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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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ht thing. i mean, it feels weird convincing a teenager to not follow their dream. - maybe think of it as convincing a teen mom not to drop out of school. especially for something impossible. - i mean, i do wish impossible things could happen sometimes, but this is the real world. [lights clunking off] - what is going on? [scorpions' "rock you like a hurricane" plays] - i think this might be the closing ceremony. that i helped plan. ♪ - only in america. but also only in anywhere else in the world, really. ♪ - ♪ here i am - damn. she got everything except the--
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[helicopter blades whirring] - ♪ here i am ♪ rock you like a hurricane [dina laughing] - whoo! helicopter! - ♪ here i am ♪ rock you like a hurricane - hey, glenn! in your face! [laughs] - what? - suck it, glenn! - oh.
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t . right now at 11:00, our hazy sunset over the bay area as the the smoky conditions continue to impact our air quality heading into the weekend. the news at 11:00 starts right now. thanks for joining us on this friday evening. i'm janelle wang . >> and i'm raj mathai. a shift in the wind has shifted our air quality? here is why. the soberanes county in monterey county and that other fire, we 'breathing in their smoke. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is with us. how much longer here? >> it los like over the next 24 hours we will see problems with smoke. it is a complicated pattern, but primarily we are seeing an area of high pressure situated across nevada, clockwise pushing up
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smoke through central california you through the bay area. we have this area of low pressure. the counter clockwise flow is helping to funnel up smoke as well. again, the soberanes fire and the chicago any fire to the south is helping to bring these hazy skies. there was an image from nasa that i saw that the san bernardino fire was helping to play a small role in our hazy conditions throughout this afternoon. as we head into tomorrow's forecast, the worst air quality continues to remain across south bay. the big question, when does the air quality improve? as this area of low pressure pulls inland on monday, we will see the flow of air cut off the smoke. so monday looks like the next best day coming our way in the forecast. i'll have more in about 15 minutes. >> that is some good news. thanks, jeff. also an emotional night in lake county. homeowners are seeing firsthand the devastation left behind from the clayton fire. late this afternoon evacuation orders were lifted important the community much lower lake. people rushed back to their
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properties, many of them already knowing the grim reality that their homes were destroyed. nbc bay area's rick boone joins us with the latest. rick. >> raj, you have to feel for these folks tonight, pain and heart ache for those in lower lake to see what was once their life nothing but ashes. >> it is all gone. came over to about here. >> reporter: a devastating homecoming for kevin dean, returning home but finding there's not much to come back to. >> looks like we have a couple of wrenches, probably not tempered no more. all gone, all gone. >> reporter: he and his wife katie among hundreds crying while sifting through the ashes. >> candle holder. >> reporter: shocked at how little made it. >> caller: devastation, there's only one place there and one place there left. everybody else is burnt and gone, everybody else is gone. >> reporter: neighbor wes baker lost something precious to him, his buddy, his cat. >> he is a siamese and she is really old and really sweet.
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>> reporter: helping people are helping fierts firefighters, this crew sorting through the devastation on their hands and knees. >> this is our chance to come back with the homeowners as they return to find what is left or what might be remaining. >> reporter: everybody lost so much, so much. if there's any good news out of this, the red cross currently has two shelters set up to provide some immediate needs to those who lost their homes and just about anything, but most importantly a place to stay. >> thanks so much, rick. new at 11:00, a kidnapping scam has south bay police on alert tonight. the scam is happening all over the state, but the latest victim was a mother in mill pete usa. she got a call and heard what she thought was her daughter hysterically screaming. a man came on the phone demanding money or her daughter would be killed. she transferred the money. police say if you receive a call like this, call authorities. apology accepted.
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olympic officials in rio say they are satisfied with ryan lochte's statement today, but brazilians and the american people not so much. lochte's swimming teammates in the scandal are speaking up. ian call joins us with the latest chapter in this saga. >> it is a moment brazilians have been waiting for for the past five days, for lochte to say he was wrong and made up the whole story. that never happened, but still the swimmer is apologizing. today ryan lochte breaking his silence, posting in part to instagram, i want to apologize for my behavior last weekend, for not being more careful an candid in how i described the event of that early morning. this comes as brazilian police say security cameras show they were not victims, damaging the station bathroom after a night of drinking. the apology not enough you. >> i suppose they could apologize much more. >> reporter: here at home
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branding expert holmes of three marketerrors wasn't impressed either. >> in his case he has the look, he's got the medals, he's got all of that going for him, but he lacks integrity. >> reporter: the three teammates with lochte that night arrived home today. jim jimmy feagin agreed to pay $11,000 to a brazilian charity, but gunnar bentz and jack conger were cleared saying they never lied to officials. conger said lochte pulled off a sign from the wall and admitted he and lochte urinated on the plants of the station, then said the story lochte told the press was different from what happened. tonight a committee is looking into swimmers' action in rio. they could face probation to being kicked off the team. >> ian, thank you so much.
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positive news now, the golden girls in the pool making history. team usa water polo wins a second straight olympic gold medal today. it's never been done before. americans beat italy. including danville's maggie steph fen. >> so consistent with her approach, with her work ethic, with even being as talented as you are he with you have your best player on your team who cares a lot more about the we than the me. >> maggie there, the win is also the second gold medal for that head coach, whose brother died right before the opening ceremony. his brother, blake corcorian was founder of sling box. check out ""5 to watch"." go to to see the five key things you need to know tomorrow.
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>> the zika warning in florida expanding at this area. the infection zone now includes the most popular beach in miami, south beach. nbc bay area jean elle is live where travelers are reacting to the news. >> reporter: janell, people who work in florida say zika is scaring people away. tonight people at sfo flying to miami are not cancelling, they're taking precautions. >> it is south beach, miami. >> we're going to celebrate birthday. >> reporter: bay area travelers leaving sfo on a flight to miami have a warning about zika to consider can. florida officials say local mosquitos infected five people with zika. >> got to go to school. >> reporter: university of miami student says he will do his best to avoid mosquitos. >> i will use "off" a lot and try not to go to windwood too much noo the new zeke ozone is
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only six miles from windwood where the virus first showed up. the cdc is issuing warnings for parts of the famed south beach, urging pregnant women and women trying to get pregnant to stay away because it causes severe birth defects. hotel operators say some tourists are cancelling. >> in the last week we had three phone calls and three cancellations, one of which was pregnant for fear of zika. >> reporter: travelers we talked to don't plan to cancel. >> no clue, but i'm probably going to buy mosquito repellant. >> we have a friend that went to the bahamas, i believe, and she is pregnant. she felt pretty safe. >> reporter: health officials in florida say three of the people infected by local mosquitos are tourists. they also say mosquitos carrying zika may be in other neighborhoods but have not yet been detected. jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> what do you miss most?
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>> having my dad. >> a veteran biker is kill as he was lane splitting. the practice is legal but not safe. we investigate why the state may not have the information it needs to keep drivers and bikers protected. then it is a common complaint, robo calls flooding our phone lines but local companies are coming together to try to stop them. details of this new crackdown. >> and where did that naked donald trump go? the potential fate of the statue that raised a lot of eye brows in san francisco. good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. hazy skies in san jose. today the haze is still out there as we get a look right now, it is hard to see but we're tracking the air quality forecast important the weekend and some cooler temps in a few minutes. >> at nbc bay area we're driven by one phrase, we investigate. >> we investigate the powerful and hold them accountable for you. >> four years. >> 400 investigations and
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counting. count on the bay area's biggest investigative time. >> to tackle big problems and issues that affect you. >> we've investigated billions in public money. >> our stories have changed numerous laws and policies. >> and we've recovered millions of dollars. >> real results, real excellence in journalism. >> but you know what we're most proud of? >> yu. >> us. >> together we're making the bay area and beyond a better place. nbc bay area, we investigate.
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a new law signed by governor brown today will impact those motorcycles that zoom through traffic jams. >> we're talking about lane shifting survey. in a recent survey 80% of bikers
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say they do it. but is it safe? >> guys, to answer the question you probably want the look at the number of accidents that involve lane splitting. we discovered getting hold of that information is not as easy as you might think. we investigate why and whether the state is putting drivers and bikers at risk. it is a familiar sound during rush hour, but one that can still surprise drivers. we're talking about motorcycles passing traffic by weaving in between cars. it is called lane splitting and it is illegal in every state except california. >> i have very mixed emotions about it. >> reporter: april and her sister learned a lot about motorcycles from their dad. robert mcdonald rode nearly his entire life. >> he loved to be on that bike. it was his pride and joy. >> reporter: last year while riding through sacramento their dad decided to lane split on
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interstate 80. >> and two diesel trucks came together closer than he expected. >> reporter: their father was thrown off the bike and killed. do you think if your dad was traveling in his own lane that day he still would be alive? >> yeah, 100%. >> reporter: what do you miss most? >> having my dad. >> reporter: some view lane splitting as potentially life-saving. randy burman, san jose, is an avid lane splitter and says the maneuver reduces the chance of a motorcycle getting reended, plus it cuts congestion. he was lane splitting two years ago when a car sideswiped him. he broke his collar bone and two ribs, but believes a lack of education for drivers is to blame, not lane splitting. >> i think the cause was the person that hit me didn't pay any attention to what they were doing. >> reporter: we wondered where and how often lane splitting accidents happen in the bay
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area. while california collects information about all kinds of crashes, we discovered it does not keep track of lane splitting accidents, even though california has allowed lane splitting for decades. >> is it safe? >> for years we didn't know. >> chris cochran with the california office of traffic safety which last year released california's first and only study on lane splitting accidents. the office got law enforcement to temporarily identify when crashes involved lane splitting. the study looked at nearly 6,000 motorcycle accidents over a 14-month period, and lane splitting played a role 17% of the time. >> when the motorcycle rider is going no faster than 10 or 15 miles an hour, then the surround intraffic and the surrounding traffic is going no faster than 35 miles an hour, then it is no more dangerous than motorcycle riding under any circumstance. >> reporter: but the state doesn't actually require anyone
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to follow those guidelines. >> even to it is legal now and has been for decades, there have never been any regulations on how to do it safely. >> right. >> reporter: assemblyman bill quirk of hayward is trying to change that. he offered legislation that would require the dmv and california highway patrol to develop guidelines which could include speed limit restrictions. >> i don't want motor cyclists splitting lanes unsafely. >> reporter: we discovered california has stopped keeping track of when motorcycle crashes involve lane splitting. the state only collected those numbers during that 14-month study which ended three years ago. >> isn't it impossible to know if your legislation is doing any good? >> we'll see if there's a way i can get more data, i think that would be a good thing. >> otherwise you have no way of knowing? >> true. >> reporter: the california highway patrol is in charge of deciding what crash information is collected. sergeant larry starkey heads the
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motorcycle safety unit and believes lane splitting is safe, but says there's not a need to track lane splitting accidents. >> and that's because lane splitting doesn't necessarily cause the collision. it is not positive hibted in california, and therefore it is not technically wrong. >> although it could be related? >> it could be a contributing factor. >> but the information is not there in a way people could actually track the data? >> correct. >> reporter: that doesn't make sense to kim and april. >> how do you educate the public on something you have no knowledge of. >> reporter: both sisters say they're torn on whether lane splitting is safe, but still wonder if more information might have saved their father. >> do you worry other families will have to endure the same kind of loss? >> yeah. >> i do, because i know what it feels like to lose someone that you love. >> reporter: and just today the governor signed that bill into law to create safety guidelines
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for lane splitting, but it could still be another year before those guidelines are put together. meanwhile, assemblyman quirk says he plans to speak with the california highway patrol soon to find out, guys, if there's a way important the agency to once again keep track of lane splitting accidents. back to you. >> thanks. if you have a tip for the investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996 tips or send an e-mail to the unit at >> our cheel meteorologist jeff ranieri is here. we can smile because the weekend is here. >> i'm ready. show is on early tonight, loving that. forecast this weekend going to be comfortable when it comes to our temperatures but we still have to deal with the haze from smoke and fires off to the south. as we get a live look at the sky camera network in san francisco, we have the fog and 60 degrees, humidity at 80% as the fog brings the added moisture. as we get a look in san jose, it is hard to see the haze but still out here.
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high of 78 at the airport, but warmer in east and south san jose with md 80s today. heading into tomorrow morning, temperatures in the low 60s. we have 56 expected in the north bay with patchy fog, and also more fog lingering on the early side here in san francisco and 54 degrees. find some low clouds across the bay and also for the peninsula and the south bay once again starting off with some smoke and 60 degrees. the forecast continues to see this area of low pressure situated just off-shore. it is weak, there's no rainfall associated with it, at least for us, but the circulation around it, as we talked about earlier in this show, will help to bring up the smoke from the soberanes fire, the chimney fire and possibly streaming a little smoke from the san bernardino fire as well. hazy as we head throughout the next 24 hours. what i want to show you is the air quality forecast. there's no spare the air date in effect right now. moderate air quality for most of the bay area, but really when
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you factor in the smoke it is going to be worst here down across the south bay. so if you suffer from allergies or respiratory problems, even if you don't for that matter, you're still going to be noticing it in the atmosphere and you may want to limit outdoor exposure. temperatures a lot more comfortable than early in the week instead of 90s across the south bay we will come in at 86 in morgan hill and 83 in cooper teen owe. peninsula is 77 in palo alto. 65 in the mission. north bay, east bay, we'll top out at 89 tomorrow and a comfortable 84 in pleasanton. for the mornorth bay, 87 expect in napa . i thought i would give you a view at santa cruz. starting with temperatures in the 60s, by the noon hour still the 60s but by the afternoon we should have a small window of low 70s, still make it a nice way to relax on your saturday.
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as we get into the extended forecast, you can see in san francisco we will stay with 60s over the next seven-day forecast. nothing out of the ordinary. for interior valleys 80s over the next seven days. that will make it nice. because we have the time today, we are going to show you real quickly before we leave with closing ceremony on sunday, yes, possibly a little bit of rain and 78. >> nice. >> there's been a lot of weather of course at the summer olympic in rio, but it is their winter. so we've dealt with the weather before. let's hope it is not too hard of a rain at this point. >> rain or shine, the closing ceremony. >> is going to happen. it will make it interesting if it does. >> that's true. thanks, jeff. a heart-felt tribute to tony bennett in san francisco tonight, how the giants honored the legendary singer. happening now on our home page, a new teacher that will turn a lot of heads, supermodel and entrepreneur tiyra bank wil teach a class at stanford next
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the greatest olympic one dacareer of all time.. a dog, talked. we're decedent from the mighty wolf. a voice was heard. if you build it, he will come. a girl discovered magic. a revolution began. welcome, to the wonders that happen, everyday. welcome, to it all. comcast.
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crystal geyser alpine spring water to you from us crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. cover your eyes, the naked donald trump might be making a comeback. the lifesize clay statue was removed early this morning. here is video from that. from the castro district in san francisco. it became an instant attraction in the roughly 24 hours it was up, but the city removed it. they took it down because, well, the statue didn't have the proper permit. the police now have it, but san francisco supervisor has some other plans. >> i completely support moving
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the statue to lefty o'doul's. i want to thank nic for agreeing to accept custody and to just stand as a continuing reminder of the shyster fraud that donald trump is. >> well, uniquely san francisco. lefty o'doul's is a popular irish sports bar in union square. a team of lawyers is working to get possession of the statue. these unwanted calls may plague your telephone. we are talking about robo calls, but a solution may be on the horizon. today the federal communications commission launched the robo calls strike force. the group plans to meet twice a week over the next 60 days with the goal of creating a new free service to block robo callers. >> we need to show we are smarter, more innovator, more nimble than them, and we're going to give the public the tools they need. >> some bay areas companies are part of the strike force, apple, google and parent company comcast. they plan to report findings to
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fcc in october. students are ready, teachers are ready but some of the dorms rpt. a lot of incoming freshmen at san jose state are out of luck. crews have been working long hours to finish the new dorms but the contractor missed the deadline. while the fancy, new high-rise dorm is being completed -- there it is -- about 800 students are being moved into the bricks, the nickname of the old dorm. >> it is kind of scary. i heard like some are haupted. >> the bathrooms are pretty dirty, not -- you wouldn't want to shower there. >> dirty bathrooms is part of the college, the bricks were built in 1960 and will be torn down once the new dorm is complete. a woman from the north bay just made history. she is one of the few women in the world to have walked in space. we want to show you. there she is. kate rub ens raised in napa is only one of twelve women to walk in space. this is video at her mission at the international space station around 10:00 this morning. she and her partner set up a
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landing device for other astronauts visiting the space station. >> some of the best moments from the olympics. in my future, i'm twice as likely to have a stroke. i'm at higher risk for depression. i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive.
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p is for permission to indulge. o is for out of this world. l is for loving the seasonal cuisine. a is for access to everything, including the aisle. r is for reclining in tailor-made bedding. and i, must be dreaming. s, so long, jet lag.
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polaris, from united. . welcome back. usain bolt says he will hang up the spikes after the 2017 world
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championships. if that's true, his olympic career ended tonight in storyed fashion, a triple, triple, three golds in three straight olympics. his total of nine gold medals most in olympic athletics, excluding sports like swimming and gymnastics. the nine golds ties him with karl lewis. he jokingly said to his teammates before tonight's 4x100 models, if it didn't happen he would beat them up. he left no doubt. in the last three olympic games, nine races for bolt, nine gold medals. hard to imagine we'll ever seen anyone better. >> i've set the bar high, and that's what i came to do. you know what i mean? i've set the bar high and i feel proud of myself. >> the runner that tumbled at the finish in third place, that was treyvon brum mel. canada won bronze.
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the u.s. has filed an appeal, an answer is expected saturday morning. no such frustration or drama for the u.s. women in the same event. a precision performance from the americans. english-gardner giving tori bowie a lead and she takes it from there. 2012 stand for graduate who is competing for greece a surprise winner in pole vault after american sandy morris failed to clear the bar on his final attempt, grazing with her knee. she becomes the first stanford woman to win an individual olympic gold medal in track and feel. more news after the break with raj and janell.
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