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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 10, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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side facing mission street. damian trujillo is on the scene for us. >> reporter: raj, this is actually the back entrance to bloomingdale's on jesse street east here in san francisco. but we've been able to confirm that the homicide actually happened behind these doors here behind bloomingdale's. this is actually the stairwell to this shopping center here in san francisco. when a security guard opened one of those doors, you could see crime scene tape along the stairwell. it is believed the homicide investigators are still inside. we did see one leave just a short while ago. police are not saying much about this homicide. they will -- we do know that the medical examiner determined the death was no accident. police will not say how the person died, and have yet to identify the victim. they also haven't said if they have a suspect, but there are several surveillance camera in the area and no doubt investigators are looking at that footage. those investigators do have a description of who they're looking for.
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>> and at this point, it appears that the victim is a white male in his 30s. don't have any further information until the medical examiner confirms his identity. >> reporter: westfield mall will only say they are cooperating with the investigation. a spokesman says the mall is open and operating normally at this hour. again, not much information until the medical examiner is able to identify the victim in this homicide. we're live in san francisco, damian trujillo, nbc bay area tuesday. >> thank you. in san leandro, four people are in the hospital with minor injuries after a crash at the walmart parking lot. it happened this morning at the walmart in san leandro. our nbc chopper was overhead showing the aftermath. police say a driver had some kind of medical episode when backing up the car. that caused a chain-reaction
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crash. new details on the cause of one of the destructive fires in california history. just hours ago investigators revealed faulty wiring on a hot tub triggered last year's valley fire. that fire destroyed nearly 2,000 structures in lake, napa and solano counties. four people were killed. flames scorched 76,000 acres. nbc bay area's christie smith is live in middletown, one of the areas hardest hit. it took almost a year to find the exact cause of this devastating wildfire. >> reporter: that's right. they had to go through a lot of information, but cal fire is now pointing to faulty wiring on a residential hot tub. there's a long report with this. they have a statement from the homeowner who says at the time, he didn't even think it was hooked up, but it is a shared property so other people have access. well now the district attorney is involved. >> the valley fire was caused by faulty residential electrical connection. >> reporter: cal fire's investigation into the valley fire led them to this.
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poor wiring on a spa they say it arked and ignited dry grass. >> investigative report indicate the that the homeowner did admit to installing the circuit, himself. >> reporter: pictures are included in a detailed report released today. this was the third most destructive fire in california's history. gutting more than 1,200 homes and claiming 4 lives. now the district attorney will decide what happens next. >> it will be turned over to my legal staff to determine whether or not a crime has been committed and whether the facts justify any charging of that individual. >> reporter: investigators say it took nearly a year to identify the cause because there were so many leads and they wanted to make sure they got it right. >> there's a lot of leads to follow up on. there was rumors floating around about the cause of the fire. there was rumors that it was a pot farm, an oil lab, a meth lab. >> reporter: residents still trying to rebuild were urged not to be distracted by developments.
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>> just stay focused on the positive, stay focused on moving forward and allow the process to run its course. >> reporter: firefighters tell us that the wire connection was actually in contact with dry leaves and dry grass. they also tell us that the home where the hot tub is did not burn in the fire. reporting live in middletown, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> christie, thank you. the search is on tonight for a mother accused of kidnapping her own baby. this is the mother on the left hand side. satima michelle purnell of san jose. prosecutors informed her last month she no longer has custody of her 10-month-old son and apparently disappeared with him. mother is 5'1" with facial piercings and tattoos. if you see her, call police. tonight dozens of known gang members are behind bars. being called one of the largest raids in contra costa county history. to prevent gang members from being tipped off, hundreds of officer from several agencies hit about 20 locations across contra costa county. all at the same time.
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today, the fbi and bay area police talked about the raid for the first time even though it happened about a week ago. they arrested 24 suspected gang members. >> involved in everything from drug sales to pimping and pandering as well as human trafficking. also obviously violence. >> authorities believe some of the suspects are also linked to this recent rash of freeway shootings in contra costa county but they didn't give anymore details. new fallout for two oakland police officers accused of sending insensitive and racist text messages. the officers are facing suspensions. it's a follow-up to a story we first broke in june. the messages were alleged sent y tony jones and four other officers. the texts included images of the ku klux klan and racial slurs. today the city of oakland said it concluded its investigation. the specific officers facing the suspensions have not been named. it's home to some of the bay
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area's richest and most well-known people but this high-priced high-rise in san francisco is sinking. the building's owner is now being sued. tests show the millennium tower on mission street has sunk 16 inches. it's also tilting to the side by two inches. four law firms and one person who lives in the tower have filed a lawsuit. they're asking for $500 million. neither the architect or the building's owner are commenting on this lawsuit. however, the millennium tower association which commissioned the testing is reacting. their statement says in par, "the association remains fully focused on completing its investigation, determining the appropriate scope of repairs and recovering the necessary repair costs from the responsible parties." turning now to rio. a live look at the olympic flame. still going strong despite some off and on rain today. >> a little after 10:00 in rio. we continue our team coverage. let's begin with jessica aguirre
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in brazil. jessica, fewer flip-flops tonight and more ponchos, right? >> reporter: yes, more ponchos indeed. raj and janelle, predicting the women's in gymnastics would get gold and michael phelps would add to this hardware collection is easier than predicting the weather in brazil. realistical realistically, with we've had a little bit of everything. warm on opening day and very cold today. the brazilians here will tell you, really, this is normal, so just don't worry about it. national pride came in hand today as flags from around the world doubled as raincoats in olympic park. tennis aficionados elizabeth brown and elizabeth hardy came to see another match ready for rain with their ponchos and raincoats but had to settle for a warm drink instead. >> the first day of rain, we've had brilliant weather up until now, so it's not going to spoil things altogether. >> and it's much like the uk. so it's okay for us.
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yeah. so, yeah, we're just going to enjoy the day regardless. >> reporter: not as okay for rowers in lagoa stadium with the competition was postponed due to head winds and not okay on the course where tennis matches were delayed and are facing cancelation. >> it was very sunny, very hot and now it's cold. >> reporter: major meteorological changes that don't seem to bother she and her family. >> we are in the winter, so the weather change a lot. one day can be sunny and the other one cold. >> reporter: after all, they are brazilian and they know -- >> it's normal. what can we do? >> reporter: it's true. what can you do except put your poncho on, grab a little light jacket because you're going to need it tonight. here at olympic park, if you're going to the aquautic center you'll with indoors so you'll with fine. see michael phelps swimming again. if you're going to copacabana
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you're going to need the coat. when kerri walsh and april ross, even if it's raining, the ladies can handle it, so game on. >> day are gold medalists. kerri walsh jennings is for sure. thanks so much, jessica. >> very nice. some of the action this afternoon, steph curry as we've seen throughout the season likes to bite his fingernails. he may have been biting a little today watching team usa face australia. >> colin resch joins us. this is a nail biter for the americans. >> sure was. here's the first thing you need to know about this game. kevin durant, draymond green, klay thompson combined for 12 points in the first half. andrew bogut outscored them, himself, with 13. it's why australia had a five point aftertime league. 6 of 6 in the first half. big alley-oop here to start a 10-0 run. former st. mary's star patty mills hit five threes in the first half. steph curry range for a
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six-point lead. he had 30. usa scrapped their way to the win. tr carmelo anthony would lead the way with 31 points. his ninth and final three of the game comes right here. the americans now 3-0 with a nervous 98-88 victory. san jose state product colten brown was triumphant in his round of 32 match in 21 seconds. that's how he began the day. unfortunately, he was able to follow it up about an hour later, advance past the round of 16 beaten by frenchman. much needed two points for the u.s. men's water polo team after opening the game with losses to spain and croatia, they were able to defeat france today 6-3. next up, montenegro on friday. back to usa basketball, briefly. the three warriors i mentioned combined for 12 points in the first half. they finished with 27 combined. on 8 of 30 shooting. klay thompson, he's really struggling right now but as we know, guys, it just takes one
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game for him to turn it around. raj, janelle? >> were you biting your fingernails watching the game? >> maybe a little bit at the end. close until the very end. the outcome is good. >> thanks, colin. return to our olympic coverage later in this newscast. among our stories, have you seen all the olympians wearing tape on their body? we'll tell you about the bay area company behind the tape and how it helps the athletes. and still to come, trouble with takeoff. we're going to tell you what's behind this odd video. the plane ending up on a busy south bay street. video of an alleged bat burglar who police say stole jose canseco's prized baseball bats. i'm jody dez i'm jodi hernandez. reaction from the baseball star coming up. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. another day of blue sky in the east way, lafayette. i'm tracking the forecast as the heat gets cranked up. i'll have detail in a few minutes.
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♪ ♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪
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♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ new at 6:00, caught in the act. a pair of burglars bn s behind after police say they stole jose canseco's baseball bats out of his car. happened overnight in the east bay outside a hotel in p pittsburg. jodyi hernandez is live where h is speaking out about the bat
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caper. >> reporter: he's getting ready to play ball. jose canseco is ready in 15 minutes from now, they're warming uup on the field. fortunately, his bats are here after a close call with bat burglars. >> actually designed by me. >> reporter: baseball great jose canseco shows us the bat two bat burglars nearly made off with. >> every payer has a specific model, length, weight, handle and barrel diameter that they love to use. i love to use these. >> reporter: the former oakland a's star and current player with the pittsburgh diamonds had his suv broken into overnight at the parking lot where he's been staying. fortunately, an alert manager spotted the bad guys while monitoring the hotel's surveillance cameras. >> very grateful. they were watching them through the cameras. and the police came very quickly. arrested them. i was able to get six bats back which they actually took and
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took a nice little picture with the officers. >> reporter: police arrested two men who they say both had unrelated warrants. >> we have warrants out for their arrest then they're out there committing crimes against our community. >> i saw the pictures of the guys afterwards. i said, poor guys. they just look hungry. let them go. >> reporter: canseco may be forgiving but he's also relieved he's got his bats in hand as his team tries to score a win against the vallejo admirals tonight. what will you be doing with these bats tonight? >> hopefully swinging them hard. tomorrow i have a home run competition. i'll be pitching tonight. hopefully i can catch a fast ball and hit it over the street over there. >> reporter: again, the alleged bat burglars are behind bars tonight. canseco and his teammates are getting ready to take on the vallejo admirals in 15 minutes. we're told canseco will be among the first batters up. reporting live in vallejo, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> quick police work. okay, thank you, jodi. he's denying it.
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a san francisco paramedic says he did not set off a homemade bomb. prosecutors believe he detonated the bomb last week possibly because of a parking dispute with his neighbors. officers found the explosive in a planter outside the home on madrid street in the city's excelsior district. today he pled not guilty to felony charges. he faces more than 20 counts related to the blast and other explosive materials. well, critics say pg&e got off easy only facing a possible fine of $3 million instead of the previous $500 million fine. the district attorney in san mateo county feels otherwise. today, the d.a. stood with san bruno city leaders to talk about yesterday's verdict. pg&e was found guilty on six felony counts of obstructing the investigation in the san bruno pipeline explosion. >> you are responsible. you did obstruct justice. you did violate the law. and you are held accountable. you are a company that is properly described as felons.
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>> harsh words there afor pg&e from the d.a. they filed paperwork to ask the judge in the case to overturn yesterday's verdict. a breakthrough in the court clerk strike in the south bay. nbc bay area broke the story today that striking superior court workers and court management agreed to mediation. talks will resume tomorrow morning. the union which has 380 members went on strike a week ago. it's created numerous problems at the court including delays in traffic court and inmates not being transported in for court dates. a small plane attempting to take off instead ended up on a busy san jose street today. take a look. the plane came to a stop on the far right lane of tully road. see the traffic going right by. fire crews tell us the pilot overshot the runway at the airport and crashed through a fence. this happened around 10:30 this morning. thankfully, the plane didn't hit any cars. see how close it came, though. >> gosh. >> and no injuries for the pilot
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and his passenger. >> what a close call. >> when you see that, a plane right there on a businey road. scary. let's talk about our forecast. it's beautiful. not scary at all. >> so nice. it's hard to complain across the bay area. if you're at the coast, you get the fog. inland, you get the sunny skies and also plenty of excellent visibility as you get a live look at our microclimate weather now, see from our emeryville camera looking back toward san francisco, there's that marine layer building up to about 1,500 feet right now and we're currently checking in at emeryville with 65 degrees. after temperatures in the low 70s today. now let's go ahead and get a view here of walnut creek. this is from our camera pointed toward mt. diablo. 89 degrees today. and currently we're checking in with 84. tomorrow's forecast does have temperatures going up a degree or two. not going to get into the 100s for the invaland valleys. warmest, east bay at 90. san francisco, 65. north bay 88. across the peninsula, 75.
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south bay expecting 84. once we hit friday's forecast, that's when temperatures begin to warm up. we have this area of high pressure that's developing offshore. and that's going to be responsible for the heat. not only clearing skies out, but helping to drag in some hotter air from the desert southwest. we're going to be tracking more on exactly how hot and how long those temperatures last coming up in about 25 minutes. we'll take you to rio after some rain, some wind, plenty of cloud cover today, events canceled. tomorrow, the weather becomes sunnier but it stays at least on the cooler side. 73 on thursday. we'll stay with mid 70s through saturday. then eventually next week it warms back up and possibly some thunderstorms next tuesday and wednesday. you don't want to miss it, coming up tonight at 7:30, the "olympic zone." we'll take you to rio's nightlife, plenty of big eats and lots of dancing and take a look at usc's legendary athletic program and how they've been sending athletes for over 100 years. again, tonight, 7:30. >> looking forward to sambaing with jeff ranieri.
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>> we'll see. still to come -- >> an apple facility in cupertino is hit by thieves who led police on a chase. i'm michelle roberts. coming up, hear how investigators were able to spot that getaway car.
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happening now, on our website, a last-minute switch in rio. missy franklin is out and katie ledecky is in for tonight's final of the freestyle relay. ledecky, a stanford-bound swimmer will anchor the race. warriors are having a lot of
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fun in brazil. see the gallery of their sightseeing adventures. includes all the big names. we posted the pictures on our facebook page. we're back in a moment. welcome to the wonder of the olympic games. one day, the world came together. a dog, talked. we're decedent from the mighty wolf. a voice was heard. if you build it, he will come. a girl discovered magic. a revolution began. welcome, to the wonders that happen, everyday. welcome, to it all. comcast.
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it's a story we've been following since the moment we got on the air this morning. dramatic ending to a low-speed chase that stretched from the peninsula into oakland. the highway patrol first tried to pull the driver over in menlo park because they thought he was drunk. what followed was a chase across several freeways. three flat tires. finally brought that car to a halt. on old tunnel road in the oakland hills. the chp then used bean bag guns to break the windows to get to that driver. investigators say the man is being evaluated for potential mental health issues. a bold burglary at an apple office overnight. police say thieves stole high-tech computer equipment and led officers on a high-speed chase there. >> nbc bay area's michelle roberts joins us outside that apple building in cupertino.
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michelle, computer cords were actually dangling out of the suspect's car during this chase. >> reporter: yeah, there were cords and equipment dangling out of the back of the trunk and that's how they were spotted by investigators. that equipment was stolen from the building behind me here at an apple facility in cupertino. see the door is still boarded up. that's where the thieves got in. a security guard called 911 at about 4:00 this morning. >> this has got to be up there on crazy mornings. you don't expect. >> reporter: stacey says she was getting ready for the morning coffee rush in starbucks in san jose when she says a man stormed in and quickly walked to the restroom at the back of the store only to find it was locked. >> he kind of, like, screamed in frustration and ran around the corner. he's like, can you guys open the bathroom for me, can i get ice water, can you open it for me? >> reporter: deputies came running in. >> a half a dozen cops and k-9 unit rushtrying to get him on the ground, asking him where is his gun, where did he throw it,
6:26 pm
where are his friends? >> reporter: they broke into his apple facility in tucoopeupertis afternoon stealing items were taking off in a getaway car which wasn't hard to spot. >> he saw computer cords hanging out of the trunk. he stopped the vehicle. when the vehicle stopped, the people ran. >> reporter: the sheriff says the two other suspects ran into this san jose neighborhood where investigators went door to door this morning looking for the suspects who are still on the run. >> probably could catch them because if they stole laptops and things, they're not going to turn themselves in. >> reporter: arrested was not armed. again, they're still looking for those two suspects. as for the equipment that was stolen, it was all recovered. it was in that getaway car. reporting live in cupertino, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. you've seen it on dozens of olympic athletes. so what's the deal with the tape on their bodies? the answer lies in the south bay. we're thirsty. we need water now.
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>> thirsty for water because of deals made 30 years ago. i'm senior investigative reporter steven stock. we investigate that when it comes to water allocations in some communities here, not all is equal.
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today's olympic coverage on nbc bay area is brought to you locally in part by academy of art university in san francisco. right now at 6:30, a story about water, politics and race, and it's raising some eyebrows. are the richer cities along the peninsula getting more water than everyone else? >> this is now reaching a crisis
6:30 pm
point in each palo alto. senior investigative reporter stephen stock joins us to explain. >> janelle, raj, this report by the pacific institute and the environmental justice coalition for water backs up what we discovered in our investigation. that when it comes to water, its distribution, who gets it here in this area, all is not equal in the bay area. residents in east palo alto face an uphill battle to enjoy the same prosperity lifting other residents living along the rest of the peninsula. while neighboring communities have low unemployment and rising wages, east palo alto, a community of majority/minority residents has an average household income 2 1/2 times lower than its next door neighbor, palo alto, and still has nearly 12% unemployment and almost 17% of its residents live below the poverty line. >> more lower-income people are here. more people of color are here.
6:31 pm
>> reporter: steven is a venture capitalist from marin county looking to invest in new businesses and economic opportunities, especially in low-income communities of color. communities just like east palo alto where he already rents an office and is funding several business ventures. >> we are in the middle of what is arguably the largest well creation event in human history and this community, east palo alto, has been on the margins. >> reporter: because of deals made 30 years ago, east palo alto now finds itself in a tough spot with not enough water to allow for growth and development. >> we're thirsty. we need water now. r >> reporter: the city currently uses 100% of its water allocation. for the historically marginalized city, that means officials have frozen development projects already red doi bui ready to build and on the table. >> if we don't have water, we can't be approving projects.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: carlos martinez is city manager in east palo alto. right now you're turning away projects. >> we are, yes. >> reporter: is that frustrating where a manager's point of view? >> it is frustrating for us because we do need the growth. we need to create more jobs for our residents. more revenue for our city. >> there absolutely is a problem. i mean, it's 30 years in the making. >> reporter: state senator hill who represents the area acknowledges this issue is a critical one for east palo alto right now. >> they're up against the wall, and they need water and quickly. >> reporter: east palo alto's water problems can be traced back to an agreement signed back in the 1980s between sfpuc and 26 different peninsula cities. the deal provides 184 million gallons of hetch hetchy water a day to the entire group of cities. >> it was left to the wholesale customers to work among themselves to divvy that up. >> reporter: steven richie is assistant general manager of water enterprise at the san francisco public utilities commission. overseeing operations and planning for the regional distribution of water from hetch
6:33 pm
hetchy reservoir. >> the customers worked it out among themselves. san francisco really didn't participate in that. >> reporter: the bottom line, the agreement left east palo alto with 7 1/2 times less water than palo alto. nearly six times less than mountain view. and half as much water as santa clara or even stanford university. now officials in both palo alto an mountain view say their leadership is exploring ways to give some of their city's water allocations to east palo alto. >> we are going to be talking about what kind of quantities we might be willing to give and what we might want in return for that. >> so why can't palo alto give east palo alto some of that permanent allocation? why can't you share -- >> i wouldn't say that we can't, so, i mean, i think we're going to work through a process this fall -- summer and fall. >> reporter: real solutions are not happening fast enough for critics who see subtle racism at play here. >> this is an issue that we're all guilty of. we don't look at eastside communities as places of wealth
6:34 pm
creation. as places of health and wellness. >> there has been some suggestion by some especially in east palo alto, was there racism involved, even subtle racism? >> may be subtle racism 30 years ago when the numbers were determined and how it was allocated in the future but i think the county looks at the community, looked at it as a poor community, a poor mustncomy of color. they didn't see the potential there. >> now, east palo alto city officials just voted to allow some development within the last two weeks, anticipating that the city will get some relief. but the rest of all development there has been frozen by city ordinance. they just don't have the water. the ceo of the group representing all these cities says east palo alto's water shortage is, quote, unacceptable and solvable. despite all these positive discussions around this issue, experts tell me that a solution to this water inequity may not
6:35 pm
become reality until 2018. raj, janelle? >> all right, steve. a lot of people on the peninsula talking about this. if you have a tip for stephen stock or anyone else in our investigative unit, call 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail directly to back to rio. blame it on a chemical imbalance. olympic organizers say a sudden decrease in alkalinity levels have caused pools in rio to turn green. photos of the green pools went wild on social media. the water in the diving pool and synchronized swimming pool is being treated and should be back to blue soon. until then, olympic spokesperson is assuring athletes that the water poses no health risk. okay. a few days ago, cupping was the big story in rio. now it's tape. you see that tape on a lot of the athletes. >> it's tape from a bay area startup. business and tech reporter scott budman is here. this tape has been worn by a lot of medal winners.
6:36 pm
>> it's true. you see the tape on arms, legs, wrists of olympic athletes, from a very diverse field of sports. kerri walsh jennings, she's been wearing the tape since beijing. and how about tom daley, he's got it on his wrist. he just took home a bronze medal in diving. this, by the way, is what all this tape is about. olympic athletes from all over the world wear it. and the company that makes it is once again hearing this question. >> day say what's that crazy tape on the at loohletes? >> reporter: it's rock tape. athletes wear if during the games. employees wear it during work. it's for anyone looking for an advantage. >> the tape microscopically lifts skin away from the tissue, an injured or fatigued area, the faster it recovers. >> reporter: athletes personalize the tape.
6:37 pm
she's a giants fan. so can you. >> it definitely helps a boomer who is a weekend warrior recover and perform better because as we age, we can't recover as quickly as when we were in our 20s, right? >> reporter: the tape is catching on. a sticky way to help athletes bring home the gold. >> that makes my heart grow big. yeah, we like that very much. >> this kind of tape actually has a history. it was originally used on horses three decades ago to ease pain and relax their muscles. now, of course, on humans and soon for pets. like your dog. raj? >> the big question, can you get us personalized nbc bay area tape? >> yes, i'll work on that. >> our own jessica aguirre is in rio at this hour tracking our local athletes. she'll join us after our primetime olympics coverage during our midnight newscast. still to come, good will or exploitation? nbc bay area responds to complaints about a charity that puts pictures of missing children on donation jars.
6:38 pm
also, slow and tedious. the milestone moment in the demolition of the old bay bridge. we'll explain next.
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6:40 pm
at challenging step for cal trans. today crews began removing the last of the largest segments of the old bay bridge. a big deal here. weighs more than 25 tons. they've got to cut the huge metal structure into pieces before it can be hauled away. the entire job could take about a week. after that cal trans will begin taking apart 14 smaller trusses that extend to the oakland shore. the list is out. half of the world's richest tech billionaires is from the u.s.
6:41 pm
silicon valley does not lead. bill gates leads the pack with the $78 billion fortune followed by amazon founder jeff bezos whose net worth $66 billion. third, facebook ceo mark zuck zuckerbe zuckerberg. filling the fit spot, alphabet ceo, larry page. out of the top 100 richest tech moguls, 37 of them live in california. big money is coming to big sur. the state park is revealing what it will do with the windfall that comes from silicon valley entrepreneur sean parker. you may remember a few years ago back in 2013, the former facebook president got in trouble for building a movie-like set for his wedding without the proper permits. his fine, 2.5 million bucks. we're learning now where some of that money is going. coastal commission says $75,000 helps pay for outdoor education. 200 grand open up beach access for families and another $150,000 will go toward hiking
6:42 pm
trail planning in the big sur and monterey area. they have a lot left over it looks like. >> going to be a lot of money to spend there. let's get a check of our forecast with jeff. i can see fog rolling in in san francisco, but it's beautiful in the south bay. >> yeah, really is. you know, a little bit of cloud cover we had today was isolated to the immediate coastline. right now in the south bay, hazy skies and some of the fire smoke moving in from the soberanes fire near monterey. that's going to be an intermittent problem over the next couple of weeks. only 50% contained. right now, 76. we're tracking hotter weather for the weekend in just a few minutes. spare change collected next to cash registers. it adds up to millions, but where does all that money go? i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds and investigates next.
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nbc bay area responds to parents who are questioning the motives of a multimillion dollar charity. >> consumer investigator chris chmura is with us with a preview of a story we'll see later tonight. >> raj, janelle, this non-profit corrects money using donation jars. some people are calling it exploitation. the jars are plastered with pictures of missing kids. parents of some of these children say they didn't authorize fund-raising using their kids' images, their pictures. in fact, they've never heard of child watch or received any help from it. >> how much financial support did you receive from child watch? >> none. >> how much investigative services did they do for you? >> none. >> and how many posters did they print for you? >> none. >> the founder says he's helped find missing kids, and that his fund-raising spreads awareness. you'll hear him defend his tactics tonight. we spent months asking serious questions, where did the pictures come from and where does the money go? tonight after the olympics, answers including a look at how
6:46 pm
our investigation has prompted action. do you have a tip for us? we're here to help. we'll investigate. call us, 888-996-tips or submit your story online at that's tonight after the olympics. i think that will change the way perhaps you look at those canisters that sit there on the -- >> we see them everywhere. >> exactly. >> certainly eye opening. okay, thanks, chris. >> you're welcome. >> tauhank you, chris. it's back. the persed meteor shower will fill the sky. in fact, astronomers -- can i say it? >> astronomers. >> astronomers are calling this an outburst shower all because the gravity from jupiter is pulling multiple meteor streams together. sky gazers will be able to see more than 160 meteors an hour around 1:00 a.m. on friday and saturday. that leads us, of course, to jeff ranieri. are we going to be able to see it 1:00 a.m. friday and saturday? >> away from the coast.
6:47 pm
that's the simple answer. the fog and drizzle is starting to get going right now and probably not going to let up at least at the immediate coastline over the next six days. we're going to see the heat inland also warm as we head throughout this upcoming weekend. as we get a look right now, see the fog is in place from our weather underground camera here in daly city. in fact, note the city right now. it is at 100%. the air is absolutely saturated. so that's why we have drizzle in the forecast tonight. at the immediate coast. and even for parts of the peninsula. right now a chilly 55 degrees. as we bring you to something a lot warmer and sunnier, concord with 84 degrees right now. a high of 89. temperatures, though, drop fast with the foggy breeze. by 9:00, down to 69. tomorrow morning's forecast, again the fog and drizzle for san francisco. also expect more notable amounts of cloud cover for the north bay, east bay, peninsula and the south wbay to start. not super sunny tomorrow. the more you get away from the
6:48 pm
coastline, the better chance you'll have of sunshine breaking in. the forecast tomorrow by the afternoon has temperatures going up a degree or two. that's it so far. i think it's going to be comfortable tomorrow. this will put morgan hill at 84 degrees. san jose 88. for the peninsula, palo alto, 80. in san francisco, there's no dry offshore wind which would help temperatures to warm up. again, the cool foggy breeze stays. that's why you have 62 in the marina. north bay, east bay and also the tri-valley, notice in the tri-valley, livermore expected 92. hottest temperature as we head throughout thursday. east bay, oakland, 74, doing it just right throughout the afternoon. fremont, 86. the northvalley, 73, probably our best temperature up into the north bay. we have high pressure building as we head into friday, saturday and sunday. not only is going to continue to help steer the storm track to the north, it's going to pull up
6:49 pm
hotter air from the desert southwest. the temperatures will be on the increase. san francisco, upper 60s this weekend. also sunshine mixing in. a real nice forecast over the next zemseven days as you'll se with our seven day full screen. as we take you to the inland valleys, it starts to warm up. 95 saturday. 3 sunday. 94 monday. we had the rain, wind, the clouds today for olympics. tomorrow, dry and 73 degrees. look by next week, 80s return and chances of thunderstorms tuesday and wednesday. we have some did you know facts for you. check this out. golf returns to the olympics after 112-year absence. the ioc reinstated this sport. it was last played in 1900 and also 1904. the 18 holes in rio was actually designed by an american from pennsylvania. so golf is back at the olympics. >> we're excited about "limp ol
6:50 pm
zone" at 7:30 talking nightlife and samba. >> jill martin got to go to the clubs. >> dancing. >> sports fanatics, going to take a look at usc's legacy of sending athletes over the past 100 years. >> we want nightlife and samba. speaking of olympics, gabby douglas in the headlines for what she didn't do last night and now she's apologizing. i
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
olympics. the 49ers and raiders continue training camp and for the niners it seemed like old times. they went back to where it all began. not candlestick park, would you believe kezar stadium. the team practiced at their
6:53 pm
original home from 70 years ago. the team moved practice from levi stadium in santa clara to let fans in the city come and watch. cool to see. high expectations, by the way, from the fans for the upcoming season. >> niners will finally have a pass rusher. >> are you making a prediction for the year? >> yeah, i am. i'm predicting that the defense ive line is going to be better than anyone ever thought. >> wow, bold predictions there. practice lasted for a couple hours then the really cool part. some lucky kids joined some players on the field to do their own drills. >> oh, how fun. what a treat for people in san francisco. turning from those special moments at kezar to the special moments made right now in rio. >> nbc bay area's colin resch is with us. three things that caught our attention. what we've been talking about in the newsroom, the great success last night from the final five, gabby douglas but an apology from her today. >> she felt like she was forced to do this, did it on twitter,
6:54 pm
said i'm sorry, basically she stood at attention. she didn't have her hand over her heart during the national anthem. i found it interesting as i was reading a lot about the story earlier, the "washington post" pointed out in her defense, david robinson, he didn't have his hand over his heart in 1992 at the dream team. he went to the naval academy. at a moment like this, guys, i think everyone can kind of do what they feel is necessary. and the moment -- >> it was her moment. >> it was her moment. but there's so much going on in your head, sometimes you might just forget -- remember, she was holding a figurine they all had in her other hand. maybe it just didn't register. my teammates are all doing this, i should do it. >> nonetheless, she apologized. >> much adieu about nothing. she's 43 tomorrow. the oldest female cyclist, right? >> ever to win gold. yeah. >> she did it. with a bloody nose. >> with a bloody nose. look at the video here. in the pouring rain. the bloody nose started about a
6:55 pm
third of the way into -- this is 30 kilometer team, individual time trial and this is kristin armstrong who says don't say that i'm lance armstrong's wife. remember her name -- his wife was kristen. amazing performance from her. she lives in boise, do. her 5-year-old son ran to her, he said, mom, why are you crying? she said these are tears of joy. amazing story and amazing accomplishment for her. >> 43 tomorrow? >> third straight gold medal. we're in our mid 40s. we're doing nothing. finally, i don't know who's having more fun. all of us and all the fans around the world watching michael phelps and the swimmers or kevin durant, the warriors star and the other warriors. >> these guys were all there supporting team usa at the pool last night. this is ryan lock hlochte, conor who won the 4 x 200 stayle rela. durant has been leading the
6:56 pm
charge, he's really take in this olympic games and he's been active on social media, too. >> when you're a superstar athlete, it doesn't matter if you or yourself, but you admire the other athletes. >> the one person he really wanted to meet was michael fe phel phelps, he got his opportunity after his two golds last night. >> i'm assuming lochte, phelps, katie ledecky will go to usa games -- >> especially after tonight, ten points over australia. day like to support every sport as much as they can when they can. they're pretty busy themselves. >> a lot of action tonight. a lineup on tap in primetime, kerri walsh jennings and april ross look to continue their dominance. men's individual all-around gymnastics final. plenty of action in the pool as cal grad nathan adrian goes for back-to-back golds in the 100 meter freestyle and katie ledec ledecky, missy franklin. >> can we keep the olympics going the whole year?
6:57 pm
many let's do it. bye, folks. >> good night.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
lights, access, rio. >> then it was my turn to just finish it off. >> the final five! >> they soared higher than any team in olympic history, and they're not even done yet. i'm natalie morales, but wait till you hear what we've learned about the final five. >> oh, my god. >> something made you break out in laughter. >> what made him laugh, what made him cry? i'm billy bush with the whole story behind michael's amazing night include that swim cap close call. >> you saved the day conor. >> cannot beat that takeoff. i'm kit hoover. but sticking the landing may be


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