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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 17, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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the south bay. the smoke could be seen for miles even at this hour. train bridge, see that down below in san jose, it goes up in flames. this is very close to an apartment building. you can see it there where the black smoke is heading. also close to a school where the students were evacuated. nbc bay area's scott budman is at the scene for us near 101 and mckee road. scott, those flames dangerously close to those participaapartme very close. things starting to get back to normal not before the flames caused a lot of concern. video from earlier today, this happened around 4:00 in the afternoon near the hacienda creek park area of san jose near wooster road not far from highway 101. this started as a grass fire. it spread to nearby vegetation and then a railroad trestle and as raj mentioned, the trestle caught on fire, a nearby bridge caught on fire. this is across from a rocket ship school where a lot of young kids were attending school. they were evacuated.
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their parents told to come pick them up. the flames continued to grow. nearby residents told us there was a lot of black smoke. and a strange smell. >> as i came outside and i saw the plumes of smoke everywhere, i was like, oh, man, what's going on, is the school on fire? like oh, no. i ran out here, saw everybody standing in front and taking pictures stuff like that and could see the whole bridge fully in flames 10 to 15 feet up in the air. >> reporter: did it smell bad, any chemical -- >> you could definitely smell, like the chemicals, like, from whatever it was. it wasn't a natural smell. >> reporter: now the good news is the flames have been put out. no more smell in the neighborhood. no more evacuations and the kids are accounted for. we're told that the fire is still under investigation and they do not have a cause. the train tracks, by the way, have not been in use for some time. again, things getting back to normal in the neighborhood. still a lot of traffic as people were scared and left their apartments and drove away then they're starting to come back and clean things up. reporting live in san jose,
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scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> okay. a nice ending there. again, that's at 101 and mckee road. thank you, scott. the other fire burning now in morgan hill. our nbc chopper overhead. this is near the popular coyote creek golf course. that smoke you can see, see the helicopters going down below. very visible from 101. at least 100 acres have been burned. now we've seen several helicopter water drops in the past 30 minutes. this fire is now 50% contained. thankfully, no structures are being threatened. and down to southern california, where an explosive fire is devouring parts of san bernardino county. the blue cut fire burning out of control right now. it's burning about 60 miles east of l.a. containment at zero. high heat, gusty winds, fueling these flames. 30,000 acres have burned so far. that's about the size of san francisco. more than 80,000 people forced to evacuate. cal fire says an unknown number of homes have also been destroyed and this is just the
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beginning. they say this is one of the most destructive fires they've ever seen. tonight a man who was trying to protect his home from the flames is safe thanks to his cousi cousin who lives in the bay area. nbc bay area's michelle roberts, how he was able to help from hundreds of miles away. >> it was a team effort. ron snow lives ace long the peninsula. he was watching this live feed from southern california when he spotted his cousin's house right there and the flames dangerously close. he called for help. >> everyone was concerned. >> reporter: ron snow describes his 84-year-old cousin, john, as a fighter. >> a resident. >> reporter: he wasn't surprised to hear john refused to evacuate when flames started tearing through the hills near his home in san bernardino county. >> we tried to make sure that he was making safety first. but he did want to save the town, that's his life basically. >> reporter: when ron couldn't get in touch with his cousin, he started to panic looking for more information, he pulled up the live stream from nbc in l.a.
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>> you pan out and i could see it was his house. >> reporter: he called 911 after seeing his cousin's truck go up in flames. >> we couldn't get the right kind of response back from emergency response. >> reporter: so he called a reporter in our sister station, knbc, who reached out to fire officials. within the hour, firefighters navigated the rugged terrain and rescued john from his front yard. today, john admits he's exhausted and still worried the fire will burn his home. >> starts flying. >> reporter: covered in ash and getting around with help from a walker. john continues to prove to his family and himself that he's a fighter. >> thanks the lord -- >> incredible story there. john's shed and outhouse burned yesterday but his home built in 1928 is still standing. tonight the evacuation order is still in place but he refuses to leave saying he will protect his home. raj, back to you. >> that is an incredible story
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indeed. thank you, michelle. now to lake county. damon pashik was charged with starting the fire that gutted sp 175 homes, businesses and other structures this woke. sheriffs deputies say he'd been under surveillance for a while and tonight we're getting the better idea of exactly how they tracked him. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez got a look at the documents that explain what led to his arrest. jodi? >> reporter: raj, for the first time we're getting a look at the evidence investigators gathered over the past year. this law enforcement document spells it all out. surveillance video, witness accounts and a burned matchbook all helped lead to the suspect's arrest. >> disgust. how could you? >> reporter: that's how some folks felt as they watched 40-year-old damon come to court hiding his face from the cameras as he was formally charged with lighting the destructive clayton fire. >> you've done all of this to these people. thousands of people. you just turned their lives upsidedown and animals and everything. face the people. >> set a fire that caused mass
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destruction in this county. >> reporter: he was also charged with starting or attempting to start 12 other fires. according to the probable cause statement obtained by nbc bay area, the car he was known to drive was caught on surveillance camera time and time again. at the scenes of fires. starting in july of last year. in one case, a witness saw the driver throw an object out the window where flames then erupted. >> we are very confident that this is our guy. a serial arsonist. >> reporter: investigators eventually outfitted his car with a gps device which recorded it at the origin of the clayton fire. according to investigators, he could not explain being at the ignition site of the fires. >> i would just remind them that he's presumed innocent until proven guilty. >> reporter: while he was under surveillance for the past year, investigators insist they didn't have the solid case they needed until this week. >> get one shot at this. if you take your shot too soon, you jeopardize bringing somebody
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to justice who truly needs to be brought to justice. >> reporter: now before court, we heard a loud rumble just outside the courtroom doors. his attorney later told the court that his client had passed out right before court. now despite all of the evidence, we are told that he is denying any involvement in the fires. he'll be back in court here next month to enter a plea. reporting live inhernandez, nbc news. in the town of lower lake, hundreds of evacuees are being let back into the burn zone this evening. less than an hour ago cal fire announcing evacuation are being lifted for portions of this devastated community. the fire is now 40% contained. which is a big increase from yesterday. at least 380 structures are still being threatened by this fire. well bay area fire crews remain on the front lines. this video posted by the redwoo.
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that's the strike team. watch the background. 55 gallon barrel of some sort of liquid explodes into a huge fireball. this strike team is now on the move yet again. they're assigned -- reassigned to that blue cut fire near los angeles. in the east bay, police are searching for two men who opened fire from a car at people in another car. this happened on a busy street in emeryville. nbc bay area is live in emeryville where someone caught the shooting on camera and kim, these were some frightening moments. >> reporter: they certainly were, janelle. having a recording of the shooting is a huge help to investigators. this is a very dangerous situation with a number of shots fired by at least two different shooters. a picture captured from surveillance video clearly shows one of the suspects hanging out of a car with his gun drawn. this happened at 11:30 this morning on adeline street. witnesses say a group of people in a gray car were being
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followed then shot at by two men in a white car. >> when officers got out there, they found numerous shell casings on the ground along adeline street there. they found one parked car had been hit by gunfire. >> reporter: one car hit by gunfire but thankfully no people hit in this mostly residential area. investigators are trying to determine a motive and aren't sure if this was road rage or something else. they're hoping more surveillance video will provide those answers and lead them to the suspect. now at this point in the investigation, police aren't saying what type of guns were used in the shooting or how many bullets were actually fired. they are also holding on to the full surveillance video for now. reporting live in emeryville, kim yonenaka, nbc bay area news. ♪ okay. let's get to all the good news from brazil. one game away from a medal. the u.s. women's water polo team advanced to the finals today.
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on this team, five bay area athletes including k.k. clark who graduated from sacred heart prep in atherton. you could hear the cheers all the way from the peninsula today. >> live on the peninsula, live in atherton with more. they must be so proud of her. >> reporter: they are immensely proud of her. k.k. clark is from menlo park and trained in this pool. she fwr graduated back in 2008 but she's been back several times to help coach these players. there was no doubt who these girls were watching for as the u.s. women's olympic team took on hungary in rio. >> good luck! >> reporter: caroline clark, better known as k.k., was a star water polo here at sacred heart prep in atherton. she graduated in 2008. >> definitely one of the hardest working and conscientious players i've ever coached.
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she's very team oriented. >> reporter: he was right. she is now on the u.s. women's olympic water polo team and her fellow gators couldn't be more proud. >> it's amazing to see that, like, she came from where we are and that she can go on and be in the olympics and just -- it makes you think that you can do the same. >> usa! usa! >> reporter: she recently returned to her alma mater to coach them. >> she gave us a lot of experience into what it was like to play for a national team or higher level water polo which is really unique. >> reporter: k.k. isn't the only local competing on the olympic team. maggie stephens is from danfield. and all current or former stanford students. the bay area muscle helping propel team usa toward gold. the u.s. women's team will now take on italy in the gold medal match. you can watch it on friday. reporting live in atherton,
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marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> a great story. no doubt there will be watch parties across the bay area on friday as well. our own jessica aguirre spoke to the women's water polo team after that big win today. you can see that interview, we posted it in our rio section on the front page of our website at a fiery accident on a south bay highway today led to a young pregnant woman's death. i'm robert handa live in san jose. coming up the late st on the bay that somehow survived and how it's doing now. good evening, i'm mom meteorologist jeff ranieri. hot temperatures inland tomorrow. brings us a spare the air alert. details on how warm it's going to get and when we'll get a little bit of relief coming up in just a few minutes. surrounding a horrific early
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morning traffic accident in the a lot of questions tonight surrounding a horrific early morning traffic accident in the south bay. a pregnant teenager was killed. tonight we're hearing her baby is still alive. nbc bay area's robert handa broke the story earlier for us today and joins us this evening in san jose with the very latest. robert? >> reporter: well, raj, we're here at valley medical center where the young pregnant woman was brought in shortly after the accident and died. sources tell me the baby is now listed in critical condition and sounded more optimistic about the baby's survival since our 5:00 report.
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they did not disclose the baby's gender. as for the accident, investigators say they believe they know how it happened, but so far, not why. there's not much shoulder room on southbound highway 101 near tully road and certainly not for two vehicles at once in the dark. that's what investigators happened early this morning around 2:00 when the troodrivera honda civic with a pregnant 18-year-old teenager swerved into the shoulder causing a fiery crash with an occupied bmw parked there. despite the scary scene, officers classify the people as having suffered only minor injuries including the pregnant woman who complained of leg pains. she was taken to valley medical center. the male driver inside her car and man inside the parked bmw were taken to regional medical center. things changed rapidly after she was taken away. >> there were further internal injuries and she succumbed to those injuries this morning. >> reporter: was her being pregnant a factor? >> i'm not sure. >> reporter: the chp says it
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still hasn't figured out why the driver of the honda civic 20-year-old hernandez suddenly veered onto the shoulder of 101 and don't know why the bmw was parked there though the bmw driver 22-year-old hung tran was according to the chw intoxicated and in a twist was arrested for driving under the influence even though he wasn't driving. >> we will await for any available medical or toxicology reports. >> reporter: now, the chp says it is also examining the vehicles for any possible mechanical problems. the medical examiner's office says it is not releasing the woman's name at this time. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> heartbreaking story, robert, thank you. tonight a warning from police about the growing problem of pickpocketers in an upscale east bay community. take a look at this surveillance video. two women working together to steal a wallet from a third woman at a popular downtown restaurant in walnut creek. police believe these two suspects did the same thing at
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least three other times post recently on august 5th. nbc bay area analysis of walnut creek crime data shows the city has also seen an increase in shop lifting over the last three years. >> our population's expanding. the mall has been minimized and under construction the last two years and now that it's coming back up, we've got a lot more people coming to town. >> police say they've installed cameras throughout the downtown area and have stepped up patrols in hopes of cushing the uptick in crime. one year later we know the cause of the destructive rocky fire. investigators say it was an illegal marijuana growing operation. they are pinpointing a faulty water heater near where 100 pop plants were growing last year. the rocky fire in lake county was the second most destructive fire in that area last year. right behind the valley fire. the rocky fire tdestroyed 43 homes in august 2014 and been under 100 square miling. officials are looking for two
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suspects who have believed to have fled the country. cisco, the silicon sally tech giant announcing late today it will cut 5,500 employees. the san jose based company says it's part of cost cutting as it continues to transition its business away from hardware like internet routers and move toward software. cisco is silicon valley's largest employer. no word on how many of the job cuts will be here in the bay area. some good news for silicon valley's largest school district as kids head back to class. san jose is fully staffed. it is the first time that's happened in a few years. district leaders say one reason for the full staff is a new 7% bonus offered to all staff. a spokesperson says the district was neglective in its recruitment efforts, going to job fairs and staying in touch with applicants. jeff ranieri, chief meteorologist, as we head toward the weekend, i see people around the bay area tired staying up for the olympics every night. >> yeah.
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a little bit of weather to energize us this week. it's going to be much more comfortable across the bay area. let's get a look at the forecast. and what we're seeing right now. at least when it comes to our weather. of course, that high fire danger. we've been following the bay leaf fire this afternoon. more at on the fire specifics but when it comes to weather, we are right now still at a very warm 89 degrees. humidity 36%. temperatures dropping into the 70s by 9:00 and 10:00. so it's going to be a slow go there tonight with plenty of hot spots. the other big fire, of course, is the clayton fire in lake county. hot, 99 degrees. and it will continue to stay warm all the way through 9:00 p.m. expecting temperatures to stay in the 80s. as we get you into tomorrow's forecast, we are expecting more warm to hot weather for the interior valleys, east bay at t93 degrees. coastline, fog, keep it at 66 and right back here toward the south bay, anticipated 88 degrees. now, we do have changes coming our way once we hit friday and
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saturday's friday. see this area of low pressure dig in a little bit more across california. not a strong storm but enough to fire up some thunderstorms right across the sierra. we're going to track it closely because some these storms will be moving off toward the west and getting close to the central valley. so, again, i'll have the doppler radar up. we'll be watching for stray showers that may get near our eastern hills then at the coastline we'll continue to see the fog and eventually some cooler temperatures. but how much cooler? full details and how much those temperatures drop in about 25 minutes. >> okay. see you soon. thank you, jeff. a pothole causes a cig alert on highway 85. i'm damian trujillo. coming up, why a national research group say the state and bay area need to act fast to fix the crumbling roads. "homemade olympics."
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happening now, french comedian decides to have his own homemade olympics. cart wheels in the street and spins on handrails and videos that have been viewed over 135 million times. watch those videos on or website. twitter, more on the skyrocketing cost of life-saving epi pens. they now cost about $500. eight years ago the medication only cost about 100 bucks. that's a 400% increase. more news after the break clearing up.
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a pothole -- shut down several lanes of highwayin a traffic mess for most of the day in the south bay is finally clearing up. a pothole shut down several lanes of highway 85 in sunnyvale. >> nbc chopper see over the
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scene. the exposed rebar flattened several tires. nbc bay area's damian trujillo joins us in sunnyvale. this is part of a much larger and costly problem for many of us. >> reporter: yeah, it really is. cal trans re-opened these lanes before 4:00 this afternoon. local leaders say this is happening way too often and the time to act is now. the pothole forced cal trans crews to close two lanes of highway 85 while they made repairs. the hole exposed the rebar in the concrete. it also exposed a decaying roads and bridges in california. t.r.i.p., a national research group, warns state infrastructure is in serious trouble. >> more than one-third of california's major roads are in poor condition. and here in the san jose area, 79% of major roads are in poor or mediocre condition. >> t.r.i.p. says drivers are footing a lot of the bill for
6:26 pm
the bad roads. the agency says the average driver in the south bay loses roughly $2,500 per year in car repairs and commute delays as a result of the region's decaying infrastructure. >> it doesn't pull any punches about the need for more transportation funding. >> reporter: chair of the metropolitan transportation commission says the region can't wait any longer to plug the holes. >> the sichintuation's gone fro serious to critical. we can't afford to wait for the state or federal government to ride to the rescue. we need to dig into our own pockets now and put more local dollars to work. >> here in santa clara county, one critical solution is measure "b" and voters will have an opportunity in november to make the investment. >> reporter: measure "b" is a county wide half cent sale increase to fix roads and other transportation systems. otherwise local leaders say expect more car repairs and traffic jams because of incidents like this. now cal trans uses special
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compound on the pothole, one that allows it to bend with the concrete. not crack. live along highway 85 in sunnyvale, nbc bay area news. still to come, ryan lochte's olympics are over but he's still making headlines in rio. why brazilian authorities want to keep the star swimmer in the country. our whole aim as being social workers is to help out children and families and it's made impossible for us. >> social workers speaking out to reveal concerns about the chide abuse hotline. i'm senior investigative reporter vicki nguyen. why the calls aren't being answered by the right people. workers on the front lines. many
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of them help protect the most vulnerable in our communi we rarely hear from social workers on the front lines. many of them help protect the most vulnerable people in our community. the children. >> tonight, senior investigative reporter vicki nguyen talks exclusively with two social services employees who expose the working conditions inside the agency. vicki, this is having a big impact on the kid they serve. >> reporter: and that's why they're speaking out. these are current social workers risking their jobs going on the record to reveal what they call a crisis. they call this after seeing our reports last october and they say there's even more to expose about the child abuse hotline. >> i feel very powerless. because we are not meeting the needs of the community. >> people are having to go on
6:31 pm
antidepressants, having to take. >> reporter: these social workers have worked 26 years with family and children services. they say never has it been so bad. >> it's bad. >> reporter: conditions inside the agency have made it even more difficult to do the work out in the community. >> your call has been forwarded. >> our whole aim of being social workers is to help out children and families and it's made impossible for us. >> reporter: they called the investigative unit after seeing our first reports last october. detailing the failures of the agency's answered calls to its child abuse and neglect hotline. workers directly answer only about 59% of calls made to the center. two years later, it was 89%. >> these are 911 calls for children. >> reporter: after our reports aired county leaders gave the
6:32 pm
agency money to hire seven additional staffers for the hotline. >> i absolutely believe the 100% was achievable. >> reporter: the following month the agency raised its rate to 9 9 the agency raised its rate to 9 9 2% or so it said. >> they're going to voicemail or a clerical is answering them. and so it looks like we have a higher percentage of answering calls when we don't. >> are the numbers being manipulated to make the agency look better in the eyes of the public? >> yes. >> i feel so. >> reporter: while the county doesn't require hotline calls to be answered by a social worker, jean and don think they should. they're trained to recognize when a child needs immediate help. >> reporter: it matters because that depends on whether we call the police and have them go checking on that child, whether we snd out a social worker within two hours or ten days. >> reporter: based on her experience, dawn doesn't think social workers are answering as many calls. >> is not available. >> reporter: as managers are reporting. >> 20% of those are just calls
6:33 pm
that the name has been taken and passed on. >> reporter: no one from the department would sit down for an on-camera interview. jean, dawn, and four other social workers who asked to remain anonymous spoke for hours with the investigative unit about what they call mismanagement and harassment in the agency. >> and we have social workers who are leaving because of the management. >> reporter: they say it's led to high turnover and higher case loads. retaliation and toxic and hostile workplace that they sent to department and county leaders. >> this is about making sure every kid that needs help gets help. >> reporter: supervisor cindy chavez is investigating concerns raised by the workers but she is not aware of the claims about the call center numbers. >> they're saying their managers are going back to you, the board of supervisors, and saying look, we're answering 98% of the calls. they don't think those numbers are real. >> we'll check on it. i will say that we went from, you know, being in the low 80s
6:34 pm
to now to 98. so i feel like we're making very important progress. >> they say these numbers are being manipulated because they include the calls that are answered by clerical workers. taking those into account. >> that's an excellent question. i don't know. i'd have to look into it. >> reporter: the workers' claims about a hostile working environment prompted an internal personnel investigation last july but the agency refused to provide a copy of the report citing privacy laws. jean and dawn hope going public with their concerns will make a difference. >> we're going to investigate all of their claims every single one of them. i want it to be a great place for them to work. i want to respond to every kid in need. >> we need to know they're taking it seriously. >> please record your message. >> supervisor chavez ordered the call center to use new technology to track call data. she says if the statistics show calls are not being handled by social workers, in a timely fashion, she will take further action. guy, back to you. >> thanks, vicki.
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if you have a tip for the investigative unit call 888-996-tips. send an e-mail to back to our olympics coverage. knocked out of rio. a number of boxing referees and judges have been sent home from the olympics after several controversial bouts. the international boxing association says the judges did not meet the organization's standards. the exact number of judges and their names are not being released. we're told that all of the decisions they made during the matches in rio will remain final. now a live look at the olympics flame in rio where it's 10:35 p.m. the competition is getting outstaged by the continuing saga of swimmer ryan lochte, an alleged armed robbery involving lochte and teammates. >> brian, always drama when it comes to lochte. there's been breaking developments in the last hour or so. what do you have?
6:36 pm
>> reporter: janelle, raj, this graduated into full blown international incident. let me throw that out there. they were getting on a plane to head home to the united states from rio and these two olympian swimmers who were among the four who were supposedly held up at gunpoint in rio sunday were pulled off the plane. rio authorities will not let them leave. they say they want to question them. u.s. state department is going to be involved in this. they are among the three swimmers still here. ryan lochte who is of course the one who sort of told the news to the world is apparently back in the united states. he has gone home but the drama is very much alive here. while other american swimmers are returning to hero's welcomes, it's a bizarre twist
6:37 pm
in rio for ryan lochtlochte. >> these guys came out with a badge, a police badge. >> reporter: lochte told "today" billy bush he and three fellow swimmers were robbed at gunpoint but they gave conflicting accounts and ordered their passports seized while the investigation continued. the u.s. olympic committee says it is cooperating but the swim team left the athlete's village after competition ended this weekend. lochte's lawyer says he's already back in the states and rio officials are trying to save face. in competition headlines, even earned team usa a rare silver in steeple chase. equestrian won a silver of its own. ashten e ashton eaton defended. and after missing out in a fourth gold medal in her first ever olympic loss, kerri walsh jennings and april ross are trying to salvage bronze in beach volleyball. so inevitably back to lochte, he is back on u.s. soil.
6:38 pm
the last apparently under the eyes if not in the actual custody of police authorities. trying to get to the bottom of this. janelle and raj, it begs the question what are the folks in rio thinking? what are they trying to prove? what is in it for them to press this issue in such a bizarre way? welcome to rio. thank you very much. >> yeah. >> brian, i think you said it best, the state department and other agencies will get involved because this is an international incident. if you're pulling american at t athletes off flights. >> reporter: it's a dangerous precedent. lochte will not be going back to reare you any time soon. i'm not going to say you can bet on that but go ahead and bet on that. >> thanks. >> brian mooar with very compe compelling updates from brazil. michael phelps is back in the united states. no problems for him. he arrived to phoenix.
6:39 pm
how do you adjust to life after olympic glory? natalie coghlan has insight to this, she joins us in studio just ahead. we're back in a moment. wall, by a brazen thief... and
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it was all caught on camera. a computer ripped from a wall by a brazen thief and it was caught on camera. san jose police hope they can get some help identifying the suspect. looking at the security footage here of the burglar yanking his computer from a community room at a south san jose apartment complex. this happened back in may but police are just now releasing the footage in hopes that someone recognizes this man. a big move that could save countless lives. santa clara county leaders approved a suicide resistant redesign for two south bay jails. this is one of the changes the sheriff is making after the deadly beating of an inmate in san jose.
6:42 pm
$1.4 million project is approved for the santa clara county jail in san jose and elmwood correctional facility in milpitas. no more upper bunk beds or sealed doors. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is with us as we inch toward the weekend. >> i know. it felt like a friday today but it's wednesday. i know. we're going to get you closer to that, though, in our extended forecast. some of the hottest weather here in alameda county with livermore, a high of 96 today. down to 91 right now. and eventually down to the 60s by 10:00 p.m. we're tracking some cooler changes. i'll have details on that in just a few minutes. pet owners upset about their vets and bills that exceeded $15,000. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next.
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crystal geyser alpine spring water from here to there ♪ to you crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source.
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foster kid black immigrant cancer patient small muslim the only label that matters is olympian. crystal geyser alpine spring water to you from us crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. extremely sick pets to u-c davis next bay area responds to
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pet owners who took their extremely sick pets to uc davis veterinary hospital for critical care and when they left, they say their pets were even in worse shape. >> our consumer investigator chris cmura is working on the story for tonight after the olympics but has some details right now. chris, what do you have? >> six pet owners reached out to our consumer investigative center to share stories about davis. one oakland man says davis kept giving him hope about his sick cat. so he kept paying the bills. but $17,000 later, he said davis had no answers for him. >> needed the -- >> reporter: a san francisco man says he can prove davis' diagnosis of his sick dog was wrong. he believes if davis had listened to his input, it might have extended his dog's life. >> they feel like since they're number one that who's this guy questioning us? you know, he's not a vet. he doesn't have a medical degree. you know, that's just the wrong attitude to have.
6:46 pm
>> reporter: davis wouldn't discuss the pet owners who contacted us due to client confidentiality. davis' pet hospital has a very long reputation of outstanding care. it's part of davis' renowned veterinary school which is ranked number one in the country and in the world. davis said it treats more than 41,000 small animals every year. and responds to fewer than 20 written complaints. but pet owners who do have complaints might not have much luck if they turn to california's veterinary board for help. tonight after the olympics, we'll explain why. and how one lawmaker is trying to make changes. if you have a consumer complaint, please call us 888-996-tips or visit once you're there, click the yellow submit tips bar for our consumer complaint form. share information, photos, videos so we can investigate your case. >> okay, we'll look for you in our midnight newscast. thanks so much, chris. jeff ranieri rejoins us. we're talking obviously our regular forecast but also what
6:47 pm
firefighters are dealing with and all those people looking to get back to their homes in lake county. >> yeah, definitely is very hot. as you know with those low humidities. we're going to see temperatures change a little bit for tomorrow. it's not as cool as i would like. but definitely going down. we also want to get you the latest here on the bayly fire in south san jose. we have full coverage at you want to check that out. when it comes to the weather where they're still monitoring plenty of hot spots, we currently have 86 degrees. winds not too gusty out of the northwest at 10. humidity at 36%. we'll see temperatures drop into the 70s by 9:00 p.m. tonight. the lake county fire which is called the clayton fire, currently 96 degrees. down from 99 just this past hour. low humidity at 20%. and we will see numbers dipping down into the 80s by 8:00 and also 9:00. as we get a look at the trend for tomorrow, you an see it still will be very warm at the 595 degrees. across the north bay, 56 degrees.
6:48 pm
clouds early on. you still have sun mixing in. san francisco, a little bit of fog and also drizzle. for the east bay, 63. we'll look at a comfortable 54 throughout the peninsula. as you have some thick fog at the immediate coastline. your microclimate forecast on thursday, really doesn't change too much. see the south bay this puts san jose at 87 and the hottest weather in morgan hill at 90. peninsula, 74 in san mateo. san francisco, 63 in the marina and 65 for the mission. kn north bay, eastbay, and tri-valley, humidity in the teens with 95 degrees. east bay, 85 in fremont. 93 walnut creek. oakland expecting 73. friday and saturday's forecast, we will begin to see changes. we've been monitoring this area of low pressure to the knonorth. friday afternoon and saturday,thy area of low pressure is going to dig in stronger and do two things.
6:49 pm
produce showers and thunderstorms across the sierra. some of those showers and thunderstorms will be moving off toward the west. and getting close to the bay area. so we're going to be monitoring that real close for any potential activity in our eastern hills. the other thing the low pressure will do is keep fog at the immediate coastline. which will drop our temperatures a few degrees by this weekend. so let's go ahead and get a look at the extended forecast. see in san francisco, smooth sailing. we have the 60s continuing all way throughout the next seven days. for the interior valleys this is where we'll begin to see changes. it's not as cool as i'd like to see it with our most recent fire danger. average of 94 degrees tomorrow down to 90 by friday. saturday 89. sunday 87. we'll likely stay with the 80s into next monday, tuesday and also for wednesday. i think next week certainly looks a lot better than this week for that fire danger. that's going to be good news for us. >> okay. thank you for those updates. still to come the olympic moment of the day and what's the future for bay area product kerri walsh jennings. we're joined by our olympics
6:50 pm
analyst natalie coghlan next. you hear that? that's the sound of our summer sale firing up its engines with fares as low as 69 dollars one-way. so get ready to take off ... because sale prices as low as these don't happen every day! book your low fare now at low fares. nothing to hide. that's transfarency. (clap, clap, ding)
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final 3 games in group play by a welcome back. i'm colin resch. after winning the final three games in group play by a total of 16 points a little concern creeping in for the u.s. men's basketball team and gold medal chances. kevin durant put that concern to rest with his best performance in rio today. they had captain america on their side today rooting in the stands. the americans actually trail ee ginobili 19-9. klay thompson, two of his four. new wteammate kevin durant dropped 27. seventh and final three of the game. americans win 105-78. >> we tend to think, you know,
6:53 pm
it's going to be a little easier than we thought. we came out here -- you know, it's a wake-up call for us. so we got to use this game and try to build on it. >> next up, spain and the semis on friday. a rematch of last two gold medal games won by the united states. equally impressive quarterfinal win for the u.s. men's volleyball team. they sweep a high-powered poland squad to advance to friday's semifinal where they will meet italy. golf back in the olympics for the women for the first time in 116 years. a good start for the americans. stacey y lewis three off the pa. after one round of play. olympics analyst natalie coghlan joins us on the desk with raj and janelle. >> thank you, colin. i think natalie is so good, you can probably golf and play basketball as well. >> no. >> i think you're one of those people. >> any sport you really love? >> i played volleyball a couple years. i do golf once a year at the
6:54 pm
charity event. i'm terrible. i played in ballet flats. >> it's a lot of fun i'm sure to get out there. >> it is. >> natalie has been our olympics analyst throughout these games. so great to have you in studio. all these olympics you did, you were so successful from athens to beijing to london. >> uh-huh. >> do you ever get sick of us following you around every step of the way? >> no, i don't get sick of you guys at all. you're so nice. friendly faces. michael phelps is coming home. >> arrived in phoenix today. >> correct. the past few days have been a whirlwind tour for him. he got 23 gold medals to add to, like, he's just had such a crazy, crazy rear and he has been done for three days but it's been nonstop. sponsor obligation, media obligation. it's nice to see him back in the water. not actually training. spending time with his family. boomer and nicole. just loving the water and getting to spend downtime with his family without everyone present. >> when he got off the plane he didn't want to deal with the
6:55 pm
media. he was like i'm done. do you get to that point? you've been talking to the media nonstop, right? >> right. michael, i've traveled with him so many times. we have the same agency. and people everywhere he goes, everyone's staring at him, everyone wants something. so i'm sure he just really wanted a chance just to take a breath, enjoy and just relax for once. >> he needs to decompress now. >> he does. >> another superstar along those levels kerri walsh jennings being from sar toeg fatoga and stanford. she didn't win gold. she's not used to losing. this is last night. she has to be -- we're going to say this like it's a downgrade. she's going to be playing for the bronze. when do you know it's time and perhaps you're going through this, yourself, as a swimmer, when do you know it's time kind of set it aside? >> it's definitely a difficult thing when you love the sport you do so, so much. there are athletes when they haven't had a great competition or great performance that they're like, you know what, i
6:56 pm
need time to step away or they're like, i'm done. kerri is one of the people who clearly loves the sport so, so much. i thichnk it's going to be toug for her to make that decision. tonight she's competing for the bronze medal. i'm wishing her and april all the best. >> yep. okay. do we want to show this argentine sailor? >> the olympic moment of the day. >> 64-year-old gold medal winner. >> this awesome. he wins the gold at 54. survived cancer. his sons swim out to greet him in the water. >> i think this is so, so special. not only does he get to share this moment with his family, they literally jump out of their boat, swim to his boat to congratulate him. his family also competed and also understand what the sport is like. i can't imagine if my parents were in the lane next to me or my sister was in the lane next to me, how special that must be to share that moment together. >> it is incredible. >> >> special to you here. you'll be back tomorrow. >> i'll be back tomorrow. >> thanks, natalie. >> hi to natalie's mom.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
lights, access, rio. >> you remember that? >> well, that is just some delicious icing on the cake for simone. i'm natalie morales. years after her perfect 10 changed everything nothing like nadia comaneci to put it in perspective. >> she'd just kick my behipd. >> come on, get up. we're here to finish this. >> the ultimate act of sportsmanship is resonating around the world. i'm kit hoover. we've got nikki and abbey sharing the whole story together. >> this is what we're all about as humans.


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