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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 18, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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peop it is burning about 60 miles east of l.a. and evacuation orders are still in effect for thousands of people. lore than 32,000 acres have burned. ghtwrnor brown has declared a state of emergency. nbc bay area cheryl hurd is live in the community of rightwood near the fire. these folks are among those still being told to stay away. >> reporter: that's right. evacuation orders are still in effect here in wrightwood, but some people are ignoring them. in fact, a lot of people have decided to stay because they think that the danger is over, but authorities are telling me tonight that that is not the case. on day three of this wildland fire, when you drive around all you see is devastation. homes burned to the ground. animals being saved and a famous restaurant, the summit inn, gone. the restaurant has been a landmark and a hot spot for the rich and famous since the 1950s. small communities are still
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reeling from the start of the blue cut fire. a tornado full of embers torched homes, more than 80,000 people were ordered to get out, and 32,000 acres burned, but eric swanson decided to stay. >> wrightwood kind of sits in a bowl, so when it burns on the ridges normally fire does not do real welcoming downhill against the wind. >> in the back of his mind he knows anything is possible. >> this is very important to me so, yes, i kept my helmet. >> reporter: he has his car packed with a few valuables just in case he has to escape a wall of fire. >> i've just been around here for a very long time, and when i felt threatened i'll leave, and i have only left one time. >> reporter: that's something firefighters don't want to hear. >> when people say i've lived here forever, i've seen fires, it is not the same. if you're asked to get out, you need to do so and you need to do so early. >> reporter: now, that's what firefighters are telling me tonight. they say it just takes one gust of wind and one ember to start a
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wildland fire. by the way, they say they still don't know how many homes were burned to the ground. reporting live in san bernardino county, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. k up trul thank you. in the bay area, a scary lied. this is video from our nbc chopper. shis happened about two hours ago. and ckup truck crashed into the t hool bus. she was paid to be a caregiver to the elderly, but a technician is accused of violating their trust. it might have been caught on camera. elise is in san ramon with the inside story. >> reporter: raj, this started with a 95-year-old man at a local senior living center noticed his items started missing, so that senior and his son installed surveillance cameras, and police say the thief was caught on camera. from there investigators just
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followed the money. at her home in tracey. no one wanted to answer questions about beryl levy. a medi-cal technician seen here on her facebook page is accused of stealing from those she was paid to care for. since 2014 levy has worked as villa san ramon in san ramon. >> you can't trust anybody anymore. >> reporter: police say a 95-year-old man living there started seeing his things disappear like this ring. >> so the son and victim set up a surveillance video inside his residence. >> reporter: and on august 7th police say 61-year-old levy was caught on the camera. >> showed the suspect walking into the residence, going into a drawer, removing property from the drawer and leaving. >> reporter: from there detectives started little and not far from a pawn
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shop. >> i wandered where the jewelry came from. >> the owner of real cash for gold pawn shop claims levy sold him all kinds of jewelry. >> she would bring necklaces, different types of jewelry, coins. >> and seemed to be coming straight from work. >> he was in her uniform, yes, always dressed in a gown. >> reporter: he says he wasn't surprised when police showed up. >> it is awful what someone can do to someone that's needing care. >> reporter: and police say they were able to recover those items found at the pawn shop. they say the challenge now will be identifying who owns that jewelry because many of the seniors don't even know they've been victimized. reporting live in san ramon tonight, ee liesh kirchner, nbc bay area news. >> a huge loss at home after triumph in rio. , days ember of the u.s. fencing "arm is a victim of the clayton fire. flames destroyed the lower lake home of matthew porter. he moved into the house days before heading to rio. he is the armorer for the fencing team, it is his job to
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provide and care for all of the equipment. sand dolsee him in the middle of this photo. a gofundme page has been created meanelp this family, and so far nte tally is more than $11,000 raised so far. ainmwhile, relief is on the way for people in lake county. cal fire says the clayton wild fire is now 55% contained. full containment is expected by sunday. flames broke out saturday off highway 29 south of lower lake and quickly spread. the fire destroyed more than 200 structures including at least 175 homes. sa.uspected serial arsonist has ..or arrested for starting that fire. >> well, the headlines out of rio at this hour, controversial and embarrassing for team usa. id ryan lochte lie or embellish his story? what really happened in the wee hours at that rio gas station? whatever the case, this has ballooned into a major international story. >> you have been hearing lochte claims they were robbed at gun
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point, but rio police say that appearie and false. michelle roberts joins us live with what we have learned today. michelle. >> the surveillance video shows what appears to be a security guard with a gun, but according to police in rio the guard responded after the swimmers vandalized a gas station. several members of team usa were booed and surrounded by reporters outside the rio police department. they were investigated by authorities after investigators ob taend this surveillance video. it shows ryan lochte and his three teammates the night they claimed they were robbed at gun point. at a news conference this morning, brazilian authorities said the swimmers were confronted by security guards after they trashed a gas station bathroom. police say they were forced to pay for the damage, not threatened and assaulted as lochte claimed earlier this week. >> and the guy pulled out his gun. he cocked it, put it to my forehead and he said, get down.
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>> reporter: this morning, lochte, who is already back in the u.s., seemed to change his story saying the gun was pointed in his direction. today the u.s. state department encouraged the swimmers to cooperate in the investigation but stopped short of saying lochte should return to rio. >> we encourage all parties to work with brazilian law enforcement in their investigation of the incident. >> reporter: while police in brazil continue to ask questions, athletes at the olympic village have mixed reactions about the controversy. >> i don't know what happened to him and i don't really care. >> the biggest honor i can think of, to wear usa across your chest and compete, and to have somebody make up a blatant lie fals something is pretty shameful. >> reporter: the ap is reporting two swimmers are leaving rio tonight. police there could potentially charge the swimmers with giving false testimony as well as vand lifrm. back to you. >> thanks, michelle. what now for ryan lochte? e ted he be suspended from team usa swimming or just clarify
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what really happened? e "gr in the news cast we will be joined by our own olympic analyst natalie coglin. someow to girl power in brazil. from winning gold to shattering world records, female athletes have been dominating. >> jessica aguirre joins us from rio. you spent time with these golden girls today. how are they feeling? >> fan. >> reporter: fantastic. with all of the hard work behind them and medals and their neck, they're feeling good. today they took a victory lap right past me. victory was shining briets on the sands of copea ka ban as a 2006 winning olympians celebrated. among them kerri walsh-jennings who took a bronze with new partner april ross on that very beach. despite the heartbreaking loss that cost her what would have been her fourth gold, kerri says bronze is not a bad word.
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>> it used to be a dirty word, but now it is a beautiful word. april and i fought with everything we had. >> reporter: has it sunk it that you guys are the absolute bs, best ever in the world right now? >> i honestly don't think it's sunk in yet. i know we both know the accomplishments us and our team have achieved, but we're just trying to take it all in. >> reporter: it is also a lot to take home for simone biles and her final five squad, the team usa gymnastics proving they could not be denied their place in history with a back-to-back all around team win as well as their own collection of olympic finery. >> watching everything you are doing to really go ut out there and represent not only yourself but your. >> reporter: sanford's lucy davis jumped her way into a silver medal. the california gal happy to showcase team show jumping to a whole new crowd. >> it is huge for the u.s. like i said, we had a big turnout all days including
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qualifiers. big crowds and a lot of people energetic about the sport. it is great for us riders. >> reporter: you know, i'm happy about that. now, the final five told me they're going to do a little sight seeing before heading back to the u.s. if you wonder what the athletes do after they win the gold medals, they go to the usa house. it is a private venue only for athletes. raj and janell, i'm taking you inside at 6:30 to give you a sneak peek at how the athletes live. >> a vip with jessica aguirre. we can't wait to take a look. up, unks, jess. >> we're another step closer to a driverless future. i i'm scott budman. coming up, uber's plan just to send a car to pick you up. >> plus, what is keeping tigers away from this bridge in the south bay? the answer, pretty slick. >> and good evening, i'm
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meteorologist. extremely hazy skies from mount hamilton looking across the south bachlt we have air quality forecast tomorrow. where it is worst and changes for the weekend in a few minutes. one day, history was made.
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the greatest olympic career of all time. a dog, talked. we're decedent from the mighty wolf. a voice was heard. if you build it, he will come. a girl discovered magic. a revolution began. welcome, to the wonders that happen, everyday. welcome, to it all. comcast.
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while. a san jose train bridge popular to taggers is finally clean and has been for quite a while. so what's the secret to keep those taggers away? a story you'll see only on nbc bay area, damien joins us with a
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unique tactic. >> when is the last time you saw the bridge over highway 280 this clean? it seems someone may have figured out the secret. most every train bridge in san jose is littered with graffiti. >> i don't know what kind of harness or equipment they use, but apparently they put a lot of effort into a pretty poor use of time. >> reporter: then there's a highway 280 train overpass. this has always been a popular canvas for taggers. not anymore. the overpass has been tagged-free for months. the bashed wire and razor wire haven't been a deterrent. sources tell me the property owners, a railroad company, are trying something new, greez. you can see the black grease on polls and steel plates welded on
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to the bridge. >> that's a great idea. you know, we've got to try different things and something might work. >> reporter: the grease apparently is too slippery for taggers to climb on to the bridge. i'm told no other bridge in the south bay has the grease. the zit of san jose pays an average of $1.5 million a year for anti-graffiti program. there may no longer be a need. instead, the secret to keeping it clean might be something that's really messy. >> reporter: we are still trying to confirm who actually put the grease on the bridge. union pacific said they would call us back this afternoon. we are still waiting for that phone call. live in san jose i'm damion trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> after a popular restaurant learns it has escaped an eviction order at least for now. aft after more than 20 years in
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business, they received an eviction notice. after the community rallied and additional fixes were made, the owner withdrew the order saying she is giving them one more chance. the restaurant's owner is still uneasy. >> i don't understand what does mean one more chance, like little girl. i don't understand, one more chance, what this means. still i'm -- what is that? >> reporter: salute does not have a long-term lease agreement. until it does many supporters say the fight is far from over. >> late today a u.s. judge rejected uber's $100 million settlement with its drivers calling the amount inadequate. it is the latest dust up between uber and its drivers. >> it comes on the same day as the san francisco ride company announced phasing out drivers. we're talking about driverless cars. what this could mean for riders and drivers, scott budman. >> reporter: yeah, janell and
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raj. we have all gotten used to opening up our smart phones, tapping on the uber app and meeting a driver. but the company has plans to change that up a bit. soon you'll order an uber and just meet a car. even with the car industry aiming towards a high tech future -- >> it has shifted here to silicon valley. >> reporter: we here in the center of technology aren't yet sure we're ready for cars that drive themselves. >> sounds scary. >> reporter: sounds scary? >> yeah. >> reporter: so you wouldn't trust a car without a driver? >> probably not. >> reporter: but ridesharing giant uber is ready. the san francisco company says it will within the next few weeks launch a test program where autonomous vehicles pick you up when you call for an uber. starting in pittsburg, it will jump ahead of other autonomous carmakers by driving people, some who are skeptical. >> the cars aren't proven to be
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safe yet. >> reporter: but carmakers say the technology inside is there for safety reasons. and if these cars are architected and designed to be this intelligent, to have these kind of crash avoidance issues in, they will be safer. >> reporter: safe enough to farm a field maybe, but to drive people? we'll soon find out. and when it comes to jobs, consider this. there are close to a million uber drivers out there, and something near 3.5 million truck drivers in the u.s., all of whom might be wondering if they'll have a job in the next five to ten years. reporting live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> it is a brave new world. thank you, scott. >> it is. let's get a check of the forecast, if it is a beautiful day. a cool down expected soon. >> a few degrees. going to make a big difference for interior valleys by this weekend. it will be dropping into the 80s. always we get a look outside at our sky camera network right now, you will be able to see it
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has been very, very haze throughout a lot of the southbound today. this is our weather underground camera from mount hamilton looking across the santa clara valley. that haze being imported from the soboros fire. the humidity at 59%. temperatures dropping into the 60s rather quickly here once we hit 8:00 and 9:00. as we get you to the east bay you'll notice here from wall nut creek looking towards mt. diablo the skies are haze. right now we're backing off to 89 and we'll see temperatures into the 70s by 8:00 and 9:00 tonight. as we get a look at tomorrow's forecast, it is still going to be warm here for the interior valleys, but instead of mid 90s we'll go to an average of 90 degrees. forth north bay 85, san francisco 64, right across the south bay anticipating 86 degrees. now, the thing that we're tracking that's helping to produce this smoke moving in from the soboronis fire is this
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trough of low pressure. we anticipate more smoke throughout the south and east bay primarily. fire is 60% contained but a 40% chunk of that fire they're trying to put out. expect smoke and poor air quality certainly for the next 48 hours. for tomorrow, the worst air quality will be across the east and also the south bay with a spare-the-air alert in effect. >> thank you, jeff. coming up, statues of a naked donald trump pop up in five cities including san francisco. live here with more on the group behind this stunt and how long this trump is going to stick around. s
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analysts say more than 40- . happening now, the number of homes sold here in california fell last month. analysts sayer more than 40,000 homes were sold, which is about 10% less than last year. you can get the full story on our website. also, a famed tiger from india has died at the age of 19. she is said to be the most photographed and oldest female tiger living in the world. it is on our facebook page. >> stay connected to our world wherever the world takes you. get the nbc bay area app. her name was carol king. her story is beautiful. the tony and grammy award winning musical "beautiful," the carol king musical. >> now playing.
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popping-up today in several cities -- including san francisco. donald trump -- nake a rather a revealing political statement popping up today in several cities including san francisco, donald trump naked. >> that's right, the naked truth.
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statues of the presidential nominee were created by a protest group. the statue has been drawing crowds all day. we see behind you, stephanie, just don't show us too much. take it away. >> reporter: trying not to, raj and janell, trying really hard. this is actually the busiest time i think we've seen. the crowds have grown. there have been dozens of people at every moment, and that's why this statue will be gone around midnight. the department of public works told me it is a public safety concern now with crowds this size and the traffic going up and down castro and market. they say art is in the eye of the beholder. and these eyes, whoa, had plenty to behold. >> life like, orange, accurate. >> hilarious. >> silly. >> but it does have better hair than the real one. >> reporter: the name of this so-called art installation is a play on an old tale about a vein
6:25 pm
emperor with no clothes. this time the emperor is missing something else, which is also behind a high-profile black lives matter protest in march where they covered hollywood walk of fame names with those killed by police. >> it gets covered up by mockery like this. >> reporter: some out here says this stunt drives a deeper wedge between polarized votes. others say they're -- >> reporter: some parents brought their kids down to learn a lesson on politics and public art. what would you change if you were the artist? >> just make the head a lot bigger. >> reporter: now, the group spokesperson tells nbc bay area the statues were put into place
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at 8:00 our time with the help of six people in each city, and the group chose a las vegas-based artist saying they chose him because he specializes in designing and creating monsters and they believe trump is a monster. >> quite a talker. san francisco's newest tourest attraction for a few more hours. >> getting a lot of attention. >> coming up, where do olympic athletes hang out when not competing? we're going back to rio to check in with jessica aguirre who gets a tour of the usa house. upset pet owners complained to us after a renowned veterinarian hospital. i'm chris chmura. tonight we respond.
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poor foster kid black immigrant cancer patient small muslim the only label that matters is olympian.
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to pet owners. who took their extremely sick pets to therenowc . and tonight nbc bay area respond to pet owners who took their extremely sick pets to the renowned uc davis veterinarian hospital, but they say when they left their pets were in even worse shape. >> the hospital has had many satisfied customers over the years, but not everyone. kris chmura joins us. >> reporter: they have received calls from six pet owners who took sick animals to uc davis.
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in the end, they were left with pets even more sick or dead, plus thousands of dollars in bills. they also didn't realize they had little recourse for their concerns. >> they just -- >> reporter: when murat karaca's cat had breathing problems, his local vet suspected a tumor in his trachea. there was only one place the oakland pet owner wanted to go. >> we are going to uc davis, such a good reputation. >> reporter: he was relieved when the veterinarians didn't find a tumor, but not much else either despite tests and procedures. >> they test again and again, and they only say what's the problem? we don't know. >> reporter: by day niem mur ought's bill was $17,000, most of it he approved because he said davis kept giving him hope but he still had no answers and einstein was still sick. murat feels the clinic was using his cat to experiment. murat says davis performed an
6:31 pm
unsuccessful surgery, then asked for another $8,000 to continue treatment. >> when the money flow stopped, they stopped community. this is the most horrible torture i ever had in my life. >> reporter: murat says einstein was ultimately euthanized. >> anger, just anger. >> i have a picture of him. >> reporter: kris tr san francisco took his bulge dog kramer to vet. kris and his personal vet suspected one type of cancer, but davis treated kramer for a different type of cancer. >> it was just always very evasive dealing with them, and very frustrating because they wouldn't listen to me. >> reporter: kris says he ignored his instincts. he followed davis's advice and treatment plan. he said kramer never got better, and within weems he died following a surgery that kris felt surgery should have done
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right away. an autopsy for animals conducted by an independent lab hired by kris confirmed his hunch, kramer had had the cancer he suspected. >> i knew it all along, that that was it. >> reporter: chris thinks kramer might have lived longer if the diagnosis at davis had been different. >> they feel like since they're number one that who is this guy questioning us, you know, he's not vaet, he doesn't have a met cal degree, he's not a vet. that's the wrong attitude to have. >> reporter: we heard from other pet owners who shared similar experiences, tests, few answers and what they believe was misguided treatment. suzanne valente of pacifica wasn't happy with davis's treatment of her dog sally's brain tumor in 2002. after leaving davis she said sally's health declined and she had to put her to sleep. she was also shocked by her final bill, $17,000, double what she authorized. >> the worst part was the bill for $had 17,000, which is much more than we expected, and on top of that our dog got a death
6:33 pm
sentence. we didn't get any benefit from all of this. >> reporter: suzanne disputed davis' bill with her credit card company and won, but davis later sued her for not paying the bill. a court found davis' treatment of sally appropriate, but it also said suzanne had the right to speak to a doctor first if the charges were going to substantially exceed the $8500 quote. so it said suzanne was only on the quote for the $8,500, not $17,000. davis' vet hospital has a long reputation of outstanding care. it is part of davis' renowned veterinarian school, which is ranked number one in the country and in the world. we asked for an interview with the chief veterinarian medi-cal office at davis, but she declined. in a statement she said she couldn't discuss the pet owners in our story due to client confidentiality, but she said davis treats more than 41,000 small animals like einstein, kramer and sally every year, and she responds to less than 20
6:34 pm
written complaints per year. pet owners typically file complaints against vets with the california veterinarian medi-cal board. it's job is to investigate complaints. >> in terms of any care and treatment that's provided to a pet, it should be medi-cally necessary. >> reporter: the board sisn't commenting on these specific cases but it points out treatment should be done to extend the pet's life. if it doesn't, there might be a standard of care issue, but the board can't help many pet owners with complaints against davis because the vets at davis don't have to be licensed so they're exempt from board oversight. of the six vets who cared for einstein and kramer, none are licensed by the state. this exception has been on the books for years and it ties the board's hands. >> with exempt settings it's very limited to what the board can do to actually protect the consumer and be proactive. >> reporter: that needs to change and that will change. >> state senator jerry hill has heard complaints about davis, too. he is now working with the board on proposed legislation that
6:35 pm
would end davis' exemption, add oversight and require its vets to be licensed. >> many of the consumers and their pets were treated by these veterinarians and they had no recourse when they had what they felt was bad service, bad veterinarian medicine and inappropriate care. they had no place to turn. >> reporter: these pet owners are happy to hear things might change. they wish reform had come sooner. >> i'll never forget kramer. i've never, i'm still not over it completely. >> reporter: the veterinarian board said most states don't reg lace university settings, so california is being proactive with this proposed legislation. davis says it has been working with the board on licensing. chris, murat and another pet owner have retained an attorney. they say they might sue davis. according to their lawyer it would make claims for breach of fiduciary duty, unfair billing and malpractice. if you have a complaint, call us
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at 888-996-tips or visit once you are there, click the yellow submits bar for our consumer complaint form. raj and janell. >> thanks so much, chris. >> back to rio. about 10:30 at night. this is a live look at the olympic flame. three more days until this flame will be extinguished, but before it goes out there's still some celebrating to do. but you've got to be a vip. >> we're talking about the exclusi exclusive team usa house. fortunately, our jessica aguirre is on the list. >> she is always on the list. >> she is a vip and she is giving us a look inside. h i jessica. >> reporter: hi, raj and janell, don't worry. i know people. if you win the superbowl you're supposed to go to disney land, right? but where are you supposed to go if you win a medal here and you're part of team usa? the usa house, of course. it is all things red, white and
6:37 pm
blue. ♪ >> this is what we call main hospitality. as you can see, we waerd on the beach theme throughout. >> reporter: it's where team usa athletes go to hang after hanging shiny hardware around their neck. the usa house is a haven for the american heroes of the rio games. >> a little piece of home, a little piece of america, but with a brazilian flare to it. >> reporter: a real-life school converted temporarily into party central. usa house is teaming with art and breathtaking views of the beach and us's best. >> welcome to the red, white and hashtag blue room. >> it is where members come to kick off media tours in the twitter room. and with the u.s. olympic committee making its pitch to athletes and vip to bring the games back to u.s. soil with a high tech immersive view of what
6:38 pm
los angeles has to offer. >> we're taking a baseball diamond and putting the diving tower on home plate. >> reporter: gold medalist janet evans says the city of angels has everything the competition needs and can give u.s. athletes a gift she treasures more than anything. >> i remember looking in the stands and seeing american flag, and my last olympic was on home soil. it was amazing. >> reporter: not an olympic athlete? you can still look like a medalist. the only place open to mere mortals is the gift shop where usa swag is up for grabs. so i will admit i did buy a few articles at the usa house. maybe i'm coming home with a team usa jacket. that remains to be seen, but that was sure a lot of fun to be able to see that. coming up at 11:00, raj and janell, it is kerri walsh-jennings unplugged. we have a candid conversation,
6:39 pm
she and i, about whether it is baby or tokyo in the future for her, and a big shout out to the bay area from her as well. >> she could do both. she has done it before. >> she has done it before. thanks so much, jessica. >> reporter: you're going to have to tune in to find out. >> thanks a lot. well, we haven't seen the last of the old bay bridge. we're going to show you how old seal is getting new life. that's next. jan/cu
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twitter -- and terrorism... the san francisco company says its fighting back. =vo= twte twitter and terrorism, the san francisco company says it is fighting back. twitter announced it has suspended over 200,000 terrorist linked accounts since february. the company expanded its team that reviews extremist propaganda.
6:42 pm
president obama has been pressuring bay area companies to fight terrorism. >> take a look, you can see rescue crews descending from a helicopter to save her. this happened sunday near brave lake in fresno county. the hiker, tara steel, got extremely sick. she activated her emergency locator beacon. crews were able to find her and hoist her to safety. she is still in the hospital this evening. it is believed she suffered a stroke. >> hopefully she is recovering well. it is good she came prepared with that emergency beacon. let's check on our forecast now. a lot of people will be hiking this weekend. >> it looks good. a little cooler that's the grade new, but of course we will have smoke in the atmosphere with the soberanes fire to the south and clayton fire to the north of the bay area. clayton fire tomorrow, still a warm 93 degrees and, unfortunately, the extended forecast continues with 90s all the way through next week. we are tracking that cooler bay area forecast and we'll have details on that in a few minutes. by
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6:45 pm
piece. ==rah well, we've seen it, the old span of the bay bridge continues to vanish piece by piece. >> happening right before our eyes. as the demolition continues there's a new beginning for the vanishing bridge. here is nbc bay area's joe rosado jr. >> beautiful, iconic and historic. >> since its opening in 1936 the bay bridge has been considered a grand piece of industrial art. there's nostalgia as crews dismantle the old eastern span piece by piece. >> could i ask everybody to gather for a minute. >> reporter: but the bridge's steel beams aren't finished yet. >> some of the shapes and forms are lovely and it is beautiful. >> reporter: it will soon support vision. >> this is, in fact, where the bulk of the steel is being stored. >> reporter: under a new program
6:46 pm
run by the oakland museum, the state is preparing to turn overtons of salvaged bridge steel to artists. >> a little more than 450 tons of steelal located through the program. >> reporter: this week artists applying for the steel tour the storage yard to get a closer look at the art supply. >> i used all of the memory on my phone taking pictures. >> artists who work for salvage deal, so for me to be surrounded by 450 tons of steel is exhilarating. >> reporter: oakland artist karen kusalito led the push to get the state to turn over the salvaged steel to artists. >> it inspired me to reach out to a bunch of people and figure out how to keep some of our his tore here. >> to will be turned into sculpture, some into buildings or other structures. >> reporter: the program has awarded steel to half a dozen artists. a second round of applications is due in december. >> we are excited to know that in one instance we're bringing down the bay bridge, but through the art program the bay bridge
6:47 pm
will live on. >> reporter: under the program the steel must be used for public projects within the state. while caltran is paying to clean up the steel, the artists are on the hook for everything else. >> the challenge artists are facing, which is normal, is finding the money to put the projects together. >> reporter: so as the bridge disappears from view, it will reappear somewhere else, a piece of art from beginning to end to beginning. joe rosado jr., nbc bay area news. >> hopefully that history is preserved. >> jeff ranieri is with us. we are talking the weekend. >> it is almost here. >> i know. we are going to continue to see a few degrees of cooling in the forecast, as you will be able to see in the scrolling seven-day forecast. we did have the haze across the bay area not only from the south bay but also into contra costa, alameda counties and the peninsula as well as still some warmer air. livermore had 9 degrees for your
6:48 pm
high and 84 right now. humidity at 35%. so there's a touch of that humidity in the atmosphere. will be dropping off into the 70s over the next couple of hours. as we head into tomorrow morn's forecast, we have 57 expected in north bay. we had patchy clouds. san francisco, fog and drizzle back and 54 degrees. across south bay, hazy to smoky with 60 as smoke again from the soberanes fire down to the south will continue to push up that smoke throughout the bay area. but the main thing we're continuing to track is this trough of low pressure. it is going to hang out for the next week or so, and as that's near the coastline it will continue to keep the fog our way and also help to slightly cool our temperatures. you can see for the south bay tomorrow it will not be nearly as warm here. morgan hill, 85 degrees. coopertino 83. a slightly cooler 62 for marina. for the tri-valley, after mid to upper 90s this week across
6:49 pm
livermore we are dropping to 90 degrees tomorrow. pleasanton expecting 84. for east bay, 72. oakland, really always the best weather lately, and right back here towards fremont 83. for the north bay, mill valley looking good at 73, napa at 85 degrees. the biggest problem tomorrow will be the air quality. we will see the worst air quality across the east and also for the south bay where the spare-the-air alert in effect. not only hazy skies from the warm temperatures but, again, that smoke mixing in the atmosphere as well. to get you into the extended forecast, looks good across san francisco. no huge changes, nothing out of the ordinary, with 60s expected over the next seven days. for the interior valleys, we will go from some of those mid-90s throughout the week, we will stay with 80ser for the interior valleys all the way through next thursday. that, again, is some better news for the firefighters in the
6:50 pm
soberanes fire to the south and clayton off to the north. >> they need all of the help they can get. >> thanks, jeff. up next, back to the big story for maria. what now for ryan lochte and team usa. hi, natalie. lochte's long-time teammate weighs in.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
. welcome back. i'm colin resh. with an average margin of victory of 42 points, the u.s. women's basketball team cruised through the olympic. the americans clinging to a four point lead at halftime but took control in the third quarter, out scoring the french. fourth quarter, maya moore crashing the offensive board.
6:53 pm
she will get the put back in score. u.s. goes up 25. they win it by 19, 86-67. it is the 48th straight win for the americans. they will play spain in the finals on saturday, a team they beat in group play by 40. former stanton star injured in the second set of team usa's match against sesh ya'. that proved to be a huge factor in this. leading, the americans surrender five of the last six points. serbia with the upset. disaster averted for the u.s. in the women's 4x 400. she was unable to make a clean transition with the baton. english gardner would finish the race, which was key. the u.s. won their appeal and will race in friday's final. oakland resident and 2009 cal grad anika mcpherson placed third. she will compete for the gold. anything else going on?
6:54 pm
>> a little story happened, a little scandal going on with ryan lochte and the usa swimmers. you know ryan lochte, and now this whole thing has come out that he -- >> it is blowing up. >> -- basically lied about the story. >> it is crazy. i have been his teammate on the national team since 2004 and i have known him for a very long time. this is a perfect example of a story that just snowballed and snowballed, and what started as, i think, an embellishment and a lie just blew up. it is really unfortunate because now, you know, it over shadows his 12 olympic medals, the fact he is one of the most decorated olympians on the team and now all you will think about is this crazy, crazy story. >> what happened in this gas station in the wee hours of the night. knowing ryan as you know, we can get into the details of this, that's for another conversation, but did he mean no harm or not knowing the scope of what he was saying? >> i think he didn't understand in the context of the relations of brazil with the rest of the
6:55 pm
world. you know, for the past several months there's been so many stories about crime and is rio going to be ready and all of this other stuff, and this is an example of a complete lie that is feeding into their insecurities. so this is, you know, this is a big public relations thing that i don't think ryan had any idea what it was going to become. >> and that's brazilian authorities wanted to get to the bottom of it because they've done everything they say they possibly can to keep the place safe, and it proves they were keeping it safe because he wasn't robbed at gun point. we have seen some of the athletes speak out about it, and some say it totally dishonors team usa and casts a shadow over team usa and their reputation. >> it definitely does. it is really unfortunate because team usa, the olympic swim team had an amazing olympics and now this is what we're going to think about it. team usa as a whole has had an amazing olympic and now we look ridiculous out there with this
6:56 pm
story. it is really unfortunate. i hope that ryan comes out and apologizes and makes a statement soon. >> moving forward a couple of years ago we saw michael phelps being suspended from team usa for a dui. can we see this? >> i think usa swimming will act in some way, shape or form. they have an honor code, and there's a contract every athlete and every coach signs before an olympic or before a world championship, any major event that says don't participate in any illegal activity, no alcohol, no drugs, all of these things, and the main part of that code of conduct is that you represent the united states and usa swimming to the best of your ability. he failed to do so. so they will reprimand him. what they'll do i have no idea. >> ryan should have called natalie before all of this happened. >> i don't know what i would have said. >> thanks so much, natalie. >> thank you. >> thanks for watching. enjoy the prime time coverage of the olympic from rio.
6:57 pm
>> now there's a better way to solve your consumer problem. introducing nbc bay area responds. call 1-888-99-tips or visit our website. we respond to every call, every e maim. nbc bay area, we investigate.
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lights. access. rio. >> here they are now in the taxi and what you're going to see is, it looks like it's unraveling. this is stunning. >> you heard ryan lochte's rio robbery story. has it completely fallen apart? i'm natalie morales. frame by frame, we break down the stunning surveillance camera. >> put his hands up again right here. >> you guys are like a comedy troupe. >> channing tatum or liam hemsworth. >> give these girls their own reality show. i'm kit hoover asking the questions the final five have definitely not heard before. >> you owe me for making fun of me so much. >> huh-uh, grandma! >> yes, you do! they're watching the last match point all going joy, joy, joy!


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