with her the very next day. she was still glowing. only television interview she did. she was still glowing and so swept up in the moment. she talked to me about tom brady and his reaction. >> don't they pronounce it differently here? >> tom brady. he sent her a really sweet tweet
9:07 am
afterwards. he had to watch it on an hour delay because the u.s. is an hour delay. he had to wait until it came on later. he's at training camp. he couldn't be here for it. >> did he send a note? >> he sent her a sweet message. he said how much he loved her and supports her and this is her reaction to that sweet message. >> congratulations, brazil, on incredible opening ceremony of the olympic games. gisele, words can't describe how proud i was to watch you represent your country. i love you. >> he's so sweet. he's my husband, of course. but if your husband doesn't love you, who will, right? right? thank you. thank you. love you. i appreciate it. he's so supportive. my mom was here. she was so -- i spoke with her this morning. she was so emotional. i just feel like, believe me, i was very emotional.
9:08 am
i was just really breathing very deeply not to cry. >> so sweet. she was getting emotional talking about the reaction. >> i can't even imagine the pride one must feel to represent one's country in an event like that. >> iconic moment like that. the advantage of watching on television is you get to see that up close shot. we're looking at an ant. >> she talked about how she picked the dress and nerves she felt. this is the most famous runway model in the world. retired from the runway coming back for her first walk across the runway here for this moment. she was actually very nervous that she was going to trip. fortunately did not happen. >> full interview tonight on "access hollywood." >> the other big head turner at
9:09 am
the olympics of course -- >> including mine. >> congo's flag betterer stole the show. he walks out shirtless and of course well oiled. he's the country's first ever tae kwon do olympian competing next friday, august 19th. earlier natalie, hoda and jenna were able to put a base coat of oil on earlier. >> coconut oil on the ready here. >> who is going? you or me? i think i've done enough. i think it's time -- >> people at home now kids have gone off to day camp or whatever, they're relaxing. moments they don't need seared into their memory and me getting oiled up is one of them. what they're asking for is the weather. let's bring them the weather,
9:10 am
shall we? and boy, my gosh, we talked about this on friday. the amount of rain that the gulf coast especially the florida coast from panama city down to ft. myers was going to see. we're talking abundant moisture, low pressure. rounds of storms over and over and over. so we could be talking about another 10 inches of rain over what's already fallen from cedar key to pensacola. flooding going to be a big, big problem there as we watch this. of course for the olympic park today at the aquatic centre, women's water polio at 10:40. looking at 77 degrees. partly sunny skies. that's your we will eventually see some sunshine, but r for now we have mostly cloudy skies and trending into the 60s across the bay area. in san francisco today expect a high of 68 degrees with some
9:11 am
peeks of sunshine later on today. we'll see more clouds over the next couple days as temperatures cool and in time for the weekend we'll be back into the low 70s in the city. in the meantime for the inland areas t will be very pretty much all week long reaching 88 degrees today but cool day on wednesday at 85 and 90s for the weekend. >> that is your latest weather. don't go anywhere. we've got the olympic swimmers who made a splash this weekend bringing home some serious hardware for the u.s. and super models alessandra ambrosio and adriana lima and the tae kwon do athlete that stole the show at the opening ceremony. don't go anywhere. you'll need two tvs to watch this it's so big.
9:12 am
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9:15 am
team usa with dana adding silver and bronze to already hefty collection. >> meantime, this is chase's olympic debut bringing the u.s. swim team its first medal. a silver. this past year he's been training with his idol michael phelps and clearly something rubbed off. >> cody miller has a bronze in men's 100 meter breaststroke. ryan held gets gold for the 4x100 freestyle relay. good morning. one more time to mention, beautiful tears by ryan on the podium. >> thank you. >> did somebody whisper to you it's okay to cry. >> when the tears started rolling michael put his arm around me. take it easy. you're going to make me cry. take it all in. you're not going to have this feeling again for a while. >> people said that could be one of the best olympic moments already and the olympics just
9:16 am
got started. those tears meant something to those watching. >> the emotions of the past four years and transformation and pretty much the whole swimming community and the whole united states emotions manifest into tears there. >> you're hardware goes all of the way back to athens 2004 and now this time around you're a mom swimming. it's been an amazing journey for you. >> each olympics has been special in its own way and in some ways silver and bronze is a personal gold to me. it's been a really fun four years. really special moment last night. >> in march you give birth in 2015. how long did it take you to get back in the pool? >> i got back in when doctors said six weeks. i got in. it took a couple months before i
9:17 am
could even make it through my team's warmup. very humbling at the beginning. it's been step by step. >> and chase, you trained with michael as which mentioned. i know he actually said he was almost more emotional seeing you get that silver last night. what's it like to be part of his team? >> it's awesome. i've been with michael since i was 14 or 15 years old. he's like an older brother to me. i felt the same way with him swimming last night. just getting started. >> how did you get into his world underneath his giant wind span? >> i got thrown into it. a lot of years where i was significantly behind him and he would whoop up on me every single day. he won't let me forget that. but we've progressed throughout the years and we have a great relationship and things are going great right now. >> cody, you faced serious health issues coming in. and now you come in here and you say one of the things you told me is when you were standing on
9:18 am
that medal stand, you were surprised at how heavy that medal was. it must feel pretty light right now. >> it's pretty heavy. it's awesome. standing on that podium with that medal is something i'll never forget. an honor to be here and represent the united states. the coach said we're all here to unite the country and do something special and it's been surreal. >> did swimming save you as a kid because you did struggle a little bit. >> we had ups and downs but swimming is something i always latched onto and always been my fallback. steady progress for a long time and finally made that breakthrough and to make my first olympic team and to medal, it means everything to me. >> you basically set an american record for the breaststroke. did you know when you were swimming that i'm setting a record. do you know that you're on track for that. >> i knew i was out fast and i had a shot at it based on my preliminary and semifinal time.
9:19 am
the goal was to break the record. i was celebrating so hard when i got that bronze medal because i set that record. still trying to soak it in. >> are you a slower with that hair. >> you can't tell. it's not that much hair. >> beautiful hair. gorgeous. >> you're going to tokyo, right? >> we'll see. >> you're not done. >> i'm on a mission times two. >> go for it, girl. congratulations. some of you still swimming. good luck on relays coming up later this week. coming up next, he puts the bear in flagbearer. the tae kwon do star that set the internet into a frenzy during the opening ceremony will join us after this.
9:20 am
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9:23 am
one of the unexpected stars of friday night's opening ceremony tae kwon do athlete pita taufatofua. he stole the spotlight. coconut oil pecks. you are tore up. ripped. >> the internet blew up. everyone asking who is this handsome man from tonga. pita is the first tae kwon do athlete ever to qualify for the olympics from tonga. he's here for good reason. >> you made one of the most memorable entrances. why did you decide to go with the traditional tufa made out of hammered tree bark instead of what your teammates do. >> for us it was important to get our culture out to the
9:24 am
world. i said i want to march in what my ancestors wore to war 200 years ago. >> it's part of culture. coconut oil that you're glistening with. >> a lot of stuff out there. definitely coconut oil. we use it culturally for all sorts of things. >> the australian accideent. when did you find out that you would be the guy to carry the flag in? when did you get the nod? >> about one month ago. three or four weeks ago they decided. >> when did it come to you i'll walk in with the traditional -- >> as soon as we got the nod. >> when did you realize you were the social media superstar. >> i was walking through the opening ceremony and someone came up to me taking photos and they said to me, you know, you're trending on twitter in every major country? i haven't had a chance to look.
9:25 am
once i had a look, it had gone everywhere. >> i hear the ladies in the olympic village are going a little crazy. we can understand why. >> you this is mister kitty. mom doesn't know we have him. it's something about "responsibility." i made you-know-who promise not to tell. but she's got the nose of a bloodhound. we have to be super duper careful. so we're using fresh step with the power of febreze. it doesn't mask litter box odors. it's designed to trap and eliminate odors for 10 days. guaranteed. victory is ours, mr. kitty! fresh step. with the power of febreze. my advice for looking get your beauty sleep. and use aveeno® absolutely ageless® night cream with active naturals® blackberry complex. younger looking skin can start today. absolutely ageless® from aveeno®. light & fit greek crunch yogurt
9:26 am
is topped with crunchy deliciousness that makes it an absolutely, irresistible hit! light & fit crunch. i'm ... =topvo= developing news out of oakland-- where ther s good morning, 9:26 on your monday. i'm sam brock. developing news right nout out of okayland where there's still a killer on the run after a double homicide this morning. it happened before 2:00 a.m. on 98th street not far from the oakland airport. a third person was injured and now in the hospital. you are looking at some different video of picketing going on in santa clara county. we are going to continue to follow that story as picketing continues. the court clerks are behind that as they try to find out a contract agreement. now there's police trying to identify a suspect in what was a late night shooting in the death of a bay area athlete shot in san francisco. here's what we know about that athlete.
9:27 am
he's actually from stockton. he's 20-year-old calvin riley. he was playing pokemon go with a friend in san francisco by the aquatic park. there's his picture. he was shot and killed over the weekend. police are trying to figure out if a man spotted on a hill was involved in the shooting. this was a random attack as we were originally told. we'll have much more information on that. now to a more uplifting note. a warming trend after this break.
9:28 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ come seek the royal caribbean good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. 63 degrees. beautiful clear skies here, but we do still have clouds along the coastline and if san francisco. . it's 60 degrees there. 62 degrees in san jose. napa is also at 60 degrees. 80s expected. it will be warmer toads. palo alto at 82. and 83 in napa.
9:29 am
walnut creek at 88 and upper 80s for the trivalley. what's happening on the roads? slower drive out of concorde. a crash reported. here in the south bay, you're looking light. scattered crashes show up on the maps. that's good news. i can tell you about this off the main commute. a shelter in place for the area right around where the hazard mark is between piedmont and stonewood. a car went into a build. there's a shelter in place locally. back to you. >> scary situation there. thank you very much we'll see you in 30 minutes.
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines, delta air lines is expecting widespread cancellations today because of an overnight computer outage overnight. a ground stop has now been lifted but departures are limited. they traced the problem to power problems in atlanta. a kansas city water park is closed today while officials investigate a weekend tragedy. kaleb schwab was killed when riding a raft down a 16 story water slide. his father is a kansas state lawmaker. a park spokeswoman says they don't know what happened but the slide is inspected every day. new evidence that being single has its perks.
9:31 am
scientists at uc santa barbara found that single people tend to have richer social lives, show more psychological growth and are more self-sufficient their married peers and more likely to be resilient during hard times. "suicide squad" broke in 135 million at the box office. "jason bourne" second at $22 million and "bad moms" was third. let's head back to rio for a check of the weather from al who has some company. good morning to you. >> thanks so much. we're thrilled to have these two olympic medalists with us. a three-time olympian who can call her a two-time bronze medalist in women's trap shooting and alexander massialias with a silver medal congratulations.
9:32 am
that's so terrific. you know, your first taste of the olympics was 2008 in beijing. but you're on the podium now. you hear that anthem. it still has to be as thrilling as it was the first time. >> it really is. it hadn't changed at all. such an amazing moment to see your flag being raised and know that you're here representing your country and that all of the work you put in has paid off and resulted in a medal. >> so terrific. alexander, this has been a dream of yours since you were very young. you're young now. but it's been over 30 years since men had a medal in fencing and you bring home a silver. that's got to feel so special. >> it's amazing feeling being able to bring it back for the u.s. fencing in particular and also in particular just my friends and family. my dad has been there every step of the way. >> your dad is your coach. >> three-time olympian himself.
9:33 am
never medaled. i can bring one back to the household. >> that's terrific. what a great support system. your support system your husband to plays for the chicago bears couldn't make it because they're in training. i understand he and the team have been sending you support. >> they have. their kicker was kind enough to make these great t-shirts and the whole team including the coaches put them on and sent me out tweets and facebook posts and it's incredible to have such a great organization like that publicly support me. it really just pushed me and gave me that extra boost i needed. >> we're proud of you. congratulations. thanks so much. enjoy the rest of the games. >> thank you. >> that's w we started out with some clouds this morning. but some sunshine later on this afternoon. in san francisco expect a high of 58 degrees. mid-60s through week. warming up into the weekend with some 70s expected on both saturday and sunday.
9:34 am
we will have some cooler weather there in san francisco, but much warmer e for the inland valleys. 88 degrees. 90 tomorrow. and a little bit of a cooldown for the middle of the week, but the weekend will be back to the 90s. as we'll have well above average temperatures. >> and that's your latest weather. >> all right. this morning in "today food" in rio, victoria secret supermodels serving up some of brazil's most popular dishes. >> adriana lima, alessandra ambrosio. probably not always recognized on the cat walk and victoria secret shows but you're legends here. you're a local hero. you guys -- >> now we're the kitchen masters. br brazilian cuisiquicuisine.
9:35 am
what is this? >> it's white beans and then it is fried in oil and sal aad and shrimp inside. >> this is your food right there. i love this. >> basically any kind of seafood and any kind of stew and then it's cooked with coconut oil and lots of spices. >> we have some right here. i'm trying it. >> 5,000 miles here of coastline. >> we've had this many times out at dinner already. it's so delicious. >> everybody is addicted to. tell us what's in this. >> it's made with sugar cane rum. mix with limes or strawberries.
9:36 am
any kind of passion fruit. >> here you go. >> good morning. no time like the present. >> the dessert, you have to talk about the cake. >> this is basically chocolate with coconut filling. >> lots of coconut here. >> coconut oil. >> you're not a big coconut fan. >> i might be now. just for this. >> delicious. >> you go from cake into -- >> can i tell you, we spent some nice quality time together this weekend at christ the redeemer which is one of the most beautiful sites in all of rio. you said it was christ giving the world a hug.
9:37 am
i felt that hug. anybody that goes up there feels it, too. >> we're going up there later today. looking forward to it. >> and you had a spiritual moment with billy. >> she led me to the -- >> apparently she told me that it's sweeping america and it's coming to america. the brozilian. >> i can't get behind that. adriana lima and alessandra ambrosio, thank you so much. thanks for all of this terrific food. coming up next, an incredible night in the pool to team usa. katie ledecky, michael phelps, once again clinching gold. the moment you might have missed or want to see again and a look ahead to the big event for ahead to the big event for olym
9:38 am
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9:41 am
it's been a terrific start for team usa at the olympic aquatic stadium in rio. things are only going to get better. >> katie ledecky broke her own world record swimming away with gold. michael phelps added his title of most decorated olympian going for his 19th gold. >> here with all of the highlights and a look ahead is four-time individual olympic gold medalist and vice chair of the athletes commission for los
9:42 am
angeles 2024 olympic bid, go los angeles! welcome. i know that you're part of the 2024 bid. do you think it's going to happen? we hope it's going to happen. >> our l.a. team is here listening and learning about the games. we're excited because l.a. has 97% of our venues built in our city. ready to go. we are infrastructure. 88% support. >> who else is in the running? i only heard l.a.? >> paris. budapest and rome. >> great cities. l.a. right up there. let's talk about the highlights sunday night. katie ledecky. unbelievable. breaking the world record winning gold in women's 400 meter and it seems again she's a professional -- she made it look so easy. >> she does. i was sitting with the group from los angeles including our mayor and they just said the race is for second. she's incredible. her swimming speaks to herself. she takes 400 meter out like
9:43 am
it's 100 and keeps swimming. i've never -- >> ahead by like five seconds from everybody else. >> i love watch her swim. more importantly, i think she's just an amazing woman. she's kind. she's humble. i texted her beforehand and i said good luck. she said i hope leah smith wins a medal. she's worried about medal instead of herself. >> not a professional. she's the amateur. she doesn't have to show up with the watch company or whatever it is. she can stay in her zone. >> she wants to go to college. she's going to stanford next year to get her education and swim for a team and does it because she loves it. >> michael phelps 19th gold medal. this is the first of perhaps many here. how many more golds does he really have a shot at? >> i think he could win three or four more gold medals. watching him swim last night in my swimmer capacity, he looked very good in the water. you see swimming. i see high in the water. stroke looks beautiful. he was amazing.
9:44 am
>> he's going up against lochte. >> thursday night. >> 200 i.m. >> katie ledecky 200 freestyle. 400, 800 and the 200 is a sprint for her. there's an italian that's good. i think she can do it. closest race though. >> when you talk about what she's able to do, you talk about sprints and then a marathon in swimming. that's incredible. >> i swam distance. my races were 400 and 800. i couldn't swim 100 to save my life. i couldn't sprint. so the fact that she can be on a silver medal winning relay and then swim the 800 meter and break the world record by ten seconds is amazing. >> before coming here, didn't she come here in 1,500 which is giant, didn't she beat the next person by 13? >> she beats them by 15 to 20
9:45 am
seconds. she's a pool length ahead. >> lochte has thursday coming up. >> he looked great at trials. he swam with a join injury at trials. i suspect that it's healed now. >> and he has the gray hair. >> silver. i don't know. silverish. >> i love that he and phelps are roommates here. >> the other one is 400 meter individual medley. she's incredible. >> second in the 400 individual medley. 200 coming up and 200 backstroke. she's also a class act. we have this amazing team of older for our swimmers. average age is 23. leaders. experienced. i think that's showing in the pool last night when we did so well. >> watching that pang sometimes you wish you were in that water? >> it's nice to sit in the
9:46 am
stands. i get tired just watching them. i'm happy just talking about them and cheering for them. i'm good. >> l.a. 2024. >> let's get it going. we're all staying at natalie's house. coming up next, the tonga who has tongues wagging all over the world with his bear chest displayed at the opening ceremony. pita taufatofua. that's after these messages.
9:47 am
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my new mascara katy kat eye hi! welcome to the katy kat collection. it's the all-day 360 cat eye ten times volume, darkness and no smudging katy kat eye and new katy kat matte lipstick from me and easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl we're back with the man who set the world into a frenzy. pita taufatofua. i did it right. first ever athlete from tonga to qualify in tae kwon do for the olympics and is going to show us a couple moves starting with natalie. >> he can only show us a couple moves because of what he's wearing. >> not wearing the right thing for kicking but i'll show you a
9:51 am
couple punching moves. >> it's a form of martial arts. >> make a fist. >> horse stance. throw out your left hand and right hand and on the next one when you throw it you have to yell as loud as you can. ready. >> what are we yelling? pita? we're yelling pita. >> one, two, three, pita! >> is yelling crucial? what if you want to do that without yelling? >> it gives you extra energy. i think it scares the other person as well. >> how many years -- how old were you when you discovered your passion and love of tae kwon do? >> five years old. >> this guy has been through it all. six knee operations. it's a total beat down. >> it's one of the toughest sports. to get into the ring and fight someone you don't even hate. we do it because we love it. >> it's physical.
9:52 am
my son actually just got his black belt about a year ago. show us a block. >> punch him. >> ready. i got your back. one more time. ready. >> hold on a second. >> guys, come on over here. >> get over here. >> individual medley. >> look at that. in their uniforms. billy is so jealous. >> here's a who wore it better between these guys. >> how many calories a day are you eating? >> whatever i want. >> how are you doing? >> say hello to the guy from tongo. he's a global sensation. >> is it hard to swim with a medal around your neck? >> i haven't tried that yet. >> you're making money for speedo out there. pita, thank you very much. >> the world of olympics, ladies and gentlemen. right here. >> pretty good.
9:53 am
>> this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
what a morning it's been and only getting better from rio. we want to thank our drummers. >> that's right. we've had a good time. we're going to continue the fun. another full day of olympic competition heating up excitement here in rio hosted by my nemesis, tirico, right after your local new
9:56 am
after a cool start to the day, we'll get some sunshine and warmer temperatures for the south bay. a little warmer than yesterday. 82 degrees and 68 degrees in the financial district. napa today up to 83.
9:57 am
88 in walnut creek. 89 today in livermore with temperatures getting hotter as we go towards the end of the week. now let's head over to mike for a look at what's happening on the roadways. >> we're looking over here toward the big view of the bay. things are moving pretty well. especially after the tough start we had for the trivalley. we do have slowing northbound. a crash that tied things up. a little tougher drive over the 880. and then up to that area toward walnut creek. late slowing. we just had a lot of traffic to make up through pleasantton. the rest of the bay moves well. still have the peninsula. on twitter we're updating the delays and we're actually sharing some viewers tweets as they go through the delays. . airport all over the bay area. delta airlines, the second largest fleet in the world now says the computers are back online after a power outage crippled its system and caused
9:58 am
ground stops. we're going to list the olympians bringing back e medals from roio. shows you the five things you need to know every day and on facebook you can take part in celebrating our local athletes. and more local news in half an hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
no one has won more! the most dominant in olympic history, and it's pure gold! monday morning in rio de janeiro. the world famous copacabana beach one of the many spectacular settings for these games, as another big day of olympic competition lies ahead. and from our daytime home at copacabana action we copacabana, welcome along, i'm rebecca lowe. what thrilling swimming we saw last night with katie ledecky's record and the men w


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