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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  August 10, 2016 12:00am-12:36am PDT

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mates have catching up to do. >> the gauntlet has been thrown down. bob costas, michael phelps and company winning the 800 free relay. >> yet again. quick look at tonight's medal count. the united states continues to hold a commanding lead with 26 overall medals and they have pulled ahead in golds, as well, one more than china. the medal count brought to you by mcdonald's supporting athletes on their journey towards olympic gold. michael phelps' own personal medal count is 25, 21 gold, two silver, two bronze, historic tally highlighted by his remarkable run of eight golds in beijing in 2008. if you consider the full arc of phelps' olympic career his performance tonight in the 200 butterfly has to be way up there among the long list of victories because while there were a lot of personal reasons that drew
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phelps out of retirement, competitively coming back in 200 fly and reclaiming the title he owned in '04 and '08 was a big deal to him. tonight he became the oldest swimmer male or female to win individual gold medal in olympic history. we take one more look at michael phelps latest remarkable showing. so long from rio. >> take your mark. >> kenderesi in lane four. cseh in lane three. >> everybody on the planet has
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been talking about phelps and leclos. the other two swimmers have a great chance to win. kenderesi probably because he is so young might not be able to do it. phelps had a great turn in the middle of the pool. >> cseh had the lead at the turn. michael phelps in lane five looks like he is going to have the lead here at the half way point. >> phelps in lane five looking really good early on. that is a little long on that turn. not too bad. but out very quickly. he was 53 flat when he went 164. >> had half second lead on leclos. now they are inching up a little
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bit. cseh two lanes above him. leclos looks like he is running a clear second. michael phelps has the lead with 50 meters left. he tracks that turn. leclos had a big turn. >> gaining on michael phelps a little bit. he is running second right now. michael phelps hanging on. 15 meters left for phelps. michael phelps is going to do it again. and leclos didn't even know. kenderesi got bronze.
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phelps left here, look who is back on top in the 200 fly. ♪
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=janelle/vo= history in rio. michael phelps strikes gold ... while our bay area olympians also shine in the spotlight. history in rio. michael phelps while the bay area olympians shined in the spotlight. >> our complete coverage starts right now. thanks for joining us. >> i'm raj mathai. a magical night for team usa. phelps was a headliner, but we saw other familiar faces. >> first let's go to colin and a big night for team usa. >> sure was. michael phelps already cemented his status as the greatest swimmer of all time when he left the games in london as 18 time
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olympic gold medalists. except as it turned out, himself. he couldn't shake the memory of the loss in london. he expected his revenge in the butterfly. the 20th gold medal. four by 200 relay. ear must haves and all with chaos around him. cool as a cucumber. katie ledecky's star continues to rise. she was able to hold off a game and this was in the 200 freestyle to claim her second gold medal. maya dorado takes it into the gold medley. the second medal in rio for her. they called themselves the final
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five. back to back team all-around gold medals. the u.s. women's gymnastics team. they do it in absolutely dominating fashion. why the final? this was the last hoo raw for martha karolyi. let's go back to phelps. three golds gives him 21 this his career and two silvers and two bronze. let's put it in perspective. brazil is 24. they have the 170 of the 206 countries competing in rio. the guy is just -- >> he's kind of good, jnt he? thank you, colin. not everything is golden. a shocking upset in tennis. serena williams eliminated.
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>> there were moment when is a bus came under attack. this was the scene following the scary incident witnesses reported hearing two shots hit the bus. flying glass left two with minor cuts. police are investigating if it was bullets or rock. they hit the center missing journalists by a few feet. more coverage in a few a stanford grad with a lot on the line. jessica aguire introduces us to the team captain. >> the verdict is so is the criticism. pg&e was found guilty of obstructing justice following the san bruno explosion. the question was are they getting a sweet deal? they are facing a $3 million fine reduced from $500 million.
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we go to san brown durutalo and a lot of mixed emotion when it comes to the verdict. what are the victims saying? >> that explosion levelled the neighborhood. the homes were rebuilt and people who survived the night say nothing can truly make them whole, but they are hoping this guilty verdict will improve safety. >> the explosion and fireball that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes is seared in bob's mind. >> feeling completely lost. i lost everything. >> nearly six years after that pge pipeline explosion, a federal jury finds them guilty of six criminal charges. one count of obstruction of justice in the san bruno investigation and five counts of violating the pipeline safety act. he is hoping the verdict will improve safety. >> i'm sure all the utilities are going wow, we better get ahead of this. that's a good thing there.
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get them all to clean up their act. >> in a statement, they want customers and families to know that we are committeded to reearning trust by acting with integrity and going around the clock to provide them with energy that is safe, reliable, affordable and clean. a judge will decide the penalty they will pay. >> we hope they send a message that it's not okay to risk people's lives by having inadequate records manipulating the data. >> san bruno leaders are hoping for the mac mum $3 million fine. people who are living here tell me the verdict is a milestone and people are eager to move on. it's not so easy for everyone. parents told me their children are in therapy and they need help for treatment for anxiety, anxiety caused by survivoring the explosion. nbc bay area news.
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>> some may never get closure there. a strong earthquake in northern california tonight. the 5.1 quake struck before 8:00 near ukiah in lake county. no injury or damage reported. jeff ranieri tells us who felt it the most and have there been aftershocks? >> we get a closer fix on this. the places that felt it the most is lake port and clear lake. 11.5 miles below the surface. aftershocks, two of them above a 2.5 and one is a 2.7 and another is a 3.0 at 8:24. details in the forecast in about 15 minutes. >> see you shortly. new video of fires burning near lake county. two residences burned and home his to be evacuated. they popped up in the lower lake and seeingler canyon area.
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>> a serial shooter struck again in san jose. a total of ten occupied vehicles have been hit on or near blossom hill road. we have a report. >> the two most recent shootings happened off of blossom hill road last week. this is before someone gets killed. the vehicle shootings that began in may continue. more shootings in late yell and most recently this past thursday and friday. neighbors are on edge. the shootings happened after mid-night in the area of blossom hill road. an area some avoid after dark. >> it will be the situation and we have to worry about it. >> each time they fire it just
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once. they fire it just once. they will get caught. >> two people have been wounded by shrapnel or flying glass. some we spoke with did not know about the shootings and some are not concerned. police say they are making an all out effort to find the shooter or shooters. it might be a tip that solves this mystery. in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. also in san jose, there is a new look. the city will honor fallen officers by creating an end of watch memorial. it will be placed north of downtown. the city council approved it tonight. the city and police are working to raise the final $40,000 for this project. the department has seen 13 officers killed in the line of duty. two were killed in the past 18 months.
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>> we are thirsty. we need water now. >> thirsty for water because of deals made 30 years ago. i'm steven stock. tonight we investigate why when it comes to water allocations for some communities in the bay area, all is not equal. >> i'm jeff ranieri. another round of fog across the bay. we will have the morning forecast when hotter temperatures arrive. feeling the pressure.
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=raj/2shot= team usa water polo -- is in jeopardy of getting eliminated. the man trying to save the day is team captain -- and stanford legend -- tony azevedo. =gfx= jessica aguirre joins us from rio w/ more. jess? =pkg= 00-22 37-42 1:29-1:35 2:13-2:32 outcue: raj and janelle trt:2:32 =jan/fstz= by the way jessica will join us again in just a few hours.
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>> he loves the usa. it is tony they love. >> since he was a little kid, we called him tony 2000. why tony 2000? because he will be in the 2000 olympics. >> his family couldn't be prouder than his track record. his first olympics in sydney followed by athens in 2004. he brought home a silver medal in 2008 and made it to the
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olympics in london in 2012 and now in rio for the gold in the very city where he was born. >> that meat him what he is. >> the brazilian part is the hand. this is brazilian. that's like my little brazilian swear there. >> that proved useful in california. ball boys in 96 games and headed to the bay area and stanford where he starred in the pool. the family in rio is more impressed. >> that's the family guy. they watch everybody in the right direction. >> that team is growing. his wife, sarah, is pregnant with her second child.
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they will be in the stands and no doubt who they are rooting for. >> i cheer for tony. i don't cheer for the united states or brazil. i cheer for him. >> that i are a very tight family. france will play the game on wednesday. one more note, tony's father is the coach for the women's chinese water polo team. they are hoping for two wins. >> we are root for example them. thank you. by the way, jessica will join us a few hours from now at 5:00 on today in the bay. back here at home, does our drought discriminate. are the richest cities getting more water than everyone else? >> it is reaching a crisis point in palo alt. steven? >> janelle and raj, this new report by the pacific institute in the environmental justice coalition for water backs up
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what they uncover. when it comes to water here and who gets it, all is not equal in the bay area. residents in east palo altdurutalo face an uphill battle to face the same prosperity with residents living along the peninsula and while they have low unemployment, east palo altdurutalo with majority minority residents has an income 2.5 times lower than palo altdurutalo and 12% unemployment and 17% of residents live below the poverty line. >> more lower income people and people of color are here. >> he is looking to invest in new businesses and economic opportunities, especially in low income communities of color. communities just like east palo altdurutalo where they are
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funding several ventures. >> this is the largest wealth creation event in human history. >> the community has been on the margin. >> because of deals made 30 years ago, they have not enough water to allow for growth and development. >> we are thirsty. we need water now. >> the city currently uses 100% of the water allocation from san francisco's public utilities commission. for the historically marginalized city. they have frozen projects already ready to build and on the table. >> they couldn't have water. >> carlos is the city manager in east palo alt. >> you are turning away projects. >> bee are. >> is that from a manager's point of view? >> we need the growth and we need to get more jobs for the
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residents. >> there is a problem. it is 30 years in the making. >> the state senator acknowledges this issue is a critical one for east palo alt. >> they are up against the wall. they need water and quickly. >> the water problems can be traced back to an agreement signed in the 1980s and 26 different peninsula cities. the deal provides 184 million gallons of water a day to the entire group of cities. >> they were left with the wholesale customers to work among themselves and divvy that up. >> steven is assistant general manager at the san francisco public utilities commission, overseaing operations and planning for the distribution of water. >> the customer reports and san francisco didn't participate in that. >> the agreement left east palo altdurutalo with 7.5 less times
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less water than palo alt. times less and half as much as santa clara or stanford university. now both palo altdurutalo is exploring situations. >> we will talk about the quantities we might be willing to give and what we might want in return. >> why can't they give some of that permanent allocation? >> i wouldn't say we can. we will work through a process this summer and fall. >> real solutions are not happening fast enough for the critic who sees subtle racism. >> is it an issue that we are all guilty. >> we don't look at it as places of wealth creation. >> there has been suggestion by some. was there racism involved?
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>> it may be subtle racism when the numbers were determine and how it was allocated in the future. i think that the county looked at the community as a poor community and a poor community of color. they didn't see the potential there. >> now the city officials just voted to allow some development in the last two weeks anticip e anticipating they will get some relief. the development has been frozen by city ordinance. the ceo said the water shortage is unacceptable and solvable. despite all the positive discussions, experts told me that the solution may not become reality until 2018. >> very interesting. thank you. if you have a tip for this story or any other, give us a call. send us an e-mail directly to the unit at
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>> let's get a check of the forecast with jeff ra norry. things are warming up. >> the next couple of days we will crank up the temperatures and it will be notable for the interior valleys. let's go to the microclimate weather. we will get you set autopsy for the wednesday morning. a live look outside at the camera and you will see clear skies. currently a very nice 62 degrees after a high of 85. we will drop it into the 50s for tomorrow morning across most of the south bay. throughout the rest of the bay area, 53 degrees across the north bay and partly cloudy skies. low 50s and throughout the east bay, milder and 60 degrees to start. one thing to note in the south bay, we will get more of an onshore flow from the ocean. that sea breeze and morgan hill is cooler at 82, but san jose is warmer at 86.
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for the peninsula, we will go up four degrees warmer to 78. san francisco coolest microclimate at 62. we have 90 expected here in livermore, one of the hottest. pleasant is cooler at 76. fremont expecting 85. there will be changes thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday. the cooler trough of low pressure kept us out of the 100s moves off to the east. no one hundreds expected here. for san francisco, it won't be too much. upper 60s by saturday and sunday. for inland, we will see by saturday and mid 90s on sunday and monday. if i see hints of 100, i will be the first to let you know. >> thanks for that, jeff. >> up next, a dolphin trapped in
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the san francisco bay. why rescuers had trouble reaching it in time. we will explain. >> happening now, the chancellor at uc davis is out. they found that he violated policies. he has been in the hot seat since the incident in 2011. the full story on our home page. also the slumping giants lose to the marlins and lost their lead in the division. the dodgers and giants are tied for first place. back in a moment.
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♪ ♪ come seek the royal caribbean known for its award winning food, may soon be out of business. =vo= the owners of 'salut a popular east bay restaurant may soon be out of business.
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the owners in richmond have been slapped with a 30-day eviction notice. for 20 years, the eatery served fine food to both customers and those in need. now the building's owner claims the plumbing has not been properly maintained and a notice was served. >> the men's restaurant and toilets have been there for years. human waste with the restaurant. >> the owners said they recently passed a health inspection. the community is vowing to fight this eviction. >> a stranded dolphin spotted in the shallow waters is most likely dead according to the marine mammal center. the dolphin has not moved or changed position throughout the day. the dolphin is currently in a spot not accessible by land or water. the crews are working to recover the animal. >> up next, we have more olympics coverage.
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the final five. the impact rio is having on the bay area. in my future, i'm twice as likely to have a stroke. i'm at higher risk for depression. i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive.
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moment."@:03 =raj/vo= what we saw it tonight in rio... the final 5 -- inspiring a new generation of athletes here at home. =janelle/2shot= in the morning... local gymnastics studios are expected to get a lot of calls... little girls wanting to sign up. here's nbc bay area's ian cull. =pkg= standard out."@1"02 =raj/2shot= up next -- we'll tell you who met w/ michael phelps after his
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>> it's not just the athleticism, but the poise and the focus and the commitment. >> the girls all have a favorite. >> simone biles and gabby douglas. >> once again, validation, knowing their dream can be achieved. nbc bay area news. >> rising superstars. up


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