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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  August 19, 2016 12:00am-12:36am PDT

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>> announcer: this broadcast is presented by the authority of the international olympic committee and may not be reproduced or retransmitted in any form without the expressed written consent of the international liolympic committ. 1:00 am to the second in rio. let's finish up with a look at the medal count brought to you by mcdonald's, supporting athletes on their journeys to olympic gold with three days of competition remaining, the u.s. has reached 100 medals while no other country has as many as 60. american women particularly have been successful here, winning 60% of the country's gold medals and more than half of the medals overall. update on the ryan lochte story. two swimmers involved in the incident, jack conger and connor bentz are currently on a flight back to the united states. also scott blackman has released a statement saying, and we quote, behavior of these athletes is not acceptable, nor does it represent the values of
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team usa or the conduct of the vast majority of its members. we will further review the matter and any potential consequences for the athletes when we return to the united states. on behalf of the united states olympic committee, we apologize to our hosts in rio and the people of brazil for this distracting ordeal of what should rightly be a celebration of excellence. jimmy fiegen has release adrian advised statement with the hope of securing his passport to return to the united states. we'll have more on the story in the morning. usain bolt will be running his final race 4 x 100 relay tomorrow night. for now, good night from rio.
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♪ ♪ one journey. two teams. united for over 35 years. video. the u-s olympic committee -- reacting late tonight about the behavior of some of its swimmers has, truth, lies and
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t.rveillance video. the u.s. olympic committee reacting late tonight about the for bei of some of its swimmers, and two have returned to u.s. soil tonight. frome in rio and beyond with the latest. thanks for being with us for this special edition of nbc bay area news. n-b-c lack eye for team usa, but tonight damage control from the usoc. criticism against its swimmers and apology to city of rio. insight from defense attorney and lochte's long-team teammate. rick. >> good evening, janell and raj. we are here at the international swim center, one location that ryan lochte used to wow crowds. those crowds are being wowed in another way tonight, an apology from team usa. we will pop it on the screen for you. we apologize to our hosts in rio and the people of brazil for this distracting ordeal in the midst of what should rightly be
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a celebration of excellence. that response coming out tonight as more members of team usa, the u.s. men's swim team are back on american soil. we are now getting the real story behind this video of four members of the u.s. swim team leaving a brazilian gas station. this appears it is after ryan lochte destroyed a bath broom in a drunker rage, not stopping until a guard pointed a gun at him. this interview, claiming it was an armed robbery of the athlete set off an online firearm. >> long-time teammate natalie coughton weighs in. >> she says his best advice shefb to fess up, not cover up. >> this is a good example of embellishing a story instead of lying. i don't know why he dug his heels in. >> three members stayed behind, two tried to leave but were
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pulled off a plane by police which appears to have led to a confession. >> these crimes carry no jail time. >> he could fight it with a loss in translation. >> it is a language issue. maybe he wasn't doing what he was supposed to, had a little too much to drink, next thing you know someone is pointing a gun at him. he doesn't know what is happening. >> reporter: it is not likely lochte could lose any medals, and if he is convicted according to legal experts he may not spend even one day in jail. we are live in santa clara. rick boone, nbc bay area. >> rick, thank you. findanother twist from the olympic and this time it relates to the fire in lake county. -05 n who helped team usa fencing win medals returned home n poorthern california to find 1:2home burned to the ground. mere is ian cole. >> reporter: matthew porter is the armorer for team usa fencing, the guy who makes sure everything works and fits so athletes can focus?
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saturday he was celebrating the team's historic wins in rio. >> it was a wonderful experience, being part of that. >> reporter: the next day elation turned to devastation. his wife karen was at the couple's home in lower lake, and the clayton fire was closing in on her. she rushed out, grabbing the cat and dog. >> ran off so fast without my purse, and count myself lucky to have it go enout. the smoke was getting heavy at that point. >> reporter: porter took the first flight out of rio, and yesterday the couple tried to check on the home but an officer at a road block confirmed it was destroyed. a friend gave them this aerial photo. >> that's our cul-de-sac, that's our -- >> that's our spot. >> that's our spot that kind of burned deep in the middle. >> reporter: along with a lifetime of mementos, the couple's fencing supply company was in the garage. >> equipment and the computers and the records and everything. >> the stock. >> everything is gone. >> reporter: they hadn't purchased fire insurance yet either. everything they own now is in the back of this suv, and still
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from going from gold to going homeless the couple is keeping their spirits high. >> as long as she is safe, i told her the rest is paperwork. we'll get through it. >> reporter: ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> we certainly wish them the best in rebuilding their lives. this fire is now 60% contained. full containment is expected by this sunday, which will be eight edys after it all started. the clayton fire has destroyed more than 300 structures ituatiing nearly 200 homes, a suspected serial arsonist has been arrested for starting this blaze. so-called "blue cut fire" in san bernardino county is as a wild fire continues to firee massive evacuations there. these so called blue cut fire in san bernardino county is 32% contained. it has burned 6,000 acres and 1600 firefighters are on the front line. tonight another concern, looting. sed of marea cheryl hurd is live in san bernardino county with a look at the devastation.
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cheryl. >> reporter: i'm standing along highway 138. many of the homes have been reduced to twisted metal and ash. earlier tonight i went on a ride-along with the san bernardino county fire captain and i talked to a man who was very concerned about looting. >> i've been through some pretty big fires. this one kind of amazed a lot of people. >> reporter: the blue cut can fire is amazing and destructive. san bernardino fire captain john garber giving us a tour of what the fire is leaving behind. >> this is probably where they lived on this lot. in the wrightwood area, those people have been through a lot of fires. maybe they get confident, nothing happened that time, and they stay. >> reporter: people like eric swanson. >> i've just been around here for a very long time, and when i felt threatened i'll leave. i have only left one time. >> reporter: at the height of the fire, 82,000 people were told to evacuate. an undetermined amount of homes and structures are gone. >> things are not back to normal yet. people who live in wrightwood
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are working on it. a gas tanker was able to come in for the first time since the fire to refuel empty tanks. carl smith's wife and dog left when told to evacuate but he stayed. he spends his evenings and nights patrolling the streets, looking for looters. >> you know, we just had some groups of kids that we've watched, and i haven't seen anything and i haven't heard of anything. but at night i just made a point of driving through the neighborhood, see if anybody was wandering around or looked like they might be up to no good. >> reporter: the sheriff's w up.tment is saying they arrested three people accused of looting. many of the evacuees are wondering what their next move will be. i talked to a few of them tonight, and i'll share with you what they have to say tomorrow morning on ""today in the bay"." reporting live in san bernardino county, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. -- arryl, thank you. we have an nbc bay area donlow-up for you. the charges against the man
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accused of making death threats against the acting police chief are being dropped. icnald hoganson was arrested ogan month after he posted controversial chiefs with white ents. acy messages about chief chaplain. the charges were dropped saying hoganson's tweets were protected under the first amendment and contained both political and religious elements. if you haven't seen him yet, you have less than four hours left to check out naked donald trump. jeastatue popped up this morning and hat been a tourist attraction all day. the public works department plans the remove him at 4:00 a.m. jean elle is live in the priorea with. he spoke to the artist who created the statue. >> reporter: i did, janell. take a look. you can see donald trump is very popular here in san francisco. but the department of public works says he is illegally glued to the sidewalk so he must go. but tonight one san francisco
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supervisor says he's a symbol that should not be destroyed. >> people are getting a kick out of the donald trump statue that appeared in san francisco's castro district this morning. the republican presidential nominee is nude. >> and it is grotesque like his speech and politics. >> reporter: a political ctivist group called inclin to whyled these statue. it is a play on the kbreror has no clothes. >> we wanted someone who could capture not just likeness but do something that was utterly terrifying. that's how we feel about trump. >> that artist is joshua ginger monroe. monroe says people love and hate the life-size sculptures. >> art is essentially made to create conversation, to get people thinking, to get them
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talking and to stir some type of emotion. >> reporter: people are talking and laughing. >> his persona is huge and it is monstrous, but i wouldn't call him a monster, you know. that's just me being politically correct. >> reporter: in new york, trump didn't stand long, citing a need for a permit crews hauled him away. indecline said they knew he would be a temporary installation, saying it is a met for for trump's long-term success. the department of public works tell me it will remove this statue as soon as the crowds go away. not sure when that's going to happen. supervisor scott wiener says he's in talk, hoping to get trump a permanent home at lefty o'doul's. reporting live, nbc bay area news. >> i have not heard a coherent
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n meanation as to why some cases en sconsidered to be priority delaothers not. cases given priority while others are not. eecisions that can make the difference between swift justice t isonars of delay. i'm senior investigative reporter stephen stock. tonight we investigate an over taxed and over burdened u.s. immigration court system once again in crisis. also cyberstalking the kardashians. a bay area woman facing serious charges for what she allegedly did to kris jenner. ics.our own jessica aguirre catches up with kerri walsh-jennings. is she satisfied with the bronze medal and what does she have planned for after the olympic. unfortunately, it was set off by smoke from wild fires. we are tracking air quality forecast tomorrow, plus a look into the weekend in a few minutes. at nbc bay area we're driven by
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one phase, we investigate. >> we investigate the powerful and hold them accountable for you. >> four years, 400 investigations and counting. count on the bay area's biggest investigative team. >> to tackle big problems and issues that affect you. >> we've investigated billions in public money. >> our stories have changed numerous laws and policies. >> and we've recovered millions of dollars. >> real results, real excellence in journalism. >> but you know what we're most proud of? >> you. >> us. >> together we're making the bay area and beyond a better place. nbc bay area, we investigate. ng up w/ the
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kardashians...but crossing the line. =raj/rail= keeping up w/ the kardashians...but crossing the line. an east bay woman is accused of stalking kris keeping up with the kardashians but crossing the
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line. an east bay woman is accused of stalking kris jenner. fbi agents arrested 36-year-old christina bankston at her home in newark today. the nurse's assistant is accused of stalking the reality tv star for about six months. authorities say bankston sent text messages to jenner, claiming she was following her, hacked into family e-mails and said a massacre was going to happen at jenner's southern california home. >> in other news, the new crisis has hit immigration courts this summer and has nothing to do with the upcoming presidential election. >> insaid, it is a system already in trouble, a long wait for justice which impacts our community. let's bring in senior investigative reporter stephen stock. what is the problem here? >> raj, the problem is more than half a million people are scheduled to have an immigration judge hear their case, the largest backlog in u.s. history. we have learned homeland security often steps in, giving priority to some cases while kicking the rest of the cases to the back of the blind, leaving
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some people in legal limbo. >> it's hard. >> reporter: this ankle will monitor lets the feds know every movement this undocumented immigrant makes, including traveling to an undisclosed location to sit down with us and tell her story. for her safety we are not using her name. >> translator: the massacres, they are -- well, they just don't respect anyone. >> reporter: that lawlessness eventually forced her to flee with her two young sons from her only home she ever knew in el salvador. >> translator: i would rather see them far away from me than killed. i saw first from domestic violence. >> reporter: this woman had had to leave her family and young daughter behind in el issalvado. she has applied for political asylum but his case is delayed. >> translator: i have i mr.
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daughter, but everything is desperation. i wish the process was faster noo that desperation has turned to frustration because cases like hers are delayed and pushed back indefinitely as the immigration courts see another surge of cases this summer. >> translator: one would want the process to be faster, and i have faith that i'm going to be able to stay in this country. >> reporter: according to the u.s. justice dependent's executive office for immigration review, more than half a million pending cases clog u.s. immigration courts nationwide, including 51,000 people traveling as families and 43,000 unaccompanied children. san francisco alone has more than 35,000 pending cases. >> the court is under tremendous pressure. >> reporter: judge dana lee mark serves as president of the national association of immigration judges, the union representing all u.s. immigration judges around the country. she spoke to us as the union's
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representative. >> i call it a crisis in the court, but that seems inadequate because we've been saying there's been a crisis for several years. >> reporter: to further com complicate matters we have learned department of homeland security officials in washington dc are prioritizing some cases while leaving others like the cases of the women we talked with to languaish for years. >> reporter: she is cofounder of social justice collaborative based in oakland. it represents dozens of immigrants before the court. >> the judge has marshalling orders from the government, somewhere in the government saying you have to process this case in this particular way. their hands are tied. >> reporter: judge markson's eloi officials confirm since march 1st, cases dhs cases that were priority 1 are being flagged, given cortical endar priority and go to the front of the line. >> i have not heard a coherent explanation as to why some cases
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are considered to be priorities and why others are not. >> reporter: judge mark says this process frustrates most of her fellow immigration court judges, all of whom are attorneys technically working important the u.s. justice department, not independent court judges. >> no other adjudicating system would have one of the litigants in our proceedings, the department of homeland security, have the ability to impact how cases are scheduled. >> reporter: a dhs spokeswoman tells us while the agency does categorize immigration cases it does not directly tell judges how to set their calendars. she says it is eoir, not dhs, that sets the court calendar and gives priority to certain cases on the docket. >> translator: i didn't leave her in a good situation, that's what i'm worried about. >> reporter: all this woman trying to reunite with her daughter knows is delays in her case means delay mr. the justice she came to the u.s. to seek. >> translator: with immigration you never know. we don't know what is happening.
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we would just like it if they give us some answers as to why. >> reporter: now, officials with eoir say they want to get this fixed. right now they have an all-time high of 277 judges working. they're trying to hire another 90 judges. even so, if no more cases came in right now it would take another two years just to clear the present hearing schedules, and some cases are now being set on the calendar as far back as the year 2019. raj, janell. >> quite the backlog. steven, thank you. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to the unit at >> chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is here and we can say happy friday because it is after midnight. >> that sounds so good. we love the olympic but late nights in the past couple of weeks. our forecast, i know a lot of it noticed the haze across the east bay and down towards the south bay. it left us not only with an
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orange sunset tonight, but check this out, coming in from@diletta on twitter, we have an orange creamsicle moon in santa rosa. beautiful shot, but the haze in the atmosphere messing with the respiratory problems of a lot of you and the allergies, coming from the soberanes fire and the clayton fires. we'll have more on the air quality coming up. as we get into tomorrow's forecast, 57 to start in north bay. san francisco some follow. east bay a mild 62 with the haze, and we'll see the haze towards the south bay and 60 as again the fires continue to have smoldering hot spots that will continue at least into saturday. as we take a look at micro climate forecast, temperatures cool a degree or to. cool in the south bay 85 degrees? peninsula 83. palo alto 77. san francisco our usuallies 60s.
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for north bay, east bay and tri-valley, not quite as hot as earlier this week with mid to upper 90s. pleasanton 84. north bay looking at 85 in napa . in terms of the air quality, a spare the air day in effect and the worst issues here with the smoke and also just plain bad air quality will be across the east bay and also the south bay, so you may want to limit your outdoor exposure. on the extended forecast, in san francisco you can see temperatures will remain in the 60s over the next several days with fog staying put at the immediate coastline. for the inland valleys, instead of the mid to upper 90s we experienced this week we will go down to 89 on saturday and 87 on sunday. yeah, the sunset and the moon tonight. >> gorgeous. >> yeah. >> stunning. thanks, jeff. >> thanks, jeff. up next, is she satisfied with the bronze? we catch up with bay area product kerri walsh-jennings in rio. and happening now, uc
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burkely students may see a famous face on campus this fall. actress ashley jud is attending cal to get her ph.d. in public policy. buzzing on twitter, a temporary store selling kanye west merchandise debuts in san francisco. according to beb site, the shop will be located in the financial district. right back with more news. stay connected to your world wherever the world takes you. get the nbc bay area ap
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♪ p is for permission to indulge. o is for out of this world. l is for loving the seasonal cuisine. a is for access to everything, including the aisle. r is for reclining in tailor-made bedding. and i, must be dreaming. s, so long, jet lag. polaris, from united. you've had a good long run. but your time is over.
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it's time for something new. something simple. grown right here in california with absolutely no antibiotics ever. food we're comfortable eating. making. serving. this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again. okay. she's got a lot of bling. kerri walsh-jennings is the most decorated beach volleyball player in olympic history, but what is next for the saratoga property? >> four medals, three kids.
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the 38-year-old has her hands full. is she ready to retire or prepare for tokyo in 2020? our jessica aguirre goes one-on-one with the star in rio. >> to be honest, not bittersweet at all. for how devastating it is the night we lost, you would think that, but it was the most challenging thing i have done as an athlete to overcome that devastation. i am so proud of us for doing that. it is the hardest in all of the olympic. >> and she puts it away! >> reporter: isn't that also the hallmark of a true olympian like you to be able to take a loss or something, a stumble along the path, and be able to recoup and come back strong? >> i hope so. i mean that's what life is, and i certainly know that every -- you know, every misstep, every obstacle has made us stronger. ideally you have time to work it out and it doesn't have such a big impact, but we won a bronze medal. >> after the london game, shortly after we found out you
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were pregnant in the london game, any surprises here? >> the thought of not having another baby is devastating to me, but i think i'm done. no, no skrets, but we'll see. i'm going to leave it up to the big man, and if we were to get pregnant again it would be best thing ever. >> reporter: jauj and janell, she told me she doesn't have a plan going forward and it is freaking her out a little built. she is not sure whether she is going to do tokyo, she needs more time to think about it. she did tell me even though she's been in southern california for the last 15 careers, she is a nor cal girl through and through. her family is there and she lofls the bay area and all of the support coming from her hometown of saratoga. back to you. >> she is one of us. >> she is. >> thanks, jessica. don't miss a moment of the olympic with our nbc bay area's "5 to watch." go to nbc only five days left. we're back in a moment and what
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has stood out from tonight's prime time coverage. stay with us.
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is really built into the foundation of the company. whole foods market is engaged with pg&e on many levels, to really reduce energy and reduce our environmental footprint. for a customer like whole foods, saving energy means helping our environment, and we can be a part of that. helping customers save energy is a very important part of what pg&e does. we can pass those savings on to the environment, the business, and the community. pg&e really is an expert in saving energy, and that partnership is extremely exciting. together, we're building a better california. today's olympic coverage on nbc bay area is brought to you locally in part by acura, precision-crafted performance. welcome back. i'm colin resch. she has raced for a gold medal eight times and walked out of a stadium around his neck. the greatest spripter of all
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time proving once again why it is. a wet track, a humid night in rio and bolt welcomed then cans. it was over, a winning time of 19.78 seconds. friday, bolt with his final event, where he can pull off the triple-triple. for the monicker of greatest athlete belongs to ashton eden. he follows the gold in london with gold in rio. did you see what happened to the u.s. women's 4 x100 relay team in qualifying? allison felix elbowed by a brazilian runner, can't make the hand off with gardner. she would pick it up and finish the race. the americans would file an appeal, win it and had to run sub 42.7 in a relay race by themselves and they did it. they will be in the finals.
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oakland cal grad ferguson will go for gold on saturday. from olympic to preseason nfl football, the raiders at lambo field, not the sort of showing jack del rio was hoping for in green bay. second quarter, 2 and 11. derrick car looking deep for amaury cooper. 187 yards the total offense for silver and block. that's john crockett, 10 yards up the middle for a packers lead. they were recovered in the end zone. final points of the game, packers get the win 20-12. in baseball, madison bumgard. giants beat the metz 10-7. more news with raj and janell after the break
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