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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 8, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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jodi hernandez is in crock et with the latest concerns. >> i grew up here. i wouldn't want to go anywhere else. >> reporter: while joe loves his home, he doesn't love what's hitthit hidden nearby. toxic waste. buried beneath pavement along the bay. >> i think it's a real problem. it's a toxic site right now. >> reporter: the site used to be home to a smelting facility. a plant that extracted precious metals from minerals or rocks. but the company abruptly shut down in 1971, demolishing the plant and its company housing. leaving piles of waste. >> we're having technical problems with that story. we will get back to it. we should add, regarding the story, there's a community
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meeting in crocket wednesday to address some of the concerns. the toxins that are seeping into the bay. it could take years before the real cleanup begins. the disruptions are piling up. striking clerks in santa clara county forced traffic court to nearly screech to a halt today. a high profile murder trial was put on hold. robert handa is live to show us how the problems are mounting. >> reporter: it seems to be that both sides are gambling this week as the strike enters its second week. so far, the strike has caused mainly inconvenience. but some looming court problems can't be pushed down the road. the striking court workers came out strong today, returning to the hall of justice in san jose and shutting down the clerks' offices there. the strike led to more court cases being pushed down the line, including a high profile murder trial.
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the trial phase started last week only to be delayed until today and now it has been moved to august 17. >> it's frustration, even though it looks like we're patient. we' we're still frustrated with the whole thing. is ki this is adding to the frustration. >> reporter: attorneys talk about confusion. >> i had four defendants on my calendar. none of them were brought over to court. so all of those arraignments had to be put over to thursday, which for i think all of them is the tenth day or else they get out of custody. >> reporter: the sheriff's office says it transports inmates it is ordered to move. >> the ones that were not transported, we didn't have the paperwork. >> reporter: who is responsible for that? >> it would come from the courthouse. >> reporter: court management says it believes it fulfilled its duties today and also today
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called for mediation. the court has offered a 9.5% raise. but with no raise in the second year. union leaders say they might agree to mediation if the negotiators are authorized to offer a pay raise in the second year. otherwise union leaders say, what's the point. >> thanks. vanished without a trace. the search is on for a tourist visiting with china. he was last seen by his roommate and was supposed to return to china with his traveling group july 30. he left the best western around 10:00 p.m. july 28. authorities don't suspect foul play. he is about 5'4", 110 pounds. he has black hair and brown eyes and speaks little to no english. we have new details on what sickened 19 teenagers and children at a party in san francisco. take a look at these candies. health officials say they were laced with marijuana. mark matthews is in san
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francisco. so many questions here. first and foremost, how are you kids? who is to blame? >> reporter: the kids are all right. as for who is to blame, hard to say. there was a party here saturday night for a 15-year-old girl. there was a caterer involved from oakland. police don't know how the marijuana-laced candies got into the hall. 19 people, including several children, showed up at a hospital. all attended the party and all of them showed up with similar symptoms. >> including rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, dilated pupils, dizziness, light-headedness, nausea, lethargy and confusion. >> reporter: a dozen were tested for thc, and all of them came back positive. the candies are believed to be the source. they are commonly sold four to a
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package for $14. health officials say they were loose at the party and they don't know who brought them in. >> it still needs to be determined whether or not it was intentional. >> reporter: police won't speculate on possible charges. they are looking at the catering company. health officials say they have spoken with the company and are convinced there is no further risk to anyone hiring the caterer. what worries health officials is that candies like these may be increasingly available. if marijuana is legalized for recreational use in california. >> san francisco department of public health works carefully to make sure these edibles are not available or attractive to children. >> reporter: they were available at this party. and that is why a task force has been meeting in san francisco for the past year to try and figure out if marijuana is legalized in california how they will keep candies like this out of the hands of children. and everyone who was sickened at the party is now reportedly fine.
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they were all released saturday night from the various hospitals. reporting in san francisco, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. let's get back to our olympics coverage. a live look at the olympic flame. it's day three of competition with mixed results for our local olympians. >> we have team coverage tonight. jessica aguirre is in rio. colin, we follow most of the stories. don't go to gold. we saw that today. >> unfortunately, that's the case. the u.s. men's basketball team as we know overwhelming favorites to win gold. but they were tested early by venezuela today. the game was tied at 20 early in the second quarter, then 28-6 run to close out the half. paul george coast to coast for two of his 20. the u.s. improved to 2-0 in group "a" play with a victory. next up, wednesday against
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australia. women's table tennis, current cal bear, zhang, her run is over. she was beaten in the third round four games to one. san jose alum malloy expected to contend. but the third seed in the 125 pound weight class defeated. ready for a busy night locally. kerri walsh-jennings from stanford, another preliminary round match. in the pool, two cal products. ryan murphy and kathleen baker, both in their respective finals of the 100 meter backstroke. and franklin and ledecky, we will keep an eye on them. >> another exciting night of competition. thanks. a message of tolerance in rio today. a fencer made history for team usa as the first american to wear a hijab during competition. she lost her round to a fencer
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from france. but she will take part in the team competition this weekend. as is the case with every olympic city, there's a show of force to protect everyone during the games. we're seeing that in rio. >> the massive security setup includes technology from the slil you c silicon valley. jessica aguirre is there to show us how this works. >> reporter: look at this behind me. there are still thousands of people in the park at this hour. security is top priority. you are right, here at the rio games, it's man and machine. silicon valley, bay area technology is playing a crucial role in trying to keep the people here safe. i will show you where. the most important place for safety is the athletes village. that's an olympic village. you have the amazing athletes there. a machine has been brought in. it's called the kylatron. it's a high-tech scanner, very different than what you see at the airport. this machine can handle five bags at a time.
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it's very sophisticated. okay? and its engineers are headquartered in palo alto. they showed us how it works and why it is what they think the fur t future of keeping people safe. >> open the door. the green door means it's available for scanning. you put your bag inside. once you close the door, the scanning begins. >> that's why it turns red? >> it looks for explosives. it looks for weapons. it looks for drugs. it has many, many levels. at 11:00, i will give you a look at how it works. we will show you the special technology it has and let you know how -- what people here at the park think about it. it's a little space age when you go through it. coming up in a little bit at 6:30, my interview with dana vollmer who won two medals yesterday. i will let you know why her baby back home is what's fuelling her in the pool. that's coming up in a little bit. >> a nice story.
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we will see new 20 or 30 minutes. thank you. we have a new member of our olympic team joining us tonight. you recognize her. natalie coglin will be in studio. she will join us for the olympic moments of the day coming up later in our newscast. training for the real thing. we are there as san jose cops prepare for use of force scenarios. they spend two weeks battling a fire near big sur. now 22 santa clara county firefighters are back home. coming up, i will have one firefighter's amazing story from the front lines. good evening. beautiful evening. looking across the south bay. your full forecast coming up in a few minutes. story...regarding the toxins
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seepinginto the bay...this is near the carquiniez brid. get back to our top story regarding the toxins seeping into the bay. this map shows where it's happening west of the bridge. here is jodi hernandez. >> i grew up here. i wouldn't know it. >> reporter: while joe loves his home, he doesn't love what's hidden nearby. more than 2 million cubic yards of toxic waste.
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buried beneath pavement along this bay. >> i think it's just a real problem. it's a toxic site right now. >> reporter: the site used to be home to a smelting facility. a plant that extracted precious metals from minerals or rocks. after nearly a century of operation, the company abruptly shut down in 1971. demolishing the plant and its company housing. leaving piles of waste behind. >> it's toxic heavy metals, such as lead and arsenic, that we know are leaching into the bay. >> reporter: last week, residents learned the department of toxic substances control is developing a long-term fix to make the site safe. reigniting forgotten concerns. >> i think the whole thing was out of sight, out of mind. we capped it off, put a bow on it. >> the waters here, we eat the fish, we eat the food. >> reporter: many in town have
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family members who worked at the plant. he says he used to pile in the piles of slag. >> hide in it. >> reporter: he supposed us pieces that still wash down shore. he hopes the toxic risk is taken care of once and for all. >> i would like to see it stay clean and stay good. >> impacts a lot of us. there is a community meeting this wednesday. etch period experts say it could take years before the real cleanup begins. back home but beat. look at one of the stunning images from the front lines of a fire. crews are back in the bay area after weeks of battling the wildfire. glad they are back home safe and sound. is another group heading back to the front lines? >> reporter: they are. they are already there. they are desperately needed. as 22 firefighters return home, 22 more have already been sent
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to the fire. this is what a day on the job looks like for firefighters battling the deadly fire near big sur. for two weeks, they have battled the fire, sometimes working 24 hour shifts. >> there was one night where we had a very limited water supply. we were trying to support an operation on division that had a lot of very heavy, active fire behavior. it was just pretty challenging trying to keep water flowing through all the hoses all night long. >> reporter: now they have returned home. >> just played with my family all day. >> reporter: he says his team had to hike two miles in 90 degree temperatures just to get to the fire line. all while carrying more than 50 pounds of gear. the fire was so remote often bulldozers couldn't reach the area. one dozer operator who did lost his life on the fire line. he says sometimes weather conditions also prevented air drops. but not on this day.
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>> they called in the air support to help strengthen the line. >> reporter: 14 days of grueling work rewarded with gratitude. the fire has now charred more than 60,000 acres and destroyed 57 homes. tonight at 10:00, highway 1 north of big sur will be shut down because of the fire and high winds. it's expected to reopen tomorrow morning. >> thank you. it's a hot topic around the country, the deadly use of force by police departments. locally, many departments are changing their tactics. the san jose pd reported reporters to the training facility. the idea is to show how quickly officers must make a potential life or death decision. san jose's police chief says he wants the public to understand what his officers go through. >> we want to offer an opportunity for transparency, to
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show the community really through you, through the media, what our officers face day in, day out and how we train them to handle the situations and how to deescalate situations in the field. >> our own reporter went through the training. it includes several real life scenarios. new at 6:00, a photo of a witness sign-in sheet is raising questions from the san francisco public defenders office tonight. prosecutors say they are investigating after this picture showed up. the public defenders office says someone spotted the sign-in sheet this morning on the court clerk's desk. the list had space for witnesses to sign in and a column titled bad guys to indicate which case they were there for. they worry it sends a message defendants are presumed guilty. in a statement by the d.a.'s office, it says -- raj/rail the giants are playing in miami tonight... but manager bruce bochy isn't w/ the team. ==take vo== the giants are playing in
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miami as we speak. the manager isn't with the team. he was admitted to the university of miami hospital this morning after feeling ill. the giants say he is resting comfortably and is expected to be back on the bench with the team for tomorrow night's game. you might recall last year, bochy had a small heart proce procedure done after he failed a stress test. they are not saying if this is related to that issue. the bench coach is handling the managing duties tonight as they play the marlins. a check of the forecast. beautiful day all around. >> nice way to start off monday. in terms of weather, we are going to see a little bit of change this week as warmer temperatures will be making it back into our forecast. right now, a live look outside from our owiakland sky camera. that's added moisture here moving in with the fog and the marine layer. a comfortable 66 in oakland. after a high of 73 degrees today. humidity at 70%. we will take you to a spot that
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has more sunshine right now, that's in walnut creek. 85 right now after your high of 91. the air is drying back here. fire danger higher at 24%. as we get you into what's happening with the forecast, the storm track is so close to california. we do have colder air wrapped up in this upper level area of low pressure in the pacific northwest. it's not going to move far enough to the south in order to give us below average testimony thursday week. tomorrow, we will have that classic mixed bag forecast. san francisco, you have a cool 65 for your average. north bay, 88. we will go to an average of 90 in the east bay. across the south bay, a sunny 84 degrees. now when it comes to the weather across rio, in case you are curious, tomorrow looks like in the host city 81 degrees, hos y b possibly rain tuesday. cooler temperatures into friday's forecast. an awesome first full two days of competition this past week.
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if you want more, remember, i will host the olympic zone tonight at 7:30. we are taking a look at kerri walsh and highlights laurie hernandez and nathan adrian. 7:30 tonight. i will have more on my forecast in 25 minutes. >> can kerri win another gold medal? thank you. still ahead here at 6:00, unfriendly skies. the computer glitch that triggered global delays for delta airlines passengers today. how long could it be to get everything back on track?
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==reveal== on our website... the aftermath of a police car crash. it happened early this morning happening now on our website, the aftermath of a police car crash. it happened early this morning in oakland. the injuries are not serious. another car ended up hitting a nearby building. that driver is recovering from minor injuries. getting traction on our twitter feed, a new name for the home of the spartans. it's now called cefcu stadium. it's a credit union. thousands of frustrated
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travellers. my parents are stuck in mexico. >> they were on a delta flight? >> they were on a delta flight. delta is offering apologies to frustrated travellers. an early morning computer glitch led to canceled flights and delayed passengers. >> including your parents. it had an impact worldwide.
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>> i'm trying to keep it together. >> reporter: delta's atlanta-base d power outage brought everything to a standstill. summer has been at sfu since 10:00 last night. >> we got on the flight and got on the tarmac and were on the plane for four hours. then came in. i waited in this line last night at 3:00 in the morning. >> reporter: those passengers were told to get off their flights, pick up their bags at claim and then wait. many of them are still here. >> never going to make the connector in atlanta to get home to toronto. still waiting. >> reporter: delta canceled 650 flights, stranding passengers worldwide and prompting apologyings frapolog apologies to the ceo. >> i apologize. >> i don't flow if know if we w delta again.
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>> reporter: not everyone is ready to forgive. >> the only flight we have through atlanta looks like we might not make it. we will miss women's volleyball, which sucks. >> delta is offering vouchers for anyone delayed more than three hours. come back complete. jessica aguirre talks with dana vollmer about winning a medal 17 months after giving birth. privacy is at stake. i can find out more information than i should be able to. anybody can do it, too. >> police use sir veurveillance cameras to fight crime. coming up next, we expose the reason an east bay city is letting anyone get their hands on pictures of people, their cars and even their kids.
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the ford freedom sales event is on! our biggest event of the year just got better! ♪ i'm free to do what i want and have a good time. ♪ announcing zero for seventy-two across the entire lineup of ford cars, trucks and suvs.
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so hurry in for 0% financing for 72 months. that's freedom from interest... and freedom to choose with ford. america's best selling brand. ♪ i'm free, baby! now get 0% financing for 72 months across the entire lineup of ford cars, trucks and suvs, during the ford freedom sales event. some bay area cities use surveillance cameras faw we're caught on camera just about everywhere we go. >> police aren't the only ones looking at your picture. liz wagner joins us. anyone can get their hands on these pictures. >> in the east bay, some say a local government is making it easy for anyone to surveil members of the public. it starts with a motion activated camera like this one. they're on street corners and buildings everywhere you turn. law enforcement calls security
6:30 pm
cameras necessary. jack calls them dangerous. >> people have no idea what's possible with all of this surveillance that's going on right now. >> in his city, police installed 16 surveillance cameras at intersections starting last summer. if you roll through town, chances are the city has snapped pictures of you. >> privacy is at stake. i can find out more information than i should be able to. and anybody else can do it, too. >> in a minute, you will see why. >> i am sympathetic to privacy concerns. but you have to balance that against what tools you can use to feel safe. >> the sense of safety is eroding. >> everybody has a story or knows a story about somebody who has been robbed. >> when suspects run, they end up on camera. >> police were able to quickly check motion activated cameras.
6:31 pm
>> as nbc bay area reported, this photo captured led to the arrest of a man who pistol whipped a nanny. home burglaries are down by half. >> the cameras are necessary if we're going to combat the crime. >> fighting crime may come at a price. the city considers photos taken by the cameras to be public records. that means anyone can access them if they ask. so we asked the city for photos taken by these cameras. cameras that spotted the investigative unit here and here and here. but we received more than just a few photos of us. as you will see, we got a lot more. we received 5.5 million pictures over 90 days. the length of time the city keeps records. we found joggers, dog walkers, schoolchildren and lots of cars. >> it can easily be an invasion
6:32 pm
of privacy. >> with the right tools anyone can find out more about the drivers of the cars. he says you can think of it as a home cooked automated license plate reader. it's a black box that scans license plates. more than 30 local police departments use them to log where vehicles are spotted and i.d. cars connected to crimes. he says that except for location information, he can make his own version with the city's tophoto >> that's dangerous to pub into public. i can take any license plate number, run it through this and it will show me every single match from all the those millions of photographs. >> free computer software can search for plate numbers and find dates and times cars are caught on camera. which could reveal someone's travel pattern. >> this looks complicated. can any member of the publy ll this? it's easy from a programming perspective. >> we tried it with the photos we obtained from the city.
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we were able to make our own database. for privacy, we didn't search for license plates for members of the public. >> it's critical the government not make it easier for private actors to surveil us. >> this man is a senior attorney at a non-profit that opposes mass surveillance. they believe the threat to privacy posed by cameras outweighs public safety concerns. >> our message to government who are thinking about getting cameras is, don't. >> if the cameras help people feel safe and secure in the community, that's what i'm for. >> the police chief recommended the cameras and disagrees they jeopardize privacy. he adds there's value in capturing the last known location of a missing person, plus he says the cameras only snap photos in public places. some residents say that these photos should not be public information because of what someone could do with them. what do you say? >> for me, there's value in
6:34 pm
solving crime, keeping the city safe. our numbers dropped by 50%. the word is out on the street that we can catch you if you come into our area. >> with our database and his permission, we showed the chief we were able to search for and find a police car. has the city created a way for anyone to track someone? >> i don't think so. >> he says he welcomes ideas on how to safeguard photos. several residents have proposed encryption. >> if cameras are to be used, they should be protected. the retention time should be as small as possible. i'm open to that. i think it's a larger discussion than just me. >> a discussion about surveillance, safety and access that continues to evolve just like our technology. nearby another city uses the same cameras but doesn't release the images to the public. a number of other cities consider photos it and video to be public records that anyone
6:35 pm
can access. you can head to our website, for a map of some of those places. >> interesting perspective. thanks. if you have a tip for our unit, give us a call. back to rio. as expected, a heavy bay area flavor at these olympics. tonight, katie ledecky will be back in the pool along can missy franklin. they both advanced to the semis in the 200 freestyle. ledecky won the gold and set a new record in the 400 free last night. maybe the best story line of the first few days, the mom on a miss. dana vollmer is doing something rare. >> she's bringing home two more medals for swimming a year and a half after having a baby. the olympic mom spoke with jessica aguirre. she's only the second american woman in history to win an
6:36 pm
olympic swimming medal after having a baby. >> so cool. >> reporter: yeah. i know. that's right. there's been so much talk about michael phelps being a dad and the renewed focus that he has in the pool after becoming a parent. the same can be said for dana. she had physical recovery to go through as well. she was at the cal pool, brace yourself, six weeks after giving birth. last night, she was back on the podium as well. >> i feel like you can have both. for me, it was my son came first. could i fit swimming in enough to make it to the olympic stage? >> reporter: she came into the games with something to prove. that motherhood doesn't mean the end of an olympic career. >> becomingñi a mom, it changes your passion. but it also -- it doesn't have to be one or the other. >> reporter: 17 months after giving birth, the mama on a mission took a bronze in the women's 100 fly.
6:37 pm
>> one foot in front of the other for 16 months. not knowing how far i would get or if i was doing enough. it was one of those that it worked. >> reporter: maybe not exactly what the four-time gold medallist hoped for but good enough to showcase her focus and drive. >> i don't like to get beat. sarah kicked my butt. i fought to get my hand to the wall. i couldn't be more proud of that. >> reporter: it's the first bronze for her who has a cache of six medals and the respect of moms worldwide. >> there's a lot of moms out there that she's an inspiration for that you can follow your dreams and you can still get back in shape or do whatever you need to do and have a family. >> reporter: the love and admiration of one swim fan still too little to understand just how great his mama is. >> i just wanted him to be proud. >> reporter: of course, he is proud. now the whole family is proud. dana's mom, dad and her brother nick are here. the baby is back home with his
6:38 pm
dad. so he couldn't be here. but i'm sure he's watching mom on tv. again, dana vollmer really changing the dynamic for women. she's the second woman to medal after having a baby in u.s. swim. but i'm sure after having seen her do it, a lot of women are going to be doing the same. i have to say, for us mere mortals, it puts the rest of us to shame. >> i know. it's amazing. her son, sounds like he will follow in her footsteps. >> dana says she wants to go for baby number two. that's awesome. >> swimming in the blood. >> thanks. in 15 minutes, speaking of great swimmers, we will be joined by the newest member of our nbc bay area family. recognize her? 12-time olympic medallist natalie coglin exclusively with us. still to come, a promise of a free rental car denied. a woman comes to us to get her
6:39 pm
money back. nbc bay area responds, that's next.
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driver of this truck. ==vo== san jose police aren't saying if they found the driver of a truck. we will show you pictures of the truck. the person smashed into this home and broke a gas line just after 7:00 this morning. it happen ed in north san jose. the drive ran away. a utility crew quickly came out and fixed the gas line. it's about to become easier to fly from the sill sicon vall to the east coast. united will offer flights to chicago and newark.
6:42 pm
it begins in march. it chose the destinations because they are among the most requested by business travellers. it was hot one week. then it cooled down. now we're warming back up. >> just a little bit. it's not going to get too hot. >> good. >> it was nice today. >> beautiful. >> no 100s in the forecast. i know you are cheering about that. back to the interior valleys, that fog is back across san francisco. 64 degrees. a little warmer and sunnier in the north bay and fairfax at 75. your full climate in just a few minutes. the dealer tells her to grab a rental car while her car is in the shop. then declines to pay. nbc bay area responds next. to a san mateo woman who
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couldn't get ford to pay her nbc bay area responds to a
6:45 pm
woman who couldn't get ford, the car company, to pay her the money it owed her. >> chris is here to show us how we helped. >> basically, this consumer was stuck between her local ford dealer and ford corporate. one of them owed her money. but she says they kept passing the buck back and forth. we put an end to that. she now drives a new hyundai. until recently, she drove a 2013 ford like this one. but that car had problem -- >> the transmission shuttered. >> after problem. >> then it was just the battery was always dieing. >> she says it felt like her car was in the shop more than on the road. >> several times they towed us to the dealer. this was just on and on and on. we couldn't count on the car. >> the tilast time it was in fo service the dealership told her to rent a car and it would pick up the tab. >> they told me they would pay
6:46 pm
for the rental. >> she paid for the rental car, more than 2 grand, using her credit cart. when she asked them to reimburse her, she said the dealership wouldn't pay up and told her to call ford corporate. >> the dealership said that michigan had to take care of it. they said -- michigan said, we need more information. i said, you know what, i want my money. >> she couldn't get it. after weeks of trying, she finally turned to us for help. when we called, the dealership didn't return our call. we tried ford corporate offices and had better luck there. it cut her a check for her rental car expenses. >> i don't flow whknow what yout thank you very much. >> you are welcome. in a statement ford corporate said it decided to cover the charges, quote, to promote customer satisfaction and goodwill. the dealership said, we have worked closely with this customer ever step of the way to successfully resolve her
6:47 pm
concerns and find solutions. as we mentioned, she no longer has her ford. that turned out to be a lemon. she told us she had no problems working that out with ford so why the rental car. how do you know if your car salem on. it it's a new vehicle that requires four trips to the shop and has been oust service for at least 30 days during the first 18,000 myles or 18 months you own it. that means it's a headache. if that's your car, you could be entitled to a replacement or a refund. do you have a consumer problem? we are here to help. give us a call. submit your complaint online. >> thank you. how is this for a golf buddy? for the second straight summer, recognize these guys, that's steph curry and his dad hitting the links with president obama. they teed off in martha's vineyard where the obama family is vacationing. after last year's match, steph told the media that the
6:48 pm
president is a trash talker. >> i remember that. >> can he say that about the president? >> i think so. they are buds now. >> that's cool. >> going to the white house with his wife and family. >> they are like this. let's check our forecast. it's a beautiful day. >> it has been really nice. the past 24 hours here across the bay area as the next several daz days, temperatures will go. no 100s in the forecast. a beautiful shot here as we get a look in hayward. we will stay in the 60s into the early morning hours. humidity at 61%. we are seeing the moisture increase as the fog gradually starts to move closer to hayward. tomorrow morning, fog into san francisco and 53 to start. sun and clouds in the north bay. right here across the south bay, 56. the overall forecast through the next seven days does not have
6:49 pm
too much hot weather coming our way. that's because the jet stream which has a lot of cold air wrapped in it is going to stay just off to the north. it's unfortunately not going to bring us any chance here of below average temperatures. it will keep the fog at the immediate coastline. all in all as we head throughout tuesday's forecast, it's going to stay beautiful here across the bay area. you can see throughout the south bay, san jose a high of 85. a little cooler the peninsula. head to palo alto, 78 and sunny skies. san francisco, 67 in the financial district. of course, near the golden gate bridge, a cooler 63. for the north bay, east bay and tri-valley, a few isolated 90s. in the tri-valley, livermore at 90. walnut creek, 90. napa at 90 as well. it will be really nice throughout mill valley tomorrow and 77.
6:50 pm
on our san francisco forecast, we stay with 60s through the next seven days. for the interior valleys, again, it will be warm and above average but no 100s. an average of 90 tomorrow. eventually by friday, saturday and sunday, low 90s return and real quickly because we can, we will show you the rio forecast. tomorrow, 81. wednesday, scattered rain and a cooler 74 degrees. nice all around. >> it matches your tie. >> sunny skies. our news room is buzzing. we have someone special with us. when we return, olympic legend natalie coughlin joins us. she will share how emotions can get the best of you after winning gold. stay with us. nbc bay area olympic team.
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actually, not new at all.she's be okay. we have a new member of our nbc
6:53 pm
bay area olympic team. not new at all. she's been with us for years. we should say, we have been following her around the world for years. there's the natalie coughlin you think you know. the powerhouse cal swimmer. sf >> is she going to have enough? >> the natalie coughlin who made history as the first american woman to win six medals in a single olympics, bringing her total to 12. it's out of the water where we really got to know her, including her asian heritage. >> i have big calves that are very filipino. >> we watch eed her transform herself. author, wife. >> i do want to start a family at some point. >> and cook. she's competed on the food network. then there's that time she nearly broke the internet choreographing part of usa
6:54 pm
swimming viral video. all this pales in comparison to the contributions she's made here at home. >> since i was little, i've always looked up to her. she really welcomed me into the national team scene. >> the inspiration she brought to those who watched her grow and redefine herself. we are happy and honored to have natalie with us. how are you? >> i'm doing well. thanks for giving me such a warm welcome. >> you know what you signed up for? every night you hang out with us. >> every night, you hang out with me. >> actually, you are right. it's our honor. >> so much insight into the olympics. 12 medals. one woman we have been talking about, katie ledecky, you know exactly what she's going through. all eyes are on you, a lot of pressure, young up and coming swimmer. >> you were katie ledecky. >> i wasn't quite katie ledecky. what she has been doing is incredible. she came out of nowhere last time in london and won gold.
6:55 pm
since then, has won gold every single time. that's a tough spot to be in. because she's a favorite in so many different events. i truly believe she's going to rise to the occasion. i cannot wait to see what she does. that 400 last night was phenomenal. she won by almost 20 meters. >> are you a teammate orphan when you watch? >> i'm a teammate still. and a fan. you know, i have been friends with so many of these people emotionally invested in so many of them. i'm screaming at the tv. i feel like it's more nerve-wracking cheering for my friends than competing. >> we were screaming last night in the 4 x 100 relay. it was so emotional. michael phelps, he got emotional. you have been on the podium stand. tell bus that moment. what were you thinking? >> it was amazing. i have been there before when you don't even know what emotions you are going to feel. then all of a sudden you start
6:56 pm
crying. for myself, the third time i won gold, stai started crying becaui was crying. i had is not coming out of my nose. i was red in the face. i think ryan, he was probably a ll embarrassed. that's amazing. that's the beauty of the olympics. they force you to emote so much in front of millions of people. you are sharing that wonderful memory with so many people. >> it's what makes it special. that's what i think we all watch the olympics -- the great athletes but just the emotional moments. >> it's exactly what makes it. they have been working so hard for so many years to get to that moment. that's something that they have dreamt of for so many years. when you are actually there, you don't even know how you are going to react. i'm sure ryan is the type of guy that would never cry. now he is like oh, my god. >> that's viral. >> we will have you here every day. we have to talk about cupping next time. >> tomorrow. enjoy the prime time coverage. welcome to the wonder of the olympic games.
6:57 pm
one day, the world came together. a dog, talked. we're decedent from the mighty wolf. a voice was heard. if you build it, he will come. a girl discovered magic. a revolution began. welcome, to the wonders that happen, everyday.
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(inhales cigarette)
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so were you nervous? >> i just thought what happens if i -- only we have gi sel. we have it all including a special delivery from her husband, tom. >> thank you. thank you. >> so a billion people and it's all about you. >> now he's going for gold. peata is already winning in so many ways. >> ladies beating down your door. >> you'll get a bro-zilian


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