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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 17, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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mike. >> that's right. we're taking you just off of 880. 238 at the transition. we'll look at your map. no problems south bay or peninsula. we have the debris clearing from 280 around san jose avenue and san francisco. new incident reported someone hit a deer just near the transition for 238 and 880. from what i understand all the l lanes should be clear. around that connector we should have lights or flashing lights just off of 238. note of warning if you're coming out of the area just north of hayward we're going to keep it in the east bay. it is breaking news that we're following out of the east bay this morning. a couple's late night stroll turns tragic overnight after hayward police say a man robbed and shot the husband. >> this comes amid a huge crime surge in hayward we've been reporting on for the last several weeks. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live from the hayward police department with the search for the man who targeted that couple and, bob, he got what he wanted but still shot the husband? >> reporter: correct.
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good morning, sam and laura. what hey regard police are looking for is a man who drove off in a very distinct looking car. the victims say that the suspect fled in a candy apple red suv with gold rims. now, what happened here over the past several hours is the latest in a string of violent crimes. this happened around 11:45 last night. the victim, his man and his wife, were walking down florida street with the intersection of dolphin lane. this is an residential area not far from tennison. a man pulled a gun on the couple and then demanded their cellphones. the husband and wife complied but police tell us that for whatever reason the man still shot the husband one time. again, his injury is nonlife threatening. the couple tells police the robber was tall and african-american. nowsh as i mentioned, it's been a violent summer for the city of hayward. the map we put together shows the locations of five homicides that have taken place here over the past 14 days. the past two weeks.
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a few between 880 and 2389. bun we the airport and another near the hills. most recent murder this past sunday night on cottonwood avenue. a man was stabbed to death after he had a run-in with two other men. police with still looking for his killer. >> multiple in a day or incident but never that many incidents within a 24-hour period or for that matter a week. >> reporter: again, five homicides over the past two weeks in hayward. a total of eight for this city this year. reporting live outside hayward police, bob redell, "today in the bay." this time the fire storm burning in southern california. these are actually live chopper aerials we're just getting in from the blue cut fire. here's the latest on that. it is burning 60 miles east of los angeles. it is skyrocketed to 18,000 acres in just 24 hours. rapidly moving.
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it's continues to spiral out of control early this morning dozens of homes and businesses just completely gone and thousands more in the past of these plains. 82,000 people in the san bernardino county area are fleeing their homes. the flames sparked yesterday and quickly exploded. the evacuations happened so fast, in fact, many had to literally run from their homes. right now a portion of interstate 15 is also closed. lawyfeels like the state of california son fire right now, we have seen wildfires all over. here in northern california as well as firefighters continue to race to douse the destructive flames burning in lake county. this is the man authorities say is behind the clayton fire who is going to be in court later today. damin pashilk faces 17 arson charges. he served and trained as an inmate firefighter back in 2007. pashilk has been convicted of several crimes over the past 16 years including evading a police
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officer and firearms charges. meantime, the clay or fire does continue to ravage many communities. we've been checking in with cal fire to see what the progress is and they've said it's being made. more families are being allowed back into their homes now. but some are returning to just ashes when they get there. now to the latest numbers. so far 175 homes and businesses are gone. 4,000 acres burned. and the fire is 35% contained. all of those facts pretty much stable over the last 24 hours or so. there is good news to report. no one's injured and many families are happy to report their belongings are still intact. pete suratos is in lake county this morning. he's going to bring us the live report coming up in our next half hour. and updating our digital platforms as news on the story continues to evolve. sam, at south bay cellphone video shows moments after a truck crashed into a tattoo parlor in music studio in san jose.
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we'll of course continue to follow the fires as mentioned as well. the crash that i'm talking about though happened before 9:00 last night on west end carlos and lincoln near downtown san jose. the truck severed a gas line which started a fire that spread to the roof. there was also music practice hall in that building. witnesses say there were ten bands inside playing. they couldn't even hear that crash. one man that we spoke to ran inside to try to alert them. >> we came out front, the car was on fire, if somebody needed help. when we realized there was a gas line we were like, let's get everybody out of there. call 911 if get everybody out of the building skafly, you know what i mean? >> fast acting there and no one was hurt in all of this. about 100 people from neighboring businesses were evacuated because of the gas leak. firefighters say the building has heavy water damage. police in oakland are investigating exactly what happened after an armed man allegedly set fire to a liquor store. it happened just after 9:00 last night.
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a seminary market and liquors near mills college. police received a 911 call claiming a man with a gun was inside the store throwing items around. the caller says is suspect then set the store on fire. no reports of any injuries and no word if the suspect was caught. turning to rio now. the summer games continue as we take a live look at the olympic flame. we are now in full swing and team usa still going strong taking control of the medal stand despite getting spiked at the beach yesterday. >> nbc bay area anchor jessica aguirre is live in rio with more on what was a devastating loss for kerri walsh jennings. jess, they still have a shot at a medal. >> yes, south bay fans, there is not the news they wanted to hear buzz kerri walsh jennings will be going for a bronze tonight, not a gold as she usually does. you're right, they lost last night in a brazil duo agatha and
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barbara. they just got out played be i the brazilian duo. her golden run just came to a stop yesterday. three-time olympic champ says it is not over yet though. they have work to do and she promises much better play in the sand this evening. let's take you indoor and to men's volleyball where the usa will play poland in today's quarterfinals. the sergei brothers from stanford will be there. the trying to hold off the poland player kurak p so it's going to be a tough run for them today. let's take you to the pool where the south bay women will take on hungary in the semis. team usa women's water polo appears unstoppable. now, they have beat hungary in the last. seven match-ups. so it's going to be a good one and of course that team is led by danville's maggie stephan. also on that team, walnut creek's melissa and from menlo park, k.k. clark.
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usa won the gold in 2012 so it appears these women are just going to take it tonight. that match is at 4:30 rio time and you can bet we are going to be there to watch that one. >> amazing to see some of these athletes. >> tons of excitement. jessica aguirre doing a great job reporting for us down from rio. thank you very much. let's bring it back on home now. that's right. because you faux whknow what, k it's back to school. >> the weather is shaping up nice but maybe not as nice as rio. live view at copacabana beach. seeing temperatures in the mid 70s. high today, 87 at rio. that's interesting. san jose high today will also be 87 degrees minus some of that tropical air. 50s outside. light jacket as you send the kids off to school this morning. then headed into the afternoon, tri-valley heating up. san francisco in the mid 60s and speaking of san francisco, mike, some issues already this morning. >> we've been track an earlier
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crash. not a whole lot of new development. i'll show you the rest of the bay. we are seeing that slowing and the only slowing we track right here, north 280 coming up toward the area right around san jose avenue where the crash was reported. told you about debris and it may be a traffic break. but that was quite some time ago. chp said they were going to do that tracking that little bit of slowing. won't be an issue as you arrive right there at the scene. the rest of the bay shows you our view from emeryville and the concern for the driver. the low clouds may sink across that bay bridge. so far, no problems though. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up next on trump's classified briefing happening today. what can be discussed we be hind closed doors in a live report. in the south bay, word of some very big job cuts. we'll track the latest for you, give them to you in business and tech. getting the green light, proposal just approved by city council last night that could help get homeless people off the streets.
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but if you ask our almond growers... there's no maybe about it. almond breeze. the best almonds make the best almondmilk. proud sponsor of usa volleyball. and shaking things up at the top again. donald trump is making some key changes out of his security briefing today as the congress gets new details from hillary clinton's interview with the fbi. >> "today in the bay's" tracie potts live from washington with what else we can learn later today. good morning, tracie. >> hi, laura and sam.
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later today we will learn whether or not lawmakers here, perhaps found anything in those notes that they're looking through. and also, donald trump top secret clearance today based on what he's about to hear from the u.s. government. donald trump's bringing new jersey governor chris christie and his foreign policy adviser retired lieutenant general mike flynn to today's classified briefing. it's a big picture from the office of the director of national intelligence. nothing on covert operation, nuclear weapon, or espionage, a source tells nbc. >> the objective ought to be for both candidates to understand the situation better -- substantially better than when they started. >> reporter: hillary clinton tells pennsylvania voters trump is dangerous to national security. >> what he often says hurts us. it sends the wrong message to friend and foe alike in the world. >> reporter: while clinton campaigns in cleveland today
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lawmakers will be looking through notes from her fbi interview about her e-mails. she's been cleared of criminal wrong doing but republicans want her prosecuted. >> it wasn't just an innocent mistake. this went on for years. >> let the public see what the fbi decides to let congress see. >> reporter: as trump talks to african-americans about the milwaukee riots. >> law and order must be restored. >> reporter: he's also bringing in new leadership today. conservative media person in the and breitbart cheer steve bannon and kellyanne conway as campaign manager. but paul manafort, the man who has been running things for the last few months, isn't going anywhere. he's staying on as campaign chair. >> all right, just despite some tension reported between the two of them. tracie potts reporting live from d.c. thank you very much. new this morning, san jose leaders are green lighting a plan to boost housing for the homeless. council members last night approved a plan to use six acre of vacant land in willow glen
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for a future housing project. the exact type of project, that's still in limbo. one possibility includes more than 100 temporary modular homes. another one proposes some 450 permanent units. council members are going to hold more talks about which plan they're going to implement. some disturbing talk about san jose biggest employer cisco. >> scott mcgrew, talk of layoffs and big. >> we are in a rough spot here. there's one report from a news agency that cisco could cut as many as one in five employees worldwide. that would be 14,000 people. reports come from an industry news group called crn. they are quoting anonymous sourc sources. our sources at cisco are not confirming anything. cisco is san jose's largest private employer. now, cisco does report its financials after the closing bell today and quarterly reports are often where you see companies stick really bad news. and it's not the first time
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cisco's cut. there's been talk of cuts, future cuts for quite some time. the reason cisco is pivoting like many other companies from making boxes, the servers and computers into a company that works with software as a service. you saw this with ibm. you saw it with hp and now with cisco. making things is not as good a business as offering services because things get cheaper. we're going to keep on eye on this. san jose's largest economier could be cuts one out of every five employees worldwide. let's find out what's on the mind of landon dowdy live at cnbc's world headquarters. good morning, landon. >> scott, the markets could see more volatility today with the federal reserve scheduled to release the minutes from the last policy meeting. those min ruts expected to provide more clarity on when the fed could raise interest rates next. investors watching earnings, tech giant that you mentioned cisco, yesterday the dow fell 84
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points to 18552. nasdaq down 35 points to 5227. scott, back over to you. >> landon, thank you. we'll bring those fed notes to you when we get them. in the meantime, a big announcement out of ford. buying out a morgan hill company that makes the sensors that allow autonomous cars to see down the road. ford is expanding the palo alto research center as well and promises a fleet of self driving cars be i the year to 20 21 which is just five years away. i have said in the past and i still believe you really need to watch ford. what they're doing in palo alto is extraordinary. yes, tesla is way ahead of everybody. but when it comes to a traditional carmaker watch ford. >> you talked about what was happening with cisco but potentially making layouts. will that create it? >> yes, new jobs. a couple hundred at most because it's a small research lab and specialized. yes, absolutely. detroit is definitely moving into silicon valley. >> all right. good. 5:17.
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today is the first day of school for silicon valley's largest school district san jose. we saw some teachers making last-minute preparations at lincoln high school. get out the stools. 41 schools serving 32,000 students will start class this morning. that's a lot of glue sticks. many are excited to start the school year. >> there's pros and con, i guess, get to see a bunch of friends so i'm looking forward to it. >> it's really cool to meet new people and start new, like, sports and clubs and activities. >> why doesn't anyone talk about the homework? this year students in san jose will notice the schools are fully staffed on the first day for the first time in a few years. they actually gave some bonuses out this morning or not this morning but over the summer and they really attracted some great students -- teachers. >> student bonuses would be great, too. >> that's between the parns and the students. best pens around. confirm, everything i thought which is when you didn't get homework assignments in school you're probably the one who
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raised your hand, teacher, you didn't give us homework. >> that was you. >> no. i was hiding in the back. another theme is another fire breaking in southern california. >> we talk about explosive growths of wildfires going from nothing to 15,000 acres in 24 hours. extreme fire behavior and here is a perfect view of that. sometimes refer to as fire nato. it's like a must devil spun up by rapidly rising air into rotating vertical column and check that out. that was right along the fire lines of the blue cut fire there. 50 miles east of los angeles. extreme conditions fueled by some dry winds, hot temperatures and check out the drought severity across the fire zones in central and southern california. absolute worst severity in the drought still around l.a. and along the central coast where more fires are burning. we're going to see temperatures again soaring above 100 degrees around the blue cut fire and toward lower lake, highs approaching 100 degrees around the clayton fire.
5:20 am
hot temperatures continue inland. right now 50s and 60s. as we go through the morning low clouds and haze to start. so a light jacket as you send the kids off in the morning. and for the afternoon, sunny and smoke will be an issue for parts of the south bay. maybe more so later today. here is one of the models we look out for ground level smoke. as we head from the morning to the evening now, san jose into santa cruz and livermore, there's a chance to begin to see smoke drifting in from the south as upper level winds begin to change here over the next 24 hours. you may want to cut back on outdoor plans, especially santa clara counties south as we head into thursday. so, evergreen school district today getting started. temperatures today in the mid to upper 80s. mid 80s as well around san jose. z 60s in san francisco. pleasanton and livermore and antioch, highs in the mid 90s. san francisco forecast not changing much. but it will be the valleys that begin to see a little bit of cooling as we head into the weekend. a few extra clouds as we head towards saturday and sunday. so hot temperatures for now
5:21 am
inland. but some relief coming as we approach the weekend. now for a check of the school commute, here's mike. >> you talked about temperatures, evergreen starting this week. san jose unified as well. this will change the flow because we already have in the south bay. sensors. south bay because we have sunnyvale, mountain view, cupertino in session. there will be a lot of changes over this week and a change to commute patterns possibly kicking in a little bit later for this south bay for the next few days. we will track this of is far. no major problems here. easy build over here in livermore. livermore still has a few more days. my kids in fremont have two more weeks of summer vacation. two more weeks. looking over here toward the dublin. live shot 580, smooth drive. getting ready for coming to work. good steady stream. speed sensors show you're still at the limit. yes, back to you guys. >> two more weeks. >> no doubt they're doing their summer reading right now. coming up next, following historic and deadly floods
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sweeping through the state of louisiana this morning. a closer look at the aftermath left behind after devastating rainfall. [electronic sound effects] brace yourself... the first ever gsf is here. with a 467 horse power v8 engine... torque vectoring differential... and brembo brakes.
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it's the next expression of f performance, from lexus.
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developing right now in louisiana, torrential rains and historic flooding that have now killed 11 people. governor john bell edwards says at least 40,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed.
5:25 am
the hardest hit areas are in and around baton rouge. now, flood waters have started to recede. some evacuees have been able to return to their homes. >> it's things like this, pictures of my daughters, we'll never get things like that back. >> such heartbreak. so emotional for those folks who still thankfully have their lives. fema is already involved offering flood victims' payments for temporary housing. let's switch gears. bring it back to the bay area. she is 55 feet tall and nude and she's apparently already causing uproar even though she has not yet officially gone on display. talking about steel statue at that's going up in san leandro. hart exhibit on school campus but it's not sitting well with the people who live there. the nude statue is going to be
5:26 am
watching over the san leandro b.a.r.t. station. >> not to be here to let kids by and see that. that's not good. that's all pure naked. >> we also spoke the other people who don't mind the artwork. now the artist of the statue tells us the bronze sculpture means bliss. the statue is expected to be complete by sometime in the middle of october. 25g 26. coming up, breaking news. a husband and wife frightening experience in the hunt for the man police say shot and robbed them amid a late night stroll. >> lower lake where the suspected arson in the lay on the fire is due in court later today. we'll have all the we the tails coming up in a live report. i'm jessica aguirre in rio. breaking news. we're just learning that a high ranking olympic official has been arrested for allegedly scalping ticketing. we'll tell you more in a live report. ♪ everything is awesome
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a very good wednesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. as we just found out, not everybody, not everyone's kids are going back to school yet. some of them have a few weeks tomorrow. >> mine are tomorrow. yours are in two week. >> mike tries to occupy all that time. >> a lot of kids today. >> yeah. >> that's true. >> san jose unified today. the weather is looking good this morning. we got low clouds to start you off with this morning with a little bit of drizzle around san francisco. show you the temperatures we're seeing right now. livermore, 58 degrees. 580 commute there. look at the number at 7:00. numbers in the 50s to near 60 around the south bay for now but check out the tri-valley. look out if you're going to head to livermore today. highs in the mid 90s. speaking of the tri-valley, let's look at that with your morning commute. >> since your talking about the wonderful temperatures, we'll also talk about the early start of traffic we often see. not at the peninsula, not the south bay. over here in the tri-valley where we typically see those
5:31 am
sensors change. we are seeing that. out of the altamont not a problem toward livermore but heading into livermore out of the pleasanton area. looking still for 84 at ysabel, there's that overnight road crew. typically see the first slowing there. i want to point it out because it showed up on our last map and i didn't address it. bay bridge toll plaza, the cash lanes and fastrak are backing up as metering lights turned on a min eight go. standard backup flow. as you're approaching, notice the low clouds right here over the east bay hills p they will hover at the top of the deck, towers at the golden gate bridge and bsh. so far driving is fine. we have breaking news now to report and a husband and wife victims in a violent robbery while walking down a street in hayward. after handing over their cellphones the suspect still shot the man one time before taking off in a candy apple red suv with gold rims. this happened about 11:45 last night on florida street.
5:32 am
right here interstate 880. the man suffered non-life threatening injuries. this does come though amid a crime surge in hayward that we've been reporting on for the past several weeks. "today in the bay's" bob redell has a live report coming up in the next half r half hour. to breaking news in southern california. the out of control blue cut wildfire has burned through 18,000 acres and it continues to groi at this hour. so these are ground shots you see here but we are aerials from above as well. from a live chopper shot showing the moon now setting, i believe, but it's believed dozens of homes and businesses have already been destroyed from the path of this very destructive fire. thousand of other homes are sitting in the path of the flames. look at people that are having to evacuate. we're talking about 82,000 people in that san bernardino area are evacuated. a state of emergency has been declared as well. the evacuations happened so quickly after the fire started yesterday, many literally had to run from their homes.
5:33 am
right now a portion of interstate 15 is also closed. as for another fire much closer to home, the clayton wildfire burning in lake county is 35% contained. right now it stands at 4,000 acres. pretty stable from yesterday. and so far almost 200 homes and businesses have been destroyed. this comes as the man authorities say is behind all of it heads to court for the first time. "today in the bay's" pete suratos is live in lower lake this morning with more on what we're learning about the suspect's past. pete, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. authorities say that 40-year-old damin pashilk is responsible for the clayton fire that led to the damage you see behind me here in the historic lower lake district. now, the clearlake resident are be court this afternoon and faces 17 arson charges. also learn that he's an exfelon once trained as a prison firefighter. also convicted of several crimes over the past 16 years including evading a police officer,
5:34 am
possession of meth as well as firearms chargeses. according to the lake queent da's office he was on the radar for some time now. here's what they sad to say about the investigation and those effected by all this. >> california fire knew of this gentleman. he was under some surveillance. >> it's scary. it's awful. but it's also really reassuring that they got him. >> he's obviously a sick guy. nobody in their right mind does this. >> now we'll have our cameras in the courtroom when he does appear before a judge later this afternoon. but we did speak to neighbors of pashilk who has a different take on his character. we'll hear from them in the next hour. live in lower lake, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> pete, thank you very much. be sure to stay with us for continuing coverage on this wildfire as well. we're constantly updating our website and other digital platforms. taking the law into their own hands. san francisco police are looking for two men who are accuse of
5:35 am
shooting another man who apparently kicked a dog. it happened monday night in the city's ingleside district. police say a woman walking her dog got into an argument with a man and that man allegedly kicked her dog. the woman called her two sons for help and they started shooting. the dog abuser got away by getting on a muni bus but an nbt bystander was struck by a bullet in the arm. the victim is expected to make a full recovery. >> it could have been much worse, a few inches closer and we could have had a fatality on our hands. >> the dog owner is set to be cooperating with police but the suspect hasn't been seen since the shooting. pretty harrowing news. the man who recently tried to pull off a kidnapping in san leandro may be linked to two more kidnapping attempts. police yesterday released a sketch of the man that they're looking for. there it is. investigators right now believe that he attempted to kidnap a woman on washington avenue on july 28th and then made similar
5:36 am
attem attempt with two other women in the days after that attack. all three of the attacks happened during daylight hours. this morning police are hoping that another look at the suspect will trigger new leads. >> we know that the person who at terned this kidnapping is still out there and we really need to get this person identified and get him into ms. custody before he does this to somebody else and is successful. >> the man was driving a silver 2014 nissan centre sr similar to this one. the wheels are very distinct. said to be gray or gun metal colored. if you have any information you're asked to call san leandro police. lawyers for the man charged in the murder of morgan hill teenager sierra lamar will be back in court today ahead of jury selection in his upcoming trial. police arrested garcia torres in 2012 after the disappearance of the 15-year-old. prosecutors say that his dna was found on her jeans which were found near the scene of her disappearance. sierra's body has still not been found.
5:37 am
we are following breaking news this morning out of the rio games. we are just learning police are investigating an executive on the international olympic committee. >> he's in fact been arrest 3e7d let's bring in anchor jessica aguirre standing by live for news rio with the late breaking developments. good morning, jess. >> laura and sam, this has just come through. we're learning now that the european olympic committee head, the one from ireland, patrick was arrested in rio allegedly over illegal ticket sales. now, police are alleging that hickey would take these really high-end tickets and then pass them off to a broker who would then sell them at exorbitant prices. the tickets were being sold in the thousand of dollars. some of them up to $7,000. hickey was arrested in his hotel room where he tried to escape before brazilian police arrested him. he suffered a medical condition and had to be taken to the hospital. but again, he has been arrested.
5:38 am
just got a statement from the ioc saying that they are aware of hickey's arrest and that they are not commenting until more investigations are conclude. again, that's very boad news fo the olympic games. let's take you, san francisco shannon roberry unable to get on that podium today. she was running in the 1500 but her kick down that stretch just was not enough. she crossed fourth. usa's jenny simpson did get the bronze. and then let's talk about simone biles. she pulled it off again. she said that she was happy that she took the gold and that she thought she did pretty well and that is an understatement. biles pulling a 15.966 during her floor routine doing her signature biles tumbling pass making her the first gymnast to win four medals in a single
5:39 am
olympic. it was sensational. i was there live. i saw her do it. it was just crazy when she came out and when she pulled off that biles tumbling pass, it was impressive. aly raisman got silver in that also a phenomenal routine. back to you. >> wow, what a chance to get history for jessica there. >> unbelievable. has anyone measured how high in the air simone biles gets. >> she can double her own height. i saw a video where she hits it and goes into the stratosphere. >> all the lady gymnasts, she's coming back to earth at some point. >> you like to think that your kids, yeah, you can be a gymnast. she's really good. >> you can do it, kid. >> all of them was great, san jose gymnastics trial here. a lot of them got to see the action. great weather then and now. right now numbers in the 50s to low 60s through 7:00 this morning. but check out the tri-valley temperatures towards the afternoon. highs today in the mid 90s. mid to upper 80s closer to san
5:40 am
jose, san francisco in the 60s. our back to school forecast, antioch unified numbers in the mid 90s this afternoon. hot temperatures inland today. san jose unified not quite as hot. you will see numbers racing towards those low to mid 80s as we move through the afternoon. pleasant weather today. we will see cooling as you approach the weekend. now for a check of what's happening in hayward, here's mike. >> we have a couple reasons for delays out of hayward. b.a.r.t. reports delays out of hayward in both directions heading down to free monlt or heading up in toward oakland. remember, also, track maintenance starts during the day today through next couple weeks. that will mean 10:00 to 2:00 you will have delays between south hayward and fremont. bus bridge there. single track it and so you're going to have 20-minute delays in the middle of the day. right now, standard flow of traffic from 880 down toward tennison. a new crash coming off of the castro valley y. 238 on southbound 880. may be activity there as well.
5:41 am
a distraction out of the lanes. bay bridge, affecting all lanes. metering lights are on. how quickly we filled in that toll plaza. back to you. >> yeah, thanks, mike. coming up next, some divine intervention in san francisco. the reason some worshippers are getting relief when it comes to parking woes in the city. devil of a news in the south bay. possible huge job cuts. we'll walk you through it coming up in business and tech. and have we mentioned it is the first day of school for san jose unified? i'm kris sanchez. i'll show you how this district managed to fill all of their teaching positions before today.
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from us crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. to school scramble now in full swing throughout the bay area. today is the first day of school for silicon valley's largest school district, san jose unifi unified. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is there. this is going to be first time in years that schools are going to be fully staffed. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. students file in at 8:30 this morning into their classrooms here at trace elementary school and at san jose unified's other 40 campuses they will be greeted by their permanent teacher and that's the first time in a long time that the district has been able to say that. that is in part because of a
5:45 am
one-time bonus that the district offered this year as an incentive to attract and retain their educators and their staff. the state helped with that amount of money. for its part, the district upped the ante knowing there's fierce competition, pore more veteran teachers retiring and according to the non-profit learning policy institute the number of new teachers is at a 12-year low. about half quit within the first five years often because the pay is not up to snuff with the cost of living here in our region. the base salary for a starting teacher here in san jose unified district is $55,000. that's why san jose unified started looking to fill these positions very early. >> we've had to be extra aggressive in terms of outreach, in terms of some of the incentives we offer to make the not just our district but the teaching profession in general more palatable to folks who need to find a place to live, that got a high cost of living and also want a place where they're going to be respected an where they feel like they've got the
5:46 am
support system around them. >> reporter: so as we mentioned, san jose unified was able to offer a one-time 7% bonus this year and the district used a buddy system to keep track of interested candidates to make sure they made their way to san jose unified. the district also did some salary matching for teachers who wanted to come to san jose unified from other districts and the district also eliminated a cap on services to better their financial offers and their final offers to veteran teachers, especially in the areas like special education, bilingual immersion in math. some kids won't know who their final teachers are until that happens and for a lot of drits around here the school year has already started. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." a new state law requiring vaccinations is adding a new layer of stress as the school year starts. we're hearing reports of students being turned away from sacramento to san diego for not
5:47 am
having proof of immunization. the san jose unified school district head nurse says she's dealing with a lot of families turning in last-minute immunization forms. notification efforts began early this summer. of the district's 32,000 students 30 families have sought medical waiver or personal belief waivers. students who cannot prove immunization or provide a medical reason not to will be turned away. >> it has nothing to do with where we land on either side of the issue. it's the law. >> the law is currently being challenged by parents so why it violates child's right to education. this on a global scale. scientists out of china are looking into whether pets can transmit drug resistant super bugs. they say a pet shop worker infect we'd a much feared an antibiotic resistant strain of e. coli may have been infected by dogs at his store. further testing turned up drug resistant e. coli in six animals in that shop. the findings suggest that
5:48 am
so-called super bugs can be transferred between animals and humans. more than 3 million people are infected by drug resistant germs every single year. shift gears right now. a little business talk. scott mcgrew has been tracking job cuts in silicon valley. >> one of high-tech's business. >> talk of it as many as 14,000, guys. according to a report from an industry newsletter called crn. these job cuts would come to cisco in san jose. cisco is one of the largest employers in the south bay. the largest employer, in fact, in all of san jose. 14,000 would be one out of every five workers at cisco. when you look worldwide. that is a big cut. but again, we have a single source on this and cisco won't talk about it. it does report quarterly revenue this afternoon. so they will have to talk then. now, if this news is true cisco would go on our scoreboard. here's one of the largest high-tech job cuts ever though.
5:49 am
hewlett-packard always takes first place. they are cutting all the time. 33,000. microsoft cut 18,000. cisco would come in at 14,000. and intel would have 12,000. you tend to forget about that intel cut. other news, ford just bought a morgan hill company that makes lidar sensors used in automated cars. laser radar. ford is getting into automated cars. doubling the size of palo alto research center. hiring engineers that says it will have a fleet of automated car tons streets by 2021, just five years away. now, they won't look like this though. the ford ceo says the cars won't have steering wheels and will be part of an on-demand car service like uber, like a robot, uber. the markets started tuesday on record levels and then back down a bit. our version of the tea leaves and we will look through it and see what we find about possible interest rates. >> all right.
5:50 am
let's see. they've been pretty well lately. >> a lot of shuffling this morning. thank you. at 5:49. for worshippers who routinely park illegally in the median of one busy san francisco traffic corridor we've seen this in this area for quite some time but there's no more pray for forgiveness. that's because they're getting relief, thanks to san francisco's transit agency. a new pilot program approved last night will make it legal to park in the middle of deloris from 14 to 18th streets on sunday. mta also approved more red curbs to improve visibility and make it pretty clear exactly when the parking will be allowed. local faith leaders are applauding the plan. >> that it want to be connected with san francisco and they want to feel that they're part of this community and their houses of worship give them that opportunity. >> there are three houses of worship at 16th and deloris. the changes are expected to roll out within the next six months.
5:51 am
pretty heavenly news there. while we are appealing to higher powers for relief, how about relief from the fires we're seeing going on. if you're just waking up and learning what happened, an explosion in southern california. >> we've been seeing amazing fire growth in some of the fires across the blue cut fire in southern california. 15,000 acres over night. up to 18,000 acres across parts of southern california now. around here closer to home we are seeing some hot temperatures up towards the clayton fire. burning near lower lake. though this morning it's a pleasant start as you head the kids off to school. might need a light jacket, especially the north bay. 53 degrees. as you can see there, clear skies. fog closer to san francisco. and san jose right now close to 61 degrees and there's the view. presun rise view at season jose. clear skies. hazy conditions. and for some of our back to school forecasts here forever green school district a little bit on the warm side later today. numbers climbing into the upper 80s and around san mateo union,
5:52 am
you're going to have numbers in the low 70s. may be drizzle for the morning. low clouds, crossing the peninsula into the east bay for the morning and then by lunchtime the sky is clear and this is why you want to dress in layers. inland and 90s across parts of the south bay and tri-valley. one thing to watch, air quality as the upper level winds begin to shift we will begin to see more smoke moving into the south baby this evening and may be a bigger story as weed that into thursday and friday. trps around the bay area for the giants game coming up early afternoon, start numbers in the low 70s with hazy sunshine. 60s in san francisco. 80s around san jose. north bay and tri-valley, there you see the temperatures soaring into the mid 80s around santa rosa. mid 90s around livermore. san francisco, the place to escape the heat as you can see the numbers in the mid 60s. and for our valleys, some cooling as you approach the weekend. now with a little bit of slowing for your san jose commute, here's mike. >> right behind us. this is the first burst of traffic we typically see between
5:53 am
5:30 and now. a little before 6:00 it will ease up again. it's only on that section between 680 and 880 northbound 101. not a major concern. as san jose unified now in session. other school districts coming online in the next week and a half, two weeks down in the south bay. we will track the changes. peninsula is standard, no problems crossing the bay. east bay and tri-valley, 680 throw down to sunol boulevard. 880 slows in toward hayward. industrial bogs down a bit and from 92 down towards tennison. bay bridge, metering lights are on. the golden gate bridge we know what that looks like, too. that's good because you can't see the whole thing. fog on the north side. creeping around there, guys. back to you. we were to help out children and families, and it's made impossible for us. >> social worker s speaking out to reveal concerns about the
5:54 am
child abuse hot line. i'm senior reporter vicky nguyen. why they say the calls are not being answered beity right people. and first happening now, we're following braking news on several fronts. more violence in hayward after a husband and wife are robbed at gun point overnight. the husband was shot. bob redell is tweeting updates. plus, california burning. another wildfire threatening more families and homes this time in southern california. more than 80,000 people are evacuated. read new details as they come in on we'll be back if n. two minutes.
5:55 am
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wednesday morning, major shake-up to tell you about at uc berkeley. the chancellor announced he will step down from his post at the end of the next school year. chancellor dierks began his tenure at cal in june of 2013. he's come under fire for his handling of the school's $150 million budget deficit and is also under investigation for his alleged misuse of campus training services and facilities. despite all that the chancellor says the move to step down was a personal decision. right now investigative unit exclusive. it is not often we hear directly from social workers charged with protecting the most vulnerable people in our community, children. >> senior investigative reporter
5:58 am
vicky nguyen spoke with two employees who say the agency is in crisis and is putting kids at risk. >> good morning. we spoke with two social worker who have a combined 26 years of experience at the santa clara department of family and children's services. they called us after seeing our report last october and they say there's even more to expose about the child abuse hot line. in october we told you about the abysmal number of calls seasons answered by in county. in 2013, 41% of calls. by last november it was 92%, so the county said. these workers allege 0% are actually going to voice mails while others are being answered by clerical workers. while the county doesn't require hot line calls to be answered by a social worker, at least six workers in the department told us they should because social workers are trained to recognize when a child needs immediate help. they also say mismanagement and harassment in the agency is leading to high turnover and higher caseloads. their complaints of retaliation and toxic hostile workplace led
5:59 am
to a five-month investigation by the county. supervisor cindy chavez says she is investigating the concerns raised by the workers. to see our full report go to and click on the investigations tab. >> thanks, i have ki. if you have a tip, give us a call, 888-996-tips or send us an ill what to breaking news we've been tracking. intense sky high flims spreading quickly, raising towards more than 30,000 homes in southern california. these, in fact, live pictures from the scene. there's a fierce fight to douse this new wildfire that explodes in size. closer to home, live from lake county as the man accused of causing all of this destruction is set to face a judge for the first time. >> and more breaking news. new violence erupting on the streets of hayward as a man is shot and robbed while out for a walk with his wife. the latest in the serge of
6:00 am
violence hitting the city when "today in the bay" continues right now. very good busy wednesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we'll have updates on multiple fires in just a second but first it is back to school forecast time for everyone in san jose unified. >> a pretty view behind us. san jose. clear skies. right now, temperatures cool enough for a light jacket as you get the kids ready for school around san jose in the south bay right now. drizzle though possible around san francisco from the morning and by the afternoon, mid 90s out towards the tri-valley. upper 80s in the warmer spots around san jose. speen speaking of san jose, not too bad. temperatures in the low to mid 80s. coming up, we'll talk about changes for the weekend in your seven-day forecast. but right now let's look at that hayward commute with mike. >> that's right, rob. we're talking about the schools and indeed san jose will have a change today but more impacted when san jose stateom


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