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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  August 11, 2016 12:00am-12:36am PDT

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>> boy, that was really something, wasn't it? so we conclude here with a look at the medal count brought to you by mcdonald's supporting athletes on their journey toward olympic gold. the americans still have a sizable lead. meanwhile, kohei uchimura was part of a big day for the japanese. they won three gold medals, their most in a single day since 2004 in athens. you know, the very best athletes like uchimura often win overwhelmingly but sometimes what's needed is the knack for winning even when you don't have your a-game. last night we saw michael phelps swim an imperfect race in the 200-meter butterfly and yet still win by 0.004 of a second. today kohei uchimura was at less than his best today so he needed a sterling high bar.
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although this was the biggest one here for him, uchimura still has another event remaining in rio, that's the floor exercise, but it won't end for him here as his final olympic bow will likely come four years from now in his home nation when tokyo hosts the 2020 olympics. as we say good night, the medal ceremony for uchimura, ukraine's oleg verniaiev who had gold in his sights until the final restation winds up with the silver and britain's max whitlock wears bronze. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] and that does it for us. matt and hoda have the "today"
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show from copacabana beach bright and early and we'll see you tomorrow night from rio. nascar's infield is a place of pride, glory, cultural expressions, it has more flags than the opening ceremony, only here it's all stars and stripes.
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and ledecky has her third gold of these rio games. >> she's heading for stanford next month. before that she's dominating in rio. katie ledecky remains perfect in the pool. our complete olympics coverage starts right now. thanks for being with us turg this midnight hour. i'm janelle wang. >> i'm raj mathai. this is turning into one of the most diverse and successful olympics in history for bay area athletes sending a message to the world. >> updated medal count, u.s. continues to lead in gold medals, most medals overall. nearly half of team usa's 32 medals earned by athletes with bay area ties.
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>> not just the medal count, it's the impact they're making now and for the future. let's begin tonight with colin resch. >> despite swimming in the preliminary heats, former cal star missy franklin not part of team usa in tonight's 4 x 200 freestyle relay final. instead the decision made to sub in former stanford product, maya dirado who would swim the third leg, while incoming stanford freshman, katie ledecky would enter. ledecky propelled team usa to gold and did it going way. her third gold of these games. dirado's first. santa rosa native dirado also has a silver an bronze. cal's nathan adrian barely advanced out of preliminary heats in the 100 free then won his heat in the semis and was thinking about a repeat gold in the event but not to be. adrian the bronze. 18-year-old australian chalmers takes gold. to the beach. stanford's kerri walsh jennings
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lost a set in the olympics for just the second time ever. notice i didn't say she lost the match. that has still never happened. her olympic record now 21-0. she and partner april ross defeat the swiss in the third set. a similar struggle for the u.s. men's basketball team wednesday. that's former warrior andrew bogut on the receiving end of an alley-oop. australia a five-point aftertime lead. carmelo anthony bailed out usa, survives to improve to 3-0. why was this game so close? hang with me here. st. mary's took it to the warriors. klay thompson six points, kevin durant 14. 27 combined points on 8 of 30 shooting. the aussies relied on a familiar back court duo. former gale matthew delavedova, patty mills, combined 4-1.
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who would have thought? the gales. 34 points. warriors just 27. raj, janelle? >> thanks so much. 21 gold medals and counting. this is a look at michael phelps after winning all of his gold medals in the olympics. last night he qualified for the finals of the 200 meter individual medley. probably just watched that on tv. he had won gold in that event in the last three olympics. ryan lochte also qualified for the final. cal alum nathan adrian tweeting out this picture of him and u.s. teammate josh pernot also a cal swimmer showing off their hardware. the two are suitemates. a friendly competition between the swimmers and other suites over how many medals they can bring home. it's worth notining michael phes stays in the other suite. we want show you a live picture of the liolympic flame burning in rio. jessica aguirre is in rio with a
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local athlete who faced e li elimination today and why pools are turning green. one year later, answers to what sparked one of the worst fires in bay area history. the valley fire ripped through communities in the north bay. four people died. more than 1,200 homes burned. the man responsible was in the south bay. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney is in middletown tonight with the connection. terry? >> reporter: yeah, raj, cal fire says all that destruction you just talked about is a result of that man running an electrical wire to his hot tub. he didn't do it right, didn't do it to code. it sparked a small grassfire. soon that grassfire turned into this, the massive and deadly valley fire. >> investigative report indicates the homeowner did admit to installing the circuit. >> reporter: the cal fire report says john pinch did the faulty electrical work to operate this hot tub. he was in santa clara when the fire broke out.
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report puts an end to many rumors that have spread. >> rumors it was a pot farm, a meth lab. >> reporter: it was hot enough to melt a copper wire. it started a grass fire that found perfect conditions to spread. steady winds gusting to 36 miles an hour, blowing embers sparking other fires down wind. report said fire behavior was not expected based on local weather prediction. that's being investigated by san jose state. in the hard hit town of middletown tonight, we heard this. >> my reaction is the same that it was. it was devastating regardless. i don't wish any harm on anybody. so, it's very unfortunate but, you know, things happen. >> it's really upsetting to find out, like, hundreds of people lost their houses for a hot tub. but i don't know, i guess accidents happen. nobody's perfect. >> reporter: the district attorney is considering criminal charges in this case, but the cal fire report says at most, it looks like it would be a misdemeanor. in middletown, terry mcsweeney,
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nbc bay area news. new tonight, a woman sexually assaulted while waiting to cross the street and the man accused of the crime has been booked into jail. sunnyvale police say the woman was walking the area of sunnyvale and evelyn avenues near downtown back on august 4th when she was grabbed. she screamed and a bystander was able to hold the man down until police arrived. that man identified as 34-year-old winn. he was taken to the santa clara county jail. a gruesome discovery at one of the bay yearea's most popula and busiest shopping centers. a body found inside the westfield san francisco center. nbc bay area is there with new information about the homicide. >> reporter: janelle, police say that body was found inside the mall behind these doors. now, from the outside, you can't open these doors. and on the inside is a stairwell. people who work at the mall tell me anyone can access that stairwell, they just have to know what door to use. the westfield san francisco
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center buzzes with activity. >> it's so nice. >> reporter: most shoppers don't know the san francisco police department is investigating a homicide at the mall. police say someone found a 30-year-old white man dead here just after the mall opened around 10:00 this morning. mall employees say that body was inside this stairwell next to a back entrance to bloomingdale's off an alley called jesse east. word of the investigation changes the mood. >> it's terrible that you can't go in there anywhere safe even around a lot of people. >> reporter: westfield management isn't talking about what happened, but releasing a statement that says in part "the center is open and operating normally and we are cooperating fully with the investigation." people who worked at bloomingdale's said they received an e-mail from management saying the homicide does not involve a bloomingdale's employee. and advised them not to talk about the incident. some shoppers say they'd like more information. >> well, they're not talking about it. that's for sure.
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that's very upsetting. >> reporter: police aren't saying how the man was killed or who he is but they do say they are reviewing security camera footage from several cameras. and tonight, some nervous mall employees tell me they are avoiding these stairwells and traveling in pairs when they have to come outside. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. a bit of an odd story here. two men busted for stealing jose canseco's baseball bats. you're looking at exclusive surveillance video showing one of the men caught in the act. this happened in the parking lot of the pittsburgh hampton inn. that's where the former a's superstar was staying. the two men didn't get very far. managers spotted them while monitoring the hotel surveillance cameras. as for the 52-year-old canseco, he was actually sympathetic. >> i saw the pictures of guys afterwards. i said poor guys, they look hungry, let them go. >> canseco got the bats back just in time to use them in his game tonight. he plays for the pittsburgh diamonds which is an independent
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minor league team. they lost by the way to the vallejo admirals. a burglary and police chase that started at an apple office and ended at a starbucks. santa clara county sheriff's department says three men broke into a cupertino office of apple wednesday morning, stole laptops and other equipment. they apparently weren't too hard to spot because a deputy saw computer cords hanging out of the back of a truck. when he stopped that vehicle, three people ran. one ran right into a san jose starbucks. >> he kind of, like, screamed in frustration and ran around the corner. he's like can you please open the bathroom for me, can i get ice water, can you open it for me? >> a starbucks employee said half a dozen cops rushed in and tackled the man and has been arrested. police are still searching for the other two. i was disgusted. i was upset. i was reviled. >> parents of missing kids call a charity's fund-raising tactics exploitation. they asked nbc bay area to
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respond. i'm chris chmura. we investigate next. then we head back to rio where a local olympian put it all on the line today in a must-win match. and how about this? sucking up to donald trump. the unusual stunt today as thousands of people watched on live tv. and good evening, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. drizzle moving into san francisco. i'll have your morning forecast and a hotter weekend ahead in just a few minutes. nbc bay area responds to a
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redwood city man whose son is missing. =raj/2-shot= h nbc bay area responds to a redwood city man whose son is missing. >> he's concerned that an organization in florida is exploiting him and other parents. this stems from the collection jars you see at stores and restaurants with the pictures of missing kids. >> consumer investigator chris chmura is stepping many. chris? >> this is a story about generosity and spare change that
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adds up to seven figures. it's also about a charity that uses kids' pictures without asking. >> he didn't choose this. you know? and that's -- that's the sad part. >> reporter: andonais is missing yet his father can tell you where he is. >> i think he's in the suburb of athens. >> reporter: greece. his mom who's greek took him to athens in 2010 and never came home. >> he just kept him there. >> reporter: so imagine george's surprise when he stopped at this palo alto gas station and saw the picture on a donation jar. >> my first reaction is to rip it out and, you know, take it with me. this is ridiculous. >> reporter: george had given his photo to the government-backed national center for missing and exploited children. but not the group on the canister, child watch. child watch is a charity that says it helps rescue missing children which is supposed to include free investigative
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services and poster distribution for families of missing kids. as well as money for travel expenses. it's based in a house near orlando, florida. by phone, founder don wood confirmed that child watch copied the photo in the national sense e center and put it on donation jars without asking. why did you choose to use his picture without fihis father's permission? >> without his father's permission, there's no reason. we chose a photo we thought would have potential for success. >> reporter: as in fund-raising to make money? >> no, as in trying to find him. >> reporter: but child watch didn't take any additional steps to find him. >> how much money did you'd get from child watch? >> none. >> how much did they investigate on your behalf? >> none. >> and how many posters they print with your son's picture on it to help find him? >> none. >> reporter: child watch eventually removed the know toe
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but only his photo. >> are you using somebody else's photograph instead without their permission? >> yes. >> he certainly didn't secure authorization from me to do this. >> reporter: charles has two missing kids. henry and helena, taken to africa by their mom. he learned from us that his son's picture was plastered on a donation jar. >> i was reviled from seeing that photograph. >> reporter: we found henry's face in san jose, collecting cash that did not go to his dad. how much financial support did you receive from child watch? >> none. >> how much investigative services did they do for you? >> none. >> and how many posters did they print for you? >> none. >> reporter: robert lowery runs the official missing kids database. he says child watch might not be breaking the law, but it is clearly violating national center policy. its photos are for raising awareness like this, not raising money like this.
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>> never for fundraising purposes. it would be wrong of us to do that. any other use of that we find questionable. >> reporter: but that's exactly what's happening. child watch is actually a web of charities. called crisis relief network. tax filings show contributions of $3.8 million the past 5 years. >> a lot of problems with the crisis relief network. >> reporter: daniel heads charity watch which scrutinizes non-profits. he's concerned that crisis relief runs five charities from a home with just four people. three of whom are in don woods' family. he also red flags its tax return. for example, hundreds of thousands of dollars in fund-raising expenses inluting telemarketers labeled awareness campaign. he can't decipher where donations actually go. >> i would strongly advise donors to not contribute to crisis relief network. >> reporter: don wood insists it
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is sound. he put us in touch with two parents of missing kids, one received a couple grand, the other got $1,800. charles wonders where the rest of the $3.8 million went and how much of it don wood collected using his son's photo. >> he should absolutely stop, this is pure exploitation. >> reporter: one thing will stop. midway through our investigation, crisis relief told us it will no longer use kids' photos without permission. >> in hindsight now and after this situation, we will change our policy. >> reporter: however, it will continue collecting money. george says don't donate on an impulse. do research. >> nobody says you have to give right then and there. >> reporter: charles wants law enforcement to investigate crisis relief network. >> they'll see the exploitation for what it is. >> reporter: and stop it. >> shut it down. >> shut it down. >> reporter: >> in response to our questions, crisis relief network downplayed its scale yet acknowledges placing 1,200 of the donations
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jars in three of the country's most populated states. do you have a tip? we investigate. call 888-996-tips or visit raj and janelle? >> all right, chris. a helpful outcome for many of those parents. let's get back to our coverage in rio now. an answer tonight about those green pools. it was caused by a chemical imbalance. see it there. it started in the diving arena yesterday and creeped over to the water polo pool today. competitors joked they were jumping into a swamp. a spokesman for the rio games said the problem is being fixed and the water will be blue from here on out. in other words, someone might be getting fired. >> yeah, yeah. well, it was do or die and they did it. we're talking about team usa's water polo team. >> after a disappointing start, they're still on the hunt for gold. let's bring in jessica aguirre from rio. jessica? >> reporter: raj and janelle, they did it. team usa's men's water polo team
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pulled it off. last night we told you they were on the brink of elimination down 0-2 and if they didn't pull out a win, they were going to be out of the medal hunt. but today they scored big. >> finally we got our win under our belts. we finally started playing our style. >> reporter: that style, defense, which means swimming, lots of it. >> the french definitely saw it. >> reporter: they saw it and felt it. team usa trouncing the french team's derrieres 6-3 for their first victory in rio, hard-fought win for this brazilian who grew up in california. a lot riding in rio professionally and personally. how is is to be in rio when you know your family is watching you? >> i love it. i love it. who gets to play their fifth olympics in the pool they've played maybe 20 games in in front of the family you haven't been able to see forever and my wife and friends and everyone at home watching me on tv. it's a surreal moment. >> samuel's winding up there. >> reporter: here in rio, the focus is in the pool after
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enduring back to back losses against croatia and spain, taking the french today. >> i think it was a wake-up call the last loss. today is a great win for us. we're going to use this honestly to have great game against montenegro. >> reporter: need more wins to stay in play especially if they want to keep pace with the u.s. women's water polo team. >> the women are the best in the world, have no doubt they're going to take care of business. our job is to take care of business and do it on our side. ide ide >> reporter: they'll have another chance friday when they play montenegro. thursday, a chance for a win. tony's father is the coach of the women's water polo team for china and on thursday, they go up against, guess who, the usa. back to you. >> who do you root for then in that case? thanks, jessica. don't miss a moment of the rio olympics with nbc bay area's five to watch. go to to
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see the five key things to know each day. okay. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. 12:25. we should just stay for our morning show which begins at 4:30. >> hey, why not? >> four hours away. why not? >> make the anchor desk a little bigger, though, got to have room for us and the morning team. you know, we have warmer weather coming our way the next couple of days but it's going to be classic bay area weather. it will not be hot everywhere. look right now, you can see the drizzle is happening in san francisco. and the fog is, again, thickening up. right now 56 in s.f. it's much drier and also a little bit warmer here in livermore, 62 degrees. the inland valleys after 89 degrees today in livermore, certainly getting a little bit of relief right now. as we head into tomorrow morning's forecast, the fog, drizzle back into san francisco. also notice more of a partly sunny sky throughout the bay area where the fog being thicker, everyone is going to have to deal with the cloud cover. we'll start in the south bay with 57. east bay, 60.
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the north bay 53. we'll only see a few changes in tomorrow's forecast. temperatures will go up a degree or two. this will put san jose at 88 degrees. for the peninsula, 74 in san mateo. palo alto, 80. san francisco, there's no dry offshore wind. again, even though we're talking about warming. we won't see temperatures increase here. we'll have our classic 60s from the financial district back toward the marina. for the north bay, east bay and tri-vall tri-valley, my hottest temperature tomorrow is livermore at 92 degrees. in the north bay, napa starts to warm up to 87 degrees. we'll begin to see changes friday, saturday and sunday. area of high pressure building offshore will not only push that storm track off to the north, but it's also going to drag in some hotter air from the desert southwest. so here's how it plays out for san francisco. upper 60s by this saturday and also sunday. really a nice next seven days coming our way. for the inland valleys, we do pop up to 95 by saturday.
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and on sunday, 93. we'll stay with this trend of low to mid 90s all the way through next wednesday. so a great morning coming our way today, that is. since we're already into the next day. >> thursday. i see that mist behind you from our golden gate camera. >> love that fog. straight ahead, parents facing jail time over what they feed their children. the controversial proposal in one country that has vegans taking notice. happening now on our home page, attention star gazers. quite the treat is coming. the annual meteor shower will peak thursday night and continue through friday morning. if you're lucky, you may see up to 90 shooting stars per hour. and people on twitter are defending a mexican gymnast after she was body shamed. 4'10" athlete was mocked on social media for her fuller figure. more news after the break.
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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you're watchin they're grabbing him right now. you can see. >> got a little dicey. that guy was nabbed by police on the 21st floor. these are the moments the new york police officers pull down a man scaling the trump tower. hundreds of people on the street level are watching this unfold. this is also broadcast on live tv. the man posted a youtube video yesterday saying he wanted a private meeting with trump. trump lives in the penthouse of that tower. check this out. this is the view from inside of the climber. this is inside the trump tower. you can see that guy climbing right there. a 19-year-old man from virginia who's now in jail. cracking down on vegans.
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a controversial new law proposed in italy, any parent who tries to restrict their children to a vegan diet could face jail time. the proposal follows four high-profile cases where malnourished children were hospitalized after fed a vegan diet. three rival bills are trying to make vegan options more common in italian restaurants. up next the 49ers take their show on the road. and barry bonds is back in the headlines for what me did at today's giants game. stay with us. turn back the clock...about 70
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years. the 49ers returned to
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their original home today. turn back the clocks about 70 years. the the 49ers returned to their original home today. team practiced at kezar stadium in san francisco. cool to see. the fans in the city for thrilled. the niners called kezar home from 1946-1970 before move to candlestick park. now, of course, levi stadium. after practicing for a couple ho hours, some lucky kids got to join the players on the field to take part in a few drills. the raiders meanwhile continue their training camp in napa. it appears barry bonds really doesn't like losing to his old team. during today's giants/marlins game, bonds, miami's hitting coach, was ejected from the game for arguing a strike call with the home plate umpire. bonds was tossed from the game while yelling from the dugout. once he was ejected he took the field to give the ump a piece of his mind. by the way, the giants won 1-zip. >> still looks strange in the miami uniform. up next the 43-year-old


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