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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  August 18, 2016 12:00am-12:36am PDT

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>> we're about to see a high, high level. >> no man has ever won a global championship 400 out of lane 8. >> in world record time! >> this is going to be the most successful women's team in olympic history. >> usain bolt still invincible! >> it's not supposed to be that easy, tom. >> the united states has won the bronze. >> american michelle carter. >> the first sweep in olympic history.
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you've had a good long run. but your time is over. it's time for something new. something simple. grown right here in california with absolutely no antibiotics ever. food we're comfortable eating. making. serving. this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again. developing story in rio. american swimmers pulled off a plane and detained. this all right now on nbc bay area, a developing story in rio. american swimmers pulled off a
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plane and detained. this all stems from an alleged robbery that's being questioned by brazilian authorities. the news starts right now. thanks for join us on this special edition of nbc bay area news. i'm janelle wang. >> i'm raj mathai. the side story stealing the show in rio. the two swimmers were part of the group with ryan lochte claiming to be robbed at gunpoint. the u.s. state department is now getting involved. >> our team coverage on the olympics drama begins with nbc bay area's ian cole in the newsroom. this is now becoming a legal and diplomatic matter. >> it is, janelle, because police are investigating the group's claims. authorities have tried to keep all four of them in the country for questioning going so far as to pull two of them off their flight home moments before it was supposed to take off. two u.s. swimmers in rio, jack conger and gunnor bentz pulled off their flight. authorities want answers from them, jimmy fiegen and ryan lochte about the night they were allegedly held up in rio.
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>> a gun, tapped it, put it to my forehead and said get down. >> reporter: a brazilian judge claims there are holes in the group's statements saying lochte told police they were approached by one thief, another said a few attackers surprised the athletes. surveillance video obtained by daily mail in the uk shows swimmers clearing security at the athletes village hours after the incident. the judge noting the swimmers appeared to be joking and unshaken. matt lauer spoke exclusively with lochte by home and recalled the conversation. >> he said that's when the guy pointed the gun in my direction and i pointly said to him, you had said before it was placed on your forehead. he said, no, that's not exactly what happened. and i think he feels it was more of a traumatic mischaracterization. >> those two swimmers detained tonight were released but had their passports temporarily confiscated. lochte left earlier and is home in the u.s. legal analysts say if the men lied they could face charges equivalent to a misdemeanor and
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one more note, we learned cal swimmer nathan adrian and team director of usa swimming were also on that flight. ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> this investigation is causing plenty of distractions in rio. there was important competition for bay area athletes tonight. we're joined by colin resch. tonight's volleyball match had me on the edge of my seat. >> yeah. let's begin with kerri walsh jennings. her reaction to winning the bronze medal really tells you everything you need to know about her. she celebrated with teammate april ross as though she'd just won her fourth straight gold medal. this was supposed to be the gold medal match. like walsh jennings and ross, this was played like and felt like a gold medal match. after dropping the opening set, walsh jennings found another gear. the americans take set two. the final 13 points in a decisive third set. walsh jennings' signature block to end it. jubilation ensues.
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the first sweep in olympic history in the women's 100 meter hurdle. americans rollins, nia ali go one, two, three. and the best women's water polo player in the world, four goals to propel the u.s. to a win over hungary and gold medal match friday against italy. stephen is the team captain and certainly playing like it in rio. raj, janelle? >> pretty amazing. thanks, colin. >> don't miss a moment of the olympics with nbc bay area's five to watch. the five key ting things to knh day. five to watch at our other head lilines toni, veteran firefighters say the fire in southern california has a ferocity never seen before. no immediate count on how many
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homes have been destroyed but the numbers are expected to be quite high. nbc bay area's cheryl herd arriving on the fire lines for us tonight 60 miles east of los angeles. what are you seeing at this hour? >> reporter: well, from my vantage point, i see two huge fires burning right off of highway 15. one is here burning in this hilly steep terrain. the other is right here in the valleys. that's where homes are being threatened and the wall of flames are moving this way. the fire started yesterday causing authorities to call for a major evacuation. this is what the blue cut fire looks like from the air. fast-moving flames ripping through the southern california hills near highway 15 along the cajon pass. officials closed miles of two major roadways after fast-moving flames moved out of control and down a mountain tuesday night. the fire forcing more than 82,000 people to evacuate. more than 1,500 firefighterses
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are on the ground. >> yeah, in fact, he's starting to roll again right here a little bit. >> reporter: from the air, you can see lines of cars waiting to get out. the process chaotic at times. people struggling to find other ways to leave the area. on the ground, crews are setting back fires in anne esffort to t the massive wildfire away from homes. >> it's a concern. >> reporter: andrea has lived in the area for 11 years and has faith in the firefighters that are working to control a fire that is right now very much out of control. >> we've been communicating with people off the hill letting them know they have to leave and let them know it's still standing, it's comfort to some of them who are off the hill already. >> reporter: and as you know, it's after midnight and i see aircraft surveying the area. now, this fire is 4% contained. thousands of people are without power tonight. when the sun comes up, they will
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continue to survey the area. again, 82,000 people were forced to evacuate and they will be hanging on every word waiting for the next move. we will be here covering starting tomorrow morning. reporting live in san bernardino county, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. we're going to move to northern california now where we're learning more about the man accused of setting the devastating clayton fire in lake county. the former inmate firefighter intentionally set more than a dozen fires over the last year. nbc bay area's jean ellie is live in lower lake where people are getting restless there. jean? >> reporter: people in lower lake want to come home and see where things stand. many of them will find this, nothing more than rubble. and finding out today that a man from clear lake is accused of starting this fire on purpose only adds to the pain here. >> the more necessary stuff like clothes or something, but
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they're saying maybe tomorrow then we go back today and they say maybe tomorrow. >> reporter: alma andrade and her family are eager to get back to their home in lower lake but an evacuation order still stands. their house is surrounded by devastation. devastation cal fire says was caused by 40-year-old damon tashil. >> he has be crazy. a lot of people are homeless now. >> reporter: the clayton fire burned 175 homes. investigators say the ex-con is a serial arsonist facing felony charges for setting seven fires in northern california in july and august of last year and then ten more in july and august of this year. for many, knowing a man who lives in clear lake may be responsible for so much heart ache is maddening. >> kind of makes you angry. it really does, but, you know, hopefully he'll get what he deserves and, you know, not be able to do that again.
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>> reporter: in the midst of all the bad fire news, crews deliver a welcome surprise. many shifted from mopping up to cleaning up downtown tonight. kindness that moved the town's battalion chief to tears. >> in trouble. washing things down. i couldn't believe it. i was so impressed, man. so impressed and thankful. >> we have more details on the suspect. arson investigators areors have building a case against him for more than a year but tid not have enough evidence until this most recent fire. one tool investigators are used, a gps attached to his car. it showed him at the location where the clayton fire was started. his car was also caught on several surveillance cameras at the scene of fires dating back to july of last year. the worst-case scenario for pet owners. a local couple drops off their dog at a sitter and less than 12
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hours later the dog is dead. this all started with a popular app. nbc bay area's rick boone joins us from oakland this evening with the warning for pet owners. rick? >> reporter: yeah, what a heartbreaking story tonight. this couple tell me that it is starting to slowly sink in that their little bud tdy is gone an say what makes this even worse is no one has explained to them why. >> he meant everything. we've had him since he was, you know, 8 weeks old. >> reporter: emily and christian say they'll never trust an app again. this after going to chicago to visit family and leaving six-year-old pippen with a sitter they found on dogvacay, an app that allows anyone to sign up and watch your pet for a price while you're out of town. >> had to be strong for her. >> reporter: less than 12 hours after dropping off their pet last wednesday, the sitter called saying pippen had died along with another pet after both were left in a hot car
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outside of a dog park. we tried talking to the pet sitters to explain what happened and why did they leave the dogs in the car, but no luck. >> my gosh, sorry, i'm not giving any interviews right now, i'm sorry. >> reporter: charges are now pending toward those sitters. we did reach out to dog vacay and gave a statement where their condolences and say they have banned those sitters from the app. but for the couple the only solution they wish they could have is their pippen alive again. and those owners tell me it's very unlikely that they will get a bet again and pippen's ashes, by the way, will be tlidelivereo them on thursday. in oakland, rick boone, nbc bay area. a suspected con man is accused of swindling and elderly woman of a huge amount of cash and used a bay area church as part of his scheme. 55-year-old ward steven caldwell was arrested sunday in walnut
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creek. investigators say he wrote several bad checks to the church for $150,000. the church publicized his donations, gained the trust of a 90-year-old church goer. she's not letting caldwell's crime ruin her faith in humanity. >> actually i'm amazed with her resiliency at 90 years old saying that was a painful life lesson. but i'm not going to let it take one day of my life away from me. >> police say caldwell also posed as a las vegas investor and a car salesman for other schemes. upset pet owners complain to us after bad experiences at a renowned northern california pet hospital. but a loophole in state law leaves them little recourse. tonight, we respond. also how about this? donald trump's daughter donates to the hillary clinton campaign. how buying a piece of jewelry ended up helping her dad's opponent. and good morning, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri with
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more hot temperatures inland tomorrow across the east bay. we'll find the worst air quality there and a spare the air alert in effect. i'm checking when temperatures will ocool down a few degrees ad that's in a few minutes.
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nbc bay area responds recovering more than $100,000 to bay area consumers. if you want help, call us or visit nbc bay area responds to pet owners who took their extremely sick pets to renowned uc davis veterinary hospital. they say when they left, their pets were even in worse shape. >> the hospital has many satisfied customers but not everyone. consumer investigator chris cmura here with their side of the story, chris. >> yeah, raj and janelle, our consumer investigative center received six calls from pet oec owners who took their sick animals to davis. they all felt misled or ignored by some of the veterinarians there. in the end, they were left with pets that were even more sick or debt plus thousands of dollars in bills. they also didn't realize they had very little recourse for their concern. >> they did chemotherapy. >> reporter: when his cat, einstein, had breathing
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problems, his local vet suspected a tumor in his trachea. it was only one place the oakland pet owner wanted to two. >> are going to uc davis, such a good reputation. >> reporter: he was relieved web the veterinarians at davis didn't find a tumor but he says they didn't find much else. tee spite tests, blood work and procedures. >> they do a test again and again and they only say what's the problem? we don't know. >> reporter: by day nine, his bill was $17,000. most of it approved because he said davis kept giving him hope but he still had no answers and einstein was still sick. he feels the clinic was using his cat to experiment. >> like a guinea pig. >> reporter: he says davis performed an unsuccessful surge a surgery then asked for another $8,000 to continue treatment. >> the minute the money flow stopped. this is the most terrible torture i ever had in my life. >> reporter: he says einstein
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was ultimately euthanized. >> anger. just anger. >> i have picture of him. >> reporter: chris from san francisco took his bulldog, cramer, to davis after a local vet diagnosed cramer with cancer. chris and his personal vet suspected one type of cancer, one common in bulldogs. davis treated cramer for a different type. >> it was just always very evasive. dealing with them. and very frustrating because they wouldn't listen to me are. >> reporter: chris says he ignored his instincts, followed davis' advice and treatment plan based on davis' diagnosis. cramer's health never got better. within weeks he died. following a scremectomy, a surgery he felt davis should have done right away. a necropsy confirmed his hunch, cramer had thecancer he suspected. >> he thinks cramer would have
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lived longer if the diagnosis at davis would have been different. >> feel since they're number one, who's this guy questioning us, he's not a vet, he doesn't have a medical degree. that's the wrong attitude to have. >> reporter: we heard from other pet owners who share similar experiences, test, few answers and misguided treatment. suzanne of pacifica wasn't happy with davis' treatment of her dog, sally's brain tumor in 2002. after leaving davis, suzanne said sally's held declined and she had to put her to sleep. saw st shocked by her final bill, $17,000, double what she authorized. >> the worst part, our bill for $17,000, much worse than we expected and our dog had a death sentence. >> reporter: suzanne disputed davis' bill with her credit card company and eventually won. davis later stewed her for not paying the bill. a court found davis' treatment
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of sally appropriate but said suzanne had a right to speak to the togetherer first edoctor f would exceed the $8,500 quote. they said suzanne was only on the hook for the $8,500, not $17,000. davis' vet hospital has a long reputation of outstanding care. it's part of davis' renowned veterinary school ranked number one in the country and in the world. we asked for an interview with the chief veterinary medical office at davis but she declined. a statement she said she couldn't discuss the pet owners in our store, due to client confidentiality. she said davis treats more than 41,000 small animals like einstein, cramer an sally every year and she responds to less than 20 written complaints per year. pet owners typically file complaints against vets with the california veterinary medical board. its job is to investigate complaints. >> in terms of any care and treatment that's provided to a pet, it should be medically necessary. >> reporter: the board isn't
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commenting on these specific cases, but it points out that treatment should be done to extend a pet's life. if it doesn't, there might be a standard of care issue but the board can't help many pet owners who have complains against davis because the vets at davis don't have to be licensed so they're exempt from board oversight. of the six vets who cared for einstein and cramer, none are licensed by the state. this exception has been on the book for years. and it ties the board's hands. >> with exempt settings, it's very limited as to what the board can do to actually protect a consumer and be proactive. >> that needs to change and will change. >> reporter: state senator jerry hill has heard kplachcomplaints davis, too. would add oversight and require its vets to be licensed. >>- many of the consumers and their pets were treated by these veterinarians and had no recourse when they had what they
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fe felt was bad service, bad veterinary medicine and inappropriate care. they had no place to turn. >> reporter: these pet owners wish reform had come sooner. >> i'll never forget cramer. i'm still not over it completely. >> the veterinary board say most states don't are regulate university settings so california is being proactive with this proposed legislation. davis says it's been working with the board on licensing. chris and another pet owner retained an attorney and might sue davis. the potential lawsuit would make claims of breach of fiduciary --. if you have a complaint, call 888-996-tips or visit once you're there, click the yellow submit tips bar for our consumer complaint form. share information, photos and videos so we can investigate your case. raj, janelle? >> okay, chris. thank you.
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disheartening to say the at least for the pet owners. let's get a check of our forecast. a bit of a warmup again today. >> definitely hot across our microclimates. as we head throughout this weekend, temperatures will drop a few degrees and certainly be much welcomed news to you. as we get you right into your morning forecast, we are starting off with fog in san francisco. and 55 degrees. throughout the east bay 63. the south bay mostly sunny start and low 60s. not too much changes on the microclimate forecast for thursday. 60s remain in san francisco. for the peninsula. 79 alto. 90 morgan hill. 87 san jose. north bay, east bay and tri-valley, hottest temperatures here in tanvildanville 94. the north bay, 75 in mill valley to 86 in napa. we will undergo changes once we hit friday and also saturday. we've been following this area of low pressure just off to the north the past couple of days but as we head through friday
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and saturday, it digs a little bit more here to the south and right on top of california, that's going to do two things. the first thing is provide some showers and thunderstorms. this would be moves off toward the west. it will be having to watch the central valley for maybe a few isolated storms that could get near our eastern foothills and also here this area of low pressure will help continue to keep the fog moving in but most importantly top our temperatures by the upcoming weekend. as we get a look at the extended forecast, in san francisco, we'll continue with this trend of temperatures in the 60s over the next seven days. and for the inland valleys, we'll go from that high of 94 tomorrow down to 87 by sunday. so 94 to 87. there's your cool down. i know a lot of people are giving it thumbs up. >> that's me. >> to the tv tonight. >> you, too. >> 7 degrees makes a huge difference. thanks, jeff. still ahead, the political donation generating talent of attention. how donald trump's daughter ended up donating to hillary clinton's campaign.
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and happening now on our twitter page, continued coverage of that raging wildfire in san bernardino county. cheryl hu are rd is posting the latest photos. 4% contained. thousands of people are evacuated. home page, a treat for champions. check out which fast food items team usa gymnasts splurged on after completing the rio olympics. we're back in a moment. while his poll numbers continue
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to lag, donald trump shook up his campaign staff, in an effort to gain some while his poll numbers continue to lag, donald trump shook up his campaign staff in an effort to gain traction.
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he hired steve bannon to be his campaign's new ceo, head of breitbart news. trump also promoted pollster kellyanne conway from adviser to campaign manager in an effort to help attract female voters. in announcing the move, trump said he's willing to do whatever h takes to win the election. trump's tour, ivanka, getting a visurprise with a rect jewelry purchase. she recordered an earring online from a brooklyn based jeweler. when they discovered the order came from ivanka trump they decided to add a special note to the shipment posted on the owner's instagram account. the note says thanks, ivanka, for her order and said the proceeds from the sale are going to be donated to the hillary clinton campaign, and other anti-trump organizations. they're having a little bit of fun. up next, the giants slumping. we'll tell you what they might be doing soon. stay with us. bleach comfort food...
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a is for access to everything, including the aisle. r is for reclining in tailor-made bedding. and i, must be dreaming. s, so long, jet lag. polaris, from united. came into the olympics as heavy favorites, but a couple of close wins, have some re-thinking that. . the u.s. men's basketball team came into the olympics as heavy favorites. a couple of close wins have them rethinking that. today no problem with captain america watching. the team looked like the world's best team they're supposed to be. new warrior kevin durant scored 27 points. team usa cruised to a 105-78 victory over argentina.
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they'll meet spain in the semifisem semifinals on friday, a rematch of the last two gold medal games which the u.s. won. okay. back here at home from bad to worse. the slumping giants lost again today to the pirates. the giants are not focusing on next week's showtown with the first-place dodgers. they might juggle the starting rotation so the team's top three pitchers throw against l.a. if so, it would be bumgarner, johnny cueto and matt moore. a rough season for the a's. it continues. they got swept today in texas. up next, back on american soil, we're going to show you what michael phelps did soon after returning home today.
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