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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 12, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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vandals wreak havoc on a south bay community--- and their target? dozens of newly-planted trees. more on the act that left a ci vandals wreak havoc on a south bay community. a scare in the skies. an emergency landing on a jetblue flight bound for sacramento following extreme turbulence. two dozen people ended up in the hospital as a result. plus, two simones, one international stage and historically significant accomplishments for the american athlete. "today in the bay" starts right now. good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us on this friday morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we have established the fact if your name is simone it was a good night for you, at the olympics. more on that in a second. >> amazing. first, a look at that friday
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forecast with kari. >> it's looking like a great start to the day. comfortable temperatures. we will start to see the temperatures spread out as we go through the day. live look outside now, it's 61 in the south bay. 52 degrees in the north bay. we will have some low vesibility in spots. something we'll be watching. other than that, the temperatures will rise in the low 90s in the tri-valley. while 89 degrees in the north bay. 88 degrees in the zhou bay. san francisco, 65 degrees. we will talk more about that and a hot weekend ahead. heading over to mike now. a roadway is closed due to downed power lines. >> we have in the tri-valley, most of your freeway, in fact, all of your freeways moving fine fine. it is getting out in front of the brentwood, discovery bay, down to 580. that roadway cut off the northbound side. both directions are closed because power lines are down after a crash near a redwood landfill. just north of that landfill area. there's not a good alternate.
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the alternate remains closed for more than just a few more minutes will be highway 4 all of the way back up over toward 680 and that big long route. so i'm going to track that for you. we expect to have at least traffic control in the area but the repair work for the power lines will continue most of the day. we'll track that. back to you. >> that would be quite the work around, mike. thank you very much. to our rio olympics coverage now. a live look at the olympic torch shining brightly after what was an astounding night for team usa. the americans continue to dominate there while simone biles left the world in awe as she snatched gold in the women's all around. >> amazing performance. "today in the bay's" jay gray is in olympic park with a look back at all the action. >> reporter: it was magic and emotional night for team usa in rio. simone biles and aly raisman in tiers after finishing one, two in the women's all around final. simone manuel overcome in the 100 meter free.
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the first female african-american swimmer ever to win an individual medal. inspired performances continued in the pool, ryan murphy in the men's 200 backstroke and michael phelps. kayla harrison was a nightmare for the opponent in judo confirming she's the best in u.s. history. >> carry on the legacy. >> reporter: looking to add more gold to their olympic legacies michael phelps and katie ledecky will be back in the pool later today. jay gray, nbc news, rio. >> our coverage of the olympic games will continue throughout the morning. jessica aguirre is in rio right now. she will bring us a live report coming up in our next half hour. let's get you caught up on the news of the day. new this morning a scare in the air for passenger on board a jetblue night are to sacramento last night. severe turbulence forced an emergency landing in rapid city,
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south dakota. the plane had taken off from boston and hit a patch of bad weather. 22 passengers and 2 crew members were transported to the hospital. all of whom were treated and released. the passengers continued on to sacramento aboard another plane. they just stepped off the plane we're told. our affiliate in sacramento are interviewing passengers about that harrowing experience. city leaders are trying to figure out who is axing dozens of trees in the willow glen neighborho neighborhood. >> bizarre target for vandalism. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live. bob, this is the second incident in just a matter of weeks. >> unfortunately you are correct. good morning, sam and laura. we're here in meridian near dry creek. this is one of the newly planted tree. over 24 hours ago someone took an electric saw and cut through this stump. if you go down they did the same
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to this new tree and it's hard to see in the dark but there are 23 of these trees total here along this stretch of meridian that someone came, they believe wednesday night, early yesterday morning, some time in the middle of the night with that electric saw and cut down the trees. it's something they did similarly across the street to a 23 other trees. this was probably about three to four weeks ago. we talked with councilman this morning, he represents this district in the willow glen district of san jose. it was he who along with our city forest environmental group helped plant these trees about a year ago to beautify this area as part of a $50,000 project, broader project. money that she was able to get out of his own city budget to help plant these trees. again, he's expressing his frustration to us this morning when we spoke with him on the phone about why someone would do this. he is offering a $5,000 reward. the "mercury news" report put
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something out there thought that maybe this is politically motivated given the fact that recently over the past several months someone has also defaced art boxes in the area. there's colorful art boxes and they poured white primer paint on them. again, just a speculation this is politically motivated. don't know why they would want to do this but the fact they cut down all 46 trees among hmeridin and dry creek to beautify this area has council men and other people who live around here very frustrated. councilman offering a $5,000 reward. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. we are learning new details right now about the 28-year-old man who was found dead in a stairwell at the westfield san francisco center. frank galicia was a chefs at a restaurant sons and daughters at union square. they trying to figure at how he died but investigating as a homicide.
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maintenance workers say that galicia was found in the stairwell with the his shirt partially off and scratches all over his back. we spoke to the victim's brother last night by phone. >> he just went with the flow. he never had any kind of quarrels or beef or any kind of disgru disgruntled situation with anybody. >> he is originally from southern california and came to san francisco about a year ago to take a position at sons and daughters restaurant. family is still waiting for the autopsy report for the cause of death. police are looking through surveillance video hope that leads them to some clues. one of the last weekends before the kids head back to school. kari, what will the weather hold? >> it will be pool weather as our temperatures heat up in the 90s inland. nice and cool along the coast. i'll have a look ahead to the weekend and next week coming up in the microclimate forecast. only carpool weather but we're looking at 580. that's fine for 580. it will not help you for vasco road there, getting you there. we'll have the update and
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situation which is an issue comingcovery bay and brentwood and the tri-valley. he's not only helped my kids, she has helped me and my family. >> we'll tell you what a campus police officer did to help change the life of a young student. we investigate why certain schools are using campus police officers for reasons that are angering parents and even the officers themselves.
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. right now an investigative unit exclusive. new school year is right around the corner. you might be worried about what teacher your child is going to have in class or if you bought enough school supplies. the possibility of your child getting a criminal record while at school probably isn't at the top of the list. >> but we discovered that in certain parts of the bay area children have been given criminal records for what some describe as just childish misbehavior. investigative reporter has more on why that's happening. >> guy, good morning. while some schools have very detailed policies on when to use police officers we discovered many don't. finding the role of law enforcement is considered a best practice by the natural association of school resource officers. across the bay area's nine counties we found that many schools get a failing grade. we spent months contacting all the 161 school drits in the bay area. and found police officers patrol half of all high schools. but of those schools, about 41%
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fail to define the roles and responsibilities of school officers. in total, more than 243,000 students in the bay area attend a school district that doesn'ting a actually outline what their campus police officers should or should not be doing. to find out which school districts in the bay area actually spell out when police officers should be called and for what reasons, you can logon to our website right now, that's and guys, there you will find information for roughly 160 school districts right at your fingertips. back to you. >> thank you, bagad. if your have a tip give us a call, 1-888-996-tips. we're going to have a look at your weekend forecast next.
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so for a lot of parents this is the last weekend before the kids go back to school. >> it's hot. those classrooms are hot because we've had some temperatures heating up into the 90s and just waiting in that carpool line, you've got the air conditioner up on full blast. that's what we are expecting as we go into the next several days. looking of it side in san francisco, low clouds to start out the day. you won't notice much of a difference in the temperatures. while we've been complaining about the heat, if we're the inland areas we do have a lot of clouds and cooler temperatures along the coast and in san francisco. right now it's 57 degrees.
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we'll continue to have some 50s and low 60s starting out the day. livermore at 61 as well as san jose and concord, 57. napa starting out at 52 degrees. our winds today coming in from the north. we know when we have a shift in that wind direction. doesn't help us out. by the time the onshore flow kicks in and bripgs back that natural air conditioning it won't be until late we on this evening. by then our temperatures will already have been too hot reaching into the 90s for parts of the north bay. east bay as well as the south bay. here's the way it ships up. 90 degrees today in gilroy. 79 in san mateo. the rena district today, 60 degrees. we'll have upper 80s for napa, oakland, 74 degrees. 91 in concord and in pleasanton, 92 degrees. hot weather has taken over the region and that is what we will see as the weather pattern stays the same. so our wind increases as we go into breezy weather at times. that's just along the coastline. high pressure keeps it hot and
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dry as we go into the next several days. san francisco once again won't see much in the way of changes as you still continue on with the morning clouds and the afternoon sun shines keeping our temperatures in the 60s. as you go into the inland areas. 91 today. 95 for tomorrow. it will be as hot as 96 degrees early next week. heading over to mike now you're talking about a b.a.r.t. delay. >> major delay for the b.a.r.t. system and for some of our drivers. first, talk about daly city. the trains out of daly city heading over toward the east bay, reports of major unspecified time, major delay by b.a.r.t. system, 20 minutes or more. the roadways overall are moving well. south of the daly city b.a.r.t. station, a crash currently blocking two lanes. one car involved there southbound 280. we're tracking that and chp hasn't given us an update. hopefully that means they're just about to clear things up. over there in the tri-valley, major delay we're talking about.
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vasco road now reopened but still one way traffic control and that might continue until 1:00 p.m. we're going end with the maps because i want to show you the big reroute. if you avoid vasco, get up through brentwood and discovery bay. that's a big problem. there is a frontage road pass, too, but i don't know if they're going to route you there or not. be prepared to follow directions. back to you. >> there you dp. 4:48. thanks so much, mike. twitter is denying rumors that it will be shutting down in 2017. >> we'll see wha what @landondowwhat @landondow y what @landondowdy @cnbc. landon, good morning. >> hey there, good morning to you both. the markets are partying like it is 1999. all three major stock indexes hitting record closing highs. that's the first time it's happened on the same day in 17 years. you want to look for data today on monthly retail sales and jcpenney rounds out the week for retail earnings.
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the dow getting 118 points to 18614. nasdaq up half a percent to 5228. 19 while, nordstrom joining the department store surge. the fashion retailer shares leaping 11% higher after earnings came in better than expected. that jump extended the 7% gain that nordstrom had earlier in the day following earnings reports from competitors kohl's and macy's that beat analyst's expectations. macy's announced a plan to close 100 of its stores starting in 2017. and as twitter is officially denying rumors the social media site will be shutting down in 2017. that rumor begins spreading on twitter early on thursday. using the #savetwitter. remains unclear how the rumor started, however, some tweets claimed it originated from a twitter user who was unhappy with twitter's handling with online bullying. back over to you. >> #trendingontwitter to
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#savetwitter. the city of oakland is getting a new arena, not for the warriors but for e-sports. if you like the idea of cheering on gamers as they play war craft and league of legends, get ready. a thousand square foot arena is going to open in the former amtrak parking lot in jack london square. the venue will draw thousands of fans each month. >> we'll be producing e-sports content and competitions on a daily basis. >> while we spoke to lots of adults who were not sure they would i've visit the new e-sports arena some young ones we spoke to said they simply cannot wait. the niners get their preseason started sunday at levi. this year they can take the express train to get there. vta quicking off a light rail service for niners games. instead of taking the local train which has 26 stops along the way, the new 49ers express train will make four stops at the biggest stations i colluding
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the great mall and derodon. ticket runs $20 round trip. regular trains kos about half that. happening right now, we have record high smog levels apparently sending more people to the hospital in parts of southern california. the inland empire is feeling it the worse and that is where health leaders say that breathing related visits this summer are up more than 10%. june and july, the entire region experienced only five healthy air days due in large part to all the wildfires and the stagnant weather. >> yeah, we're noticing that here in the bay area as well. >> plenty offish sus here, too. as for the bay area, live look at san jose where the air quality will not fair much better. air quality leaders declared a second straight "spare the air" day. 15th now. light winds will bring in more smoke from the soberanes wildfire near big sur. this is the 15th "spare the air" day this summer. >> just like you said. happening right now, look up, there's a show playing out in the skies.
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astronomers say the annual perseid meteor shower is peaking right now. >> it's supposed to be a little more visual this year because there are higher levels of dirt and dust contained in the cosmic cloud. if you can't get out to see it right now, the showers supposed to provide more sights tomorrow morning over the same time period. attacks that women have talked about for year is being unfair and unjust may finally go away. how lawmakers are stepping on taxing personal care products. but first, happening right now, a massive quake on the hayward fault line would leave many communities without water to fight dozens of natural gas sparked fires according to uc researchers. read that nbc bay area investigation on our facebook page. plus, we're all over the big olympic stories 24/7. from here all of the way to rio de janiero in brazil. check out our daily 5 to watch featured on the home page right now so you don't miss out on history. plenty of that made last night.
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4:55 on friday morning. diapers and a upons may soon become cheaper. eliminate the sales tax on feminine hygiene products. the committee eliminated the sales tax on diapers. supporters of bill say tampons, sanitary pads and diapers are medically necessary and should not be taxed. >> i have girls tell me they miss school, miss work, moms choose between feeding their kids or buying these product sglsz they are a little bit expensive already. and they're really kind of necessary. >> really kind of. both bills move to the senate floor. they still need approval from both the senate and the governor before becoming law.
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recent attacks targeting law enforcement officers that we've seen all over parts of the country now has richmond's police chief asking for some help. we should note there have been no specific threats against richmond officers but chief brown does not want to wait. he's asking for new equipment. brown says the department needs new helmet, rifles, ballistics blankets and new armored rescue vehicle. >> i'm super concerned about my officers. these threats around us have gotten our attention. >> chief brown wrote a letter to city leaders calling attention to the need for new equipment. richmond's mayor says that he, too, wants to make sure the department is equipped and prepared. let's check the forecast with kari. >> sam and laura. >> what have you got? >> nice cool start as we start out this day. heading into the weekend, it heats up. more on that coming up in the microclimate forecast. nice look at the peninsula side of the san mateo bridge. i have updates on crashes both over on the peninsula over in
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the tri-valley and we're also tracking the big delays for the b.a.r.t. system. and live look at the olympic flame, the big torch burning in rio. what a night last night. we'll have a recap of what happened and what's ahead. jessica aguirre live in rio coming up.
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good morning. i'm bob redell live here in the south bay where someone has struck again killing more newly planted trees here in willow glen. that story coming up. plus, a scare in the skies overnight. dozens are rushed to the hospital after a bumpy jetblue flight on its way to sacramento has to make a landing. we're just hearing from passengers who were on the flight. and the battle of the simones. two golds and two epic olympic performances. the triumph stories coming out of the summer games coming up in five minutes. a live report from jessica aguirre from rio. "today in the bay" starts right now. >> hugs and emotion last night. such hard work. realized with gold medals. pretty cool stuff. good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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>> we start out this morning with some clouds and fog in san francisco and mostly clear skies. as you head away from the coast. but then as we go through the day, temperatures spread out. it heats up. it will be another hot one if you are not in san francisco. it's going to start out there at 57 degrees. 65 for the high. but look at the tri-valley, up to 93 degrees today. we'll see some more of those 90s not only for the weekend but into next week. we'll talk about that coming up in awe few minutes. heading over to mike now, already very active for the roads and the rail. >> a big look at the bay first and shoutout and b.a.r.t. still reports a major delay out of daly city in the east bay direction. major means anything more than 20 minutes. just south of that daly city station on 280 we had a crash blocking two lanes a few minutes ago chp gave us all clears toward hickey boulevard. there's the slowing. down the rest of the peninsula. that should


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