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tv   Today  NBC  August 9, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> there we go. that's what's happening "today in the bay." we're back at 7:25 with local news update. >> also a reminder, no 11:00 a.m. newscast because of our ni. good morning. fantastic finishes. american lilly king out duels her russian rival for gold in the 100 meter breaststroke. ryan murphy striking gold in the 100 meter backstroke. divers david boudia and steele johnson with the best u.s. finish ever in synchronized 10 meter platform. silver. but the men's gymnastics team missing the podium as the u.s.
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women and simone biles prepare to go for gold, "today," tuesday, august 9th, 2016. >> kerri gets the final block. >> murphy took off like a rocket right there. look at him go! >> they made it look so effortless. from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today" at the olympic games with matt lauer live from rio de janeiro, brazil, and savannah guthrie live from rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everybody. welcome to a special edition, split edition of "today" on a tuesday morning. we're in great company here in rio de janeiro. want to say hi to some folks who have come down to our set to join us. in the background here we have david boudia and steele johnson silver medalist in 10 meter synchro diving.
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and kathleen baker, and other team usa swimmers that took home medals after another intense night at the aquatics. we're back here along copacabana beach on a nice morning and another event today. this one is a birthday. happy birthday to you. >> thank you, guys. >> isn't it fun having these medal winners here. something about turning around and seeing them holding their hardware which is awesome. >> yeah. >> by the way, we're here in rio. we're missing savannah who is back in new york city. savannah, you have a lot cooking there as well. >> yesterday you guys had the oiled up flag bearer from tonga and the samba band. >> yes, we did. >> not to be outdone. this will last all morning long. raising a glass to you, hoda, for your birthday. >> thank you, savannah. >> our big story will be another rough morning for delta passengers. hundreds of flights canceled again today. the airline is recovering from that mass outage that grounded flights worldwide. we'll have the latest on the
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travel woes here. guys, back to you. >> all right, savannah. thank you very much. on this tuesday morning, let's start with your olympic highlights. natalie is here with a roundup. >> good morning once again. from triumph to heartbreak to new rivalries, team usa had another wild night in rio. this morning two more u.s. swimmers are basking in the golden spotlight. lilly king going head to head with russian swimmer yuliya efimova in the 100 meter breaststroke. >> king has the lead. she's going to win it. she did it! >> king taking the gold medal over efimova who's been caught up in a doping scandal. on sunday, king took the russian to task, mocking her owe poent for claiming she was number one. just moments before last night's race, the women refused to acknowledge each other but after her victory, king didn't hold back. >> we can compete clean and do well at the olympic games and that's how it should be.
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>> murphy stretching to the wall. gets it! >> in the men's 100 meter back stroke american ryan murphy dominated, earning gold and a place in history. >> welcome to the club, my friend! >> murphy's parents celebrated their son's win cementing him as one of the world's most elite backstrokers, an achievement the 21-year-old has had his eyes on his entire life. i hope my swimming life continues and i become an olympian when i growth up, murphy wrote as a child. i hope i'll break the world record. i want to be the best swimmer in the world. and tonight the drama will be centered on michael phelps, competing in the 200 butterfly against his nemesis, south africa's chad le clos. monday night phelps shot a nasty look at his rival, who was shadow boxing shortly before their semifinal. phelps doing his best to stay focused. >> it's like he's going through a boxing routine and phelps is,
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like, are you kidding me? >> bill johnson, the father of olympic diver steele johnson, was fired up. watching his son and diving partner david boudia take silver in men's synchronized diving. the best result team usa has ever had in the event. the men becoming emotional after their final dave, celebrating the moment with their coach. but for the u.s. men's gymnastics team, heartbreak. failing to make the podium. finishing fifth in the team final. sticking together despite the fall. and in jude yo brazil's rafaela silva came out on top. earning the first gold medal of the games for the host nation. her victory an inspiration for for the hometown crowd. growing up in poverty in one of rio's most dangerous neighborhoods. a fairy tale ending for the inspirational young woman. so great for her.
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one more note from the pool. katie ledecky qualified for tonight's 200 free final while missy franklin who dominated in london failed to advance. looking at the medal count. the united states holding strong increasing their lead with 19 total through monday followed by china, japan and russia. matt, great start. >> it really is, natalie. thanks very much. let's bring in those divers behind the best u.s. finish ever in men's synchronized 10 meter platform. silver medalist david boudia and steele johnson. guys, good morning, congratulations. don't you want to wear those? >> these are heaviest medals i've seen. >> do you mind? >> please, it would be my pleasure. >> those are fantastic. can i repeat what i just said. the best u.s. finish ever in this event. how does that feel? >> it's actually pretty cool. to do it alongside this guy. we've created such a brotherhood. we've trained day in and day out. it's pretty neat. >> steele, we got a kick watching your dad go crazy at the venue yesterday.
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what i like most about this silver medal is you guys had your best score on your last dive so when it was all on the line, you came up with your best dive. >> typically that's a dive that doesn't go well in training. i'm so tall it's hard for me to make. the fact that we were able to do it as well as we did, it was exciting for me. >> i want to warn our camera man about this. you mentioned you're so tall. would you guys stand up for a second? i just want to show something. at first look, this is not the perfect match physically for synchronized diving. you can sit again. why does it work so well? >> i think growing up we had the same coach and now we train at purdue university and we have the same mechanics and obviously height doesn't matter. we walked away with a silver medal. it works for us. >> when you get the medal, do you stop and go back to all of the early mornings, all of the late nights, all of the drives
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to the pool, all of the family sacrifices. >> that's what's so hard about training for the olympic games. it's a daily sacrifice but this is a reward. my wife and my daughter and my family has been so supportive. >> you're a couple hoosiers. who do you want to say hi to home. >> specifically boilermakers. >> no, i mean hoosiers as in the state. boilermakers is your university. >> a lot of my family is here but boilermaker nation is out there and they've been supportive of us. what's up, boilermakers. >> what's up. >> david boudia and steele johnson, great job. let's go over to hoda. >> really great job. now to some of team usa's swimmers who won medals on monday. kathleen baker took silver in women's 100 meter backstroke. david plummer is the bronze medalist in the 100 meter backstroke and katie meili scored a bronze in the 100 meter breaststroke. good morning you medal winners. how are you? kathleen, how did it feel? you touch the wall.
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you get out of the water and you look up and see your family right there on the railing. what was it like during that moment for you? >> i think it was just pure joy. i couldn't be happier. i wasn't expecting to medal at all so coming into this it was like a complete surprise. i'm happy that i swam this well. >> what was the ear big deal about this was earring gate. when you were swimming in the trials one of your earrings was lost and then some scuba diver found it and it became sort of just a story here. did you end up swimming with two earrings for good luck or how did it work? >> i went to see my sister after prelims 100 back and i asked can i please borrow your earrings? i need to swim with pearls. i always do. so she's earringless right now and i'm wearing hearse still. >> congratulations to you. this has been a long time coming. you wanted to be in the olympics for 12 years. i think in london you missed going to the olympics by 0.12 of a second. how sweet was it winning bronze this year? >> it was just amazing.
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amazing to be part of the greatest team of all-time and it's awesome to be here. >> you have kids. you have two and then a newborn, right? >> i have two. >> one and a newborn. do you think your kids will hop in the pool early? >> i think we might. we'll let them decide. hopefully they enjoy it as much as i do. >> katie, first olympics for you. you hit the bronze. you're on the medal stand shared with lilly king. what was that anthem like? >> we found out afterwards that no two u.s. women have been on the podium together in the breaststroke in the history of usa swimming. to have that moment and to share it with her, and i mean we really pushed each other to get better over the past two years so it was really cool to be able to experience that with her. >> congratulations on your medals. we're so proud of you. your country is proud of you. thanks for coming. >> thank you.
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>> let's turn to gymnastics as we said the u.s. men finished fifth in the team competition. the women will get their turn at gold tonight. and here now with a look back and ahead nbc sports analyst and olympic gold medalist tim daggett and nastia liukin. ladies, gentlemen, nice to see you. let us start with the men. a little disappointing. a lot of talk they had a chance to get to the podium. they finished fifth. was this about the other competitors being better or was their performance substandard yesterday? >> without a question the u.s. men were capable of winning a medal and contending even for gold but they started off really rough on the first event on floor exercise and then they kind of got it going and right at the end danell, who i never would have imagined he would come off the bar like that. he qualified for the individual event finals. he's tremendous there. it just didn't get going. it ended poorly as well. >> and as i watched and he
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stayed down on the mat for so long, my first thought was he hurt, it was really that he couldn't believe what had just happened. >> he was in complete shock and devastation because he was the anchor. he was the last one to go up. they thought maybe they had a chance to at least clinch the bronze medal. so i think he just had no idea what was happening in that moment. >> can we talk about the women, nastia, for a minute tonight? it's a big night. they're so far out in front. everyone is expecting gold. do you see that in the future? is that what you see happening? >> they finished qualifications ten points ahead of the next country. that's never been done before. it just goes to show how dominant they are. they continue to be so dominant. >> have you ever seen anyone like simone biles? by the way? i mean you've seen it all over the years. how does she rank? >> she hasn't lost a single competition in her last four years. just like team usa as a whole, simone biles, the world has been waiting to see her on the olympic stage. she was finally able to do that.
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the pressure is so high for her. she's expected to win. she delivered when she needed to. >> tim, let me ask you about that. nastia talked about the lead they had. if you're coaching the women's team going into this competition tonight, what do you tell them -- how do you tell them to handle this mentally? >> take it one step at a time and do exactly what they did day one. this team from the very beginning they have been put under so many different situations, so much stress, so much pressure. day in and day out. it's not a new thing for them. they are accustomed to it and know how to rise to that occasion. they truly are the most dominant team in gymnastics ever. simone biles is the greatest gymnast that ever walked this planet. >> no pressure. no buildup. >> i think she's going to go away from these games with five gold medals. there are only six to be had. >> wow. >> high praise from a couple of people who really know the sport. nastia, tim, thank you so much. we'll hear from simone biles just ahead. by the way, you can see the u.s.
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women's team go for that gold along with michael phelps and katie ledecky during nbc's prime time coverage at 8:00, 7:00 central here on nbc. right now let's send it back to new york and savannah. >> let's start with the presidential race. election day now just 90 days away and our new poll just out this morning shows hillary clinton opening up a double digit advantage. 51-41 over donald trump. this is clinton's largest lead yet in our nbc news survey monkey online tracking poll and she's above 50%. nbc's hallie jackson is in north carolina where trump has two events today. hallie, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. as we look at those new numbers, we're also looking at donald trump losing more support from inside his own party. another member of congress now saying she can't back him. it's a move that could open the door for others in the gop to break with their nominee. the newest never trump senator, the republican from maine, susan
7:15 am
collins writing there will be no new donald trump, just the same candidate who will slash and burn and trample everything and everyone. her scathing op-ed on the heels of a different warning from 50 national security experts that donald trump would be the most reckless president in american history. the experts, including former cia and nsa director michael hayden, and tom ridge and michael chertoff are all republican. making a statement as trump now makes one of his own. politically motivated, he calls the letter, written by the ones the american people should look to for answers on why the world is a mess. trump on defense online too attempting to link hillary clinton's e-mail controversy to the execution of an iranian nuclear scientist who spent time in the u.s. trump's running mate working to show the candidate can grow. >> can you or anyone else get mr. trump to stop saying crazy
7:16 am
and offensive things for the next three months? >> well, you know, i'll tell you, this campaign is head down going after it hard. >> trump is going after the middle class vote now in detroit unveiling a new streamlined tax plan proposing a moratorium on regulations and a plan to renegotiate trade deals taking aim at his democratic rival. >> one common feature of every hillary clinton idea is that it punishes you for working and doing business in the united states. >> reporter: trump is getting a bit more competition in this race today, too chlt with a new independent candidate looking to throw his hat into the ring. former congressional staffer evan mcmullin looking to put up a bid but with zero name recognition, virtually and ballot deadlines come and gone in about half the country, savannah, it's a long shot, to say the least, not expected to
7:17 am
have an impact nationally. >> hallie jackson in battleground north carolina for us. thank you. in the meantime, the parents of two americans killed in the 2012 terrorist attacks in benghazi, libya, have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against hillary clinton. the parents of sean smith and tyrone woods say her use of the private e-mail server contributed to the attack. in response to the suit, a clinton campaign spokesperson says none of the multiple investigations found any evidence of any wrongdoing on the part of hillary clinton. another big story. delta canceling nearly 250 more flights this morning as that airline tries to recover from a monstrous system outage on monday that saw nearly 900 flights canceled. tens of thousands of passengers stranded. a power outage at its atlanta headquarters caused many
7:18 am
computer systems to crash. delta says it will hand out refunds and $200 travel vouchers to affected passengers. the airline urged customers who were flying today to check the status of their flights on their website. or it's mobile app. three girls were injured after falling from a ferris wheel at a county fair ground in greenville, tennessee. the girls fell between 35 and 45 feet. two of them were taken to the hospital by helicopter. another one by ambulance. all three are alert this morning and said to be talking to hospital staff. still unclear how this happened. and in the meantime, in kansas city, police say that a boy who was killed sunday while riding down the world's tallest water slide died from a neck injury. two adult women who were in the raft with him suffered minor facial injuries. authorities still don't know what caused that accident. it's 7:18. you're up to date. let's send it back to the folks in rio. >> sad story, savannah. thank you very much. al is here with a first check of the weather. mr. roker? >> we've been talking about
7:19 am
what's been going on along the gulf and a real mess. look at some of this video out of st. petersburg just in. you can see the flooding just massive amounts of rain. guy hanging around is going to spend time in the drunken clam because of the heavy rain. it's going to continue. look at the radar. we have heavy showers and thunderstorms stretching from the big bend area of florida all of the way south of new orleans and it's going to continue during the day today right on into friday. this gulf moisture high pressure off the east coast pumping up that moisture. we could see rain totals approaching a foot of rain before it's over. it continues through tomorrow, thursday, and probably comes to an end around friday. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. poor foster kid black immigrant
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cancer patient small muslim the only label that matters is olympian. i'm meteorologist kari hall. right now we have mid to upper 50s all across the by area. some clouds near the coast. some peaks of sunshine inland. we will see bright sunshine as we go into the day. and wide range in temperatures through 70 in san francisco to 90 in the tri-valley. expect it to top out at 79 in the peninsula with mid 80s for the north and south bay. it will be a little bit cooler as we go into the day tomorrow with breezy onshore winds and heating up the rest of this week. >> and that's your latest weather. >> something cool just happened. on the beach, a guy walked up to our little fence area here, over in the blue t-shirt, that's
7:21 am
randy stocloss. he made beach volleyball famous along with his partner. he's one of the iconic figures of beach volleyball. he looks like he could still spike you across the net, al. >> the guy next to him looks like that. the little guy next to him. >> good to see you, randy. coming up, gymnast simone biles will open up about staying focused and grounded, her signature move and her celebrity status. prus plus, what swimming sensation katie ledecky thinks when she's called the most ♪ ♪
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♪ ==topvo== police are investigating a bold early morning smash and grab .. along popular fisherman's wharf. investigators say thieves used a van to ram a pole through the front ofn along popular fisherman's wharf. investigators say thieves used a van to ram the pole through an front of an electronic store. they took off with an unknown amount of merchandise. police believe three people were involved. a security guard at the scene tells us the same store was the target of a separate break-in several months ago. burglars targeted an antique store in the smash and grab last week near the transamerica pyramid. all right. let's check the forecast right now. another warm one on tap, kari. >> yes, it will be after these morning clouds we're seeing now clear out, we will have sunshine. it's nice and cool. most of us feeling temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. with highs today reaching 90 degrees in fairfield as well as
7:27 am
concord and livermore. 86 in morgan hill. 85 in san jose. mostly some 70s for oakland, palo alto, and then 70 degrees in san francisco and some 60s along the immediate coast. north bay up to 86 degrees today in santa rosa. temperatures warm up, so expect some weather roller coaster to continue. let's see what's happening on the roads as you head out across the san mateo bridge. >> it is, that's slow westbound traffic. because of a disabled vehicle across this section. it's there because look at the high rise from the other side. it's easy and clear. foster city side, traffic is coming over the high rise, no problem. somewhere along that incline. the map will show you that is the big factor as you look t the bay. the biggest slow down, the only real slowdown to note is west 92. use the dumbarton bridge west. that will get you back over to the peninsula from 880 and connector is moving well for 880 and 101. back to you. thank you very much. i'll be back with another local
7:28 am
news update for you in half an hour.
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we're back now. 7:30 on a tuesday morning, august 9th, 2016. 8:30 in rio. and we've got a great crowd keeping us company on copacabana beach. >> yes, we do. that's a rocking crowd. there's a woman there, do you see her there with a big cut out face of her daughter? her daughter is playing basketball for serbia and they are both u.s. air force vets. cool story. >> thank you for coming down every morning. >> we'll keep you caught up on today's olympic headlines.
7:31 am
more medals for team usa in swimming last night led by ryan murp murphy's gold and a new record in 100 meter backstroke. lilly king did the same in 100 meter breaststroke. >> just down the beach, kerry walssh jennings wins. >> and men's rug by returns to the olympics. technically they are the reigning champs. they'll face argentina. >> okay. we've got a lot to get to. another american in the spotlight. katie ledecky swims for another gold medal tonight. katie ledecky already one of team usa's most recognizable faces has become the woman to
7:32 am
watch in rio. >> likely not the last time katie ledecky will stand atop the medal podium. >> do you mind if i read you some of the things i've read about you lately. most dominant swimmer in the world. greatest swimmer of all-time. greatest athlete on the planet. i don't have a question but what's your reaction to that? >> that's kind of crazy for me to hear. i just think of myself as still just having fun in the pool. >> 15-year-old katie ledecky. >> at 15 years old, a young katie ledecky made her olympic debut and she remembers it as if it were yesterday. >> it was amazing being in london. i got to go to opening ceremonies. i walked into that stadium and saw all of the lights and it just took me back to watching on tv the olympics when i was 11 or 7. >> all those years back when you were 11.
7:33 am
>> it was a surreal experience. >> at age 10 katie was competitive not letting setbacks stand in her way. >> in fourth grade i broke my arm playing basketball in gym class. one of the first questions i asked can i keep swimming? can i still be in the water? he gave me this special plastic bag that was tight on my arm and i could wear that and kick with the kick board. >> she looks like a bird taking off in the water. >> now 19 and already a two-time gold medalist, katie comes to rio with a target on her back. >> can you swim fast with that big target attached to your back? >> i don't think there's a target on my back i'll just flick it off. it's not going to weigh me down. >> but the ledecky threat is real as katie excels in short and long distance events. in the 2015 world championships, she took home gold in 200, 400,
7:34 am
800 and 1,500 meter races. >> one of the most dominant forces in the world in any sport from any country. >> i always like to ask athletes before they head off to the olympics, write the headline for me. write the headline that you would like to read, katie, as you swim your last race in rio. >> katie ledecky has fun in rio. i don't know. that's all i want to do. i want to have fun both competing and just enjoying every moment. >> isn't that what it's all about? just having fun. medals come, great. but just have a good time. >> it makes you love her. i didn't think i could love her more until that last answer. that was awesome. >> katie told me she doesn't have any plans to turn pro after rio. she'll enroll at stanford in the fall and compete at the
7:35 am
collegiate level. >> wow. that is pretty awesome. really great. >> the interesting thing, we consider her a friend of the show, and she's been around a long time. i mean, check out her appearance on "today" more than 18 years ago. >> where is this little one from? >> maryland. 16 months. katie ledecky and michael ledec ledecky. can we say hi to our grandparents? >> everybody got hellos. >> i look like i swallowed katie ledecky. >> it's so cool. i said this a couple times. katie's uncle john, we went to high school together. dear friend of mine. >> that's amazing. >> that's how old i am now. people who are adults were children, babies, infants, they were in the womb when they
7:36 am
showed up on the "today" show. fantastic. all right. here's your weather. before they had satellites i was working. look at the weather we're expecting over the next several days here in rio. gorgeous today. sunny, 81 degrees. showers tomorrow about 74. thursday partly cloudy. temperature about 71 degrees. that's what's going on around we're in for some nice weather in san francisco. up to 70 degrees today. it will be a little bit cooler tomorrow with a stronger onshore flow and high of 64 degrees if into the weekend, our temperatures stay about the same in the upper 60s but a few changes for the inland areas. 90 today. 87 degrees tomorrow. and then we'll see the highs creeping back up as we go toward the end of the week. this weekend the hottest day will be on saturday reaching 94 degrees. we see that heat continuing into the start-up next week. 93 on monday. >> don't forget you can get your
7:37 am
weather any time you need it. check out the weather channel on cable. up next, gymnastics star simone biles will try to live up to very big expectations as we are live from rio right after this. ♪ olympic glory doesn't just belong to athletes. and it doesn't just happen every four years. it happens one morning at a time. and one cup at a time. folgers, proud sponsor of team usa. hey, you're yes, sir. clarence! you know, at the model year end clarence event, you can get a great deal on this 2016 passat. steve. yeah? clarence is on a roll. yeah. i wish they'd name an event after me.
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find the tide that's right for you at if it's got to be clean, it's got to be tide. >> we're back now on a tuesday morning in rio with "today's" athlete to watch which is not the same thing as hoda and natalie checking out david boudia. >> you can't take your eyes off david boudia. >> that's a different athlete to watch. we're talking this sime about simone biles taking to gymnastics and new heights as she leads the u.s. women's team to the finals tonight. >> natalie is here with more. she's such a breakout star. >> she dominates. her near perfect performance helped the u.s. dominate on sunday and even before she goes for gold, she's already being compared to olympic legends like michael phelps and usain bolt. >> it's a lot of hard work when
7:43 am
you have to represent team usa. >> simone biles isn't just conquering the bar, she's raising it. >> i think the fun of the sports in knowing how wide range it is. we can do anything really. >> this 19-year-old phenom is on fire. the first female gymnast to win three straight world championships. three-time world champion at 19 years old. how do you even get your mind around that? >> it doesn't phase me at all just because in the gym and outside i'm still just simone. >> and just simone is in a league of her own. a 4'9" powerhouse dominating the field. you were just 6 years old when you got started in this sport. i thought it was kind of cool. and then as our day care field trip we went to the gym and i saw girls in the back working and, i was, like, i can do that.
7:44 am
>> her playground now the olympic stage where a spring loaded simone delivered a near flawless performance during rio's qualifying session sunday night. a combination of power and precision earning her event high marks on the vault, the beam and the floor where she wowed the crowd with her signature move, the biles. >> it's a double-a with a half turn so i'll flip twice in the air straight body and at the end i do a half turn. >> as a little girl her gymnastics prowess stood out and her natural ability was off the charts. simone started homeschooling at age 13 to go full speed ahead. in 2013, she burst onto the international stage after winning her first u.s. championship at 16. >> my favorite event is floor. >> that's where you really shine? >> that and everyone gets to show a little bit of their personality and everyone can have a different type of music and do their own tumbling. >> on the vault, simone is
7:45 am
considered one of the best ever scoring against gravity. what goes through your mind before you take off on the vault or you're getting ready to do your floor routine? >> i tell myself confidence and i remind myself how many times i've done this vault and that it's kind of autopilot as soon as i start running. i don't overthink anything. >> simone trains with amy borman. what's your hardest event? >> bars. you can power through it. since i started late, bars, i didn't have basics that i needed to start. floor, vault and beam came easier. >> for all of her strength when simone is out with friends, shed a am it's to one big weakness. >> we all love shopping just because we're girls. that's what we like. >> that and a certain hollywood
7:46 am
hunk. tell me about this obsession with zac efron. >> i think he's hot. he has a good body. >> is there somebody you look up to and admire most? >> my parents. especially my mom just because i'm just like her. that's what my dad tells me. you're just like your mother. >> in rio as simone biles wants to add to the journey. what advice would you give someone that wants to be like simone biles? >> i would say have fun. that's when your best memories are made. i always kept it fun. i think that's where my passion from the sport comes from. >> she's clearly having a lot of fun here already. mary lou retton calls her the most talented gymnast she has ever seen. one day she may go into the field of nursing as her mom is.
7:47 am
that's in the future. for now, focusing on gold is key for her. >> let's focus for a second on her crush. she talked about zac efron. he tweeted her. he wrote so phenomenal. a skill's named after her. congrats on sticking the biles and qualifying for the finals. i'm sure she screen saved that one. it appears that she also is head over heels for the brazilian gymnast. the message with a kissy face emoji. by the way, she's also having such a great time. you can tell with her post and with the girls. she's enjoying herself. >> 4'8" and the height she gets off the floor. >> crazy. defies physics. >> coming up, billy bush is in the orange room with what people are saying about an epic
7:48 am
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liberty mutual insurance. we're back now. bill you why bush is manning our orange room while carson is out manning "the voice" booth on the west coast. >> before last night's 200 meter butterfly semifinals we were given a glimpse into the ready room. south africa's chad leclos was warming up with shadow boxing. phelps shoots him a look that's classic. hashtag phelps face took off online as people started making memes of the staredown. bobby posts, when you pour a bowl of cereal and realize there's no milk.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
good tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. live look outside now at san francisco. clouds there and temperatures at 57 degrees. we will see these clouds clearing out for a sunny afternoon. we're all feeling some upper 50s to lower 60s as we head out the doo door and get the day started. up to 70 in the city while 76 degrees in oakland. 85 in san jose. and some lower 90s. anywhere from fairfield down to concord and livermore. mid 80s for morgan hill. lit be a little bit cooler as we go in through the day tomorrow and then a little bit of a warmup in time for the weekend. with highs reaching into the mid 90s inland for the weekend. so get ready for that. now let's head over to mike to see what's happening as you head out for this morning's commute. >> head ag way from us now, middle lane near the flashing lights at the tow truck heading across the flat section. still quite slow toward that incline. we still have reports of a fender bender and disabled
7:57 am
vehicle as you head across that westbound direction. look at your map. you're slow. the worst of the slowing for the bay area here west 92. we've seen a big shift and more traffic heading over the dumbarton bridge. 880 slow over both spans. tough drive to the peninsula there. northbound route to san jose not so bad. 87 north. reports of wood debris in the roadway causing more slowing from capital. it was looking good this morning. now back to a slow drive-thru that stretch. easier into downtown. slow towards 17. >> thank you, mike. happening now. delta is scrambling to get thousands of grounded travel evers back in the air this morning in the wake of a computer glitch that yesterday led to hundreds of canceled flights and thousands of frustrated passengers. posting up daths to this story on our website, a reminder nbc bay area is your olympic headquarters. check out our home page to see you daily 5 to watch feature so you don't miss out on any of your favorite competitions of the day. a lot going on. i'll be ack in half hour.
7:58 am
hope to see you then.
7:59 am
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, swimmers strike gold. >> with the kickout. >> and american lilly kingd king dominates the breaststroke. >> murphy stretching to the wall. >> and david boudia and steele johnson snag a silver medal for usa. now the american women in gymnastics looks to take home gold. we take a trip to see rio's christ the redeemer statue.
8:01 am
>> finally can look down. >> but would mother nature cooperate? and branching out. >> down. >> keir simmons with an adventure in the amazon. climbing high to get a bird's eye view. >> the view is just stunning. >> today, tuesday, august 9th, 2016. s ♪ >> from new york to rio, watching the "today" show. >> live from rio de janeiro on the "today" show. >> we're on the "today" show in rio. ♪ cake by the ocean >> happy birthday, hoda! >> nice to see you. >> we're back now at 8:00 on
8:02 am
this tuesday morning. the 9th day of august, 2016. another great crowd on the beach. beach volleyball in the background. another sunny and beautiful morning. >> what happened to your sweater? >> that sweater was a really good idea at 6:30 in the morning. wasn't so good when the sun came up. >> what is the temperature, al? >> about 80 degrees. it's gone up. showers tomorrow. >> here in rio, perfect sleeping weather. open the window. the sound of beach volleyball and temperature of 65 degrees. meanwhile, we're skitill in the opening days of the olympics. the aquatic stadium is a cool place for team usa. let's head to peter alexander at olympic park. peter. >> matt, good morning. a warm one here at the olympic park and things are going to get heated at the pool this evening after a showcase of the
8:03 am
formation of at least one fierce rivalry and setting the stage for the culmination of another. on day three of the olympic games, determination and destiny. >> best turns in the world. >> over at the aquatics center. >> they are bunched up. >> poetry in motion. ryan murphy clinching gold in the 100 meter backstroke. the sixth time america won the event. with his teammate david plummer grabbing bronze. plummer is the oldest in the race since 1904. he spoke to hoda earlier. >> to be part of the greatest team of all time. it is awesome. >> reporter: lilly king ahead of yulia efimova to grab gold in the 100 meter breaststroke. the 19-year-old beating out efimova in a race that seems to be more about swimming. mocked her finger wagging in the
8:04 am
semifinal on sunday. the russian caught up in a doping scandal, but cleared to compete. king not holding back after her victory. >> i'm proud to represent the usa and be successful knowing i'm completing clean. >> reporter: all eyes on michael phelps and katie ledecky tonight. phelps facing off against chad le clos who tried to psych him out. >> le clos continues to look over at phelps. >> reporter: and ledecky goes for gold in the 200 freestyle. while missy franklin failed to make the cut. missing the podium for a fifth place finish is the men's gymnastics team. a heartbreaking fall from the high bar from leyva. he finished his routine.
8:05 am
and men's beach volleyball. an upset. >> austria has upset the united states. can you believe it? >> reporter: as americans jake gibb and casey peterson lost to austria. kerri walsh jennings and april ross. >> i'm proud of us. now we go. >> reporter: he doesn't compete until saturday. usain bolt announcing the rio is his last olympics. >> i think this is awesome for sure. i've done enough. i have proven myself over and over. i'm looking forward to this one also. >> reporter: and one of the best moments of the games so far happened late yesterday. brazil's first gold in judo. to rafaela silva. that is how she celebrated.
8:06 am
growing up in poverty and one of rio's most dangerous neighborhoods. let's see the medal count. team usa fortifying their lead. well ahead of china, japan and russia. there is a full plate of action today. including some of the biggest names. women's gymnastics squad. they are favored for team gold. and katie ledecky swimming in the 200 freestyle and michael phelps is looking to regain his crown after missing out in london. then the 4x200-meter relay as well. matt, back to you. >> peter, thank you very much. >> we have a lot more from rio in a moment. first, savannah is back with the top stories from new york. good morning. 90 days until the election,
8:07 am
hillary clinton has opened up a ten--point lead and our surveymonkey tracking poll is out. yesterday, donald trump unveiled his plan for the tax code to stream line deductions. and just this morning, maine senator susan collins is the latest republican to not support trump and 50 top republicans, including two homeland security secretaries have circulated a letter saying they will not vote for trump. three girls are recovering after falling from a ferris wheel. all three were taken to the hospital where they were conscious and answering questions for investigators. firefighters had to rescue other riders stranded on that ferris wheel when it was shutdown. kansas city police say the boy killed on sunday while riding down the world's tallest
8:08 am
water slide died from a neck injury. it revealed that the body of caleb schwab was found in a pool at the end of the ride. two adult women with him in the raft suffered minor facial injuries. the park has not released any other details about the accident. other news now, it is hard to tell who enjoyed this golf outing more. president obama or his guests. the president, a well known basketball fan. hosted nba's steph curry along with dell curry who also played in the nba. last year after losing to president obama, curry joked he was distracted by all the secret service agents and by the president's trash talking. and dopey the dwarf will never shake it off. dopey in green on the upper deck of the steamboat stumbling down the performance at disney's
8:09 am
hollywood studio in florida. fortunately, goofy was there to break his fall. both cast members were checked out at the scene and released. please tell me that al roker is there for daffy duck's reaction. >> donald duck. you got the wrong studios. >> sorry. >> anybody know what this duck is saying? >> was he checked out by doc after the fall? >> he was feeling a little grumpy. >> you have to gone further, savannah. savannah, thank you very much. up next, the science behind simone biles dominance in gymnastics. and what happened when we took a trip to the christ the redeemer statue. and why am i hanging almost 200 feet in the air? find out coming up on "today." 200 feet in the air? find out coming up on "today." w. right now there's a really, really good deal at verizon. what kind of deal? up to 4 free phones. free? that's right.
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but i sure know where i've been and i've made up my mind, i ain't wasting no more time ♪ ♪ here i go again on my own ♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪ we're back now. this is a great time for a rio edition of "trending." >> absolutely. >> all the talk in rio has been about simone biles and her dominance in gymnastics. what makes her a powerhouse.
8:15 am
"the new york times" took a look at the science behind the superstar gymnast. she designed a move that's one of the most difficult seen in the sports. it's called the biles. it's a double lay out with a half twist and blind landing. simone first performed it back in 2013. no other gymnast has even tried it in competition. so, hoda, how does she do it? simone's starting run is harder and faster than others so she can take fewer steps and generate more power. that enables her to jump higher and do more with her routine. while she stands at only 4'8", simone reaches double that height in her floor program. experts also say she has probably better wiring in her nervous system giving her better motor skills. >> incredible. >> my system gets nervous when i watch her. >> exactly. did you happen to see that sweet video of ryan lochte he posted
8:16 am
on social media. it shows his grandma back home in a nursing home. she's 95 years old. look at what she's carrying. her very own olympic torch. ryan saying she's representing team usa and no doubt she is going to be watching tomorrow night when ryan swims the 200 meter individual medley. proud grandma right there. diving a trending topic this morning not just because team usa won silver in the synchronized event. look at these images from the competition. do you notice anything unusual? just hold that for a second. anything unusual back in the crowd? anything. >> they're nude. >> it looks like censorship thanks to strategically placed graphics. it makes it look like they're nude. >> music change here. >> how cold is that water?
8:17 am
>> al, you would go there. >> what's nice is that some of them needed larger graphics than others. i know i said it, al, but you were thinking it. >> not about the size of the graphics. >> speaking of diving, earlier we talk to david boudia and steele johnson. they're back with us and they have a surprise. guys? ♪ >> look at the coaster. >> david, come around here. steele, come back here also. >> can i try it on? >> it's your birthday. >> are you allowed? >> still competing. >> what a birthday cake. >> we wish you a happy birthday.
8:18 am
>> thank you. >> hoda is not having any fun in rio. >> thank you so much. congratulations. >> our pleasure. thank you. happy birthday. >> i need that. >> i'll take that back. >> right about now. >> share the wealth. >> have you met her? >> she can't run far. >> billy, you want to "pop start." >> an update to a story we talked about yesterday. leslie jones has become the most spirited cheerleader of team usa and now all of her hard work has paid off. >> guess who is going to rio? guess who is going to rio? >> she's not lying. leslie is rio bound. she's formally accepted an invitation from nbc olympics producers jim bell. leslie, when you get here.
8:19 am
come on by. say hello. and the girl from ep epenama streamed more than 30,000 times a day. 1,200% increase for a song released in 1964. can't get it out of my head. >> that's the second most recorded song. >> very relaxing. >> i need to calm down. >> you have another competition when? >> 11 days from now. >> we'll be rooting for you. >> i don't know the song. i shouldn't get it in my head.
8:20 am
>> tan and lovely. does it ring a bell? >> no. >> youth. isn't that great. billy, thank you. al, a check of the weather. let's show you what we have happening for you today. we are looking at more gorgeous weather here for the women's beach volleyball. usa versus brazil today. that will be a big one. 3:30. sunshine and 76 degrees. a spectacular day. we've also got heavy rain through the gulf. we all have to go to that. heavy showers and thunderstorms through the gulf. rainfall amounts could see another 12 inches of rain along the big bend of florida and just to the east of new orleans. we're watching a lot of heavy rain through that area. that's what's going on around we will get some clearing as we go through the day with temperatures now in the mid to upper 50s. heading up to 90 degrees today in the trivalley and 79 degrees in the peninsula to mid-80s for the north and south bay.
8:21 am
san francisco will be topping out at 70 degrees into the next couple of days expect it to become a little more breezy tomorrow, slightly cooler, then it warms up for the rest of this week and this weekend. highs into the mid-90s for the inland valleys. >> announcer: "today's" rio is sponsored by coca-cola. open a coke and enjoy the games. >> this morning on "today's" rio, the most iconic image of this city. >> that's right. of course we're talking about christ the redeemer. hoda, al, natalie and i were scheduled to take a trip there on monday and while the forecast did not look so good, we decided to take a chance and we just may have witnessed a miracle in the making. take a look. it is the jewel of the rio de janeiro skyline. christ the redeemer. considered the world's most
8:22 am
famous statue of jesus. it rises 125 feet in the air surrounded by a spectacular view of the city. except on this day. let's do a starting selfie. natalie. when we got to the tram down below, little did we know at that moment there was no view at the top. >> hoda, look down. >> i'm good. i'm good. >> a rail separating us. i'm not kidding. >> look at that. the racetrack. >> wow. we're right on the edge of clouds. >> lean back. don't lean -- weight this way. >> we made it. >> finally can look down. >> as we walked up 220 steps,
8:23 am
the foggy reality started to sink in. just in time to be completely fogged out. >> fogged in. you can almost see it. >> how about over there? >> that's more fog over there. if you look up there, that should be christ the redeemer. >> what are we looking at? >> i think this is a good time for a team photo. >> we had come all this way to see one of the world's most magnificent monuments. he's there. we decided to just keep doing what we had planned to do. take pictures. enjoy the scenery. lay down on the ground and take in the view. and wave to the helicopter camera we hired which couldn't see us. >> chopper. come closer. up higher. and just when we were about to lose hope and pack it in, it happened.
8:24 am
>> my goodness. >> look at that. it's perfect. >> how perfect is that? >> we were welcomed high above rio with open arms. >> that's unbelievable. unbelievable. >> whoa. >> it was great. >> perfect timing. >> see what happens when we all get together and -- it works. i told you. >> beautiful. you have to pay more for that. that's phenomenal. now to "today's" olympic moment. >> announcer: "today's" olympic moment is sponsored by walmart. save money, live better. >> with a few quick steps and flash of her blade, muhammad fenced her way into history becoming the first american athlete to compete in the olympics while wearing a hijab.
8:25 am
the muslim american became an instant star leading into the games bringing new diversity to team usa. her defining moment monday as she stepped on the strip and donned her mask and sealed her first bout with a victory. >> muhammad comes up with the touch to move on to the table of 16. >> and got off to a strong start in her second match. >> great fighting spirit. >> the hole just got deeper. >> her dreams of gold quickly came to an end with a devastating loss to france. >> she's off the strip. she got driven out of bounds. >> her dream of an olympic medal comes to a halt. >> ibtihaj muhammad won
8:26 am
something bigger. keeping the faith for a new generation of olympians. >> lovely young==topvo== police are investigating a bold early morning smash 8:26. police investigating a early morning smash and grab along fisherman's wharf. they took off with an unknown amount of merchandise. police believe three people were involved. a security guard at the scene said the same store was a target of a break in several months ago. time to check out -- i was going to say monday, tuesday already. >> we see a lot of traffic flow, but today a little lighter. that's great news. we had a chance to look at the south bay. here are the concerns, san mateo and dumbarton bridge, earlier incident on the san mateo bridge pushed more traffic south. now evening out and recovery for
8:27 am
the nimitz freeway as well. here is the south bay. earlier we had debris around curtner. that's the worst of the slowdowns. look at the rest of the northbound route, smooth flow from silicon valley. late push from 85, cupertino to sunnyvale. thank you for joining us. another local news update for you in half an hour. hope you have a chance to enjoy the little warmer weather out there this morning.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
♪ we're back now 8:30 on this tuesday morning. it's the 9th of august, 2016. those are some of the team welcome dancers who perform for athletes at the olympic village around here. we're happy to have them with us on copacabana beach. >> by the way, they have moves. they have moves. look at where we are.
8:31 am
we're right here. >> i'm good. >> see how cold it is. >> it's not that cold. >> find out. it feels great. >> how are you? nice to see you. >> that's lovely. fantastic. >> coming up, i hear you guys are going to experience cupping, right? >> cupping is this thing that leaves these round welts or bruises on some of the athletes. it's a form of physical therapy and we're going to figure out exactly what it's all about. yes, we may be trying it as well. also, keir simmons is going to take us to the amazon. the nut goes 200 feet up in a tree. >> looks beautiful. >> here's something to get excited about. it's time for al's portuguese class. all right. so team usa doing so well, how do you say olympic medalist?
8:32 am
if you want to say i won gold, it's el ganhei ouro. to cheer on team usa. natalie? and that's "today's" lesson. >> we should call this natalie's lesson. how about doing your other job? the weather. >> let's see what's happening as far as "today" is concerned. first of all, women's soccer will -- usa taking on colombia. 87 degrees. closer to home, a lot of wet weather from the southeast, gulf coast, florida. could be upwards of 12 inches of rain by friday. wet weather in the pacific
8:33 am
northwest. tomorrow we have more wet weather moving into the northeast. some monsoonal moisture continues in the southwest and sunshine returns on the pacific northwest as well. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. it will be a little warmer for the inland spots like the south bay and gilroy, high of 99 degrees. palo alto, 79. mill valley, high of 66. heading into the north bay, 90 in fairfield. walnut creek, 86. oakland, 76 degrees and 90s today in livermore. hot for the inland areas. we'll see heat continuing as we go through the week and in the mid-90s in time for the weekend. >> that's your latest weather. >> can you believe this is where we do our show every morning. >> we have a surfer. >> beautiful. >> back over here along the beach and with his size, only
8:34 am
slightly smaller than the u.s. and population of about 200 million, there's a lot to see in brazil. >> we sent nbc's keir simmons out to explore the country beyond rio. how was it? >> i was genuinely scared filming this. honestly frightened. our trip began in the amazon. the heart of the jungle. our goal to get a bird's-eye view of trees but what we got was much, much more. the amazon. a vast 2 million square miles of awesome, largely untamed nature. an estimated 390 billion trees. i'm setting out to climb just one. it's a monster. how tall is the tree we're going to climb? >> 180 feet. >> my guide, leo, knows the forest well. it's tradition like this method
8:35 am
of preventing insect bites. >> i can smell it. >> covering yourself with dead ants. they bite you. they do bite you while you're trying to stop other insects from biting you. and the jungle's predators. that's where jaguars climbed the tree. >> don't think if you want to run from a jaguar if you climb a tree you're safe. >> not exactly reassuring. i don't think i climbed a tree since i was a boy. definitely not like this. and don't look down, right? >> you can look if you want. this is halfway. soon leo's 9-year-old daughter fearless while i need lots of encouragement. talking to me like this is a
8:36 am
good way to stop me from thinking of the fact i'm hanging from a rope about 100 feet in the air. leo was born in the wrong place high up in the french alps. we found his true home here in the jungle with his wife, vanessa. their children were born on this deck. all three homeschooled. they playfully call their dad the guru but he's worried. last summer was the driest ever, he says. he fears his forest is increasingly threatened by global warming. and you're teaching all of this to your daughter. >> sure. >> back in the tree, she's confident. i'm increasingly not. i'm officially quite frightened. finally reaching the top. don't look down. don't look down. i can't actually believe that i have got up here. honestly my legs are shaking even though i have this rope attached to me. the view is just stunning. the air above the amazon thick
8:37 am
with the sounds and smells of life. >> look around. just look around. >> the experience of a lifetime, exhilarating and a little exhausting. later in the week we'll go prana fishing. >> great. thank you. >> up next, billy bush, al and i are going to get cupped live. >> really? >> that doesn't sound right. >> let's walk back to the tent. this is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
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8:40 am
>> we're back in rio with large circles that are talk of the town. >> we're not talking about olympic rings but bruises you see on a lot of athletes as a result of a healing technique called cupping. dr. kevin pierce is with the u.s. olympic medical team. dr. pierce, good morning. quite a phenomenon this is. does it really work? >> the idea behind it is that it promotes blood flow to the area. it's for healing. so the athletes using it today if they have restriction of motion, they use it. it could be for soreness or just feeling tight. a lot of it is more for healing effects. >> we see bruises. is it painful? >> sometimes it's painful. >> i've had this on for about 60
8:41 am
seconds. it intensifies. >> that does not look good. >> i have a legitimate calf cramp from running the other day. i hope this is good for it. >> this will give it relief and reduce tension that's on there. the accumulation of tissue is rising to the surface is blood flowing to the area. it will leave a nice little bruise. sometimes a bit of accumulation of blood in the area. that's the dark circle you get. it can actually -- we can go through motion that intensifies the feeling you feel currently. it brings -- >> where are you going? right there? >> we use cream first. this is more traditional now. >> traditional chinese at first. it's more modern because we don't use cups. these are plastic. more durable. easier for us to transport. >> walk us through it, matt.
8:42 am
>> a little cream. sho soothing massage. we find a place of stiffness. we can cup it and control the amount of tissue that comes into the cup. >> how long do you leave them on for? >> two to three minutes up to ten. if we do a static hold, it could be up to ten. >> how long does the bruise or welt last? >> three to seven days. depends on the duration it's on for. >> if i took it off now, it wouldn't leave a bruise? take it off. >> look at billy's. that's going to leave a nice bruise. >> i will walk down copacabana and he must be on the something team. >> any studies about ethicacy of this? >> research is inconclusive. athletes are seeing an increase in range of motion. that's why they like it. >> should we see billy's results
8:43 am
or leave it on? >> there's some psychological effect. >> you can torture billy more if you would like. >> take it off. >> one, two. >> that's lovely. >> i want wait to go for a walk today. can't wait. >> aren't you part of the women's beach volleyball team. thank you so much. you think after the olympics it will go crazy? >> there are many professional teams that use this therapy. it's been going on. thousands of years. a lot of professional sports use it today. >> wait until you see what happens now that this guy has it. thanks so much. >> coming up, we have your morning coffee fix. best brews that brazil has to offer. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
[electronic sound effects] brace yourself... the first ever gsf is here. with a 467 horse power v8 engine... torque vectoring differential... and brembo brakes. it's the next expression of f performance, from lexus.
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8:46 am
welcome back, everybody. did you know that more coffee comes from brazil than from anywhere else in the world? >> the good reason for that, rich soil, high altitude areas that makes the perfect bean. many grown on family owned farms. jenna bush hager is here with more. >> it's an integral part of the brazilian culture. the land of coffee where java flows like water. roasted, brewed, bold or flavored, close to 500 billion cups of joe will be consumed worldwide this year and vast majority of it comes from brazil's many coffee farms like this. this harvest season beans are picked, cleaned, dried and processed into a million pounds
8:47 am
of coffee. brought to brazil in the 18th century, brazil has led the world in production for close to 200 years. the farms here harvest coffee beans which are served on cafe counters across the country where brazilians grab, drink and go. the taste, sweet and nutty with a hint of chocolate brewing brazil's best in every coffee cup. i did a shoot yesterday. the coffee was lovely. it was strong, which we need. they like it sweet. not as sweet as we like it. she likes coffee mate in hers. >> a lot of people drink it black. if you soften it with milk, it's
8:48 am
better. >> don't you think it's great? >> it's a smooth cup. >> think of it as a birthday present. >> coffee for birthday. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:49 am
welcome back to rio everybody.
8:50 am
when al and i come to the olympics, we like to try out an olympic sport. a few years ago we we want back to the first sport that we attempted and we had some team usa athletes what to do this time around. here is what they said. >> the next sport that they should do is synchronized swimming. >> rugby in rio because it's the first year being introduced. >> bmx but they may not make it into work. >> judo and volleyball. it would be interesting to see volleyball, but i would love to see them throw each other. >> gymnastics to get in the tight little uniforms. >> i would say soccer. we swear spandex under the
8:51 am
shorts. you can stick with them. >> well, we're going to be in rio and beach volleyball is very iconic and there's some things involved. >> gymnastics. that's what i do. that's just some more tights for them to wear. it would be fun. >> it would be the funniest thing is if they did swimming and in a speedo. i would not want to see it, but would love to hear about it. >> all right. go. >> i don't know about those. >> the synchronized diving would be fantastic. >> are you crazy? >> what if we did a jump with hand gestures? going up to the middle. they're not high. >> synchronized cannon ball. >> cannon ball, that's it. easy. >> okay. >> we're going bring in -- we've
8:52 am
had some people that have been entertaining us. they're the welcome dancers and entertain us and others across the olympic village. when you walk in, you get to see them dance. will you show us a little bit of the dance moves? will you show us? >> okay. we're going to get a quick one. okay. we're ready. >> okay. >> side, front, side, back. >> okay. do it again. >> side, front, side, back. side, front, side back. side, front, side, back. >> can we have some music? we're ready. okay. let's get the music. >> faster. >> side, front side, back.
8:53 am
♪ ♪ >> okay. now what? >> that's it? >> swiveling and hip shaking. >> you going to the back? what are we doing? >> okay. i can do that. ♪ ♪ >> we want to thank the teams and olympic athletes here at the baechlt beach. a lot going on. we have beach volleyball and much more. we will see your tomorrow from the beach.
8:54 am
>> bye everybody. [ applause ] ♪ >> we've got a great crowd keeping us >> we have a great crowd here. >> tomorrow all of the high flying moments from the woman's gymnastic in olympics 2016 when the games begin. >> more watch nbc news more than any other news organization in the world. i'm ...
8:55 am
8:56 am
==take vo== delta is still scrambling to get thous good morning. 8:56 on your tuesday. i'm sam brock. delta is still scrambling to get thousands of grounded travelers back in the air this morning in the wake of yesterday's computer glitch that led to hundreds of canceled flights and thousands of frustrated passengers. a fire at delta's atlanta hub triggered the outage in the first place. computer systems were working again within a few hours but the residual damage is leaking into a second day.
8:57 am
that problem has had a global impact. more than a thousand flights were canceled yesterday, causing major flies at sfo and other international airports. this morning delta will be handing out refounds and travel vouchers trying to appease some angry travelers. happening now, we're still tracking the backlog happening at bay area airports from the outage on all of our digital platforms. delta's challenge today will be to find enough seats on what is a very busy summer vacation season. we're posting updates on the story on our twitter feed now. mock the hottest topic of the olympics, you may be sick of it, the odd marks on athletes, a form of therapy called cupping. read more about that ancient treatment on our website, that concludes this news update. we'll see you in a half hour with much more. "you can only be great if you're full of goodness."
8:58 am
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, and billy bush live from the olympic games in rio de janeiro, brazil. >> welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning, august 9th, 2016. i'm billy bush with al and nat live in rio. i got one for you. are you ready? morning jam. i get this from my kids. "closer." >> closer to gold.
9:01 am
you have simone biles closer to her gold medal. >> you can pronounce it closer if you want to close the job when you're in the pool. >> phelps is on tonight. ledecky is on tonight. >> women's u.s. volleyball versus brazil. this is the biggest match. they think brazilians are their biggest competition. >> i love the usa/russian showdown. how about the lovely lilly king in the breaststroke going up against yulia of efimova. efimova gives the finger wave. i'm number one. >> wait. how do you answer that? >> and then lilly king gets into
9:02 am
it. she does her race and finishes first and gives number one. it came down to it last night. there can only be one number one and it was lilly king. >> the russian swimmer just cleared. she was accused of doping and found guilty of doping earlier last year. >> a 16-month ban and they clear her on saturday. she races her prelim on sunday. but i love what lilly king said. she says you're shaking your finger number one. you've been caught for drug cheating? i'm not a fan. >> good to her. you answer back with a gold medal. >> how about ryan murphy? >> he writes a letter. he's just 8 years old to his parents. i want to be an olympic swimmer. a champion when i'm older. last night he takes gold in backstroke. there's the note he wrote to his parents. >> and with his gold medal around his neck. >> you know what's so sweet, you
9:03 am
talk to olympic athletes and say when did you first have that dream? when did you think -- a lot of parents will tell you they said when they were six, eight, that they wanted to be an olympic athlete. i always tell my kids, if you want to be an olympic athlete, you better start now. >> you're nine. you're slacking. get in the pool. >> she started late. >> simone biles did. he started late for her. clearly built for it. >> made up for it. did you see this hashtag is the best thing going. 200 meter butterfly semifinal, a glimpse into the ready room with athletes prepped for the event. so south africa's chad le clos was warming up doing shadow boxing. look at phelps. the staredown. so #phelpsface takes off. people start making memes.
9:04 am
when you pour a bowl of cereal and realize there's no milk. >> you walk into a movie theater and it's empty and someone sits in front of you. >> michael's son boomer matching his dad's glare from the stands. that's gas. >> gas. >> with headphones on. almost bigger than his head. adorable. >> speaking of babies, we like to think of katie ledecky as a friend of the show. she started off earlier. 18 years ago she's a toddler on the plaza with her mom and brother. take a look. >> she's from maryland. 16 months. katie ledecky and michael ledecky. can we say hi to our grandparents in north dakota. >> you just did. >> and we have a grandmother we want to say hello to. >> everybody got the hellos. that's what's going on around the country. >> look at you, roker.
9:05 am
my gosh. you're quarter of the man you were. >> you know, it's all good living and coconut oil. >> i thought you were sexy then. now, overwhelming. honored to share bunk beds with you in rio. >> exciting. we've had a number of athletes and a number of people who have come by our window in the time we've been down there -- >> how do you find that? >> amazing. >> when her mom was there, katie was here once. i think we went through archives and found it. we have our way of digging through our archives. love it or hate it. >> we'll find you some way or another. >> okay. we all like our phones. we all have our phones. >> sadly. >> look at 24-year-old french fencer. he has an embarrassing moment during his olympic competition against the german player. his cell phone falls out of his pocket. what's he doing with a phone? is he snapchating during the
9:06 am
event? and by the way, he can call home and tell everybody he lost. 15-13. >> he got distracted. >> have somebody hold the phone for you. >> more concerned about whether the screen cracked. >> you've been busy. >> yesterday billy had the brozilian. today you're taking up the olympic sport of speed walking. >> i go back with -- i happen to be a very good speed walker. >> you're a fast walker. >> i'm not going to lie about that. i have manly big cavs and propel me in speed walking. i took on usain bolt four or five years ago. fastest man alive. this is old foofootage right he at those thighs on me. those are beefy.
9:07 am
look at bolt. no idea. >> doesn't know what to do. >> beside himself with confusion. we go across. photo finish. i take gold. now you have to take it to the next level. people love to play that virtual game, okay, if you were competing now against bolt, who would win? carl will never be a legend. nine golds all together. long jump. sprinter. he'll never be able to compete against bolt but he can compete against the guy who beat bolt and if he beats that guy, then he is better than bolt. >> you'll compete against carl lewis today? >> i got him out there yesterday. >> we can't give away results yet. >> i will tell you something right now, i can't -- results are coming later. it's a resounding walloping on one guy. one guy walloped the other guy with a huge crowd gathering on copacabana. >> i know bush. i know the bush man. i know the bush man. >> i would never bring it up if
9:08 am
results were bad? >> exactly. you can't even keep a straight face. >> he's a good sport. >> there are many things -- >> it's okay. >> listen, bush. i know you. i got 20 that says you beat him. >> i know the results. i'm not going to say anything. i know what happened. >> you have inside information. >> it will be on "access" on friday. >> christ the receideemer was watching. >> we have had awesome assignment of exploring rio. we went to christ the redeemer. greatest landmarks, one of the best greatest landmarks in the world but certainly here in brazil and rio. completely fogged in. we could barely see it. literally. then all of a sudden, let's just
9:09 am
wait. just give it a couple seconds. the mist cleared and, boom, the perfect picture. it was magical. >> you guys were up there for an hour, right? nothing was happening. >> we couldn't see rio. normally you can see 360-degree view of this incredible looking city. we got up there. it was like milk. >> at one point matt lauer was lying down. >> they put pads down so you can take shots straight up. >> it's very hard to get a picture of christ the redeemer without it being up the nose shot. >> how big is -- >> 98 feet. >> 98 feet tall. >> on a 30-foot pedestal. >> 92 feet is the arm span. >> there are 220 stairs to get up to the top. it's a good workout speed walking. >> just to get from the tram to the base. >> i have done sugarloaf tram
9:10 am
right. nice views. i've been waiting for the call. >> you can hike up the mountain. >> you can speed walk up. get those pistons going. >> get those calves. >> there's the cleveland cavaliers and then the bush calves. >> i'm strong. >> no question. that's why i know you won. let's look at the weather. certain things i know. i know these things. okay. so rio next several days, today will be spectacular. gorgeous weather. showers tomorrow. 74. then clears up for thursday. temperature of 71 degrees. closer to home, we're talking a ton of rain. we started talking about this last friday because it was going to set up and it has. heavy rain developing from central florida through the big bend and on into parts of the western gulf where we could be talking about heavy rain as far
9:11 am
west as new orleans. upwards again by friday a total of 12 inches of rain in some spots. 12 inches possible. so a flash flood will be a problem as we watch this unfold through the week. that's >> as we head out, now we're starting to see some cliergeari along the coastline and parts of san francisco, here's si ee's i district. highs today reaching 89 in los ga gatos, 85 in napa. oakland 76 and livermore will be up to 90 degrees there. expect more 90s in the forecast over the next several days, especially for the trivalley and the interior parts of the north bay. >> that's your latest weather. the bush man starting to sweat through. it's a good thing. >> i'm hiding behind the coconut. >> strategically placed.
9:12 am
>> too much. >> the u.s. swims team, a good night for baker, plummer and katie. we'll catch up with them after we'll catch up with them after this and then dry off billy. i knew that if i had ice in my water, we'll catch up with them after this and then dry off billy. it would just be so painful and i couldn't even drink it. i would like almost scoot the ice over and try to sip it very slowly so that it wouldn't trigger the pain. that's when i realized i had to do something. my dentist recommended that i use sensodyne. i think that sensodyne has been great in terms of reducing the sensitivity and pain that i was experiencing. now i can put ice in my water. sensodyne absolutely works, there you have it. creamy swirls of pure indulgence. silky sifts of total transcendence. tempting accents of sheer pleasure. introducing "unicorn whispers."
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welcome back to rio where the americans are dominating the pool. kathleen baker of north carolina earned her spot in sports history after coming in second in the women's 100 meter backstroke scoring her personal best time along the way. >> so cool. in the men's 100 meter backstroke david plummer got his spot on the podium scoring a bronze medal. also bronze for katie miley in the women's 100 meter breaststroke. >> kathleen, david, katie,
9:16 am
congrats. those hemedals are heavy around the neck but worth it. you're in lane four. did you have the feeling before that this is my race? i'm going to go strong and win this thing? >> i was definitely thinking i was the underdog. i was coming in not in the top three originally. i had the meet of my life which is great time to be doing that. so i was really nervous. probably one of the most fun races i ever swam and really just enjoyed doing it. >> you went up against a legend in the pool. did you do a little finger waving? >> no, no, no. she's incredible to swim with. i've never seen so many swim so many races at such a competitive level. >> the fact is you have gone public about dealing with crohn's disease while competing which is such an inspiration. >> i've been through a lot for sure. i definitely feel like it's
9:17 am
helped me love the sport even more knowing something that can be taken away from you and helped me appreciate it and really just enjoy everything about it. >> you got into it at 13 years old. does it affect you now at all when you swim? what's it like day-to-day? >> it affects me on a daily basis with energy or in the back of my mind. it's hard to control it sometimes. i do have a really good support system of doctors and nurses who help me along the way. >> you're an inspiration. >> your teammates, your friends, you must be super proud of her and the accomplishment you achieved. >> kathleen is like my little sister. we've been attached at the hip for the last month because we train very similarly since we train similar disciplines and we have to race the same day. i said we might as well be zip tied together. >> lilly got gold. and yulia and efimova was doing
9:18 am
the finger wag back and forth. >> i was behind the curtain. i stayed out of it. >> let them wag their finger. david, for you, first olympics. it took you a while to get here. you're 30 now. it's been a life-long goal for you to make it here. some people call you old man, right? >> getting a little of that. the gray hair is betraying me here. >> what's it like being able to compete at this level and at 30? >> it's been amazing. i'm so happy to be here and happy to be at my best this year and to keep up tradition in american backstroke. it's been amazing. >> qualifiers, athens, beijing, london. you tried to qualify at the olympics at all three. you missed by 0.012 of a second last time around in london. here you come. >> bring that up again? >> it's an absolute great story of a guy that just won't give up. i love it. four olympics later you come
9:19 am
here and you wear that medal around your neck. man, way to go, bud. that has to be -- >> thank you. thank you. >> a great lesson to learn from that. >> thank you. i appreciate that. >> don't give up. love that, man. that's my guy right there. olympian of the day. >> are you all done swimming? >> we have 400 medley relay later this week. >> when is it? >> friday and saturday. >> we'll be looking for you guys. thanks so much. >> all the best. >> congrats again. >> coming up next, the couples that play together stay together. why love is in the air in rio. stop looking at me. after these messages. i had that dream again -- that i was on the icelandic game show. and everyone knows me for discounts, like safe driver and paperless billing. but nobody knows the box behind the discounts. oh, it's like my father always told me -- "put that down. that's expensive." of course i save people an average of nearly $600, but who's gonna save me? [ voice breaking ] and that's when i realized... i'm allergic to wasabi.
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so you don't have to miss a thing. y'all did wonderful! that's another safelite advantage. (girls sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. you never believed in fairytales. knights in shining armor or happily ever after. but you believed when the right one came along, you'd be ready. time to shine. orbit. it's another exciting day of main events kicking off in rio today. check out where we are. the current medal count. we are doing quite well thank you very much. >> america is strong right there. >> yes, we are.
9:23 am
>> chinese right behind. >> 15 medals up for grabs. let's get this what everyone wants to know is the rio romance. >> it's the olympic connection. there's a lot of love on the playing field because there are quite a few couples competing here. in fact, so many that it has caused buzz feed to create a whole list. one couple already celebrating is a couple that both play rugby. yesterday charlotte's team took home the gold over new zealand and today it's her boyfriend's turn to go for the gold in the two matches that he has coming up. then there's italian swimmers who have been dating since 2011. >> his brother will be swimming later. >> this is a list of people off the market in olympic village. everyone else totally available. >> meanwhile, the couple that's
9:24 am
captured people's attention, american sweetheart gymnast simone biles receiving a tweet from her crush actor zac efron wishing her luck at the olympic trials. simone tweeted back i think i'm going to pass out. he sent her another tweet. so he's watching how she does here today. >> very nice the. >> simone, hop in line behind my wife. she loves zac, too. >> qualified for the men's rugby team hoping to make mystery. he'll miss part of the patriots training camp while he's here. could be worth it. they'll compete in two matches later today. >> tough. big teams out there. tonight we get the rematch phelps has been waiting for in
9:25 am
london phelps placed second to south africa's chad le clos. the swimmer phelps reacted to while sitting in the ready room. phelps was thinking of retiring from the event but after remarks that le clos made in 2015, i when people ask me what it's like to win an olympic medal, i tell them, "you already know." the medals you've earned are all around you. your bronze. your silver. your gold. and liberty mutual insures them all. liberty mutual is proud to insure every team usa medal won in rio, just like we protect the medals you've earned in life. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. strike! sfx: "boop" ♪
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complete pair of eyeglasses, 1 year replacement warranty, $38 save money. live better. walmart. ==take vo== hayward residents are on the wake of a surge good tuesday morning at 9:26, i'm sam brock. hayward residents are on edge in the wake of a surge in deadly violence. three separate shootings resulting in the deaths of three people, all of that in a 24-hour period. the most recent shooting happened on saturday when a 17-year-old boy was killed outside of a home. two other teenagers were wounded in the same attack. the day before that an 18-year-old man was schott hot death in a car. another man was found shot to death in his home, a woman has been arrested for that crime but no one is in custody for the other two killings. >> we've had multiple in a day or incident but never that many incidents within a 24 hour period or for that matter in a
9:27 am
week. >> the city of hayward now has seven homicides this year, four of them just last week. police say witnesses have come forward and they are looking for more help. a four-legged crime fighter injured last month on the job is now back on the force. you may remember shayna, the walnut creek police department canine. a hit-and-run suspect stabbed her several times during an arrest in mid-july. her vet, though, recently cleared shayna to return to work and police say she was back on duty as of yesterday and shayna is definitely a cutie. as we are now in the dog days of summer, it's august 9, starting to feel that way. a check of your weather and traffic right after this.
9:28 am
good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. for the inland areas, much hotter, 90 today, lows in the
9:29 am
upper 50s. while we will top out in the mid-90s saturday, looks like that heat continues into the start of next week. what's happening on the roads, mike? >> well, a thinner easier drive as far as the traffic flow goes, look around the bay. we'll zoom in towards 101 but it's southbound unexpectedly slow heading down toward guadalupe and dela cruz. that's what caused things to slow down, an earlier accident. the northbound side you see that, typical slowing north 101 at the airport. the rest of the day looking really good. >> the 880 is also cleared up after a couple of incidents. that will do it for us. see you again in 30 minutes with our guests.
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines, three girls are recovering after falling from a ferris wheel in tennessee monday night. the victim fell 35 feet before hitting the ground. all three were taken to the hospital where they were conscious and answering questions for investigators. firefighters had to rescue other riders stranded on the ferris wheel when it was shut down. delta is canceling 250 more flights today as the airlines tries to recover from a monstrous system outage on monday that saw nearly 900 flights canceled and tens of thousands of passengers stranded. a power outage at its atlanta headquarters caused many computer systems to crash. delta will hand out refunds and $200 travel vouchers to affected passengers. the airline urged customers to
9:31 am
check the status of flights before heading to the airport. san francisco giants catcher buster posey getting some unwanted attention this morning from last night's face to face meeting with third base. take a look. 11th inning in game between giants and miami marlins. posey goes straight into third base with his face leading the way. you won't see that in baseball instructional videos. good news is he was safe and giants won 8-7. a visitor at seaworld in orlando got a soggy surprise when she got too close to the water. a dolphin jumped up an yanked the ipad out of her hands. the woman was able to snatch is back but the other dolphin started splashing her and the rest of the crowd. we never know if the dolphin was curious or maybe wanted to play angry birds. all right. let's head back to rio for a check of the weather from al. >> and that's why you don't bring your ipad.
9:32 am
>> he wanted a selfie. >> get a disposable camera. >> stick it in rice. >> it doesn't work. let's show you what's going on as far as your weather is concerned. a nice match of women's volleyball. usa versus switzerland tonight. this is tomorrow night i should say. tomorrow night. clouds, maybe some showers. temperature of 70 degrees. rest of the country for today we're looking at plenty of showers through the southeast into the gulf coast. wet weather through the southwest. slight risk of strong storms in the northern plains. tomorrow monsoonal moisture expands into the rockies. look for the west coast to have spectacular weather. rain continues, heavy rain, along the western gulf and showers move into the northeast. good tuesday morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. skies are clearing across most of the bay area. here's a live look now at tiburon, only 54 degrees, temperatures will be warming up
9:33 am
quite a bit through the day, especially through the inland areas, reaching 90 in fairfield, 90 in concord and livermore. morgan hill 86 degrees, 85 in san jose, mid-70s for the inner by a toward oakland and san francisco today 80 degrees. santa rosa will be topping out at 86 and cooler for the day tomorrow. >> that is your latest weather. >> we were talking about what we're going to do today and what we're going to go see and it's all about gymnastics and the team finals competitions heating up here in rio. who is going to take it? >> it's 3:00 in new york time. disappointing night for the men yesterday. here to talk about that and look ahead to tonight's big event, nbc analyst and olympic gold medali medalist. let's start with guys for a second. disappointing they came in fifth. they had a chance there. how big did they blow it? >> really disappointing when you think back four years ago in
9:34 am
london the same exact thing happened. after qualifications they were in first. went to item finals and got fifth. in rio, second after qualifications. ended up in fifth. it wasn't that they weren't good enough because they were good enough to end on the podium. they just had way too many mistakes last night. >> consistency thing they can't get. a moment there where he fell off. >> especially for him. this is his event. he anchored the team. you could just tell on his face he was in complete shock. just devastated. >> crushing. >> individual events they can compete in, right? what are chances? >> they do have great chances especially if they have redemption on the high bar and sam has great shot at winning a medal. if he can be consistent. >> let's take a look at the women. okay. the women have a great shot at
9:35 am
gold. right now ten points ahead of japan. >> put that in perspective for us. >> i don't know how. i don't know how to put it in perspective. tim commentates with me and put it into football terms of maybe like 100 to something. i don't know. i'm not sure how to put it in perspective. i've never seen anything like this. >> china would be our rival. to be ten points ahead of them is unheard of. is this the best women's gymnastics team, i know you have been on a couple, that we've ever had? >> the absolute best. the results prove it. when you're in the lead by ten points, i mean, to put it in perspective, a fall is worth one point. they could have fallen eight or nine times and still possibly been in the lead. >> you look at simone biles, i mean, people run out of words to talk about her. she has no competition. >> she really does have no competition.
9:36 am
she could walk away from rio with five olympic gold medals. not just five medals but gold medals. the team. all-around vault, balance beam and the floor exercise. >> we mentioned china in second right now. who are we looking out for? who could come up and be on that podium as well? >> i think china of course and russia. they were a little bit inconsistent in the training and in the first day of competition they had some falls. they really have a chance to get back up there on the podium. great britain is that dark horse. they were great in london. great these last four years. if anybody can sneak in there but brazil had such an amazing competition, too, and home crowd advantage was fun to watch. >> for our team, do we have a nickname in londorio? >> they're not telling anyone until after tonight. they have one made up. they wouldn't tell me. they promised to each other. not telling parents, coaches,
9:37 am
nothing. i don't know. >> phenomenal five. >> it's a secret. they'll reveal it tonight is what they're telling me. >> phenomenal five. >> we'll be watching. thank you so much. he may not be far from home but what a journey it has been. one brazilian's remarkable road to rio and music inspiring a new generation of athletes after these messages.
9:38 am
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plastic surgery duck! uh huh! you are a backwards duck. instead of quack, he says- no, kcauq. kcauq. kcauqqq. kcauuuu. ♪ pringles! one of the best parts of any olympics is hearing the stories of the athletes and all of the hard work and determination it took to get here. one such athlete is igor de olivera. he rose from an unlikely corner of rio and into the spotlight. more now from anne thompson. >> reporter: this is their game of catch. father and son. sebastian and igor. using badminton to score a once impossible dream. >> i'm very, very excited. my first olympics. i didn't expect to qualify in my hometown.
9:42 am
>> reporter: igor is a child of the favelas. rio's impofverished hillsides. opportunities are few. igor, how has badminton changed your life? >> i learned english. i travel around the world. i get new friends. >> reporter: and made him a' roe here. sebastian built this club to offer a way out. too often when children reach for help, it's the drug dealers hand that reaches back reeling them in. the club's improbable rise and sebastian's ambitions to international competition is chronicled in a new documentary, dad and the birdieman. >> he's created another world within the chaos where they can see that it's possible to have a different world or create a different world if you can imagine it. ♪
9:43 am
>> reporter: sebastian uses the rhythms and sounds of the street to build their strength. samba, he says, proved to be a better training tool than jumping rope for the fastest racket in the sport. lightning fast reflexes propelled by quicker feet. skills that extend beyond the lines of the court. >> my father to make a champion not just in badminton but also in life. >> reporter: do you feel like a champion in life? >> yeah. i'm a champion of my life because of my situation. this is good. this is good. >> reporter: representing his country, his neighborhood, and his family. can you beat igor anymore? only, he says, in his dreams. >> oh. i love that story. we're here with sebastian and
9:44 am
some of the students. good morning. >> good morning. >> how proud are you of your son and competing in this olympics? i'll translate. [ speaking portuguese ] >> he's saying for these youngsters he believes they definitely will have a chance some day competing because the samba and the moves that they learn help them compete. >> well, let's see some of the moves. [ speaking portuguese ] >> let's see some -- they're going to teach us. >> my gosh. >> get in here, guys. let's go. let's do the dance. ♪ >> could work for fencing, too. ♪
9:45 am
>> yeah. >> oh. >> oh, my gosh. so cute. >> this way now. this way, billy. this way. ♪ >> i'm going deep. >> whoo! >> thank you very much for bringing us these amazing dancers. if you would like to learn more about sebastian and igor, check out their documentary, dad and the birdieman, at the rio festival. coming up next -- three people competing here in rio who are not olympians. me, billy and natalie going for
9:46 am
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9:50 am
home for the next week and a half. we'll go head to head to see who knows the most about this fantastic country. >> we have mark elwood to put our rio knowledge to the test. >> come on up. get closer. >> are you ready to win? >> we whistle in. >> you'll whistle in. i want to see movement in dancing. >> samba. >> one, two, three. what sugary, slushy, nonalcoholic beverage can you find all over rio. >> you have to dance. >> the fruit. rio de janeiro means i have four choices here. joan rivers, king of the jungle, the grand river or the river
9:51 am
of -- al, dance. >> the river of january. >> yes. i'll give it to you. >> i didn't blow in on that one. >> in 1997, this brazilian sports legend was given -- kbe. how many athletes are expected to be in this year's olympic games. multiple choice. less than 10,000, 10,000 to 10,500, 10,500 to 11,000 or more than 11,000. >> you didn't dance. >> al? >> look at those moves. >> natalie? >> over 11. >> yes. >> first olympics 241 competitors. rio locals have a nickname.
9:52 am
multiple choice. >> dance! >> you know your stuff. >> i'm one of them. >> i would like one of you to translate something for me. rio's nickname -- >> marvelous city. >> dance. >> i keep forgetting the important part. >> you know so much. okay. >> i'm fighting for bronze right now. >> i'm not fighting at all. >> everyone is a winner in this game. which of these countries does brazil not border. a bonus if you can answer this. >> i got to dance. >> chile is correct.
9:53 am
>> i got silver. >> that was ecuador. >> we're out of time. >> i want to see your dance. that's it? that's all you got. >> this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> another winning day here in rio. big day ahead. michael phelps and katie ledecky swim for gold. women's gymnastics. >> the fierce five could clinch another gold. if they win, it would be the two gold never happened here. >> stay tupd for maybe almond breeze tastes so good because it's the only almondmilk made with california blue diamond almonds. but if you ask our almond growers...
9:56 am
there's no maybe about it. almond breeze. the best almonds make the best almondmilk. proud sponsor of usa volleyball. ck san mateo bridge after a cloudy start to the day, we'll get sunshine by early afternoon and it will be warmer especially to south bay, 89 in los gatos, pacifica 76 degrees. 86 in santa rosa, 76 in oakland
9:57 am
and pleasantton expect a high of 87 degrees. over the next few days, temperatures will cool down on wednesday and start to warm up for the end of the week. let's see what's happening on the roads now with mike. >> i took a look at our san mateo bridge. you can see the toll plaza in the camera, approaching the toll plaza, i was hoping i could get a glimpse of something, the map will show you there will be a little slowing where there is a crash reported, it should clear up quickly on 92. i'm also watching this, southbound 880, a motorcycle down in your fast lane approaching alapproach ing alvarado. recovery for the south bay, mild slowing in your northbound commute, southbound slowing by the airport for south 101, that has cleared around highway 87. happening right now, delta scrambling to get thousands of grounded travelers back in the air in wake of that computer glitch yesterday that led to
9:58 am
hundreds of canceled flights and thousands of frustrated passengers. we're posting updates to the story on our web site, and, of course as a reminder, nbc by a area is your olympic headquarters. you can see the five to watch feature so you don't miss that r out on any of the favorite competitions of the day, they're terrific. talk to you later.
9:59 am
10:00 am
still ahead of the world record, she's going to break it! >> ledecky is on her way to history at these rio games. ♪ a look from high above at the stunning shoreline of rio de janeiro. and on a warm and sunny olympic tuesday, copacabana beach is where the competition begins. from our home on the beach, welcome along. i'm rebecca lowe. last night saw plenty of excitement in the pool, headlined by gold medals for first time olympians ryan murphy and lilly king


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