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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 11, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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the swimming venue is behind you. the big race about to begin. >> reporter: yes. this is going to be an epic night like you said. i call it a friendly faceoff. in the pool it's phelps against lochte in their final battle, battling it out in the pool. then in gymnastics, only one woman can walk away with the individual gold medal for all around. both biles and raisman, they both want it. it's a rivalry of olympic proportion. now longtime teammates and roommates will have one final swimming showdown. for the fourth time in their careers, they will face off in the 200 meter individual medley. >> i don't know about the bromance part. we have been racing since 2004. we created a good friendship and everything from that. >> reporter: phelps is trying to
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become the first swimmer to win the same event in four straight olympics. >> things i've done in my career have started to set in over the last two years, i would say, i think more than they ever have. >> reporter: two days after helping her team win a gold, simone biles returns for the all around in individual final. her closest competition? none other than friend and teammate aly raisman. >> we have been close. of course, we're all competitive. it's in a healthy way. we feed off each other's energy. >> i personallyxpectation. we just cheer for each other and do what we do in practice. >> reporter: tonight it's another opportunity for all of these olympic stars to shimmer like gold. they will be shimmering. it's going to be a historic night. for all the viewers out there, this is my advice. scramble in a little bit, get everything you need to survive for the next four hours.
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your drinks, anything you want to snack on, a blanket, sit on the sofa, because i can tell you, you are not going to want to move for the next four hours. that's how big it's going to be. >> we're not moving. we will be right here. >> watching it. >> thanks. >> reporter: don't move. there was a frightening moment at the olympics in the past few moments. a bomb squad exploded a backpack. security found it. it turned up near a trash container in the bathroom on the top floor. after blowing it up, they found it only had paper and some clothes inside. getting to the top of the mountain is one challenge. staying on top is more difficult. >> the u.s. women's water polo team has a target on their back. but they're showing no signs of feeling the pressure. >> not at all. two weeks ago, the head coach, he threw superlative after
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superlative at me talking about them. four shots on net against china. four shots in the net as the united states blows out china 12-4 to remain undefeated in group play. golf back in the olympics after a 112-year absence. great britain's justin rose on the 4th hole. why show it if it doesn't go in? hole in one for rose. rose is 4 back. the top american is matt kuchar. the most intriguing event involves missy franklin. she advanced today in the 200 backstroke. the same event she won in world record time four years ago in london. franklin has admitted these games have been a disappointment to her. she earned a gold medal in the 4 x 200 freestyle. the nod went to mia dorato.
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she has become a victim of her own success. in london she won five medals, four of which were gold. based on that, she garnered award after award. among them, 2012 phoenix swimmer of the year. can she find her miss being stroke or has it been lost for good? tonight will be telling. >> for sure. thanks. we aren't finished talking about missy franklin. later, olympic lenggend natalie coughlin breaks down what's going right and wrong for missy franklin. other headlines tonight, attacks on police officers across the country has the richmond police chief asking for help. there have been no threats against richmond officers. the chief doesn't want to wait. he is asking for new equipment and a lot of it. jodi hernandez is in richmond. he has quite a wish list. will he get it? >> reporter: he certainly has a big wish list. ballistic blankets and long guns
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are a couple of the items that the chief says this department needs. he says that while not cheap, it may save lives of officers and others. he says it's every bit worth it. >> this is a ballistic shield. >> reporter: he shows us protective equipment he says is an absolute must for officers patrolling the streets of richmond. >> we need this equipment to save our lives, but more importantly save the lives we're sworn to protect. >> reporter: they don't have enough to equip everyone who needs it. the chief says that's got to change. >> i'm super concerned about my officers. >> reporter: the chief says seeing police officers targeted and ambushed across the country is a wake-up call. >> the threats around us have got our attention. >> reporter: he wrote a letter to city leaders this week calling attention to the need for new equipment. helmets, long gun rifles, ballistic blankets and armored rescue vehicles.
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and a drone are on the chief's wish list. >> it's not much different than sort of buying insurance. you hope you never need it, but, man, if you do, you want to be ready. >> we want our department to have everything they need. >> reporter: the mayor says he, too, wants to make sure the department is equipped and prepared. for those on the front line, it's crucial. >> it's a must for us. >> reporter: the chief plans to fund the new equipment through grants. the city council must approve the purchase. the chief is hoping that will happen early next month. in richmond, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. the politically charged case of kate steinly's murder won't go to trial until after the presidential election. the suspect is charged with killing her last year on san francisco's pier 14. he is an undocumented alien.
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donald trump focused on this case as one of his reasons to build a wall along the us/mexico board. today in court, lawyers acknowledge the murder trial likely won't begin until next year. a disturbing discovery along a popular south bay trail. park rangers say poison was found in a water trough. this is quite a scare for hikers and dog walkers. >> reporter: it is. there are water troughs like the one behind me across the park. the one in question is up the trail quite a ways a little bit here. tonight, park rangers are warning visitors to be extra vigilant and extra careful. this is the trough where yesterday a county park employee found something unusual inside. it was a substance in blocks. rangers say it was poison often used to kill rodents.
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>> to know one is poisoning the water. we're at a drought. it's what they drink. to know that people out there exist, it's sad. that they're out here with us. >> reporter: right now, is the only trough in the park where rangers found the poison. horses, dogs and wild life use it. but it's not known if any animals were exposed. tonight, rangers are asking visitors to beware and inspect the troughs before allowing animals to drink out of them. >> that's a terrible thing. they want to kill the animals. >> reporter: rangers say it's now clean but the worry continues. sheriffs detectives, park rangers and the state department of fish and game are investigating the case. tonight, the park rangers do not have any leads on any potential suspects. but they say they will continue investigating. >> thank you. we have new details about a child abduction case.
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the baby allegedly kidnapped by his own mother has been found. the search is on for the mother. she has several facial piercings and tattoos. she disappeared with her child when prosecutors told her she lost custody. police did not say where the baby was found today but the baby is safe. a freak accident on the peninsula. an 18-month-old boy is in the hospital. he is being treated at stanford hospital after falling from a third story window. he is in critical condition. this happened at an apartment complex in foster city this morning. police say the boy leaned up against an open window and fell through the screen. >> i feel so bad for the parents. i mean, god bless that little boy. i hope god his him in his arms and is going to pull him through this. >> at this time, neither the parents or the property owner are being held responsible for what's being called simply a horrible accident. firefighters to the rescue
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after an elderly woman fell down an embankment and broke her leg. it happened this afternoon at foothills park. firefighters say the 85-year-old woman was walking on a trail when she slipped and fell. they carried out on a backboard. she has a broken leg. still to come -- batter and bruised, the new details about the man found in a stairwell at a popular san francisco mall. good evening. sunny skies inland. we're tracking a changing forecast, including temperatures near 100. details in a few minutes. we heard of some interesting olympic sports. but this one? from the hot holiday gift to the olympics, the new push to get drone racing into the olympics. from the crime scene. we now
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know the identity of the man -- who was found dead in we have new developments from the crime scene we now know the identity of the man who was found dead in the stairwell of a bloomingdale's. the man was a chef at a local restaurant. he was found yesterday in a locked area. >> reporter: we spoke with one man who says his co-worker would occasionally see people make their ways on the stairs.
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yesterday was different. he saw a victim face down at the bottom of the stairs with visible injuries. he quickly relayed that information to his boss. >> obviously, very sad. >> reporter: at sons & daughters restaurant, word spread about the death of a line chef. >> it has been here in this neighborhood for a while. anybody of the victim of that in this neighborhood is heartbreaking. >> reporter: she didn't know the man. his death being investigated as a homicide after he was found yesterday in a stairwell at westfield san francisco center that contract workers say isn't used by the public. >> at the bottom of the stairs. >> reporter: this man didn't want his face shown. he said the victim had scratches on him. >> he was unresponsive. that's when he talked to our boss and asked to speak to him in private rather than blurt it
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over the radio. >> reporter: the restaurant was closed today. they released a statement saying we are shocked and devastated by frank's passing. we are a small team that operates like a close-knit family and he will be dearly missed. san francisco police continue their investigation. the mall said they are cooperating with police. they say they continue to look through security tapes in the area here at the mall and surrounding businesses. >> thank you. a peninsula community will hold a vigil for a college baseball player. he was killed while playing pokemon go. he was with a friend playing the popular game at aquatic park in san francisco over the weekend. he turned a corner and that's when someone shot and killed him. he graduated from sarah high school and play baseball at san joaquin delta college.
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tonight's vigil is at st. gregory's church in san mateo. new findings just released on how dangerous road debris can be for drivers. researchers at the aaa foundation looked at four years of data. they found an average of 50,000 car crashes per year across the u.s. linked to debris on the road. that resulted in more than 500 deaths and nearly 40,000 injuries. more than one-third of the crashes, the driver overcorrected or swerved causing the crash. this might be our olympic story of the day. every time the olympics roll around we hear which sports should be included. this year is no exception. >> in the bay area people are talking about drone racing. it is catching on. scott is here with amazing video. >> reporter: these drones do move fast. they sell quickly, too. drone sales up 63% in a year.
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now some people are saying, this should be an olympic sport. >> three, two, one. go. >> reporter: it's already sky high in popularity. >> drone racing is really hot. >> reporter: but could drone racing be an olympic sport? >> kind of preferable for people that are actually raising. >> reporter: we asked drone pilots who say their game -- >> really gives you the sense of being a bird in the sky. >> reporter: after 700,000 drones were bought in the last year alone, many flying very, very fast. >> unlike other sports that require a very particular set of skills or body type or strength, drone racing is something that's really open to just about anybody. >> reporter: it's not all that expensive. people love to watch it. the future is bright. >> some of the best players in the game, some of the best pilots are actually young kids,
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12 and 13 years old. >> reporter: giving this sport plenty of time to take off. drone racing is not the only sport being considered for future olympic games. you mentioned that we hear every couple of years about these, including bridge. you ready to train for that? how about maybe chess? people have talked about putting that in the games. i imagine tug-of-war. i would watch for that. and not making this up. people have proposed pole dancing. >> wow. i'm not touching that one. >> me neither. >> okay. >> let's go back to the drones. how about pokemon go? >> they will propose that next. thanks so much. >> tug-of-war. >> tug-of-war would be fun. there is strength involved in that. >> back to elementary school, that was the day, right before summer. >> so much fun. >> we have to win. we do have some great weather on this last weekend of summer for most of the kids before you head back to school next week.
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let's get you into the forecast. you can see right now, it's comfortable here. look at oracle arena. we have 65 after a high of 72 today. mostly clear, humidity increasing as that fog begins to move in closer from the coastline. in concord, right now, it's 85 after a high of 90. currently, sunny skies. through tomorrow's forecast, we continue to keep this warm weather here for the interior valley. temperatures are going to go up a degree or two as well for the east bay, 92 for the high. san francisco, 63. north bay, 89. right back here towards the south bay, expecting 88 degrees. it's all about this area of high pressure that will continue to build across the bay area. so when we get a closer look at the temperature profile for san jose, you can see for morning hours, we will start with 65 at 9:00 a.m. it's going to shoot up by 1:00 p.m. to 82. then by 3:00 p.m., we will top out at 88 degrees. now it will be hotter and tucked into the interior valleys of the
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north bay. in fact, by the afternoon we are expecting upper 80s and the low 90s. towards rio, comfortable temperatures after warmer weather most recently. 72 for tomorrow. 75 on saturday. a little warmer for the competition as we head into sunday and 83 degrees. tonight, 7:30, it's about the olympic zone. i'm hosting that show. we will have a look at the highlights over the past 24 hours plus a look ahead on what's coming up tonight. we will take you into the life of being an olympian family and behind the scenes of camera work in rio. they get fancy angles. we will talk to a camera operator there at the olympics. >> best in the world. >> see you at 7:30. thanks, jeff. oakland is finally getting a new arena. don't expect to see professional athletes competing inside. ahead, details on a new e-sports
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venue. the n-b-a schedule is released.
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and circle your calenders -- the happening now, the nba schedule is released. circle your calendar. the warriors will play the cavaliers christmas day in a repeat of the nba finals. a deer takes a dip in a pool. the wild animal joins a group of swim students that was rescued out of the pool. we have photos on our website. an arena.
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but it won't be for the warriors. think smaller. oakland is getting a new arena. but it won't be for warriors. think smaller. >> 1,000 square foot arena dedicated to e-sports. it's coming to oakland. tell us what this is all about. >> reporter: not your typical arena. it's going to be the bay area's first e-sports venue coming in here behind me. soon you will see video gamers taking over part of the amtrak parking lot. it's called e-sports. >> e-sports. >> reporter: a well-known phenomenon in asia. >> i don't know how you play them or anything. >> reporter: even if you haven't heard of it, its popularity is booming. >> people get scholarships to colleges. it's considered a sport. >> reporter: known as competitive gaming, the pastime of cheering on video game
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players and teens is coming to oakland. >> why would you go to an arena? aren't those games you can see at home? >> we find a lot of people in oakland. >> reporter: this man is the co-founder of e-sports arena. his company opened the first e-sports venue in october in southern california. >> last night, we had over 300 competitors. >> reporter: with a multimillion dollar investment from five chinese sports and video game companies, he plans to open a second location. inside what is now the amtrak parking lot near jack london square. >> in oakland, we have 16,000 square feet. >> reporter: he believes will draw 10,000 people every month. >> we will be producing e-sports content and competitions on a daily basis. >> reporter: even if it's not the arena some hoped would come to oakland, there is excitement already from younger generations. >> i will be there. >> reporter: they certainly will be here.
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he won't tell me how much the new arena will cost. it should be coming in here sometime by the end of this year or the beginning of 2016. live in oakland tonight, nbc bay area news. snapchat under fire tonight after some claim the social media tool was promoting racial stereotypes. the claim centers around a photo filter tool that allows users to change their appearance to have slanted eyes and buck teeth. twitter users were outraged saying it mirrors stereotypes of asian faces. snapchat has since removed the filter and says it was never meant to offend anyone. we're excited to be here. >> up next, taking rio by storm. jessica aguirre rejoins us to introduce us to some super olympic fans. i was disgusted. i was upset. i was reviled. >> parents of missing kids call
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a charity's fund-raising tactics exploitation. they asked nbc bay area to respond. reinvestigate. next.
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nbc bay area responds to a man whose son is missing. >> he is concerned that an organization in florida is exploiting him and other parents. this stems from the collection jars that you might see at local restaurants and stores. pictures with missing kids on them. >> chris is stepping in to tell
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us more. >> this is a story about spare change that adds up to seven figures. it's a story about a charity that uses kids' pictures without asking. >> that's the sad part. >> his father can tell you where he is. >> i think he's in the suburb of athens. >> greece. his mom, who is greek, took him toagens in 2010 and never came home. >> she just kept him there. >> imagine george's surprise when he stopped at this gas station and saw his picture on a donation jar. >> my first reaction is to rip it out and take it with me. this is ridiculous. >> he had given the photo to the government backed national center for missing and exploited children. but not the group on the canister, child watch. child watch is a charity that says it helps rescue missing children, which is supposed to
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include free investigative services and poster distribution for families of missing kids as well as money for travel expenses. it's based in a house near orlando, florida. by phone, the founder confirmed that child watch copied the photo from the national center and put it on donation jars without asking. why did you choose to use this picture without his father's permission? >> without his father's permission, there's no reason. we just chose a photo that we thought had some potential for some success. >> as in fund-raising to make money? >> no. as in trying to find him. >> child watch didn't take any additional steps to find him. how much money did you get from child watch? >> none. >> how much did they investigate on your behalf? >> none. >> how many posters did they present with your son's picture on it to help find him? >> none. >> child watch eventually removed the photo.
6:32 pm
but only his photo. are you using somebody else's photograph instead without their permission? >> yes. >> he didn't secure authorization from me to do this. >> this man has two missing kids. henry and helena, taken to africa by their mom. he learned that his son's picture was on a donation jar. >> i was reviled. from seeing that photograph. >> we found henry's face in san jose, collecting cash that did not go to his dad. how much financial support did you receive from child watch? >> none. >> how much investigative services did they do for you? >> none. >> how many posters did they print for you? >> none. >> robert lowery runs the official missing kids database. he said child watch may not be breaking the law but it's breaking policy. its photos are for raising awareness like this, not raising money like this.
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>> never for fund-raising purposes. it would be wrong of us to do that. any other use of that we find questionable. >> that's exactly what's happening. child watch is actually a web of charities, called crisis relief network. tax filings show contributions of $3.8 million the past five years. are there a lot of problems? >> this man heads charity watch which scrutinizes non-profits. he is concerned they run five charities from a home with four people. three of whom are in don woods' family. he red flagged its tax returns. for example, hundreds of thousands of dollars in fund-raising expenses, including telemarketers, labeled awareness campaign. he can't decipher where donations actually go. >> i would advice donors to not contribute to crisis relief network.
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>> don woods insists his accounting is sound. he put us in touch with parents of missing kids. one got a hundred thousand dollars. charles wonders where the rest of the $3.8 million and how much don wood collected using his son's photo. >> he should stop this. it's pure exploitation. >> one thing will stop, midway through our investigation, crisis relief told us it will no longer use kids' photos without permission. >> in hindsight now, and after this situation, we will change our policy. >> however, it will continue collecting money. george says, don't donate on an impulse. do research. >> nobody says you have to give then and there. >> charles wants law enforcement to investigate crisis relief network. >> they will see the exploitation for what it is. >> and stop it. shut it down? >> shut it down. >> in response to our questions, crisis relief network has downplayed its scale. it acknowledges places 1200
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donation chars jars. do you have a tip? we investigate. >> very interesting. thank you, chris. let's head back to rio. it's about 10:35 in brazil in the evening. the olympic flame will stay lit for another 11 days. brazil's government by the way, believes a half a million foreign visitors are in rio to experience the games. among those visitors, many from the bay area. tonight a couple from san francisco who are living it up. >> i hope jessica agee ruirre i living it up with them. >> reporter: you know, you have your olympic fans. and then you have your news fans. what happens when you combine them both and head to rio? then you have the maddows who took their passions and turned it into one giant adventure
6:36 pm
6,000 miles away from home. >> special edition of olympic update. >> she likes to play newscaster. >> for the first year since 2012 olympic update will break a tradition of hosting a party during the opening ceremonies. >> her husband likes to produce and report for their olympic updates. >> for past year, the region has battled with the zika virus. >> reporter: now they are giving themselves the overseas assignment of a lifetime. and reporting in person live in rio. >> first year as a married couple, we thought why not go to the olympics live? >> reporter: they will spend ten days in rio seeing the sights and taking in all that olympic park has to offer. >> we have nine events we're going to. pretty excited. >> reporter: including some of the marquis events while trying to break news of their own. >> we want to meet an athlete, preferably an american.
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>> stoked to see swimming. we will see katie ledecky, michael phelps. >> reporter: tonight could be the night the olympic update gets its biggest ratings boost ever. >> i did mine in two takes. >> reporter: two takes, really? what a showoff. evan has reported to me that so far he hasn't seen one mosquito at all here at olympic park. they are excited because they will see the showdown tonight. lots of excitement here for everybody. big night for the final five. big night, of course, in the pool. get comfy on the couch, get popcorn. this is one to watch. >> let's put them on nbc payroll. you have the power to do that. go for it. >> reporter: i will see if i can find them. >> thanks, jessica. what does natalie coughlin think about tonight's marquis matchup between phelps and lochte? she joins us in the studio in 15 minutes to let us know.
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ahead, it's no secret we're seeing more whales along the coast. that's leading to booming business. we will show you where and how. thieves appear to be targeting
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"pokmon go" players in berkeley. it's happened three times over thieves appear to be targeting pokemon go players. it's happening in berkeley. it happened three time in the last month, most recently at monday. the victim wrestles the phone away. two other cases, the robbers punched the victim or knocked them to the ground. police made arrests in one case. if you play pokemon go, don't do it at night. it's a chunk of prime real estate, the macy's store is up for sale. the company wants to capitalize
6:41 pm
on its current real estate assets. it will move the men's merchandise into the main store. this comes on the same day they announced the closure of 100 stores across the country. macy's plans to focus on its highest performing stores and boost online sales. the bathrooms might reopen, bart might be unlobbing t iunlo doors. it has been closed since after the september 11th terror attacks because of concern that those bathrooms could be used to stage more attacks. now the bart board is considering resigning the bathrooms and opening them again to the public. the station in san francisco and the 19th street station in oakland would be the first to reopen. that won't be until 2018 under the current plan. jeff is here. he has our forecast. >> warmer ahead. if you don't like the heat, we have coastal locations that will remain comfortable. check out this beautiful view of
6:42 pm
hayward. look at the flag. we have 70 degrees. temperatures dropping into the 60s shortly and 50s by early tomorrow morning. we have your wide ranging forecast in just a few minutes. that's what i'm talking about. >> el nino helping to bring more whales to our coast. it's making things really lucrative for one local business.
6:43 pm
(jet engine reving up) you hear that? that's the sound of our summer sale firing up its engines with fares as low as 69 dollars one-way. so get ready to take off ... because sale prices as low as these don't happen every day! book your low fare now at low fares. nothing to hide. that's transfarency. (clap, clap, ding)
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but thisr have you seen them along the coast? the bay area is a stop for thin. but this year more than usual. >> that means big business for whole watching tours. >> welcome aboard. >> i have been on boats since
6:45 pm
1983. everything has brought me back to the sea. >> reporter: there was a time when the captain prowled the ocean looking for fish. >> i started on a fish boat. >> reporter: these days -- >> find a whale. >> reporter: he is chasing something larger. >> your adventure begins now. >> reporter: most days he is at the wheel of the kitty cat as it departs in search of whales as part of san francisco whale tours. >> right out from the minute we leave, that's all we care about is finding that whale. the first person to point out a whale gets a free pick off the snack bar. every vessel has a bible on it. it has never let us down. >> reporter: whether it's define intervention or something else, the kitty cat's whale watching excursions this year have been more fruitful than normal. >> they have been in and out of the bay. they have been along our coast. >> reporter: instead of traveling dozens of miles out to sea, the whales are traversing just a short ride down the
6:46 pm
coast. >> if you see a spout, shout it out. my god. oh, my god. >> captain joe is excited. he gets us pumped up. >> i'm on the trail. there she blows. unbelievable. a big one. >> reporter: it has been a bountiful year for whale watching with them just offshore and even in the bay, there are times you don't need a boat. >> going where the food is. if the food is inside the bay, they will be in the bay. >> due to the climate change and el nino, this has been the best whale watching year on record for me ever. >> it's awesome. it was amazing. i never seen anything like that before. >> reporter: it's a bonus for tourists shopping in union square one second staring at the world's largest living creatures an hour later. >> you can't believe how big they really are. how am it is. >> reporter: as thrilling for
6:47 pm
passengers, it's safe to say the most excited person on this boat -- >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: is the guy who has seen it all before. >> there she blows. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> i want to be on his boat. you see a spout, shout it out. >> we were shouting. >> i saw a spout. if you go whale watching, bring a jacket. it's chilly along the coast. we have warmer temps inland. >> we do. the fog will stay put over the next 24 to 72 hours. el nino, which helped to bring us more of the whale watching is certainly changing right now. not expecting nearly as much great activity over the next six months. here is the reason why. el nino continues to dissipate at this hour with a storm track lifting to the north. rain will increase late september here in the long rangeout look. we have a 55 to 60% chance of la nina forming as we head into fall and winter.
6:48 pm
it can mean above or below average rain. more coming up in 35 to 45 days as the updates continue to come in. a look at the temperature trend. walnut creek, 90 today. down to 85 and dipping into the 60s by 9:00 tonight. let's push into tomorrow morning's forecast. we have the classic fog coming back to san francisco, thick with areas of drizzle and 53 to start. north bay, cloud cover and 55. peninsula, 54. south bay, we start at 59 degrees. the weather pattern is all about this area of high pressure continuing to build offshore. storm track to the north pushes well off towards the east. this can bring this hotter air from the desert southwest. it's going to be a battle between fog at the coastline and this hotter air kind of moving in here from the east. as we look at the forecast, we can handle this. it's our classic weather extremes. 88 expected in san jose. the peninsula, a chillier 61. over to palo alto, 80.
6:49 pm
san francisco, we stay with the 60s and the cooler westerly wind. hottest temperature tomorrow, right here in livermore at 94. a breeze coming through the east bay hills. for the east bay, walnut creek, 92. in the north bay, santa rosa at 85 degrees. the extended forecast in san francisco gets it warmer, but certainly not hot by any means. upper 60s as we head into next monday and also tuesday. for the inland valleys, we do have warmer weather coming on up as we mentioned. by saturday, 96 in the inland valleys. we will stay with the mid to upper 90s monday, tuesday and also on wednesday. hot weather coming our way. it's summer. it's what we're used to. >> we will enjoy it. >> thank you. 12 time olympic medallist natalie coughlin is here. >> she's right there.
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start saving your money, because tickets will be pricey. the nba released its schedule today. the warriors are playing christmas day. >> can i borrow some money? >> no. i don't have any to loan you. >> the warriors and cavaliers, they will meet in cleveland on christmas. the warriors open the season at home against the spurs. these on october 25th. another highlight, february 11th, when kevin durant will make his return. this time as a member of the warriors. back to our olympic coverage.
6:53 pm
>> 12 time olympic medallist natalie coughlin is here with us. now we don't have to go far to be with you. >> we are in the bay area. we are enjoying the olympics. >> it's nice. it's far for me. but i'm enjoying it. >> i'm glad you are here. we have to talk about the showdown between lochte and phelps. friends and roommates. they are teammates. now they are rivals. you know them both. >> they have been rivals for a long time. swimming is a close-knit community. we know each other very well, sometimes too well. between the two of them, they have won the 200 im at every major international competition for over a decade. most of them have gone to michael. but ryan has won a few times, too. he has broken the world record. he is incredible. it's going to be the showdown. i don't know who i would put money on. >> you have been part of this media machine.
6:54 pm
are they really friends? you know them. >> i think it's a friendly rivalry. i don't think they're besties. i don't think they have the lock and heart. they are friends who happen to be fierce rivals. >> well said. on the women's side -- this is something you can speak to beautifully. you have been with her, missy franklin. the break skroout star in londo. what's happened? how come she's not that big star anymore? >> i think the biggest thing with missy is that she won four gold medals and a bronze in london. so we're expecting nothing less. she by her own words is struggling this olympic games. it's tough. if she was anyone else other than missy franklin, she would be -- everyone would be so proud of her and excited for her. i think she's just set the bar so, so high. i think that's what we are experiencing. she's still swimming very well. hopefully, she will close out
6:55 pm
the meet on a positive note. >> is there something you notice in the wo in the pool she's doing? >> technically, she's just a little bit lower in the water. that could be the smallest amount of change. we're pulling our body through the water. you want to skim the surface. every little bit makes a big difference. >> like drag? >> yeah. i think she's just swimming a little lower in the water. it's a few technical changes. hopefully, she will get her mojo back for the next few races. >> you have been at the olympics together, right? >> we got this from the files when we were in athens together. >> when i had no eyebrow. >> five medals and one a gold right there. take us through. >> that was probably my 100 backstroke gold, which was my first gold. i remember it was special because there were only 6,000 people in the stands. i was able to pick out my parents and my grandparents and
6:56 pm
my sister and my now husband, boyfriend at the time. and a few friends. it was an intimate moment. i remember when the flag was being raised, i was singing the national anthem and i remembered millions of people are watching me and i forgot the lyrics. >> everyone back home watching you. >> and the world watching. >> it was a really cool experience. one that i -- even though so many years ago, one i will never forget. >> you were there for all those moments. >> we were watching it as well. we were so proud. >> we have a big night ahead. >> a very big night. i'm excited. i don't know who will win. >> we have questions for natalie, we will be on facebook live. right now, just your guide, gymnastics all-around final and the pool, lochte and phelps. >> turn on your tv. olympics soon. have a good night. >> that will do it for us. good night. >> bye.
6:57 pm
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7:00 pm
lights. access. rio. >> he wants to beat me. i want to beat him. >> it's every man for themselves. >> phelps versus lock at the comes to its epic conclusion tonight. i'm natalie morales. there's another friendly rivalry going head to head. tell me about the rivalry. >> did i win? >> ho you did know you didn't win? >> cycling gold part of armstrong's journey. >> he said, mama, why are you crying? didn't you win the bike race? >> no wonder. >> takes more than rain and gale-force winds to get in the way of our olympic fishing reunion. i'm billy bush and my pal johnny weir jus


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