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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  August 9, 2016 12:00am-12:36am PDT

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>> he gets it, a bay area swimmer touch thes gold in rio, ryan murphy dreamed of being an olympian when he was a kid, tonight his dreams come true. good evening and thanks for being with us, we are live in rio and across the bay area. >> our local olympians continued to shine. they are getting more medals for team usa. >> we start in studio with colin, colin, a lot of cheers in berkley tonight. >> yeah, a lot of them, bear territory inside the olympics aquatic center monday. we begin with ryan murphy, who is the first cal athlete to earn gold in rio. he was in the first place of the 100 meter backstroke and a strong bounce off the well propelled him to the victory. he missed a world record by .3 of a second.
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>> i had no idea. i could not see much other than his splashes. i hit the wall and i saw the one by my name. i had to look for a couple of seconds before i felt it. >> same event for the women, another cal medal, this time it's cath lookathleen baker, sh start her sophomore year in berkley. baker took the silver, that close to the gold, won by hungary, the women's 100 meter breaststroke, king took the gold. out spoken before and after the race regarding efimova who was banned twice and was still allowed to compete. if you are going to shadow box, you better back it up. south african, chad la clos trying to get inside michael phelps head. the look on phelps's face said
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it all. they will both be in tuesday night's final, you will want to tune in for that drama. a final note, a disappointing fifth place finish for the u.s. men's gymnastic's team monday night. guys? >> thank you so much, colin. the queen of the sand is remaining undefeated. kerri walsh-jennings and her teammate has won against china. >> how about team usa basketball. there is kevin durant sitting down and giving a fist bump from carmelo anthony. paul george goes coast-to-coast and from the bench, kevin durant loves it. team usa beats venezuela, they take on australia on wednesday. now, just ahead in the news cast, jessica will join us from rio with our bay area technology, and how it's being used to keep the olympics safe. that is coming up in ten minutes. >> in other news, we know what
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but not who brought candy laced to marijuana. this is the candy. it sent 19 people to the hospital over the weekend. we have more on the celebration turned emergency. the young lady was gasping for air. >> reporter: crews were taking 19 people at the women's building in san francisco to the hospital. >> yeah, i was panicking saying what is going on. >> reporter: raul hernandez was working security saturday night and he said that people were enjoying the celebration, and they suddenly started to get sick. 13 of the patients were children. one just 6 years old, hernandez called 9-1-skbun w1 and was try figure out what was making them sick. >> i said, what is it that you ate that didn't make you feel
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good, and they said, candy. >> reporter: they gave the police this candy and the gummy rungs tested positive for thc, the main ingredient in marijuana. 12 of the 19 patients also tested positive for thc, investigators say an oakland catering company provided the food, we know the staff prepared the food in a community kitchen in oakland. >> we do not provide one ingredient, these are independent business owners and they provide their ingredients for themselves. >> reporter: the environmental health department inspected the kitchen and did not find any evidence that marijuana was used there. the investigators are trying to figure out who brought the candy to the party and why. the police are investigating. and the department said that all
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19 patients are out of the hospital and expected to recover. nbc bay area news. >> thank you, one of the most scenic and famous highways in the country is closed at this hour, parts of highway 1 shut down because of the fire in big sur, it's windy to the south of us that is prompted the closure. highway 1 closed about two hours ago and will reopen at 6:00 a.m. now the fire has burned more than 60,000 acres since starting two weeks ago. it's 50% contained. a photo of a witness sign-in sheet is raising questions from the san francisco public defender's office tonight. they are investigating after this picture showed up. this sheet was spotted this morning on the court clerk's desk, the list has a space for witnesses to sign in, and a column titled bad guys to
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indicate which case they were there for. the public defender worries that the defendants are presumed guilty. they said, this is not how we train our employees and we have no reason to believe this was created by our assistant district attorney. >> people concerned about a burst of violence in hayward, three deadly shootings in the past 48 hours. you are looking a a map of all three locations terry is is there a connection to the three killings? >> reporter: well, there's been an arrest in one of the homs and t -- in one of the homicides, and none in the other two, they have not seen this much violence in this short amount of time. >> all the victims are hispanic males. we don't have suspect information or vehicle information at this time. we are not ruling out gang related, we are looking at
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everything right now. >> reporter: a neighbor said she heard 15 shots. she is worried for her family. >> well, i'm scared. i have three kids and sometimes they are outside to play, and i don't know. i think it's, this place is quiet. >> reporter: on friday night a 18-year-old man was found shot to death on a corner, no arrests in that case. and just a few hours before that killing, a man was found shot to death in his home. a woman was arrested for that crime, but hayward now has seven homicides this year, three in 24 hours. >> we have had multiple in a day, or multiple in an incident. and never that many incidents within a 24-hour period or you know, for that matter in a week. >> reporter: hayward police say that members of the public have stepped forward to help out and they want to remind the public you can provide information
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anonymously. >> thank you. the slumping giants are dealing with a health concern, not with the players, but with their manager, bruce bochy. he was admitted this morning after feeling ill. they expect him to be back for tuesday's game. he had a small heart procedure last year, after he failed a stress test. bench coach took his place tonight as the giants beat the marlins in 14 innings. why doesn't the ncaa take it a step further and start requiring this of school sns. >> well, that's a question i asked too. >> he is in charge of student health for college athletes. i'm senior investigative reporter vicki nguyen. >> and a but of patchy fog in san francisco, we are tracking who hits 90 tomorrow in just a few minutes. back to rio.
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you're looking live at copa cabana beach ... one of the many sites of the olympics. let's go back to rio, it's a live look at the beach there in brazil, it's about 4:15 a.m. this is one of the many sights of the olympics. as it is with every olympics, security is a concern. what is helping to keep rio safe? silicone valley technology. let's bring in jessica from rio. >> reporter: security continues to be a priority here in rio throughout all of the venues, especially now that the athletes are coming in, in all the venues. no where is it more a priority than at the athletes village where the athletes leave, there standing guard is man and machine. to get in, you first have to make it past this, a high tech scanner that is at least twice as fast as what you see at the airport. >> way better than having the bags checked. much better. >> reporter: it was first used
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in brazil at the 2014 world cup, and the first time being used at the olympic games. it uses artificial intelligence and smarter over time. >> the more that you scan, the more machines are working and interconnected, the stronger they are. >> reporter: he is usually at the qylur headquarters, they teach the machine by putting items through it, including weapons. and by collecting data from the qylurtron machines around the world, including one at levi stadium. back in rio, israeli counterterrorism expert said that security is playing a crucial role in playing the games. >> getting the information, crazy world, with terrorists, you are out of the elements that you need.
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>> it looks for explosives, drugs, any type of weapon. when you put your bag through, you don't need to take anything out. whether it's your water or laptop or a cell phone, it can all go through. the machine can scan all of it. now the makers of the machine say that it's the scanner of the future. and that you are going to be seeing it in a lot more mega-venues like this. >> okay, interesting, thank you. and jessica will report for us throughout the olympics and be back at 5:00 a.m. for today in the bay. student athletes say there's a crisis in college sports that is often ignored. the mental health of the athletes. >> and that they are failing to screen the athletes that are suffering, what is the ncaa doing about it? >> we traveled to indiana to talk with a doctor, he is the chief medical officer for the ncaa. the group surveyed 21,000 athletes and found a spike in
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students reporti ining mental hh issues. we focused on eating disorders because they are said to be the deadliest of all mental health diseases. when she is on the volleyball court, she is in control. ask a biology major the cal senior knows how her body works. but sarah said it was a lesson outside the classroom that showed her how it doesn't. >> i hit rock bottom pretty much. >> reporter: sarah developed an eating disorder during her freshman year at uc davis. >> was it an obsession? >> 100%, yeah. >> reporter: she left to seek treatment off the court. after a year away, she made a full recovery and resumed her volleyball. that is where she came to believe that disordered eating is a problem everywhere with athletes. >> since being at cal, i have met 20 or 30 people that fall in
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the category. >> she said that part of it stems from what prompts an eating disorder. >> when we do body composition testing and they pass out a sheet with everyone's body fat percentage. they are not trying trigger the disorders. their intentions are positive, but why do it? >> reporter: the ncaa does not require schools to establish protocol or training to educate students or staff about eating disorders. >> if my friend has an eating disorder, i don't know what to do. or who to go to. >> reporter: we reviewed eating disorder policies for schools across the state. and we found colleges like uc san diego have strict guidelines on how to identify malnourished athletes. cal guidelines similarly discourage teams from emphasizing weight and stressing that measuring body fat is to
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improve performance. and warning that extreme dieting can be a precurser to eating disorders. some have a broad policy that some staff never read. one coach said that i don't have a rekz collection of seeing one. the doctor is the first chief medical officer at the ncaa, he is in charge of promoting student health. he said that when he started the job in 2013, student athletes were clear about their biggest concern. >> they said, we get it. concussions are important. please make mental health your priority. >> does that surprise you? >> what surprised me is how the student athletes voiced that. and every time i make a campus visit, i have made probably well over 100, i always meet with the student athletes on campus and every place that i have gone, i am hearing that. >> he has a task force to
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spotlight the mental health issues and search for solutions. >> disordered eating and move to eating disorder, that will kill more people every year than concussion. that will lead to disability in a way that concussion won't. >> the last time that the ncaa surveyed student athletes about eating disorders was in 1999, the study revealed that 1/3 of the athletes are at risk for some kind of eating disorder. they provided a manuel for addressing mental health best practices. it has sports and medical groups and it's not required for colleges to follow. >> reporter: do you think it should be mandatory. >> yes. >> reporter: why doesn't ncaa require this of schools? >> well, that is a question i asked too, and my job as chief medical officer is to help the membership make informed decisions. so, i'm working on that. >> we don't have coaches talk
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with athletes about their weight. about dieting. they are not to make comments about their bodies. or their weight. >> reporter: indiana university psychologist ron thompson works his athletic department to increase the focus on performance rather than weight. he spent the past 30 years traveling to schools across the country to share that message. >> when i speak to coach's groups, first thing i tell them, you have the power and influence to either promote or prevent eating disorders. >> reporter: thompson believed that the program he put in place in indiana allows the department to identify and refer athletes for treatment every year and it should happen at all schools. >> it's not like you have to reinvent the wheel. it's not that hard. sn >> reporter: now, after getting her degree from cal, she is hoping to help to create a tighter safety net to catch athletes at risk. >> if you are that competitive
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person that wants to win in all areas of life, we are not saying not to do that. go win all areas of life absolutely. but make sure mental health is one of them. >> reporter: this is our second report following up on a story we first aired in february to see that investigation and more information on how to treat eating disorders go to our website. we will continue to follow this issue. >> okay, thanks, vicki. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, call us or e-mail us. okay, we are burning the midnight hour. >> it is late. >> the midnight oil. >> either one. we have a great forecast as we go throughout tomorrow. temperatures 60s to 90s. let's look at the micro climate weather. you will see in san jose, after temperatures in the low 80s specifically 81 in san jose, we are currently cooling off to 61 and we will see 50s as we begin
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your tuesday morning. as we get a look across the rest of the bay area, the north bay is starting with partly sunny skies and 56 and fog in san francisco and 53, and the peninsula at 52. now, we have the jet stream moving to the south right now, does have cooler air associated with it, but there's no way that this is going to move far enough to the south across the bay area to bring us below average temperatures this week. but, here is the deal, i think you will like what we have coming our way. as we look at tuesday's forecast. 85 expected in san jose, and 83 in cooper tino. and half moon bay, 65. and mild 67 across the financial district and across the north bay, east bay and tri-valley, 90s. and livermore at 90, and walnut creek at 90 and north bay, napa in the low 90s. the best weather, mill valley
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and 77. we will stay with a trend of 60s through the forecast and for the interior valley, it will warm up a few degrees by this friday, saturday, and also eventually on sunday's forecast. so, looking really good over the next couple of days you guys. >> looking like summer, thanks, jeff. >> well, still to come, a coyote acting more like a dog in san francisco, the story behind this amusing video. and happening now, south bay public transportation is going environmentally friendly the vta landed a $2.5 million federal grant to buy electric buses. our full story is on our website, and video of the italian coast guard rescuing a drowning kitten by using massage and mouth to mouth, it happened and that kitten was saved. we are back in a moment.
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♪keep on the sunny side
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♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ extensive the damage is ... after a fire ripped thru a san martin neighborhood. ==raj/2shot== thankfully, no injuries... today we are seeing how extensive the damage is as a fire ripped through a neighborhood. >> five families have been forced from their homes the fire destroyed one home several mobile homes and some cars. it started just off of 101, and the red cross is helping the families including six children to look for a permanent home. no word yet on the cause. >> well, do you see it running around there? that is a coyote in san francisco, playing with some kind of ball. someone spotted the neighborhood coyote this morning in the heigpark and posted this.
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coyotes are not a rare sight. acting like a puppy playing with the ball. >> sure is. up next, back to the olympics and what is the deal with those bruises on everywheone? >> we will tell you about >> we will tell you about cupping. seveo across the entire lineup of ford cars, trucks and suvs. so hurry in for 0% financing for 72 months. that's freedom from interest... and freedom to choose with ford. america's best selling brand. ♪ i'm free, baby! now get 0% financing for 72 months across the entire lineup of ford cars, trucks and suvs, during the ford freedom sales event.
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these olympics... those odd marks on athletes. ke one of the hot topics of the olympics, these odd marks on athletes like the one on michael phelps' shoulder. >> it's a form of therapy called
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cupping. it's ancient treatment getting modern love. >> we have seen michael phelps with gold around his neck, but what about cupping? >> it's like an inverted deep tissue massage, everything gets pulled up. >> you leave them on for 5 minutes and doctors have mixed reviews on whether or not the therapy works. it started with ancient china, and caught on. >> i have always responded well to it, and it kind of spread among the swim team over the years. >> centers like this are thanking olympians today for the increased calls. >> that is it, it feels like what i thought it would feel like. >> it doesn't hurt. there's pressure, but hey, in the end, you leave looking like an olympian.
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well, you know what i mean. >> nbc bay yaarea news. >> it really works though, huh? may have to try it. and natalie with us every night during the 6:00 news cast. we will be right back. in my future, i'm twice as likely to have a stroke. i'm at higher risk for depression. i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive.
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guess who's going to rio.
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>> comedian, leslie jones is. she has been tweeting live coverage of the games. she want her to help cover the game games. and now she is snapchatting. >> leslie will be watching the events, we are guessing, coming up tuesday in prime time. bay area olympians will be in action. that includes katie ledecky. former stanford star, maya dirado, and we will's gymnastics, they compete going for the second straight team title, that is coming up, i was going to say tomorrow, but technically later today. >> you are still right. >> that is coming up later today. >> lot of coverage, and a lot of good sports to watch. >> that will do it for us here at 12:30, have a great rest of your tuesday. >> bye, folks.
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>> ryan seacrest here in rio de janeiro. if you didn't catch the action today, these are the three stories you need to know. rio, day three. we start with the host nation which won the first gold of the game. always a b moment. it was magnified when silva who grew up in the city became an olympic champion in one of brazil's favorite sports. judo. >> emotion pouring out for one of rio de janeiro's. >> at the olympic aquatic stadium, the united states had a huge night. >> murphy stretching to the wall! olympic gold, gets it. >> six


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