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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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i'm bob redell. we'll tell you how aen emergency repair here on the vta line will affect your morning commute in the south bay. new video overnight of two american athletes now swimming in controversy arriving back home in the u.s. the overnight developments in this scandal now stealing the head lips from the rio summer olympics. thanks for joining us on this friday morning. i'm kris sanchez in today for sanjay gup laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we got some smokey conditions out there, rob. and a cooldown in store. >> midway through the weekend. the cooldown will push some of the smoke out of the bay area. this morning cool enough i think for a light jacket in many spots throughout the bay area. waking up to mid 50s around san francisco and the north bay. as we approach the afternoon numbers in the upper 80s and 90s in pleasanton and livermore. mid 80s in san jose. and 60s around san francisco. speaking of the warm temperatures in tri-valley, issues for that commute this
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morning. >> we found the source of the location for the slowing we're talking about 680. also members of the jury the rooith light rail delays for the south bay. bob redell has more on that. coming up. this scene is where we see this slowing here. sunol boulevard. four cars reported blocking the slow lane. not at mission. the sensors do tell the tale. these sensors show more slowing southbound 880 and union city. clearing by the time you reach tennison and the rest of the bay there. no drama. back to you. "today in the bay's" pete suratos just arrived at the scene a few moments ago blocked from ashby. pete, what do you know and what do you know about the possible danger to the public? >> right now berkeley police don't believe it's an immediate threat to the community but i want to show you guys there's a crime scene unit truck at the
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corner of mabel and burnett off of ashby avenue and searching the home involved in the city's first homicide of the year. and police are still looking for the suspects at this time. and according to police the shooting took place shortly before midnight as they responded to calls of shots fired in the neighborhood. and then why arrived they found an adult black male unresponsive taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. as i mentioned, police do not believe there's an immediate threat to the community. they do in the think this was a random act of violence but of course if anyone has any information to help with this case, contact berkeley police. live in berkeley, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. to breaking news out of rio we've been bringing you live at 4:30 this morning. the scandal rocking some members of men's u.s. swem team. swimmers gunnar bentz and jack conger arrived back in the u.s. this morning. you're looking at new video of them arriving at miami international airport not too long ago. the pair along with another swimmer james feigen were pulled
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off of a flight wednesday night by rio police. meantime, feigen was in a brazilian court early this morning. he agreed to pay almost $11,000 in fines to clear his involvement in the fabricated story about being robbed at gun point. authorities say all three swimmers along with ryan lochte lied about getting robbed. instead rio police say vandalized a gas station after leaving a party. "today in the bay's" jessica aguirre is in rio. she's been following this breaking news. she's going to join us with a report coming up at 6:po. look at the video out of concord. looks like a vegas show but it's a torrid of water gushing from a fire hydrant after a crash. the accident happened just before 3:00 this morning in concord on the 1600 block of galindo street. water was flowing for 30 minutes before fire crews could get it capped.
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southern california where walls of fire continue to threaten homes and lives. evacuees 60 miles east are still being told to stay away from their homes where the blue cut wildfire is burning. that fire is now up to 20% containment. but at least 36,000 acres of land have been burned and many homes have been destroyed. >> "today in the bay's" cheryl hurd has been live near the front lines since the fire started on wednesday night. cheryl, you spoke with victims. who have lost their homes in the fire and you got to see some of that yourself. >> reporter: amazing they're in such a good mood when they lost so much. it's also amazing that there is some good news to report this morning. this fire is now 22% contained and later on today they are going to release more numbers. there are people out there who are stealing from people who
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have lost everything. like like the folks you see here, they lost everything in this fire. and everything a they own is in their car. but they have each other though and their dog and at this point that's all that matters. because right now, they are in survival mode. >> when we stepped outside and saw it, i just knew we were going to evacuate. because we've been through this before. you know, in 2003, when we came home to nothing. so i really wasn't expecting to survive when i heard how much it had burned up and how big it was. >> reporter: there's still a lot of work for firefighters. . we're talking about the looters. three have been arrested and they will be charged with breaking and entering. reporting live in fontana, cheryl hurd for "today in the bay." >> cheryl, thank you very much. new video just coming in this morning of crews haul ag way the naked donald trump
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statue that had popped up in san francisco's castro district yesterday morning. it became a instant tourist attracti attraction. clouds flocked there all day to see it. the people behind the naked donald trump statue appeared across the country. there were five of them that sprang up yesterday. say they wanted to get people talking. and they did. a political activist group called in decline installed statues in five different cities. a member of in decline says the group selected an artist who specializes in creating monsters. >> art is essentially made to create conversation, to get people thinking, to get them talking and to stir some type of emotion. >> most cities did remove the statue saying it's against the rules to place statues on public property without first getting a permit. the statue may find a home in san francisco. supervisor scott wiener is talking right now with city leaders to see if it can go to the restaurant lefty o'doole's. speaking of the real donald
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trump and divisiecision 2016, h regrets on comments he's made on several eshuis. the candidate talked about things he has said in the past while at a rally in north carolina. take a listen. >> sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issue, you don't choose the right words or you say the wrong thing. and believe it or not, i regret it. >> he did not specify exactly which remarks he regrets. but it comes after a shake-up in his campaign. trump and his vice presidential pick mike pence will be in the flood-stricken area of louisiana today. meantime, hillary clinton today is meeting with police chiefs and leaders, saying that she wants to, quote, repair the bonds of trust and respect between our police officers and communities. clinton will be out fund-raising this weekend in massachusetts
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and in georgia. breaking news out of new jersey and some very dism concerning images where two commuter buses have collided, killing at least one person and injuring more than a dozen others. all of this still developing right now in newark, new jersey. our sister station wnbc reports new jersey transit bus t-boned another bus. you can see it plainly there as one of the bus cess crumpled as a result. some chopper footage showing us some of the injured being treated on a near it is by sidewalk. one bus nearly split like an accordion. we're talking right now with our new york news desk and we're going to continue to update this story throughout the morning. more breaking news in the south bay. shuttle buses are covering one portion of the morning's commute on the vta light rail line. >> there were problems this morning. "today in the bay's" bob redell joining us live near the children's discovery museum where a emergency crew is trying to fix a problem with power lines compromised. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sam
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and kris. yes, a disabled light rail vehicle that was moved off the tracks from this area here of under highway 87 near the children's discovery museum within the past 30 min and also had a crew out here. what we're trying to do is look like you see them but they've been working over here where we're at. there's a broken power line. it's hard to see in the dark. you can see a broken piece of equipment there between the two rails. that equipment was on the light rail. it broke off. in the process it looks like it snapped one of the power lines that electrifies the car. as a result, this section of the 901 and 902 lines are shut down. vta saying through the morning commute and what they're going to be doing is running a bus bridge on the 901 line between santa curtner and san antonio and an fernando. waiting for often update from p vta to see if that's still going to be in effect. based on what i see here and that line is still down, that could be the case.
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for more on the rest of your morning commute on the roads and b.a.r.t. and everywhere else, send it over to traffic anchor mike inouye. >> the only mass transit line is the vta line. 901 and 902. south bay school have come online. so that may effect some kids riding the light rail. now, this does not affect the roadway traffic flow. meanwhile, miles slowing for hayward. that's not an issue. friday with a lighter commute. this is a concern. unusually heavy and jammed from sunol boulevard down to andrada. slow lane is blocked by a disabled pickup truck and possibly a crash. no major injuries but look at that jam. there's not a good alternate because this is out of where folks make that 84 cutoff. meanwhile, north of there we're looking at dublin camera and westbound 580 on our live look coming into the area. look at 580 you will see that the traffic flows smoothly lieu this area. this is not yet a traffic holt
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spot but weatherwise what do you say about the tri-valley? >> hazy skies there, mike. right now you have temperatures around tri-valley. close to 58. 59 in san jose. about 59 degrees there in san francisco. 62 currently around the peninsula. let's take a closer look again at dublin. current temperatures are 58 degrees. now, hour by hour as we go through the rest of the morning and the afternoon. temperatures not too bad. upper 80s in the forecast. closer to dublin. lower 80s for san jose. mid 60s for the afternoon with patchy low clouds for san francisco. north bay, 70 toss low 80s. livermore up to 92 degrees today. but the item to watch, tri-valley in south bay air quality is a "spare the air" day today. both for ground level air ozone and smoke at times as we approach the weekend. up next on "today in the bay," authorities say the bay area woman crossed the line with a member of one of america's most popular families. the case they say goes way beyond just keeping up with the
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kardashians. twitter cracking down on terror. the numbers may really surprise you. i'll take a look coming up in business. crystal geyser alpine spring water from here to there ♪ to you crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source.
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crystal geyser alpine spring water to you from us crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. charges are being dropped - against the man accused of making death threats towards the acting san francisco police chief. a nfollow-up now, charges dropped ains a man accuse of making death threats toward the acting police chief. donald hoganson was arrested after he posted controversial
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tweets with white spram massey messages about chief tony chapla chaplain. the public defender confirmed the charges were dropped saying his tweets were protected under first amendment and contained both political and religious elements. crossing the line with a reality tv star. east bay woman is accuse of stalking kris jenner. fbi agents arrested bankston yesterday at her home in newark. the nurse's assistant is accuse of stalking the star for six months. bankston sent text messages to jenner claiming she was following her, hacked into the palmly's e-mails and said a massacre was going to happen at gener jenner's southern california house. twitter is going to shut down accounts tied to terrorism. >> you're not sure if that's good news though. >> i depends on how you look at it. shutting down twitter accounts that promote terrorism, that's a good thing. twitter says it shut down a total of 360,000 accounts since it started cracking down last
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year. when you think about it that way, that there were 360,000 twitter users who supported terrorism, that's disturbing. twitter says it remains committed to eliminating the promotion of violence or terrorism on our plat to remember. >> a judge in san francisco has said no to a proposed settlement between the company and its driver '. the drivers wanted to be counted as employees not contractors. uber didn't want that. there were lawsuits and the two sides settled out of court. the settlement uber drivers will remain contractor, not employees but they get a financial settlement of $100 million split up among drivers. it wasn't very much money. a judge would have to agree to all that, but thursday a judge in san francisco said no. it wasn't enough money to start with. so the case goes back to settlement talks. and if necessary, back to trial. of course all this comes as uber works to replace the whole concept of a driver. uber is going to start using robotic controlled volvos in
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pittsburg, pennsylvania, before the end of the year. a personal will be behind the wheel because the law requires it for now. automated cars happening much faster than i think most people realize. you're used to experiencing the experimental cars on the peninsula, the google cars. ford though said this week it's going to have a fleet of cars you can use in five years. sam and kris, i want to draw an analogy between automated cars and cellphones for a second. stick with me. silicon valley not in the cellphone business at all nine years ago. the most popular cellphones were from canada and from finland. blackberry and nokia. nine years ago. now prkt clay every cellphone you buy is either from cupertino or essentially born in mountain view. we went to dominating the cellphone industry in nine years. i think the same will be true in cars but i think it's going to be in three or four years. >> if we let people go to pittsburg. >> because of carncarnagie-mell. we need the goodness of
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carnagie-mellon out here. >> it changes out here, profoundly and quickly. >> it will be routine that we build cars in silicon valley. >> or the new detroit. >> yes. >> all right. well, back to school with some olympic hardware. olympic swimmer maya dirado returned to her alma mater in santa rosa. the school district posted this video on social media. look at her. she's wearing all of her medals. draped, two golds, two silver from rio. dirado shared the love. she says the high school was harder than stanford in terms of time management and she should know because she graduated from stanford, too. >> all kinds of locals. these athletes are really are heros. >> did you see the video of katie ledecky coming back to the airport a couple days as a go? >> represent ouing our country. >> the ladies showing the gentleman swimmers how to act. >> that's how we represent team usa. representing the bay area with a nice start today.
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you were saying a cooldown was in store soon. >> by the time of the weekend, cooler temperatures which would also help our air quality. watching temperatures out towards rio. the view currently as you look there, nice view from the satellite center there looking over rio. right now, 77 degrees. they're going to see a high of 83. same high temperatures around san jose. minus that humidity. we're seeing around rio this morning. now, we've got clouds in san francisco. the marine air, low level clouds, 59 degrees currently with mostly cloudy skies. into san jose in the upper 50 was hazy skies. low clouds will break back to the coast as we head through about midday today. not much change in terms of the weather pattern here. for the sierra, areas south of lake tahoe, watch out for thunderstorms today and straight on through the weekend. highs around the south bay, mostly in the 80s. 60s close to san francisco. temperatures in the 70s. around napa, 82 degrees and still a few spots close to 91 at
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walnut creek, concord, ant orc, livermore today seeing the hottest temperatures around the bay area. and the worst of the air quality, east bay and south bay, both with ground level ozone and smoke pollution. check out this map. this is an experimental model map imaging the ground level smoke coming up at the southerly winds through the day today and this afternoon. by tomorrow morning, notice how the higher concentrations move off to the east. that should coincide with a bit of a wind shift that will develop by saturday that should improve our air quality. notice the seven-day forecast begins to cool things off. sunday, san francisco starting to drop into the lower 60s from the mid 60s of today. and notice our interior locations, the valley temperatures starting to drop out of the 90s and into the mid 80s by monday. so better air quality and cooler temperatures to wrap up the weekend. right now, mike, you're watching busy traffic there around the tri-valley. >> that's right. we expect the light friday traffic flow. you see this jammed southbound
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680 right there from before you get to sunol boulevard out of pleasanton down in toward, a ndrada. folks are tliing to get down through niles. expect more traffic in towards fremont. if you want to keep move that is one option for you. meanwhile, more folks coming in off 84 out of pleasant on the and livermore and the dublin interchange. that backup again, back to where you're starting to tap the brakes. rest of the bay moves well but the bay bridge toll plaza does have your backup. metering lights are on. we have these cash lanes filling in over the last few minutes. fastrak backed up to just past the 880 overcrossing. the east shore freeway is not experiencing any problems. back to you. >> thank you very much. some long planned changes to the capitol corridor service take effect on monday. the new schedule offers more peak time trains between sacramento and oakland. it also includes additional
6:22 am
early morning service from sacramento to san jose with additional evening runs the other way. the same time, one less train runs during the early afternoon. the transit service is making what it says high ridership prompting the changes. coming up next, the slippery substance san jose is using to open taggers away from a prime target in the city. plus, consumer investigator chris chmura is here with another successful week for nbc bay area responds. >> it's an olympic week and gold medal for our team. we'll count up the thousands of dollars we've saved you. stick around.
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==sam/2shot== we've helpede all in a week's work. impressive week for nba bay area responds. we helped viewers save $4,000. >> approaching another high watermark. chris chmura is keeping track. >> i have my calculator out. let's meet the people getting refunds. we'll start with the san jose newlyweds, the estradas. boubt a refrigerator from home depot that met the definition of a lemon. extended wa eed warranty wouldn until we stepped in. home depot told us the extended warranty is the best out there. and the delay shouldn't have happened. we helped put $376 back in the robles family bank account. they had a greyhound trip that went nowhere and we requested a refund. we ended a four-month struggle. greyhound says it's looking into
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the reason for the delay, returning their money. and we gave nancy $750 from the landlord that kept her deposit for two years. the management sent us a note saying a full refund was the absolute right thing to do. we are fast a proefing the 1,000th complaint right now. 978 of them in our database. but there's room for yours. call us 888-996-tips or visit once you're there, click the yellow submit tips bar for our complaint form. you can share documents, photos, videos, ideally, to help make your case so we can investigate on your behalf. a thousand in a couple of months. >> i want to see what that phone bill is like. >> the ones that you can't solve, you do give people a reason why you can't, not just we don't want to take that case. >> i love to specialize in the lost causes because oftentimes when it's a lost cause there's a lesson for everyone.
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can't close it, can't resolve it because there's a reason and we explain that. >> that's just as helpful. >> maddening but helpful. >> thank you. >> have a great weekend. >> you, too. when it comes to stopping tagger, it turns out that grease is the word in san jose. that is what crews are using to protect a popular bridge from vand vandals. haven't seen this in a long time. green train overpass above highway 280 used to be a prime target or taggers and now it's spray paint free of and everything changed when grews slathered black grease on the poles and plates on the bridge leaving it too slippery for taggers to get up there. so far this is the only bridge in the south bay using the grease deterrent but who knows what's next. right now following breaking news out of berkeley. deadly shooting one block from busy ashby avenue. pete suratos is there talking to police right now. he will have a live report. i'm bob redell live in san jose. i'll tell you why a portion of your morning commute on the vta will be effected.
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emergency bus bridge is in effect. we'll have that story coming up. another embarrassing day for team usa swimmers. i'm jessica aguirre live at olympic park. today one swimmer has to pay to get out of rio and coming up we'll show you the video of how the other two arrived in the united states. crystal geyser alpine spring water from here to there ♪ to you crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. you've had a good long run. but your time is over. it's time for something new. something simple. grown right here in california with absolutely no antibiotics ever.
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crystal geyser alpine spring water to you from us crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. ==kris/boxes== we're tracking several breaking news stories here in the bay ar - right now at 6:30 we're tracking several breaking news stories here in the bay area. berkeley police investigating the city's first homicide of the year. and in the south bay, major delays for vta riders. updates on both these stories in just a few moments. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. laura garcia-cannon is off. >> i'm sam brock. first a check of your weather and all the fires that have happened here in our area are
6:31 am
really starting to have an affect on the air quality. >> we saw a shift in the winds and the difference it made in the skies. smoke pouring in. this morning, low clouds are moving become into the picture this morning. san francisco over to the east bay. mid 50s to start the morning. cool start, light jacket. send the kids off to school. but by the afternoon, warm temperatures and notice the hazy skies around the south bay and tri-valley. "spare the air" day today at the highs in the upper 80s and speaking of the tri-valley, a little bit of good news, bad news. >> that's right. we have light traffic around the bay but the bad news is that we have this big jam over here. we'll start with that. down through sunol where we're going the see the speed sensors start to improve. i heard that all lanes have been cleared from the earlier crash and that's what caused this jam. so the backup is the bad news. the crash clearing is the good news. but there may be another issue farther south from here. maybe another crash in mission. i'll check with chp once they arrive there. meanwhile, looking toward the bay bridge. no problems through the maze.
6:32 am
mild slowing for the east shore around university avenue. live look shows you the bay bridge toll plaza has your backup. filled to the end of the parking lot. bigger backup than we often see at this time but no problems out of the maze. back to you. up ddate no rio. breaking this morning, this is new video of two american swimmers returning to the united states just a few hours ago. the athletes jack conger and gunnar bentz along with ryan lochte and james feigen are accuse of lying about being robbed at gun point. >> our own jessica aguirre has been tracking all the fallout from rio this morning. jess, there have been a lot of elements to this story. what's the latest? >> well, kris and sam, a lot of attention on team usa again today but not for medaling. at best for misstating what happened to them during a night of partying here in rio. let's show you that video that you talked about. that's jack conger around gunnar bentz arriving at miami international today after getting their passports back
6:33 am
yesterday from brazilian authorities. now, as they were arriving there, almost simultaneously, one of their teammates jimmy feigen was in a brazilian courtroom trying to get himself out of the country. he did so by paying almost $11,000 fine to the brazilian authorities in exchange for his passport. he's expected to leave later today back to the united states. now, this all stems from that alleged fake robbery with ryan lochte where the men said initially hey had been robbed at gun point in rio. then surveillance video surfaced showing the men at a sgas administration having a confrontation with security guard. the men said they vandalized the -- the authorities said they vandalized that gas station. it's become a huge blowup for team usa. as far as lochte, he was actually the first to leave the country. he's back in not carolina. an attorney we spoke to says lochte may be out of that misdemeanor charge because he can always say he just didn't understand what authorities were
6:34 am
saying. >> it's a language issue. and maybe he was -- wasn't doing what he was supposed to, had too much to drink. next thing you know, someone is pointing a gun at him, he doesn't know what's happening. >> now, the u.s. ioc has apologized to the country and saying that it will deem with the swimmers when they get back to the united states. and that they could face sanctions. one more note. there's been questions about why feigen would have to pay a fine to get out when neither lochte nor bentz for the other individual jack conger did. lochte was the first to leave the country before brazilian authorities spoke to him. in terms of the other two men that or mooifd at mia today they didn't make a statement to police. they only made a statement after police spoke to them and found them out. feigen revised his statement yesterday when he spoke to police. so that's where that technicality is pay that fine may come in to play. also here in brazil, it is legal, one of the things they do
6:35 am
is you can pay a fine to get out of a charge. so that may have happened here today in rio. >> thank you for answering the question we were all wondering. thank you, jess. and have a great day. back to breaking news in the east bay this morning where berkeley police are investigating now the city's first homicide of the year. "today in the bay's" pete suratos is at the scene just a block from ashby. pete, investigators, what are they saying at this point? >> good morning, guys. we just spoke to berkeley police and they tell us they are still looking for those suspects. as i showed you earlier, you still got a scene here. berkeley police, the crime scene unit and number of cars still here conduct that investigation into the city's first homicide of the year. now, they are stilling looking for the suspects. according to police they responded to calls of shots fired in the neighborhood. shortly before midnight. and when they arrived they found an adult black male unresponsive who was later taken to the alameda county hospital and pronounced dead. they did not confirm if the
6:36 am
shooting happened inside the home but it was around this area near mabel and burnett but they did reiterate that they don't believe this is an immediate threat to the community. of course if anyone has any any information contact berkeley police. live in berkeley, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> pete, thank youer have much. to our south, still a critically dangerous situation as the blue cut fire burns out of control near san bernardino. that fire is now 22 percent contained. tens of thousands of homes remain in the pat of the flames. our own cheryl hurd has been near the fire lines for the past couple days now and, cheryl, you spoke with some of the victim who found when they returned that their homes were gone. >> reporter: i did. and as firefighters continue to be on the front line, evacuees are waiting on word wondering if they have a home to go to. take a look at this family. they grabbed everything that they could before the fire struck. they grabbed clothes, important
6:37 am
documents, and of course their dog. many of them right now are monitoring the situation. take a listen. >> it's still, you know, unsettling because we know that with the hot spots and the winds that we've had it could change at any time. so we're all still monitoring closely. >> the situation right now, blue cut fire is 22% contained as you said. and the number is expected to get better in about two hours. the bad news is there are people out there taking advantage of the situation. three people have been arrested for looting. reporting live in fontana, i'm cheryl hurd for "today in the bay." >> thank you, cheryl. new this morning. a structure burned to the ground in the south bay. it is a fire that started around 1:00 this morning at east main street in hill road and morgan hill near live oak high school. you can see the flames completely engulfing that structure. firefighters have not yet said whether this is a home or what
6:38 am
kind of building it might be. if it's not, and what was inside. so far no word on the cause. kris, it's a dorm downgrade for hundreds of incoming san jose state freshmen. they were expecting to move into the university's newest student's housing but instead have to bed down in a run down dorm slated for demolition. construction of the university's new ten-story freshman dorm is behind schedule and it could be a month before it's finish ped. students are going to be living three to a room at the bricks, a dormitory built in 1960 and was slated to be torn down. sand now to breaking news in the south bay where light rail riders are likely going to see delays for a while. >> we've been bringing you live coverage of this story since 4:30 this morning. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in san jose. bob, any update on when vta hopes to have this issue resolved? >> reporter: we just heard from vta and they're telling us this could now be an all day affair. what they're going to have going on right now is a bus bridge on
6:39 am
the 901 and the 902 lines between the san antonio and,san fernando station on the 902. we're underneath highway 87 by the children's discovery pew museum. that's a panograph, that spring like device that is normally on top of a light rail. it fell off. that car has been removed. when it fell off it snapped one of the power lines. it's hard to tell through the chain linked fence but there's a section of power line missing on one of the lines here. the crews that work for vta are trying to fix that. as i mentioned, it's going to take some time. there is going to be a bus bridge in effect for 901 and 902 lines. for more on your commute, send you over to mike nineinouye, ou traffic anchor. >> the south bay looks good as far as the traffic flows. a note if you happen to have a student who takes light rail to their classes likely not.
6:40 am
more of a san jose state thing which is not in session. 901 and 902 will have delays. crash northbound at camden. off to the shoulder but it is a distraction. the rest of the bay moves well. bay bridge metering lights are on. no major backups around the maze. huge slowdown from stone ridge south past the scene of this crash down at the bottom of the screen. that's starting to improve as far as speeds go there. the rest of the push of 84 and down toward the scene and south there is a crash at mission blocking your slow lanes so that could cause more slowing through the area. 08 is not a good alternate. rob, that's a warm traffic flow. we have, of course, hot tri-valley. how do things look today? >> as i walk through your shot there, mike, i was excited about the tri-valley. let's show you what's going on. around the bay area. 50s and 60s outside. 58 degrees there around dublin. 59 in san jose. and it's moving into the
6:41 am
afternoon. low 80s around san jose. 60s closer to san francisco to the north bay. upper 70s to low 80s. tri-valley should see numbers probably some of the hottest around the bay area. 80s to low 90s. but the item to watch, no doubt see it again in the skies. as the sun comes up. hazy skies. "spare the air" day, east bay. as the winds shift takes place midway through the weekend p thes are going to cool off. air quality should improve. see san francisco, low 60s by sunday into monday. and the tri-valley temperatures starting to cool off. mid 80s looking nicer with better air quality early next week. back to you. coming up next on "today in the bay," the effects of zika virus may go farther than first believed. why adults may also be susceptible to long-term dangers. we'll look at olympic cat lovers. we really will. and markets this morning, lower. though it looks like we'll still have a win for the week.
6:42 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ come seek the royal caribbean
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helmets - for a time - put u-s troops more at risk in afghanistan. thousands of defective military helmets for a time put u.s. troops more at risk in afghanistan. that is the assessment of a justice department summary issued yesterday. summary finds that combat helmets made by a contractor using prison labor did not meet minimum standards. degraded material reduced the helmets effectiveness in withstanding bullets and shrapnel. the army recalled the helmets in 2010 and no injuries or deaths were tied to those defects.
6:45 am
a researchers now say that the zika virus may be a threat to adult brains not just the braps of developing babies. tests in mice suggest the virus can damage immature brain cells in adults. over the short term adult brains are less vulnerable to damage than developing brains but over the long term it might mirror the effects of alzheimer's including personality changes and dementia. now the latest in san francisco's condiment caper. >> the maker of a fake mayonnaise accuse ochd faking sales. >> mayonnaise mystery, condiment caper, we told you about this as it was revealed. hampton creek in san francisco apparently sending employees out to buy its own products from stores. now a development this morning, bloomberg reports the sec may investigate. the worry is half top creek was making its just mayo mayonnaise look more popular than it was by buying it up. it's not clear that is illegal
6:46 am
but it could mislead grocery stores. hampton creek says it was just performing quality checks. doing a quality check of the market, dow industrials losing about 80 points. the nasdaq down about 20. did you know that advertisers are paying attention to what olympic sports you're watching and what athletes you read about so they can advertise to you better? an ad track company called trade desk tells cnbc it's been able to link people's favorite sports to other things they like. for instance, if you paid a lot of attention to women's soccer, you are probably interested in history, they say. they also say you travel a lot and you really like cats. if you like gymnastics, you probably are more likely to be a business owner, entrepreneur. and you like video games and, weirdly enough, you're interested in body building. basketball fans, you can guess what kind of shoe you probably like. basketball fans also apparently like dogs and they're more
6:47 am
likely to use coupons. and if you're saying to yourself, wait a minute, i like basketball but i also like cats, right. it's an idea that -- just a general idea that when you link the data together you see trends and generally speaking those who like basketball like dogs. so if you're googling basketball, usa basketball, you're going to see dog food commercial. >> i'm not surprised they are tracking it but i'm surprised at the correlation. >> yes. go figure. >> history buffs and weight lifters? >> the weightlifting part is fantastic. body builders. thank you. the circus is coming to town but this year you might notice something different, noelle fants at the ring bling brothers and barnum and bailey circus. it may its debut in oakland last night. after ongoing pressure from animal rights activists they cut the elephant show ahead of schedule. the animals were sent to live on a sanctuary. a chance to take your kids,
6:48 am
family outside this weekend as a lot of the bad air, the smoke that's staying around the bay area is going to be moving out hopefully. >> coinciding we think with a bit of a cooling trend midway through the weekend. but we really did see a lot of smoke yesterday. and that's the case again today before the winds begin to shift. and, yes, cooler weather heads our way. sea breeze pushing in low clouds. drizzle again on the coast. that view in san francisco, 59 degrees to wake up to this morning and similar temperatures with hazy skies. same number there in san jose. 59 right now and, yes, hazy skies around the south bay and east bay this morning. in addition to the low clouds across the central baby the afternoon, low clouds hugging the coastline. sunshine down around santa cruz. highway 17. but if you travel towards the sierra, chance of thunderstorms today. and more of that as we move to the weekend. temperature wise, starting to cool off just a little bit today. low 80s around san jose. mid 60s closer to san francisco. north bay numbers in the 70s to mid 80s.
6:49 am
fremont, 84 degrees. upper atity toss near 90 around pleasanton and livermore. "spare the air" day today. worst air quality levels will be around the tri-valley. east bay valleys. again for the south bay, smoke as you can see here on this experimental model that looks at ground level smoke and higher concentrations around the south bay and east bay through afternoon time today and then tomorrow you start to see those levels drop off. we're going to watch the winds closely as we enter the weekend. winds that should change from out of the south later today to more out of the northwest into saturday and sun. was we move through the weekend. low 60s in san francisco. cool temperatures to wrap up the weekend and around -- interior valleys. numbers starting to cool off. tri-valley dropping off into the 80s by the time we approach sunday and monday, mid 80s in the forecast early next week. mike has an update on a frash over in the maze this morning. >> that's right. i found it on our live camera. ing looking toward the maze and berkeley curve. it was right there just after folks make the decision to go to
6:50 am
the bay bridge or 880 it just cleared. car went into the center divide. it has been cleared from the area. traffic making its way to the area. the curb is clear. backup on the map shows you on the approach jamming up to 880 down through the pear of powell street. over here is where pete suratos continues with the first homicide for berkeley for the year. the story for traffic not a big one. we have a nice easy drive across the bay bridge. the rest of the bay moves well except for the tri-valley southbound 680 still jammed up from stone ridge down to andrada. continue to see the speeds slowly recover through that tough portion of the tri-valley. but you're alternate is to go over here to southbound 880. that's a lot more mileage. don't have to do that. just be prepared for slowing through sunol. south bay, easy drive. 85 north at camden, got the up date we have one lane, maybe two blocked by that earlier crash i mentioned there just north of highway 87. back to you. >> something to keep an eye on, mike.
6:51 am
thank you. investigative unit exclusive. if you've ever been caught in traffic chances are you've noticed motorcycles wizzing by you in between lanes. motorcyclists say it helps them keep safe by reducing chances of getting rear-ended. but some drivers see it as a dangerous maneuver that often takes them by surprise. so which is it? tonight at 11:00 we dig deeper into the controversy and uncover whether the state is ignoring critical information about lane splitting that might help protect drivers and motorcyclists. >> is it safe? >> for years we didn't know. for all of the time that it has been legal in california, we couldn't really say. >> so just how is california keeping tabs on lane splitting accidents? and could the state be putting you at risk? you can find our full investigation tonight right after the olympics. in the meantime, if you have a tip, give us a call at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to update to breaking news out of fwerkly.
6:52 am
what police are telling us about that city's first homicide of the year. and the possible danger to neighbors in the area. also, trump is confiscated. not real version but the statue one. new developments overnight surrounding this controversial statue that popped up in the castro district. but first, happening now. the charges against a man accuse of making death threats against the acting san francisco police chief are being dropped. details on this story at plus, on our facebook page, you can see how pieces of the old bay bridge are being salvaged for art. we're back in two minutes. one day, history was made.
6:53 am
the greatest olympic career of all time.
6:54 am
a dog, talked. we're decedent from the mighty wolf. a voice was heard. if you build it, he will come. a girl discovered magic. a revolution began. welcome, to the wonders that happen, everyday. welcome, to it all. comcast. you've had a good long run. but your time is over. it's time for something new. something simple. grown right here in california with absolutely no antibiotics ever. food we're comfortable eating. making. serving. this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again.
6:55 am
welcome back. before you head out the door here are the top story on nbc bay area. >> first breaking news in berkeley where police are investigating the first homicide of the year. a deadly shooting on mabel and burnett streets, one block from ashby. happened around midnight. the victim is an adult man. police say they don't have anyone in custody at this moment but they don't believe there is an immediate threat to the community. we have new video this morning of crews hauling away the naked donald trump statue that popped up in san
6:56 am
francisco's castro district yesterday morning. in the process became an instant tourist attraction. a political activist group called in decline installed the statues in five different cities. we're not sure where the statue will end up. team usa swimmers gunnar bentz and jack conger arrived back home in the u.s. from brazil. they are of course two of the four swimmers tied to the scandal at a rio gas station. swimmer james feigen appeared in a brazilian court this morning and agreed to pay nearly $11,000 fine to clear his involvement in a fabricated story about being robbed at gun point. turning now to the games in rio. we want to check back in with our own jessica aguirre one last time with us live from brazil. jessi jessica, you've been there for a couple of weeks now. you've seen so in athletes, so many competitions. what was your favorite moment? >> um, you know, it's almost over. our ride together is almost over, guys. this is going to be hit. there's been so many great experiences in rio. it's been great to be able to see the people of rio and see how they live, their passion,
6:57 am
and the country despite its economic whoas is really beautiful. but i have to see meeting the athletes is the highlight of this. i thought coming here i had this image of what the athletes were going to be like, what an olympian is. and you get here and they're actually just normal people. a lot of them are still teenagers. they like to instagram, on their phone, fooling around. then the difference is when you see them at competition, it changes. there's a transformation. they have this intense focus that's almost fer ril competitive nation nay chur and drive that is what separates them from the rest of us. they just do internal and they do it and nothing stops them. that was fascinating to watch. when you think of ledecky and phelps and the great cal and stanford swimmers that we have, you realize here at the games that, yes, we have the games and they're competing against the best in the world but that drive, that's a totally internal thing they have going. they would compete at that level on their own, even if it wasn't the olympic games. it's fascinating to watch.
6:58 am
to see them and how really different they are in those moments than the rest of us who would be like, yeah, i don't care, i'm not going to win that race. i'm going to give it up. >> that's something we can all learn from. that incredible focus. and, jess, i've been following you on your instagram account and you've had some nice adventures outside the olympics as well. we saw you having some lovely dinner although probably not as often as you would have liked, right? >> no, that was my one dinner out. that was the one. tonight is going to be the night. we're going to head out for dinner again. i'm going to see if i can find out about this special drink they make here in brazil. i heard it's really good. i might test it out tonight. >> yes. >> by the way, it should be noted that jessica talked about, her portuguese has come a long way. >> that's french. >> all right. >> thank you for being there. >> thank you very much.
6:59 am
>> it was so nice to see her there. i don't know about you, but my friends are like, oh, it must be so fun and such a party. it is hard work. >> yes. yes. >> you have the flags of all the station that people help out there, runs just miles. and jessica putting in a lot of work, 18-hour days. >> hours away from some of the competition. >> it's true. quick check of the weather. we had low clouds to start. afternoon. hazy skies. more spoke today. "spare the air" today. cooling as we go through the weekend. for commuters, it's been a busy morning. three different issues. >> we're tracking three trouble spots. despite the clear look on the initial impression of the map, east shore freeway recovers from an earlier crash in the maze. slow from golden gate field down to the berkeley curve. 680 recovers but still jam fred stone ridge past highway 84. over here in the bottom of the screen north 85 still two lanes blocked by a crash at camden. let's not forget the vta delays past the children's discovery museum. >> that is what's happening "today in the bay." we will be back with you with
7:00 am
more local news at 7:25. >> in the meantime, the olympics are not over yet. join us of course at 10:00 for coverage and we'll be back in 30 minutes be w. a live update. p ♪ good morning. 100 and counting. team usa hits a medals milestone. ashton eaton winning gold in the decathlon to retain his title as the world's greatest athlete. jamaica's usain bolt dashing into the record books once again. >> he makes it look easy! >> and vandals, not victims. overnight, two of the u.s. swimmers involved in that gas station incident with ryan lochte leave rio after surveillance video proves they weren't robbed. the third swimmer agreeing to donate nearly $11,000 to get his passport back. and u.s. officials issue an apology for their behavior today, friday, august 19th,


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