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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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right now at five: the first one-on-one with ryan lochte. matt lauer sits down with the olympic swimmer as the scandal in rio takes more twists and turns. =peggy/vo= plus: a call for help for a family struck by tragedy. the push tonight to help the loved ones of a fallen san jose police officer. =terry/vo= but first: a freak accident in a san francisco park. a woman describes the frightening moments a tree limb collapsed on her -- and left her severely injured. =terry/2-shot= good evening, i'm terry mcsweeney. =peggy/2-shot= and i'm peggy bunker. tonight -- a life changed forever. we're hearing for the first time, from a woman who was paralyzed after a large tree branch fell on her. the woman, managing to keep her spirits up, even in the wake
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of tragedy. ==vo + rail== it happened last friday -- at washington square park in north beach. the woman....simply sitting on a bench in the park watching her kids.... when the freak accident happened. ==anim== ==terry boxes== nbc bay area's laura malpert joins us live from san francisco general hospital -- where the woman is slowly recovering tonight. laura. how is she doing? francisco general hospital. laura? >> reporter: terry, she tells me e of d in a lot of pain and will never walk again. selflessly, she says she's glad this happened to her and not her kids. the 36-year-old woman lies in a hospital bed at san francisco general a week and a day after her life changed forever, her voice so weak you can barely hear her. >> i can't move by myself. >> reporter: she was at washington square park when a 100-pound tree branch snapped and landed on her head and lower
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back. you can see her belongings on the bench when it happened. her husband is visibly upset. >> ridiculous. it shouldn't happen to anybody in the park, you know. nobody should suffer like this. >> reporter: she suffered a fractured skull and severed spinal cord. >> doctors say she's not going to walk anymore. we're hoping for the best in rehab. >> reporter: she's more concerned about her young daughters. her five-year-old daughter was playing in the sand at the time. her 9-year-old daughter was sitting neardimíhno carrierring
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news. victichmond police are offering a big reward. if you help them find the gunman who helped them find a young
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woman. enedvictim is corey maddie of oakley. avvestigators say she was shot th killed two weeks ago while =mug=ng a bicycle to her friend's house near the intersection of 24th street and nevin avenue. police are offering a $10,000 ntaine to help solve that homicide. now to developing news from urelycounty. the devastating clayton fire is about 80% contained. evacuees are slowly but shortly being allowed to return to devastated homes and it's tough to see what is left. sadly, for many there is not a lot. and ar 189 homes are gone, burned by the fire which broke out about a week ago. only and katie dean of lower lake lost their homes and are sonisifting through the ashes. ors here's only one place there and one place there left. everybody else is gone. everybody else is gone. >> investigators believe a serial arsonist allegedly set =tis fire. he is in custody on several
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charges including 17 counts of arson. dred hogress tonight in southern california for firefighters he tling the massive blue cut fire. it's 78% contained. ood.stigators are looking into what sparked the flames. there are still ev vavacuations three communities. he> the fire is creating hazy conditions outside. meteorologist anthony slaughter joins us for you with a look at air quality conditions and the forecast, anthony. >> in fact we've got seven fires burning across the state right now. you can see them actively burning even very close to the bay area. i want to zoom in and pinpoint three of them that are causing air quality concerns. they have been over the past 24, ics no 24 hours, especially since we've been seeing the same
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pattern with the soberanes fire. today the bird fire erupted south of tracy. and the clayton fire still going, 3,000 acres there. all of those fires burning, and again, with that southerly wind, it's blowing it right over the bay area. we'll continue to see mild conditions, at least our temperatures aren't that hot. winds over the next 24 hours stay out of the south. air quality stays pretty bad over the next 24 hours. moderate categories are what we're looking at. we'll talk about numbers at home and check if there's any concern for any rain. we'll talk about that coming up. >> rain, haven't heard that in a while, sounds like some foreign concept. thank you so much, anthony. ♪ now to our olympics coverage as it continues getting close to lochtd, though. team usa and our bay area olympians continue to make us d tur. guirre the controversy io's onding ryan lochte and a group of fellow u.s. olympic swimmers continues to take y ists and turns this way and
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that way. jessica aguirre is live from rio's olympic park. jessica, lochte can't seem to keep his story straight. he spoke to nbc's matt lauer today. >> reporter: the furor over his fabricated story is casting a p pall over these gales. lochte said he had been allegedly robbed at gunpoint by men he thought were posing as police officers. brazilian police acted quickly to disprove his story. he issued a statement on his facebook account saying he was sorry for his behavior, and he sat down with matt lauer. >> when you talked to billy sunday afternoon, you didn't tell him the whole truth. when you spoke with me on wednesday night by phone, you didn't tell me the whole truth. >> i left -- i left details out.
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and -- which -- that's why i'm in this mess, is i left certain things out. and i overexaggerated some parts of the story. >> reporter: his story has also been challenged by teammates he was with that night. as seen in this surveillance video, swimmers gunnar bents and jack conger said lochte was drunk and damaged some property. third swimmer jimmy feigen had to pay $11,000 to charity before he could get his passport back and get back to the united states. they could all face sank frctio from the usoc. you'll see the full interview on prime time tonight. for us, coming up at 6:00 i'll show you a man and you'll hear from a man who says he was there at the gas station with lochte and with those armed security guards. he says he acted as an
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interpreter between the two of them. at 6:00, i'll let you know what he has to say about what he understood and what he thought lochte understood about the altercation. >> had he just been honest the first go-round, it probably wouldn't have built up over the eakingive days. we'll look forward to that, h over, jess. not a surprising convict for women's basketball but it sure was record-breaking. team usa took a sixth consecutive gold with a triumph over spain, final score 102-72, peggng it the first time any women's team has won six night.utive golds at the olympics. the rio olympics are going out with a bang. ll 's take a look at our prime medal inerage tonight. a big night ahead here. both the u.s. men and women will look to medal in the 4x400 relay. the men's platform semifinals end finals in diving also coming nd trnight. nbc's prime time coverage begins
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ry toht at 8:00. next at 5:00, two of the ost aggravating problems in the south bay. g part-tlking about parking and traffic. the latest on a push to try to ployeerustration for commuters. also working part-time but receiving the same benefits as a 40 hour per week job. the new plan to recruit employees by an online powerhouse that's likely to appeal to a lot. comfort food...
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=vo= new details tonight on the problem of too many cars and too few parking spaces in san jose. south bay transportation experts join city leaders today to host this public meeting with two goals. the first, educating residents about what kind of challenges the city is facing with these issues. second, to reassure the public that plans are in the works to ease up on the congestion and also our parking problems. some people are not convinced the problem will get better before it gets worse, especially with developers rush to go build more and more. >> at first it wasn't an issue, because people would park and leave and go to work. but lately, the last two or three years, it's been a lot of cars just being parked there for their convenience and left five, ten, 15 days. >> now, among the proposed solutions, a residential parking permit program and a more efficient affordable public transportation option. nbc bay area responding to a
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bride and groom who say they're suing over their wedding video. >> there could be a lesson here for everyone. >> this couple is genuinely making a case out of their wedding video. we've blurred the clip because the bride and groom say they're mortified. they're not disputing the reception got a little unsavory. they're suing because they say the photographer posted it online and let it go viral. >> that's my face, you're putting it online, you're going to be held accountable. >> the photography company says it's helping, but it will still have to answer the federal lawsuit in court. tonight we'll lay out the defense and explain the truth about who actually owns your wedding video, that's tonight after the olympics. if you have a consumer complaint, call us or visit
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you might think twice about laughing at one of those videos after you see this story. >> i can't believe that, i never thought, that you don't own your wedding video. looking forward to that, thanks, chris. still to come at 5:00. >> there was love that was oozing out of the decorations. you can tell it wasn't just anything. >> the way his father's memory will be preserved forever. and while we're in the dead of fire season, the summer monsoon is starting to kick in. we've got thunderstorms this evening firing up across the mountains. we'll talk about what that means for the fire concerns over the next 24 hours, plus your forecast.
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negative headlines. =peggy/2 shot= but not tonight, accordingto politicians and oil companies often generate negative headlines. >> but not tonight. according to one grieving father. here is garvin thomas with our bay area proud. >> reporter: he's something of a watchdog for richmond's hill top district, although truth be told, there is one spot in the neighborhood that cesar has never had to watch. for the past 12 years, someone else has clearly been doing that. >> he would bring different flowers. >> reporter: a roadside memorial alongside san pablo avenue to an unknown victim maintained by an anonymous caretaker. >> somebody kept coming back.
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it doesn't matter what time of day or night you drove, there was something different all the time. >> reporter: the memorial might have remained just a neighborhood curiosity except chevron, who had graciously allowed it to exist on its property for more than a decade, said it needed to use the land. after all those years, all that work, cesar couldn't bear to think of the memorial being destroyed. >> there was love that was oozing out of the decorations. you can tell. it wasn't just any memorial. >> reporter: but who did it belong to? who had been sneaking in in the middle of the night, night after night, to work on it? chevron agreed to leave a note asking for that person to call them. >> i just ignored it because i knew what was coming, or at least i thought i did. >> reporter: that person was raymond olson. >> this is one of my favorites. >> reporter: his 22-year-old
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only son, also named raymond, was killed by a drunk driver on the spot in 2003. >> it's like there's a whole other dimension of pain that you just don't think can exist. it just brings back memories. >> reporter: raymond poured all that pain into the memorial, haunted by the idea that when he and it were gone, his son would be forgotten. but that day is not coming, thanks to this one. >> i'm wondering where i'm going to start. >> reporter: cesar and chevron got together to erect a permanent memorial, a plaque, and a park. >> i can't that i think you all enough, all of you. >> reporter: raymond says he thinks he'll be able to start living his own life one again, one that's been on pause for the past dozen years. still, he'll need a little time
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to think about what that life will be like. but he knows just where he'll be sitting to figure that out. in richmond, garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> great story. >> really nice story. we'll check in with meteorologist anthony slaughter, halfway through the weekend, how are we doing? >> looking pretty good, but hazy over the next 24 hours from the fires burning to our south. from our live sky cam network, you can see a good mix of sun and clouds. san francisco breezy, 67 degrees. warm in the tri valley, 84 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds, you can see the haze in the background. south bay looking at hazy conditions. tomorrow, not much changes. we'll be at 80 for the afternoon. north bay, 85 for the tri valley. tomorrow, up to 83 in the south bay. not much happening on the surface, high pressure is in control. that just shuts off the storm track. it's way to our north.
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we don't have any major rain to talk about. we will have the summer monsoon kicking off across the high country. we'll see a repeat performance tomorrow as thunderstorms erupt from yosemite toward lake tahoe. sunday, san jose, 83 degrees. san mateo, 72. san francisco, low to mid-60s coming your way after morning fog burns off. a nice afternoon in pleasanton, 85 degrees. tomorrow in oakland, 72. air quality continues to suffer towards the next 24 hours, as all that haze and smoke blows into the bay area. temperatures are going down, though, that's good news. monday and tuesday, low 80s. back up by the middle part of the upcoming week. we'll talk to peggy and terry after the break.
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program, that would create a 30-hour week for some employees. online shopping giant amazon is working a new pilot program that would create a 30-hour week for some employees. the idea is to group the part-time employees together in teams, therefore avoid problems faced by part-timers in a full-time environment. the workers will receive full-time benefits but less pay. experts say the move will help amazon snag hard to hire tech workers and ease its reputation as a harsh employer. >> that may be good for some people. school supplies are not cheap. more than 300 backpacks and supplies were donated for kids in san jose today. the director of the shop with a cop event says this is actually about building trust. >> given the current climate
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across the country right now between police and civilians, we want to rebuild that trust. we want to humanize the badge. >> shop with a cap. this is the third year the officers fund raise for the school supply give away. >> fantastic. a decorated u.s. olympian will carry the flag tomorrow night in rio. details coming up. comfort food...
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let's get comfortable with our food again. "team usa" as the olympics come to back out to rio we go. a live look at the olympic flame. tonight we know who will lead team usa as the olympics come to an end tomorrow night. >> all the athletes have worked very hard, this one has worked really hard. jessica aguirre, who is it going to be, jess? >> reporter: well, peggy and terry, remember, we're going from the best swimmer in the
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world to the best gymnast in the world. michael phelps carried the american flag into the opening ceremony at maracana stadium. today we learned simone biles will be carrying it into maracana stadium again, but this time for the closing ceremony. it will be the first u.s. gymnast, the second actually u.s. gymnast to carry the american flag in either the opening or closing ceremony. the last time that happened was 1936. biles saying she's very honored and privileged to do it. we'll get to see that tomorrow night. it's going to be very, very exciting. the one thing i'm curious about, as you look at the video, that's a really big, long pole. michael phelps is a really tall man. simone biles is smaller. she's strong but maybe they'll truncate that pole for her a little bit. >> that is a good point. >> hope the wind doesn't kick up and blow her away. >> reporter: she's little but mighty. >> thanks, jessica. anthony? >> it will cool off over the
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next couple of days, hazy with air quality in the moderate category. if you have ailments, be careful. >> see you at 6:00. on this saturday night, nbc news exclusive. ryan lochte with matt lauer speaking out for the first time since the scandal, admitting his tale about being robbed in rio isn't the whole truth. golden moments. more olympic glory for team usa. and the lightning bolt torches the track again. zika zone. growing worries after that virus is found in a popular destination for tourists. the measures some are taking to protect themselves in miami beach. faces of war. he's become the symbol of an unending conflict. more on the desperate plight of so many syrian children with no way out. amazon adventure. for one family here in brazil, it's not just a vacation. it's a way of life. "nightly news" begins now.


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