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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 18, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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off a plane and detained after a robbery investigation and now the u.s. state department is telling brazilian officials not so fast. live details. i'm pete suratos in millbrae where a middle schoolteacher has been arrested for having an inappropriate relationship with a minor. we'll have those details coming up in a live report. "today in the bay" starts now. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we're going to get to mike with a look at traffic in a second. first, pretty similar pattern today that we've seen all week. pretty much cool on the coast. >> the one thing to keep in mind we have the "spare the air" alert so you can encouraged to carpool. bike to work or school. and of course keep in mind it's all due to the smoke to our south. soberanes fire burning. mostly hazy skies in the south bay. it is going to be moderate to unhealthy air quality. 50s and 60s as you wake up. fog at the coastline. it's going to creep into the inland valleys. we will see a nice summer
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afternoon at the inland locations. 90s there. 80s around the inner bay. 70s for places like oakland and palo alto and 60s for san francisco. so a wide spread of temperatures coming our way. let's talk to mike and track that morning commute. good morning. >> good morning. we have our second incident for the morning reported for the tri-valley. as we look at your map you don't see any major problems for the speed sensors. i zoom in toward 880 just before you gel to el chara heading westbound. we do have reports of debris in your left two lanes toward the center divide. we'll watch as chp gives us more details. live look around the same area. el charr over there westbound. no flashing lights. we'll track this. back to you. thank you very much, mike. developing in southern california, firefighters battling a fire the likes of which they say they have never experienced. this is a.
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>> we've been communicating with people that are off the hill that have to leave and letting them know that, you know, it's still standing. you're all right. so it comfort to some of them off the hill already. >> some 80,000 rest debts are now under wags orders. about 1500 firefighters are now on the front lines. "today in the bay's" cheryl hurd is in southern california this morning talking with firefighters. we're going to talk with her live at 6:00 this morning. sam? >> kris, of course we've seen devastating fires here in the bay area as well in lake kreent.
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some communities are trying to get back on their feet. even as firefighters continue battling the clayton fire. it's now about 50% contained with 4,000 acres bushd. so that's good news that that number has held steady. nearly 300 structures are gone and this includes 175 homes. in the midst of all the bad fire news crews deliver a welcome surprise. many shifted from mopping up to cleaning up. and in some cases the kindness moved fellow firefighters to tears. >> sweeping with brooms and shovels and washing things down and i couldn't believe it. i was so impressed, man. so impressed and thankful. >> just a community rallying together. that fire is expected to be fully contained by sunday. in the meantime we're learning new details on the suspect accused of setting that destructive fire. arson investigators say damin
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pashilk is responsible for setting the fires across california. they've been building a case against him for more than a year but did not have enough evidence for an arrest until this most recent fire. one tool that investigators used was a gps attached to pashilk's car. it allegedly showed him at the location where the clayton fire started. pashilk's car was also caught reportedly on several surveillance cameras at the scene of fires dating all of the way back to july of last year. new this morning, one person is in custody after a car smashed into this store in san mateo. this was the scene just after 3:00 this morning at a precor home fitness store on fourth avenue and el camino. the car smashed into a window sending ellipticals flying into the air. the driver of the car suffered minor injuries. officers later arrested that driver though on suspicion of driving under the influence. a millbrae teacher is behind bars accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a young girl.
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"today in the bay's" pete suratos is live at taylor middle school with the details. pete, this comes a huge distraction right before the start of the school year there. >> yeah, good morning, guys. school starts here in millbrae in about a week. we're talking about heather aym amanda butts. she's a teacher here and having an inappropriate relationship with a minor. we have a mug shot with this teacher. san bruno police got a call about the middle schoolteacher having this inappropriate conduct. they discovered there had been an on going relationship between the two of them. she was arrested in her home in millbrae. and is facing mum approximately charges including lewd acts with a juvenile. now, school starts a week from today as this investigation continues and if you have any information that could help out with this case, contact san bruno police. we're live in millbrae, pete suratos for "today in the bay."
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the competitions in rio might be can't vatsing but now the world is talking about questions surrounding several team usa swimmers. we learned late last night two of them were hauled off a plane and detained. all of this stemming from an alleged robbery they say happened in rio. >> a "today in the bay's" jay gray is live in rio with the latest. authorities in brazil say the stories are not adding up. >> reporter: yeah, you're right, kris. good to talk to you this morning. they have a lot of questions here. unfortunately it's taking away the spotlight from some of the games here which have been just terrific for team usa. let's go with what we know right now. those two swimmers had their passports taken away, confiscated as they were pulled off of that plane. tensions growing between the athletes, american officials, and police here in rio. after being pulled from their flight home by brazilian police american swimmers jack conger
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and gunnar bentz are expected to answer more questions from detectives later today. teammate jimmy feigen is also cooperating with investigators who say their inconsistencies in the swimmers' stories about being robbed at gun point by men posing as police early sunday morning in rio. police also hoped to talk with ryan lochte who said he was involved in the incident but he's already returned to the u.s. >> the first sweep in this event in olympic history. >> reporter: to the games now. and no controversy when it comes to the women's 100 meter hurdle. team usa with its first ever sweep in the race taking gold, silver, and bronze. >> we came into it together as girls, as well/girl power. >> reporter: a powerful performance also helped the americans finish one/two in the long jump. track and field continues today along with semifinal games with a heavily favored u.s. women in basketball and volleyball. yeah, and also tonight on the track usain bolt back in action
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running what he calls his favorite race, the 200. he's looking for his second gold in rio and hirnting he may havea world record in him tonight. should be exciting to see. kris, sam, back to you. >> like babe ruth calling his shot. thank you very much, jay gray. >> risky behavior. >> i know. high expectations. >> thanks. >> a lot of people going back to school now. you saw your kids off to school yesterday. >> yes. >> might be face brook proof of this. >> there is facebook proof the kids went back to school. tears and giggles you be pretty much happy. >> my kids went back to school, too. i was happy. they were happy. >> we can do lunch. >> the weather is going to cool off this weekend. >> sweet. >> you can do lunch outside. how about that? all right. let's look at the forecast. you can see we're looking at cloudy skies and fog in san francisco this morning. as you can see in the south bay right now, there are our clouds starting to drift on in. so we are going to wake up to mostly cloudy skies for most of us as we get going through the day. that's going to lead to a cooler day by a couple of degrees.
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you will notice the cooling by this weekend. 65 for san francisco. still in the 90s for the tri-valleys. 88 degrees today for the south bay. now the fog will continue to roll back in as we head through the next couple of hours. it peels back by noon. we will see sunny skies for most of the bay area. and then it rolls back in for tonight. the other thing to keep in mind today, winds are out of the south so that's going to bring in smoke from the soberanes fire burning just south of the bay area. so moderate to unhealthy air quality is coming your way for today in a "spare the air" alert. numbers for the weekend and get you into that forecast coming up. let's talk to mike right now. got good news for us? >> good view and good news. speed sensors showing green. east bay and peninsula alike. it's very early. zoom in toward the approach to the bay bridge. no other problems. we have a little slowing in the tri-valley. i will show that to you in detail coming up. but i wanted to show you your view of bay bridge. low clouds and maybe some fog across the spans. back to you. >> mike, thank you. coming up next, donald trump shaking things up within his
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campaign. new details now on his new management team and focus as we inch closer to the election. cisco confirms plans it is going to cut jobs. plus, the worse job in silicon valley. comfort food... you've had a good long run.
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talking politics this morning. with an expanded beefier
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management team and a new focus, donald trump is going to be in north carolina today trying to sway voters there. >> for her part, hillary clinton continues her attacks on trump's latest campaign shake-up. "today in the bay's" edward lawrence is live in washington with the latest from the campaign trail. what can we expect today? >> kris and sam, it should be a little bit more of the primary donald trump coming out today because of his new management team there. donald trump received his first national security briefing, his advisers say that it was very professi professional. still trump questions those who are in charge of the information. donald trump hit the campaign reset button again. he shuffled the people at the top of his campaign because of struggling poll numbers. outside trump tower in new york fresh off her promotion to campaign manager kellyanne conway says she urged trump to stick to the issues. >> the advice that i would give him is to be authentic because that's what americans appreciate and they -- you see in hillary
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clinton what happens when you are inauthentic. >> reporter: that's exactly what trump did last night in an interview with fox news. he hit hillary clinton on her policies in iraq as secretary of sta state. >> the way they got out was absolutely insane. lit be talked about for many, many years and it really led to the formation of isis. >> reporter: clinton fired back, highlighting trump's campaign problems. >> he can hire and fire anybody he wants from his campaign. they can make him read new words from a teleprompter, but he is still the same man who insults gold star families. >> reporter: clinton hopes to continue to momentum she has in recent polls and take advantage of trump's missteps and campaign reorganization. now, for the first time in this national election the trump campaign will target five battleground states for television ads, north carolina, florida, ohio, virginia, and
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pennsylvania. reporting live in washington, edward lawrence. now, back to you, sam, kris. >> thank you. all right. obviously the state of the economy an important topic on the campaign trail and jobs while business news here at home, the good news for cisco is that the bad news isn't quite as bad as we expected. >> scott mcgrew, cisco laying off about 5,000 people but it's a strategy. >> sure it is. 5,500, kris. much less than the predictions of 14,000 we were looking at this time yesterday. one important point though. cisco based in san jose can announce more layoffs any time it wants. there's nothing stopping it from adding to the number later that year. that said, it does look like 5,500 job cuts. cisco makes the kind of stuff that makes the internet go. the servers and switchers and other hardware. the problem is american business is moving away from making stuff. stuff is a really difficult business. the poster child for new orleans not making stuff is gopro. it makes a camera, it's a marvelous camera but it's easily
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copyable. anybody can make a camera and probably make it cheaper on the gopro. hardware engineers are probably the least attractive skill set manageable in the valley. apple makes stuff, makes iphones. but it's not the rectangle that you tear about. it's not the hardware. it's what it does that makes an iphone an iphone. so cisco cutting primarily hardware engineers. let's turn to landon dowdy now live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, landon. >> hi, scott. good morning. the markets still try to make gains two days in a row with more major retailers reporting quarterly results today. walmart will be the stock to watch. retail delivered a solid earping and raised forecast on the economic front, the government released weekly jobless claims and leading indicators, used help to predict changes in the economy the looking at the marks yesterday. the dow up 22 points to 18573.
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nasdaq climbing 1 1/2 points to 5228. scott, back over to you. sam and kris, i don't normally pass on totally blatantly commercial messages but i will in this case. there's a sale at best buy. the reason i bring this up is because best buy is having this massive sale because they're celebrating 50th anniversary. to which i went, hold on, wait, really? best buy is 50 years old? it turns out best buy started as a record store called sound of music in the '60s. they really are 50 years old. >> wow. and you thought we didn't like stuff anymore. apparently. >> circuit city came about at the same time, too, right? >> yeah. >> exactly. so best buy has had a great longevity but better than we thought. >> exactly. a vice doctors say can save a child's life now costs about five times as much as it did seven years ago. that has parents outraged. some saying they can no longer afford to buy epi pens.
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an epi pen can stop a potentially deadly allergic reaction in its track. in 2009 it cost $100. now it's about $600 and it's a single use item. the high cost has some cash strapped parents opting out and just taking the risk. mylan, the company that makes the epi pen says the costs has changed over time to reflect product changes. >> still hard to imagine for those parents, it's life or death situation. >> one time use and they expire. so, yeah, you have to buy it whether you use it or not. >> you hope you don't use itted a when you don't use it you have to chuck it if you don't use it. >> all right. we're going to be using a lot of book bags today. school shoes and excited parents and cameras. >> air conditioning. >> you got it. >> lunch boxes. >> ice packs. don't forget those. keep the lunch cold as you go through the day. looking at sunshine that's going to filter back into the bay area. that's going to warm us again in the 80s and 90s for the inland valleys. in san jose we are waiting on
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the fog to roll in. you can see at the top part of your screen. a little bit of cloud cover trying to inch into the south bay. we're going to see a good mix of sun and clouds as we get going. temperatures at 62 degrees. we're expected to top out near 85 in san jose for today. the morning clouds will lead to a mostly cloudy start. as we get into the afternoon, hot and hazy with those smoke -- fires burning to our south will keep the smoke in place. as we get into the weekend, temperatures do cool off. 70s and eights. next week, seasonal and not as hot as it has been this past weak. right now in the 50s and 60s. looking at comfortable conditions. winds again out of the south. that's going to make for unhealthy air quality through the day and bring in a lot of that smoke from the soberanes fire. over 6,000 acres burned already. weers microclimate forecast. up to 85 today in san jose. pacifica, 64. cool along the coastline. even in san francisco. up to 65 degrees today for places like the castro. 64 for the embarcadero. nice in palo alto today, up to
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79 degrees. north bay, temperatures mostly in the 80s. a few places in the 90s like mill valley and fairfield over 94 degrees there. fremont, you will be at 80. concord, 93 today. tri-valley staying warm with a good mix of low 90s. we had a trough that's sliding down the coastline. and the winds around it go counter clock wise. that's going to bring offshore winds through the next couple of days. it's also going to increase our fire danger because it's going to be a little bit breezy at times as we get going into the next couple of days. things do improve as we get into the weekend. much more comfortable weather headed our way. 80s replace the 90s. at the coastline, 60s. let's talk to mike and track the morning commute in the tri-valley. >> go back to the tri-valley because we what had a couple incidentses there. none for the rest of the bay. altamont pass, traditional slowing for westbound 580. by the time you goet to greenville you're clear. earlier difficuebris from our m
5:21 am
gone. so we do have a little disruption there. no surprises. live look for dublin. continue with that steady flow of traffic. here's your drive toward the dublin interchange and drive toward the bay bridge looks good as well. we have a smooth flow of traffic at the toll plaza. no metering lights. low clouds around the area. repeating our view of the oakland hills and towers at the bay and golden brims. there may be fog when you, across. coming up, the future of trfgs in san francisco now is in the hands of the public. the new website just launched to let you have your say.
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in my future, i'm twice as likely to have a stroke. i'm at higher risk for depression. i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive.
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sunnyvale after a sudden good news for drivers. lanes are back open on 85 in sunnyvale after a sudden pothole that developed caused major problems for drivers. the exposed bars flattened some tires and shut down several lanes. now as an aside, national research group trip says that road repairs are costing drivers thousands of dollars each year. county leaders are pushing for a sales tax increase to fix those problems. in a national research group says the state has been
5:25 am
neglecting crumbling roads and bridges. >> one-third of california's major roads are in poor condition. and here in the san jose area, 79% of major roads are in either poor or mediocre condition. >> the agency says the average driver in the south bay loses roughly $2,500 per year in car repairs and commute delays as a result of the region's decaying infrastructure. a long awaited plan to revarp busy van ness avenue in san francisco cleared another key hurdle. the mta gave approval to authorize this major facelift. the makeover will include new construction from aquatic park to mission street and redesign bus stops for the planned rapid bus line down the middle of van ness. work is now expected to begin this fall. it will take three years to compete. talking about transforming transportation, kris, in the future of transportation san francisco lies underground, the city today meets its future head
5:26 am
on. the new city sponsored website called connect sf is supposed to launch today. organizers hope it's going to help refine city lan in designing new underground transportation. the chronicle reports that public input is being gathered and encouraged so you can go to the website and provide your own ideas about where future subways should go. it's hoped that the website helps prioritize long-term projects. coming up, vicious -- 25,000 acres are scorched. homes are gone. we're tracking the latest from the fire lines coming up. plus, detained and escorted off of a plane. two u.s. swimmers get their passports confiscated as tensions grow in rio after an alleged robbery incident. the overnight details in trying to clarify and verify stories is coming in to our newsroom next. and good morning. i'm bob redell. live to the south bay to update you on the condition of a baby
5:27 am
delivered after its teenage mother was killed in a car crash. we'll have that story coming up.
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good morning. thank you for joining us on this thursday. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. let's talk about the weather. some of the kids are headed back to school today. >> saratoga. >> right. ice packs in the lunch boxes you were saying. >> sunscreen as well when you get going for the recess. remember to put that on, especially in the face this morning. you're going to need it. >> kick ball. >> kick ball, dodgeball. we are looking at sunshine that's going to move back into the bay area. it will take dominance as we get going. right now the fog is pretty much the key factor as you get going this morning. it is keeping things comfortable out there. 50s and 60s for the most part. once we get going the sun does come up, nice day. bright for the inland valleys to start. foggy at the coastline. we will see 60s at the coast. 70s for the inner bay. 80s and 90s for the inland valleys. it is the "spare the air" alert today. we will talk about that and improving conditions for the weekend. that's all coming up in a bit. let's toss things over to mike. >> you will talk about air quality as far as "spare the air." i'll encourage folks to use mass
5:31 am
transit. on the roadways looking at good speeds but look over here in san jose where we see our first burst of traffic starting for the northbound side of 101. southbound side at mckee there is a report of a crash that may be a distracting folks adding to this slowing a little more than we expect. we will show you the live camera. it is affecting folks north of 680 already. that distraction likely on the southbound side. give you an update coming up, kris. raging out of control, this is the blue cut fire in southern california. we don't know how many homes have burned but we know there are homes that burned. thousands more are in danger. firefighters can't even take a break to take the inventory. "today in the bay's" cheryl hurd is at the front lines of this fire that's already torched more than 25,000 acres. cheryl? >> reporter: it is day three of the so-called blue cut fire. it has burned more than 25,000 acres. fire is ripping through steep hilly terrain and flames are racing through the valley. the fire started on tuesday.
5:32 am
officials closed dozens of miles of two major roadways. 82,000 people evacuated. no word on how many homes have been destroyed. 1500 firefighters are battling the fire from the ground. thousands of people are without power. hundreds of people are thankful that their homes are still standing. we'll have an update on this fire later on in the newscast. in san bernardino county, i'm cheryl hurd, "today in the bay." >> cheryl has been monitoring the situation in southern california overnight as well. she's going to bring us reports throughout the morning as we said. we'll talk with her again at 6:00. of course devastation closer to home as well, kris. we are learning more about the man accused of setting this devastating fire in lake county. cal fire says that former inmate firefighter damin pashilk is a serial arsonist. the excon is facing felony charges for setting seven fires across northern california in july and august of last year. and then ten more in july and
5:33 am
august of this year. for many, knowing a man who lives in clearlake may be responsible for so much heartache is crushing and infuria infuriating. >> it kind of makes you angry. it really does. but, you know, you hopefully he will get what he deserves and, you know, not do that again. >> he has to be crazy to do this. a lot of people are homeless now. >> okay. so right now let's get a status update on the clayton fire. at this point it is 50% contained which is an improvement from yesterday. at this time yesterday 40% contained. nearly 4,000 acres having burned. that's a figure held steady. we also know that nearly 270 structures have been burned total at this point. of those, roughly 175 of them are homes that are now completely gone. firefighters are expected to have that fire contained fully by sunday. new this morning, at least five people are out of their homes in concord this morning
5:34 am
after a fire ripped through their duplex. it broke out just before 3:00 this morning on glen brook court. firefighters say it started in the kitchen of one of those units. everyone did make it out safely and while investigators know where to fire began, they're still looking to find out how it started. a tragic story in the south bay where a horrific morning crash took the life of a pregnant mother to be. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live at valley medical center. bob, we're told the baby did survive, though his mother did not. >> reporter: correct. good morning, kris. at last report that baby is still in critical condition here at valley med but a source has indicated to nbc bay area that they are more optimistic the baby will live. sadly, the baby's 18-year-old mother did not survive yesterday's crash on highway 101. and even this was in spite of the fact that initially the reports were that her injuries were only minor. wednesday morning 2:00 a.m. a
5:35 am
man driving a honda civic with this pregnant passenger somehow swerved into a bmw parked along a tight shoulder of southbound 101 just past the tully road exit in san jose. both cars totaled. the 20-year-old driver of the honda and the 22-year-old driver of the beamer both taken to the hospital for complaints of pain. the pregnant woman who officers first said only had minor injuries was also taken here to valley med because she sxland that her legs were hurting. but as it turns out she had major internal injuries and died a few hours later in an operating room. her baby as i mentioned was said and is in critical condition according to sour last report. chp does not believe the driver of the pregnant teen to have been under the influence but officers did arrest the driver of the bmw for dui. still trying to figure out why he pulled his car over to shoulder in the first place. r bob rebel, "today in the bay." a developing story out of rio where american swimmers were
5:36 am
pulled off of the plane and detained by brazilian authorities. all of this stemming from an alleged robbery that happened in brazil. authorities say the details are not adding up. >> "today in the bay's" jay gray is live in rio tracking the latest. jay, the swimmers are expected to be questioned once again by police. though one of the more high profile swimmers is no longer there. >> you're right. two u.s. swimmers pulled from their plane as you just talked about. passports confiscated as the tension between the athletes, the american officials, and police here continues to climb right now. after being pulled from their flight home by brazilian police american swimmers jack conger and gunnar bentz are expected to answer more questions from detectives later today. teammate jimmy feigen is also cooperating with investigators who say their inconsistencies in the swimmers' stories about
5:37 am
being robbed at gun point by men posing as police early sunday morning in rio. police also hoped to talk with ryan lochte who said he was involved in the incident but he's already returned to the u.s. >> the first sweep in this event in olympic history. >> reporter: to the games now. and there's no controversy when it comes to the women's 100 meter hurdle. team usa with its first ever sweep in the race taking gold, silver, and bronze. >> we came into it together as girls, as women/girl power. >> reporter: a powerful performance also helped the americans finish one/two in the long jump. track and field continues today along with semifinal games with a heavily favored u.s. women in basketball and volleyball. yeah, and also tonight on the track usain bolt back in action running what he calls his favorite race, the 200. he's looking for his second gold medal in rio and hinting that he may have a world record in him as well. let's get back to the robbery situation for just a moment. should point out u.s. consulate,
5:38 am
state department, and of course the olympic committee for the u.s. here are supporting and giving these athletes the represent station they need. won't discuss exactly what they're doing but say that they are there to help them through this situation. >> all right. we'll see how that falls into place. thank you very much, jay. continuing coverage back here at home now on the pretrial motions for the man accuse of killing killing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. a bitter fight over where her accused killer be tried. defense attorneys for garcia torres argue that media coverage makes it impossible to find an impartial jury in santa clara county and the trial should be moved. yesterday a judge allowed a new defense expert who expected to support that argument. the judge must still decide whether to throw out statements garcia torres made to deputies when he was first questioned. so many years ago. both sides are expected to be back in court later today. a pretrial hearing is scheduled today also for the man
5:39 am
accused in a bizarre vallejo kidnapping. charged with kidnapping denise huskins here last year drugging her boyfriend as well. the case garnered national attention when police called that story a hoax. authorities eventually arrested mueller in connection with a series of home break-ins and then that linked him to the vallejo kidnapping. mueller has pleaded not guilty. today's hearing is in sacramento. gunfire erupt on a busy street in emeryville after two men chase down another car. take a look at this surveillance photo of one of the gunmen. you see him leaning there. police say another shooter not photographed was also in that white sedan. this was onned a line street between 45th and 47th streets yesterday. witnesses say the men appeared to be following another car when they sprayed a number of bullets into the neighborhood. >> right now the -- we're looking for a person in a white vehicle and appears to be a
5:40 am
black male adult. a second black male adult that's a shooter in the vehicle also. >> amidst that violence thankfully police say no one was hurt during the shooting but they are asking for help in identifying those men. well, microclimate forecast, let's take a look at that now. switching gears just a bit. and it is going to be warm today but cooling, right? >> yeah. looking to the cooling for the weekend. hot for those inland valleys today. we've got fog that's rolling in through vsan jose. there's the fog that's made its way in. in the past hour, up to 85 degrees later on this afternoon. sitting right now at 62. and again, see mostly cloudy start but later on this afternoon it will be hot with hazy skies from the smoke that will be drifting through the bay area later on keeping the "spare the air" alert in effect. this weekend temperaturing do cool off. back in the 70s and 80s for the inland valleys. next week it will stay generally cool. nice and back into the 80s. 85 degrees for your high temperature today in san jose. again, oakland will be looking at 73.
5:41 am
comfortable there with clearing by the middle part of this morning. as we get in san francisco, comfortable 65 later on this afternoon. let's talk to mike right now who is tracking twoer areas to focus on. >> we have the bay bridge toll plaza. also in san jose we talked about that issue on 101 and mckee. the update from chp. and it was following our traffic pattern. in the northbound commute direction. there is metal debris and flat tire reported in the area. activity is off to the shoulder and sounds like the debris is cleared from lanes. be careful. there may be more activity and more cloe slowing from story road to mckee. then you're clearing up by 880. the live look shows you that volume of traffic kicking in for san jose here as well as the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are on. no surprises for that particular backup right here behind me. >> mike, thank you very much. coming up, a couple drops their dog off with a sitter only to found out hours later the dog is dead. a popular app being linked to the pet owner's nightmares.
5:42 am
the hack of the nsa looks more legitimate and the news is getting worse. we'll take a look coming up in business and tech.
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almond breeze. the best almonds make the best almondmilk. proud sponsor of usa volleyball. m. it is an unthinkable scenario for a pet owner. a bay area couple drops off their dog with a sitter in less than 12 hours later, their dog is dead.
5:45 am
>> the oakland couple says that they used the pet boarding app called dog vaca. just after the couple left town the sitter called them saying their 6-year-old dog named. ien died along with another dog after being left in a hot car outside a park. nbc bay area tried to talk with that sitter but no luck. this while the owner is left looking for answers and wondering how something like this could happen. >> he meant everything. we've had him since he was, you know, 8 weeks old. >> we did reach out to dog vacay. the company gives us a statement with its condolences and says it banned that sitter from the app. a suspected con man is accuse of swindling an elderly woman out of huge amount of cash by using a bay area church as part of his scheme. 55-year-old ward steven caldwell
5:46 am
from alamo was arrested sunday at grace presbyterian church in walnut creek. investigators say he wrote several bad checks to the church for $150,000 total. the church then publicized his donation which he used to gain the trust of a 90-year-old churchgoer. she ended up giving him $171,000 for an investment but she's not letting caldwell's crime ruin her faith in humanity. >> but i actual liam amazed with her resiliency at 90 years old saying that was a painful life lesson. but i'm not going to let it take one day of my life away from me. >> police say that caldwell also posed as a las vegas investor and a car salesman for other schemes. san francisco's police commission holds another community meeting tonight focused on finding a new police chief. commission members scheduled a handful of meetings all geared toward finding that perfect permanent replacement for greg sure who resigned in may.
5:47 am
acting police chief tony chaplain recently announced he would be interested in keeping the top job. tonight's community meeting happens at mission high school at 6:00. a change in policy on the federal level. every federal building in the u.s. must allow trans gender employees and visitors to use bedrooms that match their gender identity. the agency that oversees thuss of those buildings issued a notice about that yesterday. this applies to 9,000 buildings and offices in more than 2,000 different cities. the agency says the discrimination on the basis of gender identity is prohibited. target is also rethinking bathroom policy, the store had originally said scott mcgrew that it would allow customers to use any bathroom it felt comfortable with. >> you still can. target is going to spend millions of dollars building a third type of bathroom. the single stall or family bathroom for customers who are uncomfortable with the idea of someone of the opposite gender coming in. now, target is not changing its
5:48 am
transgender policy. update for you on the news we first brought you wednesday. it looks as if more and more that hack of the national security agency is real and it can do us damage. to remind you, hackers say they stole the software that the nsa uses to hack other countries computers. the bad guys then posted samples of those spy tools online. cisco systems here in silicon valley took a look at the sample spy tools and say they look legitimate. they could be used to hack cisco routers. remember, these were government spy tools p the nsa found what we call zero day vulnerabilities in cisco routers. flaws. but then instead of telling cisco they didn't take -- they took advantage of the flaw, didn't tell the company. edward snowden is weighing in saying he's quite sure the hackers are from russia which is pretty brave of him when you consider snowden lives in russia. if the russians have our secret software hacking tools that is
5:49 am
extra bad news. in fact, sam and kris, i've ree created a helpful list of bad news. assuming the hack is real and the russians did it the russians already accuse ochd trying to affect our elections have our best hacking software ahead of the presidential elections. they could also give it to other criminals who could use it against our bampgi ibampging ba systems. and worse of all, once the world knows what our skeleton keys look like we can't use them because they leave the essential equivalent of a fingerprint behind that would identify the united states as the attacker. so we cannot respond to any of the hacker s in russia using ou own secret tools because russians now know what our secret tools look like. >> this is like unraveling a bad boyfriend's alibi. are you sure? >> we're just seeing the beginning of -- >> it can be a bad dream because all of these local -- all the elections are monitored on the local level and their software being used in those states and
5:50 am
counties are vulnerable. >> we don't know but could be. >> could be. >> and if the response we're going to do is to hack back, which would be, you know, as opposed to a military response, we can't because they know what our hacks look like. >> our hands are tied. history being made in the skies by what is undoubtedly the biggest one our planet has known. the air shift is the largest aircraft ever made. brits anything nad it the flying bum. you can probably say why, they say bum for something we call something else. the airlander makes its maiden voyage yesterday in central england flying for about 30 minutes if aircraft is a hybrid blimp/helicopter and plane. it can stay airborne up to five days at a time. >> it's better than flying buttock. >> just translates. >> do we know how much it costs for a seat on the bum? >> it's a big seat.
5:51 am
5:50. we've been talking about very serious fire dangers going on all over the state of california. here's a look roight now at the cajon pass. 60 miles east of los angeles where roughly 25,000 acres of land have already been burned. >> at this point we do know that there are homes that have burned in this fire but the firefighters are so busy fighting the fire they have not even been able to count the number of homes that are goen, 25,000 acres so far and counting. "today in the bay"'s cheryl hurd is there gathering information. we'll talk with her at 6:00. >> we want to talk about that right now. we have ten fires burning across the state. we're going to continue to monitor those as we get into the next couple of days. the firefighters do have their work cut out for them because a lot of these fires actually not all the way contained. that san bernardino one, the blue cut one, only 4% contained. yes, they've got a long way to go. here at home, back across the bay we're looking at clouds drifting in. across most of the bay area.
5:52 am
sou south bay, cloudy skies. trying to see sunshine but elsewhere looking at mostly cloudy skies. 65 is where we're headed in san francisco for today. up to 93 in the tri-valley. today ♪ south bay, 88 degrees. look at our winds. coming in directly from the south so the soberanes fire just to our south and one off of 101 and bailey that just erupted yesterday. a lot of that smoke will drift in the east bay and south bay leading for unhealthy air quality. hazy skies for gilroy and smoke possible. 93 there. 85 for san jose. look at the marina, 65. 65 for the castro. 84 in napa. 83 for santa rosa. fairfie fairfield, 94 today. mid 90s for the tri-valley. we do have a trough that is sliding down the coastline over the next couple days. winds around it go counter clock wise so what we're going to be looking at is an offshore wind over the next couple of days and that's going to drive for warm air inland and keep our fire danger high. the 90s go back in the 80s for
5:53 am
the weekend. staying cool at the coastline. mike, 60s. how is the morning commute shaping up? >> a couple of shots we're tracking. one being san jose. look at the bay's map. speed sensor is nothing unusual. drawing you down to san jose we did have that crash and debris. the debris i believe might be contributed to crash north 101 and mckee. activity with the car and flat tires are over on the right shoulder. we have traffic starting to smooth out once again. just that stretch of 101 is slow there. the rest of the bay moves very well except for highway 4 westbound over at railroad. a crash there blocks your fast lane. jammed out of antioch. clear at bay point. looking toward the bay bridge with the backup. end with the live shot and show you all these lanes. getting a break on this one set of cash labs. may have just reopened that toll taker. back to you. >> thank you. coming up, a shake-up on the campaign trail. donald trump's new management and style as he tries to sway voters in yet another swing state.
5:54 am
happening right now, two days before the ringling brothers circus in oakland, two city council members an animal activists are applauding the circus for deciding to stop using elephants in performances sooner than originally planned. more on that story right now on plus, our olympic coverage in rio continues. right now on our facebook page get a glimpse of life in olympic city. developments in louisana this
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
morning-- where homeland gcurity secretary jeh johnson new developments out of louisiana this morning. just tragic flooding there where homeland security secretary jeh johnson will get a first manned look at the damage inflicted from relentless rains and historic flooding. some 40,000 homes sustained flood damage in the area in and around baton rouge. so far at least 13 deaths have been directly tied to those floods. johnson is scheduled to meet with leaders on the state and local level to figure out a recovery plan. to decision 2016 now. donald trump will meet with voters in north carolina today after an overhaul again to his campaign staff. trump yesterday received his first national security briefing and while his advisers say the briefing had a professional tone, donald trump questioned some of the people in charge of provide that information. fresh off her promotion to campaign manager, kellyanne
5:58 am
conway said she is urging trump to stick to the issues. >> be authentic because that's what americans appreciate and they -- you see in hillary clinton what happens when you're inauthentic. >> democratic rival hillary clinton meanwhile used the trump shake-up as ammunition for her own campaign. during a stop in ohio yesterday clinton highlighted some of the trump campaign's recent problems. >> you can hire and fire anybody he wants from his campaign. they can make him read new words from a teleprompter, but he is still the same man who insults gold star families. >> clinton is also running a new p television ad this morning taking trump to task for not releasing his tax returns. donald trump's daughter ivanka trump will be getting a surprise inside the shipment of one of her recent julie purchases. recently ordered a pair of
5:59 am
earrings online from a brooklyn based jeweler. when the owners discovered ivanka trump had placed that order they decided to add a special note to that shipment. here it is. it posted on the owner's instagram account. the note thanks ivanka and says the proceeds from the sale of are being donated to the hrk campaign and other anti-trump organizations. right now on a investigative unit exclusiveexclusive, nbc ba learned of a new crisis now hitting immigration courts. a crisis set off in part by a surge of undocumented immigrants crossing the border. u.s. immigration courts in san francisco and around the country are facing the largest number of backlog cases in their history. our investigative unit discovered some of the cases are being given priority by the u.s. justice department while others for unknown reasons are being kicked to the back of the line. that means some undocumented immigrants won't get a court hearing until 2019. >> i have not heard a coherent
6:00 am
explanation as to why some cases are considered to be priorities as why others are not. >> tonight our investigative unit goes behind the scenes and talks to the people impacted by this backlog. we also breakdown the numbers and see how the problem is delaying justes the for tens of thousand of people. all of that is tonight right after the olympics on nbc bay area. if you have a tip, give us a call at 888-996-tips or just send us an e-mail to right now at 6:00 we continue to track a wildfire raging through our south. desperate race to save tens of thuss of homes. coming up in a live report from the front lines which you're seeing live. pete suratos in millbrae where a middle schoolteacher has been arrested for having an on going relationship with a minor. we'll have all those details coming up in a live report. and it is not the competition stealing the headlines in rio.


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