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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  August 13, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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developing story ... a police officer injured in the east bay. we're live at thcr right now on nbc bay area, a developing story. a police officer injured in the east bay. we're live at the crash site with how it happened. good evening to you, thanks for joining us for this special edition of nbc bay area news. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. that crash happened two hours ago. police still at the scene. >> nbc bay area's christie smith is live in hayward. christie, what do we know? >> reporter: i can tell you there are at least a dozen hayward police officers out here right now. we're at patrick and gomer, the intersection is blocked, as you can see. on the other side of the police cars there, a mercedes with the front end smashed in. a witness says there was a small collision with a patrol car. one officer says, though, that that officer involved is all right.
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the witness was selling fruit, sher says, when the mercedes came down gomer at a high rate of speed and clipped the patrol car. she says that one person inside of the mercedes was injured. the other person, she says, took off running. she says that the officer actually asked her how she was doing and if she saw anything. she says that that person ran past the park, and that he was caught about a block away. another witness says that the black mercedes actually hit another car as it came towards the intersection and that there was a lot of activity in an apartment parking lot nearby. he says he believed he saw perhaps a second dented patrol car. police on scene, though, have not commented yet officially. neighbors say that they have heard gunfire in the area in recent weeks. unclear, though, at this point if that's related. that's the latest from here, live in hayward, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> christie, thanks very much. it's been a hot day around much of the bay area.
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temperatures rising. and we want to give you a live look at san jose, it's been hot here. you can see a haze over the hill tops there. today, a spare the air day. meteorologist anthony slaughter is tracking the air. >> we've got the fog moving in behind me, looking at san francisco, you can barely make out the bridge off in the distance. yes, the fog is rolling on in. it will be with most of us for tomorrow morning. 61 degrees right now in san francisco. look at the some of the highs today, fairfield got up to 99, even livermore up to 98. temperatures you see here are coming down five degrees for tomorrow. it's not going to be as hot. we'll still see a few places that will get close to 90. kind of what we're sitting at right now. morgan hill, 88. there's the cooling across the coastline. 69 right now in santa cruz, 61 downtown in san francisco. 55 in half moon bay. now, we have the main story over the next couple of days, cooler weather tomorrow and also for monday. then temperatures go right back
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up as we head toward the middle part of this upcoming week. we'll talk about the numbers coming up in about ten minutes. back to you guys. a pretty incredible day in the water for team usa. tonight, it could get even better. take a look at the beautiful olympic flame burning brightly here in rio de janeiro. it is the last night of swimming, and several athletes with bay area ties are looking to make history there. that certainly includes simone manuel, she is looking for another medal after her historic victory in the 100 free on thursday. she's swimming in the 53 final tonight. ryan murphy and nathan adrian will join michael phelps in the 400-meter relay, his chance to add another medal to his already record-breaking count. a good way in the women's water polo, team captain maggie
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steffens helped lead the team to victory. they're so far undefeated. they're heading to the quarterfinals on monday. one more olympic note to pass along, last night michelle carter became the first woman from team usa to win a gold medal in shot put. she too has a bay area tie. her father is a former 49er and also former olympic track and field star. as michael phelps prepares for what he says will be his final olympic race, many swimming fans are reflecting on his legacy and his incredible success that's inspiring a whole new generation of swimmers. marianne favro live in san jose with the mark he's leaving on the sport. marianne? >> reporter: it is a huge mark. not only has michael phelps inspired people to join the sport but he's also motivated them to buy a lot of gear at swim shops like this one in san jose. at age 31, he now has 22 gold medal. phelps says he's retiring but many swimmers including ryan lochte don't believe it. at the swim shop in san jose,
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phelps has boosted business, with customers coming in asking specifically for his merchandise. >> they want to see what he wore, what he has. they want to try the products on, is this going to make me faster. >> reporter: she says phelps will leave a legacy of hard work. and he's proof that you can come out of retirement and return to a sport you love and dominate. here is a funny story. she says two years ago phelps was competing in santa clara and forgot his swim trunks, so the store had to bring over several pairs for him to choose from. of course a big night of swimming tonight. you can watch michael phelps swim for possibly the very last time. live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> marianne, thanks a lot. a former cal football star made his debut today, competing in the men's 100-meter dash, representing the tiny caribbean
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island of st. lucie. he fishnished one-third of a second behind the winner, usain bolt. he's going to come so close. came in second. out of the qualifying heat. they work so hard and they say it's time they get paid. more olympic champions will be able to accept money for winning a medal this year. that's because of a change in the ncaa rules that involve student athletes. it's now allowing them to keep the prize money. nbc bay area's rick boone is here to explain. this is a good thing. >> this is a good thing. i feel like cuba gooding with this demonstration now. we're talking about the money. this is the gold, silver, and bronze medals. gold, we're talking about $25,000. silver, that will pop up here in a second, 15 grand. and bronze not a bad deal, we're looking at $10,000. here are the awards given to the
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athletes who are eligible now by the u.s. committee. it's a little lower than some of the other countries. you saw that breakdown there. $25,000 gold, 15 for silver, 10 for bronze. not bad at all. and now they will be able to keep that money, as you indicated, to retain their college eligibility. and that's a big payday for people like singapore's joseph schooling. he attends the university of texas. his country awarding, get this, $753,000 for gold medal wins. not bad if you are that guy. and not bad if you are this guy as well, michael phelps. >> last night and tonight have been two great nights for us. we kind of picked up some momentum last night and we're carrying it through tonight. i think that's something that we do really well as a team. when we pick it up and get the ball rolling, it's tough to stop. >> as for phelps and his career, he ends up with a lot. you've got those endorsements,
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and also this money right now. now, peggy and terry, help me out a little bit. write down a number, it's $550,000. that's how many gold medals, you times that by $25,000. remember the silver? i feel like i'm doing a game show here. that's $45,000. then the bronze, $10,000 each. you add it all together, and that's a whole lot of money. >> you think about how much they worked for it. i would say worth it. >> that was my answer too. a whole lot of money. >> very good job with the game show, i liked it. thanks so much, rick. we certainly have more olympic coverage to come coming up in prime time. you can watch michael phelps and his relay team swimming for the gold. that will happen after the olympics at midnight. a woman is seriously injured after a gruesome car accident. police are searching for the driver. the crash happened at 10:30 this morning on skillman lane. the woman was in the passenger seat when the car crashed for an
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unknown reason, flew into the air, and landed on a metal fence and impaled the female passenger. witnesses say they were trying to keep her calm. >> she said she couldn't feel her legs. another gal asked her to stay calm and keep breathing. >> the driver of the civic ran from the scene. police are trying to determine if drugs or alcohol were involved. a freak accident that happened in san francisco and left a mother fighting for her life in the mother. mayor ed lee is announced his thoughts are with she and her family. a tree limb hit her while she was with her kids in washington square park. a private tree company trimmed the trees about two years ago. the tree was last inspected in 2010 and was found to be in good condition. >> it's a standardized system.
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what i'm saying is, common sense. it's a no-brainer. >> coming up next, we investigate a serious threat to the east bay if a major earthquake hits. our city's plan to fight fires without a reliable water source. also coming up, it's not your typical police chase. this suspect ferocious. we're talking about an emu on the lam. we'll talk about your microclimate forecast. big earthquke will likley happen
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along the hayward fault. but its not just a major quake -- its the fires that follow. ==peggy/2shot== a large quake may cut off the east bay's critical water suly . a large quack couke could c the east bay's water supply. here's nbc bay area reporter justin van der beck. >> reporter: at 81 years old, maureen smith has been organizing her neighbors to respond to a disaster that she's sure to come. >> the motivation for me was i didn't want to be stupid when something happened and i hadn't
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done what i could. >> reporter: she works to train citizens. emergency officials are behind in efforts to deal with effects of an earthquake like fires. >> there will be a loss of thousands of home. >> reporter: charles hawthorn is a researcher studying fire danger. he says the areas in vivid red are at greatest risk for a large quake on the hayward fault. they may also be prone to post-quake fires. he fears crews will not have the water they need to douse the many fires. that's because the water system in the east bay is vulnerable to mass failures. >> after a really major event, we would potentially see thousands of leaks. >> reporter: xavier irias is the district's head engineer. he said cast-iron pipe accounts for more than one-third of the
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4,000-mile water supply system and could easily rupture. perhaps the greatest risk is here in the hills of berkeley where the hayward fault loves straight through the center of the uc berkeley stadium. after the devastating 1991 oakland hills fire, berkeley voters approved a bond measure to install a network of quake-resistant pipes in the city, along with several 50,000 underground reservoirs like this one being built in san francisco. but that plan went nowhere. hawthorn says that was due to neighborhood opposition. >> nobody wants it dug in front of their neighborhood or house. >> reporter: instead, the idea of this system is to pump water out of the bay or the hills and distribute it by six miles of 12-inch-thick hoses. >> that would protect the downtown area, protect the campus, most of the flats, and
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to some extent protect the portions of the hills. >> reporter: he said the state should vastly upgrade its post-quake water supply system and get specially outfitted fire trucks, each with a mile of backup fire hose, one truck for every 25,000 people in the city. >> we need a standardized system for the whole state. what i'm saying is common sense. it's a no-brainer. >> reporter: by his calculation, there should be 100 such trucks for the bay area alone. right now, oakland has just four. and there are a dozen bay area wide. hawthorn says fire officials generally support his plan. >> if you'll pardon the pun, they're busy putting out fires. they have a lot of other things they have to deal with. >> reporter: berkeley's assistant fire chief david branigan says the city has just seven fire companies. >> if we have a more severe earthquake on the hayward fault, it would provide us water that we would not otherwise have.
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if we had multiple fires around the city and we lost our east bay water, we would have a problem. >> reporter: noreen smith recognizes the city has made progress. >> it's much better prepared than most. and it's still not anywhere near what it needs to be. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call. you also can send us an e-mail to the unit at the latest poll numbers are in and hillary clinton is widening her lead over donald trump in the key battleground states. the nbc news poll shows clinton leading trump by five points in florida. in north carolina, the democrat has a nine-point lead over trump. in virginia and colorado, she's now leading by double digits. experts say if clinton wins all four of those states in november, it would be virtually impossible for trump to win the white house. and right now, checking in with meteorologist anthony slaughter, as we're halfway
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through the weekend. what can we be thinking about for tomorrow? >> we'll cool off in the inland valleys, closer to 90. how's that for a little bit of a cooldown? at the coastline, morning fog will lead to, again, cooler weather for tomorrow and basically for monday. after that we're back to seeing very hot temperatures with inland valleys close to 100 degrees. a little bit of a break in the heat coming our way towards tomorrow. right now we're at 78 degrees in san jose. up to 88 was our high today. here is what you can expect for the next couple of days. by tomorrow, again, a few morning clouds are expected even for places like san jose. the week ahead, temperatures go back up. we'll be looking at highs in the 90s. then next weekend we come right back down to the 80s. temperature in san francisco at 61 degrees. that fog will spread through the bay area this evening, even for places like the south bay and north bay and tri valley. temperatures warm in the tri valley tomorrow, 88 for the
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north bay, 90 tomorrow for the south bay. the fog, again, is expected to roll back in tonight. and it will be pretty thick across the inner bay. but it it rolls out here by 8:00 tomorrow morning. at the coastline it will stay foggy at least until about noon. and the winds are really not going to be a huge issue but they'll continue to gust in the afternoon. that's the thing you're going to notice for tomorrow. same for monday, not a whole lot of gusty winds. from time to time especially in the afternoon you'll notice it will be a little bit breeze. 75 tomorrow in san mateo. mid-60s expected for san francisco. the tri valley, look at that, 90 for places like danville, pleasanton up to 91 degrees, livermore 92. comfortable in oakland, 71 degrees. rio, forecast for tomorrow brazilian time, 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning they'll wake up with clear skies, sunshine, 84 degrees, not bad at all. for our forecast here at home,
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we've got a cold front that's going to move through, very weak, not going to do much. as i mentioned, we'll see winds breezy for tomorrow. same deal for monday. after that, back to our summer pattern as high pressure billion in. we won't see much change other than the marine layer getting deeper every day. some morning fog in places like the south bay, same for monday, then we get rid of that fog for tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, as temperatures soar once again. even at the coastline, if you're planning to take a sick day this week, tuesday and wednesday would be the days i recommend. >> who are you hinting at, anthony? >> oh, anyone. >> you were looking right at me. >> anyone in general. kelly johnson joining us now from comcast sportsnet. giants are in the heat of it. >> no room for error for the giants, as hot as it's been, with the dodgers attempting to chase down the giants. a big day at acc park as gaylord
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perry is honored. madison bumgarner tries to get back on the right track. henderson said it best.... " as
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a competitor on a scale of one to 10, he was a 20" former giants outfielder ken henderson said it best. as a competitor on a scale of 1 to 10, he was 20. that was gaylord perry. today he was honored with his own statue outside of at&t park, joining the likes of orlando zepeta. he won the cy young award. a five-time, 20-game winner. perry won 314 games with eight different teams in 22 seasons.
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>> i would like to thank the front office of the giants for getting this thing together. i know it takes a great deal of work to get people here, have the great statute, just got a lot of new friends on the way. >> giants dropped the series opener last night against the orioles. runner on, joe panik, one hop over the wall. a ground-rule double. two latters later it's dennard span with the base knock up the middle. san francisco goes up 2-0. right now giants lead it 2-0 in the fourth inning. giants hosting a game one lead in the west coming into today. pirates up 3-2 in the third. gong can't field it quickly and follows it with a bad throw, two errors on the play. gonzalez scores and that would have ended the inning. dodgers up 6-3.
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jock pedersen, the two-run homer. dodgers win 8-4. dodgers are now just a half game back of the giants. they'll go back to one full game as the giants can win tonight. terry, peggy? >> exciting times, kelly, thank you very much. >> quick break. we'll be right back.
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crystal geyser alpine spring water from here to there ♪ to you crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source.
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crystal geyser alpine spring water to you from us crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. an unusual chase today in morgan hill... but the suspec do not mess with an emu, especially an upset emu. this unusual chase in morgan hill today involved one of them. take a look at this. this is the photo of the suspect in question, this emu trying to get away from police as they chased after it, this pursuit this morning on hill road between fountain oaks drive and barrett avenue in morgan hill. >> i thought someone was being
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arrested for something. then i see this big bird laying on the ground, and this guy kind of massaging its leg or something. >> it was a tender moment. >> police eventually caught the emu and returned him home on hill road, safe and sound. that's where the emu lives, on hill load just wanted to get out on a walk. a knew rosy the riveter record, dressing up at the world war ii home front national historic park. they set a world record of most rosies in one place last year then getting trumped by a group out of michigan, they had more rosies there. some mr. todthere today were or rosies. >> i did the panel boxes that went onto the ship. >> for six months we worked every day. and i was one of them, that didn't take a day off. >> more than 2,000 rosies showed
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up today, enough to set a new record. however, nothing is official until guinness announces it. and that takes a few months. i guess they've got to look at the picture, look at the wardrobe, look at the rosies, count them all up, and then we'll have the world record back. >> i'm sure we'll have it. >> women building ships. >> amazing. see you back here right after the olympics. >> good night.
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tonight on "the olympic zone," from the sprint to the marathon. >> winning his first marathon in resounding fashion. >> university of oregon runners will be tearing up the track in rio, hoping to add their names to a remarkable olympic tradition that goes back decades. plus no, you're not seeing triple. these are the marathon-running luik sisters. poised to become the first set of triplets ever to compete at the olympics. and the best way to see the beauty of rio's coastline is from the air. >> wow! look at this! >> so naturally, we sent jill martin to check it out. >> next on "the olympic zone" .


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