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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  August 14, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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looking across the board. runs :07 ==peggy contvo== right now on nbc y we proved we were on top still. not just me. looking across the board. >> on nbc bay area news. making the country and the bay area proud. from the pool to the podium, exclusive interviews with two local swimmers. they're sharing memories from rio and the pressure of swimming alongside michael phelps. >> a wildfire growing and forcing massive evacuations. homes, businesses destroyed. it may only be the beginning of an intense fire fight. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. >> a devastating situation, wildfire exploded. spreading quickly this hour.
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people are being rushed to evacuate. >> take a look at how dire the situation is. we have new chopper video there. this is from lower lake. it shows homes burning. here is a look at the communities affected. the so-called clayton fire. threatening homes in clear lake. so far, at least four homes destroyed. 2,000 acres have burned. only 5% contained. those numbers are expected to jump significantly. >> nbc bay area, at a staging area in clear lake. chuck, this fire is burning so close to last year's valley fire. hard to see this happening again in the same area. multiple evacuations from what we understand are under way? >> reporter: right now. fighting this fire all afternoon. behind me see smoke hanging in the air. this is actually pretty good compared to what it used to look like earlier today. you couldn't see patches of blue coming through the smoke here in clear lake. cal fire was ready for a tough fight it says. but it had people in, and equipment in place, but
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firefighters say, that the -- [ no audio ] >> all right, looks like we may have lost chuck coppola there, once again reporting from this fire in clear lake. once again, so close here. to where the valley fire burned hundreds and hon drenundreds of. many evacuations chuck was detailing. the hospital evacuated. >> i was up there last week. everyone was saying, yes we know what caused the last fire. yes, we all know we are in fire country. but still, when you see the devastation it really hits home. >> tough to see that again. right now, meteorologist, anthony slaughter is standing by with how the weather is compounding the situation. also sometimes fires create their own weather, anthony. >> in fact, hard to believe we have the fire burning. look behind me. healdsburg. clear skies. and head 40 miles north. completely different story. microclimates always take in a huge part here. when it comes to erratic
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weather. we have 94 degrees in clear lake. a 20-degree spread if you head 40 miles. wind today. good news. haven't been overly gusty. they have been from time to time. above 10 to 15 miles an hour. see here this afternoon. that will be the general trend as we head into the next 24 hours. the other thing to keep in mind is air quality will begin to suffer in the north bay. winds continue out of the northwest. that will blow it to the central valley. north bay. central valley. what we are looking at as far as air quality impacted. we'll talk about the numbers and full forecast coming up. >> anthony, we will follow the breaking news on latest details and information and video as it comes in.
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the olympic flame burning from pool to basketball court. olympians continuing their quest for gold. >> see how well they have been doing. live team coverage of the olympics. pretty scary moment for swimmer ryan lochte. jessica aguirre is standing by. jessi jessica, you had a chance to talk with two bay area swimmers. they have had such a good run at these games. >> unbelievable. they did. they within. they made history. along the way they helped michael phelps go out with another gold. talking about cal swimmers, nathan adrian and ryan lochte. i sat down to reflect on the journey with them. not only pick up a haul of medals they say they have great memories too. >> they are heavy. check out the other side. >> nathan adrian has new hardware heading home to the bay area. >> they get bigger every time. carrying four around your neck,
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it is heavy, but i love it. >> three-time olympian added four medals to his collection for total of eight. these games are moving for adrian for the dominance team usa showed in the pool. >> we proved this week we are on top of the swimming world still. not just me, but like, just looking across the board. >> and for the significance of last night's 4 x 100 medley. both for michael phelps and first time olympian ryan murphy. adrian facing the pressure to bring it to the wall. >> to make it just a little more special with it being, you know, a guy, ryan murphy, who i have been watching for a couple years now. train with him. a accomplish this goal. setting us off. world record. and michael, a small part of his last race. >> part of win, ryan murphy, 21. carrying around a trio of golden treasures. >> what i have been working for? >> swept the 100 meter and 200 meter backstroke races and broke the record in relay.
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acompolishments he set when he was just 8. penned this poster for telling what a splash he would make in the swimming world. >> i have no recollection of making the book. just to see it now and realize how far i have come. if i could talk to my 8-year-old self and just say, like keep at it. it's all going to work out in the end. >> the business major says what he take as way from rio is not just medals but memories. >> my biggest memories, come from the village. getting to know a guy like michael and guy like ryan lochte. >> knowing in the first race together he too was part of the phelps legacy. >> i wanted to send michael out with a gold. he says that is his last race. so what better way to send him out than with a gold medal. they did it for sure. what's next for the cal guys? they deserve a break. they will take it. ryan says he will be back at cal. he has to finish up his degree. then he does have tokyo on the
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brain. in 2020. so does nathan who says he wants to make a run at the games as well. although he was joking he is going to be older than the younger guys then buc, but plan doing that. he will take a break as well. more immediate for nathan, he says he wants some pizza. specifically, zachary's pizza in oakland or slivers pizza in berkeley. of course, it has to be the thin crust, if it is shivers, pegliv. >> definitely. >> all the athletes in their 30s. how old they feel. makes me feel incredibly old. that is sort of the limit when you get into the olympics? >> they're babies. they're babies. >> they are doing so well. jess, thank you so much. >> thanks a lot. >> now to a scary situation after a star member of team usa swimming found himself in. talking ryan lochte. also three other swimmers, robbed at gun point in rio. >> nbc bay area, maryanne favro?
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>> terry, the swimmers are okay. a frightening attack, suspects posing as police. this all happened early this morning. the swimmers were in a taxi on their way back to the olympic village. when several men dressed as police pulled them over. billy bush spoke to ryan lochte about the robbery. >> the guys came out with a badge, police badge, no lights, no nothing. they pulled us over. they pulled out their guns. they told the other swimmers to get down on the ground. they got down on the ground. [ indiscernible ] i am not getting down on the ground. the guy got out his gun. put it to my forehead. he said get down. i put my hand up. i said whatever. he was with u.s. swimmers. lochte says the robber stole
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cash from the other swimmers and took his wallet. this afternoon, lochte posted a message on instagram, thanking people for their concern. he also said he is looking forward to getting home so he can map out his plans for the future with an eye on competing in the olympics in 2020 in tokyo. glad to hear they are all safe. reporting. back to you. >> all right, marianne, thank you. >> simone manuel grew up in texas before moving to the bay area to swim for stanford. turns out her childhood swim coach from texas also ended up here. we caught up with allison bebe at the swim club where she coaches middle school and high school swimmers. she began coaching manuel when the gold medalist was 11 years old and saw her nearly every day. manuel graduated high school. she remembers, manuel hated to miss a workout. loved to challenge herself. and had a big personality. >> she was fun. simone, she has a lot of spunk.
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brought a lot of energy to the pool deck. likes to sing and dance. also likes to work hard. very detail oriented. and, i mean, you just would set goals out. and she would get after it. >> simone. >> like it. >> manuel the first african-american female to win individual gold medal. she won four medals, total at the rio games. >> love that, the emotional face. really cool. two local stars shined in the pool in rio. representing team usa in synchronized swimming, duet competition. they're incredible. had a chance to visit the pair. they trained, 10, 12 hours a day. difficult lifts and also precise underwater work. alvarez and coraleva, 86.43, in ninth place heading into monday's technical routine. olympics synchronized swim long dominated by russia and china. >> on the court, u.s. men's
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basketball team remains unbeaten in olympic competition. barely. little too close for comfort with the u.s. narrowly edging out france. 100-97. warriors guard klay thompson had his best game in rio. leading with 30 points. u.s. warriors star, kevin durant had 17. this was the final game of group play. the quarterfinals begin wednesday. >> and going to be an exciting night of competition on the track. jamaica's usain bolt will put his olympic title on the line in the 100 meter dash. going to be challenged by american, justin gatlin. and then, on beach, santa clara native, kerri walsh jennings in the quarter final of the beach volleyball competition. and women's gymnastics, going for gold in individual events. nbc's primetime olympic coverage begins right after this newscast. all right, now to other local news. the menlo park trader joes target of armed robbery last night. 9:15 after the store closed two then with guns came in and demanded cash from the employees
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that were still there. they did get away with an undisclosed amount of money. now once again, at the trader joe's on menlo avenue up el camino. described as polynesian, wearing sweet shirts, sweat pants and face masks. >> deadly car accident in the east bay. take a look. a minivan tumbled 250 feet. off i-580, livermore. 7:00 this morning. the van rolled down the hillside and landed here on the edge. now the driver suffered critical injuries. the elderly passenger did die at the scene. traffic was backed up for hours during the investigation. >> following up on aster we first reported last night. a missing dublin boy found this morning safe and sound after being kidnapped by his biological mother. remember, 7-year-old, was abd t abducted yesterday in dublin. found in reno, sleeping with his mother in the suv she was driving. crystal jewels does not have
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custody of the boy allegedly had help from exbrother-in-law during the kidnapping. he has not been locate the. the boy was not hurt. >> still to come tonight -- an amazing act of heroism call caught on camera. let's say this woman trapped in the floodwaters of louisiana has been devastating. the woman and her dog out of the car. >> we investigate why some californians are being kept in the dark when it comes to fracking. even after a new state law that supposed to keep them informed. good evening, meteorologist, anthony slaughter. watching fog roll in for the morning commute. that will mean drizzle if you are an early riser. get you into the monday morning commute and your forecast coming up after this. crystal geyser alpine spring water from here to there ♪ to you crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source.
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crystal geyser alpine spring water to you from us crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. was supposed to keep the public informed about fracking, an nbc bay area investigation found in some cases -- citize two years after a state law was supposed to keep the public informed. an investigation found in some cases, citizens are still being kempt in the dark about the practice. senior investigative reporter, first broke this story four years ago. and is here now with the story. after our series of reports and investigations first aired. state law was changed to require the tracking and regulating of all fracking regulations here in california. but we found the state isn't always following that law. fracking or hydraulic fracturing is the controversial practice of using high pressure water and chemicals to split rocks deep
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underground to get at oil and natural gas. four years ago, our investigative unit first exposed the widespread and unregulated use of fracking in california at the time. that prompted this new law, requiring the state to both regulate and track the practice. but we found the state agency in charge of keeping the public informed isn't always following the law. >> if they aren't disclosed then the public is denied information about the chemicals being used. those chemicals can be toxic. >> if it is not on the state website, we don't know if there is fracking going on if i live in the community. >> not reported on the website. you don't know if fracking is happening in your community. >> state agency in charge of publishing the information admits it has missed hundreds of wells in the last six month as len. it vuz to do better. coming up tonight after the olympics our investigative unit find out exactly how many wells are being fracked and why some communities don't even know it is happening.
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that's tonight on nbc bay area news. well it is being called unprecedented deadly flooding. ravaging the state of louisiana. so far, three people have been killed. more than 7,000 have needed to be rescued. >> right now, unbelievable video of a life-saving rescue surfaced. a woman trapped in her car. sinking in floodwaters in baton rouge. take a look at what happens when good samaritans come to the rescue. >> give me a knife. give me a knife. >> break the window. >> i'm drowning. >> we are breaking the window.
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>> i can't get your dog. >> i got your dog. >> oh. it's just, amazing. >> if you are a dog owner, you know why she is saying get my dog. get my dog. that is incredible to see that rescue. >> and they got everybody out. >> oh, boy. >> louisiana governor, declared a state of emergency. number of homes in the thousand. what is going on in our neck of the woods. >> we could use some rain. not going to get any. nothing like that headed our way. stay hot over the next couple days. temperatures cool off a little bit today. you may have felt that a little natural ac breezing on through your hair. well this afternoon, we had the natural ac kick up. it's bringing it all this evening. we are still clear in san jose right now. 76 degrees where we are sitting after a high temperature of 85. 3 degrees cooler. where we were yesterday. that's the cooling we saw, that we were forecasting for today.
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now, tomorrow, we'll see morning clouds. and temperatures still, kind of where we will be at. mid, upper 80s. middle part of the upcoming week. 90s for our inland valley. get toward the latter part of the upcoming week. next weekend. temperatures will cool off a little bit. breezy today. san francisco, at the airport. 29 miles an hour. even in san jose. up to 16. palo alto. morgan hill. the winds were whipping a little bit out of the northwest. that will bring fog. areas of patchy fog. what we saw this morning as far as south as san jose. as far east as the delta, near fairfield, santa rosa. the fog back to the coastline for tomorrow. and we'll see a warm day. here is your microclimate forecast. 87 degrees. cuppertino, 90. 95, morgan hill. very warm. for the inland vallieys. walnut creek, 97. same for livermore. napa tomorrow. up to 92 degrees.
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we have a deepening marine layer off the coastline. that's what will bring in the fog for tonight. then hit tuesday, wednesday. things start to switch up a little bit. we are going to get rid of the fog. wind are going to shift offshore. that's why our temperatures are expected to warm up even more than they are right now. some of us could actually get into the triple digit. like the trivalley. once we hit wednesday, thursday. here is a look at the seven-day forecast. inland valleys. yeah, just talking mid to upper 90s, early the next couple days. it will stay hot. we will have a little morning fog tomorrow. but after that. we will get rid of it. even at the coastline. looking at mid 70s for san francisco. so, nice beach week headed our way. even at the coastline. >> yeah. we do have beautiful, beautiful weather. all right, anthony. thank you so much. >> coming up next in sports. giants have victory in their grasp. until -- until -- we'll show you next.
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chobani. available at safeway. welcome back. i'm henry wofford, giants road problems followed them to the bay area. today they suffered the type of loss that gives fans a migraine. take a look at this. orioles/giants. hunter pence bobblehead day. shake your bootie, big guy. and his eighth of the season. first since may 18. giants out for a 7-1 lead. baltimore would come back. 7-5 now. santiago castillo on the hill. uh-oh, major problem. one out away from closing out the game. jonathan scope and the bomb to left. bruce bocci, my goodness.
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here's what he had to say. >> i don't care what kind of bullpen you have. you know you have a 7-1 lead, you think you will hold it. and this game, where it gets you sometimes, you know. >> yes, he definitely has a headache. some one that will make it go away. peggy and terry. they'll be right back after the break. it's good to be golden.
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check out this tweet from our own jessica aguirre. earlier today -- cal swimmer anthony ervin let her try on his two gold medals. check out this tweet from jessica aguirre. swimmer anthony earvin let her try on the two gold medals. hasn't seen them since. >> that's right. jessica joins us live. hand over the gold, jess. come on. >> i did not take them. i swear. i gave them back. in fact, it wasn't my idea to put them on. we had just finished an interview. anthony earvin won two gold medals at the rio olympics. he said do you want me to try them on. no, i demured them.
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didn't think it was right to put them on. he plopped them on my neck. put them on. i was so happy the they are heavy. they're impressive. and you really feel, very special, when you have them on. you know what is really special about one of the golds, he won it in the 50 meter free on friday. that's the same event he won, the same event, 16 years ago. this time he beat his time from 16 years ago. so that is super impressive. he doesn't have that original gold medal because he sold it for tsunami relief to raise money for that. i asked him are you going to keep these two? he was kind of like, for the time being. so i am going to keep in touch with him. in case he doesn't want them. i will volunteer to take them. really cool having them. >> very nice of her. >> yeah. >> jessica, used the word demure. that's really not a word that goes with you, jessica. >> ha-ha-ha. >> that's great. >> it was in this case. >> yes. >> and, i hear they're heavy. they look like they should be. after all the work, you need to
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feel that, that work around your neck. for sure. >> yeah, i don't know how michael phelps can stand up straight with the haul he has. >> yeah, exactly. probably doesn't. that's right. thank you so much. >> thank you, jessica. check in with anthony slaughter one more time. >> hot day tomorrow. morning fog to start off the day. it will be move as far south as the the south bay. trivalley. mid to upper 90s all week long. >> see you tonight after the olympics. >> about midnight. see you then. >> see you. ♪ ♪ .
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michael phelps, a gold medal in the final olympic race of his career! ♪ >> for the olympics' very best, first reaching the pinnacle is just a launch point. they work to get there over and over again. their sights set on a new standard for all-time. he's not only rewritten the record book, but redefined what superior speed looks


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