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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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foster kid black immigrant cancer patient small muslim the only label that matters is olympian. right now at 5:00, a problem in rio. rain soaking the olympics. the challenge it's posing for the athletes. also a robbery at apple lead to a chase through a quiet san jose neighborhood. and nearly one year later, we're getting answers into what sparked the fire storm that killed four in the north bay. the news at 5:00 starts now. good ooempk and thanks for joining us on this wednesday.
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>> we'll get to our limb picks coverage in a moment, but what sparked one of f the worst fires in state list. build are still rebill building their lives. you're looking at the scorched earth just days after the fire broke out. we never found out what start it had fire until you. we were all there last year covering story. what do we know tonight? >> what cal fire is saying sa that they pinpointed the location. that the wiring connection to circuit was in contact with dry leaves and dry grass. it sparkeded the fire and now, the district attorney's office has the case. >> the valley fire was caused by faulty residential electrical connection. >> cal fire says the third most
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destruct wildfire says it began with a poor electrical connection to a spa. >> the report independeicates te homeowner did admit to installing the circuit. >> for the hot tub. >> for a hot tub. >> it was essentially pouring a hot tub from the power, from the main. >> last september's devastating fire burned more than 1200 homes in lake county, killed four and caused $57 million to put out. now t the county da must decide what happens next. >> it will be turned over to my legal staff to determine whether or not a crime has been committed. and whether the fact is justified. and the charging of the individual. >> investigators say it took so long to identify the this because there were so many tips and they wanted to be absolutely certain. >> it's been a long year. it's been a very emotional time. this has been a tragedy that has effected everyone that lives in
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lake county. both directly and indirectly. >> they say that the home they suspect had the faulty wire iino the hot tub did not burn, the flames apparently moved in the opposite direction. reporting live in middletown. >> as she e mentioned, is valley fire is the third most damaging fire in california history. we'll take look at some numbers here. the fire also one to have deadliest. four people killeded. also, four firefighters injured while battling this fire. more than 76,000 acres burn and nearly 2,000 structures destroyed. the fire also burned through several communities including middletown and hidden valley. it also threatened northern sonoma county around the geysers and napa a county. a gruesome discovery inside of a popular tourist spot in san francisco. a body oxford university found and investigators stay death is
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no accident. damien is at the west field san francisco with the new details. >> well, we're at the back entrance here, the bloomingdale's entrance. this is the australia stairwell, but this is crime scene tape. police not saying muff about what happened here in san francisco. we believe the homicide investigators are inside there gathering evidence. we know the medicine examiner determined the death was no stent. police won't say how the person died. but there are several surveillance cameras in the area and no doubt that garretts are looking at that footage. >> at this point, it apores that the viblg tim is a white male in his 30s. i don't have any further information. until the medical examiner confirms his identity.
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>> westfield mall will only say they are cooperate iing with th investigation. a spokesman says the mall is open and operating normally tonight. again, not much information coming from the of justice. we'll stand by and see if any more developments occur. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. this just in. four people are in the hospital after a crash after a wall parking lot. it happened this afternoon at the walmart on hisperian boulevard. our nobs chopper was overhead showing the aftermath. police say a driver had a medical episode while backing up the car. that caused a chain reaction crash. all four people have minor injuries. a stain on its name. that's what san matteo's county cop said of pg&e today. the attorney stood with city leaders to talk about jed e
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yesterday's jury verdict. they were found guilty on six counts of obstructing the investigation into the san bruno pipeline explosion. the da tore into the utility. >> you are responsible. you did obstruct justice. you did violate the law and you are held accountable. you are a company that is properly described. as felons. >> pg&e has filed paperwork to ask the judge to overturn yesterday's verdict. okay, it's day five of the olympics. the headlines late this afternoon, rain and some nail biting and of course, more of our bay area olympians. how about this, colton brown made his olympic debut in judo. he won his first bout in 21 seconds, but he is then eliminated in the round of 16. brown says he's now looking forward and looking ahead to the 2020 olympics in tokyo. here's the nail biting finish. team usa basketball had a close
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call against australia. this game just ended within the past 20 minutes. the warrior's trio beat andrew bogut and the aussies, 98-88. coming up tonight, kerri walsh jennings and her new partner, april ross, will try to extend their winning streak. this time against switzerland, walsh jennings has never lost a match in her olympic career. >> perhaps the most popular item in rio today, plastic ponchos. rainy weather put a wet blanket on the games. jessica joins us now from rio. winter in brazil for the summer olympics. how did you and everyone else handle the rain? >> well, most of the people you see coming out are coming out of the men's biennial game and they're handling the rain by covering up because it is very soggy and very cold here. means very, very soggy.
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day five is going to bring more medals, but today, it also brought a lot of wind and rain. it was a poncho raincoat umbrella kind of day at olympic park. it was not throwing at the stadium, the competition was due to head winds until thursday and it was later for tennis as matches for spain and france were delayed. impacting elizabeth hardy from the uk, who came to see. >> tennis, all tennis. >> but after five ace days in the park, she's decided to be a good sport. >> it has been very hot and nice. and just this one day of rain for us. i don't know if more days of rain will come. >> lucky it's brazil in the winter. >> they can be sunny and the other one, cold. >> this rio native came prepared. her nephew brought his poncho
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and she brought her sunny disposition. >> what can we do? but i prefer sunny because i want to see the game. >> unfortunately, she didn't get to see the game. all the tennis matches were postponed until tomorrow and they hope to play them again and you mentioned kerri walsh jennings and her new partner, april ross playing. yes, they will play. we reached out to usa volleyball and they say volleyball is played in any type of weather, no matter what. only if the players complain of flooding and the only other possibility is sometimes, they call it because of lightning. while there's wind and it's cold, so far, we haven't seen anying lightning, so expect to see quite a match up. >> sand will absorb from the water. >> too big of a party to cancel beach volleyball. >> in other news, a bold baurg lary in the heart of silicon valley.
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police say thieves broke into an apple building. michelle roberts is outside the building in cup ertino and i understand one of the thieves tried to hide in n a starbucks? >> we spoke to an employee at starbucks. she said the suspect came in, acting strangely, try iing to g into the restroom and asking for water. the arrest happened inside that starbucks, but the crime happened here in cupertino. you can see the boarded up front door of this apple building. a security guard called 911 at about 4:30 this morning. >> this has got to be up there. i'm think iyou don't expect. >> stacy was working behind the cash reng register at starbucks in san jose this morning when she says a man busted through the doors and quickly walkeded to the restroom in the back of the store, only to find it was locked. >> he kind of scream and ran in frustration. just please open the door. please open it for me. >> that's when deputies came
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run? >> they were asking him where is he gun, where were his friends. >> richard was arrested for breaking into this apple building in cupertino and steal bing laptops an computer equipment. they say it wasn't hard to find the get away car driving south on highway 85. >> he saw computer cords hanging out of the trunk. stopped the vehicle, when the vehicle stopped, the people ran. >> sheriff lori smith said the two other suspects in the car ran into this neighborhood and still haven't been caught. a fact that's left neighbors nervous. >> probably could catch him. turn himself in. >> now, police say the man who was arrested was not armed and again, they are still looking for two suspects. meanwhile, all of the equipment has been returned. it was sit ng the get away car. live in cup ertino, i'm michell robert, nbc bay area news. dozens of gang members are arrested in a massive raid.
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live in concord tonight, ahead, why thourts believe some of the suspects may be linked to the cent freeway shooting here in the east bay. and good afternoon. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. hazy skies across the south bay now. we're tracking a hotter forecast. details in just a few minutes.
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some gang members are behind bars tonight and they may be linked to the recent rash of
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freeway shooting. this is part of wup of the biggest raids in contra costa county. we have exclusive video of the raid. elise joins us from concord with more. this could be a big deal there. >> absolutely. huge deal and this all began about a year ago when concord started to see an increase in violent crime here in the city and local freeways, so police teped up patrols and started working with local and federal law enforcement agencies and it all paid off last week. in the darkness, cell phone video shows police officers about to arrest sean dunn. >> you are under arrest. >> one of the alleged leader of the street gang. >> these are street thugs spraying on us every single day. >> it was part o a coordinated raid last wednesday involving hundreds of officers from 12 agencies. >> the minute we're in one location or two locations, the phone calls start going out. >> to prevent gang members from
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being tipped off, authorities hit around 20 locations at the same time. >> neighbor, people inside the house. >> in one day, 24 suspected gang members were arrested. >> involved in everything from drug sales to tipping and pandering, as well as human trafficking. also violence. >> authorities believe some are linked to the recent east bay shooting. >> they decide this follow them, wait for the freeway and shoot them there. >> in addition to the arrest, the operation netted 18 fire warm, large quantities of meth and heroin, two cars and a boat. >> just couldn't allow it to go on anymore. >> and authorities seized about $15,000 in cash and destroyed two illegal marijuana grows. live in concord, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. he's denying it.
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san francisco paramedic says he did not set off a homemade bomb. place say he detonated the bomb last week, possibly because of a parking dispute with his neighbor. officers found the explosionive in a planter at a home. he pleaded not guilty to felony charges including exploding a device with intent to harm. he is currently in a 60-day drug and alcohol program on condition of his release. back to rio. a laif look at the beautiful olympic caldron there. it's about 9:15 in brazil, which is dinner time there. so you want to be an olympian or look like one? there's a not so secret weapon used to boost performance. >> it's tape. special tape made here in the bay area. scott budman is here with the story behind it. >> behind the tape. you see the tape on arm, legs, wrists of olympic athletes and every couple of year, we wonder
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what is it that these athletes have that we can get. kerri walsh jennings starting wearing this tape in 2008 during the beijing games. also on steel johnson, so what is it that helps give them the edge? if you look closely at olympians from all over the world, you'll see tape. it's made in the bay area and this team get as lot of questions this time of year. >> they say what's that crazy tame on the athletes. >> it's rock tape made by the company of the same name campbell, where employees wear it along the famous athletes. >> the tape lifts the skin away from the soft tissue, that promoted blood flow. the more you get into an injuried area, the faster recovers. >> thathletes personalize the te and so can you. >> it helps a boomer who is a
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weekend warrior recover and perform better! while it's catching on in the human market, it's also its way to your home and your canine. >> absolutely. this kind of tape was originally used 30 years ago on horses. to ease pain and relax muscles. nourk of course, on humans and eventually coming soon to dogs. >> scott's walking around the news room with tape. >> what an athlete. walking through our news room. >> when i go for a hike, i'll wear it to look cool. >> i think i saw one of the volleyball player, it had usa. total branding. >> i like that. >> back here across the bay area, we had warm weather inland and the fog at the coastline, but thing rs going to heat up. especially in. a live look at our sky camera network right now, from weather underground and daily city, and you can see the fog is thick at the immediate coastline. we're currently checking in with 57 degrees after a of 64 and humidity at 94%.
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that added moisture of course coming from the tiny water dropletin droplets in the fog. concord, 87 des. much lower humidity, 27%. temperatures will be dropping down into the 60s by :00 tonight. as we head into tomorrow morning's forecast, we can expect 54 in san francisco, fog returning to the peninsula, 53 and across the east bay, 60 degrees. we'll see temperatures warm up a degree or two for tomorrow. 88 in san jose, morgan hill, 84. for t no offshore wind in place. dry offshore wind helps the coast to warm up. that's why san francisco will continue with the 60s. for the trivalley, hottest location, livermore at 92. danville, 89. east bay really great day with 74 on your thursday forecast and north bay, napa, pechting 87. friday, saturday, sunday.
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all about this area of high pressure sitting just offshore. that's going to help drive the heat. san francisco again, no dry offshore wind, but temperatures will warm up into the upper 60s. inladd valley, you'll find as we hit saturday's forecast, up to 95 and stay with these low to mid-90s through early next week, so as kids get going back to school next week, it's going to be warm, but still no 100s. i'm tracking the triple digit heat and i'll let you know the first sign of heat. >> parent rs leaved. >> thanks. coming up here at 5:00, the last big seats in the old bay bridge is coming down. what makes this demolition so tricky. don't miss a gold. a stroke or a spike. from the 2016 rio olympic games. five to watch is your inside track to local athletes and exclusive coverage. the action may be live from rio, but you can stay up to date
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where ever you are.
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new york city police pulled him down 90 minutes ago. no word on why he did it. the video on our website and the war yos are having a lot of fun in rio. they've been sightseeing and cheering on michael fems. you can see the gallery we just posted. we'll be right back with more news. california's clean air laws are working. we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits. ♪
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a challenging day at the office for caltrans crews. today, they began removing the last of the largest segments of the old bay bridge. it weighs more than 25 tons. they've got to actually cut the huge metal structure into pieces before it could be hauled away. the entire job could take up to a week. now, after that, caltrans will begin talking apart 14 smaller tresses that extend to the oakland shore. it never got into the air. a small plane attempted to take off today in east san jose, but instead, ended up on a busy street. fire crews say the pilot overshot the runway and crashed through a fence. around 10:this morning, fortunately, the plane did not strike any cars and pilot and his passenger were not hurt. despite the rain and wind. the nighttime ooents will go on as scheduled. back out to rio, next. welcome to the wonder of the olympic games.
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one day, the world came together.
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a dog, talked. we're decedent from the mighty wolf. a voice was heard. if you build it, he will come. a girl discovered magic. a revolution began. welcome, to the wonders that happen, everyday. welcome, to it all. comcast.
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tonight, a wet and wild day at the olympics. >> it's winter down there. but first, their selfies, instagrams are cooling than ours.
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it's like a mutual admiration. jessica is basking in the sunshine ooechbd the even the rain. >> yeah, today it's more like the rain. every time i run into someone from the bay area and i ask who do you want to see? they see members of usa basketball. and if you ever wondered why do the guys want to see? i know it now. check out this video. draymond, klay and kevin want to see michael phelps of course. there they are, a fe toe of them that that was retweeted by usa swim. that members of the men's basketball including kla yrk, draymond and kevin at the aquatics center after phelps swam the relay, the 4 by 200 relay. also ryan lochte there, so imagine that. superstars all taking a photoing
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together. so i'm wondering if there's some way that i can superimpose myself in this photo because then i'd be the usa men's team basketball players and the usa men's team swim team. that would give me amazing street crede, don't you think? by midnight tonight, we'll take care of that. >> we'll put your head. >> send it back to me, please. >> okay. have a good time tonight. we'll see you later on. jeff ranieri is back with us. we're talking about the rain and wind and jeff called the other day, might be a little dicesy in rio. >> temperatures did cool off. tomorrow, you can see it continues to stay comfortable. no rain in the forecast. it should start to dry out. low to mid-70s through saturday. that's where we should be. by sunday, it warms up into the 80s and next tuesday and wednesday, thunderstorms are possible. so, weather making it interesting in rio. >> for sure, for sure.
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thanks so much and thanks for joining us. up next, lester holt with nightly new frs brazil. tonight a shocking fatal mistake, an elderly woman shot to death by a police officer while playing an intruder during an academy drill. why did the gun contain a live round? tonight a graver stricken family and an investigation into a horrific accident. trump defiant, strongly denying he was trying to incite violence while saying second amendment people could act against hillary clinton. and hillary clinton's e-mail controversy. and late tonight, high drama at trump tower. police emerge as a man suddenly scales the building. >> police, the american gold rush continues in rio. michael phelps makes history in dramatic fashion and america's golden girl from london 2012, missy


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