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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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right now at 5. we're getting a first hand look at the fire damage in southern california. today -- the owner of a historic u.s. route 66 roadside diner shares his memories. ===janelle//topvo=== and -- it's been taken down. a naked trump statue popped up in the castro yesterday. the plans a san francisco city leader and local bar have for the wax figure. ===raj//topvo=== plus -- golde medal swimmer ryan lochte apologizes. sort of. so what's next for the controversial athlete? ===raj/2shot=== the news at 5 starts now. thanks for joining us on this friday -- i'm raj mathai. ===2shot=== and i'm janelle wang.
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new developments, and a controversial apology. ==janelle//cu== we begin with what many people are calling "lochte-gate," the ongoing scandal involving 4 we begin with what many are calling lochtegate, the ongoing scandal involving four american swimmers led by ryan lochte. today, he apoll vised for the false story in rio, but instead of calming things down, it unleashed a torrent of online criticism. scott budman has the latest. >> well, there are really three main points we can tell you as we fol who up on this. ryan lochte releasing an apoll jai over social media. the u.s. liolympic committee al apologized and more of the swimmers left rio for home, but this story, that apology just won't go away. it was the a statement the world was waiting for. posted on instagram. american swimmer, ryan lochte, apologizing for the way he
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described what happened sunday morning. saying he accepted responsibility, but according to branding expert, jeff holmes, he didn't go far enough. >> at this point, he's just digging a bigger hole. >> calling the lochte mess the worst part of the rio game, holmes says lochte made america look bad while doing big damage to his own future. >> his case, he has the look. he's got the medals. he's got a lot going for him, but lacks integrity. >> even though the uso also apologizeded and the swimmers are heading home, one donating more than $10,000 to a brazilian charity, lochte's outlook is murky at best. >> what brand is going to want to stand behind somebody who doesn't have integrity? >> all right, here are perhaps the truest words to come from lochte's message. there has already been too much said and from the u.s. olympic committee, they released
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statement apologize iing to the host of the games inry row. back to you. >> thank you. well, still ahead at 5 a:00, back-to-back golds for the u.s. women's water polo team. jessica caught up with the team's bay area members after their victory. she joining us in about five minutes. the fire in southern california has taken a grim turn. here's a live look from our nbc chopper. the good news though, not many flames at least we can see here. but there is a lot of smoke. this is in san bernardino county, about 60 miles east of l.a. today, we learned nearly 100 homes had been destroyed. this fire is about 25% contained. it's burned 37,000 acres. why is it so intense? you can blame our five-year drought, as well as hot and windy weather. the flames destroyed a slice of american history. along the route 66, a classic ziper frequented by local, tourists and celebrities.
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cheryl joins us along route 66 and you're in an iconic spot there. >> i am. it feels kind of weird because if you're familiar with the summit and you will recognize the sign, but nothing else. there is nothing else left. nothing is recognizable. people have been coming here all day long sharing memories and looking for sooef nears, but the fire destroyed almost all of those memories. it's a road trip they take every year. >> comes up from san diego. he comes from hemt. we're coming from orange county area. all right, we go from here. >> on tuesday, the iconic restaurant went up in smoke. >> makes me sad. >> the 1950s restaurant with a casual thety in the blue cut fire. this only thing left is this iconic sign. >> the thing i remember about this place is the memorabilia on the wall. >> this was the meeting spot for
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the rich and famous along route 66. >> i connick landmark. >> former restaurant other thanner an his wife came to salvage memories like the time there was an elvis presley sighting here. >> he got a little upset, kicked the jukebox. >> elvis wasn't the only celebrity who dined here. >> pearl bailey. she had a special spot over there. >> the restaurant had its charm. stevens pennsylvaniaed the key on to a new owner just a month ago. now, he's not sure if he will rebuild. >> can't do it like it was. >> at 6:00, i will introduce you to the general manager of this restaurant, he haeps to live here on the plot. he tells me tonight that there's no way he'll be able to replace all of her memories. reporting live in oak hill, nbc bay area news.
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>> thank you. right there along route 15. route 66, which is along interstate 15, which is the road to las vegas. a lot of communities impacted. back to our live pictures here, again, our chopper is overhead. you can't see any flames from this point of view, but there is lot of damage down below. our coverage continues online at nbc bay a gruesome find in the south bay. investigators say a man killed his mother before shooting himself dead in santa clara. it happened at a home around 9:00 this morning. officers were called to check on the elderly pair when they found the bodies inside. there are no other suspects at this time. the nak truth about donald trump. he's been covered aund taken away, but there's still a chance to see the trump statue. there's a new push tonight to make that naked trump statue a permanent fixture. the life size statue was removed
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early this morning. right there in the castro district. in the 24 hours or so it was up, it drew quite the crowd. but the city had to remoove the statue because it didn't have the proper permits. it's now in the hands of police, but a san francisco supervisor has some other plans. >> i'm completely supportive moving this statue to -- i want to thank nick for adpreeing to accept custody and just stand as a continuing reminder of the fraud that donald trump is. >> it's been quite a hot topic in san francisco. now, lefty o dual's, the popular irish sports bar in union scare. proponents call it political art. a team of lawyers is working to get possession of it. let's get back to our olympics coverage. the it's about 9:07 p.m. in rio. we are in the home stretch. a live look at the olympic flame, which will be extinguished on sunday night. today, the u.s. women's water
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polo players won their first ever back-to-back gold medals. >> jessica spoke to the coach and its golden girls after the map. >> without question, the most emotional victory celebration of these games. the u.s. women's water polo team takes italy to win the gold and the women erupt in celebration while still in the water. they then take the coach, throw him into the pool. the entire staff goes in as well and they just celebrate. making history. >> just to hug them and know that we did it together. it was incredible. >> it makes my job a hell of a lot easier when you have someone like this, who just every single day is so consistent with her approach, her work ethic. even being as tall epted, when you have your best player on your team that cares a lot more about the wes than the me, it sets the tone for everything. >> i was a little girl watching
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nbc and the olympics and to be the person on the other side of that tv is pretty incredible and i can't put it into words. >> we set out to leave a legacy. that's what team us is all about. this group is a completely different group than 2012. pretty special for their own reason, but it's an awesome mark for the program. >> this group of women are so tight, they are the best in the world. not only is stanford the center of water polo, but the usa is the center of u.s. women's water polo. these women are unstoppable. unbeatable for sure. >> thank you, jessica. you can feel the energy here in the studio. they need one more win. the trio of warriors is a step closer to bringing home the gold. team usa men advanced to the finals after defeating spain today. thompson had a team high 22
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points. kevin durant scored 14 team usa has a chance to win its third con semitive gold. they'll face serbia on sunday. the winning streak is over for the u.s. men's volleyball team. today, italy ousted the americans in the semifinals. what a match to watch. italy won three of the five sets. team usa outplayed for a bronze. on sunday as well. and looking at -- usain bolt will be sprinting for a third gold in rio. he'll anchor in what could be his final olympic race. just a few hours ago, the governor approved a new law that required guidelines on when motorcycles can squeeze in between lanes and zoom past you in traffic. bikers say the maneuver reduces their chances of getting rear ended, but some drivers call it dangerous. >> it's a question that draws a lot of strong opinions from both sides of the issue.
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so, we went after the facts. tonight at 11:00, we dig deeper into the controversy and uncover weather the state is ignoring critical information about lane splitting that might help protect drivers and motorcyclists. >> is it safe? >> for year, we didn't know. for all of the times it has been legal in california, we couldn't really say. >> just how is california keeping tabs on lane splitting accidents and could the state be putting you at risk? that's tonight at 11:00. school starts, but the dorms aren't ready. what's being done for hundreds of san jose freshman who were supposed to move into a new building. the story is coming up. a new strike force to fight robo calls. will it stop your phone from ringing in that's next. and good afternoon. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. hazy skies across the south bay right now and we're also tracking storms firing up across
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the sierra. we'll let you know our chance of getting any of this in just a few minutes. ♪ everything is awesome
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♪ everything is cool when you're watching a screen ♪ ♪ everything is awesome, ♪ when you're sharing a meme ♪ ♪ a voice remote, "show me angry kings" ♪ ♪ you know what's awesome? everything! ♪ ♪ apps that please, more selfies, ♪ ♪ endless hours of the best tvs ♪ ♪ brand new apps, shows to go, ♪ ♪ awesome internet that's super whoa... ♪ ♪ everything is awesome xfinity. the future of awesome. instead of moving into new dorms at san jose state, an unsettling situation for hundreds of incoming college freshman. instead of moving into new dorms at san jose state, they're starting the semester living the
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bricks. an old dorm set to be demolished. the construction delay that's really unsettling for these students. >> you know, it really is, it's going to be a hectic day tomorrow, moving day for hundreds of freshman who were expecting to move in to the building behind me, but now, they're told it won't be ready until next month. they're going to be moving into these old buildings there were set to be torn down this fall. >> i would be kind of upset. >> incoming freshman admits moving in and starting college is stressful. today, she's relieved she wasn't assigned to two. >> it would be really inconvenient yent to go from one to another and get ready for school starting. >> crews are working long hours to finish the new dorm. meantime, more than 800 students who planned on enjoying a spacious study areas and clean bathrooms will be living across the street in the bricks. >> oh, yeah, the bathrooms are pretty dirty. >> christina said she survived
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the bricks her freshman year, but admits the 1960s dorms are a little quekroep pi. >> the university will give each student a small campus credit, free sweatshirt and foot the moving bill this fall. >> we will hire professional movers to help the students move in. we are locating right now temporary storage space, so students can store items like refrigerators. >> and today, some students living on campus shared some advice with the incoming freshmen. >> sooner or later, you'll get to move in as long as you have housing, that's good. >> we asked the university if the contractors will be responsible for any of the costs related this t.o. this delay. we're told those conversations will be pushed back until the students are in the new building. nbc bay area news. >> very frustrating. thank you, michelle. they're among san jose's most aggrevating problems.
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they'll be addressed in a public forum tomorrow. state leaders will host a group of experts at midi high school to give the public to ask questions and vent. one topic will be a pilot program that would require residential parking permits aimed at three neighborhoods in san jose. some neighbors are hopeful, but skeptical. >> it's going to be a benefit by having permits. it does regulate it more. >> here's the skinny. if the program is approved, residents would pay a $35 yearly fee. the form begins tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. zblvrnlgts today, some of the worm's most powerful companies teamed up with the federal government. they're trying to silence unwanted calls that plague your telephone. >> let's get to chris for an explanation. i get many of those calls, chris. >> too many, right? robo calls are among the most common complaint we receive in our consumer investigative
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center. feds say the same thing. but really don't have a good solution, but this new coalition might get us there. today, the federal communications commission launched a robo call strike force. it goes to work immediately. the strike force plans the meet twice a week over the next 60 days with the goal of creating a new free service to block robo calling. who right now, seem to be at least one step ahead of us. >> we need to show we are smarter, more innovative, more nimble than them and we're going to give the public the tools they need. >> a plan is expecked in mid october. come cast, which owns nbc, is part of the coalition. robo calls are dialing at an alarming rate. u mail estimates that 2.42 billion unwanted computer dialed calls blew up our phones in july alone. so, all eyes and ears will be on this new strike force. do you have a consumer
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complaint? call 888-996-tips or visit nbc bay once there, click on the yellow bar that says submit tips. add document, information, photo, rvideo, so we can investigate. it's 902 robo calls every second of every day. >> they're calling the cell phone, too. which is more worrisome. when you're driving, you're not supposed to pick up the phone and you could be in an accident. >> they're spoofing the area code, so you think, oh, it's 408, the it's local. i got to aps that. got to stop it. we'll see, october. >> well, if it seems arder to breathe, today, it's not your imagination. many are complaining of the smell of smoke in the bay area. today, many o the calls are coming from san francisco. all because of two wildfires burning to the south of us creating this hazy air. zpl these are p chick you ares say it all. yesterday was nor san jose and
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the weeast bay. today, it's into the city. >> it's filtering up. part of a larger pattern we're tracking that's bringing in smoke from a fire into southern california. we'll get a look now, our micro climate weather, you can see the haze. right now. as you take a look at the current temperature. it's a lot cooler at 76 degrees. we have warmer low 80ness south and east san jose. then the temperatures will be cooling off into the 60s tonight. also notice the humidity at 52%. it's a little bit muggy for bay area standards as well. you have a lot happening this afternoon, we have thunderstorms firing up here across the sierra. they're going to be heading off towards the west. there's a slight chance some of this could get near our eastern hills in the overnight hours. wee going to have the doppler radar fired up and we'll be monitoring for any activity and we'll be the first to let you know about that.
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tomorrow morning's forecast, we have the fog back into san francisco and 54. for the peninsula, also low 50s and clouds. and for the south bay, the haze remains and 60 degrees. when it comes to the smoke, here is what's happening. we have this broad trough of low pressure offshore. the counterer clockwise circulation around this is helping to pull up smoke primarily from the fire in monterey and the which chimney near the central valley, so these two fires contribute tog that smoke here in the bay area. this will continue to keep up with moderate air qualify tr most of the bay area on saturday with the worst expected in the south bay. so, you may need to limit your outdoor exposure. 82 3i8 in cupertino for tomorrow. san francisco, 64 in the financial drrt. for the north bay, east bay and trivalley, no more mid-90s. down to 84 tomorrow.
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in pleasonton. for the east bay, oakland at 71 and knot bay, it's all good here in mill valley and 73 degrees. san francisco, we haven't changed anything on this forecast. temperatures remain in the 60s over the next seven days. you'll be happy to see remain in the 80s through the next seven day forecast. i know that smoke and the haze, it's irritating the the eyes. >> the lungs. >> get ago dry cough. >> thank you, jeff. still to come -- >> model, tv host and now, teacher at a prestigious school. tyra banks and her new job. lego lovers are flocking to the
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santa clara convention happening now, the return of
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bricks by the bay. lego lovers are flocking to the santa clara convention center this weekend. you can get a look on our twitter page and a couple of armed robbers in new jersey calling for help while raid ago cell phone store. the store manager forcing them to beg window shoppers for help. you can watch the video on our fab page. more news after the break. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ come seek the royal caribbean a shooter is still on the loose after the first deadly shooting in berkeley. =vo= it haped a shooter is still on the
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loose tonight after the first deadly shooting in berkeley. happened yesterday just midnight. this is near the area of may believe and burnett street near 580. investigators have not released any information about the suspect. from the cat walk to the lecture haul, model turned ceo tyra banks will soon be known as professor banks at stanford. the 42-year-old former supermodel will be teaching at the prestigious business school. the purpose, building and extending your personal brand. pretty cool. >> yeah. i'm sure -- coming up, he left his heart in san francisco. but now, he's back. that's next.
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and now, the city is giving something back to tony bennett. ==nats== runs 0:04 he left his heart in san francisco and now, the city is giving something back to tony bennett. >> hey, how about that. an eight foot tall statue
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honoring the legendary crooner was unveiled today. it stands in front of the fairmont hotel in knob hill, the first place he sang his legendary song in 1961, i left my heart in san francisco. after the ceremony, he said he was touched and surprised by the tribute. >> overwhelmed. take about six months to figure it out. >> it's all part of his 90th birthday celebration. 90 and till looking great. now, the celebration's going to continue tonight at the giants game at at&t park. the team will honor tony bennett in a special pregame ceremony. and tonight as 6:00, it's one of rio's most popular sport, but it's not part of the olympics. you'll find people playing foot volley up and down the world famous beaches. sort of like volleyball, just without your hands. >> i can't even play volleyball with my hands. >> soccer and volleyball together. >> yeah. >> we're going to take you into the game at 6:00 news.
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>> have a good night, folks. bay area dot com, and on developing news tonight. zika strikes miami beach. a new alert from the cdc, devastating news from one of the busiest tourist areas in america. south beach. pregnant women warned to stay away. and lochte says he's sorry for his behavior as his robbed in rio story falls apart. but is it enough? what his fellow swimmers admit in sworn statements to the police. and paul manafort resigns amid a wave of campaign headaches and questions about ties to russia. tonight the inside story on how it all went down. nothing left, families wiped out by raging fires and floods, as first responders race to save more homes. and olympic glory, the incredible thrill of victory here in rio.


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